Chapter 13

The next few days fell into a sort of routine for all of them, and they were all liking it. Mike went and worked at his company every day from about seven in the morning until about four in the afternoon, but some days were later, Marty also went to work every day as well, he had a job at a local restaurant as a cook, and when school restarted in the fall, he was going to chef school, because he truly loved to cook, and the twins came over every day to be watched by Sam and the triplets, so that they had someone to be with and to have fun.

The boys would often be heard or seen enjoying each other sexually during the days that they were there, but Sam never joined in, he told the boys to have their fun, that he couldn't go as long as they could. He did have his fun at night time though when it was just he and his boys. The five boys would only just use their hands and or mouths on each other, but they had a lot of fun.

Somehow schooling managed to come up one day, the twins asking the boys which school they were going to or some such question, Sam never actually asked, because the boys never actually said, but the twins were excitedly intrigued about the ability to home school. That had been on Friday, and it had already been pre arranged to have Mike and Marty come over for dinner when they were finished for the day, and they had both just arrived after going home to grab showers and get diapered and dressed.

“Daddy, guess what, these guys are gonna do homeschooling, can we too?” Roger asked excitedly as soon as his daddy was through the door.

“Whoa there, let me get inside the house and sit back and relax a bit before you attack me with questions.” Mike laughed.

“If you insist daddy.” Roland sighed.

Everyone else laughed at the boys' antics. They headed to the dining room and dinner was served, and they sat down to eat. As they were eating, they talked.

“So, what's this about homeschooling?” Mike asked.

“Well, Teddy, Timmy, and Tommy are gonna home school, because they got teased and stuff. Can we home school as well daddy, because we don't like the teasing either?” Both boys asked together alternately.

“I don't think that that would work out too well, considering that I have to work, and there's no one that would be able to help you out.” Mike thought a minute and then said.

“What if Sam were to help us at the same time?” Roger asked.

“Roger, that's not very polite. He'll already have enough to do with just helping his boys. I think that you'll just have to go to school like normal.”

“I would have no problem doing it if the boys really want to, but the boys will need notebook computers of their own to use. I would have to get a couple new desks for our classroom, but it could work.”

“Really, you'd do that?” The boys asked happily.

“Sure, why not. It wouldn't be any more difficult to have two extra. You'd just have to agree to the terms and conditions first.” Sam grinned.

“And they would be?”

“Well, first and foremost is to listen, second is to learn, and third is I get to beat you horribly and tie you up and throw you in a closet whenever you're misbehaving.” Sam said with a straight face.

“Oh, we're used to those type of punishments already, that's how daddy deals with us, so we're good with all that.” Roger said also with a straight face.

“Good to hear, I knew I liked him.” Sam smiled.

“Goody, so can we daddy?” The boys asked.

“I guess so, but you boys really do have to promise to behave, and if I hear of any misbehaving at all, I'll put you back into public school in a heartbeat.”

“We promise that we'll behave.”

“The boys had a tendency to act out at school and get into trouble. Mostly they were just being too noisy and stuff like that.” Mike warned.

“I'm sure that I won't have any problems. I can use certain things against them. For instance if they don't get all their work done, or they act out in class, and this goes for all the boys, they won't get the alone time they enjoy to relieve pressure, or they might not get to go swimming, or some other such evil thing my mind can come up with.”

“Ooh, with a threat like the first one hanging over their heads, I bet you have no problems at all, and if you tell me about it, I can make sure the same thing happens at home as well.” Mike grinned, the boys all gulped.

“We all promise to behave.” All five boys said.

“Good. Now Mike, some of our classes won't be in the house, I'll be doing field trips and stuff like that, to get the boys used to other things as well, so if that's okay with you, then all you'll need to do is get the boys' school records and get them registered for homeschooling, I'll give you the website address so that you can do it.”

“That sounds like fun, and no, I have no problems with it at all, and I bet the boys will love it.”

“It probably will be. So, is Monday still the start date for our pool enclosure?”

“Yep, everything that we need to get started on Monday is already in, the permit arrived yesterday, and I have a clear schedule to get it done.”

“Awesome, and still just the one week for the build?”

“Yep, unless something goes wrong, but I doubt that anything will.”

“Awesome.” All the boys said together, and the adults all knew their reasons for it as well. None of them could wait until they got to go swimming naked again.

They continued talking, laughing, and joking as they ate their dinner. The boys were all very excited about getting to do homeschooling together, about their pool enclosure being built, and everything else.

“Daddy, can the twins stay the night tonight again?” Timmy asked a little while later, just as Mike and Marty and the boys were about to leave for home.

“Sure, I don't have a problem with it, how about you Mike?”

“A night without the boys and with only my boyfriend at home, hell yeah.” Mike grinned, so did Marty.

“I'm glad the house is well soundproofed then, because it sounds as if it might be needed.” Sam grinned right back.

“Nah, we're not noisy, we're soft and loving.” Marty smiled warmly.

“Yeah, they are.” The twins said.

“How would you boys know?” Mike asked.

“Because we almost never hear you any more, and when we do, it's mostly just soft moans and groans. We've also seen you two kiss lots, and it's always so soft and tender.” Roger informed them.

“Oh, never thought of that.”

“Kids notice everything remember!” Sam smiled.

“Tell me about it.” Mike grinned.

“See you tomorrow daddy.” The boys said, going and giving their dad a hug and kiss goodbye.

“I'm going into work for a bit in the morning remember, so I probably won't be home until noonish, and Marty has to work as well, so we won't be there in the morning. I'll come by when I'm off though.”

“I'm off at twelve as well tomorrow because I start at five and I've already got overtime for the week, so I told them I'd only work 'til noon, so I'll come over as well.” Marty added.

“We remember, but okay.”

“Bye guys.” Sam said as they were heading out the door.

Before the door was even fully closed, the boys were all dragging Sam to the bedroom. When Sam realized where they were dragging him, and what the reason for it must be, he started to struggle a bit. He was a good strong man, but against five good strong boys, well let's just say he didn't stand a chance.

“No boys, we can't be doing this.”

“Yes daddy, we can. We all want this, you want it too, even though you haven't admitted it to yourself yet, remember, we know your feelings just as well as our own. If you still don't want to play with the twins tonight, you don't have to, we'll break into pairs tonight, and I'll be with you.” Teddy whispered softly.

“Okay, fine, but I'd prefer to break into pairs tonight.” Sam sighed in defeat.

As soon as they made it to the bedroom, Sam was unceremoniously stripped of all his clothes, and then the boys also removed theirs, pushing Sam onto the bed first. As soon as they were all naked, they too climbed into bed and broke up. Teddy, as promised went to Sam and started kissing and grinding their erections together. Roland and Timmy were together and doing the same, as were Roger and Tommy. They all kissed and ground together for about five minutes before the triplets, who were on top, spun around and got them all into a classic sixty nine so that they could all rid themselves of the first load that was boiling just below the surface. It took only a few minutes for their first loads of the night to expel themselves into their partners mouths, all at almost the same time, all with satisfied moans and sighs.

“God dammit I love doing that.” The triple threat sighed out a few minutes later, spinning around to once again start the kissing session.

None of the others said anything, they hardly had a chance to, not that they would have been able to with tongues down their throats anyways, but they did grunt their affirmation. As they were all kissing, the trio was busy passing the lube back and forth between each other and working their own little boy holes for penetration. They took their time, enjoying their own fingers as they kissed their partner for the night, each of them getting four of their nice slender fingers inside before they were satisfied. Of course Timmy and Tommy had no need to go to four finger stretch to fit the twins, hell even if both the twins were to enter them at the same time, they still wouldn't need four fingers, but Teddy did, and what one does, they all do, but then again, they enjoyed it as well.

Together with sighs and moans, they lowered themselves onto the poles that they had grasped and raised into position. The ones doing the entering now also moaned and sighed as they entered the hot buttery softness of the triplets' talented tushes. Pulling until they almost pulled all the way off, the trio started a nice long slow passionate motion, going just as slow and long as they possibly could.

It helped that they had all exploded a much needed cum not long ago, so now they felt that they would be able to last and enjoy, and enjoy they were certainly doing. As they were slowly making love to each other, Timmy, Tommy, and Teddy leaned down and kissed their partners even more. All six of them were rising slowly but surely towards their peaks, long before they really wanted to that's for sure, and with cries all around, not ten minutes after they started, they exploded.

“Oh fuck that was awesome.” All three of the triple threat said as one.

“Yeah.” The rest of them agreed as one as well.

“Now we trade places.” They said again.

“Okay.” The others agreed happily.

Grabbing a hold of each other, they all rolled together so that they were now in the opposite positions, the triplets grinning at the stunned looks from their partners, because they had been the ones to do all of it. They decided to start once again with kissing, since they were all so damned good at it, and it was fun as well. They kissed for another ten minutes or so, but this time it was Sam and the twins that were passing the lube back and forth while preparing their own asses for the much anticipated entrances.

Sam, who was in the middle pairing, gave the nod to the other two and they all positioned themselves and sank down upon their prey, trapping them inside firmly, all with sighs and moans of pleasure. Adopting the same pace as the triplets had used, they started a very slow thrusting, up and down, almost all the way out, and then all the way in. Of course they all enjoyed this, and with two good strong orgasms well and truly out of the way, they were able to last even longer this time.

Sam wasn't so certain that he would even be able to cum again so soon, and was certain that if he did, that it was probably not going to be very much, or very forceful. The boys of course would all be firing blanks by then, but they just didn't care one way or the other, they just loved the feelings. The twins though were still dry all the time, but the trio was only good for one or maybe two shots. For Sam though, the feelings would likely hurt if he fired dry, but it also felt so good, so he'd be the last to complain, unless he had to do it too many times.

For about fifteen minutes they were able to last before they all exploded again in their final orgasm of the night. They all grunted and cried out from the strong cum, and then they pretty much collapsed, all breathing very heavily now, trying to come down from the big cum.

“Oh wow, that was awesome.” Sam was the first to sigh out.

“For sure.” All five boys said at the same time.

“Well, I don't know about you boys, but I'm certainly done for the night, and am getting pretty damned tired, so I say that we diaper ourselves up and hit the hay before we all pass out.” Sam sighed out again, starting to crash now, all of his energy inexplicably gone.

“Same here.” All five boys agreed.

“Good. I still can't really move, so would one of you grab the diapers please?”

“Okay.” Timmy said and slowly crawled out of bed and grabbed everything that they would need.

When Timmy came back, the five boys all helped to diaper Sam first, and then they traded places and diapered each other like that, five on one, each of them being diapered. Without hardly a word more, other than good night and love you, they all curled up in the large bed and fell asleep, not even covering themselves up.

They all slept really well all curled up, most of the time at least one body part or more was laying on top of at least one other person all throughout the night, but that was why they slept so well, they were all so very cozy. They actually even managed to sleep in about an hour later than was normal for them before they all started to wake up, and Sam was pretty sure that it was the boys' stomachs that had waken them up, because his was his reason.

“Mornin boys, let's hop out of bed and go get some breakfast.” Sam smiled.

“Mornin, okay.” They all said excitedly.

They all hopped out of bed, all their very soggy night diapers nearly swinging between their knees, but none of them cared, they wanted food. They hit the kitchen and all helped to get a nice big filling breakfast going for them, and when it was done, they all stuffed themselves. Once they were nice and full, they cleaned up.

“Well boys, I say shower then pool, what do you say?”


“I guess that was a no, you all sound so horrified by that, so I guess you can just sit and stare at a blank wall instead, that would probably be nice and exciting.” Sam said sadly.

“Oh daddy, you're horrible.” The trio grinned.

“Nowhere near as horrible as you boys are, now come on, let's go.” Sam grinned.

“True.” They said in agreement, and all took off towards the showers. Unfortunately there was no way all six of them could fit in one shower, so they had to use two, the twins in one, and Sam and his boys in the other, as it normally was.

They all removed their very soggy diapers and threw them in the trash, and then climbed into nice hot showers and helped to clean each other up. Even though they did get mostly hard, none of them played around any, all of them either wanting to play together, or go swimming. The boys would have of course preferred playing, but they knew that Sam wouldn't be ready to go yet.

As soon as they were all finished getting clean, they all slipped into their speedos, and then headed out to the pool. Once they were all in the pool, they started by doing some laps to get some exercise, they did that for almost half an hour, and then they played. They stayed in and around the pool playing and having fun until Mike and Marty showed up at just a little after noon.

“Hi guys, how was your sleepover?” Mike asked.

“It was great.” The twins yelled the loudest.

“So, they finally got you in bed did they Sam?” Mike grinned.

“Huh, what!”

“Oh come on now. You know as well as I do what they've been after, and we all know what you and the triple threat are into, and I know they've been trying to get the twins to join in on the fun. They've told me everything, even how you've been so reluctant to join in on the fun. You don't exactly have to worry about me and Marty telling. Remember, Marty is eighteen, but he wasn't always, and we've been together for a year now, mind you, I guess we weren't exactly illegal when we first started, but we're okay with it, and we know it's the boys that are doing all the work. And you're certainly making them work for it too I might add.” Mike chuckled.

“And here I thought that you'd be pissed if you found out. Yes, it would be highly illegal, but no more so than me and the trio, but they've got no one that would complain about it if they found out, and I certainly never started it.” Sam said with no small amount of relief in his voice.

“Why, we've known about you and the boys since the first time we met really, and I knew my boys wanted someone older to play with, hence the reason that I've had to turn them away so many times! I'm not into boys quite as young as they are, and I'm not into incest, although for the boys it's okay.”

“True I suppose, but still, you never know how people will react to your fooling around with their kids. Mind you, I still didn't touch them last night anyways, but we were all in the same bed together having some fun.” Sam smiled from the awesome memory from the night before.

“It's a start. Trust me though, the boys will have you fully sooner rather than later.” Marty grinned.

“And how often have they tried to get you into bed with them?” Sam asked.

“Not sure I can count quite that high.” Marty grinned.

“Hey, you make us sound like sluts or something.” Roland quipped.

“If the shoe fits, wear it.”

“Oh good, just making sure that that's how it was supposed to sound.” Roger sighed. Everyone had to laugh at that.

“Well, why not go and grab your shorts or speedos and get changed, come back over, we'll throw some burgers on the barbecue and have some lunch, and spend some quality time around the pool?” Sam asked them.

“Sure, sounds good to me.” Both Mike and Marty said at the same time.

“Cool. See you in a few minutes then.” Sam said, hopping out of the pool to go and get lunch started then. He waved the boys back when they were about to hop out to join in and help out, telling them that they could just continue playing, that he would get it all.

Mike and Marty were back before too long, but instead of jumping into the pool to relax, they came into the house to help with lunch.

“Hey, what's up?” Sam asked.

“Just came in to help get lunch ready.” Marty said.

“I can get it, you guys go ahead and go play with the boys.”

“That's okay, we don't mind.” Marty said.

“Yeah, just tell us what still needs to be done and we can help out.” Mike added.

“Okay, well I've got the ground beef already started, so if you guys want to get the salad ready, that would be good. Everything is in the fridge that you'll need, but if you need anything, just ask.”

“Cool.” They both said.

They all worked together amiably in the kitchen, chatting and having fun as they did. Sam got the ground beef all ready and formed into patties, grabbed the barbecue sauce and tools, as well as the buns and headed out. Mike and Marty had the salad all ready, so grabbed that, the dressing they made for it, plates and cutlery, as well as juice and cups and followed Sam out. As soon as Sam made it out, he started up the barbecue and once it was ready, he piled all the hamburgers on the grill and cooked them to perfection. Before too long they were all seated at the table on the deck and chowing down on the great meal.

“Damn that was good. Way better than our place has, and we've been given awards on our great hamburgers.” Marty said.

“Thanks. Everyone loves my hamburgers, but I'll never tell the secret.” Sam grinned.

“I'm good enough with food that I can probably pick out most of it anyways.” Marty grinned.

“Go for it, give it a shot.” Sam grinned right back.

“Okay, let's see, lean ground chuck, egg, cheese Ritz crackers, parmesan cheese, seasoning salt, pepper, oregano, garlic, and chili powder I think. How was that?” Marty grinned to the stunned look on Sam's face.

“Wow, you have excellent taste buds to have been able to pick it all out like that, but you did miss one thing, minced onion.” Sam said, clearly impressed.

“Thanks, but I did miss the onion, but that's probably the garlic that covered it up. They are really good, I'll have to give that one a try.”


“We'll get the cleanup.” The boys all offered, the adults didn't argue the point either.

As the boys were cleaning up, the men all slipped into the hot tub and sat back and relaxed. They sat and talked more about their days and what had happened, slowly the conversation steered to Marty and his love of cooking.

“So Marty, how did you get started cooking?” Sam asked.

“My mom started teaching me when I was really young, like two I think she once told me, and I always loved to help. I baked my first unaided batch of cookies when I was five, made dinner by myself by the time I was six, and even made a full thanksgiving turkey dinner all by myself at the age of ten. My mom said that it turned out about ten times better than hers did, I sorta had to agree. I've just always loved to cook.”

“So then you said that you're gonna go to school to become a chef?”

“Yep. Start on September eighth and I can't wait.” Marty smiled brightly.

“I bet. So how long does something like that take anyways?”

“Two years intense, and it is intense. You pretty much already have to have a damn good knowledge of food and shit though, or they won't accept you in that program. What I did earlier to tell you exactly what was in the burgers was one of the things that I had to master first, I had to be able to get at least eighty percent of the ingredients. I nailed that one perfectly, the first one ever the guy at the chef school said. I also had to be able to recognize minimum of eighty percent of the foods that I saw and or tasted, I only got ninety five on that one though. Next I also had to prepare three different dishes for the chef, he handed me a box of ingredients with the three recipes in there and told me to go for it. He gave me ninety eight percent for flavor, ninety five for presentation, and a hundred for speed and accuracy. And all that was just the entrance exam, it's a really tough school, and they expect nothing but the absolute best, and he says I'll do very well. I was told though that only about forty percent make it through his course, but he expected that I would be right at the top of the class, and he's a master chef who has been teaching for twenty plus years, and says he knows what to look for. I was shocked to hear him tell me all that, but was of course very happy. That was only two weeks ago that I went through that and was accepted instantly.”

“Holy shit, that's awesome. So is it standard classes then?”

“No, far from it in fact. There will only be ten students to start, but like he said, maybe four will finish, if he's lucky. We start at five am every morning, and work until at least three pm every day, but we at least get Saturday and Sunday off. However, I'll have a shit load of homework to do, because he expects us to memorize all the basic bases to recipes and everything, I'll also have to read up on all sorts of theories and techniques and write reports. After the first year, we no longer get recipes, for tests he gives us a box of ingredients and tells us to create something from it, and we're expected to make at least three courses.”

“Wow, that is intense. Have you ever done that before though, created something without a recipe?”

“All the time. I love to experiment with food, sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not so good, but oh well. That's the great thing about food though, you can play around and find all sorts of new things that you never knew about.”

“I agree, I do that all the time as well, at least with dinner type things, never with desserts and stuff, those recipes you always have to be pretty accurate or they never turn out.”

“True, but that's why we have to learn the bases to most of them, that way we can be creative without having to resort to a cookbook or anything like that. We can just go from memory.”

“I've got a pretty good memory, but I'd never be able to do that.”

“I've got an awesome memory, so I'm lucky there, and I already have a couple dozen or so recipes memorized.”

“Yes, that's certainly very lucky.” Mike said this time.

“Yeah, I wish I could retain things like that. So does it run through next summer as well then?”

“Yeah, it does, no breaks, except stat holidays, that's it, not like regular school at all.”

“I'll say. I guess if they have that much to teach you then it's better that way.”

“Yeah, and I don't mind at all. The chef school here is one of the tops in the country, lucky for me that I live here and don't have to travel, so I don't mind the hard work at all, in fact I'll enjoy it.”

“That's good to hear, but I didn't know we had a great chef school in town like that.”

“Most people don't unless they're in the business.”

“So what will you do when you finish then?”

“Start my own restaurant, at least I hope to be able to. School is expensive as it is, and my parents aren't able to pay too much for it, although mom is going to help me as much as she can. I have a lot of money saved up already, because I have been cooking at the restaurant since I was fourteen and I've hardly ever spent a penny of it. It's going to be enough to get me through school, but I won't have much left over at the end. It'll help living with Mike and not having to pay rent or anything, because my dad told me that come eighteen, in school or not, I had to pay my own way, which meant paying him rent. My mom didn't agree with him on that one, told him that as long as I was in school that I wouldn't have to pay a penny, but he told her that that was his decision and it was final, or he'd kick me out. I had no plans of staying that long anyways, and I had just turned eighteen, so I hadn't had to pay anything yet.”

“That's a great dream, and when the time comes, I'll make sure that you have the restaurant of your dreams, no worries there. And no, I won't give you the money, just call me a silent partner, I could tell from the look that you wouldn't have accepted charity like that.”

“That's right. I've had to make it this far on my own, and I'd really rather not have to take money from others. Loans and things like that that I can pay back is fine though, but a silent partner might not be so bad either.” Marty smiled.

“And I'll do whatever I can as well, and you'll never have to pay a cent in rent.” Mike smiled.

“Once I'm out of school though and have my restaurant, we can share everything, just like an old married couple.” Marty grinned.

“Yep.” Mike smiled brightly.

The boys came out at that time and hopped into the hot tub with the adults, splashing them as they did so. The boys had cleaned everything up and put it all away quickly and efficiently, easy to do with five of them, and they talked and laughed the entire time, as they normally did.

“So, is it a bigger mess in there than it started out?” Sam asked skeptically.

“About the same actually. We didn't end up cleaning, we got horny and bent each other over the table and had us some good dirty fun.” Timmy said with a straight face.

“You know, I wouldn't even doubt that for a second.” Sam sighed and Mike and Marty nodded their agreements.

“Yeah, we know, but yes, it's nice and clean, and we behaved ourselves, even though it was hard at times.”

“I bet it was hard, but I'm also betting that it was the entire time. In fact, it still looks as if you all are.” Marty giggled.

“We can't help it.” The boys all laughed together.

“Nor would you want to right?”


“Yeah, I thought not. I don't think even I was as horny as you boys are at your age. Then again I wasn't having sex from the time I was five either though.” Marty laughed.

“Yeah, they've always been like that ever since they discovered the joys of their bodies and how they could please each other.” Mike said.

“And the triple threat tells me they were the same as well.” Sam added.

“Yeah, we were.” They agreed.

“So, what should we do for the rest of the day guys?” Sam asked.

“No idea.” Everyone said.

“Well, that was a lot of help. Okay, hows about we do this. How about we load up the boat to the truck and head up to the lake for the rest of the day. We'll grab a huge fattening KFC dinner on our way up there and have a cold dinner on the lake.”

“Cool.” The boys all yelled.

“Thought they'd be okay with it, but how about you two?” Sam asked the other two adults.

“Sure, sounds great to me. Can't tell you the last time I was able to get out on a nice boat and enjoy.” Mike said.

“Same here. The last time I was on a boat was when I was seven and my dad dragged me out to take me fishing against my will. Man, I puked so hard the first time he caught a fish and slit it open right there in front of me. Can't stand fish even now to this day. That'll be my biggest problem in chef school, but I'll manage now.”

“Yikes.” Most everyone said.

“Are you sure that you'll be okay going out on the boat though?” Sam asked gently.

“Oh yeah, I'll be fine. That was a long time ago and I'm over it now. I just don't like seeing things killed.”

“We were the same way on our camping trip when we found and killed a grouse and a rabbit. In fact we still have to finish tanning the rabbit hide. Anyways, we all got sick from the first time. We did eat it though, and it was good.” The trio said.

“I could probably do it now that I understand more, and if it were with someone I liked and trusted, but I didn't have either for my dad even then.”

“Okay, then let's go get the boat hitched up and then we should probably throw some shirts and shorts on, as well as sandals or something.”

“Okay.” Everyone said.

The boys were the first out of the water, in fact they appeared to just jump straight up and out of the water and land on the pool deck. They raced into the house and got dressed quickly. Mike and Marty had to take a little more time, because they had to head to their house to get dressed. The boys would all just share clothes, because they were all about the same sizes anyways, but the men weren't, so they couldn't do that. Sam went in and got dressed and headed out and got the truck backed into place. The boys were there and waiting for him when he got there, and with the knowledge that Sam had taught his sons, they got the boat hitched up while Sam watched to make sure they did it all correctly. Mike and Marty were just walking up as they were testing the lights on the trailer to make sure that they were functional.

“Come on you two, let's go hop in our truck and we'll follow these guys.” Mike called out to his brats.

“Okay daddy.” They said and then waved to the others and ran off as if they were running a race.

As soon as they were all loaded and ready to go, Sam took off and headed first to the nearest Kentucky Fried Chicken joint and picked up more than enough food for them all, and then headed to the lake. It was almost an hour away, and they all talked excitedly as they drove. If it hadn't have been for the huge filling lunch that they had just had not that long ago, Sam would have been fearful of the food making it, because it sure did smell good, the boys thought so as well. They made it to the lake in good time and Sam got the boat backed into place and the boys started unstrapping it to let it loose. It was easy enough for them to figure out, even though none of them had done it before, at least with the big boat. As soon as the boat was in the water, Sam drove the truck up and parked it next to Mike's truck.

“Wow, this is a really awesome boat you have here guys. I never really got a good look at it before. It looks like it could hold twenty people with ease.” Mike whistled as Sam walked up.

“Thanks. This is actually my first time getting it out on the water, but the guy said fifteen was its capacity. Hop on everyone and let's see how this baby hauls ass.” Sam smiled.

“Yippee.” The boys all cheered, and were the first to hop on.

Sam grabbed all the life jackets and passed them out, thankful that he had bought so many to go with it. They all put on the vests and Sam got the boat started up and warming. As soon as it idled down, he put them in reverse and moved them away from the dock. Once they were turned around and facing the open water of the huge lake, Sam hit the throttle and sent them out at maximum speed. The boys all squealed with delight, loving the sheer power of the big boat.

“This thing is awesome.” The triplets said.

“Yeah.” Mike, Marty and the twins said in agreement.

“Thanks. It is awesome, that's for sure.

“Do we have any skis or boards or anything to play on daddy?” The boys asked.

“No, believe it or not, we don't. Maybe we'll have to rectify that before our next time out huh?”

“For sure.”

“Can we go swimming out in the middle of the lake then?” The twins asked this time.

“Sounds good to me. We'll boat around for a while and have some fun, and when we find a nice place that will be out of the way, then we can go swimming.”

“Cool.” All the boys said.

For almost an hour they ran the boat fast and hard, making lots of waves and then moving over the waves they had just made, almost jumping, but making a really fun choppy ride. Sam made lots of good sharp turns, jumped them over their waves, and all the others were egging him on, all having a blast. It was sort of nice that they seemed to be one of the very few people out on the lake that day, something that amazed them all, because it was a perfect day to go boating, but none of them minded either.

In their searching of the lake, they had found a few places that would be perfect to swim from, so they put it to a vote and decided to hit a nice secluded area that they had found. It was pretty deep, the water was clear, and it was fairly secluded, but not enough to swim naked. They all stripped down to their speedos and jumped off the boat as soon as it was stopped. They swam and played for almost an hour before climbing back on board the boat and starting up again.

They boated around the lake for about another hour, just having fun, before they decided that it was close enough to dinner time. So in the middle of the lake they once again stopped, got their lunch unpacked, realized that they forgot something a little more than important, plates and forks, so ended up eating all of their meal with their hands right from the containers. Even the pop they had to drink from the bottles, but none of them really minded all that much, in fact the boys seemed to love it.

“Daddy, when can we go camping again?” The boys asked a little after they had finished dinner, they were just sitting there talking.

“Not too sure. I'd like to get out at least a couple more times before the end of summer, but I also want to go for a backpacking trip as well and camp the proper way.”

“Cool, we'd like that, then you can really teach us a lot. Can the twins come with us?”

“I'd have no problems with it, but their dad has to agree, because it can be very dangerous, and we won't be taking any real food with us.”

“What do you mean?” The twins and Mike all asked at the same time.

“Just that really. We'll take emergency rations, for just in case, but otherwise we would eat and drink from the land. We will hunt our food, eat fruit and berries that we find, and we'll be nowhere near civilization. Hence the danger part. There's almost no danger of starving, but there are other dangers.”

“Oh. The boys have never done anything like that before, but it would probably be good for them to learn all that you could obviously teach them if you're used to doing that sort of thing.”

“I have done it many times before, and I know almost all there is to know about wilderness survival.”

“Can we go daddy, we'd love to try it?” The twins asked.

“Sure. You'd have to promise to listen to everything that Sam tells you and of course be safe.” Mike smiled to his boys.

“Cool.” All five boys said together.

“How long would you go for?” Mike asked.

“When I go I usually like to go for a week, so we'd go for that long, unless the boys are unable to last that long. It can be very tiring and long to go for a week, but kids are usually better at lasting at things like that than adults are.”

“No shit, I wouldn't be able to go for that long. So what all would I need to get for the boys then?”

“Not much really. They'll each need a good youth size backpack, don't go cheap on that at all, buy the best there is, trust me. Buy them one sleeping bag to share, and they'll each need their own bows and arrows, we'll all have ours with us, so they may as well have them as well. Those you can go as extravagant as you'd like, but you don't have to go all that expensive really. Just get them good compound bows and a good selection of arrows. We have the best bows there are, but we certainly don't need them that expensive for what we use them for, but we decided to splurge.”

“Oh, not much at all, what about a tent?”

“We won't be using one. We'll make our shelter, and I'll have a tarp with us for just in case of emergency. Oh shit, I almost forgot the number one most important piece of equipment they'll need.”

“What's that?” Mike asked curiously.

“A knife of course.” Sam grinned.

“You consider having a knife more important than a tent?” Mike asked in shock.

“Of course. We can make a shelter with ease, way better than any tent, but how would we do that without a knife. We won't even be taking matches, my boys can already start a fire without them, and I'll teach yours how to as well.”

“Really, you can actually do that? I always thought that they was just something they did on TV but wasn't actually real.” Mike asked in shock again.

“Of course you can.” The boys answered, and then told them all exactly how to go about doing it.

“Wow, that's pretty cool.” Marty said.

“It is. So when can we go daddy?”

“I don't know. Our backyard is going to get pretty torn up over the next week, so we won't really be able to go back there too much, so if Mike can get his boys the stuff they need tomorrow, and if he's okay with it, why not leave Monday?”

“That would be awesome.” All five boys said.

“That shouldn't be too much trouble, but maybe you guys could come and get the stuff we need with us, so that we make sure to get the proper stuff. We can do that first thing tomorrow if you want.”

“Sure, that sounds good to me.” Sam smiled.

“Wicked.” The boys all said again.

“Yeah, it will be. You boys will all have to get used to wearing a backpack though, and we'll have to buy you three yours as well tomorrow, but it'll be tough. We'll be packing pretty light of course, but it'll still be pretty heavy.”

“We'll be fine.”

“Yeah, you'll do fine I'm sure.” Sam smiled warmly to the boys.

“Well, should we go for another swim before we call it a day?” Mike asked.

“Okay.” Everyone said and then hopped in the water and swam for a bit.

Before too much longer they were all back on the boat and heading back towards the boat launch that they had departed from. The boys helped to get the boat loaded back up, Sam hardly having to tell them anything at all, they just figured it out on their own and got it right. Not that it was terribly difficult to figure out mind you. Once all loaded up, they headed back home, Mike and his boys all heading to their house, and Sam and his to theirs.

Sam had told the boys to go on into the house when they got there, telling them that he had the unloading no problem. He could tell the boys were getting tired and thought that they would probably go and get ready for bed. Little did he know though, although he really should have known, that they were far more horny than they were tired. As soon as he made it in the house, he was greeted by three naked and hard young boys, who dragged him into their bedroom and did all sorts of things to him. Sam was actually the first to fall asleep that night, mainly because he passed out completely. The boys diapered themselves and then got their daddy diapered and covered up, and then followed suit, falling asleep only seconds later themselves.