Chapter eight


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    An hour later I took off for the eastern side of the country. I moved right on through New Mexico not seeing anything that grabbed my fancy. I traveled through Texas, very quickly. It takes forever to travel through that state and there is not a whole lot to see. San Antonio was the only high spot in that desolate state. I spent a day on their River Walk, it was worth the time. I had a cute native boy stay with me all day, pointing out places of special interest. He was quick to spot big packages on cute boys with nice butts. I had a hotel room at one of the big national hotels on the River Walk where my fourteen year old guide and I spent about a half an hour six times that afternoon. He loved to suck cock and I was glad to reciprocate on his really creamy five inch cock. He spent the night and I showed him how to really feel good as he held his legs tight to his chest and I opened up his being to a huge realm of adventure. He walked funny for several days I'm sure. I didn't see him walk much, he had to leave early the next morning so he could be home before his mother got off of her all night shift. I would have liked to hang around, but if he was all of that, there had to be more down the road.
    I stayed with Interstate Highway Ten and finally I made my way into Louisiana. I was looking for a place where I could find some boys. What I found kind of turned me off, I was heading out of Baton Rouge when I spotted a young man hitchhiking. I pulled over and scanned him with my CCTV as he ran up to the side door. I used the PA to ask him where he was headed. He was going to New Orleans to find some fun. I needed some fun so I pushed the electric lock release for the door.
    He tossed an old Army duffle bag in first then he climbed up. I could already tell that he was a little older than I like. He plopped in the co-pilot's seat and pulled out a pack of smokes. I pointed to the large sign on the dashboard, NO SMOKING, in large red letters that was staring him in the face. "Okay, I'm cool with that." He said. he was seventeen soon to be eighteen. He had left home to seek his fame and fortune. He was built like a football tackle, he was. He looked much older in a very rugged sense. He had old acne scars on his cheeks and sported a broken nose. I asked about it and he told me it was a football injury.
    The way he said it didn't convince me. He looked at me. I stared him down. He teared up. "My old man did it. He don't want no fag for a son."
    "You gay?"
    "Well, they call it that. I just like to suck cock. Men's cocks. It aint so gay, in fact I'm miserable."
    I laughed and told him I knew where he was coming from. "Nobody likes us when they find out we like to suck cock, unless they want a blow job. But as soon as they cum they zip up and run." He nodded. Then he caught on to what I had just said and looked at me.
    "I'm fucking horny," he quietly said.
    "Me too. Maybe we can get something straight between us somewhere down the road." He grabbed his package and moved it around as he smiled at me. We kept Traveler© between the white lines as we made our way on south. I pulled into an all night mini-mall and parked on the edge of their parking lot. The jock and I stripped and crawled into bed.
    He was all jock. His cock was a stubby five and a quarter inch cut up piece of mutilated meat. Whoever circumcised this kid should be kicked out of the AMA. He was cut so tight that his pubic hair was pulled halfway up his short shaft and his glans was pulled over so that the piss slit pointed to his feet, the whole head was virtually flat. No wonder the poor boy had never grown a man's cock, he didn't have the skin for it.
    He was a decent cock sucker, but when he came I almost gagged. His seed was gritty, like sand. I managed to spit it out into a towel by the bed without him seeing me. "Ride me." He commanded. As long as I didn't have to suck him again I would do it.
    He was a very good fuck. He knew how to ride a big cock and I long dicked his ass for half an hour. He was one happy, well fucked faggot. I asked him if he was gay now.
    "I am more than gay, I am fucking hilarious." I let it go and rolled over to get some sleep. He moved around and suckled my softened cock. A few hours later he was going at me with a fevered pace. He realized I was awake. "Ride me?" It was more of a question this time. I mounted him and gave him all the pleasure I could give.
    The grayness of dawn moved through Traveler©. He opened his eyes. "Another ride?"
    "I have to piss first."
    "In my ass, please."
    We moved into the shower stall. He bent over I pushed up in him and let loose my morning load. He moaned as if he were receiving the most pleasure of his life. He reached over to push the shower door open then raised the toilet seat, as I got down to dribbles. I pulled out and he made a quick dive for the toilet. He farted, big time. I shut the shower door hoping to keep any smell out. I turned on the shower and washed his funk from my body.
    I stepped out of the shower as he smiled at me. He moved to the shower as I made my way out of the enclosed area. I slipped on some shorts and grabbed a tee shirt. He came out and looked at me.
    "Oh, I wanted you to ah…you know, do me again."
    "I'm hungry and people are moving around outside. Let's move somewhere else." I pointed Traveler© on down the road toward the main part of town. He saw a sign advertising a famous bar on Bourbon Street. He said that is where he wanted to go. I told him that Traveler© couldn't handle those narrow streets, but I would drop him off. It should only be a few blocks. He was disappointed, but he was excited to be in New Orleans. I was excited to get the freak out of my vehicle. I guess that's not fair. He was a sweet kid, in his own way. What would I have done had my dad kicked me out of the house? I began to feel sorry for the kid, but what was up with his cum? When I fucked him he shot onto his belly, his load was yellow and it had grains of hard shit in it, like sand. I guess I'll never know what it was. Maybe a reader has experienced this and will write me about it.

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