Chapter 18

About two weeks have passed since Roger was put into his cast, and he gradually got more and more used to it. He was told that he could start walking after one week, the doctor feeling that he had healed enough to warrant it, and that made him happy. Roger did find though that he had to keep the wheelchair close by at all times, because he did get very tired and sore if walking for a long period of time. He was also happy to hear that he could expect his cast to come off in only another week, but was told that he would have to take it easy for at least a couple weeks after to regain all the same mobility that he had before the accident.

Sam had started all the boys on their school work the following Monday morning, and they were all doing really well at it as well, of which he did expect. He knew that all the boys were more than a little smart, in fact the triplets were damn near brilliant in their deductive reasoning and general skills. He was also happy that when he said it was school time, the boys were all quiet and settled down, and got right to work to get it all done. In this way they were able to get almost twice as much done every day than what they would be expected to do in the average classroom. He was strict with them, but he didn't really have to be, they all really wanted to be there, because they knew the consequences should they misbehave too much, and none of them ever wanted to go back to public school again.

For the first week in class, Sam had them working only on their school work, nothing else. They would get a couple breaks every day, one for lunch, and one just to stretch their legs a bit, and then they also had a physical fitness class, where they would either go swimming or exercise in some fashion in the workout room. The boys were never allowed to be naked during class, they always had to be clothed, not even just a diaper was allowed, Sam wanted no distractions, it was probably for the best. Monday morning, just before the boys were to get started for their day, Sam cleared his throat.

“Boys, you've done very well this past week, so today is no inside class, we're going out somewhere to learn something different.”

“Cool, where are we going?” Roland asked.

“You'll find out when we arrive, don't worry.” Sam grinned.

The boys knew not to bother asking, because they all knew better. Sam instructed them to all pack a backpack with the essentials, which of course diapers were the number one essential of all, but for school trips they always had to have a notepad and pencil, someone had to grab the camera, someone had to grab binoculars, someone had to grab snacks, and another someone had to grab canteens full of water. They always wanted to be prepared, so this list of items was agreed upon early on to save time, and Sam would tell them if they needed anything extra.

The boys were back only minutes later, Sam already had his things packed and ready to go, so he was just patiently awaiting the arrival of the boys. As soon as they were assembled and ready to go, they headed out. It was an almost hour long drive to get to the nearest museum of natural history that Sam was taking the boys, and to while away the time, the boys bantered amongst each other where it was that they were going. Sam actually had to bite his tongue when Teddy actually got it right on one of his guesses.

“Cool, the museum of natural history, that was one of my guesses. I always wanted to go here.” Teddy smiled brightly.

“Yep. Now boys, at all times we are to stick together in here, you are to pay attention, read everything, take notes, take pictures, and most importantly of all, learn all that you can. Tomorrow we will be writing an essay on what you see here, but I have an ace up my sleeve for that, so don't bother starting to write it in your heads yet, because it probably won't help. If you have any questions at all, ask me or any of the people here, they will know almost anything that you care to ask.”

“Okay.” The boys all said happily.

For the next several hours all six of them toured the huge museum, looking at each and every one of the exhibits, learning everything that they possibly could about each and every one of them. They broke for only about half an hour to go and grab lunch, but other than that they just looked around. Their only other breaks were bathroom and or diaper change breaks.

“Wow, that was so cool, thanks a lot daddy.”

“Yeah, thanks so much for bringing us here.” The twins added.

“You're welcome boys, but this was part of your classes, so while it was fun and interesting, I hope it helped you to learn a lot.”

“It did.” They all said.

As soon as they got home, they called it a day, the twins headed for home, Sam and his boys stripped down, made dinner, ate, and then relaxed. About the only interesting thing to happen was that the boys raped Sam for roughly an hour before bed, not that he complained of course.

“Good morning boys. Now, yesterday was our trip to the museum, and today as promised is to be your essay writing day. Each of you has been emailed a specific topic that you learned about yesterday, all the pictures from the trip were downloaded to each of your computers, so I want a fully described and accurate portrayal of the topic that you are to write about. You are also welcome to gather any extra data from the internet that you wish, however, all such data must be notated with addresses at the end so that we can verify the data.” Sam told the boys, laying out the criteria.

“How long does it have to be?” Roger asked.

“Oh yeah, forgot that one. Minimum of one thousand words, due by the end of the day. Oh and you three, no sharing information please, try and do this one all on your own.”

“We'll try, but we don't always do it on purpose.”

“I know, but do try. Now go ahead and start, this will probably take you most of the day, so no dawdling.”

“Okay.” The boys all said, and then first found their topic, and then all the pictures.

They did work all day long on their essays as well, using the pictures in their essays as well for added wow factor to them, and while they did do some research on the internet, they mostly found that the information that they had learned the day before was more than enough. They broke for lunch right at their normal time, but other than that, the boys did not stop their writing almost all school day long. By the time they were finished, all five of them were working the kinks out of their hands from all the typing.

“Very good boys, you're finished almost an hour early. Go ahead and email me your essays and then you may go swimming until Mike comes to gather his two brats.” Sam smiled to the boys.

“Cool, thanks.” They all said, and then fired off their essays before running out the door, stripping as they went.

Sam checked to make sure he got all five essays, and then took his notebook out to the pool house and laid back on a lounge chair and started reading. As he read, he marked things as correct or incorrect. His major problem of course was the fact that the boys were actually smarter in some of this stuff than he himself was, but he at least caught the obvious mistakes, since the boys were never allowed to use their automatic spell and grammar checks. The essays would be sent in at the end of the month with all the boys test results so that they could be properly marked, but Sam could at least tell them if they passed or failed the exercise. Although he was worried about all the technical stuff, all he wanted to see in these essays was whether or not the boys picked up anything. He was able to get two of them done before Mike picked up his boys and took them home, and the two he read first just so happened to be theirs.

“Good timing, I just finished reading the essays that you two wrote, so I'll tell you what I thought now before you leave for the night.”

“Cool, how were they?” They both asked.

“They were both very well done if you ask me. The professionals will mark them for us at the end of the month and apply their true grades, but I think that they were very well done. I give them both a pass. You both had excellent detail, good wording, lots of added information, and from what I saw, most of the technical details were good as well, just a few basic errors. So very good.” Sam smiled.

“Cool, thanks.” They said.

“Yeah, thanks Sam, you're really doing well with them.” Mike smiled as well.

“No problem, it's actually kinda fun.”

“That's good. Well, you guys have a good night, we'll see you in the morning.”

“Bye guys.” The others all called out at the same time.

The next week passed in much the same fashion, with the boys all working hard to get things done. Roger was ecstatic on Friday during his doctors appointment to be walking out of his own free will with no cast on at all. He still had to be careful and had a list of exercises to do, but that bothered him not one iota. Teddy almost also showed way too much excitement when he opened his email on Friday after the doctors appointment to see an email from the Realtor.

“Daddy, I have to go make a phone call, I'll be down in a few minutes.” Teddy said, and then bolted upstairs.

“Well, um, okay. It's a good thing that I wasn't going to bother getting you boys to do any school work this afternoon.” Sam said in shock to Teddy's retreating back. He didn't even bother to ask the others though, because he too knew it was pointless.

“Hi there, it's Teddy, I saw your email, you have good news I hope, you didn't say anything in your email, just to call asap.” Teddy said excitedly as soon as the Realtor picked up his phone. He almost laughed when he realized who it was, he had only just sent the email ten minutes ago.

“Hello again Teddy, glad that you called back so soon, I just sent the email.”

“Yeah, well I've been waiting impatiently ever since for you to email me, so I keep checking.”

“Yeah, sorry it took so long, but as it turned out, it was not quite so easy to do as I thought it would be. It's done though. All the legal crap is even taken care of nice and legal like for you, care of my uncle, as he said he would take care of everything for you boys. You now own a little over a thousand acres of hillside up in the middle of nowhere. I'll email you the exact coordinates of your property now so that you know exactly your boundaries.”

“No way, wicked, thanks so much.” Teddy screeched into the phone, nearly blowing the poor guys ear drums out.


“Oh, sorry about that, was a little excited.”

“I hadn't noticed, but don't worry about it, I'm used to it, I have a five year old, and he can be even louder at times.”

“I bet. So do you send us the ownership papers or does your uncle have them?”

“They've already been sent to him to notarize and are now on their way to you, in fact they should be there soon.”

“Cool, thanks. Well, thank you so much for all your time and effort to do this for us, even when you've never met us in person, we appreciate it.”

“No problem. I do phone deals all the time, so no biggie.”

“Well, thanks none the less. I have some celebrating to do now, so I'll let you go, I'm sure you have better things to be doing anyways.”

“Yeah, I probably do, so go and enjoy your celebrations.”

They hung up and Teddy ran down the stairs to meet the others. The other two of the trio were unable to hide their happiness during Teddy's conversation, so the other three in the room had known that something great was happening, but nothing they could think to try would get the boys to spill it, until they were ready to. As soon as Teddy came into the room though, they did spill it.

“Daddy, we have a surprise.”

“We kind of figured that much already.” Sam said dryly.

“Yeah, but you have no idea what, so now we can tell you, because it's all done. We bought us a little more than a thousand acres of prime vacation land.”

“I'm sorry, you did what?” Sam gasped, and all of a sudden the boys weren't so certain that Sam was happy or mad.

“Just what we said daddy. We used some of our money and bought the thousand surrounding acres to the area that we were camping in. We loved it so much up there that we just had to have it as our forever. We hope you're not mad at us.” The boys said softly.

“Oh sorry boys, you just surprised me is all, I'm not mad. So, you really bought that land?”

“Yeah, we did. We were thinking that we could go up there and camp any time that we wanted to, we could even build us a small cabin or something if we really wanted to. We can do almost anything up there that we want, it's ours to do with as we please.”

“Wow. I've always wanted to have some land like that, you boys are the best.” Sam said, tears actually starting to pour down.

“So, when can we go camping again daddy?” The boys asked excitedly.

“Monday soon enough for you boys?” Sam grinned.

Of course it was. The twins called their dad right away and got permission for it right away, he never even debated for a second over whether or not he should, or whether Roger would be ready for it, because he knew that the boys would be just fine.

So that weekend the six of them went shopping for everything that they would need for their trip. They were not going to make it a total survival week again, but they would gather most of their food from there.

Monday morning six very excited boys left home to head up to their new land to check it all out. They drove up as far as they could, and were pleased to find that the road that they were on led them right to the very edge of what was their property. Their stretcher was still there from the last time they were there, so it was loaded up with all of their gear, and then they took the hike up to their favorite spot. With a fully loaded stretcher, the hike was pretty long, but they were all fine.

They got their stuff all set up and then spent the rest of the week exploring their land even more, hunting, swimming, doing almost anything that they wanted to do. They even fell a few good sized trees so they would dry out, they gathered lots more stones for foundations and fireplaces, lots of stuff. Their week was long and hard work, but they had fun, but were all thankful that their load of stuff going back down was considerably lighter than coming up, because the trek down took even longer due to their fatigue. It was very fortunate this time though that no one got injured, and although they were all sore, Roger was no more sore than the others were.

Mike was pleased to see that his boys both came back in one piece this time and in good spirits, if not a little tired, but that was understandable. More trips up were planned, but they also had to get lots of schoolwork done, but they weren't in any hurry either.

And while the story does go on and on, this is the end of our tale. Over the next couple years, they all went up to their cabin site and built it slowly and steadily, it was really very nice. The boys did excellent in school, even though they took about a week off every month, but they did learn a lot as well during that week. Every test and or essay that was sent in was almost always aced, so that was good. Marty went to culinary school and graduated top of his class and voted to be most likely to end up a master chef, of which he did. He opened a very nice restaurant, and although his talents could have gained it, he never went for a five star restaurant, he wanted a nice family restaurant, of which Sam and his boys helped him to build as silent partners.

Mike and Marty stayed together for their entire lives, Sam and Teddy ended up a couple, Timmy and Roland ended up a couple, and Tommy and Roger ended up a couple. They all stayed living in those two houses side by side for the rest of their lives, one pair going to live with Mike and Marty of course. The boys and Sam did all still have fantastic orgies together over the years, but as time went by, they all found that they preferred to stay with their partners.

Over the years the eight of them all had a lot of fun together, being true friends. Mike and Marty were even taught all that they would need to know about survival in the woods, and although they did not care for it, they did know how to hunt. When the cabin was finished, they even spent many a nice weekend up there with the others.

And that is about all there is to tell, even though the story really does go on and on.