Chapter 4

Please note, the new address to my site is,, thanks and enjoy. The next couple days went by with not a whole lot happening for the four of them. The boys didn't even bother to go home, and their mother never even bothered to call or come by. Sam and the boys brought all of the items down from the attic the next day, loaded it all into the truck in the reverse order that they would be taking it off in, and then headed to the theater first. They took almost everything that Sam and the boys had for them, as well as a couple other pieces of the smaller furniture that Sam was going to be donating anyways, he was happy to do so. Their next stop had been the thrift store, and all the items that were to go to them were dropped off with no problem. Their final stop of that day had been the antique store. They took all of the pieces that Sam had, and paid him a few hundred dollars for it all, probably nothing close to what it was worth, but he figured it had been free anyways. That though was about the extent of their excitement, except for the two times that the boys dragged Sam to the bedroom, not that he resisted much though.

Thursday both the financial office and the lawyers office called first thing in the morning, and set up appointments for them at the same times as the last time, and they were all happy with that. They barely made their appointment at the financial advisors office though due to traffic, but Mark was fine with that.

“Hello again gentlemen, how are you today?”

“We're all great, and how about you?” All four of them asked at the same time, they were starting to do that more as well.

“Wow, quad sound, but I'm doing great. Come in and have a seat, I have some good news for you all.”

They all went and took their seats, and as soon as they were all seated, Sam spoke up. “So, what's this great news, and you can tell all of it as well if there is something to tell.”

“Okay.” Mark said, nodding his head in understanding. “Well, all of the stocks that you had were good, in fact most of them were very good. As it turns out, the stocks from both Microsoft and IBM were very early ones, purchased right around the time that the companies would have started. What that means is that those stocks were worth far more than even I imagined. All told, it was worth a little over forty million dollars.” Mark said happily, and watched as all four of their faces fell in absolute shock. He waited a minute for them to digest that before he dropped the next bombshell, this time on the boys.

“So, that brings us to the next stipulation that Sam requested. Just a little over four million dollars was split three ways, and then deposited into three accounts for you three boys. I have arranged to have a thousand dollars put into a checking account for you boys, and then two hundred a month until you are all nineteen. Sam has been made the chief executer of the accounts, so anything has to go through him, unless changed at a later date. I made myself the secondary for now, since we did not have another, and there should always be two, but you may feel free to change that as you see fit. I also found that all three of you boys had accounts already in your names, so I had those monies transferred to your new accounts, because it is a considerably better one than you already had. There was only a few thousand in each one, and the name on the account was James as the primary account holder.” The boys' faces all fell completely this time, and they were totally speechless. A first Sam noted.

“That was our dads name.” Teddy finally said a few minutes later.

“Yes, I figured as much.” Mark smiled.

“Sam, you shouldn't have done that, we told you not to.” All three boys turned on him at the same time.

“Yes, I do recall you saying something like that, but I also recall you three not asking something rather important that involves all of us as well.” Sam smiled warmly to the boys.

“Yeah, but you did this first, that's why you kicked us out, isn't it?” Teddy said smartly.

“Yes, it was, but that matters not.” Sam grinned.

“Yeah, well now that means you're going to have us for forever, because we are going to push for the neglect charges, unless she signs us over to you.” The boys all said with conviction, and Mark just sat there wondering what was happening, but not asking, because he knew it wasn't his business. He did have an idea though.

“Yeah, I figured that might be your stance, so I won't deny it. So Mark, when do I get my money then, and how have you worked it out?”

“All the money has already been spread about your accounts, and I have arranged for an extra five hundred a month into your checking account, but just ask if you need me to increase that for any reason.”

“No, that sounds about fair, two thousand a month living expenses should be just fine. Of course it seems I'll have three more mouths to feed now, so I may need to increase it to five thousand a month, with how much these three eat.” Sam grinned, smiling to his boys lovingly, and Mark now knew the whole story.

“Hey, we don't eat that much.”

“I know, but I love to tease you boys. Well Mark, if that's all there is, then we should go and have some lunch, and then we have another appointment.”

“No, everything is already taken care of, so go and have a nice lunch.” Mark smiled, stood and shook everyone's hands, and then they all left the office.

They headed down to the same cafe that they ate at the previous time they were there. They all talked excitedly about what had just happened at the financial office, all of them completely amazed at just how much all those seemingly useless papers were actually worth. The boys were also very pleased at themselves each now being a millionaire, and at only twelve years old. They did all swear to each other and to Sam that not one single word would ever be breathed about this to their mother, and Sam had to agree that this was probably for the best. They finished their lunch and then headed up to their appointment at the lawyers office.

“Hello again gentlemen.” The lawyer said as they walked in.

“Hi, how are you?” The boys all asked, Sam holding in the back, this was the boys' game.

“Good, thanks, and you?”

“Great, thanks for asking.”

“Good to hear it. So I called you here today because I found some interesting information, that means a lot of trouble to a couple people. I also checked into what you were asking about, and I will go over all of that in a few minutes, because the other information is far more important.”

“Oh really, what's that?” All three boys asked, leaning forward in curiosity.

“Well, it seems that all of the insurance money and life insurance was actually left to you boys, and only a monthly installment was supposed to have been paid to your mom for your living expenses. However, her financial person, who is now under investigation as well, worked everything out so that it was all hers. We are still investigating if he took money for that or not. We found that your dads life insurance was one million in personal, half a million from work, and then the accident settlement was ten million dollars. Your mother still has a little over eight of that left, so she has burned a little more than three million dollars in ten years, which is pretty bad if she has nothing to show for it.”

“So, she accused us of stealing from her, when it was her that stole from us. Are we allowed to press charges as well?” Timmy asked with more than a little bit of a snarl.

“Actually, I changed it from you boys suing her, to you boys charging her with theft, and wanting payment of every penny that she has to her name, house included, which is in her name as well. As for the second part of what you were asking before, given that your mother will very likely be going to jail for more than a few years, it is almost immediately necessary that you boys have a home to go to. So far we are only in the investigation phase, because we will want to get all the information to the police before formal charges are placed. I have drawn up some papers that you should attempt to get your mother to sign, say whatever you need to to get her to do so, but do not breath a word of the investigation, or she and the money guy will just flee somewhere with it all, and then we'll have nothing we can do.”

“Good, and if you give us the papers, we'll have them here tomorrow for you.” Tommy said vehemently this time.

“Okay, but remember, be very careful, we don't want to spook her.”

“We will, she's not too smart, we're way smarter than she is, so it should be pretty easy.”

“I Hope so.”

“We're sure of it.”

“Well, I should let you guys go, I have a lot of work to do.”

“I'm sure you do, but what about payment for this, how much will you be charging us for this?” Teddy asked curiously.

“Normally my fee is three hundred an hour, or up to four percent of any money received, whichever is lower. However, you boys are getting these services for free, because you've already had far too much of your money taken from you.”

“Thanks, that's very kind of you, but why?”

“Because I became a lawyer to fight just this sort of thing from happening to other people. Many millions were stolen from me in just such a fashion by a corrupt person that was supposed to be caring for me after my parents died, so I don't feel that I have any more right to charge you than the lawyer who helped me out.”

“Thanks, we appreciate it.” The boys all said together, but all knowing that the lawyer would be receiving a nice gift from them when everything was all done. Teddy took the offered papers, and then they all said their final goodbyes, the lawyer saying he would call them as soon as he had any further information. The four of them all left, and headed home.

“Well boys, what do you think about everything you found out today?” Sam asked softly once they were seated on the couch.

“We can't believe the bitch stole all our money from us and was wasting it so frivolously on herself, not giving us even a penny in comparison to what she stole from us.” All three of them said, and then broke down in tears.

Sam just held them and stroked them tenderly, not really thinking that anything that he had to say right now would be appropriate. They cried out years of loneliness and misery for almost an hour, every so often one of them whimpering out the single word, why. Finally they all stopped, wiped their eyes, and then hugged and kissed Sam tenderly, but not sexually, this was about love of a child for a father, and they needed that more now.

“I have no idea why she did what she did boys, I have a few ideas mind you, but we'll probably never truly know.”

“What're your ideas, let's see if we all think the same thing?”

“Well, she doesn't like kids, that much we already pretty much know, so she probably didn't see this as stealing from you, because you're nothing more than a burden to her. The second reason, and I think this is the biggest one, is that she was furious at your father for only giving her living allowance, but giving you boys all of the money. She probably did that to get back at him, as well as because she doesn't like you boys anyways.” Sam said sadly.

“Yeah, that's pretty much our thoughts as well.”

“It makes the most sense really, but like I said, we may never truly know all the details as to why she did what she did. What I do know though is that you boys need to go home for the next day or so until you get her to sign the papers, but please remember not to lose your cool.” Sam said softly.

“Yeah, we should.” Teddy said, and then all three of them gave their man a nice hug and kiss goodbye, and then they were gone.

Sam was almost instantly lonely. He had never had anyone before, he had never truly felt loneliness before, but after just having the boys with him for a few days, and now that they were gone, he did feel lonely, very lonely in fact. He whiled away the time though by making himself an early dinner, and then going up to start sewing a whole bunch of cloth diapers. He knew all the boys' sizes, but there were no patterns for what he wanted, so had to do it all by eye. He made one of his first, tried it on, and deemed it pretty damn good. It was nice and thick, but not overly bulky, it was also fairly trim, so that they could still walk with relative ease and not have it show that they were wearing. He then made a couple more for himself, and three more for each of the boys, cutting all the material first, and then sewing it all together. He did make the boys' diapers about two sizes too large, so that they would not grow out of them right away. He made them with snap fasteners, so it was pretty easy. He still had not thought about what to do about plastic pants, but figured that he'd worry about that later, once he was finished, because he still had more work to do.

Sam went to bed only half an hour later than was normal for him, and slept through the night. He also missed having the boys cuddled up to him all night long, but because he was so tired, he did sleep.

When Sam woke up the next morning, he had a quick breakfast, and then finished off the cloth diapers that he was making. He was almost starting to worry when noon rolled around and the boys were still not there, and he was almost ready to go next door to make sure everything was okay. He kept pushing it off though, and by one he was seriously close to actually doing so, when finally the boys all walked through the door, triumphantly holding a paper that appeared to be signed.

“You have it, wow, but it's about time? I was about to come over and make sure everything was okay, I was getting worried.” Sam smiled at the boys.

“Yeah, it took us nearly two hours to talk her into it, but she finally saw that it would be a very bad idea to not sign it. We told her that we would no longer be suing her, just as long as she signed the papers, which is cool, because technically we didn't lie. We told her that by law we were entitled to half the money, and that if she forced the situation, that we would sue her, and that she'd be very poor by the time we were finished, because we would ask for every penny she had. She yelled at us a lot, called us a lot of really foul names, including dirty fagots, god a we hate that word, and we hate her more for calling us that. She also said that she didn't have time for this, and said she was leaving, but we told her that the police would be called, and the neglect charges would be put forth, and with all the neglect that she gave us, that she'd be seeing the inside of a jail cell for a long time. She must have realized that we were right, and that she was not going to win, so she finally signed the paper. So let's go now, we want this done as fast as possible.” The boys all said.

“I too hate that word, and she had no right to say anything of that sort to you, nor to yell at you for any reason at all. I'm glad that she did sign the paper, so let's go.” Sam said almost as excited as the boys were about that part.

The drive to the lawyers office was excruciatingly long for the four of them, but they finally made it. When they arrived the lawyers secretary informed them that he was not in, but that she had been instructed what to do in this situation. She took the paper and made five copies of it, gave the original back to the boys, and then told them that they'd be contacted in three to five business days to see a judge to make it all legal. They were all pleased to hear this, and left with a spring in their step.

“Come on, let's go for lunch, our treat. Let's find the nicest restaurant that'll still let us in, and we can celebrate.” The boys all said happily as they were heading out to the truck.

“Okay.” Sam said happily as well, not even considering saying that he had lunch, the boys wanted to do this, and they certainly had the money to splurge to buy someone they loved lunch.

It took half an hour for them to find a nice place that would actually let them in the door, they were all in shorts and tee shirts, but the steak house that they found was happy to have them. And the boys were all happy they were there as well, because it smelled incredible. Sam ordered four glasses of champagne and orange juice, and when it arrived, he gave a toast.

“Here's to getting to adopt the three most special boys in the world.”

“And here's to having the most incredible dad in the world.” The boys all said together. They were all teary eyed as they drank down their drinks.

They all ordered their meals, and waited patiently for them to arrive, and finally their first course did. They all enjoyed every crumb of food that was brought out to them over the next hour. They all talked happily during the entire time, enjoying the company more than they were enjoying the food, and they enjoyed the food a great deal. None of them ever remembered having such a good meal in fact.

“When we get home, we want you to make love to us please?” The boys all asked when they climbed in the truck.

“No boys, not yet. In all likelihood you will have to go through medical exams before everything is finalized, and the last thing we want is or your cute little bums to be as bruised as I will make you. I know you have all enjoyed anal sex with each other, but I am considerably larger than you are, so it will hurt, and it will bruise. Also, we don't need to get into that yet, we can just go slowly and get to know each other even better yet.” Sam said softly.

“We never thought about the doctors, and I guess you're right, we can go slow, but would you like to watch us make love to each other?” Teddy grinned wickedly.

“Oh god would I ever.” Sam groaned.

“Then you will get one hell of a show.” All three boys said together, Sam painfully hard inside his shorts while he was driving.

As soon as they arrived to their home, and were inside the door, the boys started stripping. The door had barely even closed. They stripped all the way from the front door to the bedroom, their clothes landing everywhere, Sam just enjoyed the show.

As soon as the boys entered the room, they jumped on the bed, and Sam sat on the end of the bed to watch the show. The boys had been going fast up until that second, but as soon as they were down, they became amazingly slow and tender with each other. Softly they kissed each other, petting each other all over their bodies at the same time. They kept that up for about five minutes, just enjoying each other.

Teddy got up onto his hands and knees, and silently Tommy and Timmy got up into position, one slipping under Teddy so that they could suck each other at the same time, and the other at his ass. Timmy gently probed Teddy's cute little bum for his hole, and started to gently finger it to open his brother up. As soon as he felt that Teddy was ready for it, he removed his fingers and slipped his dick in in its place. Tommy and Teddy had already slipped their erections into each others mouth and were slowly sucking.

Sam was finding this highly erotic, and found that he had to pull his erection out of his diaper, the only thing that he was wearing at the time, and start stroking himself. The boys were amazingly soft and gentle with each other he thought, but he knew that they would not be able to last for very long at all.

Only a few minutes later they shared the first of their orgasms, Sam holding off still, yet still stroking slowly. Teddy stayed in the same position, but Timmy and Tommy traded places, and they all got back to work. Still the boys were as slow and gentle with each other as they could be. The only sounds that could be heard were the occasional whimper or moan of pleasure. Sam was not able to last through the second session of the boys, and just before they finished off, he exploded. That was what had actually caused the boys to go into their second orgasms, because they felt it very clearly when Sam exploded, thus causing them to as well.

Still no words were said, Timmy got into position on his hands and knees, and Teddy slipped underneath and Tommy in behind. Once again they started a nice slow motion, just making tender love to each other. Sam continued his stroking as well, as if he had not just had one of the most powerful orgasms ever, of which he licked up. The boys kept this up until each one of them had made love to each of the others, and all were very tired by the end. Sam had not had quite as many orgasms as the boys had each had, but he was still impressed that he was able to fire off five times, but the last one was almost completely dry, just a tiny bubble.

The entire session lasted a little more than an hour and a half, and the boys looked as if they could seriously use a nap, but then Sam figured he could probably use one as well.

“Boys, that was incredible to watch, you're amazingly tender with each other.” Sam said lovingly.

“Thanks, we're glad you liked it, but we're always like that with each other, we love each other a lot, almost as much as we love you.”

“Let's get diapered and then lay down for a bit of a nap, we're all exhausted.”

“Okay. Do you think that we can call you daddy?”

“Yeah, I'd like that.” Sam smiled warmly to his sons.

They all got diapered up, laid down all cuddled up to each other, and fell fast asleep. When they woke up, it was only a little over an hour later, they went and made dinner, ate, and then went for a nice swim.