Chapter 12

The next morning the two guests were the first to awake, and they laid there whispering to each other about how nice this was. For the most part though they just laid there and watched the other four sleep peacefully. Eventually the triple threat started to wake up, and they smiled brightly at the twins when they noticed that they were watching them intently. Sam was the last to wake up, and that's only because Teddy started softly stroking his chest.

“Mmm, good morning boys. I think I slept better than I have in years. That was very nice to lay in a large nest like bed and sleep on a sleepover like that.” Sam sighed out.

“Same here.” All five of the others said together.

“Well, I don't know about you boys, but I'm starving, so I say we get up and go get ourselves a good breakfast.”

“Okay.” They all said brightly, the mere mention of food breaking the bonds of the nice cozy bed.

“Good, go get it done then.” Sam giggled but stood up.”

They all headed into the kitchen in only their soaked diapers and all helped to make a large filling breakfast. As they were pigging out on their breakfast, the phone rang. Sam hopped up and grabbed it, wondering who it could be, because he had had a grand total of maybe five calls since he had moved into the house, so he wasn't used to it.

“Good morning, Sam speaking.” Sam said as he answered the phone.

“Good morning Sam, you sound chipper this morning, that's good. It's Mike, in case you didn't know. So how were the brats last night, they didn't all rape you I hope?”

“Hi Mike, I'm always happy in the morning. Any day I wake up breathing is a good day in my books. As much as they were probably wanting to, no, they didn't. Getting to have a proper sleepover for their first times ever was even more appealing to them, but they did offer.”

“That's a pretty good point, and true too, in a twisted sort of way. I bet that they all appreciated a real sleepover, I know my boys sure have missed it, so it was nice for them to finally get the chance. Hey listen, I did call for a reason, would you mind if my boyfriend and I came over this morning some time?”

“Sure thing, come over any time you want to. We can make a day of it and find something fun in this two bit town to do. I know the boys would all enjoy it a great deal.”

“I'm sure they would, so it sounds good to me. We'll see you in a little while then.”

“Okay, see you later.” Sam said, and they both hung up.

“Daddy and Marty are coming over huh?” Roger asked.

“Yes Roger, they are. They'll probably be here in a little while, but no telling when they'll arrive.”

“How can you tell us apart so quickly like that, no one else has ever been able to do that.”

“I'm more than a little used to it by now Roland, remember, I have identical triplets, so that's even harder. You two are even easier to tell apart though. First is the small scar on Roger's nose, but then there are your eyes, they're not quite the same, Roland, your ears are also slightly smaller, your postures are different, and the way you speak is different. Just all sorts of little things, and anyone with any sort of observational skills would be able to pick them up with just a little time. Even though you are identical, it does not mean that you're exactly the same in every way.”

“We know all that already, it's just that most people take a lot longer than just a few hours to be able to tell us apart, hell, most don't even bother trying really. So what was daddy wanting then?” Roger asked.

“No clue, just said that he and Marty were gonna come over, and as you overheard, I didn't ask too many questions.”

“True, but maybe Marty did do it last night and he's gonna move in soon.”

“Maybe, but we'll probably find out sooner rather than later.” Sam grinned.

They finished eating their breakfast, cleaned up the kitchen, and then cleaned up their nest in the living room, just throwing most of it into the laundry room. Just as they were finishing, the doorbell rang. The boys and Sam had all thought it prudent to get dressed right after they finished breakfast, so they were at least dressed, even if they were heavily diapered beneath. They all headed to the door, and Sam opened it.

“Morning guys, how was your sleepover?” Mike asked.

“Great.” All the boys and Sam said together.

“Glad to hear it. Well, as everyone can tell, I have someone here with me, this is Marty, my boyfriend. Marty, these are the triplets, Timmy, Tommy, and Teddy, and their dad Sam.”

“Hi Marty.” Everyone said.

“Hi guys. It's good to meet you all. You three will have to forgive me if I make mistakes and call you the wrong names for a while, but I'll get it eventually.” Marty smiled brightly, he had a beautiful smile. Marty stood roughly six feet tall, was slim, but not skinny, he had a bright smile that showed that he still wore braces, bright blue eyes, light brown hair, and still had a few freckles on his face.

“And it's good to meet you too. Come on in.” Sam said.

“Don't worry about it, most people don't even bother trying to learn, so if you do eventually get it, then great, hell, it'd be great for you just to try.” The boys said, alternating once again. Marty seemed unfazed by this though, he was already somewhat used to it.

“Would you two like anything to drink?” Sam asked once they were seated in the living room a few seconds later.

“No thanks, we just came from breakfast, we went to a breakfast buffet and stuffed ourselves silly, but thanks anyways.” Marty answered.

“Yeah, we just finished as well.” Sam said.

“So how come you guys wanted to come over so early daddy?” Roland asked.

“Yeah, we were going to stay until after lunch, remember!” Roger added.

“It's okay, you'll still get to stay, we just had a few things we wanted to tell you boys right away, because it affects you just as much.”

“Oh, okay. So what's up then daddy?” Both boys asked.

“Well, half I have to tell you, and the other half Marty gets to tell you. First is I called our landlord last night when I got home to ask him if he would mind us moving out with such short notice, and he was okay with it. He told me that he was actually going to be calling me today anyways, because he had an offer on the house, but that he needs to get in to do some work before the people will take it, and they want it mid next month, so he was hoping that we would either mind living around his working while finding a place to live, or see if we could find somewhere else to live real soon. He even offered to double our damage deposit return for the hasty move. I told him not to worry about that, because we wanted to move anyways, so he was happy with that. I told him that we'd be out of there as soon as we could be, so that he could get started. So Sam, that means that we could be moving in within the next few days, I hope that that's not a problem.”

“It's not me that would have the problem, remember, it's the boys' house, not mine.”

“Oh yeah, right, forgot about that.” Mike said sheepishly.

“And we have no problem with it. Rent starts on the first of the month as previously arranged, and don't worry about paying for the remainder of this month, consider it a gift.” The boys said.

“Thanks boys, that's great. We really don't have all that much anyways, it'll take us maybe a day or two to pack up, and then a day or two to unpack it all here. So Marty, you're up, and remember what I told you, these guys all know and understand, and I bet the boys told them even more last night.”

“I remember. So anyways boys, I trust you remember how I was going to tell my family soon that I was gay, had a boyfriend, and that I was going to be moving in with him soon!”

“Yep.” The two said excitedly.

“Yeah, well I did it last night while at the restaurant with all the family there. My mom just patted me on the shoulder and said thanks for finally telling her the truth, but that she'd known since I was nine, she was a little sad to hear I was moving out though. My dad though, well he went beet red and didn't say a word. My grandparents were suitably shocked as well, but then, their one son is gay, so that was short lived. Dad didn't know anything about that though, the entire family kept it from him because of comments that he made long before my uncle came out of the closet, he's not much older than me, only twenty three. My uncle did whisper into my ear later on that he was proud of me, and was happy for me as well.”

“About half an hour later my dad finally got his brain and mouth working together, something that he often has troubles with I might add, and told me flat out that there was no way on gods green earth that he was going to allow his only son to be gay, and that he was going to put a stop to it immediately. I told him to grow up, that it wasn't a choice I was making, that it was how I was born, and there would be no way he or anyone could ever change it, not that I wanted to anyways. He kept very calm and quiet, not wanting to cause a huge scene at the restaurant we were at, which is why I did it last night of course, but he started in on the insults, how he should have known I was a pansy because I preferred to read and do art instead of play football like a normal boy. My mom smacked him across the face for that and told him that talk like that would lose him far more than he would ever hope to regain.”

“At that time my uncle also piped up and told dad that he was gay, and that everyone else at the table knew it, except him, because he was too much of a narrow minded hypocrite to understand. Grandma and grandpa nodded their heads when he looked to them. They are about the only people that he looks up to, so when they showed that they knew and were okay with it, but clearly not okay with his comments, he settled down. He never did apologize, nor do I expect him to, but eventually he might come around. He'll probably never truly talk to me again, it'll be forced, but really, ever since I point blank told him when I was eight that there was no way that I'd play some barbaric sport where all you do is run and hit other people, he hasn't really talked to me anyways, so no big loss there. My mom may have known since I was nine, but I knew before that that I was gay, completely and totally, and I had no interest in almost any sport. The only sport I ever loved, and my dad said it was a girls sport, was gymnastics. He probably would have had a heart attack had I have told him that I wanted to go into dance class and take ballet, but at that age, I wasn't quite ready for that.”

“Way to go Marty, we're happy for you, and we're really happy that you're going to finally move in and be our mommy.” The boys grinned evilly.

“Boys, I will never be your mommy, maybe the occasional baby sister, but never mommy.” Marty grinned.

“Aw nuts, then what do we call you, daddy number two?”

“Fuck that, I'm definitely not old enough to have twelve year old brats, you can just call me Marty you rotten little stinkers.” Marty choked and then said amongst fits of laughter.

“Oh that was good, you should have seen your face. I bet you look cute in little girls clothes though, all nice and pretty and with huge thick diapers peeking out the bottom of your short little dress.” Roland teased.

“How did you know about that, only your dad saw that, and I know he never told?” Marty asked seriously, because it was true.

“Oh, so daddy's keeping secrets from us. We were teasing you, but you would look cute. Don't expect us to dress like that though, we don't like the girly stuff, well on us anyways.” The boys smiled warmly.

“I honestly didn't tell them about that, but you were cute.” Mike grinned, and Sam smiled.

“I didn't think that you would. Oh well, it was fun.” Marty grinned with a bit of blush, shrugging his shoulders.

“What should we do today then guys, we may as well all hang out for the day?” Sam asked.

“Daddy, why don't we all go to their place and get them packed and moved today? We could maybe even swing by Marty's place if he wants to and pick up his stuff as well.” Teddy asked.

“I have no problem with that, and it will certainly go a lot faster and smoother with all of us helping out.” Sam said, looking to Mike to get his input.

“I'd be okay with that, it's a good idea for sure.”

“I'm not so sure it would be a good idea for us to go to my house today. There's a good chance that my dad will be home, and somehow I don't think that he will be so forgiving this morning after what I pulled. I was planning on giving him at least a few days to cool down. I did tell my mom where I'd be though, and what and why I was doing it. For some reason she understood completely.”

“Easy solution, call your house and ask your mom if he's there. If he is, we go another time, if he's not, then we go there first after getting some boxes.” Mike said.

“Good idea. Just a sec.” Marty said and grabbed his cell phone. When his mom answered, he asked her if his dad was home, and she apparently said no, because he told her that they'd be there soon to pack up his things.

“Well, he's not home, he went fishing and drinking with a few of his buddies today, probably wants to drown out the fact that he has a gay for a son, but I could probably bet my entire future on the fact that he will never tell a soul that I'm gay. I think he sees that as the ultimate shame, having a gay son. Oh well, his problem for not accepting me the way I am.” Marty said all happy like, not even showing the tiniest bit of concern for his father.

“Great, then let's find a place to get some boxes, and go to your house first then.” Mike said happily as well, hugging Marty to his side.

Sam and the boys all went and changed into some looser fitting work clothes, packed a large bag of all the supplies that they would likely need throughout the day, and then met the others back in the living room. Mike and his crew went in his truck, and Sam and his boys went in theirs. They hit a place that carried moving supplies, grabbed some boxes, and then followed the others to Marty's house and got out when they arrived.

“Come on in guys and meet my mom.” Marty said after they had all climbed out of the truck.

They all followed him into the nice house and went to the kitchen where his mom probably was, and she was there.

“Hey mom, I'm here. I'd introduce everyone, but you'll never remember anyways, especially since you'll not be able to tell them apart. This is Mike though, he's my boyfriend, his sons Roger and Roland, and this is our friend Sam, and his boys Teddy, Timmy, and Tommy. Like I said, you'll probably never tell them apart, and I can't tell the triplets apart yet.”

“Hi everyone.” She said in shock at seeing doubles and triples.

“Everyone, this is my mom, Shirley.”

“Good to meet you.” They all said.

“So, this is your boyfriend huh? I guess I shouldn't be surprised that hes about the same age as your dad is, seeing as how he was certainly never there for you.” She smiled warmly to Mike, offering her hand to shake.

“Yeah mom, and he's the greatest. Don't worry about me and dad though, I've always known that he didn't love me, hell, I wouldn't even claim that he really likes me any. I'm okay with that though, always have been really.”

“No, sadly I don't think I would either, but I tried to protect you from him as much as possible once I knew.”

“What do you mean mom?”

“Well, I told you last night that I knew when you were nine that you were gay, but I actually suspected from about the time you were five or six, call it mothers intuition if you will. I also knew how bigoted your father was, and how much he hated gays. I made sure that you were never around him when he said stuff like that, I also kept you from being yourself too much around him, so that he did not suspect any more than he already did. You needed to gain the confidence that you have now before you confronted your dads idiocracy. Had he have done something like he did last night when you were only like eight or nine, you would have died, and I couldn't let that happen. I know you know the statistics for teen suicide, and the cause for it, because we looked it up for one of your class projects when you were fourteen, but I already knew before that, and I wanted to prevent that at all costs.”

“Oh, that makes a lot of sense, thanks mom. If he had have said something like that, even when I was fourteen, I probably would have died. I had of course admitted it to myself by then, but no one else knew at all.”

“I know, you admitted it to yourself when you were twelve.”

“How did you know that?”

“A mother always knows, just remember that. The reason though was because for the longest time you were grumpy, you cried yourself to sleep at night, I found girly magazines that had been tear stained and crumpled up, and then it all stopped. That's when I knew you had finally admitted it to yourself.”

“I had no idea you knew all that.”

“Yeah, us moms can be sneaky at times, but to be honest, you left it all out in the open to find. I never had to search for anything. You didn't even hide your gay magazines and books, you just left them on your bookshelf. It's a good thing that your father never once ventured into your room.”

“No, I hid them on my bookshelf, in amongst all my other books, the magazines were tucked inside comics, and the gay books I got from the library had the same paper covers that we make in school to protect the bindings, so you had to snoop at least a little to have noticed that.” Marty grinned.

“Hey, a parent has to know. I admit that it was smart to hide them in plain sight like that though, I mean who would look on a bookshelf right out in the open for stuff like that, but I did.” Shirley grinned back.

“Right. Well, I think that we should go and start getting my things packed, because the last thing I want is to meet dad today. It's going to take him at least a week to calm down, or more. It took almost two weeks for him to cool down after the refusal to play football incident.”

“Yeah, that was a pretty miserable two weeks, wasn't it. But to your father, football is the only thing that keeps the world going, and to have his only son not want to play his favorite sport was a blow to his pride. You should get going though I suppose, because you never know when he could show up, but it'll probably be late tonight, assuming of course they even bothered to designate a sober driver and they don't end up staying at the cabin again.”

“Yeah, that's only happened a few times, hasn't it!” Marty said dryly.

“Yeah, just a few, but thankfully he doesn't drink often, so I'm okay with it.” Shirley sighed. She may not have liked everything about her husband, but she did love him.

“True. Well, come on guys, I don't have much, so it shouldn't take long.”

“Okay.” They all said.

“Oh and Marty, all your clothes that were in the laundry I just put on your bed after folding them.”

“Thanks mom, you're the best.”

“I know, but you're welcome.” She smiled.

The guys all followed Marty to his bedroom. It was a nice sized room, two windows, one facing the back yard, the other the side, there was a nice large queen sized bed, two end tables, two dressers, a large desk and bookcase, and a walk in closet. On the desk was his notebook computer and printer, as well as a few other things. His bookshelf held a few dozen books, but no longer held any magazines or comics. His room was surprisingly clean for a teens room, that's for sure, even the bed was made.

“Okay guys, pretty much everything from the dressers and the desk, all the books, and then there are just a few things in the closet, but I'll get that.”

“Okay.” They all said.

They broke up, each taking a box and getting started somewhere. Within only twenty minutes they had all of Marty's belongings packed up and ready to go. Just as quickly they had the boxes taken out to the trucks and loaded up. Marty and his mom hugged and kissed each other goodbye, his mom with understandable tears in her eyes. They then headed over to Mike's house to pack up there. It was a fairly big house, not overly so, and nowhere near as large as what they were moving into, but it was a good size. It was older, but showed it's age, whereas the one they were moving to was older, but looked considerably newer.

“Well, this is it. Let's go pack up everything. The boys and I will have to show you what all is ours though. Other than a couple display cases though, the furniture all stays. All our clothes of course go. Almost everything in the kitchen stays, same with the living room. If you don't know, just ask.” Mike said as they were walking in.

“Okay.” They all said.

They broke up into teams, each going to somewhere and started to pack up everything that was theirs to take. They all talked and laughed with each other, Marty getting to know the others, and all the rest getting to know each other even better yet. With as many people as there were, and as little items to pack, they were done in only two hours. They were all hot and sweaty though, and Sam and the boys all were in desperate need of a diaper change. They did that right in the middle of the living room though, not caring. Both Mike and Marty thought that that was a damned good idea, so borrowed two of Sam's diapers and diapered each other as well.

“Well, that's much better, thanks. Well, I was going to say let's go out for lunch, my treat, but with all that stuff in the back of the trucks, it'd probably get ripped off right away, so let's get back to the new house and I'll order a shit load of pizza and pop. If there are any complaints, dial 1-800-eat-shit.” Mike grinned.

“Good thing that there would not be any complaints then, huh!” Sam grinned.

“No, somehow I didn't think that there would be.” He grinned back, and they headed out, leaving all but one of the house keys on the kitchen counter. Mike said that he'd call the landlord later that afternoon.

They got back and Mike called in the order, ordering nearly twice as much as they actually needed, but figuring that even if it didn't get eaten all up, it would make a great breakfast the next morning. While they were waiting for the food to arrive, and they were told that it would be at least an hour, they started hauling in boxes. This was helped greatly by the fact that Sam brought over his dolly to help with that. Just as the pizza delivery guy showed up, they were hauling the last of the boxes into the house. Mike went and collected it all and paid the guy, giving him a nice tip, and then brought it all into the house. By the time that he made it in, the guys had all already gotten plates and cups out, and were impatiently awaiting his arrival.

“I'd say dig in, but somehow I don't think that that will be necessary.” Mike grinned as he set the large stack down.

And dig in they certainly all did. Each one of them grabbed two large slices of pizza and poured themselves a tall glass of pop from the selection that there was, and then sat back and ate heartily. The boys each packed away four pieces each, Marty five, but the men only managed three. With satisfied belches all around, they were finished.

“Ah, much better. Now that we've all had our fill, what say we go and get everything unpacked.?” Sam said, patting his belly for effect.

“No, you guys don't have to help with that as well, we can do that over the next few days.” Mike countered.

“It's no problem. It's still early, and we have nothing further planned for the day, not to mention that it's not a big deal to help out a friend.” Sam smiled.

“Okay, thanks I guess.” Mike smiled back, and then they all got up to do just that.

They each grabbed a box and took it first to the room that it was destined for, they had made sure to mark them all for easy unpacking, and then when all the boxes were in their homes, they started unpacking them. Once again they all broke into teams for this chore. It took only a few hours more for them to unpack everything and get it all put away, but by that time the huge lunch they had was null and void, in fact it was almost as if they hadn't eaten all day they were so hungry.

“Okay guys, we're going out for dinner, my treat. We're going to head home and get cleaned, changed, and dressed, you guys should do the same thing. When you're finished, just come on over. Oh and dress somewhat nicely.” Sam ordered.

“Dinner should be my treat for all the help you guys gave today.” Mike attempted.

“Did you boys hear something, nah, couldn't have been. Come on.” Sam grinned and ignored Mike's comments, then leading the boys out as Mike was shaking his head and laughing.

They did all get cleaned up in a quick shower, they all got into diapers, and then dressed into nicer clothes, all of them being ready at about the same time. Mike and his boys met Sam and his boys in the foyer and then headed out to a nice steak restaurant. They had to wait nearly half an hour for a table, something that certainly concerned the near starving boys. It was quite comical to see the boys faces each time a waiter or waitress came by but did not call them. It looked at times as if they were going to attack, but thankfully they were tame enough to not do so, but both fathers thought that getting leashes and muzzles for the boys might not be such a bad idea. Eventually though their party was called and they were shown to a nice large table in a far back corner, they were given bread and house salad right away to start, and then a few minutes later their orders were taken.

Slowly over the next hour their meal came out to them, and they all enjoyed the huge meal very much so, all of them agreeing that it was really very good. Sam paid the few hundred dollars that their meal had cost them, leaving a nice tip, and then they headed out.

“Well guys, thank you so much for all your help today and for dinner, we couldn't have gotten it all done as fast without all your help.” Mike said as they were exiting the restaurant.

“You're very welcome. It wasn't a problem at all, really. Any time that we can help out we'll certainly try. Well boys, I think it's time that we said goodbye and head home.”

“Yeah. Well, bye guys, we had a great time last night.” The triple threat said.

“Us too, bye.” The twins said.

They all hopped into their trucks and headed on their way home. Of course they followed each other all the way, but separated at their respective driveways. They gave a final wave as they all headed into their homes for the night. For the rest of the night all the guys pretty much just laid around in their soggy diapers watching TV and cuddling. No one even had sex that night, they were all so tired, so tired in fact that they all ended going to bed about an hour earlier than normal for all of them.