By Lee Mariner

July 2003

DISCLAIMER:  This is the continuing story about Troy, an adolescent boy entering puberty and Mike, his 33 year old gay neighbor and it will depict homosexual acts between them. This story is intended for adult readers and IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE TO READ THIS STORY OR YOU FIND SUCH MATERIAL OBJECTIONABLE, PLEASE LEAVE.  All characters and places are fictional and there is no relationship between the characters and any person or persons living or deceased.


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Chapter #18

The shower water was warm, the stinging needles of the spray made my skin tingle and I felt revived and invigorated by the touch of Rob's hands sliding over me. Those few minutes filled me with a sense of serenity I hadn't felt for a long time. I should have felt content but troubling thougts of Troy kept flashing through my head as I washed Rob's smooth tightly muscled body. The stirring of his cock and mine should have been a signal of a mutual affection for each other and maybe it was except for the nagging visions and thoughts of wishing Troy was in the shower with me.  The strong attraction for him kept pulling, drawing me too him more than I wanted to admit to myself.   We had not seen each other that much but in the time we had, he had taken a steel  grip on my heart and emotions.  I was kidding my self if I thought Rob would replace him, he couldn't.

When we finished showering we dried or tried to dry each other but it must have been obvious that I wasn't into it and Rob sensed it.  When I started to pass him on the way out of the bathroom he put his arm around my waist and leaned me against the wall, the weight of his body holding me there. I felt the soft thickness of his cock pressing against mine and he lifted my face to his, looking  deep into my eyes.

"He really has a hold on you doesn't he?"

"Who?" I  said feebly, a slight tremor in my voice. 

"Oh, come on Mike!!!  You know who, Troy, the kid next door, the kid you've been thinking about since we started showering.  That's who."

When I pushed away from the wall, he stepped back and followed me on into the bedroom.

"What makes you think he has a hold on me Rob? He's just a neighbor kid."  I said over my shoulder.

"Oh yeah, just a neighbor kid.  Is that what you are trying to convince yourself into believing?  If you are succesful in doing that, I'm the Lone Ranger and my sidekick  Tonto was riding my ass like a fucking bull last night. Really Mike, do you expect me or others who know you are going to believe Troy is just another neighborhood kid?  From the way you have been acting, not by a long shot.  I'll admit, he is a healthy, good looking, big-for-his-age, well built young boy but he is underage and for some reason, he has his hooks in you bad. I could see it the other night when I met him from the way you acted when he met me and left in a huff."

"It's just a passing fancy Rob, it don't mean a thing." I lied to him and myself. "He is a nice kid and I like him but he does live with his mother and has his own friends. He and his buddy Sherman can do some work for me every now and then but that's it."

"Yeah, sure. Hey look, I was going to tell you later but I've been called back too my office in Jersey and I'll be leaving tomorrow morning. I've got a ton of equipment and clothes to pack so how about we pass on IHOP and I'll give you a call when things get settled. Okay?

"Sure Rob, there are a few loose ends I need to check on about the house remodeling I should do this afternoon anyway.  You sure I can't fix you something? I've got eggs and sausage in the fridge." I said pulling on my robe and suddenly feeling miserable.

"Nah, that's okay. I appreciate it Mike but I'll grab a sandwich later on.  You take care of yourself and I'll be in touch, okay."

"You too Robby."

He turned standing half way in and out of the room with his hand on the door knob looking at me for a few seconds and then pulled the door shut behind him.  The click of the lock sounded like the sharp crack of  a pistol shot. Was the click of the door lock closure on a budding relationship?  My shoulders sagged with the pain of that thought and I went back to the bed falling across it.

Tears flowed and my whole body ached with disappointment and frustration.  I was tired and confused.  My head ached, I was thinking about Troy and Rob as I fell asleep. The brutal ringing of the phone just a few feet from my ear woke me and I looked around the room.  It was dark outside.  Picking up the receiver, I don't know who I expected it to be but it shocked me when I heard Troy's voice calling my name.  I bolted upright in the bed and fumbled for the light on the night stand.

"Troy.......what's wrong?"  I said, my eyes wincing from the bright light filling the room.

"Nothing really Mike but I need to see you, can you come over?"

"Sure, I'll meet you in front of my house."

"Not there Mike. Park on Altmond, the next block past Sherman's house.  There's only one street light."

"Okay Troy but I wish you would tell me  what's wrong."

"I'm okay Mike, I just need to see you. Please Mike."

"Okay, okay. Give me a few minutes, you woke me up so I'll have to put some clothes on first and then I'll be right there."

Hanging the phone up I shook my head trying to clear away some of the cobwebs before jumping out of bed.  Troy hadn't sounded like he was in a panic or afraid of something but there was an underlying tone of misery and distress in his voice.  I didn't waste time looking for briefs or socks and I threw the robe I was still wearing on the bed.  Grabbing a pair of Levis from the back of a chair I hurriedly put them on , tucking my cock and balls in and zipping them up. The same skivvie shirt I was wearing when Rob and I got naked was still laying on the seat of the chair. I snatched up and pulled it over my head while sticking my feet into a pair slippers rather than regular shoes.

It wasn't a long drive but I was dying for a cup of coffee and I pulled into a Mickey "Ds" drive thru figuring a couple of minutes wouldn't make a big difference since Troy had said I shouldn't worry. Ordering  a large coffee and on impulse a Sprite I pulled away from the window thankful that the large plastic cups fit the drink holders better than regular or small or the contents would have spilled when I pulled away from the window and drove off of the fast food parking lot.

I hadn't even thought about the time and I glanced at the dash clock, almost 10:30PM.,  I had slept almost 10 hours.   It was Sunday night and there was not serious traffic.  When I hit the boulevard that would take me too Inglenook Rd. it was almost empty except for the usual city construction road blocks that never seemed to disappear. The asphalt repair bumps in the concrete roadway didn't make for a smooth ride so I didn't take the caps off of the drink cups.

When I turned from the boulevard onto Inglenook it was the difference between night and day.  Regularly spaced halogen street lights flooded the boulevard with artificial light but the heavy canopy of pines, maples, magnolia trees and other species shielded the neighborhood and there were just regular incandescent street lights.  The number of darkened homes indicated that the residents were bedding down for the night and the lack of light from their windows made it even darker.  I couldn't help but think that Inglenook was a perfect place for sex in a darkened car and I remembered the morning Troy had slipped in the car when I was smoking a cigarette and  waiting for Tony.  For a brief moment, I couldn't help but wonder how many teenagers or adults for that matter had used the dark streets for sex.

Altmond was a dead-end street two blocks past my house. When I passed it, I noticed there was a large Gator dumpster sitting in the middle of the yard, maybe Tony and his crew were going to start in the morning.  One window on the first floor of Troy's house glowed with the light from inside and glancing up to where his bedroom was, the window was dark. Sherman's house on the corner was totally dark and when I turned onto Altmond it was like driving into a dark dimly lit tunnel.  Troy was right, the single street light tucked up on the trees didn't help and it was dark.

Driving too the end of the street I turned around so I was headed out and parked with the passenger's side next to the curb.  When I snapped the car lights off it was like someone had pulled a curtain of darkness around me except for a dull overhead glow of the hidden street light that was hardely noticible. I had a feeling something like cloak and dagger and I was glad Inglenook was a low crime area or I would have had a hellavu hard time explaining to the cops what I was doing there at that time of night and if Troy was with me, "hello jail  house", "bye bye career."

Reaching up, I flipped the switch that cut off the cars dome light when the doors were opened and reached for my coffee, thinking about meeting Troy in the middle of the night sneaking around like some kind of desperados.  Troy was old enough to make his own decisions without any influence from me and I didn't see a damn thing wrong with it but not society.  Oh no, not 20th-century enlightened American society.  An older man having any kind of relationship with an unrelated young boy just had to be nothing more than a dirty-old-man and was sooner or later going to seduce the boy if not actually kidnap him.  Sometimes it was hard to figure out who was sicker in their thinking, society or the thousands of young men and older men that enjoyed being with each other, sexually or not.  When the boy was like Troy and as persistant as he was, it was not easy to ignore his advances.

I sat in the car sipping the hot coffee and was starting to wonder where he was when the door opened and he slid inside the car, closing the door quitely.  

"Hi." He said softly as he turned to face me.  His clothing was dark but I could see he was wearing a pair of shorts and his eyes sparkled even in the dim light.

"Hi yourself. I was starting to wonder if you were coming."

"Of course I was, I wouldn't do that.  I waited, looking out of my bedroom windown until I saw you drive by." He said sliding a little closer until his drawn up leg touched my thigh.

He was close enough that I could detect the clean smell of bath soap and I inhaled deeply feeling a twinge in my loins and the swelling of my cock.  Rob's remark about Troy having his hooks in me flashed through my head; he was right.  Breathing deep I took another sip of coffee.

"I got you a drink if you want it, it's sitting in the cup holder on the dash."

"Thanks." He said lifting the cup from the holder. "Do you have a straw?" He asked.

"There is on the dash unless it rolled off."

"It's still there." He said sitting his drink in his crotch against the inside of his left thigh.

I watched him take the paper off of the straw; there was a screech as it was being inserted in the perforation in the cap. He stopped and put his fingers around it trying to muffle the sound; I grinned over my cup at him, feeling a little silly for both of us. He took a long draw from his drink and I heard him swallow and then sort of sighed as he exhaled.  Holding the cup in his lap he looked at me drinking my coffee.  "Did you get some of the stuff in your apartment ready for storage like you said?"

"Not that much." I fibbed wondering if I should mention Rob being with me but thought better of it. At least for then.

"I babysi . . . . . stayed with Sherman while his parents went too Temple.  He's feeling better but his Mom is going to keep him home for a couple of more day's."

"I'm glad to hear he is feeling better but Troy, Sherman's  not why you called me. You said you needed to see me about something." I said while placing my coffee in the holder and turning so I could face him a little better. It was still tight between the steerng wheel and the back of the seat so I reached down for the switch that would move the seat back.  

Troy sat his cup in the holder and when the seat stopped moving back, he straightened his leg out and moved closer.  Leaning  against me he laid his head up against my shoulder and placed his hand on my thigh.  His touch sent a feeling of fire though me; my muscles tightened.  Sucking air into my lungs and flattening my stomach I pulled the waistband of my jeans away and slid my hand down in my crotch adjusting my hard cock against my gut.  I hesitated for a few seconds trying to get my feelings under control before exhaling and turning slightly I reached across his body pulling him closer.  Lifting my other arm and placing it behind his head; my hand on his shoulder I kissed him softly on the cheek.

Raising his head from my shoulder he looked into my eyes and whispered, "Sherman and I had sex today."

                                                       * * * * * * * * *