Chapter 73


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Christmas morning was less than joyful as those leaving for their vacations around the country prepared to leave the others behind. At four thirty ten of us piled into an airport shuttle van. We waved goodbye to a very tearful bunch of youngsters who tried their best to wish us a good trip.
    Harry, Toby, Brad and Jay had a 0630 flight. Cas and Lew had a 0700 flight to Chicago then a change over for the final leg to Akron, Ohio. Cory and Mike didn't have a flight until 1000 hrs. They had to take a plane to Oklahoma City then on to Tulsa. All of them were flying on the same airline company. Our driver seemed happy to get rid of all of the noisy kids at one time. At the airport the boys piled out of the van, much to the relief of the over wrought driver. I don't think the lady had any business in that business, at least not at that time of the morning.
    Cullen and Cory were all over each other as Cullen had been allowed to come along to say goodbye to his boyfriend. I told Cullen we could go see them off. I turned to catch up with the fast moving group running for the security check area. Cullen was falling behind to wave goodbye when I caught up to them. "Come on let's see them onto the plane."
    "That sign says we can't go any further without a boarding pass," he had a silly smirk on his face. I was busted.
    "So when did you ever know me to pay attention to somebody else's silly rules." Cullen kept up with me as I ran after the other four. We caught up with the other's in the line for the security check. Cullen was sucked up against me. "You really hate to see them go don't you?" He sniffled and looked down. "I'll tell you what. Let's go to Albany." He smelled a rat, but he scooted closer anyway. I had to peel him off of me so that we could go through the metal detector. As he stepped through he turned and saw the boarding passes in my hand. His smirk turned into a grin. The boy didn't say a word about our trip during the entire flight as he sat as close to me as the stewardess would allow him to.
    In Albany we were greeted by Ric Garcia. He pulled me aside as the boys retrieved their luggage. I had sent all of the luggage over to be checked to our respective airlines by messenger the evening before. Cullen's and my luggage had already been checked through. Harry quietly retrieved it and sat it on the trolley of the Sky Cap along with his and Toby's. Ric and I shook hands. I joined my three traveling companions to follow an FI driver for transportation to our flight from Base B.
    I was in a deep melancholy frump as I dwelled on the poor little guys in Calif. All of the boys for that matter, but at least the ones at home had family to be with, the eight tiny tots and their guardians had nothing special. Suddenly a bolt from the blue awakened me. I called Luke's phone. He is the sensible one. He is level headed. He can think fast on his feet. He answered the phone on the first ring, I didn't have time to think of all of his other attributes.
    Luke shared my call with Tim, who was nearby. The rest of the boys were still down in the dumps. I was turned down on my first choice which had been a trip to Disneyland. Tim had the right idea. They liked the idea of an outing, but they didn't want it to be anything too spectacular so as to make those at home feel that they had missed out. I don't know how the final answer wasn't something spectacular, but it was agreed. Luke would cram the little guys into the Escalade and take them over to Magic Mountain. A day of roller coasters with salt and sugar laden food was sure to make an interesting evening, for all of them. I had left a special credit card behind for just such contingencies. I told Luke to use his PIN to draw out cash. I told him to take fifteen hundred dollars, just to be safe. Entry at the park is about fifty, plus food, sodas, food, Alka-seltzer and food plus gasoline… they would need that much, at least. I told him that I only expected one thing from him. I expected him to have fun also. He shared his love and hung up. I sat back feeling much better.

    There was some mix up in paper work. A routine Monday morning shuttle of supplies for our base in England didn't get the holiday off. Gee, I was thankful to the person who did the scheduling. There was no way in all hell that Andy would let me risk flying Cullen overseas on a commercial flight. The biggest danger would be getting him home again. Cullen broke down when we pulled up to the plane's boarding steps. "Are you taking me to see mummy?"
    "But of course. Would I not see to it that my own nephew had a vacation at home for the holiday?" He was all over me to the point that I ended up carrying him with his arms around my neck and his legs around my waist as I made it up the steps and onto the plane. I told him that we couldn't fly united, that he would have to take his own seat. He offered to drop his pants and let me unite with his seat for the entire flight. Those near us snickered, some smirked.
    The smirkers took a second look when the load master came out to check that everyone was strapped in. He stopped to welcome His Royal Highness onto his plane. Once airborne Cullen was all too happy to go with the load master and sign the bulk head near the cargo doors. Several of the crew rotating to Europe wanted to shake his hand and get an autograph also. Like a true Prince with natural grace, Cullen obliged them all.
    El and Dukey met our plane. They had the obligatory limousine, with Cullen's flags on each fender, and an escort. A color guard, oops 'scuse me. We're in England, gotta talk the way they do. We had a colour guard and a brass band. The band played Cullen's National Anthem. He asked me what that song was. I had to laugh as I told him. He blushed, but as he told me, he knew nothing about his heritage except what his mother had shared with him.
    It was almost noon on Tuesday morning when we arrived in England. It was a long flight to New York and a longer night flight from Base B. We were tired even though we had slept on the plane. Harry led Toby up to his father. The three men talked for a few minutes then the General shook Toby's hand and patted him on the back. He led them to Harry's mother and the four of them got into the General's car. I let out a long held breath. Cullen smiled at me. He knew how anxious I had been. I want those two to have a solid chance at making a life for themselves.
    Our motorcade sped off of the base with a military escort in front of the two motorcycles. They pulled off of the road and saluted as our car passed them and off of the base. The entire countryside was covered in a heavy blanket of some sort of white stuff. I asked Cullen what had happened, was this part of England's holiday decorations. He giggled as he told me that what I saw was real snow. England had awakened to a white Christmas the day before. I'm a desert boy. I don't get to see such a wide spread covering of the white stuff without taking a long trip. Poor Eloise just rolled her eyes and shook her head.
    In a short time I could see the rambling estate of Cullen's family and smell the fresh sea air. El saw me and rolled down the windows. I smiled at her. She grabbed Cullen's hand and pulled him across to sit next to her then she moved to sit next to me. I was glad to see Cullen and his father in a deep embrace. El and I shared a hug and a brotherly kiss. I had to chide her, again, about her deception when she first brought Cullen to me. She had told me that the Duke was dead. She was scared for her son's safety. She would have lied to anyone to protect the boy. She thought that I would be more sensitive to the boy's needs if I thought that he had just lost his father. Of course she forgot to tell Cullen what she had said to me. He let the cat out of the bag as we sat in the attic that afternoon. I was missing my parents so much as I went through those boxes of mom's mementos. I made a comment about Cullen having just lost his own father and the boy had no idea what I was speaking of. He told me flat out the Duke was alive and doing fine. I have to tease Eloise about her deceptive ways at every opportunity.
    Their estate was gaily decorated in Christmas finery. The house smelled of pine and cinnamon, allspice, and sage. We were shown to our room to change and use the lavatory then set before a sumptuous feast of roasted goose and Christmas pudding. I don't really know what we ate. I tried a small dab of each item and piled my plate high with those that I liked. I almost needed sideboards for my plate it was so full. Cullen asked the scullery maid for a large salad or punch bowl for me to eat from. I gave him the evil eye as he filled the room with his pubescent laughter. He would be fifteen in two more months. I so don't want him to grow up. Of all of the boys, this is one that I want to keep as an innocent little boy for many more years.
    El and Dukey excused themselves from a marvelous dinner. El suggested that we may need to get some rest. Cullen stood up and stood eye to eye with his mother. "I have missed a lot by having to hide for my life for the last nine months, but I will not miss out on our tradition on boxing day." El smiled at the boy and gave him a big hug. His father ruffled his hair.
    I looked at them with a stupid expression on my face. "Okay, brother dearest. Boxing Day is also known as St. Stephen's Day. Reduced to the simplest essence, its origins are found in a long-ago practice of giving cash or durable goods to those of the lower classes. Gifts among equals were exchanged on or before Christmas Day, but beneficences to those less fortunate were bestowed the day after. We have a tradition handed down from the time of Dukey's great great greats. We ride in a carriage about the nearby farms and villages that were once part of the family's vast holdings. We have a large bag of trinkets to pass to the people. They have come to expect us and they return small gifts to us. It is just our way of saying hi to our neighbours that we sometimes forget."
    Cullen told me the trinkets were fifty pound notes. The farmers and villagers give gifts of wine, cheese, or even a ham or choice cuts of beef. He asked me if I would go with him. I asked him where he kept the army that could stop me. We loaded up into an open carriage pulled by four of the most beautiful golden horses I had ever seen. Their manes were long, well groomed golden, almost white hair. Every coach I have ever seen in the movies had the driver up on his high seat where he could look down over the horses. This coach had the driver seated with his head barely over the south facing end of the northbound animal, Far enough back to avoid a face full of surprise. For insurance there was a glass wind? shield.
    Behind the driver was what Cullen called the heir's seat. It sat slightly above the main body of the coach so that the younger members of the family could be seen by the serf. He giggled at the title, he knew I wouldn't like it. El and Dukey sat in a wide, overstuffed, leather bench style seat across the back of the coach where they had full movement to stand or sit as they greeted the people of the county. We were followed by an empty carriage with its top raised. As we moved along the narrow tracks, that could only be used by horse carriage or a very small motor car, children would run toward their houses calling all within to come out.
    Rosy cheeked children and robust farmers, along with their wives and elders, greeted the Duke and his Duchess, the Lady Muneday, with extremely low bows and very deep curtseys. Tears were in the eyes of most as they expressed their love and accepted the small alabaster box with its golden ribbon and bow. Everyone, child to grand parent, bowed to Cullen and wished him long life. Dame Eloise introduced me as her brother from the colonies. I shook so many hands that my arm is still pumping up and down. I just need Cullen's cock in my grip and let the reflex action of my arm muscles carry through. As we approached the village a Bobby had traffic stopped. People filled the streets to shake hands and bow and wish everyone well.
    Cullen whispered for me to slowly look at the carriage behind us. El passed me her small compact with a mirror in it. I checked my eye for a cinder as I watched a long line of people placing gifts into the carriage then coming forward to greet the Duke and his family. It grows dark early in England or I suppose we would have spent longer, but as it was we had a good three hour ride in a large circle and returned with several hundred pounds of food and wine.
    Cullen and I retired for a long hot bath in his old bedroom en-suite. He had more in his bedroom than I had in my little shack on the Tucson mountainside. We had taken the time to let each other know of our deep love, both familial and erotic. Cullen was not finished with me though. He led me to his large hot tup in his private bath. He sat me down then faced me while he slid my manhood inside his still small royal hole and sat with his chest glued to mine. Our faces locked in a deep toe jam cleaning kiss. I was glad that the tub was heated so that it stayed hot for our two hour bath. I dozed off.
    "When I was a lad not quite as old as Cullen I had a mate that I would die for. I have so often wondered what my life would have been like had I not stuck to duty and taken the reigns of my father's estates." I nearly choked poor Cullen with my cock coming into his throat from the inside up. "I love my son, Chris. I love you for loving him. He is in no danger, I know that. I would like to have him home with a boy his own age, but I know that you will protect him better than I can. You have already proven that to his mother and me.
    "I found a very fine port brandy that someone left in my spare carriage today. I don't know to whom it belongs so I thought that we should check it and see if it is any good. Would the two of you join my wife and I for a close to this holiday?"
    "As soon as I can get my heart back in my chest I will come down," I told him.
    "Your heart. You just shoved all of me insides into me brain cavity. I will be letting me shite out through me ear for a fortnight." His father and I laughed as the sweet youngster climbed out of the water. I watched as his father looked fondly on his lithe young progeny. What a body the boy had. His blonde locks were plastered against his head as the water beaded down his flat abs to make its way through a crown of golden yellow hair at the base of a very sweet five and a half inch uncut boi cock that stood out proudly for his father's evaluation.
    His father took a towel and wrapped his son into his arms. He dried the boy very carefully. He took his time to work the deep clef between two of the sweetest mounds on the face of this planet. He lifted his sons large testicles and dried each one with loving care then retracted the long foreskin to carefully dry the deep purple glans that would someday provide him with an heir to carry the family name on through time and history.

    I am not much on brandy. I despise wine. Give me a cold cola with a sweet eight year old sour mash bourbon, or a shot of rum, any day, but warm brandy… I know why it is sipped, it is hard to take. El was watching me. She has a nasty habit of doing that. She asked me if I needed a chaser. I asked for an ice cold coke in the can with no ice. They all laughed at me as the maid held a coke on a small tray before me. I am so going to have to get me someone with a small silver tray to hang around the house. I first got that in France the month before, but I could sure get used to it. Again they laughed at me. Okay, so I'm a dumb hick from the colonies, but I'm a rich hick with a big dick. I couldn't say that out loud. I did tell Cullen when we went to bed and he wanted me to show him, "he had forgotten." The little imp. I rode his sweet ass for a half an hour before we turned to suckle each other to sleep.

    The sun was coming in the west windows of Cullen's room when we were awakened by boy bodies bouncing on our bed. I got a nice long kiss from a sweet hard bodied young man that had an equally hard nail poking a hole in my stomach. Jason Lewis of the Wild Boys was nestling into the crook of my right arm. I should say Jason Russell as Gary Russell's parents had adopted the boy just a few months before, after he was assaulted and brutally raped by some of his classmates at school, on the school ground. Gary had found him and called the ambulance. In the hospital fifteen year old Gary told the small thirteen year old that he loved him. The two have been together ever since.
    Gary crawled off of his lip lock on Cullen to give me a tonsil warming welcome to the "land of Knights and Ladies and very cute laddies." I swatted his tight little bubble butt that was pushing his own nail alongside of mine. There was a third boy with them that I did not know. His name was Liam Williams Here was one cute kid with a boy nail as hard as any I had ever seen. He knew he was gay, but the only part of his virginity he'd lost so far was to his right hand, most times, sometimes the left hand got in a few licks too. We called the boy to get in bed with us. There was still a lot of snow left on the ground outside and just the thought of that made me cold. I needed boy flesh to warm me up.
    Cullen was introduced to the youngster who lost all power of speech. He could not believe that he was in bed with a Royal. That is a name that Jason has given my nephew and I love it and use it, often. Cullen was treated to a royal blow job as the other boys coached Liam to take his first ever dive down the meaty treat that cums so sweet. Both boys blasted the tonsils out of each other in short order. I grabbed Liam to show him what a back door diner could do for him. He was like a fish out of water as he flopped around on top of me. Jason and Gary got him turned around and anchored on my cock as I worked the boy's ass wide open.
    He began to beg for more so Cullen opened up his world to a whole new experience. Liam was an untapped fountain of boi juice with gallons of the sweet young nectar to sate my unending craving for the ambrosiatic elixir that only young boy balls can give. If someone turns cum into gasoline I will starve to death. I don't want to burn it. I want to suck it from the well and drink it all night long.

    Jason had found Liam drooling over an expensive guitar a few weeks earlier. He purchased the guitar along with an amplifier and a synthesizer for the cute lad. He learned that the boy didn't even have a bed to sleep in. He lived with his mother in a small apartment and slept on the sofa in the front room. Gary and Jason talked to their dad about Liam and his mother having Christmas dinner with them. Then the little connivers carried on to the point of hiring Liam as a guitarist for their band and his mother as job assistant to their father, who is also their manager. Lost yet? Then read it again, slowly.
    Liam had the best Christmas of his life. He came out to his mother who seemed supportive of him. A tear came to his eye and we made him tell us why. His mother was a heavy smoker and she coughed a lot. He had seen black blood when she coughed. He talked to his teacher at school who told him that heavy smoking could lead to cancer. He was terrified of losing her. Cullen cradled him. He pulled away and turned to me. He had never known his dad and he liked to be in my arms. Who am I to say no to a hot sexy boy?

    Gary and Jay were excited and had news for us. Their new single release had hit number one for Christmas week of 2005. We had reason to celebrate, but Jay and Gary had to hurry home. They were to go to Jay's grandparent's house that evening. They had slept in until around ten thirty then had to take care of a couple of things that stood out between them. Relaxed from their tension and after having a good nights sleep they went down stairs. Anne, Liam's mother, had fixed them breakfast. El called to tell the boys that Cullen was in the country for a few days and they decided to pop round and see him. But they had to get back. Liam asked them if he could stay. He had seen the boys' Golden Pole pins and wanted to try to qualify for one of his own. Cullen whispered that he would give his to the boy and get a new one once back home.
    "Hey, I know what. Tomorrow's Thursday, how about Gary and me go show you Manchester and the Gay Village?"
    Well that had some possibilities. I asked why Thursday, did they have queer day in England also? That got some laughs as I explained that my granddad had once told me that Thursday was anything goes night and usually the boys got queer. I asked my dad about it when I was thirteen. He blushed and told me he would tell me later, but he never did. When I entered high school I learned that several guys got together for some boy fun on Thursday so that they could go out with their girlfriends on Friday and not be so tense. The guys I mostly hung with got together for a Blues Club meeting on Friday night to rid themselves of the tensions that had built up from being with their cock teasing or frigid girlfriends. I was in the best of both worlds. Monday through Wednesday I had to find anyone who wanted a ride on a nine inch pony. My bed was seldom empty for more than a few hours. Then of course Charley nearly always had weekend guests that loved to lave my lanky bone.
    The boys all laughed at the crazy yank and agreed to get together early the next morning. They would dress in very tight clothing to show off all of their boyish charm. Cullen told them that he had some collars and other leather goods if I wanted to be daddy to a boi harem. Sounded kinky to me.
    Phil rang the doorbell. Jay and Gary bounded down the stairs to greet their father and get home for their evening. I had a brief moment to meet the man and made a date to sit down with him and discuss some ideas that I had been thinking of since meeting the frisky teens in October.

    I'm not sure who had the most fun Thursday, me or the boys. I love being with boys, but that day I had four very out and frisky boys at their flamboyant best. We borrowed a small English car from Dukey. I have shoes bigger than the car was. We drove over to Manchester to see the famous Gay Village.
    Jay and Gary were becoming very well known. They had a hit single at the number one spot on the charts that week and their album was featured everywhere. The two boys wanted to have fun, but they had to protect their identity. Too bad that I was in such lust that I didn't think to disguise my nephew a little better.
    Tiny little Jay is only thirteen years old and surprisingly enough he is built like a thirteen year old boy, small and skinny. He made one sweet looking young drag queen in miniature. He spiked his orange died hair and sprinkled it with glitter. He and Gary had used grease paint to put large stars, in a type of mask, over each eye. They glued some sort of stiff material to the edges of his face so that the stars extended out, sort of like a pair of glasses would fit. The pink paint was sprinkled in glitter, which Jay told me was, "Bloody wicked in the eyes." I love this kid. They had trimmed the edges of the stars with silver paint. His lips were deep red gloss and his naturally rosy cheeks were enhanced, just slightly so as not to be garish. They told me that they were very good friends with a world famous gay piano playing rock star and he always wore flamboyant eyeglasses. This was their imitation, but Jay couldn't take these off and be recognized. Again, another clue that they could be recognized. Somebody should have hit me over the head to wake me up. They didn't wake me up and my ignorance cost the lives of three very precious people.
    Jay wore a mid-riff silk top that tied with a big knot over his flat belly. Tight jeans were painted on his sweet bubble butt. He and Gary had carefully ripped the seams of the jeans and added a bit of pink cloth to allow for expansion around his impressive boi package. The effect made him look extremely well endowed. I'm sure there was more than Jay inside those jeans, maybe two or three pairs of rolled up crew socks? To add to his effect he wore three inch heels with open toes. Showing off his pink toenails with applied glitter, the same as his finger nails. He wore a thin leather collar, with studs, as he was led around by Gary holding the opposite end of the chain leash that was attached. I was in such lust that I did not even react to the collar and leash, I hope that little Bry never finds out about it.
    Gary was no less flamboyant in his image as the top in this pair. If people only knew. Gary loves it up the ass and Jay is his favorite butt plug. Fifteen years had given the boy an impressive young, developing body. To accent his flat abs and puffy cheeks he wore an extra tight tank top that was made more for a six year old than a teen. His jeans were painted on tight as well. The crotch had a blue patch of cloth fitted in to enhance and draw the attention of the interested observer. The jeans had two cute little ovals, cut and seamed neatly, to let two very delectable globes shine to the world. Gary wore a leather hood affair that covered his scalp down to his neck in back, but only pulled down to below his nose. The eye holes were large enough to not obstruct his vision, but the masking effect completely hid who he was. He wore black leather wrist bands with studs and they had drawn some sort of Celtic wreath around his right bicep to look like a tattoo. Both boys sported a baby blue neckerchief hanging from his right hip pocket which they explained meant that they were taken, not available. Neither boys' mother would know him, even if he said, "Hi, mom." I don't think their mothers would admit to knowing these two way out there fag boys if she did recognize them.
    Cullen pulled his little boy act that he had used in to go to Coney Island the past summer. He wore his dick tucked back between his legs so that the tight yellow shorts showed no boy bulge at all. He wore a horizontally stripped tee shirt with narrow red, blue, and green stirpes that was just a tad too large, more like a youngster would wear. He wore what I used to call a Buster Brown shoe, with the scuffed toes of a hard playing boy. He had a large bandage, or is that plaster, on his knee covering a wide spot of Iodine applied for effect. He topped that off with a ball cap sitting side ways on his head. A ball glove with a ball stuck down inside it hung on his belt and he carried a well used baseball bat. He had a pair of sunglasses, but the day was overcast and he carried them hung on his shirt collar most of the time.
    When someone stopped to admire the boys Cullen would spout off, "Want to play with me balls Mister? Me bat is really big and hard too, isn't it daddy?" Then he would cuddle next to me and grope my package. We saw many men and boys bone up after this little act.
    Liam was all new to this. He knew that he had desires, but he had only been out to Gary and Jay and then only for a few days. Until the holidays he had never actually done anything with anyone. He was very shy and withdrawn, which in itself was a real turnon for a letch like me. He dressed in older clothes that were too small for him also. The boys applied very light makeup to make it appear that he had a black eye and split lip. All of this topped with the sideways ball cap made him look like a shy youngster with no self confidence. He half hid behind me with his arm holding around my waist for security or he walked alongside of me while holding my hand. He got more than his share of stares and comments.
    I was dressed as their daddy. I played the part as well as I could. I wore a simple black bandana wrapped around my head to cover my upper face. I didn't want anyone to be able to identify me as the molester of four, very obviously, underage boys. Though curious, I did not ask Cullen where he found a pair of really tight black leather pants and a matching leather vest for me. I was bare chested to show off my cut bod. The boys never missed a lick at rubbing their hands, and yes, faces over my washboard abs. I had wide leather wrist bands on each arm and a leather strip tied in to some crazy knot configuration on my left bicep. A short, black leather riding crop hung from my waist. I would use it to swat the boys' butts as we moved through the crowded streets. Looking back I really wish that I had enough sense to disguise Cullen. I talk about his security then take him on an outing like that.
    The underage boys couldn't go into the clubs and high spots of the village. We had fun walking the streets and being seen. Manchester's Gay Village covers several blocks. The boys wanted to walk along Canal Street. Suddenly I stopped and looked around. I climbed up on someone's front steps, what the boys told me was a stoop. I didn't have to stoop to get up there, I climbed. Oh well, I guess that is some more of my American humor that will be lost on many. I had seen this street in one of my favorite TV shows, Queer As Folk. I had always thought that it was just some back lot set, but here I was, actually standing in the middle of the area made famous by that show. The boys had not steered me wrong, there were plenty of good looking guys and girls and guys and some sweet young and hungs and guys.
    We were beginning to get hungry. Gary asked me if I liked Chinese food. Cullen told him that I was made of egg foo young and stir fry veggies. Opposite the village is China Town, which is a fabulous place to eat. After a punishing seven course meal, with the best egg rolls in the world, I was ready to walk some more. I had to let the food settle.
    We walked up Bloom street where we had an English version of an ice cream sundae. The boys all wanted a coffee. I am not used to youngsters drinking coffee, but when in Rome. I wished I had chosen tea. English coffee and I don't get along well together.
    I was told that we would cover Sackville street then I could choose our next port. We found a spot that was open to underage youngsters. They had drag queens singing karaoke to pop music. What caught our attention was the two young boys singing the Wild Boys new hit and brutalizing it atrociously. Against my advice the four boys had to go show them how the song was done. That blew their cover. The crowd went wild and demanded a double encore then we had to run for their lives to get away and sneak back to the car.
    When we were sure that no one was following us we made it to the little Aston that Dukey had let us use and quietly slipped out of town. Phil was at the estate having tea with Cullen's folks. The three of them rolled on the floor as they looked at their son's attire. The boys took off for Cullen's room to clean up and change. I took the time to sit and talk with Phil.
    None of them were happy with the news that the boys had been identified while singing. Then El looked at me and asked me if anyone recognized Cullen. That was the first time that it hit me. I began to shake. El came to me and knelt beside me with her arms around me. We cried together. I had to get the young prince out of the country at once.

    Harry was going to pick us up in an armored, there I go again armoured, SUV. Cullen and I set our bags by the door and headed off for some breakfast. As we entered the dining room Cullen's twin looked up and grabbed his bowl of cereal. He bowed, deeply, as he backed from the table, apologizing all of the way. "Hold it. Stop where you are and stand up straight. Who are you?"
    Agnes, the cook, ran into the room. "I'm sorry your Highness. I didn't realize you would be down so early. I told Cecil he could sit here and eat. He likes to pretend that he lives here."
    Cullen looked at me. I glared at him. He giggled as he told Cecil to sit and have breakfast with us. "I hope you aren't going to feed me cereal, cook."
    "Oh no sir, I have your American style pancakes with bacon and eggs ready to cook up." She rushed in and handed me a cup of coffee then stood by watching me. I got the hint and took a sip of the strong liquid. It was great. I looked at her and smiled. She let out a big breath, "I had young Gerald leave me a can of your coffee in case you ever came to visit again. He told me to use two of those scuppers not quite full. Did I do it right?"
    I stood and hugged the lady, which shocked her. "Agnes, it is perfect. I am very pleased that you thought enough of me to do this for me."
    "Well, sir, you are always so nice to me and everyone. You don't get all stodgy like most folks. I like you a lot. You're the first Yank I ever met. I hope they're all like you."
    "I don't like class or caste systems. In the U.S. our sixteenth president put it into words that all men should live by. "…our fathers brought forth…a new nation…dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal…" I live by that. I truly believe that all men are equal and the same, and some women are more equal."
    "Well, I'm glad to know that I have a very smart brother." El swept into the room with a kiss for Cullen and me. She looked at Cecil. I furrowed my eyebrows at her. "Good morning Cecil. Agnes, can't you find anything more for your son to eat than cold, shredded cardboard? Bring him some breakfast along with ours." She scooted a chair up close to me. "We're going." She told me. I smiled and put my arm around her. Agnes rushed back to her kitchen. We could her humming a song of happiness.
    "So young Cecil, tell me about yourself." The boy attended a boarding school where he was quite happy. His father is a rich business man, but didn't want to be encumbered by a son. He spent his vacations with his mother, but had only just arrived the previous evening after spending the holiday with his school mate in Liverpool. He and his mother would take a train to London on the weekend and spend the New Year together at her family's home.
    I learned that Agnes was an aristocrat herself, but believed that class distinction was wrong. She had left home to become a servant and was disowned by her pompous father. She was, but seventeen when she met El's mother and was given a job. She and El are the same age and look very similar to one another, tall, thin, blonde, blue eyed. Their son's look similar also, small, thin. Cecil being the elder by several months.
    Agnes left the family's employ when Eloise married. She had been keeping company with a young banker that she had known since her youth. The two of them married and conceived young Cecil. Agnes was not happy living life in much the same fashion as in her father's house. She enjoyed working. Her husband would have none of it. One afternoon she sat in a park, the same park in which El and I had sat in October. El said it was on the very same bench. She sits on that bench each time she shops in the area because it holds so many fond memories for her.
    Eloise saw Agnes sitting there in tears. She sat down with her old friend and talked. Agnes told her who she was and how unhappy she was. El had never told anyone of her mother's true identity or that she was a princess. Her mother had recently passed on so she felt safe in reveling her secret to this dear friend. She asked Agnes if she would consider coming to stay with her for a bit. She was with child and would welcome the company. Agnes agreed, but only if she could come as an employee. That took El back a step, but she relented in view of their friendship.
    Agnes and baby Cecil moved into the servant's quarters behind the kitchen of Dukey's London town home. El giggled as she told me it was located on Downing street and she had seen his nibs many times. Cullen was watching me to see if I got it. I smacked the back of his head, "I may be American, but Sir Winston is a hero in my country too. And yes I know about number ten." He giggled at me as El smiled at both of us.
    When Cecil was about four years old his father demanded that the boy come to live with him and be raised as to his station in life. Agnes was heartbroken, but she realized the importance of the type of education that her offspring would acquire. She had full visitation with Cecil when he was home from school. The boy made his father nervous so he was better off not being around the old sod.
    Dukey joined us as breakfast was set before us. I pulled Cecil to sit next to me so that the head of the house could sit at the head of his table. He smiled at Cecil and welcomed him home for a visit. "Agnes, the family and I are going away for a bit. Why don't we shut the house up and you and Cecil go on down to London. You may stay in the house there and visit to your heart's content.
    Cullen wanted to know where they were going. "On a trip," was all that he was told. We had Cecil join us as we went back to Cullen's room to dress for our leaving.
    "Hey, bloke, is your school like my old one here. Lot's of boys wanting to do it?"
    Cecil blushed. Cullen squeezed the boy's impressive package. He confessed that he had spent five days with his school mate sucking and fucking. Cullen never lets up on anyone. He found out that Cecil is the top. His friend lay's on his stomach and takes it, all night long. He doesn't suck much, but will let Cecil suck him. Cecil loves to suck cock and has a regular line of boys that come round for a little relief from time to time. He said that he can get as many as four boys in one evening before lights out. He usually has to sit on the toilet as they feed his hungry mouth. By now all of them let him finger their butt nut, "because he likes it." I'm sure they do too, they just don't want to admit it. I told Cecil he could probably fuck anyone of them. He told me that he only liked to fuck Barty. He wouldn't even suck the other's if he could suck Barty.
    Cecil had been checking out Cullen's room. He looked at us, "Ahh, do you two, like sleep together?"
    Cullen was naked as he changed into his traveling clothes. He walked over to Cecil and turned his ass up to the boy. "I didn't get that monster hole from diddling myself in the shower, mate."
    "Wicked! That hole's huge. What's he use on you?"
    "If you like to bottom we'll show you." Cullen was sitting me up. "If you would like to suck me while I suck you, then my uncle will open your world to what life can really be." Cecil's clothes fell to the floor as he bounced on the bed.
    We checked the near sixteen year old lad out, very thoroughly. He was a sweet piece of prime British stock. Built like an older Cullen, thin, but defined, he hung a juicy looking six and a half inches of dripping uncut cock just begging to be drained. So first things first. I crawled up between two firm boy legs that are used to running about the footy field. The boy had a fine, well tuned body and he was especially in tune with his quivering anus as my tongue touched him where he had never thought of someone touching him in such a way.
    Cullen turned the boy on to some serious kissing. One thing Cullen can do is to suck the insides out of a vacuum bottle with his kisses. Cecil's cock was pumping in time to his heart beat as I continued my anal assault. I took hold of the meaty wonder and just squeezed and released, squeezed and released as I slowly worked my fingers around his hole to enlarge him while at the same time avoiding that firm lump that begged to be loved. I had the boy at the very edge with three fingers spread wide up inside him so I went for the gold. Well more like white. Gold colored semen frightens me.
    I moved up a bit and slid Cecil's prominent foreskin back with my lips as I took the giant boi stick to the back of my throat. He was long enough to just pass through the tight muscle at the opening of my esophagus and settle in for a power suck to match what Cullen was doing to his mouth. I tapped Cullen on the thigh. He turned and gave the boy his huge pacifier. Cecil took to Cullen's cock with the eagerness of a young, hungry cock sucker. I stroked the boy's prostate and was instantly filled with delicious British boi nut batter, thick and creamy, fresh from the nuts.
    Before Cecil could recover I flipped him over. Cullen grabbed at his waist and pulled him down so that the two of them had a cock deep in their hungry cum holes. I pushed Cecil's legs wide apart and shoved his knees up alongside Cullen's head. I lifted his body so that his weight was on his knees and Cullen could breathe again. Color, colour returned to Cullen's face as I kissed his forehead then made one more pass at Cecil's ass, oops arse to be sure that he was wet and slick.
    It was plain to see that the boy was near virgin. He had not had a very big cock in him and even that, not very often. This was going to hurt. I put my naked glans against his tight sphincter only to feel it close up shop and try to go home for the night. I wanted in so I pushed a little. The sphincter barred entry to me. I reached down and forced the door open with a finger then added two more. Instantly the muscle relaxed and I pushed the head of my cock inside. Cecil's body collapsed as Cullen sucked the boy's insides out through his dick. I let Cecil adjust. When his body lost some of its tension I drove forward.
    It was still painful for Cecil, but he knew what was coming and willed himself to relax. I pulled back less than an inch then moved back again. I kept this slight movement up for five or six reps, then it happened. His body relaxed and his hole began to massage my cock. I moved with his involuntary spasms and let my cock move slowly inside until I felt the flat of his tight ass push against my pubes.
    I rested for a moment more for the boy's sake then I began to sway my hips, up and down and side to side. I was letting my cock shaft stretch the tight sphincter that threatened to cut my cock off at the root. After thirty seconds of this I added an in and out movement. Only slightly at first then progressing to about a three inch slide, slow and easy. Cecil began to meet my thrusts as he fucked himself back and forth into Cullen's mouth. His head has bobbing up and down at a furious pace as he moved Cullen to a quick climax.
    Cullen is a boy that can keep it up even after a good cum. We had a heavy night of love making, but had fallen asleep at just past eleven. Cullen, young and full of cum, had recovered. He proved this as he let loose his first load of the day and stayed available for whatever Cecil had for him next.
    Next Cecil had a huge load for Cullen. Cullen was fighting for air. That broke our mood as I rolled with Cecil still attached to me. Cullen sat up a spat a huge load of boi jizz across the two of us. His face turned red and his silly little look appeared as he said in a tiny, shy voice, "I forgot to breathe."
    Relief swept through me and I began to laugh. Cecil was cut off in mid-climax and his body was still trying to catch up with his emotions. Cullen turned to the boy and suckled the quickly disappearing cock before it drew itself into that nether place where fear and deep sexual satisfaction hides a boy's manhood from time to time. Cullen sat up picking cock hair from his lips, "fucking bugger got away from me. Your blinking 'air's longer than your willy. You just wait, I'm gonna make the blighter come back out. I wanta play some more."
    Cullen's beside clock broke that mood. I looked at the noisome beast and saw that it was almost time for Harry to arrive. As much as I hate to be a party pooper I had to end this one and rushed the boys into the shower. We at least had to send Cecil off well scrubbed and smiling.
    He was smiling. "Damn, Cullen. I never knew you were, you know, like, well hell, like me." His face glowed with his excitement. Cullen embraced him with a tight hug and a warm kiss. The two boys ran through the house as I followed with a chuckle. These two could be so good for each other. I wish I had not fucked things up in Manchester. El wanted Cullen to stay home for a bit. They needed to be a family. Cullen needs a close, loving friend of his own here in his own home. Oh the things that might have been if we only woulda, and we coulda, and we shoulda. We didn't.

    With no fanfare two FI armored SUVs loaded the four of us up and sped us off for the nearby AF base. Cecil and Cullen had found a friendship that had always lain just below the surface and the two boys wanted to get back together as soon as they could. They embraced then Cullen looked about at his mother and Agnes. I saw his mind work and heard his mental admonition, "Fuck it, go for it!" He wrapped his arms about his old acquaintance and planted a loving kiss on the startled boy. "Don't worry, mate. I'll never forget you and I'll be back before you know it." He ran to climb up in the vehicle to sit beside me.
    Our vehicles sped through the gates of the estate. The two guards stationed there snapped to with a sharp salute as we headed for our plane at top speed. I opened the packet of morning mail that Harry had given me and fell back into my seat. El looked back at me. With a shaking hand I passed her the newspaper. The bold headline stated:


    Beneath a picture of the four boys singing karaoke was the caption: The queen who would be king was spotted in the land of queens, Manchester's Gay Village. I read no further. I fucked up. I put the life of the one that I swore to protect in serious jeopardy. I looked into his young, trusting eyes and lost control.
    Cullen tried to console me, but I had an obligation to him and I blew it. I virtually ignored the family as we mounted the steps to a plane that would take us to New York. I went forward and asked the radio man if I could sit with him. I had to communicate with Andy. I had to know how much damage I had done. The load master came to me twice with messages from Cullen. He wanted me to sit with him. I asked the young Sargent to convey a reply that I was busy with some phone calls at the present time.
    Once on the ground at Base B I stayed in the plane. The load master told me that the family was gone. I moved from the plane out into the brisk morning air. I saw Cullen and his family being whisked away to a place that Andy had prepared for them. I blew it and I knew it.

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