Chapter 16

Roger moaned and cried out a few times in his sleep, but he never woke up, the pain killers, muscle relaxants, anti inflamatories, and the sleeping medications all seemed to do their jobs to at least keep Roger somewhat pain free and sleeping. The others though did not get nearly as good a sleep, because they were all on a hair trigger to help Roger out if needed, so anytime he moaned, groaned, and or cried out, they all woke up to help him out. Finally morning came, and with the rising of the sun, they all woke up.

“Good morning boys, I'd ask how your sleep was, but I know for a fact it was about as good as mine was, and quite frankly it shows on you all.”

“Morning daddy, it's probably some of the stress that we all felt and still feel about the accident too though, but yeah, we didn't sleep hardly any at all either.” Teddy said softly so as not to wake up Roger.

“Yeah, you're probably right. Well, we may as well get up and get a good hearty breakfast cooked up, but that means the fire has to be built. Timmy and Tommy, you can get that today. Teddy and Roland, you can help me to get everything else prepared.”

“Okay daddy. Can we just stay in our diapers?”

“Sure, why not. They'll hold lots more anyways, and it's not like we'll be washing them today anyways.”

“Yeah, so we may as well wear them.”

They all went about their chores and got them done in quick order. As soon as the fire was ready to be cooked over, breakfast was cooked. When it was ready, Sam took his bowl of cereal and fruit, as well as one for Roger, and went over to wake up the still sleeping boy.

“Good morning sleepy head, would you like some breakfast?” Sam asked as Roger finally came to.

“Yeah, but I'd prefer more pain medications.”

“As soon as we get some food into you, I'll give you some more, don't worry, but food is the most important thing right now. So come on and eat up.” Sam smiled warmly, and then fed Roger.

As soon as Roger and Sam were all fed up, Sam administered the drugs, all of them except the sleeping one again. The boys had already started to clean up as soon as they were finished eating, so by the time that Sam was done his jobs, they were nearly half done.

“Very good boys, you're almost all packed and ready to go. Did you remember to fill all the canteens up with nice fresh water as well?”

“Not yet daddy, we're all going to want to get a good drink before we go anyways, so we can fill them at that time.”

“Good thinking.”

Sam went and helped the boys to finish their packing up of everything, and then they put out the fire, filled up their canteens, piled everything into the area on the stretcher that they had left for it all, and then hoisted Roger up.

“I feel horrible having to have you guys all carry me like a baby.” Roger said dejectedly.

“You're at least diapered for the part.” Roland giggled.

“Oh shut up.” Roger said grumpily.

“Boys, that's enough. Roger, he is right, but then so are we all, and don't worry so much. If it had have happened to anyone else, you would be standing there about to carry their sorry ass back out of here without complaint, just like these guys are.”

“I know, but it's still depressing.” Roger smiled slightly.

“Yeah, I'm sure that it is, but you'll survive. At least you don't have to make the long walk back.”

“Yeah, that's true I suppose.”

And with that, Sam started their way back out of there. Every ten to fifteen minutes they stopped and had a bit of a rest, but they were all doing good. They were starting to get a bit tired by the time they were about half way back to the truck, but they figured that they would make it easily. Thankfully most of the trail was downhill though, or they never would have made it, because a few of the uphill treks that they had to do were the most tiring. Again thankfully the trail was pretty good and clear and they didn't have to navigate too much around obstacles, so that made the trip back pretty easy. It took a little over twice the time to get back to the truck as it had to get to their camp spot, which was actually less time than Sam had figured that it would take, but he was happy for it, because he was getting very sore. He had the brunt of the load, so he was actually feeling it more than the boys were.

“Finally, we're back.” Sam sighed as they all set Roger down.

“Yeah, now we have to load everything into the truck and head home. Are we just going to hit the nearest hospital, or are we going to wait until we get home?” Teddy asked.

“Actually, unless I'm mistaken, they are the same, the closest and the one at home. There might be one closer, but it's in the opposite direction to what we need to get home, so we'd head home anyways, because I don't think it's really any closer.”

“Oh, okay. That's probably for the best anyways, faster and better in the long run.”

“Are you going to call our dad as soon as we get into town?” Roland asked.

“You think I should?” Sam asked.

“Probably not. He has a tendency to panic if he finds out that we're injured.” Roland said.

“I'll still call him, but once Roger is actually in and being examined, so that he does not have to come in and wait as well.”

“Okay, but I suggest that you pull the phone away from your ear after you tell him where we are and why.” Roland grinned.

“Thanks for the warning. Can someone wake Roger back up please?”

Roland took that chore himself and gently woke his brother up with a kiss and a whisper. A few minutes later Roger was awake and happy to be at the truck.

“How are you feeling?” Sam asked.

“A little groggy, a little in pain, but not too bad otherwise, thanks. How are you guys?”

“A little tired and getting sore, thankful that the hike wasn't any further.” Sam grinned.

“It was really relaxing feeling you guys carrying me like that, thanks. I'm sorry that I couldn't stay awake and talk to you guys to help pass the time though.”

“I'm sure it was, but think nothing of falling asleep. Sleep is one of the best things for you right now, it'll be the thing that helps you to heal the best.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Well, now I'm afraid that it might be a little uncomfortable for me to get you from the stretcher to the truck. You'll have to lay down on the back seat, and Roland can sit by your head and you can lay your head on his lap, the rest of us will just have to squeeze in up front.”

“Okay, I'll be fine.”

So that was what they did. Roger did cry out a couple times as Sam was trying to gently maneuver him into the back seat of the truck, and he groaned a few times more as well, but eventually he was in. The rest of them climbed in as well, and then they were off. The trip home was just as long as the trip there was, but they headed straight for the hospital.

When they arrived at the hospital, Sam and the boys all climbed out, and then Sam retrieved Roger, again with a few more cries and groans, and then carried him into the emergency room. Carrying Roger right to the reception area, Sam asked for a wheelchair with an elevated leg attachment, and when the receptionist saw why he was asking for such a thing, she went and retrieved one immediately. Sam got Roger into the chair with another cry of pain, and then got down to giving all the details. They were lucky that it was not busy at the time, and only ended up waiting about ten minutes for a doctor to see them.

“Good afternoon gentlemen, I hear one of you has a banged up leg, I'm Dr. Rogers by the way.”

“Hello Doctor, yes, this is Roger, and I'm unsure whether it is a break, crack, fracture, or just a sprain. With the swelling I was unable to get a good feel of it, but I've been keeping him on morphine, as well as an anti inflammatory and a muscle relaxant. I have the vials with me so that you can add them to your charts. I've got it field dressed as best as we could, we were on a survival hike, so we only had the important things with us.”

“Sounds like you've had some medical training to be able to use that stuff and to even know any of that. Sounds like it wasn't such a good trip though.”

“Thanks, I've had almost complete paramedic training, but the trip was great. Even this was a great teaching tool, just one that Roger didn't sign up for.”

“Well, I suppose if it has to happen, you may as well learn something from it. Let's get his leg unwrapped and see what we're dealing with.”

“Okay. May I use my cell phone in here though?”


“Thanks, I just have to call his dad and break the news.”

“Oh, that doesn't sound fun.”

“Probably won't be.” The twins both said, Roland with a giggle.

“Hey Mike, how's it goin?” Sam asked happily as Mike answered the phone.

“Um, everything's going great here, but why are you calling me? You should be up in the mountains right now shouldn't you?”

“That's good to hear, and yes, we probably should be, but we were forced to come home early.”

“Oh, and why's that, and where are you?”

“Well, that's the thing. We're at the hospital right now, and Roger is being looked at by the doctor right now for a possible broken leg.”

“Excuse me.” Mike almost yelled, but kept it in check.

“Afraid you heard me right the first time. He unfortunately took a tumble and found out that smacking into a tree really hurts. It happened yesterday, but we wrapped him up properly and then I've been keeping him medicated so that he's not in too much pain.”

“Why'd you wait to come home until today?”

“Because by the time we had him all fixed up and got back to camp, we would not have made it back to the truck before dark, which is of course dangerous, as well as we were tired, which is also dangerous, so we waited until this morning to reduce the risk of any other injuries.”

“Oh, I suppose that that makes sense. How is he?”

“He's not too bad actually. He's in pretty good spirits given the pain that he's been in, and he's depressed to have caused our trip to be cut short, of which we all told him not to worry, but you know how kids are. Otherwise everything's about as good as can be expected. If you can sneak away from the house, he'd probably like to see you, but if not, I'll bring him home as soon as we can get him out of here.”

“I can probably be there in about an hour, but I can't leave right now if it's not an emergency, of which it doesn't sound as if it is any more.”

“Then don't even bother, we'll probably be there by then.”

“Okay, tell the boys I love them and tell Roger to keep a stiff upper lip.”

“Will do, see you in a bit.”

“Thanks, bye.” Mike said and then they hung up.

“Sounds like that went better than we thought it would.” Roland said.

“Yeah, he knew that something like this could happen and that I was fully trained to deal with any such minor inconveniences.”

“You consider a possibly broken leg a minor inconvenience?” Roland asked before the others could, including the doctor.

“Sure, he'll survive and probably without even a scar to show for it, so it's minor. Trust me, hiking accidents can be far worse than just a possible break, or even a full break. I lost a buddy a few years ago to a similar accident, except it went straight down and didn't stop for long enough to let him hit terminal velocity. Trust me, if you hit ground at that speed, you don't normally survive.”

“Oh.” All the boys and the doctor said at the same time, but agreeing that compared to that, this was minor.

“Okay, first things first, I think Roger needs a clean diaper, he's getting pretty wet here.”

“Yeah, he won't be the only one, but he'll be fine until we get home. How does it look though, his leg that is?”

“Just from my preliminary exam, I'd have to say that probable sprain, or at the worst a possible crack. With the swelling having gone down and his muscles relaxed, I can feel it better now than you would have yesterday, but I still can't truly tell, so off to X-Ray we go.”

“Well, that's at least good news. Cracked bones on kids heal pretty quickly most of the time, but hopefully it's just a bad sprain.”

“Very true. Follow me please and we'll get Roger all taken care of.”

They headed off to the imaging department and the X-ray was taken almost right away. The doctor came back about ten minutes later, looked at the picture for a few minutes, and then turned to the others.

“Well, it looks like a hairline crack, so that means you're going to be needing a cast. The crack is in the lower front bone in his shin, called the tibia. I'll cast only from the ankle to just below the knee to allow good motion, but still hold it nice and firm.”

“Do you have a waterproof cast so that Roger can still swim?” Roland asked curiously.

“No, I'm afraid not, however I can give you the name to a medical supply store that will carry waterproof tape so that he'll be able to tape a plastic bag over the cast so that he can swim.”

“Oh, okay.”

“I know of a good place for that already anyways, so no worries.” Sam smiled.

“Good. Let's head over to the casting department and then I'll hand you off to someone else to get that part taken care of, and then I'll come back with prescriptions and information for Roger.”

“Okay, thanks a lot doctor.”

They headed to the casting area and Roger was casted up. It didn't take that long for the cast to be made, but Roger cried out in pain a few more times during the procedure. They were in the hospital for a little over an hour by that time, not too bad actually they all figured, and by the time the doctor came back with a pad of prescriptions and another with information, the cast was set and ready to go.

“Now Roger, as much as I know you want to walk out of here, you are not to walk on that leg for at least four to five days. You are to take all these medications as prescribed, and then go and see your doctor in one week to see how things are progressing.”

“Yeah right, walking is way up there on my list of things to do right now. It hurts just to move, I can't imagine what walking would feel like right now.”

“Probably not very nice right about now, believe me.”

“I think I know.”

“Good, you're free to go now, so just take it easy and do as the paper says, and you'll be up and running in no time.”

“Thanks a lot doctor.” All of them said at the same time.

They headed out to the truck, piled in again, this time Roger actually sat down, saying that he though he'd be able to, and then they headed home. On a whim Sam thought he should at least look in the back of the truck to see if all their stuff was still back there, seeing as how it was wide open to anyone that wanted to take it. He had one of the boys check, and thankfully it all appeared to still be there. As soon as they pulled up, Mike was obviously waiting for them, because he came running up.

“So how is he?” He asked Sam as soon as he was able to.

“Small crack in his lower tibia, so he'll be off his feet for a few days, but not too bad.” Sam said.

“How are you feeling Roger?”

“Not too bad. Still in lots of pain, but not too bad now.”

“That's good. Well Sam, I'm almost finished your pool enclosure. We've gotten the main frame all built, and the glass is going to be started tomorrow, and that should only take a day to a day and a half.”

“Cool, glad to hear it. So, I have a few things here for you from the doctor at the hospital that you need, including the list of prescriptions that you'll have to get for Roger.”

“Okay, give it and all the information to me and I'll go get whatever is needed right away.”

“Here you go.” Sam said and gave Mike all the required information.

“Thanks. Now I suppose I'll have to carry my little baby home and baby him all night long huh?” Mike smiled happily, only too happy to actually do so.


“Can you baby me too daddy?” Roland asked almost sadly.

“Of course, what's good for one is good for the other, and I know how you two sometimes love to be babied.”


“Well guys, we'll get out of your hair now then.”

“Okay, you guys have a good night and I'll get all their things unpacked and set aside for them to take home later.”

“Daddy, why not just leave the bulk of it here, they're more likely to be needing it here more than at home anyways?”

“Good point, you boys okay with that?” Sam asked the twins.

“Sure, no point in always taking it back and forth all the time.” Roland answered.

“Okay, then I'll just get your clothes set aside then.”

“Sounds good to us, see you in the morning.” Mike said.

“Bye guys.” The twins added.

“Bye guys.” The others all added.

Mike did take his babies home, he did baby them all night long, and they all loved it. First he removed all their clothes, diapered them up nice and thick, just the way they liked, gave them both a bottle of milk while he made dinner, and then they curled up on the couch with Marty when he got home for the night and watched movies.

“Well boys, now we have to unpack everything, get everything cleaned up and put away, and then get all the laundry into the washer. Once that's all done, it's dinner time and then bath time.” Sam told the boys, laying out the chores.

“We'd rather have dinner first, then clean up, next have a little playtime, and then finally our baths.” The boys said.

“How about we do a little compromise? How about we split into two teams, one team gets dinner cooked and the other team gets the gear cleaned and put away, and then we can play. That will give us more time, we'll get things done faster, which will of course in turn give us more play time.” Sam grinned, knowing the boys would be all over that one.

“Hell yeah, sounds great to us.” The boys shouted, and then automatically broke into the two teams.

“Come on daddy, it's you and me on dinner duty.” Teddy said, grabbing Sam's hand and dragging him towards the kitchen.

Sam didn't bother arguing the point any at all, knowing the boys had already decided what they were going to do. They headed to the kitchen, after a quick pit stop in the laundry room to remove their saturated diapers, and got a good filling dinner started, because they were all very hungry with having missed lunch and having had a very tiring morning.

The other two boys got to work right away as well. They first got the bows and arrows all cleaned up and put away, then got the back packs emptied out, whatever needed putting away was cleaned first and then put in its home, and then all the dirty laundry was hauled into the laundry room and almost half of it thrown in the washer. They removed the extremely soggy diapers that they were still wearing, and were at maximum capacity, and added them into the first load as well. They then headed to the kitchen to wait for dinner, which they already knew of course would be finished in only a few minutes.

Almost as soon as those two sat down, the other two were serving dinner, and they all ate, and ate well at that. They were all very hungry, and it showed.

“Last one to the bedroom......................................gets fucked by all the others.” Sam said, purposely leaving a good pause and staying seated, so that the boys would take off right away and cause him to be last.

“Yippee.” The boys all said, even more excited now and raced towards the bedroom even faster yet.

Sam got off his seat and slowly headed towards the bedroom, making sure to shut all the lights off on his way, because they would be staying in the bedroom for the rest of the night anyways. By the time he made it to the bedroom, the boys were all kneeling on the bed, their little hardons pulsing away, but amazingly enough they were not playing with each other.

“Aw nuts, I'm last. I guess that means I have to submit to all those huge dicks forcing their way into my ass and probably ripping me wide open. I'll probably never be the same, and I'll probably never hold my shit again.” Sam said sadly.

“You wish we were that big.” The boys giggled.

“Well, maybe not that big, but trust me, you're plenty big enough for your age, and you're undoubtedly going to get even bigger yet, more than enough for my ass.”

“True, now slave, center of the bed on your hands and knees, you have a debt that needs to be paid.” The boys growled out.

Sam almost started laughing because a growled command by a preteen boy with a still nearly girlish voice just didn't have the command presence that such an order would require. He did not laugh however, mostly because the order made him so horny that his body was obeying the order before his mind even fully comprehended what was happening. Barely a second after he was in position, he was virtually attacked. Teddy slipped underneath him, face to crotch, and got the best view in the house, as well as taking Sam's dick into his mouth, as Timmy slipped in behind and slipped in the behind without any lube, while Tommy went to the head of the train, namely Sam's head, and slipped his steely stick into Sam's moist mouth. Sam grunted from the quick almost dry entrance, but let's face it, the boys were not that big, and with as moist as his hole was, he was in no danger of damage.

Sam sighed as he was being assaulted from every possible place all at the same time by the three very talented boys, loving every second of it. He had two free hands as well, so one went to Teddy's dick and stroked it slowly, and the other went to Tommy's cute little nuts and toyed with them just as slowly. They were all now moaning and groaning in passion, all knowing that their first round was definitely not going to last all that long at all. Sam couldn't see it, but Teddy was also toying with Timmy's balls as he was slowly making love to their daddy's hot ass.

As they had surmised, their first session hardly lasted any time at all. Barely five minutes later they all exploded in their first orgasm of the night. It was a nice powerful one for them all, and as their orgasms came to an end, so did their energy and they all slumped down, however Sam had to be careful not to crush Teddy.

“Wow, that was nice.” Sam sighed out a few minutes later.

“Yeah, that it was. Give us just a couple more minutes, and then we can start all over again.” The boys sighed as well.

Sam damn near groaned, wondering if he had another one, let alone two loads left in him. It had been a long and very tiring day, past few days really, and he just didn't have the stamina that the boys had. Oh he'd rise to the occasion for sure, there had never been a problem there, but he wondered if his heart would or could hold out for him. A few minutes later Sam was ordered back into position, the boys changed places and got into theirs, and the loving was started all over again. Same way as before, same things being done, same moaning and groaning as before, the only differences were the position of the boys. Teddy slipped in behind, Timmy underneath, and Tommy in front. Sam's hands were of course busy once again toying with the balls of the boys he could reach.

This time when they reached orgasm, they crashed and rested for a lot longer before Sam was ordered back into position. Once again Sam wasn't so certain he'd be able to hold out, but did as he was told, simply because his big head wasn't in control at the moment. The boys traded positions once again, each taking up their final place, Sam's hands went back to their places, and they made even slower and more tender love this time. Given how tired they were, and having had two massive orgasms already, they lasted a surprising amount of time. By the time they all came for their third and thankfully final time of the night, all of their muscles were burning in protest, their breathing was ragged at best, and they were all sweating so much Sam wondered if they would have to change the sheets before going to bed, because he was certain they were going to be soaked.

“Oh my god, we don't think we've ever been so tired and drained after having sex before.” The boys all sighed as they slumped.

“I know I haven't ever been this tired or sore. I was wondering after the first time around if my poor heart would even be able to stand what I knew you boys were going to do to me.”

“We wouldn't have killed you, don't worry. I think that we'd better get diapered and into bed though, because we're getting really sleepy now.”

“Good plan.”

They all got up and as Sam was grabbing the diapers, the boys were fixing the bed up so that they could sleep in it. They diapered each other up nice and thick and snug, just the way they all liked it, and then crawled into bed. They kissed for a few moments, whispered goodnight I love you, and then they were asleep.