Chapter 5

A few days had slipped by for the four guys again, nothing much really happening. The boys mostly stayed cuddled right up to Sam the entire time, all of them telling each other a little more about themselves, not that there was much more that they did not already know. They were all just really enjoying the closeness.

It was Thursday by the time they were called to come in and see the lawyer and the judge, their appointments were for the following day. They had been told to go and see their doctor the day before, and that had been done right away, so now the judge would have all the information he needed. All of them were very nervous, and it showed. None of them had any clothes that they felt were worthy to be called dressy, so they went shopping Thursday afternoon, barely an hour after they received the call, for some nice clothes. They actually had a lot of fun doing that as well.

Their first appointment was to be at the courthouse with the judge, and the boys' lawyer was there with them, and then they'd all go to his office afterwards for their appointment.

“Thanks all for taking the time to come in and see me for this undisputed adoption hearing. This is more just a formality that needs to be done, but I am happy to be doing it. The juveniles Teddy, Tommy, and Timmy Adams have petitioned to sever their relationship with their mother and to be adopted by Mr. Samuel Johnson. I also understand that the boys would like to take the name of Johnson as well as their own. If this is all there is, I am almost prepared to move forward on this case at this time.” The judge said as soon as everyone was ready.

“No your honor, I believe that that is all there was.”

“Excellent. Now, I do have something of the doctors report that I first must go over with the boys, and then we will see then.”

“Your honor, if I may, may I speak?” Teddy asked.

“Of course, this is for you boys, so your input is more than a little valuable at this time.”

“Thank you your honor. If the doctors report has suggested that there is a possibility that we have been anally intruded, that would be true. It is however only by the three of us. Dad knows that we're gay, even our mother knew, probably one of the reasons that she hated us so, but he's okay with that, and we promise that's all there is to that.” Teddy said honestly.

“Well, that was the thing that I was wishing to speak to you about, and I did already know it as well, and about what your mother knew. We had to send someone to notarize your mothers signature, and she told my person all of that at that time, and from what I understand, her words were none to kind, thus I will not repeat them here.”

“Thank you your honor, although she has said the same thing to us as well, hence the reason that once we have everything in order, she is going to be charged with neglect and abuse.”

“Yes, I have those reports from your lawyer as well, and I have already been assigned to that case, seeing as how I am already involved in this one. It saves judges from having to try and learn too terribly much in an already busy schedule.”

“That's good to hear Sir.” The boys all said.

“Well then, that was everything that I had to go over with you, so I will sign everything and send it to the proper people to have your new identification all set up and sent out for you. Other than that, I will see you soon for the other business that we must unfortunately have to deal with.”

“Thank you Judge.” Everyone said, and as soon as the judge stood, they did as well, and then left the office.

Not even fifteen minutes later they were back in the lawyers office, sitting with him once again.

“So, now that the adoption is finalized, we can move forward with getting your mothers illegal actions taken care of, now that it will not affect you boys. We have found all the required information, all of your statements have been entered, and as you already know, the judge has been assigned, which means we already have a date. The subpoenas and arrest warrants actually went out this morning, so your mother and her financial advisor are now currently sitting in jail.”

“Great, so what all are you charging her with anyways?” The boys all asked.

“Theft, neglect, emotional abuse, child endangerment, and a few other things that you boys were not aware of.”

“Oh really, and what is that?”

“Well, it seems your mother was into drugs with her so called wealthy friends, although it looked as if she was not using the drugs so much as dealing them. It also appears as if she were running a fairly decent sized prostitution ring for the wealthy, a dating service she called it, but that's not all we found out. So drug dealing and human trading are in the charges as well. Your mother will be spending no less than twenty years in jail, and that's if she behaves.”

“Wow, no wonder she never had time for us. Where's all the money that she had to have been getting from all of that though, because I would think that she'd have been making tonnes of money?”

“Her financial advisor was funneling the money into various over seas bank accounts, same as he was slowly doing to all of your money as well. It was very tricky to find it all, but we were able to track down most of it. Now that we have their computers though, we'll be able to find the rest of it, assuming of course they have the information anywhere.”

“How were you even able to get that much information?” Sam asked curiously.

“Well, the police have been watching the two of them for a while now and were almost ready to move. We unfortunately found this out in a way that almost got our private investigator killed, and landed him in jail for a night until we were able to get everything worked out. Everything's good now though, and with all the extra information that you boys were able to provide, stuff they could not have possibly gotten, they were willing to move forward as soon as you boys were safe, and that was done this morning as you already know.”

“That's really good to hear. So, her advisor was really in on all of this as well, more like a partner, wasn't he?” Tommy asked this time.

“Yes, we believe that he was her total partner, but when and how they got started together we do not yet know. From everything that we have seen so far though, we have to believe that they have been working together for no less than twelve years, but closer to thirteen, and they have made millions of dollars.”

“And what will be done with all that money that they made?”

“It's all yours.”

“We don't really want all the illegal money, so put the money that should have rightfully been ours to begin with in our accounts, and then donate the rest to needy kids.” Timmy said.

“You boys will have to do all that with your financial advisor at a later date, once you have the money. This could take weeks, months, or years to settle, and until it is all settled, that money has to stay put. However, I am also willing to bet that the judge does at least give you all the money in your mothers local personal accounts to you boys, since that does not appear to have been tampered with, because there were only ever withdrawals from the account, never any money put in. Even the interest money was routed to a different account.”

“Okay, that all makes sense, and it really doesn't matter to us anyways, we already have lots of money.” Teddy said.

“Yes, as I have found out as well. You boys use the same financial advisor that I do, good choice. He's helped me to do well with my money for near on ten years now, and I have always been happy.”

“He's our dads advisor, that's why we use him, but we like him too.” The boys all said.

“Yes, as I'm also aware.” The lawyer said, shaking his head at the amazing statement by all three boys.

“You get used to it.” Sam smiled.

“I doubt it. Anyways, at this time your house has been sealed by the police, but we have arranged to have you go in in a couple days to get what you want out. They wish to search everything first to make sure they have every bit of evidence that we can possibly have. Is there anything in the house that you really need right away, I can ask the police to bring it over.”

“No, not really. The stuff in the fridge is already going to be bad anyways, and that's the only thing we would have brought over right away. We never thought of it before, but as soon as we are clear to go in, we'll just get all the food out, and what few clothes we have. We don't really have a lot after all, since you know who didn't ever buy us much.”

“I figured as much, but we'll get you into the house in a few days or so anyways. Again the house will be yours to do what you want with once all the legal matters are cleared up, but that could take years as well. We're all hoping that of course it won't take more than a month or two, and with all the information we have, it shouldn't take long at all. Oh, just a minute, that's my emergency line, I have to answer that.” The lawyer said and then answered his phone.

Other than saying hello, he never said another word until about five minutes later when he said thanks and bye. He went to his computer, did something, and appeared to the others to be reading for a few minutes. Finally he looked up and smiled to them.

“Sorry about that, it was quite important, and has a lot to do with this case, so I'm glad you're still here.”

“No problem.” They all said.

“So anyways, that was the chief investigator on the case for your mom and her partner. Their lawyers were there as well, and they have agreed to plead guilty to everything, as long as we agree that jail time will be no more than ten years. They were smart to do that, because life in prison, with parole possibilities in twenty years was more than likely had they went to trial. They also agreed to the stipulation that all monies owed to you boys may be paid out. There will still be a court case for all of this, as well as another for sentencing, so if all goes well, it could be finished in just a couple weeks. Now, I am going to leave this decision up to you boys, take the plea bargain, or let them go to trial and let them get what they truly deserve.”

“We think that we should just let them take the plea, but maybe try and get them to agree to fifteen instead, because they're still getting off too kindly. There's little point in wasting so much money on a big long trial if we don't have to.” The boys alternated.

“Very wise decision, I'll call them and let them know that as well, as well I'll let them know who it was that decided that, and why. They'd be smart to take the offer for sure.”


The lawyer took the few minutes to call the others back and relay all the information. He waited on hold for at most five minutes before the other party came back and said that that was agreeable to by all parties, so he relayed that information back to the boys. All were happy with that, well except maybe the boys' mom and her partner, but they should have been. Had they not have taken that, they would have been in prison for thirty five years minimum the judge told them later. The lawyer said his goodbyes and hung up, and turned back to the boys.

“Well boys, everything's all taken care of, and unless anything unforeseen pops up, you hopefully won't ever have to step foot into a courtroom. Hopefully nothing like that does, because a courtroom is not where kids really need to be if you ask me. I'm pleased that so far everything has turned out well for you, but there still could be a few hurdles to jump, but all should go well. I'll be giving you all a call once everything has been fully released to you, or if we need you for anything else, but otherwise, you're free to go.”

“Thanks so much for all your help, it has been greatly appreciated. If ever we need the services of a lawyer in our future, we will certainly give you a call.”

“You're very welcome boys, any time that I can be of service, just make sure and call me, and I'll do what I can to help out.” He smiled warmly to the boys.

“Bye.” Everyone said, and the four of them left the lawyers office.

“Well, I don't know about you boys, but some of that information was certainly a bit of a shock. How are you holding up?” Sam asked once they were in the truck and headed back towards home.

“It was a bit of a shock, yes, but we're doing great, we have the worlds bestest daddy.” The boys grinned.

“Thanks, and I have the worlds bestest boys. You know what, we're all dressed up, we have something great to celebrate, so tonight it's my treat, and I say we find the biggest, bestest, snootiest place there is in this city, and find out why they say five star eating is the only way to go.”

“Okay.” The boys all said happily.

So they headed to a place that Sam had once heard about that had the best, and highest priced food around. They had stopped there before once, but were turned away at the door for not wearing a suit, today they were though, so were let in. It was still just a little before the normal dinner crowd would start to arrive, so they were shown to a seat almost right away.

Right away they all noticed something when they received their menus, there were no prices, and Sam knew that that certainly spelled trouble, but he wasn't going to complain. The boys did ask though, and he told them as well to not worry about it, but to expect that this meal would be two to three hundred dollars, or more by the time they finished. Their waiter came by and took their drink orders, and once again Sam ordered champagne and orange juice, so of course had to explain the reason for the celebration. They were all of course congratulated. A few minutes after their drinks were brought out, he came back and took their orders. They were each asked what they wanted to start, then what soup, then of course their salad, their entree, and then finally their dessert. Over the next hour and a half, the four of them well found out the reason that five star dining really was the way to go. Everything was cooked to perfection, it tasted so good that they all wanted to lick their plates, but knew that that probably would not be well received. Dessert though was out of this world if you would have asked them, and when the waiter did ask, that's what he was told, he of course smiled and said of course. When their bill came out, Sam was almost not surprised to see the total at almost three hundred and fifty dollars, and the boys all took sharp intakes of breath. Sam just grinned at the boys, told them this was a treat, and to certainly not expect it too terribly often, they for some reason agreed. They left a fifty dollar tip on the table, gave the money for the food to their waiter, and headed home for the night.

“Daddy, we want you to make love to us tonight, please?” The boys all asked once they were safely at home.

“But we haven't even started to prepare you boys for my larger size. You're used to each other, but you're not nearly so large as I am, yet. Not tonight, however, I would love for you to all make love to me instead, and while we're doing that, we can start working your cute little bums, okay.”

“Yeah, we thought you might say no, but that sounds almost as good.” They all grinned and said.

“That's good. You'll still have to prepare me slowly for initial entrance, because even though you boys aren't huge, you're still more than big enough to hurt me, and I'm practically a virgin back there.”

“Oh, we'll enjoy that, trust us.”

Sam was almost afraid of the sinister look that he received from the boys with that simple statement. He just let it go though and turned towards their bedroom, stripping as he went. The boys followed suit, stripping as they headed towards their bedroom. As they made it there, they were all naked and hard, and ready for action.

“Okay boys, I'm going to lay on my back with my bum over the edge, who's ever turn it is can just stand and enjoy, and I want one of you squatted over my face so that I can give you all nice rim jobs and start fingering you. Remember though, you need to prepare me a little bit as well, lube's in the end table.” Sam said gently.

The three boys just grinned happily and did as they were told. Teddy came and squatted over his daddies face, Timmy grabbed the lube, and he and Tommy started preparing daddies almost virgin ass for their intrusion. The boys had rimmed and tongued each other plenty of times in the past, so this was nothing new to Teddy, but Sam's tongue was certainly a lot larger, and was doing things to him that he was not used to. Teddy had started an almost instantaneous moaning, which of course turned all three of the others on even more.

Sam had never done this to anyone before, but he new his boys were always nice and clean, they were nearly religious about that, but they did this to each other often enough to know that none of them wanted to taste filth. He was however enjoying giving Teddy his pleasure just as much as Teddy was at getting it. It didn't take long at all for Sam to have his tongue darting in and out of Teddy's incredible ass, nearly as far as Sam could send it. The boy was so hot and horny, so relaxed, that Sam was easily able to slip one of his fingers in as well, which caused Teddy to moan and groan even more. His own hand was mauling his erection with a fury that Sam had never seen before, and thought that Teddy might hurt himself, so removed his hand and did the rest for him, nice and slow and gentle.

Meanwhile the two boys working his ass for penetration were working together, slowly preparing their daddy for their ultimate love. Each of them had one lubricated finger inside him, twisting, turning, easing them in and out slowly. After not even two minutes of this, they each added a second finger, and Sam groaned deeply into Teddy's ass, which of course made Teddy groan even more as well. As Tommy and Timmy were fingering Sam, loosening him up, they were kissing quite passionately, barely watching what they were doing.

Tommy was the first to step into position and slip inside of Sam's hot wet ass, and even though he was considerably older and larger than the boys were, his ass was even more tight than theirs were Tommy noted, so the other two knew it immediately as well. He started a nice gentle motion in and out of Sam, just truly enjoying the feelings. Sam though thought that this was absolutely incredible, the most intense feelings that he could ever hope for.

Timmy was sitting on the bed, toying with everyone's nuts one at a time as he stroked himself slowly, enjoying the incredible show in front of him. It was too much for everyone though, it just felt too good, and their last orgasms were too long ago, it all combined into one massive shared orgasm. At almost the exact same moment all four of them fired off at the same time. Timmy knew it was cumming, so bent down to suck Sam's load out as it erupted, really toying with his balls at that moment, to really get a nice treat.

As one they collapsed for a few minutes and rested. They just lay there, panting and gasping, getting their breath back, petting each other lovingly.

“Wow, that was way more incredible than I ever thought it would be.” Sam sighed out.

“For sure. We always hoped that our first time getting to make love to someone else was as nice, but it was way more than that. We love you so much.” All three boys sighed out together again.

“Who's up next then, trade places, I still have a couple loads left in me easily?” Sam grinned.

“Goody.” They all said and traded places.

Timmy took up position over Sam's face, Teddy at his ass, and Tommy watching on the sidelines, feeling everyone as well as himself. Sam was of course now well prepared for entrance, so Teddy was able to slip right in and start off right away. Sam started tonguing and fingering Timmy immediately, and he enjoyed it just as much as Teddy had before him, not that they hadn't all felt it anyways.

They lasted a little longer this time, almost ten minutes before they had yet another very strong orgasm, this time Tommy getting to enjoy his daddies nice tasty load, albeit slightly smaller. Once they were rested up slightly, they traded places yet again, and started all over. This time they lasted for almost fifteen minutes, and with that final cum, they were all almost glad that they were finished for the night, because they were getting very tired.

“My god my babies, you sure know how to wear a guy out. That was the most incredible thing I've ever experienced in my life. I think that we better get ourselves all diapered and ready for bed, before we all pass out and piss the bed all night long.”

“And thank you as well, it was just as good for us too.” The boys all smiled warmly.

They diapered each other lovingly, slipped into bed, after fixing the sheets, pulled the blankets up, cuddled up together, and then passed out after some tender kisses goodnight.