Troy McNeal

Copyright By Lee Mariner

May 2003

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Chapter #15

I don't believe anyone can wake to the odor of coffee being brewed and bacon frying without waking in a good mood unless it's the sight of a gorgeous, magnificently built and endowed stud walking into their bedroom naked carrying a breakfast tray with a soft thick cock hanging beneath it. Rob carrying the tray was a stunning sight and the look on my face must have shown how dumbstruck I was. He started laughing, his brilliant blue eyes flashing.

"I take it you have never had breakfast in bed before." He said standing beside the bed and I almost laughed.

It was comically beautiful seeing him standing naked, holding a tray against his flat stomach the edge just above the thick base of his cock and I couldn't resist taking it smooth soft length in my hand and squeezing.

"Hey horny, stop unless you want me to drop this tray. What will you eat then? It's not everyone I fix breakfast in bed for."

"Sausage in bed sounds good too me." I said releasing his swelling cock and looking up at him. "Damn Rob, you make a hell of a sexy cook."

"You aren't as ugly waking up as I thought you might be and after you finish what I fixed, you are going to finish what you started. Scoot up on the bed so I can sit this tray over your lap."

"I'm not sure it's going to work Rob, it might rock from side to side."

"Oh Christ, you horny bastard. You won't be satisfied until you screw up my good intentions will you." He said seeing the bulge in my crotch.

"Sorry but you shouldn't look so damn sexy this early in the morning. Sit it down over my legs." I said grinning at his discomfiture.

For a minute I though maybe I had gone a little too far seeing the piqued look on Rob's face but he grinned and straddling my legs with the tray he pushed my stiff cock up against my stomach holding it tight.

"Ohhhh Christ, that feels good, don't stop, do it again."

"Shit." Rob said, releasing the pressure of the tray. "I've got a sex fiend on my hands."

"Who likes what he sees, breakfast and the server."


Rob had, I don't know how, fixed breakfast for two, scrambled eggs, bacon with toast V8 juice and coffee. I had never eaten breakfast in bed with anyone much less a man as magnificently built and endowed as Rob was, it was very distracting.

He had placed a napkin over his lap but it was more like a postage stamp then a napkin and neither one would be very good covering his equipment and every now and then the napkin moved and he would look at me slyly.

After we finished eating Rob took the tray back to the kitchen and while he was gone I relieved my bladder. We both did a quick wash and combed our hair and after I got back into bed Rob sat on the edge again and lit a cigarette. I was trying to give up smoking but I liked the odor of tobacco and I enjoyed looking at him letting my eyes follow the outline of his smooth pectoral chest muscles and their dark circle nipples. Each time he inhaled his chest would expand and enhance the hidden beauty of relaxed ripped abdominal muscles.

For a brief moment, the thought of how much Troy's still maturing body looked like Rob's popped in my head. Rob's body was beautifully defined and cut when he flexed his muscles. Relaxed they were soft and solid flowing smoothly with a golden satiny texture. Flexed or relaxed, he was a living Adonis poised but radiating a hidden strength and power.

Troy had the same qualities, yet unrealized, but he had the exuberance and vitality of youth, a piece of clay waiting to be molded into a masculine work of living art. Troy offered me the chance to mold and invigorate that living piece of clay. He asked me for the chance to learn and become a part of the life he was born to, a life we shared with others. The only thing he had asked for was affection and help in understanding his sexuality. The affection I could furnish but the understanding of his sexuality was a hidden land mine that could explode with devastating consequences more for me than him.

My head told me what might happen but deep within I had already committed myself to helping him grow. It was a path we would need to walk together carefully. I had slipped deep into thought without realizing it when I heard Rob.

"A penny for the deep dark secrets you're keeping inside of you." He said extinguishing his cigarette.

"How about a kiss rather then a penny and then I'll tell you?"

"A kiss is worth more than a penny." He said lowering his lips to mine.

His lips were satiny soft and succulent, his tongue a hot rapier. I felt the hot flame of desire burning in the depths of my loins and I turned my head to the side breathing deeply.

Rob sat up looking down and letting his hands slide over my chest, "Must be pretty heavy thinking?" He said leaning over me, resting on his elbow with one hand in the middle of my chest.

"Pretty much Rob." I said running my fingers through his thick dark hair.

"Last night you said you thought you were falling in love with me and after I sort of agreed I had similar feelings I said we should sleep on it."

"Yep, I did and you did."

"We slept on it. Any changes?" I asked looking into his eyes while running my fingers over his chest. Rob laid quietly for a few minutes his eyes holding mine and then he put his hand over my half hard cock.

"Not in one night Mike. I said I thought I was falling in love with you and that hasn't changed, I still have feelings for you. If you are looking for me to drop on my knees and utter a commitment of my undying love for you, sorry, I don't have those feelings yet." He said squeezing my hardening cock gently.

"Do you think you ever will Rob or do you just want to be friends?"

"I don't really know Mike, there are things to think about, things that we haven't learned about each other. Like me accusing you of being a boy lover and getting all pissed about it. Then last night we made love and I accused you of it again even after I fucked you. Boy lovers don't make love like that with a man Mike---at least I don't think they do. I haven't been involved with a teenager since I was in high school and college."

"Most men haven't Rob. Troy just happened to live two doors away and he doesn't have a father and because of that, we just sort of clicked. He wants and needs a male role model."

"He picked a pretty good one Mike." He said quietly, twisting his body around and sliding under the sheet with me cuddling close.

"I'm glad you think so." I said sliding my arm under his neck and feeling his hard cock pressing against me.

"Yeah, I think I do. Troy isn't here but I've got a pretty good idea what he likes about you gorgeous. Make love to me again." Rob whispered sliding his hard muscled body over mine."

"You only think you know handsome and making love to a hunky stud is only one of the things." I said putting my arms around his broad back and holding his body tight to mine wondering if Troy was visiting with his buddy Sherman.

"Show me." Rob whispered pressing his body down on me, his gleaming eyes a deep indigo blue.


Troy didn't have to think about his dreams; he felt it in his hand. He had to piss bad and the condom he had put on his hard cock before he went to bed was filled with thick boy sperm and he squeezed tight so none would leak out from around his half hard cock.

Sliding carefully out of bed he almost ran to his bathroom holding his balls with one hand and his cock with the other. Gripping his cock tight, he flipped the toilet lid and seat up before stripping the sticky condom off so he could piss.

He almost pissed before he got the condom off, his bladder ached that bad but the feeling of relief couldn't have felt any better if he had or hadn't.

His cock was sticky and as he pissed it started getting soft and then he suddenly remembered his dream, he had sex with Sherman and not with Mike. "Damn." He muttered. "Sex with Sherman and not just the jerking off kind of sex." He remembered sucking on Sherman and when Sherman sucked his cock and that is when he filled the condom. The thrill of excitement washed over him and his cock started swelling just thinking about having sex with Sherman and not Mike. He slowly started stroking his cock when his mother called.

"Troy, I know your up and we are going to be late for Mass if you don't get a move on."

The feeling of sexual reverie broke with her harsh words and he stopped stroking his cock, not easy for a horny teenager whose nuts were starting to draw close up.

"I'll be down in a few minutes as soon as I shower and dress Mom." He called out.

Setting the shower water and getting under it, he resisted the urge to jerk off thinking about what Sherman had said about them jerking off while his parents were at Temple.

Troy's cock stayed hard all of the time he and his Mother were at Mass and he couldn't get it in a comfortable position. His mother kept looking at him angrily making it worse. He couldn't wait for the priest to finish so they could leave but he did.

Walking home with his mother, he held his hard cock with his hand in his pocket trying to hurry his mother by walking faster then her.

"Troy McNeal." She called. "What is wrong with you? There's no need to run, we'll get home soon enough."

"Yeah but I promised Sherm I would baby-sit so his parents could go too their Temple."

"I don't think he or his parents would appreciate you calling it baby sitting even though you will be keeping Sherman company for a good reason. Besides, I didn't think Jewish people attended services on Sunday."

"They do when its one of those High Holy days of theirs or it's a meeting or something they celebrate. Sherm has tried to explain but I don't understand it. Mrs. Altman said I could have lunch with them since you are going in too work so if its okay I'll go on over to their house."

"All right but just be on your good behavior Troy. I'll leave your supper in the fridge and you can warm it up in the microwave and don't forget you promised to clean your room and you haven't done your studies for school."

"Yessssss mother. I'll do them before going to bed and I'll get my room cleaned." He said giving his mother one of his patented looks of exasperation combined with I'm a big boy now and running off before she could think of anything else.


Judith watched as Troy ran across the street in the direction of the Altman house and disappears around the corner. Troy was growing to fast for her and she yearned for his father. He wasn't a bad boy but he was full of youthful vigor and she had found some condoms in his bedroom hidden under his dirty clothes and she knew what that meant. Troy needed a man's influence and with his father being dead, the only man near Troy's father's age was their new neighbor Mike Homan whose house was being repaired but he hadn't moved in yet.

"Maybe." She thought. "Since Troy seemed to like him and he did sound nice on the telephone when they had talked before she might talk with him about Troy and what young boys needed to know even though Troy wasn't really a boy any longer, he was filling out and fast becoming a young man of 14."

"Yes, that's what I'll do." She thought almost out loud as she opened the back door. She didn't like the change in her schedule since it did keep her and Troy apart so much but they needed the money and she didn't really want to use any of Troy's trust funds that money was for his college.

Raising a healthy young man was not easy job alone but she really didn't know yet how difficult it was going to be.


"Hi Mrs. Altman." Troy said peering through the back screen door.

"Hello Troy, come in." She said looking down the hallway. "Aaron, we are going to be late too Temple and you know how I hate being late."

"I do my dear but I'm afraid God's call comes before the Rabbi." Mr. Altman said walking into the kitchen and putting on his jacket. "Hello Troy how's your mother?"

"She's fine sir." I said.

"Good, give her my regards and tell her Mrs. Altman and I appreciate you staying with Sherman. I think there are sandwiches in the fridge if you boys are hungry and plenty of milk. Try and keep Sherman in bed as much as possible and his medicine is on the TV tray next to his bed."

"Yes sir, I will sir."

"Have I forgotten anything mother?"

"No Aaron, I think Troy can handle Sherman. Please, now can we go?"

"Yes Alice. We should be home by 3 o'clock Troy unless there is an unexpected delay."

"Yes sir, we'll be okay." I said closing the door and locking it, hearing Sherman calling for me.

* * * * *