Chapter 6

Almost exactly three weeks later the lawyer called the boys back to tell them that everything was all settled, and that all monies were released to them, the house was fully released, and they could now do with it what they pleased. The boys were told that their ex mother was now in prison, and that was where she would be staying for many years. They had their appointment with the financial advisor once all the money was theirs, and he routed everything to where it was to go to do the best for them. Almost five million though was donated to three different children's charities throughout the city under their names, they only kept the eleven plus million that should have been theirs to begin with, although some of that money was kept as well to pay the lawyer.

Over the past few weeks, even though the boys pleaded almost daily for Sam to make love to them, he had still not done so. He was adamant that they still needed more stretching and time, but he sure did enjoy them making love to him though. He did tell the boys that they would soon be able to enjoy just as much as he did, because they were almost able to take three of his fingers with ease, but the fourth still hurt them too much, and he knew that with his thickness, they'd have to at least be able to take that much.

Now that everything was all taken care of, Sam was getting the urge to go camping and boating. He had not even had a chance yet to use his brand new toys. Hell, he hadn't even stocked up his trailer and boat yet at all.

“Hey boys, now that all the legal shit is over with, and we no longer have to worry about receiving important phone calls, how would you like to go camping?”

“We've never been before, is it any fun?”

“It can be a lot of fun, especially when we're gonna go to where I plan to take us. It's a fairly small lake about four hours north of here, there's exactly two campsites on it, and almost no one knows about it at all. I found out about it a few years back from a co worker, and I went there. It was the most beautiful place I've ever seen before. I say that we go for a week or two and just relax and have some fun.”

“We're game, it does sound nice though.”

“What that means though is that we have to do a lot of shopping. We're going to have to buy all the supplies for the trailer and boat, because I still haven't, just bought the units themselves, and then we have to go grocery shopping. Also, we're really going to need to find someone who carries plastic pants for our cloth diapers, because we still haven't bought any for the diapers I made, and we haven't even tried them out. We've just all been enjoying the disposables lately.”

“Cool, let's go then.” The boys all said excitedly.

“I'd ask if you all want to stay diapered up, but I know that answer already, so let's go get our soggy diapers changed.” Sam said. They had just finished breakfast and were all still in their soggy night diapers.

They all ran to their bedroom and changed each other lovingly. They headed out almost as soon as they were changed, just barely remembering to pack a diaper bag to take along. They packed their extra diapers, a spare diaper shirt and an extra pair of pants each into the bag, and then headed out. Their first stop was the medical supply store that they bought their diapers from.

“Hello again, do you carry plastic pants in mine and the boys' sizes by chance?” Sam asked when the lady that was always there came to help them.

“Certainly. How many pairs and what colors would you like?”

“No idea, what do you have?”

“In your size we have them in white, clear, dark blue, red, and if you prefer the more girly colors, purple, pink, and baby blue. In the boys' sizes, all the same colors again, except I also have yellow and green.”

“I don't think any of us will want the girls colors, so why not just give each of us one of each of the colors except yellow and green, the boys don't like either of those colors anyways.” Sam smiled.

The lady by then had to know that they loved their diapers more than just a little, because they certainly were buying more than were usually needed, but then she didn't really know if they just didn't need them as well. She went and grabbed all the plastic pants for everyone and showed them.

“These look great. We're also going to need a couple twin size waterproof mattress protectors for our trailer please, actually, make it four, just in case.”

“Of course.” She said and was back a minute later. “Will there be anything else?”

“Daddy, we're almost out of diaper rash cream, we should probably get some as well.” Timmy said.

“Okay, a couple tubs of the cream please.” Sam smiled, and she just nodded.

“Okay, here you go, anything else?”

“Well, we're going camping, and I still haven't set our trailer up with all the necessities, so probably it wouldn't be such a bad idea to set us up with all the standard medical supplies please.”

“Of course. Feel free to look around and add anything to the counter that you need or want, and I'll get started. Would you like me to include a medical bag to keep it all nicely stored in?”

“Yes, that would be nice, thanks.” Sam smiled, having never even thought of that.

She first grabbed a nice big bright red bag with the standard medical signs all over it, and then started adding things to it from the medical supplies they carried there. It took her almost ten minutes to go through the store to pick out all of the essentials, as well as a few other items. As she was doing this, the boys did go through the store and found a few more items that they might need or want. Nothing much though.

“Okay, I've got everything that a well equipped medical supply bag should have in it. You'll want to add the medications into here as well, the standard stuff is normal to be added, like aspirin and Tylenol, Gravol, you know, the basics.”

“Excellent. Thanks so much for all your help.” Sam smiled.

“You might not be thanking me so much once you see the total of all this.” She grinned.

“I'm sure it won't hurt us quite that bad.” The boys said.

“No, with as much as you boys always happily spend in this store, I doubt it. It's okay though, my son's a diaper lover too.” She smiled to the boys.

“Cool, how old's he?”

“Oh, he's in his twenties now.”

“Too bad. We wouldn't mind having more friends our age that know what it's like. Hell, any friends would be nice.” Teddy said a little sadly, a little bitterly.

“Yeah, when his friends found out that he was weird, it was really hard on him as well. He survived though, found a nice boyfriend who understood him well, and he did homeschooling. He does pretty well for himself now though.”

“He sounds a lot like us, and what few friends we had thought we were weird too when they found out that we liked diapers and boys as well, and now almost no one ever talks to us at school, and most tease us. Oh well, we don't really care, they're not smart enough to really hurt us anyways. We never thought of homeschooling though.” Timmy said, saying the last part looking to his loving daddy.

“It's you boys' decision, but if you'd like to do it, we can talk about it later. It'll certainly give us some nice traveling time, I've always wanted to do some traveling.”

“Cool, we'll home school then.” All three said at the same time.

“Sorry to have brought it up.” The lady smiled.

“No problem. I was going to offer it to them anyways once it got closer to school time, because I knew of their troubles at school.” Sam smiled back.

“Well, anyways, give me a minute or two to ring all this in for you guys.”

A few minutes later she had the total for them, and she was right, it was expensive, more than six hundred dollars expensive in fact, but none of the boys flinched, Sam just paid for it.

“Thanks so much for everything, we'll be back in a few weeks or so probably, but we're going on vacation for a week or two, so enjoy.”

“You too, have fun.” She said, and they headed out.

Their next stop was the large warehouse shopping center, where the boys handled most of the shopping, as they had the past couple times, because they certainly did an excellent job, and even still, not once had the boys ever had the urge to buy any sort of junk food. Sam did throw some cookies and marshmallows into the buggy though, he told the boys that camping just wasn't camping without them. He did the same for hot dogs and chips. They ended up filling up two buggies full of just food alone, and then they filled the other two buggies full of all the rest of the stuff that they'd need for camping. They grabbed two sets of bedding for the beds, pillows, pots and pans, utensils, knives, plates and cups, they grabbed it all. The store even had a camping section, so they grabbed the lanterns, outdoor propane cook stove, chairs, and roasting sticks that they'd need, as well as a few other things. They even grabbed life jackets for the boat, and a few other things for the water; such as water toys of a few different sorts. They were very nearly overloaded by the time they made it to the checkout, and the lady at the till nearly fainted when she found out that all four buggies were theirs. Not only were the buggies fully loaded on the top, but so were the bottom sections as well. And these weren't your standard small sized buggy either, they were fairly large. A couple thousand dollars later, and they had to get it all loaded into the truck. That took nearly an hour in and of itself, the shopping trip took nearly three, so it was already a long day. Thankfully they felt that they had everything that they would need, and if not, there was a town half an hour from where they were going to be staying where they could get anything that they had forgotten.

“Well boys, I'm starving, so I know you must be famished by now. Let's go for lunch somewhere, and go over the receipts to make sure that we got everything that we'll need.”

“Okay.” They all said, and Sam was certain he knew to which part too.

“So, when should we go then boys?”

“It'll probably take us the rest of today to get everything all loaded into the trailer, so it'll be too late to go today, so I say tomorrow.” Timmy said.

“Sounds good to me.” Everyone else said.

They found a nearby restaurant, went in, and raided the all you can eat buffet tables the way only a pack of preteen boys can do. Sam was actually surprised by how much the boys ate, but then they had started to grow some and fill out more as well since they were being properly fed. They were not getting anywhere near fat though, because they had been rather skinny before, but now they were gaining definition to their fine bodies, and were even growing a bit taller too he thought. At one time he actually saw who he thought must have been the cook look out and see his triple threat raiding the tables, and he went white as a ghost, Sam laughed. Each of the boys had to have eaten easily three times more than he had, and he had eaten well as well.

As they were eating, Sam was calling out the items on the receipts that they had gotten, and the boys were saying items that they thought they might need. They ended up writing out a list of a further twenty or so items that they wanted or needed, so as soon as they were finished lunch, back they headed to the store. They were only there for a little over an hour this time, but ended up with easily twice as much as they had actually came in for. They all ended up finding more that they either forgot, or thought they could use. Finally all the newest items were loaded into the truck, and then they were off to home.

As soon as they got home, they started the tedious chore of packing everything out of the truck and into the trailer. Thankfully they parked right next to the trailer to make this chore easier, but it was still long and tiring. The boys had of course seen the trailer a number of times from the outside, but had amazingly enough never asked to see inside, so they were all suitably impressed by the inside, all claiming that it was as nice as almost any home that they had ever seen. It had nearly everything that they would need, except a dishwasher and a washer and dryer for clothes. They still had satellite TV, stereo, kitchen and bathroom, so all was good with the boys. Nor had they ever really took much of a look at the boat.

“Um daddy, I have a weird question for you.”

“What is it Timmy?”

“Well, you said we were going camping and boating right?”


“And we're going about four hours north of here to do so right?”


“Okay, so if both the trailer and the boat have trailers, how are we supposed to tow both of them at the same time, we can't drive yet?”

Sam all of a sudden looked at the boat, the trailer, and then his truck, and blushed. He had honestly never thought of that little problem. He had a very nice pontoon boat with a really big motor on it that could get them going very quickly, but it had to have its own trailer, it was simply too large to put on top of a truck of any sort.

“Oh shit, now why didn't I ever see that one coming!” Sam said, smacking himself in the forehead.

“Well, you can't be expected to think of everything.” The boys grinned.

“Well, I really wanted to boat while we're up there, so I guess we go and buy a smaller boat that we can take with us on top of the truck.” Sam shrugged.

“But won't that be expensive?”

“Not really, and I'm pretty sure that we can afford it. You have to remember, we're not exactly poor, and as long as we don't spend stupidly, we will never have to worry about money at all.”


“Let's just get all this piled into the trailer, and get going as soon as we can. If we hurry we might be able to make it to the boat sales place before they close. It's only four, and I'm pretty sure they close at six.”

“Okay.” They all said again, and they all worked to offload everything into the trailer, not worrying about putting it away for now.

As soon as they were finished that small chore, yeah right, they headed back out again, to the same boat sales lot that Sam had bought the other boat at.

“Hi guys, how can I help you today?”

“We need a boat and loading system for the top of our truck. We'll want the biggest motor that it'll fit, and the rest of the basic accessories that it'll need please.” Sam answered the salesman that approached them.

“Certainly. We have an auto boat loader in stock that will fit your truck no problem at all, but it'll take us a couple hours at least to install it for you, and it can hold a twelve foot boat no problem, which should be plenty big enough for the four of you.”

“Okay. Will your guys have time to do it tonight, or should we do it in the morning?”

“It'll have to be in the morning now, but I'll have to check to see if they have any appointments first, but I don't think so.”

“Okay. We were hoping to leave tomorrow morning, but that won't be a problem. Go ahead and check, and then we can talk about the rest.”

“Certainly, be right back.”

He was back a few minutes later. “Not a problem, you can come in for opening at eight am, and they can get right on it. They say it'll take them no more than two hours, so you can probably still get a fairly early start, yet have time to get ready. We'll drive you home and pick you up, so that you don't have to stay here during that time.”

“Oh, that'd be just fine then, let's do that. Okay, so motors, what's the best one you have for the boat you're suggesting?”

“Well, you would still need to choose the boat you wanted, we have three to choose from that will work perfectly with that system. The best motor that we have that will still fit on the best of them is a hundred and fifty horse Honda, but it will only work on the one boat. The reason that it will only work on the one boat is because it needs an actual helm control system, and the boat I'm referring to has a fold down helm control, so it'll still work with that motor. The main problem though is the motor is quite heavy, so you have to take it off and put it on every time you wish to use it. You can go with the smaller ones of course; for instance we have a nice ninety horse as well, but it's fuel consumption is actually higher than the one fifty.”

“I like the sounds of the boat and motor, and we're not really worried about weight so much, I'll just make the boys do all the heavy lifting.” Sam grinned, and right on queue the boys struck their body builder poses, making both men laugh.

“Yeah, the motor weighs probably as much as two of them do, maybe more. It also cannot be laid down for storage, it has to be kept vertical, so you'd have to have something to mount it to while traveling.”

“Do you have anything that we could easily mount to the rear bumper of our trailer to do the job well?”

“Sure, bring in the trailer at the same time, and we can set that all up for you at the same time. This is the boat that I was referring to though. It has plenty of seating, and under all of the benches are storage. One of which is actually a cooler that has a pump that runs cold lake water through it to keep things cold; such as fish or pop, or anything you want really.”

“Will do, and if I have anything to say about it, this will be the boat we take, it's perfect, nearly as nice as the pontoon boat we have.”

“I thought I recognized you. I sold you the pontoon boat two months ago, didn't I?”

“Yep. Still haven't even had a chance to take it out yet, been too damned busy, but we plan to soon.”

“Too bad, nicest boat we have on the lot.”

“I know, that's why I bought it. We'll get it out soon though. This new boat is for when we're traveling though, because my smart sons here pointed out the simple fact that it would be a little tricky to take both the trailer and the boat four hours north with only one truck.” Sam grinned.

“Yes, I can see why that would be tricky, but this boat will be perfect for that then. Well, let me show you guys the motor next, and then the few accessories that you might need.”

Sam told him to show the way, so he did and showed them the motor and all its specifications, it looked perfect, so he took that as well. They chose the standard safety setup for the boat as well; it included oars, horn, flares, lights, and a few other basics. They then went and paid for it all, and set the appointment up for first thing the next morning.

“Well boys, let's go out for dinner now, and then go finish getting the trailer all set up.”

“Okay.” The boys all said excitedly.

They went to the same restaurant that they had hit for lunch, Sam was sure they would be barred from entering, but they were allowed to come in and eat. The boys once again showed that they were growing boys, and out ate everyone there. As soon as they were finished, they headed back home again. As soon as they were all changed into dry diapers again, they went and got everything unpacked, sorted, and stored in the trailer. It was bedtime before they finished. They didn't even get a chance to play around before they all passed out.

The next morning they were all up and ready to go in more than enough time to hitch up and get the truck and trailer to the boat lot. They didn't bother eating breakfast, because they figured that they would just walk to the nearest restaurant to eat at, instead of having the boat lot drive them home and pick them up. They packed what few clothes that they would need, any medications that they would need, and all the perishable items from the fridge into the trailer, and then headed out. They made it to the boat lot with barely five minutes to spare. Sam explained that they would just go and have breakfast, and then look around in the area until they were called, because there was no need for them to go home now. They were good with that, so the four of them headed out.

They were called almost two and a half hours later, being told that everything was ready to go. When they arrived, Sam was shown the external fuel tank, and how to hook it up to the motor, and then how to attach the motor to the boat, and how to load the boat onto the truck. That all took almost an hour, but as soon as that was all done, they headed out on their trip.

The trip was long, but the four of them passed it by talking and laughing the whole way. They even talked a lot about the ups and downs of doing the homeschooling that they wanted to do. They all agreed though that the boys would certainly do well at homeschooling. When they finally arrived to the lake, they were pleased to see that they were the only ones there, not that Sam was too surprised by that. It really was a very small lake, and so far out of the way that almost no one would bother to go there.

“Wow, this is really beautiful here, isn't it!” The boys all gasped as one once they arrived.

“It is, and for now it's all ours boys. We should be able to see and hear almost anyone coming from miles away as well, so we should be relatively safe at any time.”

“Does that mean that we could walk around in just our diapers, or less?” Teddy grinned.

“That's exactly what I mean.” Sam grinned back.

Within seconds they were all stripped down to their equally soggy diapers. They got down to the chore of backing the trailer into place, getting it leveled properly, getting the slides out, the awning out, all the systems started up, and everything pulled out that needed to be pulled out. They left the boat and motor for the time being though, because they were all more than a little ready for lunch.

They just made sandwiches though for their first lunch wile camping, seeing as how they really didn't have the desire to make anything more, they were getting tired. After they finished their lunch, they sat back for a while and relaxed.

“So boys, how does it feel to be out in nature completely and totally free?” Sam sighed a while later.

“It's great. It's so free, we love it.”

“I'm glad you boys like it. Let's go and find some firewood and make ourselves a nice camp fire.”

So for the next hour the four of them traipsed through the wooded area around them in only socks, shoes, and diapers. It would have been a sight to behold, had anyone seen them. They collected probably enough wood though to last them for the next day or so. As soon as they felt that they had enough, they went back and started their fire. Sam showed the boys exactly how to do it, because they had absolutely no clue as to how to start a fire. Once the fire was started, and going strong, they started on making their dinner. They all decided on hamburgers, chips, and salad.

“Mmm, that really was very good. Hamburgers never tasted so good.” The boys all said alternately.

“Yeah, food always tastes better out in the fresh air and while camping. But honestly, you boys had hardly ever had hamburgers before, so you never got to know what a really good burger was like.” Sam smiled warmly to his boys.

“True. We're getting really wet, we haven't changed since we got here, and we're going to start leaking soon. Is the lake good enough to swim in?” They all alternately asked again.

“Yeah, I'm really wet as well, and I think I did leak a little with that last wetting, but who cares really. The lake is glacier fed, so while it is great for swimming, it will be bloody cold. I don't mind that myself, and I was thinking of going swimming soon as well, hence the reason I hadn't bothered getting changed, so you boys are welcome to come as well.”

“Oh, we'd love to cum, repeatedly in fact, but we'll settle for swimming for now. The cold water won't bother us much.” Teddy grinned this time.

“Don't I know it, but if you've never swam in cold water before, be warned, you're gonna look like girls for a bit until your bodies get used to the temperature.” Sam giggled, but was already stripping out of his soggy diaper.

The boys just giggled as well and started stripping out of their nearly saturated diapers as well.

“Well boys, there's only one way to do this, and that's fast, so running into the water is the best, trust me. On the count of three, we run as fast as we can into the water.” Sam said, the boys nodded.

Sam counted it down, and as soon as he hit three, they all ran for it. It was lucky that the entire area was soft sand, or it would have hurt a lot. The boys reached the water first, they were simply faster than Sam was, but he was the first to actually land in the water, because as soon as the boys' feet hit the nearly ice cold water, they stalled for a second. Their momentum though carried them far enough into the water to get them more than a little wet, and as they all back tracked to escape the frigid cold, they all fell as one. Wet sand does not take well to very fast back tracking, something the boys had no clue about. Sam though was well in the water and was swimming out towards the center of the lake, not paying any attention to the boys, he knew what they were going through at the moment. He stopped nearly two minutes later, a hundred or so meters out from the shore by then, turned and called out to the boys. They were at least still in the water, which almost surprised him.

“How you boys doing?”

“It's really bloody cold, but we're getting used to it. Give us another minute or two and we'll swim out to you?”

“It's actually warmer the further out you get, so come on out now.” Sam called back out, neglecting to tell them that it was actually their bodies that just warmed up and got used to the cold water.

“Okay, we'll be right there.”

As soon as they had said that, they all dove under and started swimming hard to meet up to where Sam had been, but he had dove under and started swimming again as well. When the boys came up, they couldn't see Sam anywhere, but they knew that he could hold his breath considerably longer than they could, they had been working on that though, so they knew that he had started swimming again, so just kept doing the breast stroke to where Sam had been. They saw him come up for air almost a minute later, swimming out further still, and they followed. Sam had slowed his stroke though to allow the boys to catch up, and was doing a nice leisurely crawl. The boys did catch up about three or four minutes later, and they all stopped.

“Wow, this is really nice, swimming naked in a lake like this.”

“Yeah, it's very free. You boys are getting better with your swimming I noticed, and you're able to hold your breath just a little longer, so you're all getting better.”

“Why don't we swim naked at home?”

“Somehow I don't think that our neighbors would appreciate it too much, from all their second story windows that face our yard they'd be able to see us swimming naked easily.”

“True, but we don't care what they think, especially the bitch next door.” Teddy said, this time with not nearly as much bite as Sam would have expected from that comment.

“No, I bet you wouldn't care, but please, no more talking like that boys, there's no need for it, although I do understand your feelings about her. Remember though, she's in jail now, and will stay there for a long time.” Sam said softly.

“Yeah, we know! So, can we swim naked then?” They all asked.

“Sorry, but I'm gonna have to say no to that one. We don't want to give anyone anything unnecessary to talk about. I'll look into an idea that I have though, and get back to you boys on that one for sure.”

“Okay, we'd love it if you put a opaque cover over the pool too though.” They grinned, seeming to almost read Sam's thoughts he thought, but he just knew the boys were smart enough to know that the only way for them to swim naked was to cover them somehow.

“You boys are just too damned smart for your own good, you know that right? Yes, I was thinking of some sort of glass house to cover the pool so that we could swim in privacy, but we'll have to see if it's even a possibility.”

“We're sure that someone could do something like that quite easily to our pool.”

“Yeah, I'm pretty sure that it could be done as well, but not everything can always be done, so we'll have to check it out. So how does the water feel now?”

“Just as cold as it was before, but now that we're used to it and we've heated up some from all the swimming, it's not so bad. You lied to us though, and we know you did, so don't even bother denying it, you will be punished later.” The boys all grinned at him.

“Caught me red handed, but you're warm now, so it wasn't totally a lie, just a little stretching of the truth. Had you have stayed there and not worked up a good heat of your own, you would have never actually gotten into the water. So you see, it was for your own good.” Sam grinned at his boys.

“Okay, we see your logic there, and while it may even be true, you still lied to us, which calls for a punishment.”

“Fine.” Sam sighed, playing along with the boys, knowing that they only wanted to play.

“Good, if you don't fight it, it will make it easier on you in the end.” The boys grinned wickedly.

Sam almost asked which end it was that they were referring, because from the grin on the boys' faces, he was certain that someones end was going to be invaded before the night was out. The boys could clearly see that Sam knew what was happening, and they knew that he'd let them as well, because they were all ready for it. They all just smiled at each other warmly, and played in the deep water until it started getting dark.

“Okay boys, let's head back in before it gets too dark.” Sam called out a while later.

The boys raced back so fast that it actually amazed Sam, in fact they were so fast that they managed to beat Sam, which they had never managed to do until then. They were obviously very excited for some reason, but then their incredibly hard boners as they stood up said as much as well.

“What's up boys?” Sam giggled.

“Us.” They all said.

“Yes, I noticed. Should we put the fire out, or do you want to sit around it for a while yet?”

“Put it out.”

“Okay, if you have to pee, go for it.” Sam said and went and stood by the fire and let loose a strong stream. The boys were just too hard, so it took a while, but before too long they too added a good healthy dose of boy pee to the fire, almost totally extinguishing it. Sam had had more than enough time to grab the large pail, go to the lake, fill it up, and come back before the boys were finished, it had taken them so long to coax their erections down enough so that they could pee. As the boys stepped away, Sam poured the entire contents of the bucket over the fire, putting it out completely.

“Why did we have to put it out Daddy?”

“Have you boys never seen or heard the commercials warning to put out your camp fire to prevent forest fires?” Sam asked in amazement that the boys would not know something so basic about camping.

“No, never.”

“Really! Well, you see, if you were to let the fire keep going and something were to fall in the fire, or an ember were to get loose and smolder, it could cause a fire that could burn down this entire forest, and possibly kill us as well. If you love nature as much as I do, you'd never want for that to happen. Please keep that in mind, and never leave a fire going, it could cause so much damage.”

“Oh, we won't. We love nature as well. Is that how most forest fires are started?”

“No, only some, but even one would be too many. Many of them are caused from nature itself, some are accidents caused in other ways by people, and then a few are actually started intentionally by people that have no love of nature. Trust me when I say you wouldn't want to get caught after doing such a horrible thing, and they can usually find the people that started the fires as well.”

“How could nature do it?”

“Wow, for boys that are so smart, you really don't know much about nature, do you?”

“No, they never taught us anything about nature in school. A little in science here and there, but not much.” The boys admitted.

“That's really quite sick. All children of your age should know almost all there is to know about nature. It's like this though, you get a real hot spell that dries out the forest, and then those hot spells usually cause electrical storms, you get lightning hitting a tinder dry tree, and trust me, it bursts into flame nine times out of ten. It's all a part of nature though, and how the forests can renew themselves. Many trees actually need for their seeds to burn first in order to germinate to produce new trees. This is one of natures ways of always making sure the forest is always growing. The problem of course is what happens when you have forests near populated areas. They usually try and put the fires out quickly to prevent peoples belongings from being damaged, and so that people don't get hurt. Let's just say that the animals have it right and humans should learn a thing or two. You'll almost never see an animal hurt from a forest fire, because they watch and listen to nature itself, and head for the safest places, people are not always as smart and will stay to try and protect their homes or other meaningless things, and many end up dead from that. I mean, if you've got insurance, take the most important things and just get the hell out of the way, it's certainly what I'd do. And the important things by the way are people, pets, and pictures, that's all that's truly important.”

“Wouldn't you care about your house though?”

“Nah, it's only a house that could be rebuilt easily enough, just takes time. People get too attached to material things though, and trust me, many people have died from trying to save those things from fires or other natural disasters. It's just not worth it.”

“Wow, we've learned more about this than we ever did in school, and it makes sense too. There is however a little matter of you lying to us earlier though which needs to be taken care of, so inside now young man.” The boys said happily enough, then put on their stern faces, almost making Sam burst into a fit of giggles. He did comply though.

They all headed into the trailer, locking the door on their way in, and headed to the bedroom. Sam was laid down in the middle of the bed, and the boys used a couple pairs of socks to tie their loving daddy to the bed. They didn't tie him very tight at all, and Sam knew that he would be able to pull loose of his bonds almost immediately if he only just tried, but he didn't really want to. Another sock was placed around Sam's head, covering his eyes, and the last sock was placed around his head again, this time covering his mouth. They did this all in such a way that it was never uncomfortable, and Sam probably could have talked as well if he had have really wanted to, but he knew the boys wanted to play, and he was now more than certain as to what they had in mind.

“Now, for your punishment for lying to us Daddy, we're going to torture you, and you'll not be able to do a thing about it.” The boys said huskily.

As one they started in on Sam's body. He was already painfully hard from the actions of the boys, and from the anticipation for what was to come, or is that more than likely cum. One was licking his dick, one his balls, and another his nipples. He had no idea who was where or doing what, and right about then, he didn't much care either. He only knew that what the boys were doing to him felt absolutely incredible, and wondered if he'd be able to hold on for very long. As it turned out though, the boys were smart enough to know that there was no way that Sam was going to be able to last through first insertion, so they were working to bring him off into one of their mouths first. It lasted only a minute or two before Timmy was enjoying the first load of the night.

While the boys had been working on Sam, they had also been working lube coated fingers into their asses, and all of them were up to four of their nice slender fingers by the time that Sam had exploded. They let Sam cool down for a few minutes, really getting Teddy prepared, because he was to be the first. Timmy and Tommy each had three of their fingers now in his ass as he laid on his back with his legs pulled back. Sam knew from the moaning that Teddy was going to get impaled first by the man that they loved above all else, and he didn't have long to wait either.

By the time that Sam had come down enough to be able to recognize the sounds that were around him, Teddy was pretty much ready. So with no further ado, Teddy got up, crawled over Sam's prone body, and sank down. Timmy was holding a freshly lubed dick up for Teddy, he started lubing it as soon as he knew Teddy was ready, and held Sam steady until he was firmly inside of Teddy. As one they all moaned from the insertion, it just felt so good to them all. Teddy had had to sit completely down and hold himself there for a couple minutes though to come down enough from the feelings. They were so much more than he had been expecting. Sure he had had dicks inside his ass more than a few times, but only his brothers, and they were nowhere near as large. Sure they had all been preparing for this day for some time now, but still Sam was far thicker and longer than anything that they had ever had inside them, and it was just so good.

With moans all around, Teddy started raising and lowering himself slowly, really working to make it feel as good as humanly possible for them all. Timmy and Tommy were not just sitting there watching the show though, as Teddy was riding their daddy, they were locked in a nice sixty nine, sucking each other as slowly as Teddy was riding Sam. They knew that they were going to cum when Teddy did anyways, so they figured that they may as well enjoy as well.

With Sam already having had one powerful orgasm, he was not so close as the boys were. The boys though were all so damned hot and horny, that they fired off their first rounds only a few minutes after starting. They moaned and groaned, sighed and panted as they came, but as soon as it was over, they all slumped down.

“Wow, that was way intense.” They all gasped.

“Let me get ready quickly, and then it's my turn.” Sam heard Timmy say next. Then a few moments of sighing and moaning came from the boy as he was prepared for entrance. Before Sam was even fully prepared for it, Timmy was positioning himself, Teddy holding him steady as Timmy went down.

Once again, once Timmy was good, the other two started sucking each other off and Timmy started a nice slow motion, setting the pace for them all. The moaning and sighing from all was reaching a fevered pitch within only a few minutes, and soon after they all exploded together again, Sam included this time though. It had just become too much for him, and it just felt too good, if there was such a thing.

Tommy was last, and they followed the same routine again, getting ready, and then slipping into place, followed by the other two sucking each other nicely at the pace that Tommy set. He went the slowest of all three of them, really riding Sam slowly, but then they all had a good couple cums out of them now, so could now take the time to play and enjoy, and they did as well. They managed to all hold off nearly fifteen minutes this time, and with a bellow from all, they came one final time for the night. As they all came down, they slumped down, and just laid there, all of them with no strength.

“Oh god babies, I had no idea it would be so good once you finally did rape me.” Sam sighed out hoarsely a few minutes later.

“Me neither.” They all sighed out hoarsely as well.

“As much as I'm loving you all cuddling up to me in the aftermath of an incredible sex session, I think that we'd better get cleaned and diapered and get to bed before we all pass out and make a nasty mess of our brand new bed.” Sam sighed out finally. The boys had of course all came and cuddled up as they came down. Sam was still for the most part tied down, but most of his bonds were just barely hanging there from the stress Sam put them through with the last powerful cum.

“Yeah, we better.” The boys sighed out as well.

They quickly untied Sam and freed him, and then they all went about getting the bed put back together, gathering the diaper supplies, and then diapering each other for the night. They were all in disposable diapers for this trip, because none of them felt much like washing and drying the cloth all the time while they were on vacation. They spread a good generous portion of diaper rash cream on each other before pulling up and taping closed all their nice thick diapers.

“God boys, how I love you all so. I never knew what I was missing until you came along.”

“Same here, and we love you so much as well.” The boys said, and then they all kissed tenderly goodnight, curled up together, and passed out until early the next morning.