Thank you for the encouragement, I tried to contact each of you.

In Part One a young teenager encountered a tree trimmer in the park The kid was fascinated with the tree trimmer's body, buttoned fly, jockstrap and uncut dick.

On with the story:

I was so upset that I was shaking uncontrollably and Tim said "Calm down kid, this kind of underwear is called a jockstrap. I prefer the Bike swimmer's brand which has narrow waist and leg straps. The purpose of a jockstrap is to keep your balls from clanking around and getting caught on a tree limb or tree trunk. Guys in sports wear them all the time. Hasn't anybody ever explained about a jock or an "athletic supporter"/

I shook my head no, but the shaking and the panic continued.

Tim said "you were looking at something else too, weren't you" ?

I couldn't take any more embarrassment and shame and I put my head between my legs (narrowly missing his crotch and open buttoned fly) and threw up.

Again and again I wretched and then started crying.. Between the vomit and the crying I was loosing oxygen and I was beginning to feel light headed. The taste of those damn cigarettes was there as well.

My tree trimmer patted my head, clenched my shoulders, backed away and came up behind the bench and put his arms around me. "Come on little Buddy nothing to get sick about or to cry about. All guys check out other guy's equipment. It does not mean anything, now come on lets get that smile back on your face. And if your eyes get red from crying they will make your blue eyes look purple."

I chuckled and smiled at the concept of purple eyes. He had his hands under my arms and was lifting me up. "Paul, I think you just need a big hug." Before I could figure out what was happening, I was standing on the bench and Tim was holding me so tight that I could feel the hair on his chest driving into my back "That's it Paul, I've got you, no harm is gonna hurt you and I will not laugh at you for your curiosity. You are like the little brother I never had." At his point his head was on top of my head and I felt his nose on my short cropped hair. I even think I felt his lips, and I know I felt his hands rubbing my breasts and nipples and down to the top of my pants

I actually stopped crying and shaking and began to feel good all over, especially my penis which felt huge and hard as granite. But then Tim broke it off and while walking around the bench said he needed to check me out for barf stains and I needed to get some water.

"What are barf stains?" . I was sure that that white stuff which sometimes stained my underwear was a barf stain. But Tim said "when you threw up, Paul, you may have left vomit stains, that is what I call Barf."

"Good job kid you didn't even barf on your shoes !" Tim said as he brushed me off and checked me out. He even brushed his hand over my crotch and he quietlt chuckled but didn't say anything.

"Paul, before you drink any water, fill your mouth with water and swirl it around and then spit it out". I did that, twice, and then bent over to drink. "OUCH" I hollered. Tim started laughing and said "You just got your Easter Goose Paul" I couldn't talk because he had just tickled my asshole thru my pants.

He then pushed me away saying, "My Turn". I stared at his jeans covered ass and was reaching out to give him his Easter goose when a bolt of lightening and a crack of thunder hit the park very close to us.

"Man that was close" I said. "Too fucking close" he responded. "Oh shit I got to get my saws and ropes put away, Paul open my car and put this stuff in for me." I ran off with his bag and his T-shirt and up he went into the trees. Stuff like saws and ropes came raining down and I hustled picking them up and putting them in his station wagon.

Just as Tim slid down a tree trunk the heavens opened up and water came down in such quantities that I felt I was drowning. Tim got is his car and started the engine and I just stood there in the pouring rain. The rain mixed with my salty tears and I smiled half-heartedly and waived goodbye.

"Hey dumb-fuck get in the car! Don't you have enough sense to come in out of the rain?"

I laughed and ran to his car and climbed in the passenger side, as I closed the dorr I thought, stranger danger ?

The car was weird, the front seats were clean and looked brand new, but the back seats looked like trash cans and the cargo area was a mess. "Well we straned here for a while so we might as well enjoy it. Man you are soaked. Take off your shirt and wring it out."

I did as I was told.

He fished around in the back seat for a minute and pulled out a pack of Lucky Strikes. "Good only two left, one for each one of us. He lit them both and handed one to me. "No barfing in my car." But let's talk for a while. Is that ok Little Bro?"

"Sure" I said "what do you want to talk about?

"Hmmmm, I know !! Button fly jeans. My sister works for this company in California that has been making them for a short time. They are supposed to be like the California

Gold Miners wore. I like `em. On hot days you get just a bit of fresh air to cool the Big Guy and his buddies off. Hehehehe "

"Take a close look".

"no, that's ok."

OK Jock straps ! Did you understand what I was telling you before? " I nodded yes. "Well young guys don't need em because their nuts or balls are tucked up almost inside their bodies. But when you get older and your testicles drop you need the jock to give you some protection. Do you understand what balls, nuts and testicles mean?"

" I think so, mine hang lower than they used to"

"Ok let me show you" taking a deep drag on his cigarette. He then scooted his butt off the seat and his jeans were down to his knees. He pulled the jock to his left side and his balls came out. "Ok Paul grab em, gently and pull em down." My hands were shaking again and my mouth was leaking saliva and my heart was pounding so loud I was sure Tim could hear it.. I reached out, but my hand froze in mid-air, "Come on Buddy they will not hurt you. Yeah that's it." The right one felt so warm in my hand, it was covered in a blonde fuzz that was... well nice. I gently pulled it down towards his knee And farther until it was like halfway there. "Go ahead check out the left one"

I did but with a degree of confidence. "One more thing Paul. But them back in my athletic supporter."

"No way" But I wanted to, and after some coaxing I was trying to stuff his balls back into the too small jockstrap. Well I got them in but he adjusted himself but did not pull his jeans back up.

We talked about the rain, what to do with my wet bicycle and other stuff. He put his arm around me and drew my body to his. Our naked flesh made me feel fantastic and my dick got harder. As he was holding me said: Paul you have made my day. You are a real nice kid and I enjoyed being with you. Did I satisfy all of your curiosity?

"Yeah Tim you did, sorry I was so stupid and embarrassed about looking at your stuff. And you know what?

"No Paul what ?

"Well I don't feel like a kid any more or all alone in the world either.

"That's great Lil Bro, I got something for ya" With that he kissed my ear and then put his tongue in it. "A Wet Willie, bet it is your first ever !!!! giggle giggle

Still laughing " Paul be honest with me, I think you are still curious about one other thing, right?

End of Part Two