Chapter 3

The following morning, before the boys arrived for the day, Sam finished off all the diaper shirts, and then as soon as he figured his advisor would be available, he called. He was able to get an appointment for eleven am that morning, so that was good for him. Sam did have to wonder though what was taking the boys, because normally they would have been there by that time in the morning, it was already nine. No sooner had he thought that though when he heard the boys come in.

“Good morning boys, I was wondering what was keeping you.”

“Morning Sam, we had a bit of trouble this morning.”

“Oh, anything I can help with?” Sam asked.

“Not unless you know of a way that we can fix an insane mother.” Teddy said sadly.

“Oh, you actually got to talk to her today, that's what, the first time in a couple weeks isn't it?”

“Yeah, unfortunately. She came in and woke us up yelling. It seems that she checked her bank account and accused us of stealing almost a thousand dollars. We had to calmly explain to her that we did not steal anything, we had to go grocery shopping, and that if she'd do it like a proper mother was supposed to, or if we ever saw her to ask her to go and buy the things that we needed, then maybe we wouldn't have to do that.” Timmy said.

“And she ripped a strip off of us finally for wasting her hard earned money on that stupid camp by being kicked out early. We got in more trouble when we laughed at her for calling it her hard earned money. We again had to point out that she has done nothing to earn a penny of that money, that it was our father dying that made her rich, and that rightfully that money also belongs to us. We also informed her that we did not want to go to that stupid rich brat stuck up snob camp any more than she wanted to send us there, and that the only reason she made us is because she's too weak to say no to her snotty rich friends.” Tommy added.

“And then we informed her that twenty dollars a week was no longer going to cut it, that we wanted fifty dollars a week each, and the bank card once a month to go grocery shopping properly, as well as to buy new clothes, all of ours are getting too small again. She actually had the nerve to tell us no, so we informed her that it was either that or we sued her and charged her with neglect, and then got far more money from her. She was actually stupid enough to dare us to do it, so we called a lawyer after she left. Problem is of course if we actually do do this, then we will have nowhere to live.” Teddy added last.

“Oh, well I think that some of that was necessary, but the last part might not have been too terribly wise.” Sam said in shock.

“No, we think it was a very good move. It should hopefully cause her to think just a little more about us. We have no intention of actually going to court, unless she forces us to do so, and the lawyer says that we do have a good case. We have a meeting with him at one, do you think that you could take us there?” They all said.

“Okay, so you're pretty much trying a scare tactic against her?”

“Yeah, but with as dense as she can be, it could end up backfiring on us if we're not really careful.”

“At least you're aware of the risks. I'll take you to your appointment, that's no prob, but I'll leave you three to talk to him or her alone.”

“No, we'd like you in there with us, but we'll do all the talking.” Teddy said softly.

“Okay, I'll be there for you. I have an appointment at my financial advisors at eleven, so in between the appointments we can go and have lunch somewhere. Where is the lawyers office anyways?”

“2155 Main St. Fourth floor, so it's in the business section downtown.”

“Well, that'll make it easier, my financial advisor is right next door practically, so that means that we can just walk to somewhere for lunch. Easy enough. So have you boys had breakfast yet?”

“Nope, we came here to eat with our man.” They said softly.

“Good, I'd like to have breakfast with my boys as well.” Sam smiled warmly to them, and then they headed to the kitchen to make and eat breakfast.

“I've got a surprise for you boys.” Sam said after they were all cleaned up.

“What is it?” They asked excitedly.

“Come with my to our bedroom.” Sam said, accidentally slipping, but meaning it.

The boys just ignored that, even though they heard it and understood it well, but they knew that Sam still was not completely ready for them yet. They did follow Sam to their bedroom though, and laying on his bed were all eleven diaper shirts, ready to go.

“Wicked, you made them already?” They asked happily.

“Yeah, made them up last night and finished them this morning. I even made myself a couple new ones as well. Who wants to get diapered and try out their new diaper shirts?” Sam asked, knowing full well the answer to that question.

“Me.” They all said happily again.

“Good, strip!” Sam ordered, and very quickly they all did so, Sam included.

As soon as they were all naked, Sam saw that they were all very hard, so decided that he would start this morning, and pay back the boys a little. He had them all lay on the edge of the bed, and bent over the middle boy and engulfed his erection, it just so happened to be Timmy in the middle, and as he was sucking Timmy, both his hands were slowly working Tommy and Teddy's erections as well. He was stroking all three boys at the same slow pace, but even still, the three horny boys were rising rapidly towards their peak. All three boys were moaning and squeaking, gasping and panting, and then all of a sudden with a small scream each, they all erupted at the exact same time. Sam caught Timmy's load in his mouth, savored it for a few seconds, and swallowed it down. He then licked the mess off of Tommy first, and then Teddy last, savoring each load for a second, and then swallowing it down as well.

“Wow, thanks, that felt incredible.” They all said together.

“You're welcome.” Sam smiled to his lovely boys.

“Now it's your turn.”

Sam didn't get a chance to say it wasn't necessary before the boys hopped up and pushed him onto the bed. They gathered around him and started licking, sucking, kissing, biting and all around making love to their man with their mouths. Sam was unable to last any longer than the boys did before he too was exploding in an incredible orgasm. The boys once again shared the wealth in a nice tender kiss, and then went and kissed Sam tenderly and deeply once they were finished. He could taste himself in their mouths, as he was sure that they could taste themselves in his mouth.

“Wow, now that's how to start a morning.” Sam sighed out a few minutes later.

“Yeah, that's how we like to start our days as well, mind you that's also how we like to end them, and sometimes we need a boost in mid day.” Teddy grinned.

“Yes, I remember those days well. We had better finish getting ready for our day and head out. It's likely to take half an hour at this time of day just to get to the office, and it's only a five minute drive away.” Sam said, then attempted to stand up.

The boys had to help Sam stand up completely, but as soon as he was standing, all three boys laid back down again, waiting for their diapers and shirts to be attached. Sam took only a few minutes to diaper and put the boys' diaper shirts on, and then he was repaid the favor, and the boys diapered and dressed him as well.

“These diaper shirts are a perfect fit, they're awesome.” The boys all said together.

“Thanks, and you're welcome.” Sam smiled as they were all getting their shorts and shirts on to get ready for the day.

Once they were all ready to go, they headed out. It was quarter past ten when they left the house, so they would hopefully make it there with a few minutes to spare. They all talked happily on their way to the business section of town, and the half hour drive they expected actually took almost forty minutes instead, so they had only a few minutes to spare. Luckily enough there were a few spaces in the parking garage next door, so Sam paid for four hours worth of parking, and they rushed to his appointment.

“Hello Sam, good to see you again. How can I help you today?” His financial advisor asked as they were shown in by the secretary.

“Hey Mark, good to see you as well. We were cleaning out my attic yesterday and we found some interesting papers that we thought we should have looked at before we threw them out, just in case.” Sam said, and then handed over said papers.

“You said you found these in your attic?” Mark asked in awe after taking a few minutes to look through them all.

“Yes, that's right, why?”

“Because these are fully legal stocks, they won't have been cashed in, because without these actual documents, you can't, and there will be no name on them, so they're yours. The thing is many of these stocks will have split a number of times, and you could be looking at upwards of twenty million dollars in here.”

“Sorry, what did you say?” Sam asked in shock this time.

“I think you heard me correctly the first time. Some of these stocks are from when these companies first opened their doors probably, and sometimes when a company does well, their stocks split and double, especially when they do real well. There are also quite a few of them here, so the total could be more or less, depending upon current market value of each one. What would you like for me to do with it all?”

“Oh, well, just a minute. Boys, could you wait outside for a few minutes please?” Sam asked the boys quietly.

“Okay.” They all said in confusion, not sure why Sam would ask them to leave, but they did so right away.

“What was that for?” Mark asked.

“Because they would have tried to deny what I'm about to do otherwise. They helped to find it, so they deserve some of it. Sell it all, take your cut, put all of it except for ten percent of the final total in my accounts, and the rest I want you to set up a couple accounts under the boys' names. Split the money between them all, give them each a savings and a checking account. We want the savings to grow, so make it high yield, but fairly secure.”

“Okay, I can do all of that, no problem, but I'll need all their information?”

“I have it all here for you. I made the boys give me all their information a while ago to make sure I had it all in case of emergency.” Sam said and handed over a paper with all the boys' information.

“Okay, that'll make it easier, but tell me, what's up with the boys anyways?” Mark asked.

“They're my neighbors boys, and their mother is sort of neglectful, so they're with me more often than not. I'm going to call them all in now, but please don't say anything to them about what I've asked of you. I want it to be a surprise when you call me to say it's all done. We'll come in and pick up the bank books when you call us.”

“Oh, okay, that makes sense, and no problem. It'll take a few days to arrange the sale of all the stocks anyways, and then a day or so to get all the financial stuff all taken care of. I think that we're pretty much done, other than you need to sign over the stocks, but that takes only a few minutes.”

“Okay.” Sam said, and then took care of all the legal paperwork, to make sure that he'd get all his money that was rightfully his.

“What was that all about Sam?” The boys asked as soon as he came out.

“Sorry about that, but I wanted Mark to do something for me, that you guys wouldn't want to hear, so I asked you to leave. Don't worry though, it was for a very good reason.” Sam said softly to his boys and gave them a nice group hug.

“Okay.” All three boys said, melting into the hug.

“So, let's go for some lunch, and then we can go to you boys' meeting next, we should have enough time.”


They headed outside and found a nearby cafe and ordered their food. They talked as they waited for their food, and then ate once it arrived. Once they were finished eating, they headed to the next building to go for the boys' appointment.

“Good afternoon gentlemen, when you said you were brothers, I had no idea you meant triplets, how on earth am I supposed to tell you apart?” The lawyer asked when they were all shown in.”

“Good afternoon sir, but I wouldn't bother if I were you, you'll not be able to do it, you have to know us well in order to do so, and not even our own mother knows us that well.” Teddy answered.

“But here you have Teddy, Timmy, and Tommy.” Sam said, “And I'm Sam, their friend.”

“Good to meet you all then. Please come in and have a seat.”

“Thanks.” They all said together and went in to take a seat.

“So, I understand that you have a feeling of neglect by your mother, and you wish to sue her?” The lawyer asked as soon as they were all seated.

“Yes, that's correct.” The boys all said together.

“Please tell me about it? You didn't really get too much into it over the phone.”

“Well, it's like this. Our father died when we were very young, we don't even remember him at all we were that young. My mother received a healthy settlement for the accident as well as his life insurance, but we hardly ever see any of that money. Up until we were ten we had a nanny that came in to make sure we were clean, clothed and fed, but after that we were on our own. She gives us each a twenty dollar a week allowance, but we have to use that to eat, because she never goes grocery shopping, since she almost never eats at home. Every so often we are pretty much forced to steal her bank card and go do a large grocery shopping, and occasionally buy a few new clothes, so that we can stock up on the staples and whatnot, and that's actually what brought all this on today. We went shopping a few days ago, and spent nearly a thousand dollars at two different stores, and she actually saw it this time. She got mad at us for doing so, she said we stole her hard earned money, but the way we see it, it's ours as well, and she has never done a thing to earn a penny, probably ever. She's always out with her other rich friends, doing what we have no idea, nor do we really care. We had a pretty big fight over it all this morning, and when she pushed us, we said that we'd have to sue her then and charge her with neglect. The problem is, we really don't have any money to pay you with.” The three boys said, once again alternating words or sentences. The poor lawyers head looked like he was at a tennis match.

“How do you boys do that? It's impossible to keep track of which one of you is talking.”

“You get used to it.” Sam laughed.

“I hope so. Okay, so it does sound like a good case of neglect for sure. Rightfully some of that money is yours if it was your father that died, usually fifty percent, unless there was a will. I can look into all of that for you boys. As for payment, I only get paid if you do as well. What will you do though if you end up charging her with neglect? That would inherently mean that you could no longer live with her, and would have to have another home available to go to, or put yourselves up for adoption and live in foster care. I would very strongly recommend against such a drastic measure though. That's no place to willingly put yourselves.”

“We have an idea as to where we can go, but Sam would first have to agree, and he'd need some money to take care of us. He's not aware of this yet, because we didn't want to shock him too badly until the time was right, but if we can do it, we'll force our mom to sign us over to him.”

“What, no boys, you can't do that!” Sam said.

“Actually, legally they can choose where they go if they wish to, and all parties agree. They are old enough to make such decisions on their own, and as long as no one contests the placement, then legally it can be done. You'd just have to agree to it, and the boys would have to make their mother see that signing her rights over to you would be in her best interest. If she's smart, she'd see that she cannot possibly win a fight of this magnitude. I'll start with all the research into this, and see where to go, and I'll draw up the formal papers to sue your mother for half the money that you were entitled, unless our investigators find a will that says otherwise.”

“I'd love to have the boys, but I don't know if I'm ready to be a father.” Sam said in shock.

“You'll be fine. I mean it's not like we're babies and need diapering or anything, we pretty much take care of ourselves.” Teddy grinned, and they all broke out in laughter, the lawyer was just sitting there wondering what that was all about.

“Where can I reach you boys if I need to ask you more questions?”

“Sam's house, here's his number and all our information that you'll likely need.” Timmy said, handing over a sheet of paper.

“Hmm, okay, this is good information, it'll help out considerably.” The lawyer said after looking at the paper for a few moments.

“Okay then, thanks for everything, goodbye.” The boys said, and then they all left.

“What was on that paper?” Sam asked the boys when they were out of the office and on their way out to the truck.

“All our names, parents included, birth dates, social insurance numbers, drivers license numbers, places of birth, date of death for our father, his lawyers name, and of course your phone number.” Tommy grinned.

“No wonder he looked pleased, but how did you find all that information?”

“We remembered most of it, and the rest was not hard to find.” Timmy smiled.

“Now boys, as much as I'd love for you to come and live with me, that really was a decision that you should have included me in.”

“We know, but we did it that way to save your ill feelings about it all. If we had have done it any other way, you would have said no right away. We then would have had to work you more until you saw that it was the right thing to do, if it becomes necessary, but this way just makes it easier on you.”

“You boys really are too damn smart for your own good, you know that right?”

“Thanks for the compliment.”

“It wasn't a compliment.” Sam said dryly, but smiling warmly to his boys.

“We know, but we took it as one anyways. Come on, let's go finish cleaning the attic, and then I think that we should go swimming.” Timmy said.

By then they were in the truck and almost out of the parking garage. They took the half an hour drive back home, talking all the way. When they got there, they all stripped down to just their diapers, headed back up to the attic, and finished sorting through all the junk. They found nothing more of any value though.

“Well boys, I know we said that we'd swim, but I think that it's dinner time instead, so let's go get dinner going, and then we can sit back and watch TV for a bit.”

“Yeah, we're getting hungry as well. We're going to stay the night tonight though, okay.” The boys said.

“Okay.” Sam said, not really giving it much thought.

They quickly went and made dinner, and then sat down to eat it. As soon as dinner was finished, they all cleaned it up, and then went and cuddled up on the couches and watched a few good shows together. The boys were nearly falling asleep when Sam decided that it was time for bed, it was only just after nine.

“Come on boys, let's go get us all into some nice dry diapers, and then get to bed.”

“We want to play tonight.”

“No boys, not tonight, you're almost falling asleep, and we already played this morning, we don't need to play all the time.” Sam said softly to his boys.

“But we like to, and for play time we can stay awake.” Tommy whined.

“I'm sure that you probably could, but I probably couldn't. I'm getting pretty tired myself. Come on boys, let's go to bed.”

“Okay, if you insist.” The boys all smiled their beautiful smiles at the same time.

“I do.” Sam smiled back and the four of them headed to what was now going to officially be their bedroom.

When Sam changed the boys' very wet diapers, he was actually somewhat surprised to see that they were all soft, so they were far more tired than they had admitted, and they too probably would not have been able to last for very long. The boys changed his diaper for him as well, and then they all climbed into bed, curled up into one large ball, and fell fast asleep, very cozy.