Chapter 15

“Holy shit.” Was the screech from Roger that broke the mornings silence, as well as the nice sleep that the other five had been enjoying up until the scream woke them all with a start.

“What, what the hell's going on?” Sam asked groggily.

“There was a raccoon standing on my legs, sniffing me. It took off though as soon as I screamed.” Roger said, still breathing hard.

“If I had to guess, you probably scared it more than it scared you. We're in it's domain, so it was just curious as to what you were. It's probably never seen a human before, so was just checking us out. Are you sure it was a raccoon though, it's a little late in the morning for one of them to be out? They normally only come out at night, and it's about six am if I had to guess by how light it is.”

“I think so. I only saw it for a second, but it was brownish with black stripes on it.”

“Sounds like a raccoon then, but that would be unusual. How big was it?”

“I don't know, it wasn't very heavy, about the size of a large kitten maybe.”

“So it was just a baby then. Was probably just released from its mother and was looking around for a new home and for some food. Raccoons are notoriously curious animals, but they can be mean little buggers as well if cornered, so just make lots of noise, and they'll hightail it out of there every time, almost guaranteed, well unless it's a mother and her babies are nearby, in which case, trust me, you get out as fast as you can.”

“Oh, okay. Will that sort of thing happen often that we get animals come and visit us and sit on us like that?” Roland asked.

“Sometimes yes, but I've only noticed it a couple times. Most animals aren't going to hurt you out here, if you're gentle with them, but it can be dangerous. We have mountain lions, cougars, wolves, coyotes, bears, and badgers in this area, but most of them will not willingly come anywhere near here, because they can smell us here and won't actually try and come near us. Don't forget, we are the biggest predator out here, and the animals for the most part can sense that. Well, I guess we may as well get up now, seeing as how we were so rudely awakened from what had been a very nice sleep.” Sam told the boys with a grin.

“Okay, but are you sure it's safe to stay sleeping out in the open like this?” Roger asked curiously.

“Yeah. The odds of an animal coming and taking a bite out of you during the night are extremely slim, so slim in fact that no one that I know of has ever had it happen to them before, and I know of many people that do this sort of camping all the time. If we were in an area where we had to worry about snakes, then you'd want to be a little more leery, because they do like to curl up with humans, we're great heat sources, but there won't be any around here, well anything more than a small garter snake, but they will not hurt us any at all.”

“Oh, okay then.”

“Okay, hang up the sleeping bags on the line, then we get to take our wet diapers to the creek and wash them out as best we can, and then put them on the line as well. Make sure to wring them out real well so that they'll dry before tonight.”

“What if they're not dry by tonight?” Teddy asked.

“Then we use our spare pairs. I brought two diapers each, for just in case.” Sam smiled.

“Ah, good thinking.” Timmy smiled.


Naked they all headed down to the creek, walking gingerly on their bare feet, and washed out their diapers as best they could. They found that to wring out their diapers it worked best to help someone out and have two people do the work, because they were able to wring them out far better that way.

“Great, now they should be dry by the end of the day with no problem. Let's rebuild our fireplace this morning before we start the fire, so that we have a better cooking surface, not to mention that rock is nearly griddle flat, so we can grill things on it as well. Two of you go and collect a whole bunch more clay from the creek bank, while the rest of us get started.” Sam instructed.

“Okay.” The boys all said.

Roger and Roland grabbed the largest pot and headed to the creek, while the others got started on tearing apart their old fire pit. The boys were amazed at how well it was holding together, because the clay had already baked hard enough to hold it together real well. It broke apart easily enough though, and they started on building a new fireplace. They did move it slightly so that it was more in front of their shelter, which would cause more warm air to hit their wet diapers and or clothes, as well as provide heat in their shelter should they need it. The boys on clay duty filled the pot an even dozen times and brought it back and dumped it out for the others to use, and then cleaned the pot out for cooking use later on. They came back and helped to finish building the fireplace, using all the new rocks that they had found, as well as all the old ones, and made it quite large. They had the main fire pit, which they made quite large, they had a smaller circle of stones built in front of that that would heat up as well, which they could put things into to keep warm, they made a small sort of notch on either side about half way up the sides where they could easily put a spit rod for roasting food, and then the large flat stone was set on the very top last. It was a pretty impressive fireplace to say the least.

“This is a really cool fireplace, it's so big.” The trio said.

“Yeah, it's the biggest and best I've ever built as well. I think that we need more clay though to fill in some of the areas better, so that it holds the heat better, as well as directs it towards our shelter.”

“Okay, be right back.” The twins said.

As the boys came back with more and more clay, the other four took a handful and smeared it into place, really taking their time to make it look nice as well. They may as well have fun while they were at it they figured, as well as they may as well do it right. It took another eight trips to get clay before they were all happy with the results.

“Cool, now Roland or Roger, you get to start the fire this morning and get it going nice and hot.” Sam said, happy with the results.

“Okay.” Roger said first and grabbed the bow that the boys had made the day before to make a fire with. He grabbed the other two components that he needed, the wet wood which was still there from the day before as well, and the nice dry piece. He did a very good job of it, and in only a few seconds had smoke, and then a few seconds later he had flame. He did get a little over ambitious at first and ended up blowing out the flame, but got it right on his second try, adding small pieces of dry twigs to get it to really catch, adding more and more as he needed before setting it in the fireplace and adding more kindling to it to get it really going. A few minutes later, he had a good fire going.

“Wow, I did it.” Roger said excitedly.

“Yes you did, and pretty damn fine as well I might add.” Sam smiled to the obviously happy boy, patting him on the back as well.

Within about half an hour the fire was more than hot enough to cook over, the stone on the top steamed well when water was splashed on it, so they got some breakfast going. For breakfast they had the eggs that Sam had said were good to eat, some fried potatoes, and lots of fruit. As soon as they were all cleaned up from breakfast, they got dressed for the day.

“Okay, let's make up some snares and go and set them out, and if we meet anything along the way that would make a good lunch and or dinner, we'll shoot that as well. We'll break into two teams again to get twice as much done.” Sam said.

The twins were then showed how exactly to make snares, and as soon as they were ready, they broke into teams. Teddy and Roland were with Sam, and the other three were together. They headed out in two different directions again, setting their snares in prime locations, the twins being told what was and was not a good location to do so.

“Daddy, is that wheat?” Teddy asked almost an hour later.

“Yes, I do believe it is. There's an entire meadow of it by the looks of it, so we might be able to collect more than enough to grind down for some bread. That would be nice. Let's remember how to get here, and then we can all come back later and collect as much as we can.”

“And look over there, there's at least five grouse.” Roland said.

“Are you ready to shoot an animal?” Sam asked gently.

“Yeah, I think so.” Roland said with a bit of a shaky voice.

“You'll be just fine. If we be very quiet, they'll not even notice us, or they'll ignore us. Gently take out your bow and an arrow and get it ready. I'll take the two on the left, you take the one in the middle, and Teddy can take the two on the right. Between the three of us, we should be able to get at least three of them. Teddy, have the others found anything yet?” Sam asked, because he had not told them what the others were up to yet.

“No, just more berries and firewood. Although they've placed all their snares in great places, so we'll probably get a few animals over the next day or so.” Teddy answered.

“Okay. We're all ready, so on the count of three, fire.” Sam said softly.

He counted down to one and they fired, each of their arrows hit their marks, and as soon as Teddy and Sam let loose their first arrows, they were already reaching for and preparing a second arrow. They took aim again, and fired. The two live birds had noticed this time and started to panic, one took flight, the one Teddy was aiming at, so he missed, but Sam's bird was not so lucky.

“Good shooting boys. How are you holding up Roland?”

“Fine I guess. It wasn't as bad as cleaning them yesterday, so cleaning them today should be fine as well.”

“That's good, you'll be just fine. Teddy, please tell the others not to bother killing anything if they see anything, because these are all pretty big, so should provide a good lunch and dinner for today.”

“Okay, done.” Teddy smiled.

“Good. So, now we get to clean the birds and take them back. Hey Teddy, can you tell the others to go and collect more potatoes and anything else that they can find that might go good with roasted grouse while we do this, and meet us back at camp?”

“Okay, done, they'll meet us back there as soon as they can.”

“Thanks.” Sam smiled. He loved the boys' ability to do that, it sure made life easier at times.

When they checked for nests, they were lucky to find two nests in there that had eggs in them, but there were only three eggs that would be any good to them, so they took them as well. They got down to cleaning the birds right away, Sam did two of them, and the boys each did one. It didn't take all that long to complete the task, about half an hour, and they were on their way back. They met the others back at camp within just a few minutes of their arrival, and they had a bunch of fruits and potatoes. They dropped everything off and then grabbed whatever containers they had and headed back to their wheat patch to collect what they could. Sam showed them all how to get exactly what they wanted, and they went about collecting it all. Before too terribly long they all had all they could fit and were headed back to camp.

“So, I know the reason for collecting wheat, but how exactly are we supposed to use it?” Timmy asked curiously, the others nodded.

“Well, there's a few things that we can do with it. We can just clean it and soak it for a while, and then cook it in the morning for cereal, that's pretty good. We can grind it with rocks to make flour to make us a bread of sorts. I'm not so sure we can do that though, because I have no idea how to, but what we're going to use it for is sort of a combination of the first one and something else to make a stuffing for the birds. Not sure how that'll work out, because I've never done it before, but that's the cool thing about this, you get to try all sorts of interesting things.”

“Oh, that sounds cool. We can add some more pine nuts to it as well, and maybe some of those berries that looked like small cranberries, they'd probably go nice in that.” Roland said.

“I was thinking apples, but yeah, the saskatoonberries would probably be even better yet. Ground pine nuts though is a great idea as well. I just wish we could find some nice herbs and stuff out here somewhere. You can find them, but they're more rare.”

“Cool.” The boys all said, already starting to get hungry just thinking about it.

“Okay, Teddy and Roland, take one of the pots of wheat down to the creek and clean it off real well and pull off the hard outer shell. Take the strainer with you to make it easier, so that you don't lose half of it. Once it's all clean, put it back into the pot with a bunch of water in it please. Next take a rock and sort of crush it a bit to break it down some. It doesn't have to be perfect, but get it broken at least a little. Timmy and Roger, you grab the pine nuts and clean and grind them as well using some stones please. Tommy, you grab the saskatoonberries and give them a good cleaning please. I'm going to get started on the rest. Meet back here in a few minutes with everything and we'll get two of the birds on and cooking.” Sam laid out the instructions, and the boys didn't say anything, just got right to work, but stripping down first so as to not get their clothes wet during the washing, like that was a good excuse or what.

Sam first went into the bush and looked up into the branches to find a good suitable green spit rod that he could use, and after five minutes, he found one. It was a good size, and had two natural bends in it to aid in turning the birds. This had been exactly what he was searching for, he knew he would be able to find something, but they weren't always easy to find. He cut it off and then quickly stripped the bark off of it while heading back to camp. Once there he got a few potatoes and ran down and washed them and then threw them in the front of the fire, where it was hot, but not flaming and there were no coals there, so they would cook without burning.

“Okay boys, excellent. Please drain and squeeze out the wheat as best you can, but some moisture in there is still okay.”

Teddy and Roland poured the wheat back into the strainer, and while Teddy held it, Roland pushed down with his hands to squeeze as much of the excess water out as he could. It was poured back onto the pot and handed back to Sam.

“Thanks. Now, one of the eggs, the pine nuts, some mushrooms, and a good handful of the berries gets added in, as well as salt and pepper, and we have ourselves a stuffing that should hopefully taste as good as it sounds.” Sam said while actually doing it, the boys all watching.

They were learning a great deal, but even they were aware that this had probably never been done before, so might not turn out as well as it sounded. Once Sam had it all mixed up, he started stuffing two of the birds, and then used some of the cotton string he had to bind the birds up for cooking, stuffed them onto his spit rod, tied them down to that as well, and then placed it on the holders in their fireplace that they had built in.

“Okay, so now all we have to do is turn it every few minutes or so, and we should be eating in about half an hour to forty five minutes or so. The potatoes are already in and cooking, so we should have an excellent lunch.”

“Cool, we can't wait until it's all cooked, because it sounds like it should be excellent.” The triplets said together, and the twins nodded their agreement.

“Good, I hope it'll be as good as it sounds as well. I've had stuffing a few times with apples and or raisins in it, and it was pretty good, but I've never had it with cracked wheat or pine nuts, so it's definitely going to be different.” Sam smiled.

“Who cares if it doesn't turn out perfectly, I'm pretty sure that it'll be just fine.” Roger smiled warmly.

“Yeah.” The others all said.

They sat around talking and laughing for a while, waiting for lunch to be ready. Every few minutes someone would turn the spit a little to make sure the birds cooked through nicely. A little more than thirty minutes later Sam felt that everything was as cooked as it ever needed to be, it was all removed from the heat, prepared for eating, and then they sat down to eat.

“Hmm, the stuffing is different, not bad, pretty good in fact.” Sam mused as he took his first taste.

“Yeah, it's not too bad.” The boys all said as well.

“Not sure I'd ever do it again, but it's not that bad.”

“I think I'd eat it again, it's nice.” Roland said.

“Same.” Roger added.

“We like it too, but it's a bit too rich for us.”

They continued eating the good food, eating all of it that they had, and then they cleaned up the mess.

“Daddy, can you stay here for a few minutes and come when we call you, we want to surprise you with something?” Teddy asked.

“Okay. I have to go to the bathroom anyways, so I'll be a few minutes anyways. Where am I supposed to meet you?”

“Just follow the trail through there, you won't be able to miss us.” Timmy grinned.

“Okay.” Sam said and headed down to the hole that they had made for doing their dirty business.

“What's this plan guys?” Roger asked, Roland nodded.

“We're horny, and we figured you two would be as well, so we're gonna offer daddy a buffet of butt. Hey, let's grab one of the sleeping bags to make this more comfortable.”

“Cool, that sounds like fun, and yes we are. How are we gonna do it?” Roland asked.

“Remember that log that was laying across the trail? Well, we're gonna lay ourselves over that and present ourselves for penetration. We're thinking of having daddy fuck each one of us and cum in each of us, but we're not sure he can last that long. The longest he can usually go is three times, although we've gotten four out of him once. Five could be pushing it and he could pass out on us, and he's certain to be VERY dry on the last if he makes it.”

“Wicked.” The boys grinned.

“Where's the lube?” Roger asked.

“I think that it's in daddies pack, I'll grab it.” Teddy smiled.

Teddy grabbed the lube, while Roland grabbed one of the sleeping bags, and then they all took off for the log. They got into a chain and circled around and started fingering and lubing each other up to get themselves nice and prepared for the treat they very much wanted and more than a little needed. Within only a few minutes, they all felt that they were ready for the main attraction, so the sleeping bag was laid over the log, soft side up of course, and they all bent over it, chests on the log, feet on the ground, asses presented in such a way that even a blind man could see what the boys wanted. They were positioned Timmy, Roland, Teddy, Roger, and Tommy.

Not five minutes after they laid down and waited, Sam came down the trail to see what the boys were wanting, and like the boys figured, he too thought that a blind man would be able to clearly see what these boys wanted, and furthermore, he wanted to give it to them as well. He went from floppy soft to steely hard within seconds. From ten feet away he could see that the boys were all well lubed and ready to go, so went to the left side and slipped right into Timmy in one long slow push.

“Oh god yeah, that's what we're talking about, do it daddy, make us all feel real good.” The triple threat moaned out together.

“Oh yeah, I needed this as well. I'm still not certain I should be doing the twins, but I'm going to, because you two seem to be needing it as much as well.” Sam moaned.

“For sure, fuck us silly Sam.” They both moaned as well.

Sam thrusted slowly into Timmy for only a few seconds, taking maybe ten strokes before he pulled out and went to the next in line, Roland. Roland also moaned deeply from the slow penetration, enjoying it so much that he couldn't say anything, not that he really wanted to anyways. His deep moans though, as Sam started thrusting, told all that cared to listen that he was enjoying himself very much, and all of them cared very much to listen. About ten strokes later Sam pulled out again and went to the next boy in line. Once again he slowly inserted, this time into Teddy and did the same thing all over again.

As one the triplets moaned out their enjoyment, all of them connected so perfectly that they felt each others pleasure as their own of course. Sam just did his ten strokes and then slipped out and entered Roger, who also moaned deeply. Straight down the line Sam went, and then started all over again. He was in Teddy when he couldn't hold on any longer and had to explode in the first orgasm of their trip. It was a powerful one to say the least. As soon as he came down though he had the feeling that the boys had no intention of him quitting, so continued back down the line.

His second orgasm ended up inside Roger, his third in Timmy, his fourth in Tommy, and his final ended in Roland, however even he was sure that he was dry. The boys all managed to hold onto their orgasms, because with all the starting and stopping, they found that they were barely rising in their orgasms, which suited them just fine.

As soon as his Final orgasm let him go, Sam collapsed to the ground, thankfully it was pretty soft right there, and the boys all got up. All five of the boys were getting very much ready to get off by then, so they all gathered around Sam and grasped onto the boys erection to their right and gave each other a hand. With gasps and pants all around, they each came, and they too came hard, all over Sam's chest and belly.

The fog in Sam's brain had cleared enough that by the time the boys all came, he was able to clearly see their faces as they were gathered around him, and he liked it. They all contorted, they all held their breath, they all quivered and quaked, and then with a violent shake they all exploded at the same time. Sam was actually quite proud of himself to have stayed awake during the sexual marathon, because cumming five times back to back without once stopping was a feat not many could pull off, even if they were in their peaks. He was exhausted though, and wondered just how the hell he was even going to walk. He did however take his fingers and scoop up the meager treats that were spattered across his front. The twins' loads were barely even there still though, they had only just started spurting quite recently.

“Wow boys, that was something else.” Sam sighed, smacking his lips together.

“Liked it a bit huh, we hoped you would.” Timmy smiled.

“Yeah, I liked a lot. Roland and Roger, you know as well as we do that what we do is way more than a little illegal, so of course you must at all costs keep quiet please. I'm not worried about me, I can survive, but I worry about you boys. What would happen to you all if we were ever found out scares the shit out of me, and it should scare the shit out of you as well.”

“Yeah, we know. We wouldn't let any of those assholes hurt us though, just 'cause they think they're trying to help out. We know exactly what happens to kids who have sex with adults and then get caught somehow, it's not pretty. If they even attempted to treat us like the poor little abused boys who had no control, we'd show them just how much control we have.” Roland smiled warmly.

“I'm glad that you're at least aware of the risks. Of course if none of us parades around showing off, or telling anyone about what we share, then there is absolutely no reason that we should ever be found out. Now, I have a bit of a problem, I still can't move. I'm totally wiped out.” Sam grinned.

“We'll help you out, no worries daddy. We're going to help you up, and then we're going to the pool to swim a bit to cool down and relax.”

“We are?” Roger asked.

“Yeah, it'll feel the best for daddy, and we'll all like it as well.” The trio grinned.

“Okay.” Sam and the twins said.

Easily they managed to get Sam standing, and then with him leaning on the boys, they helped him to the pool in the creek where they could all have a nice cooling dip. Gently they all slipped into the cool water and sighed, and then they pretty much just floated and swam lazily around for about an hour.

“That does feel a lot better now, thanks boys.”

“Oh, you're very welcome.” They all grinned.

“I wasn't referring to the sex, although that was incredible, but this just feels nice after all that. I've never cum five times in a row like that, and they were all so powerful, I was quite proud of the fact that I managed to stay conscience.”

“Good, we're glad you enjoyed your little treat. Tomorrow it's our turn though.” Timmy grinned.

“If that was your idea of a little treat, then I'd hate to find out what you consider a big treat, and even though I almost want to ask what you're talking about, it being your turn tomorrow, I feel that I'd be better off not knowing.” Sam grinned.

“You're right, you don't want to know either.” Tommy grinned.

“Yeah, I thought not. Come on, let's get back up to camp. We've left our fire burning long enough unattended, something of which we really shouldn't do.”

“No, we shouldn't, but it had burnt right down, so it should have been safe in the fireplace like that.”

“Yes, it should be safe, but you never know, and the last thing in the world that we want to do is start a forest fire.”

“Very true.” All the boys said together.

Sam walked back to camp of his own volition this time, feeling a whole lot better than he had a while before. The cooling and relaxing swim had sure felt nice.

“Daddy, can we go on a hike tomorrow?”

“Sure, that would be nice. Get out and explore the area a bit more and see if there's anything else really nice around here.”

“Cool. Can we go and find some nice wood to make walking sticks out of?”

“Okay, but I can't believe that we forgot ours at home, because we should have brought them with us in the first place.” Sam said with a laugh as he smacked his forehead.

“Oh well, we can't remember everything, and we can make them easy enough, besides, we remembered all that we had to bring, and that's all that's important.” Teddy said softly.

“Very true. Okay, let's go and find us some good walking sticks.”

“Um guys, what the heck are you talking about?” Roland asked curiously just as the others were about to take off.”

“Oh yeah, sorry about that. Temporarily forgot that this is you boys' first time out here.” Sam apologized and then explained.

Once the boys were okay with the instructions and what they were supposed to look for, they all headed out into the woods to look for the perfect sticks to make into walking sticks. It took a little over half an hour for all of them to find their perfect sticks, and then they were back. The fire was stoked back up and they all sat down and talked and whittled away at their sticks to make them look really nice. They spent almost two hours doing this, the sound of their stomachs reminding them that it was probably about time for dinner.

“Well, these all look really nice, but I think that it's time for dinner. Everyone okay with roast potatoes and fried grouse with mushrooms?” Sam asked.

“Okay.” The boys all said, their hunger now really noticeable and insistent.


All six of them got started on their meal. The boys cleaned the potatoes and mushrooms, while Sam cut up the birds to fry directly on the stone top. Everything was put on to cook, the potatoes first of course, seeing as how they would take the longest. Soon though the birds were put on the grill and cooked.

“With as much as this is sticking, I'm thinking that I should have included some oil in our supplies.” Sam said, getting frustrated by how much the meat was sticking to the stone.

“Why not put a lid over it and pour some water under it, that will loosen the meat from the stone and make sure that it's cooked through perfectly. Marty says that's the fastest way to cook on a grill, steam does the work and it doesn't stick as bad.” Roger said.

“Sounds like a plan to me. Would someone please go and grab a couple canteens full of water, so that we have water to drink with our dinner as well?”

“Okay.” Both twins said and ran off to do as they were asked.

“You know daddy, with how dry and boring the potatoes were this afternoon, I think that butter should have been packed as well. It pretty much is an essential.” Teddy said simply.

“Yeah, I was sort of thinking the same thing as well. The problem is of course that things like that really aren't essential, just nice to have. Although, eating dry potatoes does sort of deem it essential, doesn't it?” Sam grinned.

“Uh huh.” The boys nodded.

The twins were back only a minute later and a canteen was passed to Sam. He poured some water in under a lid that he had procured from his pack and he let it all sit for a few moments. When he lifted the lid to turn the meat, he was satisfied that it had released it's powerful hold and turned easily now.

“Much better, smart thinking, thanks.” Sam smiled.

“No problem.” Roger smiled back.

A few minutes later they were eating their good dinner. They all enjoyed it, but they all reiterated their desire to have some butter for the potatoes. After dinner was finished, they cleaned up quickly, and then sat around for the evening. Just as the sun was setting for the night, just getting dark, they got diapered and ready for bed, put out the fire, and then crawled into bed, all falling asleep quickly.

This morning thankfully no one was waken up by the scream of someone being startled by a morning visitor. They did all wake up at much the same time though just shortly after the sun started rising, it was nice and bright out.

“Morning my little babies, how did you all sleep last night?” Sam sighed.

“Excellent, how about you?” They all asked back.

“The best ever. Well, it's about time I think that we all got up, got out of these soggy diapers, get them washed out and hung up to dry, and then we should get some breakfast made.”

“Okay.” The boys all said, and they all hopped up as one and started pulling off their very wet diapers, showing that they were all hard. Sam just chuckled, but when he removed his diaper, he too was hard. This was something that all the boys eyed with more than just a little lust in their eyes.

“No boys, not right now. We have lots to do this morning before we go and get sexual.” Sam chuckled.

“Aw nuts.” They all said with frowns.

“You'll survive, don't fret.” Sam grinned.

They all walked down to the creek, wet diapers in one hand, canteens in the other, and went and got their cleaning up done. Sam had brought some soap as well, so they all washed their bodies and hair, then their diapers, and finally went upstream further and filled up their canteens.

“I must say that is one way to wake a guy up in the morning. A near freezing cold bath has a way of waking you up like nothing else.” Roger grinned.

“No kidding.” Everyone else said.

“Of course the problem with having a freezing cold bath is that you don't get quite as clean, but at least we had soap, so that helps.” Sam said.

“I certainly wouldn't want to do it at home, that's for sure.” Roland added.

“Me neither.” Everyone else said again.

“Okay, so now for fire, dressing, and then cooking. Once we've gotten our fill of breakfast, or it's all gone, whichever comes first, then we go and check out our traps to see if we have anything for lunch and dinner.”

“Okay.” The boys all said together.

Roger and Roland worked together this morning to start the fire and they had it going in just a few minutes. As the twins were getting the fire going, the others got started by getting dressed, and then got started on their breakfast. Once the fire was in no danger of going back out, the twins went and got dressed as well and joined the others, who were just patiently awaiting the stone to become hot enough to cook on. They got their cereal on the heat a short while later and got the fruit and berries ready to eat as well. Once the cereal was deemed edible, they all sat down to eat, adding their fruit and berries to their cereal to add flavor.

“Hey, that wasn't too bad actually.” The triplets said.

“Yeah, it was pretty good.” The twins added.

“Glad you liked it. Now let's get everything all cleaned up and go check our traps. Same groups as before, since it works out so well.” Sam added last.

“Okay.” The boys all said, and within just a few minutes they were ready to go.

They broke up into their groups once again and headed off to search for their traps to see what they could see. Teddy, Roland, and Sam were the first to come across one of their traps, and it was a go, it had a nice hare in it. As soon as the rabbit saw them, it started struggling once again, but it already looked close to exhausted, so it had been caught for quite some time.

“Okay Roland, now for the hard part. You can do this if you wish, or Teddy or I will do it, but we have to carefully grab it by its hind legs, pick it up and hang it upside down and then slit its throat as fast as you can. That will end its suffering very quickly and allow us to clean it properly, so that we can eat it.” Sam said gently.

“Um, I don't think I can do that.” Roland said, going a little pasty white.

“That's okay. Teddy, would you like to try it this time, you haven't before either?”

“Not really, but I'll do it. Just give me a minute.”

“Take all the time that you need baby, and when you're ready, just do it.” Sam said softly, soothingly.

Teddy took a few minutes and then did it. He quickly grabbed the rabbit, hung it upside down, and amongst the rabbits fighting to free itself, he slit its throat, and within seconds the struggle had ended. He hung it up on a tree branch to let it bleed out, and then wiped his eyes. The other two of the trio had to do the same thing as well, and then had to explain to Roger why they were crying. At least they didn't puke this time.

“You did good Teddy, I know it was hard to do, but you did fine. Are you going to clean it as well?”

“Thanks daddy, yeah, I'll clean it, it was my kill after all.” Teddy smiled weakly.

“I don't think I could do that, it was bad enough watching Teddy do it, I almost threw up.” Roland admitted, still with tears in his eyes as well.

“Just remember to kill to eat is not bad, even though it should hurt, just don't ever let it feel good, but it will get easier.” Sam said softly to Roland and rubbed his shoulders tenderly.

Roger and the other two came upon their first trap themselves and also found a rabbit, so Timmy dispatched it with the same ill ease that Teddy had, Roger also admitting that he had almost gotten sick, and they all had tears in their eyes.

At about the same time Teddy and Tommy started to clean up their rabbits, both Roger and Roland very nearly barfing their guts out at the disgusting sight, but both managed to hold it in.

“That's really gross, how can you do that?” Roland asked, the same question his brother was asking in almost the exact same way. They were both answered the exact same way though.

“Well, in order for us to eat them, we have to clean them, and we do want to eat. It's pretty gross, but it's easier than actually killing them.” Teddy and Timmy answered.

“Oh.” Both boys said.

“Just know that I will never force you to do this, but it really is in your best interest to learn it, because it is a very useful skill that could very well save your life some day.” Sam also added.

“Thanks.” Roland said, another weak smile on his face. He appreciated that he would not be forced to do it, but had already made up his mind that he would do it, just to learn how to, even if it did make him sick to do it. He knew from the triplets that it really was hard, and they had puked because of it as well before, but that they were able to now as well.

A few minutes later both rabbits were pretty much ready to go, so they were brought back to camp, put into a container, the pelts into another with water, and then they headed back out to check on the rest of their traps. Their second ones for both groups were a bust, and in fact Sam's groups trap was not even there anymore, so the animal that it had caught had managed to escape with the trap. Sam and his team found another rabbit in their third trap though, whereas the others found one in their fourth. They decided that they may as well take both so that they had a good dinner, because they all felt that they would be hungry, since they had not had quite enough to eat the previous day.

“I'm going to do it this time.” Roland said shakily before Sam asked the question.

“Are you sure that you're going to be able to?” Sam asked gently.

The exact same questions were being asked in the other group, because Roger too felt that he should try it as well.

“Yeah, I'll manage.” Both boys said at the same time.

“Okay, just like Teddy/Timmy did it then, take your time and do it when you're ready.” Sam and Tommy both said pretty much verbatim at the same general time.

Bother Roger and Roland worked up the courage for a couple minutes, and then with quick swipes and a few seconds, both animals were dead. They were hung up to bleed out, and then when they were ready, the twins went about gutting and preparing the rabbits with the guidance of Sam and Timmy.

“You did a very good job Roland, I'm proud of you. You cried, that's okay, almost expected, and I saw you choke back your vomit, that's okay as well. It's not something that you should feel happy or proud of, but it is something that you sometimes have to do. Now all we have to do is check our other traps and free any animals that they have in them as well as reset these traps.” Sam said.

“Thanks. It was really hard to do, but not as bad as I thought it would be. I hope that this is as good as the triple threat said it will be, because then maybe it'll be worth all the pain.” Roland said, no smile, still looking pale.

“Yes, the taste of a good lunch and dinner does make having to kill for your food easier.”

“And the rabbit stew that we're going to make will blow your mind.” Teddy smiled.

“I'd rather you blow something else.” Roland grinned.

“Come to think of it, I would as well.” Teddy grinned back.

“Later you two horny babies.” Sam grinned as well.

“Aw nuts.” They both said.

They laughed and talked the rest of the way back to camp with their rabbit, which Roland carried. Sam and Teddy grabbed some more firewood on their way back, and so did Timmy and Tommy, because Roger was carrying their rabbit as well. They all met back within just a few minutes of each other, and while Sam got the fire stoked back up, the boys got started on the various things that they would need to make their stew for lunch and dinner. Sam joined the boys in getting their stew prepared once the fire was going good and strong again and cut up all the meat. Within a few minutes he had that in a pot of water to cook for a bit before the rest of the ingredients were added.

“So daddy, after lunch, can we go for a hike?” The trio asked.

“Sure, why not. We've all got our walking sticks ready to go, so as soon as we finish lunch we can go.” Sam smiled.

While they waited for lunch to cook, they went about cleaning up their campsite, getting more water, gathering more wood and cutting and piling it neatly, and talking a lot. It had not been the boys' first choice of things to do while they waited for lunch, but Sam told them to have some patience, that to wait would make it better. As soon as lunch was deemed cooked and ready to eat, they all dished up and dug in and got their fill.

“Wow, that really was good.” Roger said.

“Yeah, it really was worth having to almost get sick to kill them ourselves.” Roland added.

“See, told you.” The triplets said.

“Boys, be nice. Remember, you're still squeamish about having to do it as well.”

“Never said we weren't, but we told them that it was the best stew ever to have very fresh killed rabbits, right from the knife to the pot. You can't possibly get any fresher than that.”

“Too true.” Sam had to agree.

“Okay, can we go for a hike now please?” Roger asked.

“Sure, let's get our stuff and get going. Grab your bows and arrows as well, but we won't be shooting anything unless we have to.”

“Goody.” The boys all said.

They all reattached their belts that had all their emergency items attached to them, put their quivers on and then put their bows across their shoulders. As soon as they were all ready to go, they headed out, this time in a different direction than they had gone before. They followed a trail that had been long ago carved by a creek by the looks of it, but probably hadn't seen real water in many years, but now the animals kept it nice and clear. They had a nice walk for about a mile, just talking and enjoying the sights. They came to a ravine, and then followed a trail that followed the edge of the ravine, but the trail got dangerously close to the edge at times. Unfortunately they found out how dangerously close when Roger all of a sudden disappeared with a scream.

“Oh shit, oh shit, ow ow ow ow.” Poor Roger wailed as he came to a stop about twenty feet down.

“Oh shit, Roger, are you okay?” Sam asked worriedly.

“I don't think so. I'm pretty banged up, but I think I broke my leg, it's killing me.”

“Bloody hell! Well, it wasn't exactly the way I wanted to teach you boys emergency first aid, but I guess nows as good a time as any I suppose.”

“How are you going to get me out of here, it really hurts, but if I move it's lots worse.” Roger said, tears flowing, because he had just tried to move.

“No, don't you move at all, you'll only do more damage if you have broken it. Don't you worry about anything, we'll take care of you.” Sam calmly told Roger, and then turned to the others who were pasty white. “Okay boys, he's going to be fine, but he's in pain. Who has the rope?”

“I don't think any of us has any daddy.”

“Shit, how did we forget to do that, because I know I don't have any in my emergency pack?”

“Don't know daddy, so what now?”

“Well, I know I have pain killers in my pack, so I'm going down to give him some of those. Teddy and Roland, I want you two to go and get me the full first aid kit, a bunch of rope and the tarp. Just throw it into one of your backpacks and come on back. Try to be quick, but don't rush, or you'll just end up getting yourselves injured as well, and that's the last thing that we need.” Sam ordered, and without a word the two boys took off.

“He's going to be alright, right?” Roland asked cautiously as they were briskly walking, but being very careful.

“Yeah, daddy's really good at this stuff, he told us that he has had full paramedic training before, so he knows all about this stuff, and Roger isn't in too bad a shape, or he wouldn't be able to stay awake or talk to us. Trust me, if you're in too much pain, you're body will pretty much shut you down so that you won't feel it.” Teddy said soothingly.

“Thanks.” Roland said, and then they were pretty much silent for the rest of the trek.

“Okay, Timmy and Tommy, I would like for you two to go and get a few good sturdy sticks that we can strap Roger's leg up with, and then I want you to find a few larger branches that we can form a sort of stretcher out of if we need to carry Roger out.” Sam gave the next instructions not seconds after the other two had left. They too were off like a shot to get to their task.

“Roger, I'm coming down to you, but it'll take me a few minutes. How are you holding up?”

“As long as I don't do anything stupid, like move or breath hard, then I'm fine. It's really throbbing though. Take your time though, I don't want my only hope of getting out of this alive killing himself as well.”

“Glad to hear it, and you bet, that's good thinking. At least you're still able to reason, that's a good sign. Even in an emergency you have to remember to keep your head and think rationally.”

“Thanks.” Roger grimaced.

Sam very slowly worked his way down the very steep slope, holding onto tree branches to keep his balance as he went. It took almost ten minutes for him to reach Roger, but he did take a different path down though, so that he didn't knock anything down onto Roger, he was certain that that would not be much appreciated.

“Hey there kiddo, good to see you still with us. How you feelin now?”

“Same as before, but I really could use those pain killers I heard you say you had.”

“How bad is the pain?”

“I don't know, throbbing I guess.”

“Is it so bad that it's affecting your vision or anything, or is it just throbbing in the areas of the injury?”

“No, just my right leg and lower back really hurt, but both my arms are sore as well, and I'm bleeding a bit on my right arm as well I think.”

“Okay, so the pain is not too severe, so I won't give you a very strong dose, just enough to numb it a bit. You're not afraid of needles are you?”

“Not when I need them, and right now if it'll take away the pain, I'd do it myself.” Roger grinned.

“Good man. We'll get you taken care of right away. This will probably make you feel a little strange, but it shouldn't put you to sleep. I want you though to tell me instantly if you start to burn or itch, if you're feeling abnormally sleepy, or anything like that. This is morphine, and some people are allergic to it, but your dad said that you boys aren't allergic to anything that he's aware of.” Sam said as he extracted a new needle in its pack and a small vial of morphine.

“Okay, will do.” Roger said as Sam was dosing out the proper amount for the job that he needed to do.

“Now, are you ready for this?”

“Trust me, it can't possibly hurt any more than I already do, so go for it.” Roger said, but he did look away, really not caring for needles any, so he didn't really want to see it.

Sam quickly injected the pained boy and then put the needle away safely. By the time that Sam had the needle and morphine put away safely again, Roger had already sighed a sigh of relief, so the pain medication had already started to do its job.

“How do you feel now?”

“Well, I can still feel the pain, sort of, it's weird though, it's almost like I'm almost feeling someone else's pain, and I feel sorta tingly all over.”

“That sounds about normal. Morphine just blocks the pain receptors, but it can't remove all the pain. The tingly feeling is sort of like getting a high from drugs, that's normal. I gave you a pretty strong dose, so it will probably make you feel almost high.”

“Not so sure I like that feeling, or the fact that it feels as if everything is moving in slow motion.”

“No, that's why I hate taking morphine or any drugs that make you high as well, I can't stand the feeling, but I think that this is a necessary evil this time.”

“Yeah, I suppose so.”

“Okay, now morphine or not, I'm afraid that this part is really going to hurt. Feel free to scream as loud as you want or need to if you feel the need to.”

“Okay, but what're you gonna do to me?”

“Well, I need to move you and lay you down flat, so that I can examine you more closely, and also so that I know what we're dealing with.”

“Oh, okay, you better do it now though while the drugs are really strong in me.” Roger said, already gritting his teeth.

As gently as he was able to do so, Sam moved Roger so that he was laying down as flat as he could possibly get him, but with his head elevated slightly, and then as gently as possible removed his pants.

“OH FUCK THAT HURTS!” Roger screamed out in agony just as Sam was getting him into position, this was the really hard part, because Sam had to move his leg.

“I'm so sorry that I had to do that to you, I know it hurts, but it was necessary. You should start to feel better again in just a moment.” Sam told the sobbing boy.

“It's okay, it's not your fault, you're just trying to help.” Roger said through his sobs.

“What the hell was that?” Timmy and Tommy both said at the same time as they heard Roger scream out his pain.

“Daddy must have had to move him.” They answered each other.

“What's wrong?” Roland asked.

“Oh nothing.” Teddy said, covering up his shock at what the other two had heard.

“It didn't look like nothing. What did the other two say?” Roland asked edgily.

“Just that daddy moved Roger and that it hurt. He's fine now though. Daddy will have given him pain drugs by now if he's moved him into a more comfortable position.”

“Oh, okay.” Roland said, the edginess slipping away, but he was still in pain to have his brother in pain. He was at least thankful that he and his brother didn't have the connection that the triplets had, or he'd be in just as much pain.

They made it back to the camp in good time, grabbed one of their packs and started loading into it everything that they would be needing, or thought that they could use, and then headed back to where the others were.

Timmy and Tommy had found all the requested branches only a few minutes after they had heard the scream, so they too were on their way back.

“How do you feel now?” Sam asked Roger a few minutes later, he now looked like he wasn't in absolute pain again.

“About the same as before you moved me I guess. More comfortable for sure though, I was sorta feeling like a pretzel up against that tree the way I was.”

“To tell you the truth, you sorta looked like a pretzel too.”

“I bet.”

“Okay, this part is probably not going to feel too nice, but now I have to feel around and make sure that everything is okay. I'm going to start at your head and work my way down, leave the most painful part for last I think, because again, I'm afraid that that's just gonna hurt a lot.”

“Okay.” Roger said softly.

Sam was happy to see that there did not appear to be any head or neck injuries, but Roger's arms were sure beat up and scratched to shit, so he sacrificed his arms to save his head, smart boy. There were a number of scratches, and he was going to be good and bruised for sure, but he bandaged up all that needed it, and then continued working his way down. Roger's stomach was also good, save for a few scratches and bruises as well. Sam then checked the non injured leg and was happy to see or feel nothing of any real concern, just more bruising and scrapes, a couple of which he had to bandage.

“Okay kiddo, I know some of that wasn't exactly comfortable, but now for the painful part. Are you ready for it?”

“No, not really, but you pretty much have to.”

“Daddy, we're back. What do you want us to do?” Timmy and Tommy asked.

“Just leave that stuff up there for now, and then see if you can find an easier trail to where we are, but remember to be very careful, this is pretty steep. Don't worry if it takes a ten or fifteen minute hike to get to where we are, if it's easier to navigate, it'll make it easier on us all later.” Sam called back up.

“Okay daddy, will do.” The boys called back down and then started looking.

“Okay, now for the fun part.” Sam said wryly.

Roger bit his lip and Sam started feeling around. Poor Roger screamed out three times as Sam felt around to see where the problems were and what they were if possible. It only took a few minutes for Sam to complete the exam on Roger's leg, but poor Roger cried the entire time, as well as screamed out the few times that he had.

“Okay, that's all done. There's still another painful thing coming up, but for now, that's it.”

“Is it broken?”

“I think so. It doesn't feel like a terribly bad one though, so we could just be dealing with a crack or a fracture maybe. It's really swollen right now, so that's making it hard to tell. For all I can tell without an X-Ray you could just have a bad sprain, though we'll be treating it as if it were broken, because the last thing that we want to do is have you walking on it or something silly like that if it is broken.”

“Oh, that really sucks. I'm so stupid, if I had have just been watching where I was going, then I wouldn't have ruined our camping trip.”

“Hey, I never ever want to hear you talk like that again! You are a very smart young man, and I'll hear of nothing different. It was an accident, plain and simple, and it could have happened to any of us. The very same thing has happened to me before as well, but I was fortunate enough to be able to walk away with only a few scratches and bruises. As for your ruining our camping trip, no you didn't. Yes it'll have to be cut a few days short, but that's not a big deal. Have you not had fun already and learned even more still?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“No, no guess so's about it, you have had fun and learned a lot already. You're just feeling depressed, and probably are thinking that the others will blame you for cutting the trip short, but they won't, trust me. The only thing that they'll want is for you to be okay, and you will be. Once you're fully healed again, then we can come back and try again.”

“Okay, thanks. Can we come back to the same place, I really love it here?”

“I almost never come back to the same place again, but I have to agree, this is a great area and has plenty of what we need.”

“Thanks. If it's broken, then I guess that means I might have to be stuck in a cast for a little while then huh?”

“Probably yes, but don't worry too much about it, we'll deal with that in time if we need to.”

“But what about swimming? I love to swim and I won't be able to swim with a leg cast on.”

“I did once, it's not so hard. All we'll have to do is make sure that it stays dry. You won't be able to swim as well as you could, but you'll still be able to.”

“Oh, okay then. I'm starting to feel pain again, when can I have more medicine?”

“Well, I probably shouldn't give you more morphine yet, but I have some anti inflammatory and muscle relaxant, so those will probably help as well. I'll have to give you those in two separate needles though. They'll help reduce the swelling and relax your muscles so that it won't hurt as much.”

“Why didn't you give me those before as well?”

“Because I don't like giving drugs unless necessary, and I had to know what we were dealing with first before I just went and shot you up full of drugs.”

“Oh, okay.”

Sam got the two needles prepared and then injected them. These were much slower acting than the morphine was, so it wasn't nearly so fast as Roger had hoped it would be. To help relax Roger more though, Sam changed positions and laid Roger's head in his lap and played with his hair, very nearly putting him to sleep.

It took nearly twenty minutes for Timmy and Tommy to make it to where they were sitting, and Teddy and Roland were only a few minutes behind them, Teddy automatically going to the same path his brothers had found.

“So, did you find an easy to navigate path out of here?” Sam asked softly so as to not disturb Roger too much right now, he wanted the boy to be nice and relaxed.

“Yeah, we found one. It's still not going to be super easy, but it'll be a lot easier than trying to go straight back up this, that's for sure. We also found other and better sticks that you asked for on our way down, so we have them here already.” Tommy answered.

“Good thinking, that sounds good as well.”

“How are you Roger?” Roland whispered into his brothers ear.

“Not too bad. The pain medications and other stuff Sam has given me are making me feel really relaxed and not in much pain.”

“That's good.”

“So, I guess this means that we're going to have to go home early, aren't we?” Teddy said.

“Yes, but I think that it's getting too late to get out of here tonight. By the time we get back to camp and get everything all packed up, it'll be only an hour until dark, and we won't be wanting to do that. We'll stay the night and hike out first thing in the morning.”

“Oh, that sounds fine. And don't worry about it Roger, we don't blame you for this either, we're just happy that you're going to be fine.”

“Thanks guys.” Roger said, sounding a little loopy.

“Okay, so now that you boys are all here with everything that we're going to be needing, we need to get a few things made. First is a stretcher to get Roger out of here. Roger, we're just going to be right over there, make sure and call if you need us for anything okay.”

“Okay. I'm feeling really sleepy now, am I allowed to sleep?”

“That's the effects of the other two drugs I gave to you, so if you can sleep, by all means do so. I'll have to wake you up soon though to do some unpleasant things, but we'll let you sleep for a bit.”

“Thanks.” Roger said, and as Sam slipped out from underneath the boy, Roger closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Sam then went and showed the boys exactly what he was thinking of doing. They made a stretcher that was large enough to hold both Roger and all their stuff, because with carrying Roger, they would not be easily able to carry the rest as well. They used the tarp as the cover for the stretcher, made it nice and large. They built it so that Sam would carry the front by himself, and then the four remaining boys would carry the back together. They made harnesses that would go over their shoulders to make it easier on them all, because they had to carry Roger for quite a distance and over some pretty tough ground, so they wanted to make it as easy on themselves as they possibly could.

“Okay, now that's a pretty fancy stretcher. So next is to get Roger all fixed up and onto the stretcher and get back to camp.”

“Okay.” The boys all said.

Sam grabbed the remaining sticks and headed to where Roger was sleeping peacefully in his drug induced sleep.

“Okay boys, I want you to take these sticks and peel and carve them so that they are nice and smooth against Roger's skin. I'm going to get the rest of the stuff ready that we'll be needing.”

“Okay.” They all said and quickly got to work.

While the boys were doing that, Sam got the bandage material out and ready. Once they were all ready to go, Sam gently woke Roger up, because he thought that it would be more than a little cruel to wake the boy up in a painful way by working on him while asleep. Roger woke up and Sam explained to him what they were about to do, and how much it was likely to hurt.

Using four sticks cut to about the same length as Roger's leg, they positioned one on each side of his leg to hold it good and sturdy, and then got them wrapped into position, Sam showing the boys how to wrap the bandage around the sticks to hold them in place. Roger was well drugged and tired though and barely made any complaints during this, other than a few grunts of pain. Next was to get him on the stretcher though, and that would probably not feel so good either. They gently rolled him onto the stretcher, again with only a few grunts of pain, and then they packed everything up so that they could go.

“Okay boys, kneel down, get your harnesses on, and then using your legs only stand up. Roger's not that heavy, and you're all pretty strong, so with all of us doing this, I think we'll manage just fine. Boys, you'll have to tell me where we're going to get out of here though.”

“Okay.” They all said, and then they did.

It took only a minute, and on the count of three they were all standing. Roger must have been comfortable, because he had fallen back to sleep. Teddy guided Sam back out of the ravine and up to the main trail that they had followed, and then it was pretty clear the rest of the way. It took over twice as long for them to get back out and back to camp as it had taken to go in the first place, but they had to take it slow and easy though to make sure not to jar Roger too much, they wanted him to be able to rest and relax.

“Well, I for one am glad that Roger isn't any heavier than he is, because I'm pooped.” Roland sighed as they finally set his brother down.

“Us too.” The other three boys said.

“Yeah, and tomorrow it's going to be even worse, because the hike back to the truck is longer and a lot more up and down than what we just did, but we'll rest plenty. It's getting close to dinner time I think, and I know I'm getting hungry, so let's eat.” Sam said.

“Yeah, we're not looking forward to tomorrow either, but we're hungry as well, so yeah, let's eat.” The trio said.

Sam pulled the stew from their warming area where it had been set to stay nice and warm, set it on the main stones to get nice and hot again, all while the boys were stoking the fire back up good and strong. Roger was then waken up and they all ate. Poor Roger though had no coordination with all the drugs in his system, so Sam fed him his dinner. Shortly after dinner was finished, Sam gave Roger more morphine to help with the pain, as well as something to help him sleep, and he quickly fell fast asleep again for the rest of the night. The others just cleaned up everything and sat around talking until dark, then they too fell asleep. Roger had been left to sleep by himself in the twins' sleeping bag, and Roland crawled in with Timmy and Tommy.