Chapter 7

“Good morning my beautiful baby boys.” Sam sighed as he came awake to find all three of his boys cuddled into him, softly stroking his bared chest.

“Good morning daddy.” They all said, making no attempts to stop the soft petting of their beloved daddy.

“I'd say let's get up and get some breakfast going, but I'm enjoying this too much to let you boys stop.” Sam sighed out once again.

“We're getting pretty hungry though, so we're gonna have to stop soon.”

“Yeah, but you boys are always hungry.”

“Nothing like it used to be.”

“True.” Sam said sadly.

“We'd rather get all the love that you give to us though than eat, it's just nice that you feed us as well.” They smiled warmly to their daddy.

“Well, let me show you boys true love then by making you a truly spectacular breakfast, one that I'm certain that you would have never had before.”

“What is it?”

“You'll find out once it's all done. Now come on, up and at em.” Sam smiled, smacking each of the boys' cute little diaper bums lightly.

“We have to go to the bathroom, can you take our diapers off for us first daddy?”

“Of course.” Sam smiled. Now of course they could have done this for each other, but they loved for Sam to do it as well. He did have to smile though, the boys were so much in sync with each other that they all had the need for the toilet at the exact same time, and usually at the same time every morning as well. It was amazing how they managed to work it out though, and they always did it the exact same way too, Teddy, then Timmy, then Tommy went last, and they never had a problem with going while the others were in there with them. Mind you, they didn't mind if Sam was in there with them either.

Sam removed the boys' diapers, and then they him, because he said that he too had to go, so as soon as they were all naked, Sam was ushered into the washroom first to go, because he had more important things to do, like cook breakfast. Now of course they couldn't all fit in the bathroom at the same time, but the door was left open, and they all stood around talking while Sam took care of business. As soon as he was finished, he washed his hands, went back to the bedroom, put on a clean dry diaper, and then grabbed all that he'd need for breakfast and headed outside. The boys stayed inside to take care of their morning business.

Once Sam was outside, he got the barbecue lit and went and got a fire started while it was heating up. Once the fire was going, he went back to their outdoor kitchen and got started on some good cooking. The first thing that he did was to throw some nice spicy Italian sausage in the barbecue to cook, and then he got started on chopping up all sorts of things for their breakfast. Potatoes were first for the hash browns, and as soon as they were ready, he threw them in a hot pan on the stove that he had already got prepared, and got them cooking. The rest of the items were to be the fillings to some nice big omelette's that he planned to make up. Once the sausage was cooked through, he turned off the barbecue and cut the sausage up, threw it and the onions, mushrooms, and peppers into another frying pan to saute.

The boys had already come out long before then, having finished their morning business and diapering each other, and were just tending to the fire and talking to each other as Sam was cooking. Not one of them even bothered to ask what was smelling so good, because they knew that it was of little use.

With the filling now cooked, Sam got started on the cooking the egg mixture that he had prepared while the other items were cooking. He was going to make them each an omelet, so he had to do this all four times, but he had a three burner stove, and only one of them was being used, so he was able to do two at a time. Within only a few minutes all four omelette's and the fried potatoes were ready to be inhaled, and as soon as the boys were called, their filled plates were handed to them, and they sat down, it very nearly was inhaled.

“Oh man, that was incredible, it was so good, what was it?”

“Omelette's and hash browns. Good huh!”

“Oh yeah, but we're so stuffed we can barely move now.”

“Tell me about it. We have to clean up though, and then we should go for a hike to wear some of this meal off.”

“Ugh, can you give us a few minutes please?”

“Sure, I'll be needing a few minutes as well anyways.” Sam smiled and they all went and sat by the fire, of which they had to stoke up as well.

Almost half an hour later they were able to finally get up and clean up their outdoor kitchen area. It didn't take that long, because they had used paper plates which were burned in the fire once they were finished, so they only had the utensils, knives, and pans to worry about. The table also got a quick wash down, and everything was put away neatly.

“Okay boys, hike time. For that though I'm afraid we're gonna need to put some clothes on, because none of us wants to get all scratched up from branches hitting our near nude bodies.”

“Oh, we were enjoying being almost naked.” The boys whined and grinned.

“I know, but we don't want those gorgeous bodies of yours all scratched up, now do we?”

“No, and we don't want your hot body all scratched up either.”

They all went in and got themselves dressed in soft cotton pants, long sleeved matching shirts, socks, and finally their hiking boots. They all looked very comfortable and cute.

They headed out from their camp spot, taking a trail that skirted the lake and going up the hill a little ways. As they were walking, they were talking and laughing, making a tonne of noise, but that was good as well, because they were in the open wilderness, and none of them wanted to be sneaking up on an animal. As they moved up the hill, they were moving away from the lake, and soon they came to the stream that fed the lake for the most part. There were of course other small streams into the lake, but the one they came to was the largest of them, yet even still, it was really not that big the boys thought. They had to cross the freezing cold water to get to the other side to follow the trail further up, and because none of them wanted to get their clothes wet, they removed their socks and shoes, and rolled their pant legs up. They would be able to cross on the rocks, and probably not even get wet at all, but they didn't want to take any chances either.

They all made it across the water without mishap, and put themselves back together on the opposite bank and continued on their way. Once they had crossed the stream, the land started to move more steadily upwards. The stream beside them was now far below them as well, having cut itself a nice gully. Then they came up to the waterfall that they had been hearing for a while, and the boys stopped and stared in awe. It may have been a small stream, but the waterfall was breathtaking.

“Wow, it's beautiful.”

“It is. I was as breathless as you boys are the first time I saw it as well. On a sunny day like today, the rainbow that's created from the waterfall is amazing. The stream up top is really wide and very shallow, hence the reason it looks just like mist coming down, and that's also how it can create such beautiful rainbows. There's a trail leading down to the pool, it's really beautiful down there, but the trail is tricky and can be dangerous, because it's so slippery. If you'd all like to go down, we can, but make sure to hold on to tree branches as you go down.”

“We'd love to go down and see this pool, we can sort of see it from here, and it does look nice.”

“Okay. We can swim in there as well, but be warned, it's probably colder than the lake is, because we are not far from the glacier that's making all this water.”

“Cool, can we see the glacier as well?”

“Sure, that's where we're actually heading, but a break for a nice refreshing swim and drink I figured would be welcome.”

“Wicked. Yeah, the hike has been pretty long and hard already.”

“If you think that this is a long hard hike, then you need to wait until I tell you all about some of the hikes I've taken. We've only been out an hour, and not even half of it has been really up hill, whereas some of the hikes I've taken have lasted days and were almost all up and down the entire way, and through much more severe terrain than this as well. Oh, and trust me, the down hill is not so easy as you'd think it should be. Yes, you do have gravity helping you get down, but that same gravity is what can make it very dangerous.”

“We'll have to work up to one of those hikes, but we'd like to go too one of these days.”

“Good, I was hoping that you boys would see it my way. Having had no money before, and a love of nature, my only way to have a vacation was to go camping and take hikes. I did that almost every weekend I could get away with. I'd love for you boys to join me on a nice backpacking trip one of these days.”

“What's that?”

“Well, you know how we're camping right now right?”


“Well, this' not really camping, at least not how I used to do it. I used to carry everything I needed to camp on my own back. I tented it completely. This type of camping is actually really very new to me, as much as it is to you. It's very nice, but it's not quite the same either. We'll get you boys trained up so that we can actually do that one of these days.”

“That sounds really difficult. How could you possibly carry everything that you'd need?”

“That's the fun of it really, you take only the bare necessities for your survival, everything else is left behind. You use nature to provide everything else. I once did that with taking no food except a dozen emergency prepackaged rations, for just in case, and I ate totally from the land for an entire week. That was possibly the nicest camping trip I ever took. Didn't see one other person the entire time I was out.” Sam smiled fondly remembering it. That was only a couple years ago.

“Wow, we're not so sure we could do that. We'd starve for sure, we have no idea what's even edible out here.” The boys admitted.

“I can teach you boys that, and in fact, right now is as good a time as any. I'll point out various things and tell what they are, how to tell it apart from everything else, whether it's edible or not, poisoness or not, that sort off thing. Maybe we'll even make some rabbit snares and bird traps, and catch our dinner for tomorrow. Get those grossed out looks off your faces, it's not so bad. And honestly, have you ever had fresh meat before, because I seriously doubt it?”

“We're not so sure we could kill anything though.”

“To kill to eat is not bad. It's when you start enjoying it, make a sport of it that it becomes foul, and that should never happen. The hardest part for most people is that they think the rabbits they are about to eat are so cute, but just wait until one of the little buggers bites you when you try to be kind to it, and then maybe you'll change your tune.” Sam grinned.

“We're still not sure.”

“You'll be fine. The worst part is cleaning them. Come on, let's get down to the pool and have a drink and a swim. Remember to hold on and be careful.”

The boys didn't have a chance to comment on the cleaning part, because Sam started down the path right away. He knew what he was doing, causing the boys to not really be able to fight it, and by the time they made it down and saw the pool, they would forget all about it. It took nearly twenty minutes to work their way down the steep slippery path, but finally they were down there, and as he suspected, the boys had completely forgotten their disgust about his previous comments.

“Wow, it's really pretty down here.”

“Yes, it is very pretty, almost as pretty as you boys are.”

“We're not pretty.”

“Actually, put you boys in dresses, and no one would be able to tell you're not girls, sorry, but that's the way it is. You are very pretty, gorgeous and handsome, all at the same time.” Sam said, and the boys blushed.

“You think so?”

“Yes, with every fiber of my being, and from that blush you boys had going, you wouldn't mind trying it either, that's okay.”


“Sure, when we get home, we'll go and buy you boys a few nice dresses. If you really want to that is.”

“We'd at least like to try it out and see how it feels, but we may not like it.”

“Hey, there's absolutely nothing wrong with trying something, and if you like it, then that's fine as well. I've dressed up as a girl before as well, and it felt weird, but not bad. Probably not something that I'd do all that often, but there are those that really like it. Now, come on and let's strip down and go for a swim.” Sam smiled to his boys. They never did end up doing it, the boys never asked to, they must have decided against it, and Sam never asked them either, because it was their choice.

“Okay.” They all said, and then they all started stripping down. They all put their already wet diapers into a bag and then into the pack that Sam had been carrying, and then stepped into the water.

“Holy fuck it's cold.”

“Told you boys, but no swearing remember.” Sam laughed, not blaming them in the least, because he had said the same thing the first time he had been there.

“Sorry, but it's a little bit of a shock to the system, you have to admit that.”

“I said the same thing the first time I came here as well, trust me, I wasn't mad. People just don't like to hear kids swear, even though all adults know that their kids do swear around their friends. You'll never get in trouble for that from me, but I'll remind you when you do slip.” Sam smiled warmly.


They headed out to the middle of the pool, and slowly got used to the cold water. The water was not very deep at all in the middle, just barely past Sam's waist, and just a bit past the boys' belly buttons. They all scooped up water as they stood there and drank the cool refreshing water, all loving it very much. There's nothing quite like drinking water from a waterfall pool, it's so much cleaner, clearer and far tastier than anything else. For nearly half an hour they splashed and played in that little pool, naked and happy, but not happy enough for their little guys to come out of hiding.

“Okay boys, let's get out and get dressed and head out again. We want to get back to camp at a decent time some time today.”

“How are we gonna dry off?”

“Don't need to. We'll just put our diapers and clothes back on, and we'll stay a bit cooler as we dry off.”

“Oh, okay then.”

They all got out and diapered each other and then got dressed. As soon as they were all ready to go, they headed back up the steep path. Timmy slipped and slid down a bit, knocking Timmy down on his way, but neither boy was hurt, they just got back up, dusted themselves off, and continued back up. That was the only mishap though, thankfully. They continued back up, and only forty five or so minutes later they crested the hill and came to a large clearing. There they saw the mouth of the stream that Sam had told them about that fed the waterfall. Like he said, it was really wide and looked very shallow. The lake was only a few hundred meters or so further in.

“Daddy, why are there no trees here? It looks like it was cleared by loggers or something, but there's no stumps.”

“Not too sure really, but I think that it has something to do with a fire here many years ago now, and so far only the grasses have grown back. You can see evidence of old fires here if you look closely enough. I'm guessing that the lake and the stream protected the rest of the forest, or it was small enough that it burned itself out before too long, because not much is gone, only a few acres or so worth. Does make a wonderful view of the glacier though, and speaking of which, there it is. We'll go up to it in a few minutes.”

“Oh, at least it probably wasn't a very bad fire. That doesn't look like any glacier we've ever seen on TV before though, why?”

“The ones you've seen were probably arctic or ocean glaciers, they're different. They were created the same basic way of course, but the mountain glaciers look different, more like the very peak of a mountain. The easiest way to tell is that they are snow of course, there are no trees, and there are no rocks on it. Let's go now. It's only about a half an hour walk, but it's pretty flat, so it's easy.”

“Oh, okay, let's go.”

They then headed towards the glacier, having to cross many small little streams of water, more like little trickles. The boys were amazed at how much water was actually coming off the glacier, but Sam explained to them how it was constantly growing and shrinking, but that it was lately shrinking more than it was growing because of the warmer than normal winters that they had been having the past few years. He told them all about mountain glaciers as they walked up to it, and the boys were all amazed. To them it just looked like a large ice mountain, and thats really what it was. They were even more amazed when Sam informed them how the large ice mass was actually moving at about an inch a year or so, and then had to explain all about that as well.

“Wow, this is so cool, I'm standing on a glacier.” Tommy giggled giddily, having climbed up a little bit.

“Yes it is, but remember what I told you about glaciers being unstable this time of year, as well as being slippery, so all of you be very careful.” Sam warned, because the other two started climbing up as well.

“We remember.” They called out, and then no sooner had that been said, when there was a scream and Timmy was no longer visible.

“He's okay.” Tommy called out right away.

“Where is he?” Sam called out.

“Fell in a hole, but he's not very deep, and he's not hurt, just really wet, it's almost all water in there.”

“Do you need my help to get him out? That's true ice water, so we have to get him out and warmed up quickly before he gets hypothermia.”

“No, I think we can get him easily enough.” Teddy called out this time, and then they both eased up to where Timmy had fallen in. They each reached a hand in, and pulled their freezing brother out. A few seconds later, he was pulled out, and they were all heading back down from where they were.

“How do you feel Timmy, you look a bit blue from cold?”

“Really bloody cold.”

“I bet. At least it wasn't very deep, and it could have been far worse, trust me. People get killed from that type of thing all the time. If you boys had have been higher up, which I wouldn't have let you anyways, but had you have been up higher and fell in, it could have been straight down to nothingness, and no water to break your fall. Let's get you undressed so that we can warm you up.”


“No kidding. Now, strip him boys.”

They all stripped Timmy down bare, and then they took him into the sunlight. Sam packed down some grass, and then he instructed the other two to get undressed as well, and then they all laid down naked together, cuddling Timmy in between them.

“And this is how you're actually supposed to help someone who's gone for a freezing dip. Normally you'd all climb into a sleeping bag or something to trap all the heat as well, but it's warm enough out here, and we don't have a sleeping bag right now.”

“I know another way that would warm him up, it always makes me really hot.” Teddy grinned.

“Yes, sex really works well as well, gets the blood really flowing. Works every time.” Sam grinned.

And wouldn't you know it, but it was Timmy that was the first to be fully hard from the prospect. The others all grinned, and got started on really warming Timmy up. Teddy took his balls into his mouth, Tommy took his dick, and Sam went in for a nice kiss. Timmy moaned deeply from this, truly enjoying this, almost thankful that it was he that had fallen in. Within minutes they had Timmy hot enough to explode, which of course meant that Tommy and teddy were as well, and with loud grunts all around, they erupted.

“Wow, thanks guys, I'm much warmer now.” Timmy sighed out a few minutes later.

“You're welcome, but now it's my turn.” Sam grinned, laying down as he said it.

“Goody.” They boys said, and then attached themselves to their daddy.

Timmy got to take the honors of sucking Sam's erection into his eager mouth, Teddy took his balls, and Tommy came up for a nice tender kiss. Minutes later, amidst moans and groans of pleasure, Sam gasped and spewed forth his load as well. The boys then shared the wealth in a nice kiss. Teddy laid down next, and he too was taken care of. Tommy was last, and then they all laid down cuddled up to each other and fell asleep. Never had they felt more at peace than they did at that moment. It was very liberating and relaxing, sleeping nude in a warm mountain clearing next to a lake, cuddled up to the ones you loved. They woke almost an hour later.

“Well, more than one of us it appears peed, because we're all wet and stinky. Come on, into the lake for a quick rinse, and then we get dressed. Timmy, your clothes should be dry enough by now after laying in the sun, so you should be good as well. Your boots though, now they're gonna be cold and wet, but there's nothing we can do about that.”

“Okay.” They all said.

“Not a problem.” Timmy added by himself.

They ran and jumped into the cold water of the lake, and soon were back out. It was far colder than both the pool and the lake below, so it was too much to stay in for too long. As soon as they were all out, they got diapered and dressed again, and then headed back down the hill. The boys found this part far easier, but admitted that any steeper and it would be far more difficult going down than you'd think. They made good time, only stopping once to grab a drink, but by the time they were back to their camp, they were very hungry, and thirsty again.

“Okay, Timmy, get out of those wet clothes and set your boots by the fire somewhere so that I can dry them later once we start the fire again. The rest of us may also strip if we like, and then we need to get some much needed lunch going, we're all starving.” Sam instructed. Of course they all stripped down, why would they not. They were all very hungry, because the trail mix that Sam had taken had not curbed the boys' hunger very much, and they had eaten almost all of it, Sam only getting scarcely a handful of the nuts and berries.

As soon as they were all undressed, they got to work on making a platter of sandwiches for their lunch, a large pitcher of juice was made, and then they all sat down and pigged out.

“Ah, much better.” Sam sighed after getting his fill, the boys were still going.

“Ah, much better.” The boys all sighed about ten minutes later when they too had finally had their fill.

“Four sandwiches each, and you had to remake a four liter jug of juice and then proceeded to nearly drain that as well, you boys really were hungry.”

“What, we're growing boys, and even though we're in good shape, we're not quite used to using so much energy over such a long period of time.” Teddy admitted.

“Yes, that's true, although you boys can go for almost as long sexually.” Sam grinned.

“Not even we can go for more than four hours working like that with no food, but we've also never tried. The longest we've ever managed was two hours before we all passed out.” Timmy grinned.

“I suppose that that's true. Well, now that lunch is done with, we need to go find more fire wood, we're almost totally out.”

“Oh crap, we forgot about that.” The boys all groaned as one. They were getting tired and sore, but they also wanted a fire, so they knew that they had to go and get the wood, or they wouldn't get their fire.

“One of the fun things about camping. I love collecting firewood myself to tell you the truth, it's very relaxing. I know you boys are getting tired, but you'll live, don't worry. Come on, the faster we get it done, the faster we can sit back and relax around a nice hot fire.”

The boys just nodded and stood to go get wood as well. They all went their separate ways, but stayed within talking distance of each other, for safety reasons of course, and collected all that they could. They would each gather an arm load, take it back and drop it on their wood pile, and then head back out to find more. They did this for almost an hour, each of them gathering about twenty arm loads of wood, and once Sam called it enough, the boys slumped into their chairs.

“Don't worry boys, I'll get the fire going. Actually, lay your chairs back and take a nap, it looks like you could all use one.”

“Okay.” They all said, and then laid their chairs back and closed their eyes. They all had very nice zero gravity lounge chairs that were very comfortable to sit in, but were even more so to lay in, so the boys had no problem with this at all. Within a few minutes, the boys were sound asleep, before Sam even had a good strong fire going. As soon as it was going good and strong, he laid Timmy's boots near enough to get warm, but not so close as to burn them. He then grabbed his electronic book that he took everywhere with him, sat in his own lounge chair and laid it back, and started reading a nice story he had downloaded from the internet. It was almost two hours later that the boys started to stir. Sam still found it amazing how they all fell asleep and came awake at almost the exact same time. He felt the boys really were just one in three bodies, the amount that they shared he was almost certain of it.

“Hey guys, you had a good long nap, feel better?”

“Much better, thanks. These chairs are great to sleep in, and it's really cozy just laying here in our diapers by the nice hot fire.” The boys all sighed, alternating as to whom was speaking each word.

“Good, glad to hear it, and you looked so cute laying there as well, you all looked like little angels.” Sam smiled to his boys warmly.

“Thanks.” They all smiled warmly back.

“Well, now that you're awake, I think that we had better start putting some tarps up over our camp site. It looks like we might be getting some rain either tonight or tomorrow, if those clouds that have started rolling in have anything to say about it.”

“Aw nuts, rain!”

“Not a big deal, it'll still be really nice. We have the trailer and a nice warm fire, we have games to play, we have all sorts of things to do to keep us plenty busy. After we get the tarps up, we should probably go and get even more wood as well though, just to be sure we have enough. Collecting wood in the rain is not at all fun, and wet wood really doesn't like to burn too well.”

“We know, but we were hoping to get the boat out and take it for a spin.”

“We still will, don't worry. Rain in this area lasts maybe a day or two at the most, and then it'll clear right back up again. We'll have plenty of time to get the boat out. I too was hoping to get it unloaded today and get out there and see the sunset from the boat, but oh well if we can't. We could still get a chance to though. After we get our other more important chores done, then we can unload the boat, and go from there. Hell, we can still go out in the rain, not like it'll kill us.”

“That sounds good we guess, but if there's an electrical storm, you're not dragging our butts out onto the lake in a metal boat.” The boys said smartly.

“We wouldn't have been going out in an electrical storm anyways, no worries there. I'm not completely dense after all.” Sam grinned.

“We certainly hope not. Well, we better get to work then if we want to go boating before it starts raining.” The boys grinned back.

They started by digging the tarps and ropes out, then grabbed a few poles and the ladder that they had as well. They carefully spread the first tarp out and secured it in place, this one pretty much covered everything, including their fire area. It was high enough though that the sparks shouldn't hit it, and they put it up in such a way that the smoke just followed it's slope up and out of their make shift shelter. They put one more up as well to fill in a gap that was left over, but that was pretty easy. This chore took only half an hour to do with the four of them working hard to get it done.

Next was more fire wood. They spent another hour gathering wood, getting a bit more wood than the last time, about twenty five arm loads this time, and by the time they finished, they had a very good sized pile of wood, that Sam covered with yet another tarp to keep dry.

“Okay, now for the boat. If I had to guess though, I'd say that we have about two to three more hours before the rain starts, but it could be less, so as soon as we get the boat in the water, we'll go out and have some fun.”

“Cool!” The boys all said happily.

They all worked to get the boat offloaded from the truck, and then Sam grabbed the rather heavy outboard motor from the rear of the trailer and attached it to the boat. By the time that he had that done, the boys had the gas tanks all down and into the boat, the console was up and locked into place, the seats were all put up and also locked into place. Even the battery was in its holder and ready to be hooked up. Sam had noticed the boys having to help each other to help carry almost all of the heavy items. They did it in such a way as to not all get too tired, they would switch on and off, two of them at all times carrying something, but switching every few seconds or so. He was amazed at how well the three of them worked together to take care of a chore that none of them would have been able to do on their own.

“Great work boys, now we boat.” Sam smiled. They all hopped in, donned their life jackets, and then headed out after shoving off.

Because the lake was so small, barely fifteen acres in size, they could not go very fast at all, but it was very nice. The boys enjoyed the rocking of the boat and the views that they saw. Hardly a word was spoken as they toured the lake, going at barely a trolling pace. Almost an hour later, the first drops of rain hit them.

“Well boys, I think that that's enough for today, the rain appears to be starting now, and it could get heavy.”

“Okay.” They all said, and Sam pointed them back towards their camp and hit the throttle as fast as he dared. He cut the engines and raised it up about twenty five meters or so from shore and coasted them in. It was almost perfect timing, because they came to a gentle stop just before they would have hit the beach. They all hopped out and tied the boat to a nearby tree.

“Well boys, I think that it's close enough to dinner time. I was thinking of cooking up those steaks and having baked potatoes and salad with it, any complaints?”

“NO!” The boys said emphatically.

“Yeah, that's what I thought you'd say.” Sam smiled at the boys, and then they went up to camp to get started on their feast.

They got the barbecue fired up and the potatoes washed and wrapped. Once the taters were ready, they were unceremoniously tossed in the barbecue to cook, and then the steaks were brought out, seasoned, beaten, and then left to air out a bit until they were ready to be cooked. Once that was done, the salad was prepared and set in the fridge for the time being.

Finally everything was done, but by that time the boys were acting as if they had not eaten in at least four days, not just four hours. They were standing there staring at the barbecue as the steaks were cooking, drooling from the incredible smells. Sam had to chuckle when he actually noticed it, because he had not been paying attention.

“Boys, quit staring and drooling, go do something useful, like setting the table.” He laughed.

“But it smells so good.” They all sighed.

“Yes it does, but you don't get to eat until the table is set and ready for it, now do you, so go.” Sam chuckled.

They took of as if their pants were on fire, had they been wearing any that is. They quickly grabbed everything that they would need for dinner, taking only two trips, and taking far too little time to do so. Before too long the boys were back in their same places, once again salivating and staring. Every time that Sam went in to check the steaks but did not come back out with them he heard a loud groan from the boys. The problem was that he wasn't entirely certain it was from their mouths or their stomachs, but figured it was probably both. Much to the boys' appreciation, the steaks were finally removed from the grill, the potatoes were thrown into a bowl, and Sam carried it all over to the table.

“Oh god, finally!” The boys all sighed when it was done and they were about to sit down.

“No need to call me god boys, just daddy will be fine.” Sam teased.


“I'm trying to tease you boys, but your stomachs are apparently in control of everything at the moment. Go ahead and dish up, I'll wait until the carnage is finished before I attempt.” Sam laughed, but he wasn't even certain the boys heard half of what he said, they probably only heard dish up, because no sooner had he said that when the boys did just that.

Sam waited until the boys had their first plates dished up, and then went in for his as well. Sam did have to admit that he was a fair bit more hungry than normal as well, and was looking forward to this almost as much as the boys were. By the time that Sam had his plate dished up though, the boys were nearing the half way point through their first plates, and they had all been well stocked. Sam just chuckled to himself and started eating the meal that he had been looking forward to all day long.

As they were eating the clouds really opened up and the rain started pouring down. They all enjoyed the sounds of the rain all around them, but were thankful that they did a good job with the tarps, because there was no water getting into their area. The fire was also keeping them fairly warm, but they all figured that they would have to get dressed, because it was getting chilly out.

The boys each ended up having two steaks, two large potatoes, and three medium sized helpings of salad. Sam only managed one and a half steaks, one potato, and two helpings of salad. Sam was full, but he figured that the boys had to be completely stuffed, because they had had such a large lunch as well. It was probably for the best that Sam did not have anything for dessert for them, because he wasn't so certain that he would be able to eat another crumb.

“Let's get this all cleaned up boys, and then I think it's in the trailer for the rest of the night and we can play card and or board games.”

“We could always play other games as well.” Teddy grinned.

“Yes, we probably could, but you boys have to remember that just because you can have sex, it doesn't mean that you have to have it multiple times a day. You also have to remember that I am older than you and do not recharge nearly as fast as you do, so I cannot keep on going like you boys still can. If you really feel the need to fire off a load, use your own hands, it really won't kill you. I suppose given how attached you boys are that when one is horny and in need of relief, then the others are as well, so you could always just borrow the use of a brothers hand as well.”

“Yeah, we know.” They said sullenly.

“Good. I know that hands are no fun when you're used to other things, but boys your age aren't normally so well versed in the other areas either. I also think that we should just sit and do things as a family as well, because we are a family now, and family normally doesn't share what we do, not that I want to give it up any mind you, but we can do normal family things together as well.” Sam smiled warmly to his loving boys.

“Yeah, okay, we can do normal family stuff as well, if we have to.” The boys grinned.

“Yes, you have to you little stinkers.”

“Hey, we don't stink, at least not right now.”

“Actually, we're all starting to get a little ripe. With wetting like we did earlier and not getting a proper bath, and of course just being sweaty boys, we're bound to be getting stinky. By the time that we finish this camping trip, we're likely to smell even worse though, because even with soap, bathing in a freezing cold lake doesn't really get you all that clean.”

“Oh, I guess you're right.” All three said after giving their armpits a quick sniff, and then wrinkling their cute little noses from the stench they found there.

“Yeah, see what I mean. You boys actually should start using deodorant, I've noticed a little body odor coming from you at times. Welcome to puberty, hell on earth.” Sam grinned.

“We've never had to buy that before, you'll have to help us with that.” Sam just nodded, happy to help his boys out with that.

“Well, come on boys, clean up, fire out, and then games in the trailer.” Sam called out, and they did as they were told. They all cleaned up everything quickly, including throwing their plates in the fire before it was put out.

Once they were all finished, they all stood around the fire, pulled the front of their diapers down, and started peeing on the fire. They had all been holding it for a while, ever since it was mentioned that they would go in and play games, so they all had to go, at least a little bit. It wasn't anywhere near enough to put the fire out, but it was fun. The bucket of water that was already ready and waiting was utilized once again to douse the rest of the fire. Once everything was all good, the four of them went inside and played games for the rest of the evening.

They played Monopoly, Clue, and Uno until late into the night. By the time that they were finished playing games, they were all nearing the bursting point in their diapers, were almost falling asleep where they sat, so were all more than ready to go to bed.

They got up, cleaned up the little mess they had from the snacks and drinks and games, went to the bedroom, cleaned themselves up as well, and then crawled into bed and fell fast asleep.