Chapter 11

The boys all woke up the next morning at their regular time, and all feeling a hundred percent better. Not only were they feeling better, but they were feeling more than a little horny as well. Together they decided to see how long they could ride Sam before he woke up. Teddy grabbed the lube, because he was closest, and while he was doing that, Teddy and Timmy were busy getting their diapers ready for insertion, and then once the lube was presented, so were their asses. Once Teddy handed the lube over, Teddy started working on the front of Sam's diaper, poking a hole in it, and then pulled out his half hard dick. He started stroking it lightly to bring it to full hardness, but not doing it enough to wake Sam up.

Tommy was elected to climb on first, and he did so as gently as he possibly could. Teddy was holding Sam upright so that Tommy could slip on with relative ease. Tommy grunted slightly, Sam sighed in his sleep, and then they both moaned lowly, Sam still in his sleep.

Tommy rode his daddy very slowly, very gently, causing them both to moan lowly for quite a long time. As Tommy was riding Sam, Timmy had his hand buried in the front of Tommy's diaper, stroking Tommy's erection to bring him off a little faster, but Tommy kept his motions slow, to bring Sam off slowly. Tommy slipped into his orgasm, taking the other two with him at the same time of course, but all kept very quiet.

As soon as Tommy crawled off, Timmy crawled on and rode daddy. They went through all the same motions as before, but this time it was Teddy with his hand in Timmy's diaper. This time with one nice orgasm out of the way, the boys lasted longer, but only just. They felt that Sam was getting pretty close, so they sped their actions up, but not to Sam, because they wanted to let him sleep until the very last second. Only a few moments later and they were all exploding yet again, almost waking Sam in the process.

Sam was having bar none the absolute best dream that he had ever had in his entire life. It was so good, so real that he just did not want to wake up. The boys could see that he was having an incredible dream, but of course they were the cause of this particular dream, but then they felt it only fair, seeing as how he was their every dream.

Timmy eventually slipped off and Teddy crawled into position, and started up a good steady motion, but still very slow. Tommy took the honors this time to manually manipulate Teddy's tumescence, and once again they started to slowly rise towards their peaks. This time though they planned to let Sam explode as well, so were making sure to bring him along with their orgasm as they went, so about five minutes after starting, they did just that.

Again they tried to keep quiet, keep gentle as they came, because Sam had still not waken up, and they were going to try and keep him asleep as long as they could. Teddy felt, and they all saw Sam explode in a fantastic orgasm, and his dream ended with an explosion that sent him seeing stars. Then again, the boys were nearly seeing stars themselves as well.

Amazingly enough, Sam still did not come awake, but then again, he very well could have passed out in his dream as well, which would account for his not waking up. The boys all settled in beside their daddy and cuddled back up to him, pulling the blankets back up to cover them all, and watched their perfect daddy sleep. It was easily half an hour later that Sam finally started to stir.

“Good morning daddy, it looked like you had a really good dream. We've never seen anyone have a wet dream, it was pretty erotic.”

“Yeah, it was the best dream I've ever had in my life, it felt almost as if it were real.”

“Yeah, I bet it did.” The boys grinned wickedly.

“Wait a minute, did you boys by chance have anything to do with that dream?”

“I don't know daddy, why don't you feel all our diapers and tell us if it was real or not?” The boys grinned, even more wickedly now, and Sam knew his answer.

He did snake his hands down though, and his first stop was his own diaper, where he knew where he would find a hole, and sure enough he did. He then searched each of the boys' diapers and also found holes in the appropriate places. His grin grew and grew as he felt around, really liking what he was feeling.

“You boys are the greatest, you know that right?” Sam smiled warmly.

“And so are you daddy, so we treat you the way that we would want to be treated, because we love you.”

“And I love you boys as well. I suppose that we should probably get out of bed and get these ruined diapers off before we pee and soak the bed for a third day in a row.”

“Yeah, that probably would not be a good idea, but we're still gonna have to change the sheets anyways, because we sure made them sweaty this morning.” The boys grinned.

“Too true, but worth it if I may say so.”


They got up and removed their ruined diapers, throwing them in the trash, removed their bedding and once again took it to the laundry room and stuffed it in the washer, and finally headed to the shower to clean up for their daily activities, whatever that may bring.

After getting all cleaned up, fed, and getting the house cleaned up some more, they all went to their classroom and played on their new computers for a while. The doorbell startled them out of their playing almost an hour before lunch time, all of them forgetting that someone was coming to give them a quote on a pool enclosure, not to mention that that was the first time that their doorbell had ever rang that they could remember. It was actually a good thing that for once they were actually dressed in more than just a diaper.

“Good morning, you must be Sam, we spoke yesterday and I am here today to talk to you about a pool enclosure.”

“Excellent, good to see you Mike. Please, come on in and have a seat so that we can talk.”

“Thank you, that would be very nice.”

The men went to the dining room table and sat down, while the boys headed to the kitchen to grab a few things. Teddy grabbed a couple pitchers and filled one with ice and water, and the other with ice and orange juice. Timmy put a pot of coffee on and a pot of tea on. All the while Tommy was getting some cheese, crackers, and assorted meats on a tray. They were all finished at roughly the same time, and carried it all into the dining room and set it down on the table, then excused themselves again to grab plates, spoons, drink condiments, mugs and cups.

“Here you go, a nice assortment to refresh yourself with while we talk business.” The boys all said alternately, causing poor Mike's head to bounce back and forth.

“You get used to it, trust me.” Sam said dryly.

“I have twins, and they do that sometimes as well, but never like that. That was amazing.”

“They sometimes will say entire sentences together at the exact same time, it creeps some people out.” Sam laughed.

“Yep, been there as well. My boys are identical as well, and at times even I have trouble discerning them if I only get a very quick look or listen to one of them. These guys though are even more so, so I have no idea how you could possibly keep up to them.”

“Oh trust me, I still mix them up at times, they really are identical in nearly every way.”

“Most people don't even bother to try and tell us apart, it's just too much work. At school they just called us by our last name to save confusion.” The boys said all at once.

“I see what you mean. My boys are the same though, except their closest friends, of which there are very few of. Almost no one else can tell them apart. So, I can see the pool that you want for me to enclose, and I can also see why you might wish that. Beautiful pool and yard, but absolutely no privacy. My boys hated that as well until I got permission to put one up, got quite a few months of free rent for that, was nice. The boys are really hating that we have to leave that house, they love it there. So, what were you looking for then?”

“Well, we were hoping to have the pool deck area extended a bit more, so that our pool house is larger inside, say give us about ten meters on either side. We want the roof to be clear glass, and the sides to be either opaque or smoked. We will want the glass to be minimum double pane tempered, security glass, because we certainly don't want any rocks to break it, and if it does, we don't want it hurting anyone. If we go with opaque glass, I'd say just silver aluminum, but if we go smoked glass, then I think flat black aluminum would look best.”

“It sounds as if you've put a lot of thought into this!”

“We have. The boys and I have talked it all over and have pretty much decided exactly what we want. We're also going to put a storage room in there, as well as a bathroom and shower room, just to make life easier on us. I saw from your website that your company does all that as well, so we would want that done as well.”

“That certainly makes my life easier, and yes we do, and we can go over all those options today as well. I brought with me a number of catalogs of items that we either carry or can get, so we can go over all of that. Everything that you have asked for though is easy enough to get, so it's just a matter of deciding on what you want.”

“Great, then let's get down to it.” Sam smiled.

As they sat there looking at all the options, they ate and drank and talked happily. Sam let the boys do just as much deciding as he was doing, and they talked over a number of things, coming to an agreement on everything, because as identical as the boys were, their tastes tended to vary slightly, and Sam's was different again. Finally almost two hours later they had a plan formed.

“You guys are going to have an incredible place once this is all finished, one any kid would love to have. I will get all the permits, get the final totals worked out for you, but the estimate will be pretty close, and then we'll start as soon as we're able to.”

“That sounds great. When do you anticipate that you can start the job?” Sam asked happily.

“It could take as much as two weeks just for the permits, so we can't start until then. If somehow we manage to get them early though, we will start as soon as we're ready, which will be a minimum of a week and a half before we have everything to do this.”

“Okay, we can hold off until you're finished, no prob. So, during the construction, will we still be able to use the pool?”

“When we're not here, by all means. We make sure to clean our job site after every day so as to allow our customers the use of their equipment, however for safety reasons, we would have to ask that you not come out while we're working, or at least not in the work area. I'm pretty sure that I don't have to explain the reasons behind that.”

“That sounds fair enough, and no, the boys will explain it to me later.” Sam laughed.

“I bet they could, they sound smart. Well, I will leave you gentlemen to the rest of your day then.”

“Before you go, we have a couple questions that do not pertain to the work.” The boys said.

“Please, by all means ask away.”

“You said that you were having to move, that you only rented your house, correct?”

“That's correct. The owner has decided to sell, but at this time we are not able to purchase a house, unfortunately, or we'd buy it in a heartbeat.”

“And how old are your sons?”

“I'd say the same age as you boys are. They're eleven, but turn twelve in just a couple months.”

“Cool, we turned twelve almost three months ago, so we're almost the same age. If we may be so bold as to ask, how much rent are you paying where you're at now?”

“Two grand a month.” Mike said curiously.

“And another question, but a bit more personal, are you as gay as we think you are?”

“Yes.” Mike said cautiously.

“Yeah, we thought so. So are they your sons, or did you adopt them?”

“Mine. Led the straight life, but felt that after their mother died that it just wasn't worth hiding anymore. My sons know too, but they knew before their mom died two years ago, told me they felt it, because they're gay as well.”

“That's cool. We're gay too, in case you hadn't noticed.”

“I sorta picked up on it, yeah. So why all the questions?” Mike asked curiously again.

“Because we were wondering if you wanted to make a slightly different business proposition, since we like you.”

“Oh, and what is this proposition?”

“Well, pretty simple really, we let you have our house next door for the next year for free, then eighteen hundred a month after that, five year minimum that you are guaranteed residence, if you build us all of that for free. You said about twenty thousand to build it, so you come out slightly ahead, get a great place, you don't have a pool, but we can put one in for you guys, or you can use ours as well.”

“Um, you have a house next door?”

“Yep, it's ours, but we live with daddy now. He adopted us, and we got our house back. We sorta don't need it, but we also don't want to sell it.”

“I'd have to talk it over with my boys obviously, but I could be agreeable to such an arrangement, especially considering that this is one of the nicest neighborhoods in the entire city, so I know that almost any house in this area would rent for considerably higher than what you're offering it to me for.”

“Yes, to almost anyone else it would have been renting for twenty five a month.”

“Phew.” Mike whistled out.

“Exactly. We'll allow you to make any changes that you desire to the house, just give us the receipts if they are for upgrades, and you'll get that much off your rent, when you start paying it that is. We still need to get our lease agreement papers here, so when they do get here, you can look them over and sign if you wish. We hope that they'll be here today some time, so why don't you and your sons come over for dinner, let's say about six.”

“That sounds like a great deal to me, and we'd love to come for dinner as well. I should probably be heading out now then, but we'll see you just before six. I'll bring the wine.”

“Excellent, see you then.”

They walked Mike out, and then returned to the dining room to look over all that they had just bought. Before they could do that though, Sam got started.

“That was pretty risky boys, asking all those personal questions like that.”

“We know, but we were also already pretty sure of the answers. We could feel Mike as well, and we felt what he felt about his sons. Gay twin boys next door would be totally hot, especially if they're into us as well. That is if you'd be willing to share us, and maybe they'd be willing to share you as well.” The boys grinned.

“You boys are incredible, insatiable even. It certainly worked out well, and you've found a great tenant for your house, he seems like he'd be the sort to really care for a place.”

“Hence the reason that we offered it to him for such a good deal. We know that he'll do the fix ups that are there, and he'll do a great job of it as well. It'll be great to get great tax write offs and not have to pay any taxes because we're too young.” The boys grinned.

“Not even sure how the hell all that will work out, but I think that our money man will be handed everything at the end of the year and he can bloody well figure it all out, that shit gives me a headache.” Sam laughed.

“Yeah, we were pretty much thinking the same thing.”

“He'll probably have a shit when he finds out what you boys are doing though, and it'll probably take him weeks just to get everything figured out. That'll be his problem though, that's why he gets paid so well.”

“Exactly our thinking as well. So, what should we make for dinner?”

“Let's head down to the butcher shop and get some nice fresh meat and figure out from there what to have.”

“Okay.” The boys said, always happy to go shopping, even if it were for meat, but then again, what gay boy doesn't like going MEAT shopping.

They all headed out to the butcher shop right away. When they arrived they looked around for a little while and found a very nice prime rib roast that would taste delicious. Sam had the person behind the counter wrap their nicest one up, and the boys looked around. They found a jar of nice horseradish, so grabbed that as well. When they showed that to Sam, he was pleased to see it as well. They asked if they should grab a loaf of French bread as well, but Sam decided that they would make it themselves instead, since they had plenty of time to do so.

On their way home they stopped at a local produce store and grabbed some nice fresh greens to make a salad to go with the dinner as well. After that was done, they headed towards home. Sam got the roast put into the oven with the thermometer stuck in it so that they would know exactly when it was perfect, while the boys got a bunch of potatoes done up for a nice lemon roasted potato. Those would be put in the oven later, but they wanted everything prepared early. As soon as the roast was in the oven, Sam got started on the French bread, and the boys got the salad prepared and in the fridge for later.

“There we go, everything's pretty much ready to go, but we'll have to watch over the bread and bake it once it's ready to go, and then we'll have nice fresh bread to make garlic toast with.”

“Cool. We've never had fresh bread before.”

“It's the best. I used to bake all my own bread, but I just haven't for a while, no idea why. So now we should probably clean the whole house up nice and spotless, so come on.”

For the next few hours the four of them cleaned and cleaned. Sam went and checked the bread every so often to make sure it was rising properly, and when it was ready, he loafed it up and let it continue rising. They dusted, vacuumed, cleaned the glass and mirrors, got all the laundry done, shined pretty much everything they could, and were happy when it was all done. Just as it was all done, Sam put the bread into the second oven and got it cooking.

“Well, now that's a clean house.”

“Yeah. Thankfully we're all good about keeping it nice and clean, or that would have taken forever.”

“Too true.” Sam agreed. “So, we have an hour to kill before our guests arrive, we're all stinky from working so hard, so I think that we deserve a shower. Now boys, no playing, we don't have time for that.”

“Okay daddy, if you insist.” The boys sighed, but they were grinning too.

They went to their bedroom and stripped each other naked, headed to their bathroom and climbed in the shower and cleaned each other up nicely. They were all hard, but true to their word, they did not play around. They got out and dried off, and then headed to their room to get dressed.

“Well guys, I guess we should go without diapers, but it'll feel strange.” Sam said as soon as they were all ready to get dressed.

“No, if they're gonna live next door and be friends, they should at least see us as we normally are, diapers and all. This way if they don't seem comfortable with the idea, then we know, and will probably not sign anything. Speaking of signing anything, did anyone check the fax machine to see if the papers came?” Teddy asked.

“That's a good point I suppose, and you're right too. May as well let them get to know the real us. I was in the office, but never thought to check it, I'll go now.” Sam said.

He was back only a minute later, but the boys had hardly moved a muscle, they hadn't bothered to start getting dressed.

“Yep, he sent them, twenty pages, but it looks like four different contracts. Why didn't you boys start getting dressed?”

“Because we want our loving daddy to get us dressed, and we'll dress you.” The boys smiled.

“Oh, okay, I can live with that.” Sam smiled warmly as well.

Sam diapered the boys as heavily as they normally were, and then dressed them up in nice pants and silk shirts, leaving the top few buttons open. The boys then dressed their daddy in the same fashion. They all looked good enough to eat.

“You boys are hot in those silk shirts.” Sam sighed. The boys' shirts were dark red for Timmy, forest green for Teddy, and majestic blue for Tommy

“Later tiger, then we'll rape you until you pass out.”

“Promises promises.” Sam grinned.

“Oh, it wasn't a promise, it was a guarantee.”

“Goody, I like guarantees.” Sam grinned again.

Their conversation was cut short by the sound of the doorbell. They quickly ran brushes through their still wet hair and rushed to the door. What they found when they opened the door were Mike and his two sons. If they had thought Mike was good looking earlier, he had nothing on his sons, they were almost as beautiful as the triplets were Sam thought, and that was a damn difficult feat to beat.

Mike was easily six foot two, two hundred and twenty pounds of solid build, dark brown hair and eyes, hair cut short, ear rings in both ears they noticed now that his hair was combed back and not work messy, nice nose and ears, quite handsome for a man they figured was in his late thirties.

The boys though were another story altogether. They were about five foot four, so they were tall like their dad, medium brown hair cut in a similar style to their dad, but theirs was styled nicely. They had brighter brown eyes than their dad did, cute nose, totally different than their dads though, nice ears that also sported nice ear rings in both. They also wore eyebrow rings that looked hot on them. They were even more sexy than their dad was. They were all dressed in similar fashion to Sam and his boys, dark pants and nice shirts, but the boys were wearing the exact same colors.

“Good evening Mike, it's great to see you again. These must be your sons. Please come in and we can get acquainted.”

“Thanks Sam, yes, these are my sons, but I'll introduce them once we're inside.”

“Then please follow us, and we'll all go sit down.”

They all headed to the living room where the refreshments had already been placed, and they took two sofas, one family to each, facing each other. Once they were all seated, they all grabbed a drink, and started chatting.

“So anyways guys, these are my boys, their names are Roger and Roland. They chose to wear the same clothes today, just because they love to confuse people, but Roger has a small scar on his nose, not easy to see, but it's there.” Mike started, introducing his boys, pointing them out as he did.

“Good to meet you two. These three are my sons, and here we have Tommy, Teddy, and Timmy. We put them in different colors to make it a little easier, but the only way to tell them apart until you get to know them is to see them naked, where they have different birthmarks, but we won't even bother going there.” Sam grinned. The boys all smiled, the two new boys thinking that that was a dirty rotten shame, that they would certainly love to see that. The triplets were thinking it was a shame that they couldn't show themselves off either. Both adults knew exactly what the boys were thinking.

“It's really good to meet you guys.” All five said a the exact same time. The adults groaned, the boys grinned.

“Oh dear god, I hope they don't do that too often, hearing it from two every so often was maddening enough at times, and then hearing it a lot this morning was even worse.” Mike groaned out.

“You do get used to it.” Sam shrugged.

“So, you boys are gay too huh. Your dad told us about that, but so are we.” Teddy started.

“Yeah, daddy told us about you boys as well. Do you guys share the same bed as well? Every other twin or triplet that we knew always did, at least the identical ones did. Not that we've met all that many mind you.”

“Cool, and yes, always have. When did you guys start playing with each other, we were real young, like four or something?”

“Daddy said we started playing with each other at about the same age. Never looked back either.” The twins grinned.

“Us neither.”

“That's cool. So Mike, how about you, have you got yourself a boyfriend?”

“Yeah, a hot eighteen year old.”

“Oh god is he ever hot. If he wasn't falling head over heels in love for our dad, we'd have raped him already.”

“I don't doubt that.” Mike said flatly, Sam just grinned.

“So how often have you two tried to get your daddy to play with you?” Timmy grinned wickedly.

“More often than not, especially right after mommy died, we knew what he wanted and needed, but he just keeps telling us to go play on our own and he'd take care of himself. Now at least he doesn't have to, but when we offered a foursome, he told us to go fuck ourselves. I mean, how rude, our own daddy told us to go fuck ourselves, but we did, it was a lot of fun.” Roland grinned wickedly, Mike just shook his head.

“You'll have to excuse my boys, they seem to have no shame when they know they can speak freely.” Sam smiled and shrugged his shoulders again.

“Hey, we're all the same here. So Mike, how come you didn't bring your boyfriend for dinner then?” Teddy asked.

“He had to go for dinner with his parents, and they don't know about us yet, or his being gay for that matter, so he's just being careful. He's going to be moving in soon though, assuming of course we find a suitable place to live ourselves.” Mike smiled.

“We'll work out all the business stuff after dinner, but we'll see what we can do there.” Tommy said.

“So, Sam isn't you guys' real daddy, but he adopted you our dad tells us!” Roger stated.

“That's right, only a little while ago. We charged our mom with theft, and the government charged her with a lot more for things that we had no idea she was up to.”

“Really, that sucks.”

“You haven't a clue how sucks it did. Man, when our dad died in an accident at work, we were supposed to inherit a whole crap load of money, but she and her financial advisor worked it so that she pretty much stole all our money from us, and gave us barely enough to live on, because she was never around. When we charged her and everything, we found out that the police were working on gathering all the evidence to charge her for a prostitution ring and drug dealing business that she and her friend had going. We helped a lot in that endeavor, giving the police a lot of information that they could not have hoped to have found as easily.”

“Wow, no shit that sucks. But now you have a great home here by the looks of it.”

“Oh yeah, we love it here, and Sam is truly our daddy.” The boys smiled warmly.

“And more too we think.” The twins both said at the same time.

“Yes, but we'd of course ask that that never leaves this house, for obvious reasons. We don't want daddy to get in trouble, and we certainly don't want to get separated. And Mike, just in case you're wondering, it was us that started the whole thing, poor daddy didn't stand a chance.”

“Yeah, I was pretty sure of that this morning to tell you the truth, all of it.”

“Cool. So, dinner will be ready soon, but before we go and sit down to eat, we have to show you guys something, just to make sure that you'd be suitable to live next door.” The boys said, and then stood up and pulled their pants down.

“Wicked. Told you we should have worn our diapers as well, these guys understand!” Roland stated happily.

“That is awesome. So, do you guys wear for fun or for need?” Roger asked.

“Depends on at what time you're referring. We still wet the bed at night, so have to wear diapers then, but during the day, we just like to wear them. It's really handy anyways, because we don't have big bladders. We only have one to share between the three of us we think, so it's not big enough.” The boys grinned.

“Wicked, exact same as us then, but only two ways here.” The twins grinned as well. The adults just smiled.

“So what about you Mike, do you also wear, and how about your boyfriend?” Teddy asked.

“Yes and yes, for fun mostly, but Marty used to wet the bed, until he was sixteen, so he just likes to wear them now.”

“Wicked. Daddy loves to wear diapers as well, but he still wets the bed too.”

“I probably would now too if I were to go without to tell you the truth, have been wearing them at night now for so long, and I am almost always wet in the morning.”

“Yeah, same here.” Sam agreed.

“Anyways, we have a few things to take care of in the kitchen, you guys just stay here and talk, and we'll go get that taken care of, we'll call you when dinner's ready.” Tommy said.

“No, we'll go with you as well, the dads can stay here and talk.” Roland said.

“Okay, if you want to, that's okay by us.” Timmy said.

“If you boys want to go and do that, then by all means, go for it.” Sam smiled.

Then men stayed in the living room and talked mostly about their sons, while the boys went into the kitchen and got the last minute details of dinner taken care of. As they did so, they talked.

“So, have you guys ever had sex with anyone else other than your brother before?” Teddy asked.

“No, how about you guys and Sam?”

“Nope, just daddy, and before us, he had never had sex before either. We were about a thousand times more experienced than he was, but we're catching him up. We still have a few things that we can teach him though.” Timmy grinned.

“That's awesome. We've been talking about finding us someone older to have fun with, just because, since daddy won't do it. He says that he's not like that, so can't do that with us, not to mention that it's hugely against the law.”

“Yeah, Sam had been dreaming of having a young boy for a long time to be with, but he tried to fight us, saying that it would be wrong. His heart and his head were fighting, but we pretty much didn't give him the option. It's been wonderful though, and we wouldn't give what we have up for anything.” The boys said dreamily.

“We bet. We're not exactly big in the dick department, and have been wanting something nice and big, something that will make our asses really feel good, but in the meantime we sure do enjoy each other.” Roger grinned.

“We're probably all about the same size, so we know what you mean. If we could have managed it, we would have bought ourselves some toys to play with, but we just didn't have the money.”

“We've asked our dad to buy us some toys to play with, but he said no, said that we did not need anything more than what we could offer each other. He just wouldn't buy them, no matter how much we pleaded.”

“Maybe he's embarrassed to go into one of those stores.”

“Maybe, who knows.”

“Well, that was it I think, so let's set the table, and then we can eat.” Timmy said as they finished carving the meat, putting the potatoes in a bowl, and grabbing the salad and garlic toast that they had thrown into the oven as soon as they walked in.

“Cool. This smells really good.”

“Thanks. Daddy did the roast, but we helped with everything else.”

“Wicked. We love to cook with daddy as well.”

“Yeah, we do too.”

They took a few minutes to get the table prepared, and then the adults were called in to eat. They all ate and ate until they were beyond stuffed. They all enjoyed the meal so much.

“Oh man, that was definitely the best prime rib I've ever experienced.” Mike sighed out once he and everyone else was finished.

“Thanks, we're glad that you enjoyed it, but I think that the boys would have to agree, as do I mind you. Then again the boys had to have had fourth helpings on the roast.”

“Yeah, mine too. Let us help you guys clean this up then.”

“That's okay, we can do it later.”

“No no, we insist. Come on boys, let's clean up.” Mike said.

Sam and the boys just shook their heads and stood to help Mike and his boys clean up the mess from dinner. With all of them working, they managed to get it all done in really quick order.

“Well, I guess that this means that we have some possible business to talk over, so let's head back to the dining room and sit back down there, it'll be more comfortable.” Tommy said once they were finished.

“Okay.” Everyone else said.

“Okay, so we are all in agreement here, and we'd love for you guys to rent our house from us for as long as you'd like it. As we mentioned earlier, you're more than welcome to make any changes to the house that you'd like to make it more you, just make sure that if it's going to be a permanent change, just ask, but we're pretty sure that we wouldn't have to say that. There really is no work that needs to be done to the house, but if there's anything that you find that needs to be done, and you feel like doing it yourself, by all means do so, and bill us for the work. Now furniture. The house is fully furnished, however if you have your own furniture that you'd rather use, then we will store it all in the attic and the basement. The basement is full and unfinished, so that's where the majority of it will go. All you'll have to do is tell us, and we'll do what we can.” Timmy said this time.

“How did you guys know you're all in agreement, you never said anything to each other?” Roland asked curiously, because they had all been together the entire time they were there.

“Well, you'd have found out sooner or later anyways, but us boys can sort of hear each others thoughts and feel each others feelings. We can feel daddies feelings really strong as well, but we can also feel you guys a bit, but not quite so strong.”

“That's wicked. We sometimes feel like we know what the other is thinking as well, we'll say the exact same thing at the exact same time, we'll get up and go to do the exact same thing at the same time. We can also feel each other, if one of us gets hurt, the other knows it right away, and when one of us cums, so does the other, usually at the same time, even if we're not touching at the time.”

“Yeah, that sounds just like us as well, just not as strong. We've heard that that's quite common with identical twins and triplets, but it's never been documented to be as strong as we have it, and we'd really rather no one really found out about it either. Certainly don't want to end up in a lab somewhere for some science freak to test us until we die.”

“We found the same things, but we'll never tell anyone, so no worries.”

“Well, in answer to your question, the house we're renting was furnished, which was good for us, because we had nothing after the fire that killed the boys' mom and my wife. So if the place that you have is furnished, that would be great for us as well.”

“We're sorry to hear that.”

“We're all okay now, and we still have each other. The reason that she died and we didn't though, was because she had a very bad heart, and the smoke got to her and killed her long before it even affected us. We were all aware that she only had a couple years left in her, so in a sad way, that was better for her, because she went quickly, rather than slowly and very painfully like her doctor told her she would. At first the insurance company really pushed that it had to have been on purpose, to end her life quickly, and they refused to pay, but they found that it actually was a faulty wiring job that had caused the fire. Unfortunately the money that we got just barely covered the mortgage and the funeral costs, so after that we were pretty much left with nothing. Oh well, shit happens as they say, and we're getting our lives back together slowly but surely.”

“Yes, in a way it was better for her, as sad as that is to say, but we're all glad that you guys are getting your lives back together again.” Sam said.

“Well, if you guys would like to come with us, we'll show you the house now, so that you can say whether or not you'd like to take it for sure, and then we'll come back here and go over all the legalities.” Tommy said.

“We'd love it, but if you were to ask the boys, they'd already be saying that we're gonna take it.” Mike grinned at his boys, who of course rapidly nodded their heads yes.

“Yeah, we know, and you already have it as well, as soon as you sign the papers of course.” Timmy smiled.

They all followed the boys to the house next door and went in to look at it all. They looked at each and every room in the house, and they all loved it. They liked the furniture, they liked the layout, but they loved the location. The boys were told that they would have free reign of their pool as well whenever they wanted to use it, but that as soon as the enclosure was done, it would be clothing optional, both boys smiled brightly to that. Mike informed them that at home that was how it was anyways.

“So, are you going to take it?” Teddy asked.

“Yes.” The two boys said enthusiastically.

“I guess that that means that the boys want to, so you know that means that I'll of course have to say no. I mean, what responsible parent would want to make their children happy.” Mike grinned.

“So, let's go sign all the papers then shall we.” Timmy grinned.

“Yes, let's go ahead and do that. So when would we be able to move in?” Mike smiled.

“At any time you'd like. If you want to start moving tomorrow, then feel free to do so. I'm sure that you'll have to give some sort of notice, but it's getting close to the end of the month, so maybe you can get away with not having to pay the next months rent as well.”

“That would be great, but hopefully we won't have to pay next months rent as well for sure, that would suck, but oh well if we have to. I'll call the owner first thing in the morning and see what he says.”

They took the quick walk back to the other house, sat down at the table, and the boys pulled out their paperwork.

“So, we are going to go with a lease, so that means that you'll have to lock in for a minimum of a year, but we also have a two, a three, and a five year option as well. Which one would you like to go with? Remember though that you will have the option to extend at any time. As long as you are locked into a term, we will not think of selling the house, but as long as you guys wish to stay there we'll keep the house for you anyways.”

“Hmm, okay, well why not just go for the five year one right away. It'll be at least that long before we can hope to buy our own place again anyways, because I want to pay cash, and I only have about half of that amount saved up.”

“Sounds good to us. So here you go, feel free to read it all over, and then if you agree to it all, then you may sign.” Teddy said, handing over the correct document.

“Thanks.” Mike said and took the papers. He took about half an hour to read through it all, and then smiled and signed.

“There you go. That was a pretty intense lease agreement, but it's completely reasonable and acceptable. As you already know, I signed it without problem at all, and we would like to be in by the beginning of next month.”

“Thanks. Our lawyer drew those up for us to make sure that our investment stayed as secure as possible, and he's really good. We trust you guys though not to do anything bad to our house, but you should still sign anyways. You may of course feel free to move in at any time.”

“Thanks, that would be appreciated, and friends or not, I would have signed that anyways, because it's as much a protection for me as for you boys. Don't you mean your dads lawyer though, you make it sound as if he is your lawyer?”

“No, we mean our lawyer, dad doesn't even have a lawyer, but we have one because of our mother. We've kept him on for our personal protection, for just such an emergency.”

“Oh, okay then. Well, it's getting pretty late, so we should probably be heading out.”

“Can the boys spend the night?” Tommy asked.

“I'm sure that they'd love to, and it's okay with me as long as it's okay with your dad.” Mike said.

“I'm good with that. We'll just make up a room for them, and we'll be good.”

“No need daddy, they've been wanting to have fun with an adult for a long time, hence the reason they've been trying to get their daddy, but he keeps refusing. So they can have you for the night, that is if you'll have them of course. We'll still be there to make sure they don't hurt you of course.” Teddy grinned.

“Boys!” Sam gasped.

“Hell, I'm not even half way surprised.” Mike grinned.

“I can't do that with someone else's sons.” Sam gasped again.

“Sure you can, we'd love to.” Roland and Roger said together.

“It's okay with me, I know they'll be safe with you guys, and I know they've been looking for a while.” Mike shrugged.

“We'll talk about it more later.” Sam shrugged as well.

Mike got up and gave his sons kisses goodbye, gave them the standard parent warning to behave, told them that he'd be back by noon at the latest to pick them up, and then headed out.

“Okay, now boys, we really do need to talk. I'm perfectly okay with you all playing around, but I cannot be part of anything that you care to do, especially if it involves my dick and Roland and Roger's asses. If you two have never had anything larger than yourselves up there, I'd rip you apart. While I'm not extremely endowed, I'm certainly large enough to tear you apart if you've not been properly prepared.”

“We can fist each other.” Roland said with a silly smirk.

“I'm sorry, you what?” All four of the others asked at the exact same time.

“Just that, we've been able to take our hands inside each other for more than a year now. Do you think that you're larger than our hands are?” Roger smirked this time.

“Really, you guys fist each other? Not even we've done that, and we thought that we'd tried almost everything before.”

“No, I'm certainly not larger than your hands, but how?”

“Yeah, it's really hot, and it stretches us so nicely. We worked up to it really slowly, just playing with each other until we were able to take our hands right inside us. Not even our dad knows we do that, he would have freaked out. He already thinks we're too young to be fucking, but knows we do it, and said that he will not stop us. He also knows how much we've been looking for an adult, and while he doesn't approve, he says that it is our lives and we are old enough to do with it what we wish, but he sure gave us the talking to when we told him. Man, that was like three hours long, and he repeated everything like five times, and then made us repeat it back to him at least twice more to make sure we understood it all. Believe you me, we understood, probably more than he did, but also, trust me when I say that we are ready, willing, and more than able to take even you, even if you are porn star status.” Roland answered.

“Well, at least you know the precautions, however, just because you are ready, willing, and able, does not mean that I am. I'm already breaking the law by so much making love to my boys as it is, but I can't possibly do the same to you boys.”

“That's okay, if not tonight, maybe another night, once you trust us more.” Roger said.

“It's not a matter of trust so much as it is I just can't do it.”

“No, you're having a hard time trusting us to not accidentally spill the secret, but trust us, we would never do that. Like Roger said, maybe another night when you trust us more. If that's the case, we'll take a different bedroom tonight, so that you guys can at least have your alone time.” Roland smiled warmly.

“No no, if we can't all play together, then we won't play. We'll make a huge bed in the middle of the living room floor, make popcorn, watch movies and talk late into the night, have a real sleepover, our first ever.” Teddy smiled, almost as happy with that, because they had never been able to enjoy that.

“That sounds great to us as well, we've never gotten to have a sleepover either, because we wet the bed. Even though we could use Goodnites and probably no one would ever notice them, we have a tendency to leak as it is, and Goodnites would never hold up. So, in order to save embarrassment, we have just never gone before.”

“That's good, you boys need to be just boys as well from time to time. While sex certainly feels great, it's not the only thing in the world to do. You three have certainly never really had much of a childhood, and by the sounds of it, neither have you two if you've never even had a sleepover before. That's a huge part of growing up, and every kid should experience it, so enjoy it.” Sam smiled warmly to the boys.

“We know.” All the boys said together.

“Well, I'll go get the juice and popcorn ready if you boys want to go get the bedding pulled out into the living room.”


The boys went to the linen closet and grabbed more than enough blankets and pillows for them all, in fact there was easily twice as much as what was needed, but it would certainly be comfortable. They got a large nest like bed all set up in the middle of the floor, having moved the coffee table clear out of the way, and the couch back in order to accommodate this. Timmy ran back to their bedroom and grabbed twice as many diapers as they would need, the wipes, the cream, and a bottle of powder as well, and brought them all out. Of course he grabbed twice as many because they would all need a change after the movies when they decided to go to bed.

As the boys were getting everything all ready for their sleepover party, Sam was also doing the same. He started with a large batch of popcorn, and while that was popping, he got lots of butter melting, and made two large four liter pitchers of juice, one of orange, the other pink lemonade. Once the popcorn was finished, he dosed on far too much butter to be anywhere near healthy, put it and the juice onto the handy kitchen cart, and rolled that out to the living room.

“Oh good, you remembered diapers. I for one could stand a change. So, has anyone decided upon a movie yet?”

“Yeah, I grabbed enough diapers for when we change for bed as well. We only just finished ourselves, so no, we haven't picked out a movie yet. You can help choose though.”

“Good idea. Okay, for movies, here's what we're gonna do. Each of you pick out one movie that you'd like to watch, and then we'll throw them all in one of the pillow cases, and I'll pick one at random.”

“Cool.” The boys all said, and took off, while Sam removed the case from a pillow. As the boys came back with a movie, they dropped it into the case.

Once all the movies were in place, they went through a mass diaper change, each of them diapering someone else, and then trading places to diaper the other. Sam and Teddy changed each other, Roland and Roger changed each other, and Timmy and Tommy changed each other, getting them all done quite quickly. They all stayed in just their diapers, many appreciative looks being passed around, all of them liking what they saw. Sam then grabbed the case of movies and gave it a quick agitation, and then reached in without looking, and picked out the movie that Roland had chosen, but all were good with it. That movie was put in, the lights dimmed, the juice and popcorn were dished out, and they all laid down in their nest and watched the movie. As they watched the movie, they enjoyed the treats, eating and drinking every drop or crumb, during only the first movie.

“That was really nice, but we ate and drank everything already, so now we don't have anything for the second movie.” Sam grinned.

“Yeah, it was nice.” The boys all agreed.

“Well, I suppose I could always go and make more, would you boys be okay with that?”


Sam grinned, knowing that that would have been the answer, so got up and headed back to the kitchen to prepare another batch of juice and popcorn of the exact same size as the previous time. The boys just laid there where they were and talked, getting to know each other a bit more, really enjoying themselves. When Sam made it back with the food and drink, he picked out their second movie, Timmy's choice, put it in, and they all laid down to watch it together.

“Well boys, this was really nice, but I think I'm going to head to bed now. Try not to stay up too late talking.” Sam said, about to stand up.

“No daddy, you get to stay here with us boys too. I doubt that you ever had a sleepover when you were a kid either, so you deserve this just as much as we do.” Teddy said softly.

“You're correct, I never got to go to sleepovers when I was a kid either, but you boys need your alone time as well.”

“No we don't. Anything that we can say to each other we can certainly say in front of you.” Roland said.

“Okay, if you boys really want me to stay, then I will. We should probably change all our diapers though, before we all spring leaks and flood the place.”

“Okay.” The boys all said.

They paired off and changed each other again, same pairs as before in fact. Same as before, within just a few moments there were six boys in clean dry diapers, all happy as can be. Sam went and turned off all the lights, just the light in the kitchen was on to give them some light at all, and then came and cuddled back up in the nest with the boys.

“So, when did you boys know that you were gay?” Sam asked the new boys.

“Don't know really. We figured that we just always knew, but didn't really know what we knew until a couple years ago. How about you, when did you know you were gay?”

“I was pretty young, probably eight or nine when I knew, but I was fourteen before I actually admitted it to myself I guess. It was pretty hard to deny though, the only time I had had any sex was a couple years before that, and it was the only thing I thought about. I never thought of girls in that manner, and the one time I saw a picture of a naked girl, her girl parts almost made me sick, that was when I was fourteen. So have you boys always worn and loved diapers?”

“That's pretty sad, but you seemed to have turned out pretty okay. We've always had to wear diapers for wetting the bed, not to mention daddy told us last year when we admitted that we loved diapers, that we were impossible to potty train, the only thing that we would do was poop on the toilet, but we always wanted to use our diapers to pee in. He said that between him and our mom they tried everything, but eventually we caved in. We were almost five then.”

“How did your dad get into wearing diapers as well then?”

“He was wearing them before we even admitted to him that we loved diapers. He's been a diaper lover his entire life. He told us that the only reason that he potty trained us at all was because it was what our mom wanted, and it was the right thing to do. He said that just because he loved diapers it did not give him the right to force that upon us as well. We asked him why he even bothered, so that's what he told us. He was right in a way I guess, what if we had not have loved them and only just wanted to keep them out of convenience or laziness. We were always diapered for bed of course, and daddy never made us take them off until after breakfast when we got ready for the day, and sometimes he'd get us ready for bed right after dinner. Mommy didn't always like that, but he just told her that it was no big deal, and that we liked it.” Roger said.

“Did your mom know about his love of diapers?”

“He said that she didn't know, but probably had her suspicions. He was quite ashamed by his love of diapers, until we made him see that they weren't so bad. He had never even gone online and found out just how many people there were out there that also loved diapers. Now he belongs to nearly every group there is.”

“In fact, one of those groups is where he met Marty. They chatted for nearly two months before Daddy got up the courage to agree to meet, because Marty wanted to within a couple weeks. They hit it off right away, and have been shagging like bunnies ever since. Daddy didn't know we knew, but we had to break the news to him that they weren't being very quiet about their supposedly secret love affair. It didn't hurt mind you that Marty came to breakfast dressed in one of Daddies spare robes, not to mention came from his room, not the spare room like we were supposed to believe. Daddy had tried to tell us that he was just having problems at home and needed a place to crash from time to time when it got too bad. We saw through that of course, but let him think that we fell for it, for a few weeks at any rate. We told them both that we knew the morning that we saw Marty come out of Daddies room in only a robe. They were both shocked at first, but admitted that yes, they were in love with each other and all that.” Roland said.

“Wow. Wonder why they tried to hide it from you boys though! Your dad had to have told Marty about you boys, and he knew then as well I'm sure.”

“Daddy said that he didn't want us to think that he was replacing mommy. Yeah right, he's totally the wrong sex to be replacing mommy, and we certainly are never gonna call him that either.” The boys grinned.

“That's just too funny.”

“They both laughed quite loud when we said that to them as well.” Roland grinned.

“I bet they did, but I bet that that broke the ice quite nicely.”

“For sure. Now they have no problem kissing in front of us, never hide the fact that Marty is staying the night, and they've become even more vocal in their lovemaking, and we had thought that that was not possible. Then again daddy says that we do the same thing all the time, so it's only fair.”

“Too true, it's only fair. So when do you figure that Marty will be moving in with you guys then?”

“He really is having problems with his family, and he hates being there most of the time, so we think soon. He told us last week that he was going to be telling them all soon that he's gay, and that he was going to move out with his boyfriend, but he had no idea how they'd react to that. We've met his parents before, but while we don't think they'll completely freak out on him and kick him out, we don't think that they will be too pleased with it, well his dad at any rate, his mom should be fine. His dad seems the type of person that does not care for gays much, and to have one for a son might hurt him a bit. We sort of think that that is what he plans to do tonight at that big family dinner. There will be a lot of people there and they will be in a restaurant, so we think that he's hoping that that will prevent a large scene from erupting. We think that he's right to do it that way as well. We know one of his uncles, and we know for a fact that he's gay as well, so he'll be able to coral a lot of the others as well. His mom knows about her brother, but his dad does not, for obvious reasons. It is also this that tells us that his mom will be okay after the initial shock wears off.” Roland said.

“Well, I for one certainly hope that it all goes well then. Are you boys excited to be moving soon?”

“Hell yeah. The house is nicer than our other one, even if it doesn't have a pool, but one next door that we can use at any time is just as good. The furniture is also nicer, newer. Our other place was getting quite old, and probably a lot of the furniture was original. It's only about twenty five years old or so, but that's pretty old for furniture.” Roger answered.

“We're glad that you guys are going to like it here, we're glad to have you as well. I think that we'll see about putting a gate in the fence between our two yards to make going back and forth easier, and I wouldn't mind replacing the fence around my yard with a bigger better one, something that allows for at least a bit more privacy, not that we could go nude in the back yard anyways.”

“That sounds cool, but we're glad to be moving here as well, we think that we'll love it.”

“That's good. Well, I don't know about you boys, but I'm bagged. I'm not used to staying up this late, so I'm going to go to sleep. You boys can continue talking if you want to though.”

“No, the trio is already asleep, and we're tired as well. We're not used to staying up this late either.” Roger laughed.

“Really.” Sam said and looked over to the boys. He had thought that they were being awful quiet.

“Yeah, they passed out almost as soon as we started talking. We're nearly there as well, so we'll go to sleep as well.”

“You should have told me that you were tired, I wouldn't have asked you so many questions if I had have known that.”

“It's okay. We don't mind. Well goodnight, thanks for everything.”

“Good night, you're welcome.” Sam smiled, and they all laid their heads down and fell fast asleep.