Troy Mc Neal


Lee Mariner

August 2003

DISCLAIMER:  This is the continuing story about Troy, an adolescent boy entering puberty and Mike his 33-year-old gay neighbor.  The story will depict homosexual acts between them and other men.  IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE IN YOUR LOCALITY TO BE READING THIS STORY OR YOU FIND SUCH MATERIAL OBJECTIONABLE, PLEASE LEAVE.  All characters are fictional and there is no intended or implied relationship with any person or persons living or deceased.  


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My friend Sean has edited this work. While you may not see the evidence of his work, I do.  Thanks Sean, the story is better because of your work.


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Chapter #22

The soft buzz of the alarm clock and the odor of fresh brewed coffee woke me as the events of the previous evening rushed through my head.  Gil was tucked in tightly against me with one leg over mine and an arm over my chest with his head lying on my shoulder. I felt his cock pressing against my hip and the painful pressure in my groin reminded me that my bladder needed to be emptied.  

“Rouse out Gil.” I said gently shaking his shoulder.  “It’s a new day kid and we have work too do.”

Trying to wake him only caused him to grumble and tighten his arm over my shoulder while he moved his leg higher pressing down on my piss hard cock.

I shook him a little harder, “come on Gil, up and at’em boy or we both will be taking a golden shower.”

He grumbled some more but rolled off of me pulling the sheet away with his leg as I jumped out of bed.  He joined me standing over the commode and the water level rose.  

While he scratched his head he grinned at me blinking his sleep filled eyes.  “Good morning Mike, I smell coffee.”

“You should, the coffee maker started fifteen minutes before the alarm went off.”

“Neat.” He said as he milked the last few drops of urine from his impressive piece of meat. “I could use a cup.”

“After you take a shower.”

“Are you going to take one with me?” He asked, a coquettish tone in his voice.

“No I’m not. While you shower, I’m going to get breakfast started so hop to it.”

He snapped to attention sucking his gut in with his cock flopping around. “Yes sir.” He said grinning and giving me a sexually comic salute at the waist.

“Get in that shower before I bust your ass.” I said mocking a threatening move.

He dodged and opening the door stepped in the stall singing “promises, promises that’s all I get.”  

I couldn’t help but smile as I left him.  It felt good having someone around even if he was only eighteen. The best part of that was he did not have a feminine bone in his body.  He was the boy next door, the kid that cut your grass or delivered the newspaper, the kid that bagged your groceries and caught your eye as he worked.  The worst thing was that he worked for me in a military that did not look favorably on homosexuals.  

By the time Gil had finished taking his shower I had bacon and scrambled eggs on the table with bread in the toaster.  He came through the door holding the flannel robe I had given him in his teeth and drying his hair.  When he saw me pouring coffee naked he stopped and took the robe from between his teeth. “Do you go naked all of the time when you’re home?”

“Most of the time I do. Why dress when no one is here but me? Get my robe off the chair in the bedroom and I’ll put it on if being naked embarrasses you.”

“Oh hell no, it don’t bother me. I was always naked in my room back home.” He said excitedly.

Back home, I thought to myself wondering where that was.

“Sit down before the eggs get cold Gil.  Where is home?” I asked starting to eat.

“Wisconsin, a little town called Sturgeon Bay north of Green Bay.” He said as he sat down across from me.

Green Bay I knew because of the Green Bay Packers football team but Sturgeon Bay was an unknown.  From what I knew about Wisconsin and neighboring Minnesota the Swedish and Norwegians had settled much of that area before and after the Revolutionary War.  Gil was big boned and probably had ancestors that dated back to that time. Either way, he was a hell of a good-looking kid and being only eighteen he was not yet fully grown.

“Where’s your home Mike? You have a southern accent so it must be in the South somewhere.”  

“In southeastern Kentucky. A small mountain town called Hazard.  My family were scratch farmers and moon shiners.”  
“Moonshine, you’re kidding me.”  He exclaimed with is coffee cup halfway to his mouth.

“Nope, that’s what my dad and grandfather told me. They don’t make liquor now but granddad said they made some of the best in Harlan County back during the depression.  Are you about finished?  We have to be on base at 0700(seven o’clock).”

Gil helped me put the dishes in the sink and started taking his clothes out of the dryer where we had left them.  We both fell silent until we were almost dressed and ready to leave. I was lacing my shoes when he came to the bedroom door and stood watching me.  Naked he was magnificent, dressed he was the trick most gay men would try and seduce.  When I finished with my shoes I stood and looked at him.  The same feeling I had when I looked at Troy hit me in the gut.  

“Gil, we’ve both been avoiding what we are thinking.  Last night was great but you know the problems we face if we let it go any further don’t you?”

“Yeah, I know.” He said moving closer a sad look in his eyes. “The big problem Mike is that I don’t want it to end this way unless you say it must.”  

He melted into my arms and laid his head on my shoulder. No tears just the sound of his breathing and the feel of his heart beating in unison with mine as he held me.

“I’ll drop you off at Gate One Gil. You can catch the base bus to the barracks.” I whispered in his ear while stroking his hair.

His eyes sparkled when he leaned his head back. I kissed his soft lips and our tongues entwined. I tasted his breakfast and mine.  

“Lets brush our teeth so we can get out of here.” I said grimacing and laughing as we broke the kiss. “I’ve got an extra toothbrush.”  We brushed our teeth together using the same toothpaste.

                * * * * * * * * * *

Instead of using the interstate where most of the base traffic would be, I drove on the boulevard that led directly to gate one. There was still a chance we might be seen together but not as much. I hated the cloak and dagger sneaking but we didn’t have much choice. Gil must have realized the reason for my precautions and he sat closer to the door than before.    

There was a lot of debris in the streets from the storm but the city had its crews out clearing the main boulevards and streets so traffic wouldn’t be impeded, especially the base traffic. I knew from experience that things would not be as efficient on base.  Public Works personnel always tried leaving most of the work up to the on base military working parties.  That was always a rub between the civil service and military personnel when trying to formulate mutual cooperation and determine who was responsible for what work.  

There was a base bus loading men when I pulled into the enlisted men’s parking lot behind a row of cars. Gil glanced at me smiling as he opened the door.  “I’ll see you later?”  He asked with his eyes full of hope.

“Don’t miss the bus.” I growled good-naturedly, winking at him.

I pulled up to the end of the row of cars and watched him jog to the bus.  He turned and looked in my direction before boarding.

                    * * * * * * * * * *
 There was a tangle of cars trying to get off and on the base at gate two and I was tempted to try gate three instead but I toughed it out.  I was relieved when I drove behind the barracks and saw my parking spot was empty again.  Two days in a row, I thought to myself, maybe I should play the lottery if my luck was going to keep going this way.

Senior Chief Knickleman was walking towards the rear door at the same time I was and he waved, calling out, “good morning Mike.  We sure lucked out last night didn’t we?  I’m sure as shit glad we weren’t onboard one of the small boys(destroyers and tugs) ComDesRon Two(Commander Destroyer Squadron Two) sent out.  There must be some sick bastards on board some of those ships today.”

“We’ve both been there and done that Chief.” I said holding the door open for him.  The familiar odor of peppermint trailed behind him as I followed him inside.  If he was hung over, it didn’t show on the outside. He was as trim as a Senior Chief was supposed to be.

The first muster-warning bell rang just as soon as I put a fresh pot of coffee on.  I took my muster book out of my desk drawer and while putting it in my breast pocket I checked my uniform over in the full length mirror on the back of the bathroom door. The second bell rang and I ran my thumbs around the waistband of my dungarees tucking the shirt in a little tighter.

The building shook with the familiar pounding of feet on the stairways and when I walked into the room I checked where Gil should be standing.  He looked fresh and ready but he didn’t look my way. Stewart Brinkman the second-class petty officer who had had the duty during the storm was standing in front of his watch unit.

“How did it go last night Stu?” I asked while glancing at the stragglers coming through the door.

“No trouble Mike. I had to use some of the men that didn’t go on liberty and we got wet but we buttoned everything up.”  

“You guys did a good job Stu, did you check on the admiral’s and skipper’s boats?  Weidemeyer has worried himself silly about those two boats.”

“Knickleman reminded me about them when he called. I sent Metzger with Davis to check on them.  Metzger told me there were a few scrapes and smudges where they rode up against the fenders but they’re okay.”

“That’s a relief.  I hate to do it after last night but send those two plus a couple of other men in the pickup with the duty driver and have those boats brought around to the boathouse. That should get the old man off our butts when their under cover.”  I said glancing to the front of the room.

“Will do Mike.”  He said as I went to join Chief Knickleman.

“The Skipper’s not going to be in again today chief?” I asked.

“He called. He didn’t make it back through the tunnel last night before they closed it.  He swears he’s going to put in for subs & quarters payment for the motel he and his wife stayed in.”

“He’ll probably get it.” I said. “The crew is ready for muster.”  

“Do a numbers count Mike, I don’t feel like reading all of those names.”
“Aye, aye Chief.” I said turning to face the crew.

“Attention to muster, by the numbers sound off.”

Each man sounded off with his name and after checking each man’s name I reported all-present to Chief Knickleman.  He gave the men a short pep talk complimenting them on the way they had performed their duties during the foul weather and turned them over to me saying, “I’ll be in my office if you need me Mike.”

“Aye, aye Chief.”  I said smiling inwardly.  Knickleman had a bunk in his office, one of the perks of a Senior Chief. He would retire for the day and my men and I would take care of what had to be done.  
                    * * * * * * * * * *

The remainder of the day was spent cleaning up the base and retrieving the boats from the air station about which Weidemeyer was so worried. Knickleman left early as I expected he would.

I had seen Lawton off and on during the day on various duty assignments and he seemed to be working as he usually did with only an occasional glance in my direction whenever I passed on an inspection tour.  There was the usual mayhem at the end of the day as men knocked off and started cleaning up before evening chow. Every now and then one of the men would rap on the door and ask a question that they could have asked of Brinkman or Metzger and that’s were I sent them.  I was lacing my shoes when I heard a rap on the door followed by Lawton’s mellow voice.

“Got a minute Mike?”

“Sure Gil. Come on in. What’s this?” I asked taking the request chit he was holding out to me.

“I want to take a few days off Mike.” He said quietly.  “I’ve been thinking all day about what happened and I think its best, at least for now.”

“Are you going home to Wisconsin or hang around here?”

“Home. . . . . .Hanging around here won’t help.”

“If you feel that way Gil, okay but you should have turned this in earlier.  It can’t be submitted now, no one is here to approve it.”

“I’ve been thinking about it all day Mike. I was hoping you would walk it through for me. I’ve got the duty tonight so I wouldn’t be able to leave before tomorrow anyway.”

“If you’re sure this is what you want to do, I’ll take care of it first thing tomorrow.” I said

“Thanks Mike, I’ll see you in the morning.” Gil said, turning away and leaving the office.

It’s difficult trying to control two emotions at the same time.  I had the urge to call him back and take him in my arms while at the same time a feeling of relief flooded over me.  Relief at the thought that Gil would be away and I could try and get my head straight again.

                    * * * * * * * * *