Chapter 8

“Good morning daddy.” The boys all sighed as soon as they came awake and found Sam just watching them sleep.

“Good morning boys. How did you sleep last night?”

“Really nice, thanks. And you?”

“I've never slept better than I do when I get to sleep next to you boys. I always knew that I would love to have a boy to love and who'd love diapers and me as well, but I never imagined I'd get three of you, and that you'd make my life complete. You boys make me the happiest man on the earth, no doubt.” Sam smiled warmly to his boys, and then gave them each a nice soft good morning kiss.

“We always wanted a daddy that would love us in a special way and that would understand our love of diapers. We never dreamed that you'd come along, or that you'd be so perfect for us if you did, but you did, and that makes us the luckiest baby boys on the earth.”

“I love you.” All four of them said at the same time, and then just cuddled and kissed, kissed and cuddled, for nearly an hour, not saying anything more.

It was finally all their stomachs growling that insisted that they get up and get going. It was still raining outside, so begrudgingly they all threw on some sweat pants and a sweat shirt, because they knew that it would be very cold outside. They didn't bother changing their diapers yet, they all felt that they had another hour or two left in them anyways. Once they were ready to go outside, they all collected everything that they would need to make a nice filling breakfast, and headed out to do that. Sam said he would start breakfast, and the boys said that they would attempt to start the fire on their own for their first time. As Sam was cooking, he was watching the boys to make sure they did everything properly, and they did. He was proud that after only a few minutes they had a respectable fire going, and a few minutes later it was going well.

“You boys did a great job on getting the fire going. Soon I'll teach you how to do it without paper or a lighter, just using what nature provides you.”

“Thanks, but we thought that that was just on TV, that it could never be done.”

“No, it can be done quite easily, and there are a few ways in which to do so. There's the sparks from a rock, but that's the most difficult, than there's the hand twisting of a stick on a dry piece of wood method, easier, but still not easy, and then there is the same way but using a bow to spin the wood fast to create far more friction, that's my favorite. You only have to have a piece of rope or string, but any nature person worth anything at all will tell you that the second most important thing in your survival pack is rope.”

“What's the most important thing, water?”

“No, the single most important thing is a knife. Water you can find in nature easy enough, no point in carrying it with you, same with food, although I always have emergency rations as well.”

“Oh, why would a knife and rope be the most important things though?”

“Think about it, they really are universal in their greatness for helping in the wilderness. Rope can be used to secure things, hang things, make a bow for fire starting or hunting, make a shelter, make traps for hunting, and so many other things. And how would you plan to cut anything at all without a knife. Sure you could fashion a crude knife from the proper stones if you can find them, but it's a hell of a lot easier just to have one with you. Same with rope, you can make your own out of barks or grasses, but it's just a lot easier to have it with you.”

“That makes enough sense, what else would you need then?” The boys asked as Sam continued cooking, soaking up the information happily.

“Well, I prefer to have a sleeping bag and a tarp with me, just more comfortable that way really, but I'll teach you boys how to go without even those, but if it rains or is cold, they're much better. Basic cookware and cutlery is also handy, but not absolutely necessary, but I almost always have it with me. A couple spoons are also always handy to have, couple sizes, and I'm pretty sure I don't have to tell you why. I always like to have a couple canteens with me as well, so that I can fill up with water whenever it's handy, because even though you can always find water if you know what you're doing, it's not always easy to get, or very good if you do find it, so you learn to get the good stuff when you find it. First aid kit is also a must, it's the third most important thing on my personal list, but again you could live without it if you know what you're doing, but again, it just makes life easier. A compass as well, so that you can always find your way, and I always have a hatchet with me. Useful for not only getting wood for a fire, but great protection as well for just in case.”

“That doesn't sound like a lot, but what about toilet paper?” The boys asked curiously.

“Nature provides for that as well, just as long as you don't do something stupid like grabbing the wrong leaves, then you're fine.” Sam grinned, the boys looked grossed out.

“That sounds gross, but what do you mean the wrong leaves?”

“Remember yesterday when I showed you the poison ivy?”


“And remember what I told you it does?”

“Yeah, makes you really itchy.”

“Yep, that's the one. Now think of it this way, would you really want to wipe your ass with poison ivy?”

“Oh god no, that'd be horrible.”

“Yes, an old friend of mine when I was in high school found out just how horrible it was. He wasn't the brightest bulb on the tree to begin with, but he couldn't stand to shit for four days, and it burned so much that he even willingly let is mom put the cream on, because he couldn't do it without hurting more.”

“Oh man, that had to have sucked.” The boys all gasped, almost feeling the burn themselves.

“Yes, I'm sure it did. He told me later that he had never cried so much in his entire life, it was so bad at times. He also told me that he had had to use so many leaves because he had had the runs, and it was messy. He had also gotten it on his balls and the tops of his inner thighs and everything. He said he couldn't stand to move hardly at all, but going to the bathroom was pure torture. He had to submit to his mom spraying him off after he finished, because wiping did not feel good at all. I hate to admit that I was crying I was laughing so hard when he told me all this, but it was just too funny, because I had warned him before he went to watch out for the poison ivy, because I knew it was there. He said he knew, apparently he didn't.” Sam said, laughing even still from remembering back to that time.

“Wow, he really wasn't too bright then, was he. We'll definitely remember that then, because we don't want that happening to us.”

“That's good, because I never want to see you boys in that much pain. Breakfast is almost ready, so go ahead and set the table please.” Sam smiled.

The boys went and did it right away, but were back again before the food was finished. Soon breakfast was finished, and they all dug in and ate heartily. They all cleaned up as soon as they were finished, went in for a quick diaper change, and then went and sat around the fire and talked. Sam mostly told the boys lots about surviving in the wilderness, teaching them all sorts of things that they should know. The boys were once again soaking up the information like sponges, they were loving it. Never had they learned so much about a fascinating subject before, nor had they ever had an adult just sit and talk and answer questions, ever. Not even their teachers had ever really done that, they were too afraid of the boys, they were just too much alike, and that scared most people.

They talked clear through to lunch, and in fact a bit past. Once they all realized that they were getting hungry, they made and ate lunch, cleaned that up, and then went and sat back down to talk. After lunch it was the boys that did most of the talking and Sam asking the questions. They of course knew almost all there was to know about each other, but the boys still hadn't told all the little things from their pasts yet, and that's what the boys told Sam. Sam had already told all the boys everything about his past.

There wasn't really much to tell though. The boys said that they didn't remember their father at all, their mother was never around, they were raised by nannies that didn't really bother to look after them all that much, just did the bare necessities for them to survive. The only love they ever felt was from each other. They told Sam even more about how they got started in their lovemaking, how it progressed and everything. All told this only took a little more than an hour, because the boys really didn't have much in their lives to tell until Sam came along.

“Daddy, you said that you'd teach us how to make bows and snares and stuff like that, can you teach us that now?”

“Sure thing, but that means that we're all gonna get a bit wet, because that means we have to go into the woods to find a few things.”

“We don't mind, and we do have rain gear somewhere in the trailer, I know we bought some.”

“That's true, I forgot about that as well, but I think I remember where I put it. The boots are in the closet, so you boys can go and get those, and I'll go find the hats and coats, which we will put in the closet when they're dried off.” Sam said, remembering stuffing them into one of the outside compartments.

They were all back a minute or two later with the items that they needed, and then got dressed. They all looked funny in their bright yellow rain gear, but they were certain that none of them would be able to lose the others dressed like they were. Sam even chuckled that if they were to stand at the end of a runway during a power outage they could probably safely land a plane given how bright they were. The boys laughed as well.

“Okay boys, come on. What we're looking for are good green branches that are nice and straight and firm, but flexible. You can use the branches off of almost any tree, but there are ones that are better suited for the job. If you want to make true bows for hunting as well, you'll also need good straight branches that are hard, and have very little flex to them. Again these can be from almost any tree, but they're harder to find. Arrows you'd want only a few millimeters in diameter, but the bows are usually two to three times thicker than that.”

“Cool, we'll look for both as well then. What about the bow string, have you got rope that's good for that?”

“We should have something that will suffice just fine. You want something that will not stretch or break at all, but that has to be strong. Most bow strings are composite material now, but they used to use braided horse tail hairs, and I've heard that the natives used to use finely braided bark strings to do it, but I don't think that that would be very strong, who knows though. I'm pretty sure that I packed a good sturdy twine though that will work quite well.”

“Okay. How will we get the branches that we need though?”

“You'd use your knife if I had have thought to buy you boys each one, but I have a knife, there's the hatchet, and there's even a pruning shear in the tool box. We could probably also use the side cutters from there as well, that should work just fine. We'll go and buy you boys some good knives later, and I'll teach you everything that you'll ever need to know about them when we get them.”

“Okay, we'll grab those then.” The boys said and then broke off to grab the three items that they wanted.

“Okay, looks like we're all set, so let's go.” Sam said, and then led the way into the forest.

They searched and searched in the rainy forest and each time they found a branch or two that would be suitable, they would take them back to the camp and set them down. It took about two hours for them to come up with enough to do what they wanted to do.

“Okay boys, for the next part, grab a straight blade sharp knife from the kitchen, and we get to debark these branches.”

“Won't that wreck the knives though?”

“It'll probably dull them a bit, because this is not what they were intended for, but it won't wreck them, and I can just sharpen them later if I need to.”

The boys smiled and nodded and went in and grabbed a knife each. Sam was happy to see that they all chose the smallest, sharpest paring knives that they had. He then went about showing the boys how to debark all the branches, and the boys said that they wanted to keep the bark to see how hard it would be to make rope from it. This chore went relatively fast.

“Okay, now forming of the bows first. Using the fishing line that I have here, you're going to want to form a notch in the center of the wood on the correct side of the natural curve, and then wrap the whole thing well with the line, I'll show you how to do that now.”

“What's the fishing line for?”

“When applied properly it actually does a couple things. It will first of all strengthen the area, so that it's not as likely to split, but it also reduces the friction on the arrow.”

“Oh, okay.”

Sam showed the boys how to do this on his own, using the knife to carve out a sufficient notch, and then how to wrap it. The boys followed his every movement, doing it just as perfectly as Sam had himself.

“Okay, now for the strong notches at either end. Again you form these with your knives, and then wrap them in line to strengthen them.”

This took a little longer to do, because they had two to do now, and these had to be even more perfect than the firing notch had to be, or the string would just slip right off. As soon as Sam was done, he went and grabbed the twine that he had, brought it back, and then showed the boys how to measure, cut, and then tie the ends.

“Okay, now that you have the strings cut and tied, it's time to string your bows. This can be tricky, and even a bit dangerous if not done right, but if you follow directions as well as you have been, it'll be a snap. Put one end of your bow string in one end of your bow and put that end on the ground. Then take the other end and pull it up, while at the same time pushing the end of your bow down. These are good sturdy branches, so this could be tricky, so if you can't do it, I'll help you.” Sam informed the boys, and then showed them.

Sam was able to easily string his bow, but the boys were unable to bend their branches quite far enough to be able to string them, so Sam had to come and help them do that as well.

“There we go, that's four really good bows. Now give them a test.” Sam said, and then showed them what he meant.

Sam was able to pull his string quite well, but the boys could hardly pull theirs more than just a few inches.

“That's really hard to do.”

“As the string stretches and the wood relaxes a little, it'll be a bit easier, but it's that resistance that gives you your power when firing a bow. Now, using some of the branches and the dried wood that we've collected, I'm going to show you boys how to start a fire with your bows.”

“Cool.” The boys all said.

Sam collected a wet piece of wood that he could hold in his hand, a dry piece of wood he could set fire to, and a thicker longer piece of a branch that he could turn. He took his other two pieces of wood and carved small holes into them, just big enough for his turning branch to go into. He cut the dowel down to the proper shape, showing the boys what and why he was doing it, and then twisted it in his bow so that he could easily turn it. He put the one end of his branch into the dry piece of wood on the ground, grabbed the wet piece of wood and put it on top of the dowel, and then started moving his bow back and forth rapidly, causing the branch to spin very quickly. Within only a few seconds the boys could clearly see smoke starting, and a few seconds later there was even more. Sam stopped at this time, grabbed a few dry leaves and needles and set them in the small hole on the dry piece of wood, bent down, and blew on it all gently. A few seconds later, they caught fire and the boys cheered.

“Holy crap, you did it, and it looked real easy.”

“It is, but if you had to do that by hand it would have taken a lot longer, and you'd probably end up with a blister or two. Always remember though to have a dry piece of wood and a wet piece of wood, and the wet one in your hand, because you really don't want the wood in your hand catching fire on you. Now to make a few arrows.”

“We'll remember, but okay.” The boys said and Sam tossed the burning piece of wood into the fire.

For the next hour the four of them sat there and Sam showed the boys how to make the perfect arrows. They were only sharpening the end of the stick into a good point, and cutting the notch into the other end, because they had no feathers to attach onto the arrows yet.

“And these are almost arrows. You could actually fire them right now, but they'd have no accuracy whatsoever. We'll find ourselves a grouse or two and use it's feathers for our arrows, and then eat the meat, they're really good.”

“What's a grouse?”

“A bird that is similar to a chicken in a lot of ways, just smaller. They can fly, but not much better than a chicken can, their eggs are a lot smaller as well, and really there's not much meat on them.”

“And how do you get one of them?”

“Actually, they are such a stupid bird that if they think they're well hidden, you can just walk right up to them and bash them over the head with a stick. The problem is of course that they are very well versed at hiding, so can be tricky to see. The best thing to do is make a lot of noise and startle one, let it fly away, but watch carefully as to where it goes, and then sneak back up on it. Most of the time you can walk right up to it if you make no sudden noises or movements.”

“Really, they're that stupid?” The boys asked in amazement.

“Yes, many of them can be, but chickens are barely any better.”

“When can we do that?”

“We probably will have no luck until after it stops raining, which should be soon, it's starting to clear up already. Let's use that bark that we gathered and make some small snare ropes, I'll show you how to do that.”

“Okay.” The boys all said, and then Sam showed them how to cut the bark into smaller strips, and then braid them into small ropes.

Once they had a bunch of small bark ropes, Sam showed them exactly how to make small animal snares. They all thought that it was really easy to do, and they ended up making four each.

“Can we go and put these out now?” The boys asked.

“Sure, the rain is slowing down, so as soon as it's cleared up, the animals will start coming back out for food, which is when we want these traps out anyways.”

They went out into the woods, placing their traps in different areas, Sam telling the boys the best places to do so, and how best to do it. It didn't take very long at all to do.

“Daddy, is that a grouse?” Timmy asked curiously, seeing a small bird that looked a little like a small chicken.

“Yep, it is. Here's a stick, sneak up to it and smack it over the head.”

“I'm not so sure I can do that.”

“I'll do it if you really want me to, but eventually you should learn how to do it. No one likes to kill things, or at least normal people don't, so don't feel bad for feeling squeamish to do it, but we'll eat it and use its feathers, so it's not a waste.” Sam said softly.

Timmy cautiously took the offered stick, and the other three went totally silent. Timmy snuck up on the bird that was almost looking directly at him, raised the stick slowly, and as soon as he was within range, he struck. The bird never had time to react, it was either stunned or dead. Timmy puked, which caused the other two to as well.

Sam gathered the boys into his arms, and held them. “It's okay boys, it's hard to do, but it does get easier, especially if you're hungry. Just remember, never let that feel good, and you'll stay good.” He said softly into their ears. He let them cry for a few minutes until they pushed away.

“I just killed an animal, it didn't feel very nice at all.” Timmy said, still crying a little, the other two weren't now, but it hadn't been them to have done it.

“No, I cried the first time I killed an animal as well, it was a rabbit, and it was very cute. At least these things are kind of ugly. I was hungry though, because that was one of the first times going out without actual food, and I needed to eat, so it was it or me, and I was determined that it wasn't going to be me.”

“How do we clean it?” Tommy asked.

“That I'm afraid is not a very nice chore. It's not very hard to do, but it's a dirty job.” Sam told the boys, and then proceeded to do so. The boys were pale, but did not turn away. He plucked the feathers out, keeping the ones that they needed for their arrows, removed the head and feet, and then cleaned the insides out.

“We don't think that we could do that.” The boys all said once Sam was done.

“I'll clean them as long as you want me to do it, but eventually you should probably learn. I had to read all about how to do it, and then had to do the hands on learning the first time I killed one, it was the rabbit. I did lose my lunch the first time cleaning one, but it's become easier with time.”


“No problem. Now, let's get back to camp. As long as we're out here, the animals won't come out. We'll get this bird in a pot to stew and we'll make soup out of it, about the only thing they're good for to tell you the truth, although the breasts can make a nice sandwich if cooked properly.”

“Okay, as soon as that's done, will you show us how to finish our arrows?”

“Sure thing.”

They headed back towards camp and Sam got the bird into a pot on the stove, filled it with water and seasonings, and then turned it to low to cook for a while. As soon as that was done, Sam grabbed a couple pairs of scissors and showed the boys how to cut the feathers that they had collected. This was an easy thing to do, and before too long the boys had about ten times more feathers cut and ready than what they needed. The extras were put into a bag to be kept for later. Sam then showed them how to attach the feathers to the shafts of their arrows, and they thought that it looked easy, but found that it was quite tricky. They did manage just fine though.

“Cool, now we have bows and arrows, can we try and fire them please?”

“Sure, let's go over to that rotting log and fire at that. The arrows will probably sink into that an inch or two. Now, there are some very important safety precautions to go over. Never, and I do mean never, pull your string until you are sure that the area that your arrow is pointing is one hundred percent clear except the target that you're aiming at. These bows and arrows can and will kill almost anything that you fire them at if you hit it in the right place. Hit a person with one of these things and it might not kill them, but you certainly won't make a new friend.”

“Okay, we'll remember that, but it makes sense.”

Sam then showed them how to notch their arrows, how to pull it and the string back, how to aim, and then how to fire. Sam's first arrow went into the log nearly six inches, whereas the boys' arrows hardly even made it there at all, and just bounced off.

“Okay, not bad for your first try, at least you hit the log. Try again, but this time pull the string back as far as you're able to, hold it, and then let it go.”

They all did it again, this time the boys pulled further, straining to do so, fired, and sunk their arrows in. Sam didn't pull back quite so far, and only sunk his arrow in a couple inches this time. They each fired off all their arrows until they were done, getting a little better each time.

“Excellent, now you could probably hunt with these bows and arrows. Let's go get our arrows, and we can try aiming them now at a target.”

“Okay.” The boys all said happily.

Sam's first arrow was stuck in too deeply to get back out, so it had to be left, but the rest all came out of the rotting log with ease. Sam marked four targets on the large soft log, and then they all went back and fired again. Sam was the only one able to get a bulls eye, but the boys each got amazingly close on at least one of their shots.

“Very good job boys, great aiming. You could easily hunt with these then.”

“Thanks, but you're really good.”

“Yes, but I've had lots of practice, with real bows and arrows, and even guns, so I know how to aim. Took a few tries for me to get my aim with this correct, but I got it, and so did you boys. You'd find that if we were to switch bows, we'd all suck for a few shots until we got the hang of the particular bow we were using, because each one is very different.”

“Can you teach us more about that as well?”

“Sure. We'll go and buy you boys real bows and arrows and I'll take you to the range with me to learn everything that you'll need to know.” Sam smiled.

They continued practicing with their bows and arrows until the arrows were pretty much no longer flying any more, because they were not very good for multiple uses. It was only about half an hour until dinner time, so they all went in for a much needed diaper change, and then they got started on dinner. The boys peeled a bunch of potatoes and vegetables for their soup, while Sam got the bird all deboned and broken up into small pieces. It was all put back into the pot to cook, and they made sandwiches to go along with the soup for as soon as it was done. When it was, they all sat down to eat the home made soup, and the boys loved it, each having three bowls of it, polishing it all off, and there had been a lot.

“Wow, that was really good.” The boys all said, patting their bellies to show they were telling the truth.

“Yes, it was, but you boys ate a lot, I'm surprised you can even move. You've eaten so much on this camping trip that by the end of it you'll probably weigh like five kilos or more each more than you did when we came.”

“Yeah, but you keep feeding us so well.” Teddy grinned.

“Well, you all need to be fed well, none of you are actually the size that you should be for your age, but you get a lot of exercise as well, so that's good. It's finally stopped raining though, so hopefully tomorrow morning we can go check our traps and find a few animals for dinner tomorrow night, and then you'll really eat well, because there's nothing like fresh rabbit stew.”

“We're not so sure we can see a rabbit dying, they're just too cute.”

“You'll probably puke and cry again, but don't feel bad, we'll only take what we can eat, so two or maybe three, depending upon their sizes.”

The boys didn't say anything to that, they weren't sure what they could say. The thought of killing anything made them sick, but they had to admit, that it was really good meat, very fresh, and this way they could stay camping even longer if they had extra food to eat. They got started on the cleanup right away, and then sat around the fire and talked the night away.

Before the boys even realized it, it was bed time, and they were too tired to even play. They had not played all day long, something that they had not done once since they were very young. Sam actually laughed when they pointed this out. They all were diapered and curled up into bed, they kissed each other goodnight, curled up to each other, and fell fast asleep.

“Good morning babies, how did you sleep last night?” Sam asked the following morning when he awoke to find all three of his boys cuddled into him stroking his chest.

“Really good daddy. Can you make love to us please?”

“Nope, not this morning, we're gonna hold off until this evening, let you boys get really worked up, then it'll be fantastic when you cum.” Sam said brightly.

“We can't wait that long, we've not gone more than a day since we were like six, we can't do it.” They whined.

“Sure you can, and you will too, no sex today boys, got it.” Sam smiled to his boys, to show he was not being mean, but that he wanted to play.

“Fine, but don't blame us if we all of a sudden explode.”

“You'll be just fine. Also, it won't be me making love to you boys either, you're still too sore from the first time, you're cute little bums still need more time to heal.”

“We're fine.”

“You may think you're fine, but I hear you all groan when you go to the bathroom, and I see your cute little bums when I change your diapers remember, and all of your holes are still bruised and puffy. Believe me, if you were to take me in today still, it would hurt a lot. Hell, it'd probably hurt for you boys to do each other. We're gonna take a drive into town today and buy a few things, and while we're there, I'll buy some cream for your bums to help them heal a bit faster.”

“Okay, we guess you're right, they do still hurt a bit, but can we at least make love to you daddy?”

“We'll see, but I have a special plan for tonight, and don't even bother to ask, I won't tell.”

“Fine, can you at least feed us breakfast then?” They grinned. Ah, the power of boys' stomachs, if they can't get sex, then they'll get the next best thing, food.

“Nah, I don't think I feel like cooking today.” Sam grinned.

“Fine, then we'll cook today instead.” The boys said, and before Sam could say anything further, the boys hopped out of bed, headed to the kitchen, rummaged around for a minute, and by the time Sam made it out of the bedroom, the boys were already headed outside with their arms full to start cooking breakfast.

“I'll cook boys, I was just teasing you.” Sam smiled as he exited the trailer.

“We know, but we can cook today. You've done almost all the cooking lately, and we do like to cook as well, not to mention we're not really used to other people doing the cooking, we've always had to do it.”

“True, and if you boys want to cook at any time, just tell me and I'll let you.” Sam smiled warmly.

Sam went and got the fire started while the boys started cooking up some breakfast. Sam had to admit that whatever it was that they were cooking sure did smell good. It took the boys about half an hour to have them all a delicious breakfast ready. By the time the boys were finished cooking, Sam had a good healthy fire going to cut a bit of the chilly morning air that was left behind by the rain. The boys didn't seem to be bothered, but then they were working, but Sam was really cold until he got the fire going, because he, like the boys, was still naked except a soggy diaper.

“That was very good boys, thanks.”

“You're welcome daddy, we're glad you liked it, but we'll use a bit more spice next time, we thought it was a bit bland as well.”

“How did you know that's what I was thinking, I never said a thing?”

“We can feel you remember, and we felt that, we didn't read your thoughts.” The boys grinned.

“Guess it'll be hard to hide secrets from you boys if you can feel me like that huh?”

“Yep, but we'd still not know what the secret was necessarily, just that you were hiding something from us.”

“Oh well, it'd help to build the suspense then I guess. It must be killing you to know that I plan something tonight and that I feel very excited by it.”

“Yes, it is, we can feel that you are very sexually excited by it as well, which is keeping us very hard, but then half that could be because we haven't cum in more than a day.”

“It's good for you, don't worry, it'll just make tonight so much better.” Sam grinned.

“Right about now, we're not so sure we actually believe you.” The boys laughed.

“No, I probably wouldn't believe me either if I were you.” Sam laughed as well.

“That's comforting.”

“No, probably not. Well, let's get this all cleaned up, go get changed and dressed, and then go check our snares and see if we caught any dinner for tonight.”

“Okay.” The boys said a little apprehensively.

“Don't worry boys, you'll be just fine.” Sam smiled warmly to the scared boys.

They cleaned everything up, went inside, got changed into clean dry diapers, got dressed, and then headed out. They headed towards their first trap, and the first one was a bust, as was the second, but the third had a nice looking jack rabbit, and it was trapped perfectly by its hind legs. It looked as if it had finally given up trying to escape, but as soon as the intruders came into sight, it renewed its efforts to escape.

“Oh look, a nice sized rabbit, that'll make a nice dinner all by itself.” Sam said joyously.

“So, how do we do this then?” The boys gulped.

“Well, because we already have it by its hind legs, that makes it easier. You have to hang them upside down, and then the hardest part, you have to slit its throat and let all the blood drain out.” Sam said softly, the boys gasped.

“That sounds so horrible though.”

“I'm sure it probably is, but the animal dies very quickly, within a second, so I'm sure it hardly even notices. You can turn away if you have to, but eventually you will need to learn how to do this if you want to learn how to survive in the woods.” Sam told his boys softly. He knew this part was the hardest.

Without waiting for the boys to respond, from how green they were looking he wasn't even sure they could anyways, he grabbed up the rabbit by the string holding it firmly, and tied it to a branch on a tree upside down. He got his knife ready and then grabbed its ears, which was difficult with how much the poor animal was thrashing around, and then very quickly slit the rabbits throat. It thrashed around for only a second, and then it was still. It took a couple minutes for all the blood to drain out, and then Sam removed it.

Sam was glad to see that the boys had not thrown up this time, but they were looking with disgust on their faces. He was also happy that they had not turned away at all. They did still look really green though.

“Okay boys, the hardest part is done, and I'm sorry that you had to see that, but in the end it'll be better for you. If you really want to be able to survive in the wild, these are skills that are almost absolutely mandatory. The next hardest part though is to skin it and remove its head and guts. That's an even more gross job than the grouse yesterday I'm afraid to say, but it's not all that hard.”

“That wasn't very nice, but it was easier the second time to see.” The boys admitted.

“Not to mention that it wasn't you that had to do it this time.” Sam smiled warmly to his boys.

He then started the gross chore of skinning and removing the innards and head from the rabbit.

“What are we going to do with that?” The boys all asked, pointing at the pile of guts.

“We'll leave it here for the animals in the forest to eat up. They'll eat every part, so that means every part of the rabbit gets used.”

“Oh. Can we keep the skin though, rabbit fur is so soft?”

“Sure. We'll have to prepare it though, but I have no idea how to do that.”

“If we're going into town anyways, maybe we can find a book on that as well.”

“True, we'll have to do that. Let's take this guy back to the camp and get it in the fridge for later, and then go find our other traps and release any animals from them that we find.”


After they went and dropped off the prepared rabbit, Sam through the pelt in a bucket of water, they went and looked for their other traps, but the next one they came to, wasn't actually there. Sam told the boys that sometimes the animals are smart enough to be able to get away, or sometimes the knots weren't as tight as they should have been, so sometimes traps went missing. They found two more traps empty, and then they found another rabbit.

“Okay boys, you get to let this guy go, because we won't eat him. You'll have to pin its head down and hold it firmly, so that it can't bite or scratch you, and that's bloody tricky, and then you just loosen the trap and let it go. It'll take off right away as soon as it realizes its free.”

The boys went and did this right away, and the rabbit took off right away. Their next few traps each had a rabbit, and one had a squirrel. They released each of the animals and were happy to do so.

“Okay, that was it, so let's go and get changed out of these soaking diapers, get dressed, and head into town.”

“Okay.” The boys said, and they went back and did that.

As soon as they were ready to go, they hopped into the truck and took the half an hour drive to the nearest town. It was a tiny little town that had very little in it, but had all that they'd need.

Their first stop was a hunting and fishing store, pretty much a staple in any small mountain town, and Sam helped the boys to each pick out a nice knife. They chose one that was almost the exact same as Sam's was. It had a six inch long blade and a nice handle, it was a fold up knife as well and came with a nice belt case, same as Sam's. They then had to pick out belts, because they didn't have one, and they each chose one similar to Sam's, they had small pouches that could be clipped on and off for holding things, one of which was waterproof, which Sam said was great for matches. They looked around for a little longer in the store, and the boys were eying nice compound bows that were just their size.

“Would you boys like those bows? They're really good ones, and the right size for you. They'll be a lot more powerful than your home made ones, and will last a lot longer because they're not made of green wood.”

“Can we?” They asked excitedly.

“Of course you can. My bow is really old and not nearly as good as these are, so I'm going to buy the same model in my size as well if you boys want these ones. Wouldn't want for you boys to have a better bow than I do, that's for sure.” Sam grinned.


“We'll have to get you each a quiver and a bunch of arrows as well to go with them.”

“Won't that be expensive though?”

“I don't think that we'll need to worry about that, but yes, they'll be expensive for sure, probably a couple thousand total each by the time we finish.”

“That's too much though, we don't need ones that expensive.”

“Sure we do, we're gonna buy the best, because for once we can afford the best, and I've always wanted a really good bow.”

“I guess you're right, we can certainly afford them, but that doesn't mean that we have to spend that much.” The boys pointed out smartly.

“That's true as well, but sometimes it's just nice to spoil ourselves and buy something that's really nice that we don't necessarily need. Even when I didn't really have a lot of money to spend, sometimes I'd spoil myself, just because. It feels good to do it sometimes. Now, no more arguments, those are what we're buying. Go ahead and look around some more and see if there's anything else that we need or that you want, and don't worry about the cost, I'll get the bows and accessories for us.”

The boys took off and continued looking around, while Sam went and got the owner of the shop to come and help him. He got the four bows that he wanted, three extra cables for each one, quivers for each of them, and two dozen arrows each as well.

The boys in their newest travels of the store noticed a book rack that hey had not seen before, and found a book on hide preparations for hunters, so they grabbed that. They did look at the index to find the quickest and easiest method, flipped to the first page there, found a list of ingredients that they needed, and then continued looking around. Sam came and found them a little while later.

“Hey boys, got everything ready at the front. Was there anything else that we needed or you wanted before we leave?”

“Yeah, we found a book on how to tan a hide, but we'll have to go and buy some more things from a grocery store. Lots and lots of salt, more eggs, and we'll need some buckets or barrels to put it in all in. We also saw some binoculars that we liked, but we didn't pick them out.”

“Okay, not a problem, we'll head to the grocery store next for that then. Go and grab a pair of binoculars each, and one for me too please, that's actually one thing I don't already have, and they are handy to have around.”

“Okay.” The boys said and took off.

“Here you go daddy.” They said, handing over the boxes.

“Thanks, was there anything else?”

“There were some really neat targets that we could use for our new bows.”

“That sounds like a good idea. Let's go check them out.”

They went and checked them out. Sam liked the looks of them, so picked out four and a few packs of the paper targets to attach to them as well, and took those up front as well.

“Okay, anything else?”

“Not that we could think of.”

“Okay, come on and let's go pay for all of this.”

“This is gonna hurt.” The boys grinned.

“Yep, but you know what, who cares. The owner of the store is sure gonna appreciate it though.”

“We bet.”

And he sure did as well. They went up to the front, told the owner that they were ready, so he rang every thing up for them, came up with the total, and the boys peed their pants. Sam happily paid the bill, and then they all started taking everything out to the truck.

“Wow, that was expensive.”

“Yeah, it was, I've never spent that much money before, at least at a store like this. It does feel nice to be able to buy some good things for fun though.”

“Yeah, it kinda does. We've never been able to do that before.”

“Me neither really.”

They headed off to the grocery store next. There they found the salt that they would need, grabbed the eggs as well, and then grabbed more food, so that they did not run out. They were not worried with how long they stayed out for, not really having any real reason to go back home until they wanted to. Next they hit a gas station and filled up their gas and propane tanks, they had remembered to bring them as well.

“Okay, anything else while we're in town babies?”

“How are we doing for diapers, and I think we should buy some baby lotion and diaper rash cream?” Teddy asked.

“Oh, we probably could have gotten that at the grocery store while we were there, but the pharmacy will have it as well. I think diapers we're good on, but I'll run into the pharmacy real quick and grab a few things. You boys just stay here with the truck please.” Sam asked. The gas station was across the street from the pharmacy anyways, so there was no point in moving until they had all their stuff, and this way the boys could make sure no one stole their stuff.

Sam went across the road, looked around for a few minutes, pushing a cart. He grabbed a couple large bottles of baby lotion, a few tubs of diaper rash cream, a few packs of pampers size seven, the boys would fit in them he figured, a large pack of diapers for himself, a nice large tube of lube, and a few other assorted items that he figured they could use. He went and paid for it all, and then carried the large bags to the truck. He just threw them in the back and hopped in the front with the boys.

“Wow, you sure bought a lot. What all did you buy?”

“Diapers, wipes, cream, lotion, lube, and a couple other things. I grabbed you boys the pampers size seven, you should fit them no problem, and I'll bet they're wicked cute on you.”

“Cool, I bet they'll be awesome. Thanks.”

“No problem, anything for my babies.” Sam smiled warmly to his boys, and then headed out after making sure the boys didn't want to stop anywhere else before heading back to camp.

They made it back to camp and unloaded everything. They decided to leave the rabbit fir where it was, figuring that it would be safe in the water. They got their bows unpacked, read the directions for how to properly string them, because they were different than what Sam was used to, and then strung them. Next they got their quivers and arrows all set up, and then the targets were set up.

“Can we try some target practice now daddy, to try these new bows out?” Timmy asked excitedly.

“Sure thing baby, I was wondering how long it would take for you boys to ask.” Sam smiled, and then they all got themselves set up.

They put their quivers on their backs, grabbed their bows, and then grabbed arrows. They all notched an arrow, pulled their strings back, the boys were only able to pull them about half way, and then they let loose with their first arrows.

“Wow, these things have way more power than the ones we made, and they're far more accurate.” The boys said in amazement.

“Well, these are compound bows remember, so that means that with the pulley system on them, that you can pull them easier, but still get about five times more power out of them. These are also far superior arrows, so they will have deadly accuracy once you're good enough with them, however, I daresay with how good your first shots on these were, that you'll be that good very soon.”

“Thanks, but you got a bullseye on your very first shot.”

“Yes, but I am used to this type of bow. This is similar to what I already have, but this is a lot fancier and better, more accurate too I might add.”

With that, they were all ready with their next arrows, so took their shots. The boys did very well again, so did Sam. For the next hour they played with their new bows, having to go and empty their targets after every few shots or so. They all had fun, but the boys' arms were starting to get sore, so they had to stop.

“So, what did that book say that we had to do with the rabbit skin then?”

“Don't really know, we just looked for the list of ingredients for the easiest and most environmentally friendly method of doing it, well, that's what the index had said anyways. Let me go grab the book, I'll be right back, but you may as well get the skin out and squeeze it dry, because I'm assuming that's what the salt is for, to dry out the skin.” Tommy said, and then headed into the trailer for the book.

As soon as he was back outside, he started reading the chapter that they wanted, while the others were wringing out the pelt. As soon as Tommy had the information that he needed, he told the others, and they did as he said. Pretty much all they had to do was lay it flat in a cool dry place with its skin up and pile salt on it, so they did that. The book said that this could take up to two weeks to complete, but they figured that they could always put it in a container of some sort until they got home when they left. They realized that they needn't have bought the eggs yet, but figured oh well, they'll get eaten.

They made themselves a quick lunch, and then headed out on the water in the boat. They boated and swam for the next couple hours, just having a lot of fun. It wasn't quite as warm out yet as it had been, but it was plenty nice enough. They all had a lot of fun, laughing and joking the entire time.

Once they made it back to camp, they started the fire finally, got dried and into clean diapers, the boys into their new pampers, of which really were cute on them, and then Sam grabbed the rabbit and got started on cutting it up for dinner. He threw the meat into a frying pan to fry up lightly. Once it was prepared, he added some water to it and waited for a few minutes, then threw it into a large pot to stew.

“Well boys, now that dinner's started, what should we do, and don't say sex, it's not gonna happen until tonight?” Sam grinned at the boys, knowing full well what they would have said.

“We don't know daddy, if we can't have sex that is.”

“You do know that sex isn't the only thing in the world to do right?” Sam laughed.

“We hate to tell you this, but until you came along, it really was the only thing that we could do to have fun. We didn't exactly have a lot of friends, in fact we don't really think that we had any. We were allowed to swim in the pool sometimes, as you already knew, but even that we didn't do all that often, because we didn't want to intrude. We don't really care for watching TV all that much, and there's only so much that you can do on the computer, and we hate computer games. We did read a lot though, that was our only other way of enjoying ourselves.” The boys admitted.

“Well, now you will always have something to do, other than sex. As much fun as it is, it's not really something that you have to do all the time, even though an entire day dedicated to it might be a blast.” Sam grinned.

“It is.”

“I had a feeling that you boys would have probably tried an all day sex fest at least once. I bet you were all as raw as can be by the end though.” Sam laughed.

“Oh yeah, it was great. We still had fun the next day though, but only once, and only by our hands, it hurt the least amount.”

“Yeah, I bet it was, and I bet it did.”

“So, what did you have in mind then?”

“Let's go find ourselves some suitable sticks to carve into nice walking sticks, so that tomorrow we can go for another hike on a different trail this time.”

“Okay, but as always you'll have to tell us what we're looking for.”

“No problem. This time you want a good dried piece of wood that isn't rotting, and you'll want it small and light enough to carry easily.”

“Okay.” The boys all said, and then they took off.

Half an hour later they were back, each with their own stick that they'd carve into a nice walking stick.

“Okay, take out your knives and check to make sure that they're good and sharp. They're brand new, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they're sharp, but they should be. I'll show you how to sharpen them if we need to, or show you later when we need to.”

“Mine's good.” All three said a the same time after they all checked their blades.

“Good. Now, be very careful here, but peel your bark off, and then just carve it so that it fits your hand and your height properly, and finally make it look nice. You can be as intricate and detailed here as you want, and if you really like how they turn out, we can oil them so that they will last forever.”

“Cool.” The boys said, and then started working.

They all worked for a long time, just whittling and talking as they did so. The only time any of them got up was when Sam got up to check on and stir the rabbit. Sam had to excuse himself before he was finished to go and add all the rest of the ingredients to the rabbit for their dinner, but came back half an hour later, telling the boys that dinner would be ready in about half an hour. He continued working as well, but looked at the boys' creations, and was pleased with what he saw.

For once the boys did not do the exact same things, they were each busy carving different patterns into their walking sticks, and they were all starting to look nice. Sam's was actually quite plain when he compared it to what the boys were doing to theirs. He didn't say anything yet though, he'd save the compliments for when they were finished.

Dinner was finished soon, so they all put down their work, went and got everything all set, and then sat down to eat. The boys really enjoyed the great stew, eating almost three fully packed bowls each before they were stuffed. Sam only managed two himself before he was stuffed.

“Wow, that was really good.” The boys all sighed.

“Thanks, I'm glad that you boys liked it, but you left almost nothing left, and I had thought that I had made enough for lunch tomorrow as well.”

“We can't help it, it was really good.” They smiled shyly.

“No problem. You boys still have to grow a bit more to get up to normal weight for your age, so a little extra food can't possibly hurt.”


“Well, let's get dinner all cleaned up from, and then finish up our walking sticks.”

“Okay.” The boys said, and then quickly cleaned up.

They went back to their seats, and continued working on their walking sticks for only an hour more until they were all satisfied. Sam was done last.

“Wow, you boys did beautiful jobs on those sticks, and for once you didn't all do the exact same thing.”

“Thanks, yours is nice as well, but we couldn't do that, because all the wood was different, so we couldn't carve them all the exact same way.”

“I suppose that that's true, but even still, I half expected you boys to have very close to the same designs, but they're totally different.”

“Well, we're not exactly alike, remember.”

“No, but you're so much alike that it's almost scary at times.”


“You're welcome.” Sam laughed.

“Can we go to bed now please?”

“No, not yet, I think that we should oil your sticks, because they're definitely worth keeping.”

“Oh, come on daddy, you have to take us to bed.”

“Nope, not yet, come on boys.” Sam laughed and went and grabbed the oil that he had in the trailer. He had brought some tongue oil for just in case he got a chance to do some carving, because he loved to do so.

Sam then showed the boys exactly what they needed to do to oil their staffs, and they followed suit. It took only a few minutes to do, and then the boys were itching to go to bed. Sam made them help clean up and put out the fire first, and then finally led them into the trailer for them to go to bed, it was only seven.