Triple Threat

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Thirty two year old Samuel Johnson just moved into a mid to nice neighborhood, and so far he liked it, it was nice and clean and quiet, just what he wanted now. He had just won enough money to let him live a nice life, not extravagant, but he could afford a few toys; such as his new house, his new truck, his new travel trailer, and his most prized toy of all, his new boat. Before he was lucky enough to win the money, he was a going nowhere, middle management, working for someone who couldn't care less whether he lived or died, unhappy man. He had no one to share his life with, he was an orphan from the time he was a baby, knew nothing of any family whatsoever, he had very few friends, and none of them really very good ones. He also had more than one terrible secret that he could never let anyone know about, not only was he a boy lover, but he was a diaper lover as well. His every hope and dream was to one day finally find the boy that not only wanted him, but would love diapers as well. Maybe one day that dream would come true, one dream did, why can't another he thought.

The only problem with his new neighborhood that he had found over the past two weeks of living there, was that there seemed to be a serious lack of gorgeous young boys, in fact, there were none. He had seen a few young girls, about four to six he figured, but so far the youngest boy that he had seen was probably eighteen, far too old for him. He liked his boys to be anywhere from about eight to fourteen. Of course he knew without a shadow of a doubt that he would never have any boy in a sexual manner, for that would be far too much to hope for, but to at least have one to be around, to mentor, to be a friend to, that was all he truly needed.

Sam, as he preferred to be called, was wrong though, there were boys in the neighborhood, just not many. It was after all the first week of summer break, and sometimes kids went for vacation, or maybe even to summer camp, as was the case this time for the only three boys in the area. Sam had no clue that his every dream was about to come true, and then some. It was two weeks to the day that school had let out, and it was only a few days after that that the only three boys in the area had went to summer camp, but Sam had not seen them, nor they him. Sam was sitting by his pool, when he heard something in the house that he did not think that he should have heard, the sound of a slamming door, and then the pitter patter of little feet stampeding towards the back of the house. He barely had time to stand up.

“Who the hell are you?” All four asked at the exact same time in shock, as three identical twin brothers raced out the back door.

“I think that because I live here, it's me that gets to ask the questions. Now, who are you boys, and why did you just enter my house without knocking? I don't mind your being here of course, it's a welcome intrusion, but generally kids don't just run into a strangers house that way.” Sam asked softly, once the shock had worn off and he caught sight of the three beautiful boys.

“'re really sorry Sir, I can explain though, please don't be mad.” The center boy said.

“No need to be sorry or scared, you three could probably easily take me anyways, so I'm no threat, but I would love to hear the explanation.” Sam chuckled.

“Well, you see, the guy who used to live here used to let us use his pool, we didn't know that he moved, and we were always allowed to just come on in. Our mom either didn't know, or she forgot to tell us, which is probably the case, she hardly ever talks to us anyways. We're really sorry, we'll go now.” The same boy said again, obviously the talker of the trio.

“Not so fast, you came to swim, I was bored anyways, and I see no problems with you swimming here at all. Where do you live?”

“Wow, thanks, that'd be so cool. We live right there, the only house on the block without a pool, and our mom refuses to put one in, she hates swimming, so sees no need to put one in. Not like we really matter anyways.” The same boy said again, quite bitterly.

“Teddy, he doesn't really want to hear our problems.” The boy on the right said softly.

“Oh, right, sorry about that. We're just sorta bitter that our mom doesn't even know us.” The middle boy blushed.

“That's okay, I sorta know where you're coming from. I was just getting a bit of sun, and then I too was going to hop in the pool, so if you boys would like to swim, I'll join you? That is if you don't mind an old fart like me joining you that is?”

“It's your pool, it'd only be right that you get to swim as well, but you're not that old, you're what, twenty five I'd say?” The boy on the left said this time.

“Thirty two to be exact, so thanks. I used to work a very physical job, so I guess that kept me looking a little younger.”

“So, when did you move in then?” One of the boys asked, they had moved, so Sam no longer knew which one was which, they were removing their outer shorts and shirts, as well as their sandals, so that they could go swimming.

“Two weeks ago. I bought the house furnished exactly three weeks ago, and moved in one week later. The guy who sold me the place seemed to be in a hurry to leave.”

“Yeah, that's cuz he was running from the law.” One of the boys giggled.

“Oh really, and I bet you know exactly why, don't you?” Sam laughed.

“Money laundering, fencing stolen goods, probably even murder, but really, no idea, just he said that he was not exactly popular with the law.” Another of the boys laughed.

“I see. So, I know one of you is Teddy, but no clue which one now, so what are your names, and how exactly does one tell you apart?” Sam asked curiously.

“Well, I'm Teddy, and I have a small birth mark on my penis, but most people don't get to look there to tell me apart?” Teddy grinned wickedly.

“And I'm Tommy, and I have a birth mark on my right bum cheek, so same thing, most people don't get to look there either.”

“And I'm Timmy, and my birth mark is on my left bum cheek, but same with those guys, most no one gets to see it.” They all grinned cheekily, and Sam so wanted to tell the boys that they were welcome to show him so that he could tell them apart.

“Other than that we are so identical that our mom can't even tell us apart most of the time. Our eyes are different though, just different shades of green, but you have to be pretty close to tell.” Teddy added.

“Really, not even your own mom can tell you three apart?” Sam asked in awe.

“Well, not that she really tries much. She's always too busy with other more important things. We used to have a nanny that could tell us apart right away every time, but no one since.” Timmy added, and the only reason Sam knew this was because the boys hadn't moved.

“That's really kinda sad.”

“Tell us about it.” All three boys said at the exact same time, it sounded neat Sam thought.

“Well, we may as well swim, and then we can lay back in a bit and get to know each other a bit, because I need some friends in this neighborhood, no one's even said hi so much as once, even though I have about a hundred times.”

“Yeah, good luck on that one. This place is full of stuck up, snotty assholes who think that they're so much better than everyone else is.” One of them said bitterly again, and if Sam had to guess, he'd say it was Teddy again, because he just sounded different, as well as he seemed a little more bitter than the other two were.

“Teddy, that's no way to talk, you're what, twelve right, and while some of that may be true, it's still not nice for you to talk that way.” Sam said gently.

“How did you know I was Teddy, we switched places again?” Teddy asked in shock.

“You sound different than your brothers do, your voices aren't exactly alike, and you're more bitter than the other two are. It'll take me a while, and getting to hear you all talk more before I can tell you all apart perfectly, but if you give me time, I bet I can do it.”

“Really, you'd actually want to spend enough time with us to learn that? No one's ever really wanted to do that, we're weird, so weird that we got kicked out of summer camp a week early.” Tommy softly asked in shock.

“Yes, and Tommy right?

“Yeah, but why?”

“Well, I'm not a snotty stuck up asshole, and I need friends closer to my real age. I'm just a big kid, twelve is the age I always wanted to stay, and since you boys did not deny it, I'd say you are in fact twelve.”


“So, what makes you boys think you're weird?” Sam asked softly, they were still all standing around in their board shorts, naked otherwise, but not in the pool yet.

“We just are, trust me, and we'd really rather leave it at that, because you won't let us come over any more if we told you.” Timmy said this time.

“Okay, I can accept that, but you boys don't need to have any secrets from me, I'd be your friend even if you liked to dress up in baby or girl clothes, and act like babies or girls, or anything like that. Hell, I'd even be your friend if you were gay or liked animals in other ways. I'd be your friend if you wet the bed, I'd even be your friend if you hated your mom.” Sam said softly, getting softer as he went, and the boys all looked as if they were going to start crying.

“Really, but what if it's at least two of those things, would you still like us then?” Timmy asked softly, a few tears trickling down.

“Of course. I have a feeling that I know what one of them is, you're all gay, aren't you?”

“Yes, how did you know?” Teddy asked.

“Because us gays usually know, I'm gay too, and I can answer so much for you boys.”

“Oh, answering questions we really don't need help with. We've got the internet, and we've sorta learned other ways as well.” Tommy smiled.

“Ah yes, play with each other a bit do you, is that maybe one of the reasons that you boys were kicked out of summer camp?”

“Yeah, it was, as well as the fact that we like diapers and sort of acting like babies sometimes.” Timmy admitted.

“Wicked, so do I!” Sam smiled.

“No way, really, we've never met another guy like us before!” Teddy said happily.

“Yeah, really. Come on, let's get those gorgeous bodies of yours into the water, and we can swim around a bit.” Sam said warmly to the boys and jumped in the water.

The jumping into the water by Sam was mostly to conceal the fact that he was getting an erection. He had hoped and dreamed of gay diaper lover boys since he was a boy himself, and now he had three of them, and seemingly all to himself as well. Not only that, but they were drop dead gorgeous, no other word for it, they were identical triplets, oh so very rare and hot, and they played together. The boys were all nice and fit, almost muscular, but not quite yet, they had beautiful tans, light brown short cut hair, green eyes, small button noses, and delicate little ears.

The three boys were also happy to be jumping into the water as well, because with Sam's proclamation, they too started sprouting nice young preteen wood. They also thought that Sam was gorgeous. He was about six feet tall, had medium brown hair, looked a lot younger than he was, he was really muscular, his arms easily larger than than their legs were they all thought, he didn't appear to have any body hair, except a small treasure trail leading into his not so revealing shorts, and small tufts under his arms. It seemed that all were happy with the new arrangement.

The four of them played in the pool for almost an hour, splashing each other, joking and laughing with each other, just all around having fun with friends. Sam actually managed to outlast the boys in their fun, and it was the three boys that climbed out first, claiming that they needed a rest.

“So boys, feel better after your swim?” Sam asked once he too was laying back in a lounge chair.

“Yeah, tonnes, thanks.” One of them said, he thought it was Teddy again.

“So, tell me if you want to, why doesn't your mom seem to care about you?” Sam asked softly.

“We're not really sure. She knows we're gay, sorta hard to hide that when she's caught us playing so many times since we were like three, she knows we're all bed wetters, but as far as we know, she doesn't know about the rest. She's just always so busy with all her social functions, she doesn't have time for us. We once heard her tell a friend of hers that she doesn't even like kids, and that it wasn't even her idea to have kids in the first place, that was our worthless fathers fault.”

“That was a very cruel thing to say, wasn't it!” Sam said sadly.

“Yeah, we cried for days after that, we were only eight at the time.”

“So, your mother didn't care too much for your father either then I take it?”

“No, he was the only person that she probably did love. He died when we were two in some big accident. That's how come my mom has it so good now, she got paid millions for the accident, and then there was the life insurance and all that. She was only mad that he died in that accident because of someone else, but she sure has never complained about the money any.”

“Oh! So you boys have been playing together since you were real young?”

“Yeah, we've even always shared a bed. Our mom tried to buy us our own beds when we were like four or something, but we never slept in more than one. She ended up buying us a queen size bed when we were ten, because we couldn't possibly sleep in a single together any more, and we had put two of them together to even sleep together. We've been touching, then sucking each other since real young, we've just always done it together. We're all gay, we all know that, and none of us can stand the thought of being with a girl at all.”

“That's cool. Have you ever gone all the way before?”

“Yeah, since we were eight, man did it feel good, but it feels even better now.” Teddy grinned.

“That's nice. I wish that I'd have had someone special to share that with when I was your age. I'm an orphan, was shifted around different foster homes so many times I never got a chance to really know anyone. I wet the bed, and most didn't bother to diaper me, because that cost extra money, and no one wanted to waste their money on my problem. They'd just put a plastic bag down and make the bed, and then I had to sleep on that, even when I peed. It was horrible. The only time I got to have sex was when I was about your age I suppose, and I mean the only time, and me and another boy in the home we were staying in at the time got close, and we had a great time. We were together for maybe a month or so, and we started with just our hands as well, then quickly moved to mouths. It was the night that we started to go further that we were found out. My foster brother was in me and going for all his worth, it was feeling great, and then the father caught us, and that was the end of that home. From then on they all knew that I was gay, it was in my file, so I was treated differently ever since while in care, and certainly no one ever left me in reach of another boy that I could get to.”

“That's really sad. So you've only had sex once then?”

“Yeah, it was, and yes I did. It's okay now though. I had a crap job that paid decently, had a decent life, but not what I wanted, but that all changed with the purchase of a lottery ticket. Now I'll never have to work another day in my life, if I'm wise with my money that is. I'm getting hungry, would you boys like something to eat and drink?” Sam asked, breaking the somber mood.

“Yeah, sure!” All three boys said as one again.

“Come on inside then, and I'll see what we can whip up to eat around this dump.”

“Dump, yeah right, you've got probably the nicest house on the block, maybe even the city.” Timmy said.

“Thanks. I picked it up for a good deal as well, and if you boys are correct as to why the last guy left in such a hurry, then that'd probably be the reason why.”

“Yeah, I bet you got it for a good deal.” Tommy chuckled.

“So Sam, have you ever wanted to have sex with a triple threat before?” Teddy asked seductively.

“Sorry, a what?” Sam asked, shocked at the question, and not really knowing where this was about to lead.

“A triple threat, a team of triplets that'll take you and make you see stars.” Timmy grinned.

“Oh, the three of you want to have sex with me!” Sam clarified.

“Yep.” All three said at the same time again.

“How would you all know that you all wanted to do so, and how do you know I would?”

“We're all so much alike that we like sex with anyone that we can, and we all know pretty much what the others are thinking. As for you, we think that you really want to do us, and probably have us do you as well.”

“That's a very generous offer boys, but no thanks, you don't really want to have sex with me.” Sam said gently.

“Actually, yes we do.” They all said together again.

“I appreciate it boys, really I do, but no thanks. For me to have sex with you boys would be wrong, and as much as I like you, I'm not willing to risk it, okay.”

“Okay, for now.” They said again.

The four of them had made it to the kitchen a few moments before already, and Sam started digging through the cupboards to see what all he had. He grabbed a loaf of bread, a couple cans of soup, and a bunch of sandwich fixings from the fridge. They would have soup and sandwiches for lunch he figured. The boys seemed okay with this, and they all got to work. Within only a few minutes they had a good lunch ready to eat, and boy did they. The three boys packed away more food than Sam could recall ever seeing before, each of them taking a bowl and a half of soup, because that was all that was there after he had his share, and three large sandwiches piled high with a little of everything.

“Good grief boys, you sure can pack away the food. You'll cause your mom to go broke if you continue to eat like that.” Sam laughed.

“Yeah, if she ever kept any real food in the house it would be nice. She gives us each a twenty dollar allowance a week, and we usually have to buy our own food, or we pretty much starve. She's always out at some function or some socialite dinner, so she never thinks to go shopping.” Teddy spat out, once again very bitterly.

“That's sick. She expects three healthy preteen boys to survive on sixty dollars of food a week. Hell, I eat nearly that much myself, it's about fifty dollars a week for my groceries.” Sam said in shock.

“Tell us about it. We've learned to shop pretty cheaply, and we usually get by pretty well. Sometimes we pretty much have to steal one of her debit cards though to go and do a major grocery shopping, just to stock up on the main things. She's never once even asked about it, so either she thinks she forgot that she went grocery shopping, or she never checks her bank account. Of course we usually take out an extra hundred or so cash, just because we feel we deserve it.” Timmy laughed.

“I'd have taken more, but she'd probably notice that more, so you'd better not do it. Does your mom drink or something?”

“No clue. We hardly ever see her, so she might. The only time we see her is on the weekends in the late morning, or sometimes early afternoon. Of course during the summer we'll have to see her more often, but even still, it'll more than likely not be more than an hour a day. I don't think she really likes us at all, so she usually leaves as soon as she can. We know she doesn't really like kids of course, but we just don't think she likes us at all either” Tommy said sadly.

“Well, I can't possibly understand why she'd not like you boys, I think you're great. You're welcome to come here at any time. So what did she say when she had to come pick you up from summer camp early then?”

“Hah, are you kidding, she sent bus fare and told us to catch the first bus home. We had to catch a taxi to the bus station, and then we had to wait nearly twelve hours for the first bus home, and then it was a two day ride home. She didn't send enough money though, and we hadn't eaten since we left, so we couldn't buy any food. By the time we got home yesterday, we were starving. We don't have any allowance left, and we ate all the food that we had that was still good, so now we have to wait until next Monday to buy more, because Monday is allowance day. We're going to have to take her debit card today or tomorrow to go shopping again. We of course don't get an allowance this week, because she had already given it to us before camp, and we used a bunch of it at camp, and then the last of it just to pay for our tickets, because like I said, she didn't send us enough. We literally have only pennies to our names.” Timmy said.

“Dear god, that's horrible! You're more than welcome to come here and eat until you can go grocery shopping again of course. In fact, when you get the money to do so, I'll drive you boys and help out. How does that sound?”

“Nice. The nearest grocery store is a few kilometers away, and because we usually have a few bags each, and we have to walk, it gets pretty tiring. Especially if you're near starving.”

“Good, then you just come back when you have the card, and we'll go shopping. I'd offer to buy it for you, but I have to be careful of what I spend, or I'll end up broke before I want to be.” Sam smiled warmly.

“We'd never ask you to do that anyways, it's not your responsibility. We'll be glad of the meals that we get to share with you, but it's our moms job to make sure we're fed.” Teddy said strongly.

“I'd do it if I had to of course, and I will if I need to, but if we don't have to, then we won't.”


“I'm going to go and check and see if mom left one of her bank cards on her dresser again, she does that sometimes. So if she did, then we can just go now, that is if you want to now?” Timmy asked.

“Sure, I have nothing more planned right now.” Sam said happily.

Timmy ran off and the other three just chatted for the ten minutes it took for Timmy to come back.

“It wasn't on her dresser, it was in her underwear drawer. It's her gold one, so we should be good, it always has lots of money in it.” Timmy said victoriously, holding said card up.

“How do you boys even know the PIN code for her cards anyways?” Sam asked.

“Well, it seems that she's not the brightest bulb on the tree and forgets her PIN codes, so keeps them all the same and has them written down on her desk and in her wallet. We found that out the first time we went snooping for money. We found no cash, but found the cards and a business card with her PIN code on it. We didn't know if it was the code for her cards or not, but we tried, and it worked, and she's never changed it. She has no idea how stupid it is to leave that sort of information in her wallet like that, but oh well, it worked out for us.” Teddy answered giddily.

“Yes it did, and I agree with you on that one. You boys sound smarter than your average twelve year olds though, how's that?”

“Well, we don't exactly have a lot of friends, and we're in all the advanced classes, so we have plenty of time to do all our work.” Timmy answered.

“I see, that's really good. You're probably smarter than I am then, because I just barely made it out of high school, and it wasn't with very good marks either. So, you said that you boys wet the bed, but you also said that you don't exactly get a lot of money, so how do you deal with that problem?” Sam asked curiously as they headed out to the truck.

“Mom never bought us anything, and for the longest time all we could do was pee our bed, but we found a store nearby that carried all in one cloth diapers. They were expensive, but we just saved every penny we could, and we bought one pair at a time. That was when we were eight. They're starting to get too small on us though, so we're going to have to buy some more. They're getting pretty grungy too, they've been used every night since we bought them, so they probably would be.” Tommy answered this time.

“Yikes, they have to be gross, not just grungy. We'll go and buy you boys some more today as well, you have your moms card anyways, what's she gonna say. You should get a few pairs each, so that you're not having to wash them every single day. Where's the store at?”

“No idea if it's even still there, that was four years ago, but yeah, you're right, they are pretty gross now. It was actually kinda nice at camp, because we were entered as bed wetters, we were assigned to a special cabin with other bed wetters, and they had real diapers for us instead, they were awesome. I think they were Molicare or something like that, they were thick and soft and comfortable. Mind you, so were our cloth ones when we first got them.” Answered Tommy.

“Wow, Molicare, those are good ones. My favorites.” Sam grinned.

“Yeah, well with as much as that the camp cost our mom, they'd pretty much have to supply the best.” Teddy said.

“How is it that your mom neglects you boys so much, yet sent you to an expensive camp like that?”

“Had something to do with one of her friends talking all about it and how she should send us there, her husband ran it or something, some spoiled rich brat retreat. She was pretty much forced into doing it, because she told us point blank that there's no way in hell that she wanted to pay three thousand dollars each for us to go to some damn camp for spoiled rich brats. Yeah, I bet, that's nine thousand of her precious dollars we wasted, and we didn't get to stay the whole three weeks, and you'd best be certain there's no refund for the last two weeks.” Timmy said this time.

“Yeah, well she may be rich, but we sure ain't. We hardly see a damn dime of that money that our dad had to die for to give us.” Teddy said bitterly again.

“Teddy, I understand, but you're far too nice a boy to be so bitter. I know you have it rough, but I promise to try and make it as easy on you boys as I can, okay.” Sam said gently. By now they were already on their way to the store, all four of them in the front seat of the truck. Two of the boys could have sat in the back seat, but they hadn't felt like it, so didn't.

“Sorry. I just get so mad and frustrated at her sometimes, she treats us like garbage, yet she goes out and parties all the time, leaving us to fend for ourselves, with barely anything to do so with.”

“I know, that's why I'll do what I can for you boys, okay.”

“Thanks.” Teddy said softly, and laid his head on Sam's shoulder.

Timmy first guided them to where the store that they had bought their cloth diapers at before, and luckily enough, the same place was still there.

“If you give me your moms card and the PIN for it, I'll go in and buy them for you to save embarrassment.” Sam offered.

“No, that's okay, we're not embarrassed, why should we be. We've had to do everything all on our own for so long now, nothing's embarrassing any more.” Tommy said with a kind smile towards Sam, and then opened his door to hop out, the rest followed.

“Good afternoon gentlemen, how may I help you today?” A kind looking older lady asked as they walked in. Sam was about to say something, when Timmy piped up.

“Yes, a few years ago we bought a few pairs of an all in one night time cloth diaper. We need a few more in a larger size now please, assuming of course you still have them, of which we hope that you do.”

“Yes, of course we still carry those, one of our more popular styles amongst the bed wetters in town. Would you boys like white or blue outer covering?”

“Two of each for each of us please.” Teddy answered, and the other two nodded as well.

“Of course. Now, I'd say about a youth size medium, is that correct?”

“We're just out of the small now, so yes please.” Tommy answered.

“I thought as much, but the small would have been far too small on you, probably for months now. They probably leaked if you're heavy wetters.”

“Yeah, they did occasionally. Actually, do you have any good waterproof mattress covers for a queen sized bed, we need a new one?”

“Yes, the best one on the market. Would you like me to grab you one of those as well?”

“Yes please.” All three boys said together.

“Here you are boys. Will there be anything else?” She asked a few moments later, coming back with all the requested items.

“Yes, do you carry the Molicare diapers here as well?” Teddy asked.

“Yes I do.”

“We'd like two cases of those as well please, your largest sized case in our size.”

“Of course, I'll be right back.”

“You boys are buying an awful lot, are you so sure that's a good idea?” Sam asked softly.

“Yeah, we'll be fine. It's a medical store, she probably won't even pay attention to it, if she even looks that is.”

“Hopefully you're right, I don't want you boys getting into any trouble.”

“And here you boys go. I must say, you're certainly far braver than any other bed wetter, they usually send their parents in to do this for them, but your dad hasn't even said a word.”

“Oh, he's not our dad, he's our friend. Besides, it's our problem, why should we make others do the dirty work for us?” Timmy asked simply.

“You are some very wise young men, I hope you know that, because you are most certainly correct.” The lady smiled warmly to the boys.

“Thanks.” They all said together again.

The lady rung up the sale and when the price came up, Sam almost choked on his tongue, it was over three hundred dollars, but the boys didn't bat an eye at it, and just put the sale through with no problem. The boys each grabbed what they could carry, and Sam grabbed the last package, the smallest one there was, and then they all headed out to the truck to put it away. They put it all in the back seat and then headed out.

“You boys sure spent a lot of money, I really hope you know what you're doing!”

“Yeah, it should be fine. We're more worried about the fact that the groceries are going to be roughly five hundred dollars this time. We're completely out of meat, there's absolutely nothing left in the freezers, so we need to fill them up to last us a while. We can't always get the card, so we have to fill them while we can.” Tommy said.

“Oh!” Sam said.

When they reached the grocery store, a large warehouse style one, they all headed into the store, each of them grabbing a buggy on their way in. The meat department was their first stop, and one and a half buggies were filled up with just meat. The boys really did know how to shop though, because on the way in, they stopped at the coupon board and grabbed every coupon that they would need. In the meat department, they chose only good priced meat, but not the cheap stuff either. Next were the frozen food aisles, where they picked out six of each of the largest bags of frozen fruits and vegetables that they would eat, they said that this was their only real way to get their vitamins, because they couldn't really buy fresh produce most of the time. Canned goods were the same, they picked out a lot of everything to fill the cupboards, again the good priced stuff, not the cheap stuff. Not once did any of the boys even look at junk food, they were not tempted in the least to buy anything that they did not absolutely need. They toured the entire store, going up and down each and every aisle, grabbing some of almost everything that you could need. Even milk and cheese they bought a lot more than Sam thought that they could need or use, but the boys explained that they freeze quite well, and stay fresh for quite a while, so that's what they did. The boys were also fairly accurate in their guess as to how much it was going to cost, because it went to just a little over five hundred, and they took the customary extra hundred in cash as well. Sam was actually surprised that it had not cost more than it had.

“Wow, this is a lot of groceries boys, you sure do know how to shop and find the deals.” Sam said as they were headed out to the truck.

“Thanks, we had to learn well, or we would have starved. It doesn't hurt that we can do even the most complex math in our heads as well, so we know exactly what we're spending at all times.” Timmy said proudly.

“Wow, I'm so getting you boys to take me shopping the next time I have to go. I just went a few days ago, so I won't have to go again for a bit.”

“Any time.” All three of them said with bright smiles.

It took half an hour to load all the groceries into the truck, and then they headed back home. Sam pulled the truck up in front of the boys' house, and they all grabbed what they could and walked right in, the door wasn't even locked.

“You didn't lock the doors!” Sam said in awe.

“Nah, why bother, no one'll enter anyways, and besides, not like we really care.” Teddy said, almost bitterly again, but he looked to Sam and toned it down some.

“Oh, you really should lock it when you leave though, please do so from now on okay. I think I even know why you boys do it, but it'll only hurt you more in the end if your house does get robbed and your mother finds out why it got robbed so easily.”

“Yeah, you're probably right.” Timmy sighed.

“Yes, I probably am.” Sam smiled warmly to the boys.

They headed back out and spent almost an hour bringing all the groceries in and putting them all away. It was long and tiring work for all, but they did it well. Sam wasn't sure how the boys even would have managed had he have not been there, but he didn't ask, he didn't really want to know either.

“Well boys, it's passed dinner time, and I'm hungry. How's about we head back to my place and grill us some huge fattening burgers and throw ten pounds of potatoes in the deep fryer?” Sam asked happily once all the work was done.

“That sounds awesome. We don't get burgers and fries very often, but we love them.” All three of them said again.

“Okay, a short sentence I can see you all saying the exact same thing, but a complex double sentence, that's almost impossible. How can you boys say the exact same thing at the exact same time so many times?”

“Well, promise you won't hate us if we tell you that? We told you we're weird, but we didn't cover it all earlier.” Timmy asked gently.

“No, I'd never hate you boys, nothing you could say would make me hate you.”

“Okay, I hope we're right about you then.” Teddy said.

“We can read each others thoughts, what one is going to say automatically comes up into his head, and we all just say it as if it's our own thoughts. It just happens so fast that we don't realize we're doing it sometimes. It drives some of our teachers mad at times, because if they ask one of us a question, all three of us will answer at the same time. They of course have no clue, no one does, not even our mom. You're the only one that does. The only reason we're telling you at all is because of another trick we can do, we can feel each others feelings, but for some reason we can feel yours as well.” They all said together, it was really weird for Sam to hear it.

“Wow, you're telepathic and empathic towards each other. Is that how you do so well in school?” Sam grinned.

“We don't actually do it on purpose, but with us, what one knows, we all know. The teachers separated us years ago, because we always got the exact same answers on tests, mind you, we almost never get anything wrong anyways. They actually tried calling us cheaters, but we told them that we could prove that we weren't, and had them test one of us at a time while the others were at home, and we still all had the exact same answers. They knew there was no way we could have cheated like that. Of course what they don't know is that we have no idea what our range is, because the furthest apart we've ever been is two kilometers, and we can still do everything.”

“That's pretty impressive. Have no fears about me though, I'll never tell another soul.” Sam smiled warmly to the boys.

“Thanks.” They said.

“So, you can feel my feelings as well?” Sam asked as he started digging through the fridge and freezer for all that they'd need for dinner.

“Yeah, we've never been able to feel anyone like we can feel you. Sure we can feel if people are really happy or angry, but honestly, when they're that happy or angry, you'd have to be blind not to see it usually anyways. But you, we can feel you almost like we can feel each other. We're not used to it, but we like it, because we know we can trust you as much as we trust each other.” They all said, but this time alternating between each other as to who said what word.

“That's good, I'm glad you trust me, and it's really neat that you can feel my feelings like you can. I wish I could do the same thing, and to know another persons thoughts would be cool too.”

“It can actually be pretty distracting at times. We're used to it though, and sometimes it's like we're just using all three of our minds to think at the same time. It can be very useful too, because we can really work out complex information a lot faster that way with all three of us working on it together.”

“I bet, but I think the positives in this case far outweigh the negatives.” Sam smiled to the boys and set the last of the items on the counter that they'd need for dinner.

“Us too. We'll start cutting up the fries if you want to get the burgers ready.” The boys all offered.

“Sure, that sounds good to me. Are you boys picky about anything?”


“Good, because I like lots of spice, especially garlic.”

“Us too, when we can afford to buy it.”

“And you bought lots of it today, that's for sure.”

“Yeah.” All three boys smiled warmly.

They all got started on their work, silently preparing their meal, all enjoying the company. Once it was finished, the four of them sat down to eat their feast fit for boys, and boy did they enjoy it. After dinner they all sat down and watched a movie together.

“Well guys, as much as I've loved having you here today, you probably should head home and get some sleep.” Sam said sadly.

“Yeah, but we'd rather stay here.” All three of them said at the same time.

“Yes, I know, but you can't, maybe another time though. I'd have to at least attempt to talk to your mother.”

“It'll be no point. She won't even care anyways. About the only thing she might do is think you're rich and try and bed you or something like that.”

“Yeah, that'd happen anytime soon.” Sam grinned.

“We know, but it'll be no use. She's never even checked if we're home, or alive for that matter when she comes home, if she does.” Teddy said by himself this time.

“Yeah, but she is your mother, and she still has to know where her children are, even if she doesn't seem to care. Also, I have a feeling I know what you boys' intentions are if you were to stay the night.” Sam grinned, all three boys grinned as well.

“We promise we wouldn't rape you, even though the thought does sound appealing, even to you.” Timmy said this time.

“Yes, even I admit it does sound like fun, but we can't do it, plain and simple.”

“We know.” All three boys said again.

“Well, you boys go and have a good night, and feel free to come over any time you wish, okay.”

“Okay, bye.” They all said, and then headed home.