Chapter 2

The next few days the boys and Sam spent all day every day together. They swam a lot, they talked a lot, and they laughed a lot. They learned a lot more about each other, and while Sam was in fact falling in love with the boys, and they knew it, he was doing everything within his power to withstand their charms, and they sure tried.

Sam decided that he wanted to take the boys out to somewhere fun, somewhere that he'd never been himself before. He'd never been to an amusement park before, not for lack of wanting to, he just never had anyone to go with, so what fun would that have been. He wondered if the boys had ever been before, and thought that that was probably a big fat no. So far he had still not seen hide nor hair of the boys' elusive mother. He wondered just how much of the boys' comments were just childish pushing their parents away that every child does at some point, and how much really was truthful. He knew the boys wouldn't lie, but how much was exaggerated. Now he was thinking that none of it was. The boys were there at their customary eight am on Saturday morning, all wearing identical long board shorts and tank top tees, sandals with bared feet, and smiles a mile wide. Pretty much their standard summer wear, except the smiles, those only seemed to truly shine when Sam was around.

“Mornin boys, have a good sleep?”

“Yeah, we played around for almost two hours, and then passed out totally. We were so tired we forgot to get diapered and woke up in a soaked bed again, it was awesome. Although I had a nightmare that I was in a sinking ship and couldn't escape. When I woke up and realized the reason for the dream, I laughed.” All three of them said, alternating words again, it still amused Sam to no end how they did that. At times he just thought there was one boy and he was just having problems with his eyes and was just seeing three.

“I've not even known you three for a week, and this is the second time you've said that you've done that.” Sam laughed.

“Yeah, well what can we say, we're three horny boys that love to play.” Teddy grinned.

“Yes, I bet you all are Teddy.”

“You're getting really good at telling us apart, thanks.” Teddy smiled warmly.

“Once someone gets to know you boys, they'd be able to tell you apart easily as well. Your speech is completely different, your eyes are different, and you all stand differently.”

“Yeah, well you're about the only person that'd want to get to know us that well. So, what're we up to today, swimming and movies again, because we'd like to cuddle up to you again?” Tommy asked.

“Nope, today I have something little more special planned. What I'd like for you boys to do is go and grab a dozen of your diapers, and a clean pair of shorts each, as well as a longer shirt, but don't take those ones off.”

“Huh, what for?” They all asked.

“Just go and do it, it's a surprise. I hope you don't mind wearing diapers in public though?”

“We've done it before.” They said in confusion, but went back to their house to do as they were asked. They were back only minutes later.

“Here you go.”

“You boys go into my bedroom and get each other changed into a diaper, and then come out here, don't bother putting on your shorts, I have an idea.”


They all went to the bedroom, stripped each other, no underwear were removed, they rarely wore it, and then they diapered each other. When they exited the bedroom, Sam saw them and just stared in awe, they were simply gorgeous in only their tanks and diapers. His mouth had fallen open when he saw the boys, and it stayed that way for a few minutes. The boys knew exactly what they were doing, they were posing for Sam, and they could tell he liked what he saw. Finally they walked towards Sam, and closed his mouth for him.

“It's not polite to stare, next time take a picture, or maybe we'll just email you the ones we've taken of ourselves.” Timmy grinned.

“Huh, what! You've taken pictures of yourselves in diapers?”

“Thousands of them, especially in these Molicare diapers, these things are awesome. So what's the surprise?”

“Oh, I'd like that. You'll find out what the surprise is when we get to where we're going. For now, I have some towels here that I want to pin to the bottoms of your shirts to form sort of a diaper shirt for you boys, so that your diapers won't show as much, and then you can put your shorts and second shirts on. I'm already ready to go, and it works perfectly.”

“Really, you're wearing a diaper and diaper shirt as well?”

“Yes, except mine is an actual diaper shirt that I made a couple years ago. If you boys like your modified versions, maybe I can make you some as well.” Sam smiled. He was pretty handy with a sewing machine, nowhere near great, but decent enough to make a diaper shirt with relative ease.

“Wow, that'd be so cool!” All three said excitedly at the same time.

The three boys, with the help of Sam, got themselves situated quickly, and then got dressed back up. Even though the diapers were really quite thick, the loose shorts and the long top hid it well, and with the modified undershirt, no one would ever be able to tell, especially since the small towel was pinned on the insides of their undershirts.

“Wow, this is so cool, we never thought of this before, it's so simple though. We'd all really love actual diaper shirts though.” Tommy said happily for them all.

“Yeah, it is, and okay, you can help me make some tomorrow, we'll just have to go and by the fabric first thing in the morning. Well, I think that we're all ready to go, so throw the rest of your stuff in my backpack here, and we can head out.”

“Okay.” The three of them said again and quickly stuffed their other diapers and shorts into the pack.

They all headed out to the truck and climbed in, and then Sam drove the nearly half an hour to get to the large year round amusement park that their city had to offer. They had all passed it hundreds of times in their lives, but none had ever been there, as Sam was about to find out for sure, not that it surprised him any.

“Wow, we're going to the park, how cool?” All three boys said excitedly.

“Yeah, I figured that we could go out and do something fun, because tomorrow after the shirts are made I'd like you boys' help with cleaning out the attic. It's a mess up there.”

“Sure, we'd help you with almost anything.”

“Thanks boys, I figured you'd be happy to help me with that.” Sam smiled warmly to the boys.

They all hopped out of the truck as soon as they found a parking spot. They still had nearly half an hour until opening time, yet the parking lot was already pretty full. They crossed the road to the park and waited in the line that had to have had already nearly five hundred people waiting to get in. They all queued up in the long lines and stood and talked together excitedly about the fun that they'd have once they were inside. Finally the lines started moving and they quickly made their way into the park. The very first thing that they did was grab a map and find out where a few key things were. They found the family washrooms, where they could go and get changed, where the lockers were, and where a few of the eateries were. They chose a locker that was close to their entrance and to the nearest family washroom, and then headed there to put their bag away.

“Well boys, let's go and have some fun. I've never been here myself, and I've always wanted to try a roller coaster. We'll all have to stick together, or we'll get lost and never find each other again, so if you don't want to ride on a specific ride, you can just sit it out on a nearby bench while those of us that do wish to ride may do so.”

“We're not scared of anything, and we'd like to try all the rides, especially the coasters as well.” Timmy said.

“Cool, boys after my own heart then.”

“Not just your heart, but we already have that.” Teddy smiled slyly to Sam, who just smiled back and shook his head.

They headed to the nearest of the three coasters that the park had, and waited for only a few minutes. This was the parks medium sized coaster, and it looked pretty bloody big to all four of them, but they were all really excited to be going on it. Once it was their turn to climb in, they chose two seats and sat two to a seat, and they were off. They laughed, they screamed, they yelled, and they had the most fun that they ever remembered having in their lives.

“Wow, that was incredible, can we go again?” All four of them asked at the same time.

“Yeah.” They all said together again, so queued back up again and went again.

Once the second ride was done with, they headed to the largest coaster in the park, and rode that a total of three times in a row. Next was the third coaster, but they only rode that once, because it wasn't anywhere near as good as the other two were, almost tame in fact.

“Wow, this is so cool, thanks so much for bringing us here Sam.” Timmy said happily.

“Hey, it's no prob, really. I've always wanted to come as well, but have never really had the money to do so, nor someone to come with. It'd be real boring to come here by yourself I'd imagine. You're not really supposed to ride single on most of the rides, so this way we can all have fun together and talk to someone we like.” Sam smiled back to the boys.

“Sam, you know we love you right?” They all asked softly, they were sitting on a bench, and the boys were as cuddled up to him as they could be.

“Yes, you don't need empathy to feel the love you boys have for me, but I hope you know that it is mutual as well and that I love you too.” Sam smiled.

“Yeah, we don't need empathy to feel that either.” The boys smiled warmly to their man.

“Good, but that doesn't mean that you can have sex with me either.”

“We know, but you'll cave one of these days.” They said confidently.

“You're probably right, but we have lots and lots of time.” Sam smiled warmly, and then broke the loving cuddles by standing up and announcing that he was hungry and could probably use a change.

They headed out to the food area, and they all chose to eat at the same place, so ordered their food and went and found a bench to sit on and eat. As soon as they finished eating, they went and grabbed their bag and then went to the family washroom.

“Okay, you boys go on in and change yourselves, and then I will go in after you and get changed.” Sam offered.

“No, we can all go in together, we promise we won't do anything.” Teddy said softly.

“No, I can't see you boys naked. You have no idea how difficult it is already as it is, you're all ready, willing, and able, but I'm not ready yet, and that will only make it harder for me.” Sam said sadly.

“Yes we do, and we promise that we won't torture you, but we'd like for you to change us, we'd love for someone who loves us to change us for once in our lives. We've never had that before.” Tommy asked softly this time, nearly whispering into Sam's ear.

“I'll do it this once, okay.” Sam said, his resolve slipping away slightly with that one tiny statement.

They all headed into the bathroom together, and then Sam got everything that was needed from the pack, while the boys started stripping off their sandals and shorts. The rest they left for Sam though. Teddy was the first to hop up onto the table, and Sam just went up and got started. He first unpinned the towel that was acting as part of the diaper shirt, and then untaped the soggy diaper beneath. When he removed the diaper, he was almost surprised to see that the horny boy wasn't even hard, but then the more he thought about it, the more he realized that this was a deep seated love thing for the boys. They wanted, no needed this to feel loved like how a parent should love their child. They had never had that, he knew that, so he did his best. Teddy was only about two inches long while soft, had a nice ample foreskin, his balls appeared to be in the process of dropping, but there wasn't a hair anywhere to be found that would mar the perfectly flawless skin. He did see the birth mark that Teddy had told him about on their first day, and it was actually quite pretty. Using the wipes that he had had in the pack as well, he slowly and gently cleaned all of Teddy's diaper area. Once the boy was all clean, he slipped a clean diaper under the boy, taped it up, and then got his diaper shirt situated again. He went through the same thing with the other two boys, and neither of them were hard either. All three of the boys had tears in their eyes once Sam was finished, and they all gathered Sam into a nice tight three way hug, and cried for a few minutes.

“Thanks so much for that, it felt so nice.” All three of them said together again.

“You're welcome. Just let me get myself changed real quick and you three can go ahead and get dressed again.” Sam said, also wiping a few tears away.

“No, we'll change you, but don't worry, we won't do anything.” The boys offered.

“That really won't be necessary boys.” Sam smiled sadly to them.

“Okay, but the offer is always open.” They said, leaving the decision as to how fast things moved up to Sam himself. They all knew he wasn't ready, but that he was fighting it. They all knew that Sam loved them, they all knew he was gay, and they all knew without a doubt that they'd have him sooner rather than later, but they also knew he was nervous. They also knew that because Sam had not had sex in many many years, and the one real time was full of bad memories, that he was also more than a little scared.

“Thanks boys.” Sam said softly, and then proceeded to get himself changed. The boys never turned to give Sam any privacy, and amazingly enough, Sam never turned to get it either. This was about as far as he could go yet, but it was a big step, and even the boys knew it. Sam was also surprised that all throughout the time he had not once gotten hard.

As soon as they were all dressed and ready to go again, they went out and got started on riding rides again. They rode for about four hours again before they were all getting really hungry and wet. They figured that they could hold off on diaper changes for a while yet, so went and ate first. As soon as they were finished eating, they went for their changes again. This time it took less convincing for Sam to change the boys, and although none of them were hard, they were not completely soft either this time. Sam still changed himself, even though the boys did offer once again.

They went back out into the park and played for another almost five hours this time, all having a blast, but this time they knew that they had better get diaper changes first, and then food. This time the boys were almost fully hard, and Sam was having such an impossible time not bending over and sucking all three of the boys until they shot their tiny little loads into his mouth. He was also painfully hard when he changed himself, and the boys sure appreciated watching it all happen.

After they ate some much needed dinner, they went and rode the rides for another three hours, doing the coasters as their last rides of the day. They went back in for diaper changes, and they were all too tired by then to actually be too terribly hard, but they all liked what they saw still. The drive home was considerably shorter, considering there was next to no traffic at this time of night, but all three boys fell fast asleep. Sam just carried them in one at a time and laid them on the guest bed, and let them sleep. He figured that if their mom had not bothered to call by then, that she wouldn't. He had instructed the boys a couple days ago to write a note to their mom and put it on the fridge, telling her where they were and what number to call if she needed them for anything. So far she had not once called, and Sam had still never even seen her.

As soon as Sam had all three boys into bed, he felt that their diapers should hold up, because they were fresh, he too went and climbed into bed. His diaper was good as well, so slipping into bed in just his diaper, he fell fast asleep.

The next morning Sam woke to a nice surprise, all three of his boys were sound asleep and cuddled up to him. They must have realized where they were in the night, and come and slipped in with him. They were all stripped down to just their diapers, so they must have stripped before climbing in, because he had just left them dressed.

He laid there for the longest time, just watching the boys, stroking their bare backs as they slept, and he felt more loved in those few minutes than he had ever felt in his life before. It was these loving feelings that woke the boys, they could feel the love flowing off of Sam like heat from an oven, and they loved how it felt.

“Mmm, good morning.” All three boys said together.

“Good morning beautiful boys, you sure do look peaceful when you sleep.”

“Thanks. We love you too you know!” They all said.

“Yes, I know, and I love you, but what do you mean?”

“We could feel the love flowing out of you. Sam, lay back and relax, we need to help you out.” Tommy whispered softly.

“No boys, that's okay.”

“Shh, no need for words, we can feel what you need, just let us take care of everything for you.” Timmy said.

Sam was about to say something further, but Teddy just laid his lips to Sam's, and kissed him slow and deep. Sam lost every ounce of will power that he had had before that kiss, and just laid back and let was about to happen, happen.

As Teddy was kissing Sam, Tommy and Timmy were on either side of Sam, removing the tapes from his soggy diaper. They removed the diaper fully, and then moved their faces into the groin of the man they loved more than anything. Timmy took the balls, and Tommy took the shaft. Just as slowly as Teddy was kissing him, the boys were working his groin. It was the single most intense feeling that Sam had ever felt in his life, and he wondered how it could ever get any better.

It took only ten minutes for Sam to go into overload and fire off the first of many loads into one of the talented boys, and Tommy enjoyed the thick tasty man cream. As soon as Sam was finished firing, the three boys got into a three way kiss and shared the load between them that was still on Tommy's tongue. Sam groaned from the orgasm, but then groaned even more by seeing the boys share the load in an intense kiss that nearly made him cum again.

“So, how was it.” They asked softly.

“It was incredible, but we shouldn't have done that.”

“Maybe, maybe not. It's only against the law because some people don't believe that boys our age can feel love and want and need sex just as much as any adult needs it. What we did for you, we did because we love you, and you needed it. It was for no other reason, and never as a payback. Well maybe a little payback for how much love you've made us feel, but that's all, we love you.”

“But it's against the law, and if anyone were to find out, I'd be in jail faster than you can believe, and you boys would be forced into therapy where they'd try and make you believe that it was all my fault, that I somehow manipulated you boys into this. I mean we all know that you three are far smarter than I am, and in this case I wasn't the one to have started it, but they wouldn't care any at all.”

“Then I guess we just make damn certain that no one in any way finds out about us. We don't want this to be a one time thing either, any more than you do, admit it.”

“Yeah, you're right of course. Can I suck you boys as well, I've dreamed about it for so long?”

“We thought you'd never ask.” All three said, and then laid down on their backs and waited for Sam.

Timmy was on the left, so he was the first that Sam went to. He removed the very wet diaper, and then went down and sucked the boy gently. He had no staying power though, and within barely a minute, Sam had a tiny tasty treat to savor. Teddy was next, and if anything, he was faster yet, but then it took every bit of strength that he'd had not to cum when Timmy did, same with Tommy, except Tommy had to somehow fight it from the both of his brothers. Sam also enjoyed Teddy's treat, and then went and got Tommy's as well, but that one he got only two seconds after starting to suck the boy. He was simply too close, his entire body was vibrating, his teeth were clenched so tightly it looked like they might shatter under the pressure, and he was sweating buckets. This was also probably the first time ever that the boys did not cum together, because they always had before.

“Wow, do you boys often cum at the same time?” Sam asked once he pulled off.

“Every time. We feel exactly what the others are feeling, so as one climbs, so do the other two. This was the first time that we were ever able to hold off independently, but it was damn near impossible to do.” Timmy admitted.

“Wow, it sure looked hard to hold off there near the end there Tommy.”

“You have no idea.” All three of them said. “It was almost as hard on us as well, because we could feel every second of the pain, but because we had just cum, it was not so bad for us, but we did cum again when Tommy did.” Teddy added.

“Wow. I guess that's one drawback of your gifts.”

“Nah, we don't think of that as a drawback, it can be a lot of fun, especially when we suck in a circle and we try and hold off as long as we can.” Tommy smiled tiredly.

“Yeah, I guess it would be nice. Well, should we get up and have a shower, we all stink a little?” Sam smiled warmly.

“Okay.” They all said, and without a word further being spoken, they all headed to Sam's large bathroom and shower. They were already naked, so the shower was started, and they all climbed in. They washed each other tenderly, none of them getting hard, because Sam felt that this was another thing that the boys felt was too loving for that, something that they had missed as children, being washed lovingly by a loving parent. Once they were all finished, they hopped out and dried off.

“Okay boys, breakfast, and then we head out to go buy some fabric.” Sam said, and for the first time in a long time, Sam left his room completely naked, the boys loving this as well, also staying naked.

They went and made breakfast together, and then sat down and ate, all naked, all enjoying the meal. As soon as they were finished and cleaned up, they headed back to their room to get dressed.

“Can we wear diapers again today?” Teddy asked.

“You'll have to run home and grab some, because we used up all the ones you brought with you, but if you boys do, then so will I.”

“Wicked. I'll run home and grab them and some clean shorts and shirts a well.” Tommy said, and before anyone could say anything, he whipped on his shorts and a shirt and was off.

Not even five minutes later he was back, a bag in his hand with all that they'd need, but he had a lot more diapers than they'd need as well. Timmy explained to Sam that it was so that they could keep a small supply at his house for when they were there. Sam just chuckled.

They all got diapered and then dressed, and then headed out to the fabric store. They got there only a few minutes after opening, so seemed to have almost the entire store to themselves. They looked through a few different materials, and then chose what they wanted. It was a nice thick, soft white cotton material. It was pre washed, so they wouldn't need to worry about shrinkage. Sam grabbed a few more needles for his machine, grabbed a bunch of good sturdy thread, a couple packs of snaps, and some elastic. The boys also found some really thick soft material that was often used for cloth diapers, so asked if they could buy some of that as well. Sam just grabbed the entire half roll that was there, he figured that it would get used, and this way he could make himself a diaper or two as well. He figured that he may as well go a little more earth friendly with some cloth diapers, but he still preferred the disposables. He wondered where he'd get plastic pants though, but figured that he'd worry about that later, since they had no intention of starting them right away anyways. Sam did find some patterns for some shirts that he could easily modify into a diaper shirt, so grabbed one of them, and then they went and paid for everything. After the store visit, they headed back home.

“Well boys, I think that before we start any sewing, that we should go clean up the attic first, that is if you still wish to help?”

“Of course. You've done so much for us, given us so much, that cleaning the attic is nothing.” They all smiled warmly to their man.

“Thanks boys.”

Sam stripped out of his clothes, down to his already slightly wet diaper, and the boys followed suit seconds later, showing that they too were only slightly damp. They headed up the stairs into the attic, and the boys agreed that it really was a large mess.

“I wonder why all this stuff is up here, and why the previous people didn't take it with them? I know it wasn't George's, because he said there was nothing up here, so obviously he never came up. The door was just never opened.” Timmy asked of all the stuff, and referring to the previous owner. The house was a little more than thirty years old, so it'd have had more than a few occupants in its life they all figured.

“No clue. Probably just figured it was all garbage, so just passed it off to the next owners to take care of.” Sam shrugged.

“Well, that sorta sucks, unless we find something cool up here.” The boys said.

“True. Attics can sometimes be incredible places to find interesting treasures, so make sure and search every box, and if you're unsure if something should be kept or tossed, just ask. All the clothes I'll take to the local charities, and most of the other stuff will go there as well, but if there's anything good, just tell me.” Sam said.

“Okay.” The boys all said, and then they each grabbed a box and sat in a circle in the middle, where there was barely any room to do so, the attic really was full, and started working.

The first few boxes were just full of old clothes, some were in really good condition still, while some looked well worn, but it would all go to the thrift stores to be given to those who needed it. A few articles were clearly very old and or fancy, so were put into a separate pile to be donated to the nearest theater that wanted them, because they always needed stuff like that.

“Sam, would twenty pages that say Microsoft stocks on them be of any interest to you, they all say one thousand stocks?” Teddy asked when he came across the pages in a stack of other papers. He had decided to look through them all.”

“Sure, they probably aren't any good any more, but it never hurts to check out, because if there's twenty of them, at a thousand a piece, that'd be worth an awful lot of money now.” Sam said, and took the offered papers.

“Well, they're certainly legal, and from the eighties, so probably when the company first started, I bet they were dirt cheap then. I'll give them to my financial guy and see what he says about them, and then if they're any good, you'll get a finders fee.” Sam smiled.

“No, I don't want anything, I have enough already just in you.” Teddy smiled warmly.

“They're probably not even any good any more, but we'll talk later if we have found something here. Are there any more good papers in there?”

“Haven't finished looking yet, those were near the top, so no idea.” Teddy said, and then looked through the rest of them. He ended up passing over another thirty or so pages of stocks information, all with a thousand stocks on them, all from a few different companies that were still around, and all with stocks upwards of nearly a hundred dollars or more a piece. Sam figured that if all the stocks were good, there would be roughly fifty thousand stocks, and if they were all at an even hundred dollars a piece, that there was about five million dollars worth of papers there. He didn't get excited though, because he doubted they were any good. He did vow to the boys to take them to his financial guy though to check it all out.

They searched the attic, sorted everything that they could, and found many interesting things, but nothing so much as the fifty plus papers that Teddy had found. There were a few antique treasures that would be taken to the nearest antiques store to be appraised and or sold, but mostly it was all just stuff that was either being garbaged or donated to someone. It took the better part of the day for them to finish all the work. They only stopped once for a quick lunch, and then they stopped working at dinner time, deciding to just leave the last few boxes for another day.

Together the four of them made and ate a nice dinner together, and then cleaned it all up again.

“Well boys, you really should be heading home now, you haven't been home since early yesterday.” Sam said sadly.

“Yeah, we probably should, but that doesn't mean that we have to like it any.” They said.

“No, and I don't have to like it either, but you can of course feel free to come over tomorrow morning, and then we'll all go into town to talk to my financial advisor if he can see us.”


All three boys came up and gave Sam a nice deep and tender kiss, one at a time, and poor Sam thought he was going to float away. He was still in la la land when the boys said their goodbyes and headed home, he hardly even said a word, they all smiled.

After the boys were gone and Sam found himself all alone, he figured that he'd get started on making the boys' diaper shirts, but also decided to make himself a couple more as well, since they bought more than enough material for him to make three each for the boys, and there would be at least enough left to make himself two, assuming of course he didn't screw up anywhere. He cut and sewed for the rest of the night, ending up going to bed almost an hour later than normal, but he was having so much fun. It was not hard work in the least, and he was able to complete all eleven shirts in a little over five hours, all he had left to do were to put the snaps on, he had not done those yet, but he was too tired.