Chapter 10

“Good morning daddy, our diapers leaked.” The boys all greeted their daddy when he woke up.

“Good morning babies. Wow, you boys sure did wet a lot last night, because those were fresh diapers when we went to bed!”

“Yeah, it happens every so often, even with these nice thick cloth diapers, but it's probably because we never went to the bathroom before bed.”

“Yeah, but still, when was the last time you boys used a toilet other than to poop, so I doubt that that matters much. Oh well though, it's not really all that big a deal, easy enough to clean up.”

“True, but we weren't upset, and knew that you wouldn't be either, but the last time was a few weeks ago we suppose.” The boys grinned.

“So, other than cleaning up the trailer and boat today, what else should we do?”

“We're definitely gonna need to go grocery shopping, we're almost out of all the food that we bought for the camping trip, and we used almost all the food from the house as well. Either today or tomorrow though we want to call a Realtor and list our old place for rent.”

“Yeah, grocery shopping is certainly a must. I think that you boys should call your lawyer though to have him draw up lease papers that will help to protect you boys, just in case, and lease it, instead of rent it, so that you have a bit more security.”

“Okay, that's probably not such a bad idea either, so maybe we should call our lawyer first then, so that we can work out lease arrangements, that way the Realtor will know from the beginning. Well, I say we just get up and get dressed to work, no point in cleaning up just to go and get really dirty and sweaty again.” Teddy said.

“Sounds good to me, but either today or tomorrow we should look into homeschooling for you boys as well, so that we can get you started, which also means that we're gonna need more computers, which we'll buy when we go shopping. I think though that we're going to switch to the Costco store for our groceries from now on. It's further away, but it's cheaper for most things.”

“Why would we need more computers though?”

“Think about it! Homeschooling will be mostly computerized right, well even with your computer from your old place and my computer, we still don't have enough, and that's even if the police didn't confiscate yours completely, because they could have if it had info on it from your mothers illegal activities.”

“Oh yeah, we never thought of that, that's for sure, and even if it's still there, it really wouldn't be worth keeping anyways. We had been telling our mother that it was too slow to do anything for the last two years, but she was still reluctant to replace it, because it would have cost precious money that she would hardly get to use, it would be more for us, and she certainly couldn't have that.”

“So there you go, it's pretty much a necessity then that we get new computers, and they will be notebook computers as well, so that we can still travel. There is to be no arguments on that point either.” Sam said, and then added the last part as he saw the boys about to protest.

“Fine.” The boys grinned.

“Well, I suppose that we have a lot of work to do today, so it would be a good idea to get up and get some breakfast, just toast and cereal this morning though.”

“Yep, let's go.”

They all got up, stripped out of their soggy diapers, put new ones on quickly, and headed to the kitchen to make and eat breakfast. As soon as they were done breakfast, they went and got dressed in some grubby clothes, in fact they were so grubby that they were still dirty, because laundry was one of the many things that they had to do still, and they had no clean clothes left at all.

They got the boat all cleaned up and stored properly first, because it was the quickest and easiest to do, even if that meant removing it from the truck and the motor from the rear of the trailer and carrying them to where they were to be stored.

“Well, that was a lot of fun, now for the tough part.” Sam sighed, already getting tired.

“Yeah.” The boys moaned as well.

It took nearly two hours for them to clean everything and take all that needed to go into the house, into the house. Thankfully there was not a lot left in there, considering that they had eaten almost all the food. The bags of garbage though were probably the worst, there were many, they were heavy, and they were stinky. They even washed it completely inside and out, just to make it look nice again.

“Well, that wasn't too bad, I figured that it would have taken longer than that. So now I think that it's a load of clothes into the washer, and then a load of stinky boys into the shower.”

“It helps that we all know what we're doing and aren't afraid to sweat a bit.” The boys smiled.

“Too true, come on my gorgeous boys.” Sam smiled warmly, wrapped his arms around the boys, and then headed into the house.

They stripped out of their clothing and diapers, stuffed a large load of laundry into the washer, and then went and stuffed themselves into the large shower in their bathroom. They lovingly washed each other, all of them hard, but amazingly enough to Sam, the boys did not start anything. They got out, got into fresh diapers and clothes, and then headed to the kitchen for some much needed lunch, even though it was still almost an hour until their normal lunch time.

“Okay, which one of you wants to call your lawyer to ask the questions?” Sam asked, letting the boys take care of all this, it was theirs to do with as they pleased, so he'd let them do what they could.

“Teddy will.” The other two said as Teddy stuck up his hand.

“Yeah, thought so. Here's his card.” Sam smiled and passed over the card to Teddy. Teddy called right away and spoke the the secretary. He waited only a minute or two before the lawyer picked up his line and introduced himself.

“Hello Sir, how are you today?”

“Great thanks, and you?”

“We're all great. We just got back from a two week camping trip where we learned more about the wilderness than we ever did at school, it was awesome.”

“Sounds like it. I love to go camping myself, but sadly I don't get the chance to do so all that often. So Teddy, how may I be of service to you boys?”

“We've decided that instead of selling our house in a down market, that we'd lease it out and sell it in a few years when it'll bring us more money. So what we need from you please is some good lease agreements that will protect us, and if you'd draw them up for one, two, and five year terms, that would be great, that way it'll give potential renters options.”

“That's damn good thinking, was that Sam's suggestion?”

“Nope, we thought of that one on our own, thank you very much.” Teddy laughed.

“I thought that you boys were smart enough to realize just how much that house would be worth if it were to be sold at the proper time. So yeah, you may as well rent it out and make some decent money off it in the meantime. I don't normally do stuff like that, but for you boys, sure, anything that I can hep with I'll certainly give it my best, but those are pretty easy.”

“Thanks a lot, we appreciate it. How long will something like that take anyways?”

“No problem at all, it's the least I can do, especially after I received that check from you boys, when I explicitly said I wanted no money for my services to help you boys get what was rightfully yours to begin with.”

“Don't feel too bad, we paid you with the dirty money, we kept what was ours to begin with.” Teddy laughed, and the lawyer roared with laughter, causing his secretary to poke her head in to see what was causing all the commotion.

“Why you sly little buggers, I should have known. Give me a day or so to get it all set up, and I'll courier it to you.”

“Thanks, that would be great. Well, I can well imagine that you're a busy man, so I'll let you get back to business.”

“Yes, that I am, but it was a nice break to get to talk to you again, so don't hesitate to call any time you need help. Well, you boys have a good day.”

“Thanks, and you too.”

“So, he thought it funny that you pad him with dirty money huh?” Sam laughed.

“Yeah, just a little. He'll courier the papers over in a day or two when he gets them all done up.” Teddy smiled back.

“Great, so I guess that that means it's time to go grocery shopping now then.”

“Yep, let's go.”

They headed out to the truck and headed out to the large store. Their first order of business though was to go to the customer service desk and get a membership for the store, and Sam had the boys as the second card holder on the account as well, the lady actually chuckled that they would never know the difference if one or the others used the card.

“Let's look through the electronics first and pick out a few nice computers.” Sam said.

So off to the electronics department they headed. Sam and the boys looked at the selection of notebook computers for a little while, but while the boys were tending towards the cheapest model that was there, Sam was looking at the most expensive one. After a few minutes of arguing, the boys finally relented and Sam put four of them in the large buggy he was pushing, the boys were pushing a second one.

“Why'd you grab four?”

“You think I'm gonna let you boys have a kick ass computer that's tonnes better than mine is?” Sam grinned.

“No, we suppose not.” The boys grinned back.

“We need to grab a printer as well, because mine is a piece of shit.”

They perused the models of printers that the store had, and finally decided on a very nice all in one color laser printer, it was huge. One of those was added to the cart as well, and then all the cables and router that they would need was added as well.

“I want to look at the cameras as well, we don't have a good one, and I want to be able to take pictures of you boys.”

“And we can take pictures of you as well.”

“If you insist.” Sam grinned, and they headed to the camera section.

There they found a number of really nice cameras, so Sam looked them all over, and chose their very best digital SLR and two different lenses for it. He also grabbed a few large memory cards, a few extra batteries, a spare universal power charger, and a wicked case to hold it all.

“Wow, this is gonna be a really expensive shopping trip, that camera is gonna be like three thousand dollars by the time we're finished.” The boys gasped as one.

“Yes it is, but we can feel free to spoil ourselves today, so anything that you see that you want or need, just pile it in the carts boys.”


They continued looking through the electronics section, and Sam saw the boys looking at the Ipods, so told them to each grab one for themselves and one for him as well. The boys just smiled and added four to the cart as well, they didn't even bother to argue any more, because they were also enjoying getting spoiled once in their lives. They then headed to the housewares section and looked around in there. Sam added a few things to his buggy, but the nicest was the nice big KitchenAid mixer that he had always wanted. He also grabbed a number of the accessories that they had for it as well. The boys added a few nice pool toys when they made it to that section, as well as a few other things, like books, music cds and movies. They even grabbed a bunch of new clothes for the boys, because one thing that they had very little of were clothes. Finally they hit all the food aisles, and they had to grab another cart, because one and a half of the carts that they had started out with were already full. They ended up filling all three of the buggies that they had right past the brims, it was going to be a hugely expensive shopping spree for sure. It took almost half an hour for them to make it to the checkout, and then half an hour just to get through it, they had so much stuff. Once paid for, they hit the restaurant in the store and had some lunch, they were all hungry, even though they had been enjoying the free samples the entire time they were there.

“Wow, that was really expensive, over ten thousand dollars, we can't believe that we spent that much money.” The boys said in awe as they were heading out to the truck.

“Yeah, it was a lot of money, but it's not like we'll have to spend that kind of money all the time. You have to admit that it was nice to spoil ourselves a little bit. Don't get too used to it though, but really, we don't really have to want for anything. As long as we're not entirely stupid with our spending, we will have more than enough to last our entire lives, and then some.”

“Yeah, it is kinda nice to be able to buy some of the things that we've always wanted, that's for sure. We know though, and it's not like we really need all that much, we have everything that we need in you.” The boys smiled to their man.

“And I in you as well.” Sam smiled back.

They began the long arduous task of loading everything into the truck, and after their long hard vacation, it was very tiring. They drove home, laughing and joking all the way, and then began taking it all inside. This was even more tiring, because they had further to go, and with all the previous work, it started to add up.

“You know what boys, I'm getting tired, and you boys are nearing exhaustion, let's just leave everything piled in the kitchen for now and go lay down for a nice nap. We'll just get the cold stuff put away first, and then we'll go for a nap.”

“That sounds like a good idea.”

“Are you boys ready for a change, because I sure am?”

“Oh yeah, we're almost close to leaking probably.”

“Yeah, me too, a four hour long shopping trip, drinking probably two liters of fluids each during said time, and then driving for an hour will certainly cause a diaper to get pretty full.”

“For sure daddy.”

They quickly got all the cold items put away, headed to their room, stripped and diapered each other, and then curled up together in bed. It took only a few minutes for all four of them to pass out, and they slept for a good couple hours.

“Ah, that feels so much better. It's amazing though, we just got back from vacation, and we're more tired than before we went.” The boys sighed when they all woke up, within only a few seconds of each other.

“Yes, it does feel better, sometimes a nap just feels so good. As for your observation about vacations, it's because you have a tendency to just go go go while on vacation, taking very little time to sit back and relax. We can do that over the next few days though.”

“Ain't that the truth.”

“Well, I guess it's about time we go and start unpacking and putting away all that stuff that we bought earlier.”

“We have a slightly better idea before we do that.” The boys grinned.

“And I bet I know what it is! And I bet that it involves something to do with our dicks huh?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Well, if I absolutely must, then let's get it on.” Sam sighed as if it were the most difficult thing in the world to do.

The boys giggled and started to strip Sam of his diaper, and then stripped themselves as well. Once they were all naked, Teddy attacked Sam, while Timmy and Tommy attached themselves to each other. They all moved into a sixty nine position with their chosen partners, swallowed their erections whole, and sucked for all their worth. None of them lasted for more than a few minutes before they were exploding in a nice satisfying orgasm.

“Ah, now that's much better.” The boys sighed.

“For sure. Well, now we really should go and get our stuff unpacked and put away, and then maybe we should get some dinner going. For some reason I'm starting to get hungry again.”

“Maybe it's for the same reason that we're hungry. You know how good sex is as exercise, and you know how good exercise builds up a good appetite.” The boys grinned.

“Damn true.”

They all headed to the kitchen after that and started putting the rest of the groceries away, and then got started on unpacking all the new toys that they had bought. They started on the kitchen stuff first, Sam taking his new mixer, the boys the rest of the stuff, and they were all happy with it all. Next came their Ipods, and then their computers. They were all ecstatic about this stuff, because it was just so damned cool. Finally they unpacked the huge printer.

The printer was set up in the den, as was the new router, and then it was all connected and set up in their computers, which they had all brought in as well to set up on the new internet and printing networks. Sam actually found that it was the boys doing most of the work, and he only had to do what they told him to do, because they seemed to be pretty damned smart with computers.

“Wow, this is all really awesome. These computers are like the best there are, and that printer is almost as good as well. It prints really nice. We didn't think that it would do so nice for pictures though.”

“Yeah, it does print beautifully, doesn't it. I can't wait to try out the camera as well, but I think for printing from that we should buy a proper photo printer. I'll do some research and find the best one there is.”

“Cool, but do you remember what you promised to research once we got back home?”

“Yes, and I was planning on calling around either today or tomorrow. It'll have to be tomorrow now though, because it's time to make dinner.” Sam smiled to his boys, knowing that they were referring to the pool enclosure.

“Okay daddy.”

They put everything away quickly and then headed to the kitchen to make and eat dinner. They all worked together as they mostly did and got a nice dinner prepared, and then they sat down to eat. Sam had used his new mixer for the first time in two different ways, first to mix up the pasta dough, and then the pasta roller and maker attachment to make the pasta itself. While he had been doing that, the boys had been cutting everything for a great meat sauce. As they ate they found that there were no need for words, because the food was just too good not to just eat.

“Wow, we've never had home made pasta before, it's really good.”

“Yeah, it was, dinner was really good.” Sam agreed.

They quickly cleaned everything from dinner up, all helping to make the job go quickly.

“Well, what would you boys say to laying back and watching movies for the rest of the night?”

“We think that that sounds like a good idea.” The boys all said with a smile.


They all headed to the living room and Sam let the boys pick one of the new movies that they had bought that day and put it in. They curled up on the couch together, wrapping a blanket over themselves, and watched the movie. As soon as it was done, they put in a second movie and watched it as well. All three boys were fast asleep by the end of the movie, so as gently as possible, Sam carried the boys to bed. He hoped that their diapers would hold out for the night, but he wasn't too worried. They had all gotten changed during their intermission, so they should still be fine. Sam also just left his diaper as is, thinking that he would be fine as well. Not one of the boys even stirred so much as a little bit as they were being carried to bed, they were all laid down, and then Sam joined them after turning off the lights.

Sam woke up before the boys the next morning and noticed that they were all still dead to the world. He figured that all the excitement over the past few weeks had just worn them out too much, so he decided to just let them sleep. He gently slipped out of bed, grabbed a diaper from his stack, grabbed the wipes, and then left the room silent as a ghost. He knew that his diaper was not going to hold another wetting, and was more than a little surprised that it hadn't leaked already, hence the reason he grabbed what he did on the way out. He changed his diaper in the den, where he headed, and then booted up his new computer. As he was was waiting for the computer to boot up, he looked to his right and saw something of a little concern, the boys' computers piled on top of each other. He had no desks for the boys.

Once he realized this little problem, he figured that buying a few more desks for their office would be not such a bad idea, and figured that he could make the den into a great classroom for the boys, it was certainly large enough. He started working in his mind all that he would need for that and came up with a list.

Once his computer was ready for him though, he went online to do what he had originally come in to do. He was looking for the best photo printer there was, as well as he planned to find a local company that could build an enclosure around their pool for privacy. He decided to do that first. It took almost half an hour of searching before he found a company that he was satisfied with. They seemed to have dozens of such installs under their belts, were well recommended by their previous customers, and promised fast, reliable, and excellent work. Sam took down the number to the place, and then went to a different site.

It took almost an hour for him to find the one that he wanted, but it was one of the professional Epson Stylus Pro printers, could print up to seventeen inches wide, had great ink and ink capacity. The price was really high, at about fifteen hundred dollars, but from all the information that he saw about it, it was well worth the price. He decided to just go ahead and order that, added a complete set of cartridges for it extra as well, and there were nine of the damned things, grabbed an assortment of photo papers for it, and even added the extended warranty, just for the hell of it.

By the time that he was finished, he was almost surprised to have not heard the boys up and about yet. They had never slept past seven before, and here it was past nine already. Oh well he figured, just let the boys have their rest, they obviously need it. He also knew something else that they would need, and probably the second that they woke up, food. He knew for a fact that the boys would be starving once they woke up, and he thought to himself, with a small chuckle of course, that he'd rather deal with an angry grizzly that just woke up from a long hibernation and wanted food, rather than deal with his three boys, because he knew that the bear would have nothing on them.

Sam headed to the kitchen, pulled out his recipe book and started on his favorite waffle recipe. Once it was well on its way, it had to rise for at least half an hour, he started on some blueberries, whipped cream, bacon, sausages, and eggs to go along with the waffles. Even more surprising to Sam almost an hour later when he was finished cooking, was that the boys were still not up. He thought for sure that the smell of food would permeate their sleeping brains and wake them up, and he was also equally certain that as soon as that had happened, the boys would be standing there staring at him, daring him to take his eyes off the food. He also held no doubts that the boys would have eaten the raw food if given half the chance. Now that the boys were able to eat, they certainly were doing just that, but they were careful not to overdo it either.

Sam decided to really treat his beautiful angels and put all the food, dishes, and utensils onto a couple trays and rolled it to the bedroom on the cart that was kept in the kitchen for serving, a leftover from a previous owner.

“Come on babies, time to wake up, breakfast is ready, and you've slept long enough.” Sam called out as soon as he was in the room, turning on the light as he entered.

“Oh god, too early, let us sleep.”

“Hate to tell you this boys, but it's already after ten am, and you've been sleeping for more than twelve hours already. You're exhausted, that much is certain, but you can't be sleeping too much, or it'll just make you feel worse. I have a huge delicious breakfast here for you, so sit up and let me get you your food. By the way, have you leaked?”

“Really, it's after ten already, we've never slept that late before! We know we're tired, but we've been more tired before. Breakfast sure smells good though, and yes, we're all wet all around us as well, so we'll clean up after breakfast.”

“I figured that you boys would have leaked, I damn near did, and you guys are heavier wetters than even I am, but it's not a big deal.” Sam smiled as he dished up the first plate. It was heaped full, one large waffle with plenty of blueberries and whipped cream, three bacon, three sausages, and three eggs. He gave each of the boys the same thing, and they all groaned deeply at seeing the food that looked even better than it smelled, and they had thought it smelled like heaven all cooked up and served. Sam then dished up his own plate, but took about half what he dished the boys up. He crawled into the bed with the boys, sat with his back to the headboard, and then got down to eating.

“Oh man, that was possibly the best breakfast we've ever had in our lives, in fact most combined don't even equal that. Thanks for making that and serving it to us in bed, it was really nice.” The boys said softly and smiled warmly.

“Yes, it was very good, thanks, but you're welcome, it was nothing really.”

“It may have been nothing much, but it shows us that you love us so much, and we love you more for it.”

“Yes, I do love you boys, with all my heart and soul, and life without you would be boring and pointless. Now, we're starting to stink, and this wet bed is getting rather uncomfortable, so let's strip the bed and us, get the bedding in the wash, and then us in the shower.”


“Oh, and boys, no playing today, I want you all to get some good rest.”

“Why, we love to play, that's how we relax.”

“Because you're all exhausted, and you know it. If you really feel the need to release some pressure, use your own hands to do it, or you can share a brothers hand if absolutely necessary, and get that look off your faces boys.” Sam grinned.

“Yes daddy, we know we're tired, but that's mean.”

“It's not mean. You boys cannot go on forever expending as much energy as you have been and not expect to just collapse, even if you have been eating as much as the average army. Just rest today, and that's final. I am going to be going out for a couple hours this morning to take care of some business, so while I'm gone you guys can just lay back and watch a movie.”

“Why can't we go with you daddy?”

“Just because I want to go alone so that it's a bit of a surprise to you boys, and you can't handle another long shopping spree today I think, you'd probably pass out half way through.”

“You're probably right, but how can you keep going, you've done just as much as we have?”

“Easy, I'm an adult, and adults can go longer and do more with less sleep and food than kids can. Children and teens still need ten hours of sleep a day, whereas the average adult only needs six to seven to replenish their energy. We also take less food to keep our energy up as well. It has something to do with growing, because most of your energy and rest is still being used to help you grow and develop, and as you hit puberty, that energy amount increases considerably, and you boys are in puberty. Your balls have dropped, your voices are starting to change, and soon you're gonna get hairs and you can already cum, so you're using lots of energy right now just to survive.”

“Oh, we didn't know any of that.”

“Really! Even I found all that out in health classes when I was in school, and that was a long time ago. They're much more open and forthcoming about that sort of information for kids now than they were then, so that's more than a little surprising.”

“Our school didn't have health classes, they didn't teach us any of that. It was a catholic school, and they felt that we didn't need to know any of that we were told, because sex before marriage was a mortal sin. Hah, if they only knew about us, we would have been crucified. We're surprised that our mother even sent us there to begin with, because she's so far from religious that it's scary, not that we are either mind you.”

“That's actually kind of sad, but I bet that it was another of those things where she only sent you there to look good to her friends.”

“Yeah, you're probably right, in fact, we're more than certain of it.”

“Come on, let's go get cleaned up.” Sam smiled.

They hopped out of bed, stripped off their soaked through diapers and tossed them in the garbage, stripped the bedding off and took it and threw it in the washer, and then headed towards their shower, where they lovingly washed each other off. Sam was not even surprised when the boys did not get hard all throughout the shower, nor did they attempt to play. He was the only one to have gotten anywhere near hard, and was only at about half mast. They hopped out of the shower, headed back to their room while drying off, and diapered each other.

Sam dropped the boys off in the living room to watch TV, while he headed to the kitchen to clean it up. Once the kitchen was cleaned up, Sam went and transferred the bedding to the dryer and threw in another load of their stinky camping clothes to the washer. He also cleaned up a bit more in the rest of the house, taking about two hours to do so.

Once the cleaning was over and done with, Sam called the pool enclosure specialists and set up an appointment for the following morning. He then went and got dressed, so that he could go out.

“Okay boys....” Sam started, but then noticed that they were all sound asleep again.

'Well, I guess I'll just leave them be and leave them a note, telling them that I'll be back soon.' Sam thought to himself, so went and wrote a note for the boys.

Sam placed the note right on the coffee table, standing up so that they'd all see it when they woke up. He then headed out, locking the doors on the way out, so that the boys would stay safe and secure while they slept, and headed to a nearby store that sold all sorts of office furniture and equipment.

He chose four new desks, because they did not have one that matched the one he already had, four nice big comfortable chairs, because he hated the one he had anyways, a filing cabinet to match their desks, an assortment of different items that one might find in the average office desk, and then looked around at everything else. He noticed the large white boards, so grabbed one of those, a few packs of markers and a couple brushes for it as well. He grabbed a large box of assorted paper for printing, a few file folders, some for each desk, a good industrial hole punch and stapler, and as a last minute thought, a timer. The store helped to load everything into his truck, and he was happy that it all fit, even if some of it had to go in the back seat as well.

Sam had been planning on heading straight home, but thought of something while he had been shopping that the boys might like. He headed to a nearby clothing store that he heard catered towards the more gay crowd and had a lot of nice clothes in it. He wondered if gay clothing stores also carried nice speedos. When he got there he found that not only did they carry speedos, but they carried the most incredible ones that he had ever seen or heard of in his life. He found three in the right size for the boys, in fact they would be a bit small, and then grabbed himself a matching one in a size smaller than he would normally take as well. Until they could swim naked again, he figured that this would be good enough for the boys. From a distance you would be hard pressed to even tell that they were wearing anything anyways, because the color he chose would be damn near what their skin tones were, so it would hardly look like they were wearing anything at all.

With his final purchases paid for, Sam headed back out to his truck, and was happy to see that everything was still there, so headed home to his boys. Sam was more than a little surprised that the boys were still asleep.

“Okay babies, up you get, you've slept enough today.” Sam called out.

“Huh, oh what!” The boys grumbled.

“You fell asleep while watching TV, but you've been asleep for about three hours. Did you even notice that I went out for almost three hours?”

“Um no, cant say as we did.” The boys answered sheepishly.

“Yeah, thought not. I know you just had a shower not too long ago, but I want you three to head up and have a nice long hot soothing bath. Use the peppermint oil that's in the cabinet, it'll make you feel a lot more refreshed.”

“Okay daddy, that'd feel really nice right about now.”

“Good, go on up, and stay upstairs until you're called down as well, okay, or feel free just to stay in the bath until I call you down.”

“Okay daddy.” The boys smiled warmly and headed upstairs.

Sam went out to the garage and grabbed a cart to start bringing everything in the house. It would take a while to build it all, but he was good at that sort of thing, so he'd be able to get it done quickly. It took a while to bring it all in, and then Sam got the old desk and his old computer out of the room, and got started by building desks first. It took him only an hour to build all four desks, another hour to build the four chairs and the filing cabinet, and then only half an hour longer to get the rest of the things all unpacked and into their new homes. It looked just like a high end classroom, it looked awesome Sam thought.

When Sam walked into their bedroom to get the boys, he was only mildly surprised to see three boys that looked as if they had only just crawled out of the bath scrawled on their bed helping each other out in a circle jerk.

“Just couldn't keep your hands off each other, could you!” Sam chuckled.

“What, could you keep your hands off such hot bodies!” The boys giggled out, each of them releasing their grips and pointing to a brother on either side of himself.

“No, not all the time anyways.” Sam grinned.

“Come on and join us, we just started?” Timmy asked huskily.

“No thanks, you boys just have your fun, I'm good.” Sam smiled softly.

“Your loss, but remember, the offer is always open.”

“Yes, of that I'm aware. Come on down to the den as soon as you're more presentable okay.”

“Okay daddy.”

The boys continued on the entire time, talking and stroking, Sam just talking normally, as if all of this were not a normal thing to do. Sam left only a second after getting confirmation from the boys, and headed downstairs to await the arrival of the boys. He did not have long to wait, maybe ten minutes before the three scrubbed and diapered boys entered and looked around in awe.

“Well boys, what do you think about your new classroom?” Sam asked happily.

“It looks awesome, way better than we're used to, that's for sure. So when are you going to enroll us in homeschooling then?”

“I had been planning on doing that this morning, but totally forgot about it. I can do it online though, so I can do it any time. Actually, do you boys even have school records, I can only imagine that we'd need those in order to set this all up?”

“We have them somewhere in the old house, let me go and check.” Tommy said, and then was about to run off, but Sam grabbed him.

“Whoa there, you might want to get dressed first before you go.” Sam laughed, Tommy just looked down at what he was wearing, and then burst into a fit of giggles, joined of course by his brothers.

“That would have looked a bit funny to our neighbors huh?”

“Just a bit, yeah, and we certainly don't want any of them paying us any unwanted attention, now do we?”

“Too true.”

Tommy headed up towards their bedroom this time, threw on some loose pants, not bothering with a shirt, and then went to look for the paperwork. As he was gone, the other two were looking at everything that Sam had bought for them, for their schooling, and were happy with it all. Tommy would of course know everything as well anyways, so it did not matter really that he was not there.

“So, what do you think of it all?”

“This is great, thanks. This'll really make school work a lot easier.”

“That was the point. I have no problems spending almost anything to get you boys the proper schooling, so that you can go on if you so desire to do so much more with your lives than I was ever able to do. I want so much more for you than I ever had.”

“Thanks, but we have all we need in you, that's it, that's all. We haven't even decided if we're going to go to university or not. Oh Tommy found the papers, but they're a couple years old.”

“Tell him not to bother then, we'll just get new ones from your old school sent to us.”

“Okay, done.”

Sam then got on the phone and made the request. He was informed that before they could do that, they would need a copy of the adoption letters, so that they could prove that they were sending it to the proper person. Sam had no problem with this and faxed over the papers. The lady thanked him and told him that she would have the documents out to them in just a few days or less.

“Okay, one step closer to getting you boys the best schooling I can give to you. You know what though, I just realized, I have no clue what the hell I'm even doing.”

“You'll do just fine, and we'll help you out as well.” The boys smiled, Tommy walked in at that moment as well, stripping out of the pants as he entered the room.


“We should probably check the homeschooling website and see if there's anything in particular that we need for the classes though.”

“Not such a bad idea.”

Sam went to his computer, that he had already turned on earlier, went to the website that he had found, and found that in order to get any of the information that they wanted, they needed to register, but in order to register, they needed to send in all the proper paperwork. Sam thought that that was a bit retarded, what if someone just wanted to know how much it would cost to do something like that, to see if it would even be cost effective. Oh well though he figured, not much that could be done about it.

“Well boys, it looks like we can't do anything further until we have the paperwork sent in that they want, but the worst part is that they won't accept faxes, they want copies sent by mail or courier, so that will take even longer. They certainly don't make it easy, but that's okay. We still have lots of time before school starts anyways, and it's not like it matters all that much.”

“That's okay daddy, it doesn't much matter.”

“So, some time tomorrow morning someone will be coming over to talk to us about a pool enclosure, but it's hard to say when it will be built, so for the meantime I also got us something else that will be nearly as good.” Sam said, reaching into his desk drawer where he put the other surprise, pulled out the bag, and threw it towards the boys.

Timmy caught the bag, and they all looked inside when he opened the bag up. At first they had no clue as to what it was that they were looking at, until Teddy pulled one out and looked at it more closely. Bright smiles came onto all three of their faces when they realized what it was exactly that they were looking at, and that there were enough for all of them.

“These are the most wicked speedos we've ever seen, thanks daddy.”

“You're welcome boys, this way you can swim almost freely, but not actually be naked.” Sam grinned.

“You're the best daddy. Can we try them on now and go swimming?”

“You can certainly try them on, but as for swimming, you can go for a dip, but no actual swimming, just nice restful dip and then the hot tub if you want to.”

“Okay, that sounds good too.” The boys said.

They all stripped out of their diapers and got into their very skimpy skin colored garments and headed out towards the pool. Sam had to admit that these speedos showed nearly as much as if they were naked anyways, and given that they really did match their skin color quite well, from a distance, almost no one would be able to see that they weren't naked. It was still kind of naughty he thought, but no one would be able to say anything about it. They all jumped into the pool at the same time, and just swam in a relaxed manner for a little while, mostly they just floated though.

After about half an hour in the pool, they went and slipped into the hot tub, all of them sighing deeply as they slipped into the very hot, very soothing waters. They sat there for the longest time, all with their eyes closed, none of them saying anything, just relaxing. Even Sam was feeling a little tired at the moment, because he had done a lot of work that morning.

“So boys, how are you feeling now?”

“Nice and relaxed. You were looking a bit tired as well after getting the classroom all set up, so how are you feeling?”

“That's good, and yes, I was starting to get a bit tired as well, but I feel better now. So, for the rest of the day, we can just sit back and relax.” Sam told the boys, and that's just what they did.

They pretty much just sat back all cuddled up into each other for the rest of day, just getting up to make and eat a quick dinner. They all went to bed at around their regular time, the boys not even asking to play around.