Chapter 9

“Do you boys trust me?” Sam asked softly as soon as they made it to their bedroom.

“Absolutely.” They said instantly, without even a single thought having to go into it.

“Good. I want to blindfold you boys and tie you to the bed to make this even better for you. Will you let me do that to you?”

“Oh yeah, we'd love that.” They said instantly again.

“Good, then no more words, and just stay put, I'll do everything.” Sam smiled warmly. He'd always wanted to do this.

The boys just smiled and nodded silently. They were all already naked except for soggy diapers, so he did not have to undress them any. One by one, Sam laid each of the boys on the bed, tying them well to the bed and to each other, and then he used his socks as blindfolds for the boys. He left them in their diapers for the time being though.

Softly he started caressing Timmy right through his diaper, for only a few seconds though, then went on to Teddy who was next to him, and only softly stroked for a few more seconds. Finally he made it to Tommy and stroked him for a few more seconds. He went back to Timmy and did the same thing all over again, just stroking for a few seconds, keeping his actions very soft. Going down the line he did the same thing, over and over again, making the boys moan lowly the entire time. It wasn't enough to bring them off, but it sure felt nice. The boys did keep their unspoken word not to speak, but they sure made a lot of sounds. The moans of pleasure, the grunts of displeasure when he would stop, the sighs of contentment, and the groans of satisfaction could all be heard, but never one word, even from Sam. Sam kept this up for nearly half an hour, barely touching the boys.

Sam eventually removed the boys' diapers, finding that they were all painfully hard and throbbing. Had they have had any real precum yet, they would have been seeping a lot, but there was a little in there. He now started the exact same actions all over again, but this time to their naked erections, but he did not wrap his hand around them either, just rubbed them lightly with the palm of his hand. The moaning and groaning had increased with this, all three boys were now arching their backs up, attempting to get just a little more pressure. It didn't work though, because as soon as one of the boys did this, Sam stopped and moved on to the next boy in his line.

For another half an hour Sam did this to his boys, torturing them with so much pleasure that they could hardly stand it at all. They wanted to beg their daddy to let them cum, they wanted him to continue on forever, they wanted him to grab their dicks and stroke them furiously, they wanted him to just keep it soft and gentle. In all truth though, the boys had no clue what they wanted, because their upper heads were not doing the thinking any at all.

Next Sam started by gently stroking the boys' small egg filled sacks, just a few seconds again, just lightly petting them, and then moving on again to the next boy in line. The boys were starting to sweat something fierce, they were moaning and groaning now with a ferocity that Sam had never heard of before. He was very aware that if he kept this up too much longer that he was going to cause the boys to explode, but he didn't want that. He was only able to keep the testicle tickling up for at most ten minutes before he had to stop, the boys were all showing signs of imminent explosion.

The boys all grunted and groaned their dissatisfaction for the fact that Sam had stopped, and was very clearly not about to start up. They strained against their bonds, but they could not pull loose, they were as helpless as Sam had wanted them to be. He wanted to have the boys so primed, so hot, so horny that when he finally did let them cum, that they'd almost certainly pass out. The boys had no staying power at all, and he wanted to show them how it could be if they would just hold off for a while.

After a few minutes of struggling, the boys all calmed down, and then a few minutes later Sam felt that the boys were ready for him to continue, so he did. He started right back where he had left off, just lightly stroking the boys' hot little nuts that he just loved to suckle on, but that would be a little later. Sam just continued slowly rubbing the boys balls for another fifteen or so minutes, and then switched tactics again.

This time Sam would stroke the boys' perineum's for a few seconds, and then switch off. It was during this time, about twenty minutes later, that Sam had to stop again. The boys had gotten just a little too close again for comfort. They once again fought against their bonds, gasping and panting, wanting the release that they thought they needed, but was not being given to them. Sam just smiled evilly.

Once the boys were down some more again, he started in the same way once again. Ten minutes later he started stroking the boys' bruised and battered little holes that he was still amazed that he had been able to fit into, and with relative ease no less. This caused the boys to react the most of all. Sam had already known of course that the boys' assholes were their most erotic zone of all, and they had told their daddy that they had more than a few times given each other orgasms just from licking each other there and not touching anything else. So with that knowledge, Sam knew that he was not going to be able to do this area for too long. As soon as they came close, not ten minutes later, Sam stopped.

This time it took the boys about ten minutes or so to come back down enough for Sam to continue on, but this time he started with his mouth. Licking only the very tips of the boys' bared dick heads, he gave each one of them a nice few second long lickin. Right on down the line he kept on going, bringing them even closer and closer to bliss, and fifteen minutes later he had to back off once again.

Once they were down again, he continued the licking, but this time moved to their cute little balls, licking them the exact same way again. Just barely touching, licking just enough to give them incredible feelings, but nowhere near enough to cause them to explode instantly. He knew they would once again raise quickly, they were rising higher and faster each time he started now, and Sam knew that he had at most half an hours worth of torture left before they exploded. He just kept right on working though until they were dangerously close, and then stopped.

Once the boys were down again, he started snaking his tongue down into their sweaty little ass cracks, licking the little holes inside. Once again he did this for only a few seconds to each boy before he stopped and went to the next one in line. He was only able to last five minutes while doing this, and it took the longest for them to come down from. The boys were no longer fighting their bonds when Sam stopped, but their whining, grunting, and groaning was increasing even more than it had been, and that's saying something.

From there Sam started licking the boys pulsing shafts, from base to tip, and then back down again, and then he was off to the next boy, base to tip, and then back down again, on to the next boy. On and on he did this, but could only go for five minutes again. It didn't take quite as long for them to come down as it had the previous time, but it was nearly as long.

Sam was now ready to bring the boys off, it had taken nearly three hours now, the boys were sweating and vibrating profusely, their moaning was reaching a fevered pitch, and he knew that they would not be able to take much more, if any. He got right in the middle and sucked Teddy into his mouth softly, causing an incredible gasp to flow through the boys, and then he grasped the other two boys' erections with his hands, and slowly in sync he jacked them off. He kept the pressure very low, and his mouth was doing no sucking or licking, only using his lips like he would his hand to jack Teddy off. He wanted all three of them to feel the exact same things.

Sam was hardly surprised when the boys lasted only a minute before they came. With the loudest scream he had ever heard from the boys, or anyone for that matter, they came the hardest they had ever done in their short, but very sexually active lives. The orgasm lasted no less than five minutes of pure blissful torture for the boys. It hurt so bad and felt so good all at the same time, that the boys' poor battered brains couldn't cope with it all at the same time, and as Sam had hoped, they all passed out.

The boys may have been sleeping, but they were still panting and gasping in their sleep. Sam sat up and surveyed his handy work. The boys for once looked completely and totally relaxed a few minutes later, they looked as if they were probably more relaxed now than they had ever been in their entire lives as well. He smiled brightly, he had done what he had set out to do. He wanted for the boys to have a sex session that lasted more than a few minutes, and he also wanted for them to be able to go for a few hours, but have only one orgasm, and most of all he had wanted for them to pass out totally. He felt that his mission was a complete success. He savored the small load in his mouth, and then licked up the mess from the other two boys, enjoying that just as much.

Gently he untied his young sexually satisfied victims, not that they would complain any anytime soon, removed their blind folds, diapered them all up, changed his own diaper, and then crawled into bed with his boys. He did not even jack himself off, even though he had not had an orgasm yet, the morning would be soon enough for that. He fell asleep quickly while cuddled into his baby boys, and slept one of the most peaceful sleeps that he had ever slept before.

The next morning the boys awoke before Sam did, and they had a completely silent mind conversation about what they had experienced last night. They all admitted that while at times it was more than a little painful, and at times they thought that they might actually explode, they all said that they had loved the entire experience. Then they came up with a plan to pay their loving daddy back. They grabbed the ropes that were still beside the bed, got them tied to the bed first, and then gently tied Sam up, trying not to wake him up.

They succeeded in getting Sam all tied up without waking him up, and then started stroking the front of his soaked diaper to get him nice and hard. Once he was hard, a hole was poked into the front of the tented out diaper, and his erection was worked out of the hole. Teddy had been doing that work, while the other two were getting Tommy ready for his part in the coming fun. Timmy had poked a nice big hole in the seat of Tommy's diaper, and then worked three well lubed fingers inside his brother, adding lots and lots of lube to make this as painless as possible.

Once both Sam and Tommy were ready, Tommy got up and sat over his daddy's dick. Teddy was holding the nice big piece of lubricated meat steady for Tommy as he sat down, and within only a few seconds Tommy was sat upon his father fully. All three boys moaned lowly, and Sam groaned out a hoarse oh yeah. So far he had not fully waken up, but he was coming awake rapidly. Within only a few seconds, he was awake, moaning loudly.

“My god babies, what are you doing?” Sam gasped once the fog cleared and he had a clear understanding as to what was happening.

“We wanted to wake you up feeling as awesome as you made us feel last night. That was the absolute best there ever was. Now, no more talking.” Timmy whispered right into Sam's ear, giving it a lick for good measure.

Sam just nodded and continued to enjoy the ride. Teddy and Timmy though were not just sitting idle though, they were slowly sucking each other, well Timmy had to stop for a few seconds of course to explain to daddy what was happening, but he latched right back on again and continued sucking his brother slowly. While they were sucking each other, they were also lubing each other for painless entries as well.

Sadly their first orgasm of the morning was quicker in cumming than they had hoped for, and the boys found that it was still almost painful from last night. Sam was included, he could not hold back either, and fired off round one inside of Tommy.

As soon as they all came down, Tommy hopped off and Timmy hopped on, with barely a thought, and with just a tiny grunt from the rapid entrance that surprised Sam. Tommy and Teddy started sucking and fingering while Timmy rode Sam. They enjoyed themselves all a great deal, going as slowly as they could, and this time rising towards their second orgasms much more slowly. It took almost ten minutes for their second orgasm to arrive, and when it did, it crashed upon them just as hard as any had before, but not so intense as the boys' from last night. They all doubted that they could handle that much pleasure all at once too terribly often. As soon as their second cum was finished, they slumped down and lay panting for a few minutes, just waiting for their limb usage to come back.

As soon as they were able to, Timmy hopped off and Teddy hopped on, and while Teddy was riding the best ride ever, the other two were once again sucking and fingering each other. Of course this was going to be the last round, and neither of the boys needed to be prepared, but fingering each other just felt too good to not do, so they did it. This time they all lasted nearly twenty minutes, but it also took them a lot longer to come down. Three good strong orgasms so rapidly was very tiring, and they needed to rest.

All of their diapers were in near tatters now. As the boys had been sucking and fingering each other, they just pulled the fronts of their diapers down and sucked each other, while they fingered each other through the holes in the seats of their diapers. Sam's diaper had had the stuffing quite literally pounded out of it, and soggy diaper material was scattered a little bit around him. The boys diapers had also leaked out some of their material, but it was mostly around Sam as well. The boys grinned at the mess they had made once they fully came to, and quickly removed all their diapers and cleaned up the mess, all the while leaving Sam tied up.

“Wow boys, that was incredible.” Sam finally said, finally able to speak.

“Nowhere near as incredible as what you did to us last night. We've never had pain that felt so good before. We all honestly thought that we were going to explode, it was awesome. We just wanted to pay you back for being the absolute best daddy in the world.”

“Thanks boys, you're the absolute best babies in the world too. Now do you understand why I made you hold off all of yesterday, even though it was very hard to do, no pun intended of course?” Sam grinned.

“Oh, it was hard alright, but yes, we knew what you were trying to do anyways, but that didn't mean that we had to like it any, but we sure loved the outcome. We're gonna untie you now, but don't get out of bed, we're gonna go make breakfast and then bring it in here to eat, and then we're gonna go for a swim and a bath, we all really stink now.”

“Okay boys, that sounds nice.” Sam smiled warmly.

The three nude boys quickly untied Sam and then left the bedroom. They gathered what they needed from the kitchen, and then went outside to cook their meal. It took a little over half an hour for them to cook up a big filling breakfast, and then they brought it all inside for them to all eat in their bed. They all sat back and silently ate their delicious breakfast, not making any sounds other than those of eating and enjoying.

“Mmm, that was really good boys, thanks.”

“Thanks, glad you liked it.” They smiled.

“Well, I guess that means it's freezing bath time huh?”

“As soon as we clean up, yep.”

Sam was waved back and the boys went and cleaned everything up, and then came and got Sam out of bed. They grabbed soap, shampoo, cloths and towels, and then headed to the lake for an early morning freezing cold bath. They ran and dove into the cold water, their once nice warm pieces of meat being sucked inside quickly. They laughed, splashed, and cleaned each other up lovingly. They were in the water for at most fifteen minutes getting cleaned up, but they were as clean as they could possibly be, but it was a huge improvement over what they had been.

As soon as they got back to their camp site, the fire was started, and then they all went and got diapered for the day. They sat around the fire until lunch time, just soaking up the warmth of the fire after their bath, talking and laughing. After lunch they went for another hike on one of the any trails in the area, all having a nice time.

They ended up staying there in that nice quiet camp site for a total of two weeks plus a day, and not once were they bothered by anyone else. The only thing that they saw their entire time there were each other and animals, and the way the boys were in bed, Sam wasn't entirely convinced that the boys weren't animals as well. They had a great time all the time that they were there, they boated, hiked, swam, and even hunted a couple times. The boys didn't actually get anything with their bows, but Sam got a grouse and a rabbit. The newest rabbit skin was treated the same as the other, and packed away to take home when the time came. By the time that they had decided that it was time to go home, they were all well and ready for it. It had been a wonderful vacation, but it would feel very good to get back home.

They took the long daunting task of packing everything back up, hooking everything up, and then the long drive home. They all sighed though when they pulled into the drive of their house.

“As good as vacations are, it sure does feel nice to come home.” Sam sighed out.

“Yeah, it does feel nice to be home. Do we have to unpack everything today, or can we go in and relax for the night and have a nice hot bath?”

“As much as we should unpack everything now, I have to agree with you boys that a nice long hot bath does sound rather intriguing right about now, so I say we just plug the trailer in and go ahead and leave it until tomorrow after a nice rest.”


They quickly backed the trailer in, got it unhitched, leveled, and powered up. That did not take very long at all though, so soon they were headed into the house. Sadly they would not all fit in one bath tub, so two tubs were filled with water as hot as they could possibly stand, and Sam and Timmy went to one, and Tommy and Teddy went to the other. There was barely a sound other than their sighing as they climbed in though, they were so relaxed, all of them nearly falling asleep. It wasn't until they noticed the water starting to cool that they decided that they really should get washed. They scrubbed each other as best they could in the dirty water, drained that and hopped into the shower for another wash, the water also nice and hot.

“Wow, that feels ten thousand times better.” The boys all said as they congregated in the living room, all having gotten diapered, but were wearing nothing else.

“I'd say closer to a million to tell you the truth, but I have to agree.” Sam smiled.

For the rest of the night the four of them curled up on the couch in front of the TV and watched until they were all falling asleep. Begrudgingly they got up from the comfy cozy positions, headed to their bedroom, changed each others diapers, and then passed out mere seconds after laying down together.