By Lee Mariner

June 2003

DISCLAIMER:  This is the continuing story about a gay relationship between two boys and an older man. It is fictional and all characters are unrelated to any person or persons living or deceased. IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE TO BE READING THIS STORY OR YOU FIND THE SUBJECT OBJECTIONABLE, PLEASE LEAVE.


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Chapter #17

The warmth of Rob's body snuggling closer with his arm over my chest and a very hard cock pressing against my hip roused me from the depths of a restless sleep. My dreams of both Rob and Troy were disturbing and there didn't seem to be any answers, at least not yet.   My throbbing cock did not help my mood, it only added to the discomfort of being caught between the emotions I felt for both of them.  Troy was a handsome and delightful young imp pulling at my heart strings and I enjoyed the both the physical and emotional contact with him.  He had replaced a feeling of loneliness, a lack of  completeness.  He was the son that most gay men could never have and even though there were those that would condemn me for taking advantage of a growing young boy, I didn't want to lose him.  

Troy knew what he wanted and I guess in my loneliness I succumbed to what we both wanted.  He needed to know why he felt the way he did about other boys and how he could satisfy those feelings. I had never been attracted to boys but when I first saw him it was as if he awakened a deep, long suppressed yearning and fighting that feeling did no good.  He was a handsome, strong, healthy, aggressive young man in the early throes of his awakening sexuality and for what ever reason, he seemed to have sensed the attraction I had for him.  Maybe it was the virility of his youth or his charismatic aura that attracted me but what ever the reason the feeling that we were meant to be with each other was there.

Could or would I be able to keep him?  I didn't want to admit but there were nagging doubts.  I did know, at least I thought I did, that  it would be difficult. There was 19 years difference in our ages and with his growing into manhood, there was always the possibility that he would experiment with other boys his own age and I couldn't deny him that. All I could do was try and teach him about the pitfalls that would lay before him and the need to be safe and sure of his feelings. Difficult for older more experienced people much less an exuberant young boy champing at the bit.
There was another consideration other than Troy meeting someone else, I was still a young 33, and not unattractive.  Loving him was one thing but he was still a boy and while sex with Troy was exciting and invigorating it was not the same as sex with someone more my age.  Spunky and Ralph did not know they were throwing a monkey wrench into the works when they connived to introduce me to Robert hoping to alleviate what they considered an unnatural state for someone they loved to be alone.  If they had hoped to light a spark, they had succeeded more than they knew.  I could only ask myself- - - - - how do you love two people equally?  

                                                           * * * * * * * *

The urgent need to empty my bladder became overpowering and as much as I did not want to disturb Robs sleep, it was not to be denied.  I didn't succeed and he woke up mumbling groggily when I tried to remove my arm from around his shoulders and under his neck.

"It isn't time to get up yet, go back to sleep."

"That would be nice but unless you are a golden shower queen, I need to get too the head."

That cut through the fog and he was fully awake but still mumbling.

"Me too."

Throwing the sheets back we got out of bed and I followed his cute tight ass too the head.  The damn commode almost ran over before we stopped pissing the beer from the night before.  

"Damn." He said, "Why do we drink the damned stuff if we know it's only going to be pissed out?"

"I don't know unless you consider the vices of men.  We do things we know are not good but we enjoy it."  I said milking the last golden drops from the head of my still half hard cock and looking at his cock in the same condition but his was growing.  

Rob wrapped  his arms around my waist and pulled me tight to him growling, "Is fucking me last night one of your vices stud?"

"It could become a habit if you aren't careful."

"Do we do turnabout or are you strictly a topper?" He said his soft blue eyes gleaming the tip of his tongue sliding over his lips.

All thoughts of Troy evaporated from my mind and all I could feel was his hard throbbing cock jammed between my legs, lifting my balls.  Squeezing his ass cheeks tight I pushed my rock hard cock into his pelvis and tightening my thighs around his thick cock, I ran my tongue down his throat in a long deep kiss.  Breaking the kiss he leaned his head back gasping.

"Does that mean what I think it does." He gasped, breathing heavy.

"You can find that out in bed." I said breathing heavier and I could feel the tempo of his heart and mine increasing.

Rob grabbed my hand, dragging me to the bed and falling over his discarded clothing and shoes we flopped on the bed laughing but only for a moment.  He slid between my legs and fell on my chest.  His eyes flashed a deep indigo and his chest was heaving with excitement, an infectious excitement.  I wanted his cock deep in my ass and the feelings in my loins said now or I was going to explode with the force of an erupting volcano. He held my arms above my head grinding his pelvis into mine his thick cock sliding up and down between my legs his pre-cum covering my asshole.  

His thick muscles tightened like sinewy ropes rippling under the skin as I pushed his locked arms until he was hovering over me still gripping my wrists.  His flashing eyes were locked with mine and he growled,  "you want it that bad?"

Throwing my legs around his waist I growled back at him, "fuck me Rob. Fill my fucking ass."

Pulling his knees up to my ass he lifted my legs up on his shoulders. Taking my drooling cock in his hand he stroked if a few times draining more pre-cum from the head and it felt like I was ready to erupt but he stopped waiting until my muscles had relaxed. Scooping up the sticky pre-cum from my stomach he forced his hand between the cheeks of my ass and slathered my asshole with the sticky cum before spreading my cheeks and letting his saliva dribble from his mouth onto the soft perineum flesh between my balls and hole. Scooting a little closer his cock pushed between my cheeks and when he found my quivering ass hole he pressed inward until the head of his cock opened my ass and slid in. I sucked air deep in my lungs feeling my sphincter snap around the intruding rod. Rob waited while I inhaled deeply a few times and adjusted to his cock.  Leaning forward he locked both arms on either side of my chest and straightened his legs out, looking into my eyes.  

I felt each inch of his cock enter my ass as he lowered his body and I bit my lips gripping his thick biceps tight. I didn't realize we both were holding our breath  until I felt his thick pubic hair pressing against my balls and we exhaled in a long shuddering sigh. Rob lowered his lips to mine and it was a soft passionate kiss.  We both were breathing slowly, our hearts beating in unison. His cock filled my ass and I  felt it throb when I tightened my ass. He lifted up a little taking the pressure off of my chest and lifting each arm I lowered my legs and locked them around his waist. Pulling his legs up tight under my ass and holding his cock deep in my ass he leaned forward again and place his forearms on either side of my head.  He hadn't started fucking me but right then I only wanted to hold him deep inside of me. I wanted to feel the fullness of his cock and when he started to withdraw I prevented his moving with my legs tight around him. Enjoying the euphoric feeling that was enveloping me, I looked into his eyes and whispered, "not yet Robby, not just yet."

"You are a top aren't you?" He asked softly.

"Not always but whenever someone fucked me I didn't feel anything. I want to feel you taking me Robby, don't just fuck me. I need to know you want to really want to fuck me not just fuck me."

"Oh baby." He groaned. "Do I ever want to fuck your sweet tight ass. Jesus do I ever."

Relaxing my legs he started a slow withdrawal until the head of his cock was ready to slip out.  Instead of ramming his cock back in my ass Rob moved slowly letting me feel his cock sliding in and out of my ass.  With each thrust his tempo increased slightly and I felt the thrill of my prostate being caressed by the full 8" of his cock and the euphoric feeling was replaced by sublime ecstasy.

Each time Rob brought me to the brink of eruption he slowed and we both relaxed only to ascend the heights of excruciatingly enjoyed pain that pure unadulterated sex between two men can create. I didn't want it ever to end but the physical need to reach a satisfying climax overtook us and I could feel the strain of his holding back in the swelling and hardening of his cock and I moaned softly, "Now Robby now."

He threw his head back and pulled me tighter too him. I felt his cock sink deep in my bowels and the increased piston thrusts of his hips. Lifting my hips to meet each ass filling thrust I groaned. "Oh yesssssss babe fuck me."  

We both were in a frenzy of sex driven ecstasy when if felt the cum rising and his muscles and mine tightening.  Sweat was pouring from us soaking the bed when Rob roared, " Jesus Christ almighty, good god" and he slammed his cock deep pushing my head into the pillows. My ass and gushing cock felt as if a cataclysmic explosion had been set off inside of me.  Robs cock jerked with each cum producing spasm filling my ass and and he sounded like he was whimpering.  My cock was shooting thick streams onto my chest and stomach and I tasted blood from biting my lips.  It seemed like an eternity before we stopped and our muscles started relaxing.  I  tightened my sphincter around his cock draining it dry as his cock slipped from my ass and he collapsed on my chest.  I held him tight, kissing his cheek and tasting the salt of his sweat.

After several minutes Rob raised his head and brushed my lips with his and then nuzzling my nose He said with an almost reverent tone, "It may be a cliché Mike but it felt like I had died. I've never felt such intense feelings before and for a top- - - - you work your ass better than any bottom I've known."

"That is what I meant when I said don't just fuck me,- - - - - fuck me. So many guys just shove their cock in some guys ass and like rabbits, pop their cookies.  I've had a couple of guys in bed and didn't even get a hardon much less climax while they were pounding my ass like rutting  animals."

"That's what you meant last night when you asked if I felt like I had a man or a boy's cock in my ass."

" I haven't been fucked by a boy Robby. At least not since I was a teenager and that don't count. Most of us would have fucked a snake if you helds its head. How about a shower and then we can go over to IHOP for breakfast."

"You mean lunch don't you, look at the time."

He was right, it was almost noon, "Time flies when your having fun. Come on."

                                                             * * * * * * * *