By Lee Mariner

July 2003

DISCLAIMER:  This is the continuing story about Troy, an adolescent boy entering puberty and Mike, his 33 year old gay neighbor.  It will depict homosexual acts between them and others.  The story is intended for adult readers and IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE TO BE READING THIS STORY OR YOU FIND SUCH MATERIAL OBJECTIONABLE, PLEASE LEAVE.  All characters in this story are fictional and there is no intended relationship with any person or persons living or deceased.


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Chapter #19

Troy had said he needed to talk with me but I never suspected anything like this; he caught me completely off guard.  Sex with his buddy Sherman had never crossed my mind.  A few jerk off sessions together, sure, but physical sex really surprised me.  At first I didn't know what to say and I tightened my arm around his shoulders, a million things ran through my head before I realized there was no way I could admonish him for it.  "Christ." I thought, "How can I say anything about him and Sherman having sex together since I had been doing the same thing with Rob?"  I was certain that Troy suspected it so what was the difference?  When I felt his head move, I looked at his face.  As dark as it was, I could still see the softness in his eyes.

"You're mad at me aren't you Mike?"

"Mad? No!, Surprised?, Yes. You never said anything about you and Sherman feeling that way about each other."

"If you mean that Sherm and I love each other because we had sex,  I guess so  but I don't think its because of the sex.  I think having sex sort of showed us how we did feel about each other; we just didn't know it.  We've been buddies for a long time and did almost everything together. I don't know Mike, things were always different between us than with the other kids in school. I've always liked Sherman but some of the other kids would call him  "kike" and tease him about the Rabbi cutting half his cock off. That got so bad that he stopped taking a shower after phys ed. class. Guys would snap his dick with wet towels and it hurt him so much that he'd cry.  Lots of times when I wasn't with him, some of the big guys would gang up on him trying to "de-pants" him but when they couldn't do that, they would  pull his "yarmulke" off of his head and hide it. A couple of times I was called a "Jew lover" because we hung together and that really made me mad."

"Didn't he tell his father about how he was being treated?"

"Sure he did but that just made it worse. Mr. Altman would talk with the principal and some of the teachers and just when we started to think things were going better, it would start all over again."

"Did you try to defend Sherman?"

"Sure I would. He couldn't take on the big guys and even as big as I am there was only so much we could do against three or four other of them.  Mom would get mad when I was sent home for fighting and Mr. Altman would take Sherman to Temple for a talk with the Rabbi.  Sherm always said I'd have to be a Jew to understand it when I asked him what they did to him. Sometimes he would say that he wished he had never been born a Jew but I don't think he really means it."

There was a compassionate side to Troy that I didn't know he had.  Not many kids his age were that loyal or understanding about something as ugly as racial or religious prejudice. Peer pressure can be terrible for an adult but when you're a teenager it can be devastating. Troy was learning what it could be like. 

"Sherm probably didn't mean it Troy; it's easy to say something like that when you are angry or frustrated.

We sat quietly for a few minutes longer  and I was becoming concerned about the time.  He had school tomorrow and I had to be at work by 7AM.  I was just about to remind him of that when he whispered in my ear.

"Mike, I liked having sex with you but now that Sherman and I did, does that mean we can't do it anymore?"

"Only if you don't want it to Troy. That is something you will have to decide for yourself.  You still have a lot of life ahead of you and thinking you love Sherman is only part of that living.  You and he will probably be friends all of your lives but when sex becomes involved, its an entirely different thing.  If both you and he are gay and in love, it might be only because you have been friends for most of your lives. Loving a friend is one thing but loving another gay person takes a lot more understanding about each other. It's not just telling someone you love them and that's it. There is a big difference between loving and being in love with someone Troy."

Troy started to interrupt me but I put my finger over his lips, knowing we were getting into a deep subject and, the middle of the night in the front seat of my car was not the time or place for it.

"Little buddy, it's late and we could talk about this until morning.  If you're worried about me being upset over you and Sherman having sex, don't be.  You didn't have to tell me about it Troy, that's between you and Sherman but I appreciate you thinking of me.  Does he know you were going to talk with me about it?"

"Unh, unh." He said twisting around and sliding up on my lap. He turned facing me and put both arms around my neck.

His brown eyes were black in the dim darkness but there was an unmistakable glint in them and his tongue sliding over his lips didn't help me keep my composure, that that along his weight pressing down on my groin.

Leaning forward he pressed his forehead and nose to mine, his eyes boring deeply into my soul. I knew he could feel my cock  getting hard but he didn't move, he just held his forehead and nose against mine. Looking into my eyes a little longer, he twisted his head pressing  his lips too mine, his probing tongue demanding entry.  I lost the will to resist him. When his tongue felt my lips parting, his darted in and I groaned, dropping my hand into his crotch. His cock was rock hard and when I put my hand over it, he moaned with me and pressed his chest against mine, his arms locked tight around my neck.  His heart was racing and his chest was heaving as he breathed through his nose.  I was in the same condition as he was except my cock ached from being so cramped up under his ass.       

I don't know how long we held the kiss or rather how long he held it but when we broke apart, we both were gasping for air and I felt a hot wetness under my hand.  When I squeezed his cock it didn't feel as hard as before and my hand felt sticky.  He tensed and shuddered, breathing deep, his head fell on my shoulder and I squeezed it again.

"You didn't Troy?" I said even though I knew he had cum in his shorts.

"I'm sorry Mike, I couldn't help it. I've been wanting to be with you all day except I had to stay with Sherman." He whimpered softly.

"And what you said about you and Sherman, you made that up just to get me out here?"  I said feigning an anger that I didn't feel.

"No Mike, I wouldn't lie too you.  It happened just like I said except I was thinking about you and me all the time  when Sherm and I fell asleep afterwards I dreamed about being with you. I didn't dream about us having sex, just about you holding me like this."

All I could think of was how this kid was digging his way into my heart and how good it felt with him in my arms. Every damned worry about being a pedophile went out of my head and I knew I was in love with him.  

Wiping my hand on my jeans I stroked his soft hair a few times before lifting his face too mine. "We better get you home." I said softly, nuzzling his nose.

"But. . . . but you didn't do anything."

"Don't worry about that.  There'll be other times."  I said helping him move off my lap.

The streetlights brightened things up enough that I didn't turn on my headlights until I saw Troy wave before going around to the back of his house. The single window that had been lit when I passed before was dark and I hoped he wouldn't have any trouble getting in. I should have known better. When I looked up at his bedroom window; he stuck his head and shoulders  out waving  his arm from side to side.

I snapped the headlights on when I reached Inglenook and glanced at the dashboard clock, almost midnight.  The warm feeling I had when Troy and I were together coursed though me and he was on my mind all the way back to my apartment.

I didn't take a shower, just stripped my clothes off and fell on the bed.  Thinking about both Rob and Troy  I fell asleep exhausted from the emotional trauma of the day and evening.  

I didn't sleep well at all. I dreamed of Rob but he soon drifted off into the mists of a fitful slumber but then I dreamed of Troy sitting naked with me on my lap and I could feel my hard cock penetrating his tight young ass. Gripping the base of my cock with my hand I felt him lowering himself inch by inch until I filled his beautiful firm boy-ass. Heat built within me each time he squeezed his sphincter, and I felt the cream rising, exploding and filling his gut. I groaned out loud "Troy, Troy", waking myself as my hard cock gushed torrents of  hot nut cream over my chest and stomach.  Squeezing my cock tight as it pulsed I stroked and stroked until the last drops dribbled from the crown of its softening length.  Troy never left my sleep drugged mind and I continued to feel his ass gripping my love pole until the last drop of cream oozed out. I fell back asleep covered with cum.

                                                                        * * * * * * * * *

My torso and stomach were seman-encrusted when I woke up and I glanced at the digital clock with sleep-bleared eyes, 0630.  Still groggy I went naked into the kitchen and put on a pot of water for instant coffee.  I took a shower while the water came to a boil.  Instead of taking a warm shower I stood under the cold water. It felt invigorating and I waited until my body awakened before I switched to warm and finished bathing.  

Dripping wet I dried off walking into the kitchen. Fixing my first cup I sat down on the only chair thinking about last night.  I still had a little over 2 years before I retired and I knew I was going to have to be careful so neither Troy nor I got into trouble.  The coffee tasted good and helped further awaken me.. I smiled, inagining Troy sitting in my lap with his arms around my neck.  "Yeah." A little voice in my brain whispered. "We'll make it and he will be a lot closer too 18.

While I was putting on my uniform, I called Tony. When he finally answered he sounded grumpy. That was not unusual for him, he was probably getting over a weekend orgy, hangover or both.

"Tony, Mike Homan here. Are you going to be over at the house today?"

"What the fuck time is Mike." He growled. "What the hell are you calling me this early for?"

"Because I want to meet you after I get off duty  this afternoon, that's why."

"Jesus Mike, I'll be there. I've gotta pick up the final permits at zoning and then I'm going to give Burton the list of materials we need.  I had a dumpster delivered late Saturday and my crew will be there getting started on the demolition work. Christ my head hurts. You could have called me later, not this fucking early."

"Haven't you ever heard that the early bird gets the worm?  You probably sucked a few of those over the weekend. I'll see you around 4 o'clock. Okay?"

"Took 'em up the ass is more like it now leave me alone. I'll be there."  Tony growled, hanging up the receiver.

I didn't give a damn how many cocks he took up the ass or sucked on so long as he got started. I had a plan as how to help him along.  Tony always needed money.

It was slightly foggy when I left the apartment but I was feeling pretty damn good.  Traffic was light for a Monday morning and I made good time getting on base.  With any luck, I wouldn't have to call base police to have my parking place cleared.  

                                                                   * * * * * * * * *