By Lee Mariner

©  July 2003

DISCLAIMER:  This is the continuing story about Troy, an adolescent 13 year old boy entering puberty and Mike, a 33 year old gay neighbor. The story will depict homosexual acts between them and other men  & boys.  It is intended for adult readers only and  IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE TO BE READING THE STORY OR YOU FIND SUCH MATERIAL OBJECTIONABLE, PLEASE LEAVE.  There is no intended or implied relationship between the characters and any person or persons living or deceased.


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Chapter #21

The wind whipped rain around the soaked bedraggled figure of Lawton standing in the doorway, he looked pathetic and the unexpected sight of him struck me dumb for a few moments.  The wind whipped my robe open and cold rain blew against me lashing my thighs, cock and balls bringing me back to reality.

"Jesus Christ." I said, reaching for his arm as if to snatch him out of the weather.  "Get your ass inside."

Slamming the door shut against the strong wind, I locked it and I turned to see one of the most pathetic sights I can remember.  Lawton looked worse than when I had picked him up at the bus stop earlier this morning on base.  

Rain was running down over his face from his water soaked hair & dripping on his chest.  The light windbreaker he was wearing was plastered to his body and his denim shorts might have been blue but they were black from being soaked.  He looked miserable and he was shivering.

"Come on, follow me." I growled gruffly.  "You're going to catch pneumonia if we don't get you out of those wet things."

He uttered not a word bu meekly followed me to the kitchen.  I could hear his sneakers squishing as he walked across the carpet and I couldn't help but grin at his discomfort.

"Throw those wet clothes in the dryer there by the fridge Gill .  I'll get a towel for you and a robe." I said trying not to laugh at his condition.  

I only had one terry cloth robe but there was a gray flannel robe someone had given me for Chistmas or a birthday buried in one of the drawers of a bachelor's chest I had found at a Salvation Army thrift store.  It took me a few minutes to dig it out and grab a couple of towels from the linen closet.  

Gil was standing by the clothes dryer when I returned to the kitchen. He was buck naked, shivering and trying to cover his crotch with his hands. I grinned to myself thinking, "the damn thing must be shrunk up like a prune."  His lips were almost blue and the miserable look in his eyes pleaded for a "hot shower."

I dropped the towels and robe on the table saying, "Come on Gil, into the shower with you. You're shivering so badly you've got goose bumps." I said grabbing him by his arm and practically dragging him to the bathroom.

When the water was steaming, he stepped under the spray holding his head back but I pushed it under the hot water.  He sputtered for a moment and then started vigorously running his hands over his tight muscled body.  My cock started to swell and I was tempted to jump under the water with him but I restrained myself and closed the shower door.  A little warning voice was screaming in my head, "no, no, no."

He was still standing under the water when I returned with the robe and towels I had left on the kitchen table.  I could see through the frosted glass that he was still rubbing his body.

"Here's a some towels and a robe Gil.  When you've warmed up. Just be sure you dry off well.  I'll be in the kitchen.  

He spoke for the first time since I opened the front door.  "Okay Mike, thanks."

While he was showering I carried a small 9" black and white RCA television I had to the kitchen and sat it on the counter.  I wouldn't be able to receive any of the cable television  stations but it would pull in the local weather stations all right.  I turned it on and tuned it to a local station. Then I extended the rabbit ears' antenna and adjusted it until a fairly good picture was on the tube. The weather commentator was running through the conditions of Hurricane Flossie. Local closings & instructions were scrolling across the bottom of the screen.  Taking another mug from the cupboard for Gil, I refilled mine and turned one of the kitchen chairs around so I could watch the screen.  

The weather commentator was talking about the winds being at minimal hurricane strength of 65MPH and if Flossie kept to it's present course an veered to the northeast we should only experience higher than usual tides in the lower areas of the city with only five or six inches of rain. Vacillating wind direction and velocity would be a big problem and people were advised either to  bring inside all loose items or make sure they were well secured.  I watched the scrolling ribbon at the bottom of the screen until the first notice reappeared.  

The base remained on standby except for shipboard personnel, they had been recalled.  I still had a feeling I should check with Senior Chief Knickleman to be on the safe side.

When I went into the bedroom where the telephone was Lawton was coming out of the bathroom with my robe on vigorously toweling his hair. I could see that color had returned to his face and his lips were no longer blue. He had tied the robe belt loosely around his waist and it hung half open displaying the cleft between his pectoral muscles down to the sternum. The robe reached just below his knees and I could see the fine hair that covered his muscled calves. I don't have a foot fetish but his feet were delicately shaped.   He stopped in the middle of drying his hair. With his hands on his head he looked at me from under the folds of the towel. His blue eyes shined with a puppy dog look of appreciation.  

Reaching for the phone I broke the moment with a growl, "dry it good. I put a mug on the counter and said,  "there is coffee in the pot."  He started drying his hair again and went into the kitchen.

                                                            * * * * * * * * *

I pushed the speed-dial button next to Knickleman's name and home number. After a few rings his liquor thick voice answered, "Knickleman."

"Homan, Senior Chief. Have you been watching the news?"

"Yeah, this damn thing came out of nowhere. You can bet the base weathermen and oceanographers will get their fucking asses chewed out."

I could almost smell the alcohol fumes rising out of the phone receiver.  It was not the way Knickleman talked on duty.  He would have a few drinks at the CPO Club but he always handled it.

"I sure didn't know anything about it or I would have stayed on base.  Do you want me to go in?"

"Nah, not yet, just keep your television on and watch to see if they set condition two.  Weidemeyer called me earlier; wouldn't you know he'd be there.  He said Petty Officer Brinkman and the duty personnel had things under control and there was no need to call anyone else in unless we go to condition two. He did tell me he wanted the admiral's and skipper's boats moved when this blow was over. Can you believe it Mike?  Up to his fat ass in wind and water and he's worried about two boats. You just stand fast and stick by your phone. I'll give you a call if anything happens."

"Aye aye Chief. Will do." I said.  Breathing a sigh of relief I hung the phone up.

                                                            * * * * * * * * *

Gil was sitting with his elbows on the table holding his coffee mug in both hands. The towel was around his neck and his hair looked like burnished red gold from the overhead glare of the florescent lights. His eyes followed me as I went over and turned down the volume on the television set.  I stood looking at him for a few minutes before he spoke.

"Are we going to have to go back to the base Mike." He said quietly sipping from his mug.

"I don't know, at least not yet. I should send your ass packing as soon as your clothes are dry. How in hell did you know where I lived?"

He looked sheepishly up at me. "From the personnel duty roster. Your address is listed with your telephone number."

I poured a fresh mug of coffee and glanced at the television. Flossie's track had shifted further east. I'd forgotten about the duty roster but there was no reason to think about it, I wasn't expecting anyone on base to visit or call.  I was still feeling a little peeved but I couldn't help but admire his tenacity.

"How'd you get in town Gil. Hitchhike?"

"I took the bus. It hadn't started raining again when I left the barracks but it was pouring before the bus reached the downtown terminal. I wanted to see The Ten Commandments and I was standing in the terminal doorway waiting for the rain to stop or let up when I saw you drive past. You turned at the corner onto Euclid.  A few minutes later I saw you go in Mickey's Bar but I can't go in there."

"You saw me going into Mickey's?"

"Ugh huh, there and the Ritz." He said while he got up to check the dryer. He didn't close his robe and I got a glimpse of his hard, flat, ribbed stomach, thick pubic hair and the thick base of his cock.

My cock jumped at the sight and any resolve I had was quickly melting away. 

Flossie faded into the  recess's of my mind, replaced with lust as my cock hardened lifting its sheathed head between the folds of my robe. I shivered as the foreskin slid back exposing a protruding crown as the cool air touched it. Any trepidation's I might have harbored fell away when Gil turned around from the dryer.

His thick cock jutted out from its thick strawberry blond nest and his nuts hung like two walnuts in their sac. His eyes twinkled and he grinned when he looked down and saw my cock standing stiffly upright.  With his thumbs he loosened the robe's belt allowing it fall away from his shrugging shoulders to the floor. He stood naked before me.  He was built like Troy, a little heavier and taller but his muscles were lean and flowed together with beautiful silky smooth symmetry.  He had the powerful shoulders and arms of a swimmer and his thigh muscles rippled as he moved towards me his cock swaying sideways in unison with each step.

Pre-seminal fluid oozed, dripping from the small urethral opening in the blood-engorged satiny head of its tapered length. Gil was breathing heavy with excitement and I twisted in my chair and opened my mouth.  His hands went around my head and I reached for his hard tight butt cheeks.  His cock slid between my lips and I tasted the clear salty seminal fluid drip on my tongue as inch by inch it slid into my mouth. He purred like a kitten, "Mmmmmmmmmmmm"  and ran his fingers through my hair as I sucked eagerly. His cock throbbed and I felt the rapid beat of his heart with each powerful thrust of his hips. I released his butt and slipping both hands between his legs I rolled and squeezed his tightening nuts in the palms of my hands.  He held my head tight into his stomach and I felt the excitement and passion mount within him as he fucked my face; my tongue cradled the soft underside of his sturdy cock, guiding and lubricating the totality of its hard length with saliva.

My cock was slick with the pre-seminal  fluid running down its steel hard throbbing length, soaking the thick bush of my pubic hair at its base. Wave after wave of hot desire cascaded over me and a hot wildfire was raging in my loins.  I craved the hot thick nectar of his tightening nuts.

His cock swelled and hardened as my hands were caressing the backside of his hard muscled thighs. Ecstatic shocks raced through my body as my hardening cock started spewing, erupting with the force of an exploding volcano. >From deep in my chest escaped a moan of triumph.  It was the start of a chain reaction and Gil's body tightened while his thick hard cock gushed hot cream down my throat. A low whimpering wail rose from deep within him, "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mikeeeeeeeeeeee."

I gripped him tight and held his pulsing cock swallowing his sweet teenage seed feeling it roll down my throat as my cock pulsed spewing my sperm over my chest and stomach.  We held each other tight suffering the ecstatic pleasures of man/man sex coursing though us.  His gaspy irregular breathing slowly subsided as his tight muscles relaxed.  I let his softening cock slip from my lips slurping the last few drops onto my tongue.  Gil dropped down on his knees and sliding his arms around the cheeks of my ass he took my cock in his mouth. I gasped again as his lips forced back my foreskin. He washed the head clean with his tongue and squeezed with his lips to strip any remaining sperm from its softening length. He laid his head in my lap and held tight while I gently ran my hands over the muscles of his broad back.  We held each other forever in the timeless  afterglow of sexual satisfaction. The time when two men know they have satisfied each others needs and desires.  

Stroking his soft hair I said quietly, "this time we shower together Gil."

"I'd like that Mike.  I was hoping you would have done that before." He said rising to his feet.

When I stood with him, he slid his arms around my waist and looking deep into my eyes for my approval he offered his lips to mine.  We kissed long and passionately tasting the remaining residue of our sperm and mixing it with saliva. We swallowed each other again.

                                                            * * * * * * * * * *

Steaming hot water relaxed us further.  Gil's unblemished body glistened and his clear blue eyes glazed over as I washed his balls and thickening cock.

"The next time I want all of it not just half." I said squeezing his hardening cock.

"You can have it anytime you want it Mike but the next time I want you inside of me." He said grinning as he fondled my swelling cock.

His lips were soft and succulent, his tongue a hot rapier as we kissed again. When we broke the kiss he laid his head on my shoulder and nipping the lobe of his ear I whispered softly,  "that can be arranged."

Gil ground his hard cock against mine and I could feel his heart start to beat rapidly his breathing become more labored..  

"Easy, easy Gil.  It's not over even though there is a hurricane outside."

"Yeah." He said, drawing back. "I finally get with you and something has to screw it up."

"Nothing has screwed up Gil but we do have a couple of things to think about. Let's get dried off and check the weather. Old man Weidemeyer might come knocking on the door and wouldn't that be a blast."  I chuckled.

"Yeah, wouldn't it?  I'd like to shove my cock up his fat ass. He'd probably squeal like a stuck hog."

"Oh, I don't know about that, he might like it."  I laughed tossing him a towel.

I watched as he briskly toweled off, thinking about Troy.  Troy was a little over four years younger and he was shorter but their bodies were almost the same.  Gil was heavier with more developed muscles and his cock was about three inches longer and thicker but Troy would catch up with him.  Troy had auburn hair while Gil's was a deep strawberry blond but they both had deep blue eyes.  They were two magnificent young men and I wondered what they saw in someone so much older than themselves. What ever it was I liked it. Hell, I liked both of them.  

                                                        * * * * * * * * * *

Returning to the kitchen we picked our robes up and put them on, loosely looping the belts around our waists.  The television was still on and showing a sequence of pictures explaining Flossie's track;  we sat at the table watching the screen graphics.  The storm was tracking to the east and the prediction was that it would only brush the coast leaving a calling card of wind, high tides and rain.  

"It looks like it's going to miss us Gil.  We'll probably have a lot of cleanup when it's all over. I'm coffee'd out;  how about a beer?"

"Okay." He said and I heard a note of sadness in his voice.

Twisting the bottle caps off, I sat across from him and slid his beer across the table.  I took a deep swallow and waited, probably thinking the same thing he was.  "We should not have done it but now that it had happened, where do we go from here?"

Gil twisted his wet bottle peeling the label with his thumb.  His eighteen year old innocence radiated from his eyes when he looked across the table at me and his chest rose and fell rapidly as he struggled with his emotions.  He lowered his head again and in an almost inaudible softness said, "What happens now Mike?"

I didn't have the answer to that question, at least not yet.  I had broken a cardinal rule I had lived by during my career, no sex with other sailors.  At least not those that I served with or were in uniform.  I probably had over the years but none had ever reported for duty on any of my duty assignments.  Civilian clothing lends a sense of anonymity and I never discussed my being in the navy or gave out my last name.  Lots of times I didn't even use my first name and used Lee when someone asked.  Meeting someone in a bar usually led to a few passionate hours in bed or a quickie in the car.  Long term relationships were not something that I thought about until I met Stumpy and Ralph.  

I didn't know they were lovers when I met them.  Ralph was sitting in a bar by himself and he was attractive.  One thing led to another and we went to his home.  He was a good sex partner and I enjoyed it.  Later I met Stumpy in the same bar and when he took me home with him to the same house and bedroom, I realized then that he and Ralph were a couple.   I learned later that Ralph had described me to Stumpy and he was actually on the prowl hoping to meet me.  We developed a good friendly relationship after that and even went to bed in a menage a trois.  That was exciting but not really my cup of tea. I preferred one on one, not a smorgasbord.  The worst part was them sort of adopting me and looking for someone they thought I needed.  Maybe I did but settling down right then was not what I was looking for until I met Troy. Something clicked with him and I felt the same thing with Gil.  

The one thing I did know was that he and I would be walking a tight rope and falling off would be disastrous for both of us.

Gil still sat with his head bowed, playing half-heartedly with the bottle when I said, "what happens now Gil?  What do you want to happen?"

"I don't want anything to happen that will screw you up Mike.  I'm not so dumb that I don't know what could happen.  I only have another year left on my enlistment;  I wouldn't like getting caught but you're close to retiring."

"If you knew that Gil, why did you start it?"  I asked softly trying not to make him feel guilty.

He sat quietly for a few seconds and I could almost feel his frustration before he answered. When he lifted his head and looked at me his eyes shined and I could see a soft warmth in their depths.

"Mike.....have you ever wanted someone or something so badly that it hurt inside of you?  I've wanted to be with you ever since the first day you walked into the barracks.  You didn't act gay or nothing like that but there was a gnawing feeling in my gut that I can't explain.  I just knew I wanted you and since you didn't live in the barracks I didn't know what I could do to make you notice me.  I saw your eyes shift every now and then when some good-looking guy would pass by you but that didn't really mean anything.  Hell, we all look at each other but every time I noticed you shift your gaze, I'd get that gnawing feeling."

"And looking at someone is what made you think I was gay?" 

"Oh no!! Hell no." He protested.  "Not looking at them but the way you weren't looking at them. I do it to, I guess most gay guys do.  You want to check someone out but you don't want them knowing it or anyone else. Its a sort of flicking like look and then it's over."

"That." I said laughing softly, knowing what he was saying. "I guess we all do, it's hard not to when some hot looking stud walks by.  I even checked you out a couple of times when I thought you weren't looking."

"I know." He said blushing. "I saw how you looked at me in the head the time you were changing your clothes.  I dropped a couple of hints but you seemed to ignore me.  I saw you checking me out this morning in your car and that's why I stretched to give you a good look.  When you touched my arm and stopped me from running out in the rain I thought you were going to say something then but you didn't."

"All of that made you think I was gay?"

"No, not really Mike. It was just a silly wish but when I saw you going into Mickey's gay bar that's when I decided to take a chance and come to your apartment since I couldn't go in there."  He said grinning sheepishly.

"Trapped by a horny eighteen year old kid. What the hell, why not. I'd been thinking about him all day even wishing I would catch him coming out of the showers naked." I thought to myself.

"And that Gil, makes you a pretty good detective." I said turning my head to the television set. Conditions had been downgraded and that meant we wouldn't be called in.  When I stood up and turned the television off Gil got up and moved towards me slipping his arms around my waist.

"You aren't mad at me are you?"  He asked.  His eyes sparkled, his lithe muscular body melded with mine and I felt the stirring in my loins and his.

"Not hardly Gil. But we have a lot we need to talk about." I said brushing his soft lips with mine.

"I know." He breathed.

He ran his tongue over his soft succulent lips and we kissed.  "Damn." I thought to myself while his tongue played with mine.

"Tomorrow is going to be a hell of a day because of Flossie but I had a different kind of hurricane in my arms."

                                                                * * * * * * * * * *