By Lee Mariner

August 2003

DISCLAIMER:  This is the continuing story about Troy, an adolescent boy entering puberty and Mike, his 33-year-old gay neighbor. It will depict homosexual acts between men and boys and is intended for adult readers only. IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE TO BE READING THIS STORY OR IF YOU FIND SUCH MATERIAL OBJECTIONABLE, PLEASE LEAVE. All of the characters are fictional and in no way related to any person or persons living or deceased.


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Chapter #23

A feeling of melancholy settled over me as Gil left through the swinging doors leading to the stairwell and a wave of shame swept over me as I watched him walk away. Instead of considering his feelings I was subconsciously more concerned about the consequences of our being together and not thinking that he faced the same consequences. He had at least thought about it and by taking time off he was giving us both time to consider the future. He was struggling with his inner self, showing a maturity I hadn’t expected.     In some ways he and Troy were alike; they both were struggling with their inner selves.  

Troy was still in the throes of learning about his sexuality. He, unlike Gil, had yet to realize the complete joy and physical power that he could share with others.  His exuberance and excitement in exploring new avenues of physical contact was obvious by his lack of inner restrain and his lack of knowledge about the mesmerizing effect he had on others.  

Gil, on the other hand was as exciting and as exuberant as Troy but he knew more of the mystical eroticism that flowed between men by his more subtle & restrained approach. His was an overpowering physical beauty that exuded sex, sex tempered with a need to be wanted. His brilliant blue eyes were windows into the wells of his passion revealing the fires of desire smoldering in their depths. The strawberry blond hue of his hair glowed like an angelic halo surrounding his face and the smooth lean muscles of his magnificently developed body invited, no, demanded to be caressed and worshiped.

                * * * * * * * * *

After signing my approval of Lawton’s request for leave, I tagged it for immediate attention and left the office.

The skies were still overcast from the overnight storm and there was the hint that it might rain again. The base traffic had already departed the base so I had little trouble leaving and reaching the interstate highway. When I reached my exit onto Bellingham Blvd. I hesitated before turning to my right in the direction of my house.  There was still some evidence of the storm that had not been cleared by the city public works department and I wondered what my property would look like. Several pine trees and three very large and old tulip maples surrounded the house along with azalea, nandina, camellia and other bushes. I could only hope there had been little damage other than the normal natural debris that followed a storm.  

I could see several pickup trucks parked in the drive and on the street when I turned off of Inglewood. The large gator dumpster was back in front of the house and I couldn’t help but notice that what had been the front lawn was a mass of mud from the tires of the truck that delivered it. Men loading the refuse from the interior of the house had made a deep muddy path in the now nonexistent grass.

“I wonder if I should deduct the cost of re-landscaping from Tony’s fee.” I thought as I parked on Ethridge St. across from the house.

I glanced first at Troy’s house and then Sherman’s as I walked across the street; none of the windows were illuminated.

Tony must have seen me drive up and came out of the front door looking just as bedraggled & dirty as he always seemed to be.

“I was wondering if you would be working today Tony. Especially after the storm.” I said

“Why not? It didn’t rain inside the house. We’re almost finished tearing out the walls. I called the Salvation Army and they picked up the old appliances except for the refrigerator, I’m going to keep that for myself if you don’t mind; I can use it. The architect came by this morning with the plans and he left a copy for you. I have them in my truck.”

“Did they leave a receipt for what they picked up?” I asked.

“Yeah, I got it. What are you going to do, jack the cost up and take it off of your taxes?” He grinned exposing a mouthful of cracked yellow teeth.

He didn’t look or smell like he had taken a bath or shaven for several days and I positioned myself up- wind from the stench. “Damn.” I thought grimacing. “He may be a good contractor but he knew nothing about personal hygiene. How anyone would go to bed with him is beyond me.”

I glared at him saying, “Maybe I’ll take the cost of the refrigerator off of what you’re costing me Tony.”

“You can have the fucking thing back if you’re going to be that way about it.” He growled. “There’s no harm in making a little extra if it don’t hurt you none.”
“Keep it but I want the brass door knobs and the iron chandelier put out in the garage. If you’ve looked at the plans you will see they all are going to be used in the new doors and the chandelier is to be re-installed in the dining room.” I said firmly.

“I’ve already taken care of that but I didn’t know where you wanted the stuff stored so I had it put in the furnace room. The knobs and the light chains are all in a box.”

“I appreciate it Tony. I’ll put them out in the garage. Did you say you almost had the interior walls torn out?”

“Just about finished. As soon as we get the old cast iron tub out of the bathroom, break it up and in the dumpster it’s pretty much a go after that. Burton is supposed to start delivering the lumber and plywood tomorrow so we can get the framing in. If you want to check on how we are doing, go on inside while I get your copy of the plans out of my truck.”

“I’ll see you inside.” I said starting to move away. When he put his hand on my arm I stopped and turned facing him.

“I almost forgot.” He said grinning evilly. “That kid from down the street came by a little while ago. He asked if you were going to be around but I told him I didn’t know if you would be or not. I saw him drive off with some lady a few minutes before you got here. He’s kind of cute, you got something going with him?”

It took an effort not to smack his filthy leering mouth but at the same time it felt good knowing that Troy had been looking for me. I took a deep breath before answering.

“Jesus Christ Tony.” I said, clinching my fists as I exhaled. “Don’t you ever get your mind out of the fucking gutter? If you must know, the kid and his buddy are going to clean out the garage for me. They aren’t in school and they can use a few bucks.”

“No need getting pissed Mike I was just wondering. He’s a cute kid. A little young but just about ripe for plucking. I’ll see you inside.” He said edging away from me, sensing the anger his uncalled for comment had generated.

“Strange.” I thought as I left Tony. “How can his uncouth comments cause me to be angry when hearing that Troy had asked about me, made me feel warm inside?”

There was no way to avoid getting mud on my shoes, as there already was a path of mud leading to the front door. When I entered and looked around it was amazing at how much they had done in such a short time. With the exception of a few weight-bearing columns what had been several rooms had become one empty cavern. The pre-existing rooms were outlined by the shims that aligned wall studs that had been ripped out. I wasn’t a carpenter but I knew that studs were not exactly eight feet in length and a stud was used on the floor and as a header to make the walls eight-foot in height and allow for the installation of plasterboard. Water pipes protruded from the floors and plastic jugs had been inserted into the various drain openings so they would not be filled with trash.

I didn’t recognize any of the workmen but it was a pretty fair bet they were all gay since Tony only used gay men in his crews. With a little soap, water and a razor one or two were probably fairly good-looking men. I had heard it said that Tony was a real looker when he was younger but those days were long past. Excessive us of alcohol, drugs and smoking have a lasting effect on most people that succumb to the need for self-esteem substitutes or courage builders.  

I went through what had once been the backdoor and double-checked on the doorknobs and chandelier that he said were in the furnace room. While I was doing that Tony came out of the house and handed me my copy of the architect’s plans.  Taking the plans from him I returned inside the house and stood in the middle of the destroyed interior turning them which way and that trying to visualize what the finished product would look like. “It’s going to take a hell of a lot of work to become what the plans call for.” I was thinking when Tony hollered.

“We’re knocking off for today Mike, it’s after five o’clock.”

“Okay Tony, I’ll see you tomorrow after I get off. I’m going to put those things from the furnace room in the garage before I leave.”

“Stay as long as you want, it’s your house.” He called over his shoulder as he went to his truck.

“It’s a sure bet he and most of his crew will be heading for the Paddock.” I thought as I pulled the house key ring from my pocket.

The ring had several keys on it that were no longer useful but I didn’t know which one was for the garage. When I reached the garage I tried each key until I found the one that opened the lock. I took it off of the ring after opening the door and putting it in my pocket, I threw the others in a trash-can sitting inside the door. Without thinking about it, flipped the switch for the lights and at first I was surprised when they came on.  I remembered then that Tony’s crew needed power for their tools and that’s why it was still on.

The garage was full of garden tools a mower and boxes of all sizes along with several utility cabinets.

“Troy and Sherman are going to have their hands full cleaning this out.” I mused to myself.

After placing the box of knobs on the workbench I looked around for a place to hang the chandelier and settled on hanging it from one of the rafters instead of letting it lay on the floor or bench.

There was a hammer laying on the bench and I found several boxes of nails and screws in one of the utility cabinets. After driving a fairly large nail into a rafter, I was trying to hook the chandelier chain over the nail when a pair of unexpected arms slipped around my chest surprising me so that I almost dropped it. I knew it had to be Troy and when I finished I turned in his arms and facing him I put my arms around his shoulders.  

“Dammit Troy.” I exclaimed faking at being irritated. “I almost dropped the damned thing.”

“I’m sorry Mike, I didn’t mean to scare you.” He whimpered leaning his head back. His eyes gleamed with excitement and I felt his heart racing as he squeezed me tighter. His soft succulent lips glistened as I lowered my lips to his and kissed him. His tongue was a rapier dueling with mine and I could feel the excitement rushing through both of us. He lowered his hands to my buttocks pulling me closer and I felt the hardness of his cock pressing against mine. He moved his arms back up around my waist and breaking the kiss laid his head on my chest. We were both already breathing heavily and I could feel his soft young muscles yielding as his body molded to mine. His arms were two steel bands holding me tight and the fires of desire ignited in my loins. My nuts churned and the rush of pre-cum dampened my briefs like the flow of hot magma exploding from the throat of an erupting volcano.

I slid my arms downward between his and placing my hands around his slim waist I lifted upwards in one smooth motion sitting him on the workbench. His eyes opened wide with surprise at first and then softened as I unbuttoned his shorts and opened his zipper. He wasn’t wearing any briefs and his hard cock laid over its soft nest of auburn hair its crown touching his navel and also oozing pre-cum. I looked at his face and grinning he leaned forward and as I brushed my lips against his he whispered, “I’ve missed you.”

Placing one hand behind his head we passionately kissed while I ran my other hand up under his shirt and over his satiny soft skin. The nipples of his breasts hardened as I touched them and when he breathed into my mouth moaning I whispered, “Take off your shirt.”

His eyes sparkled as he pulled his shirt over his head. Unzipping my dungarees I pulled my throbbing cock out gripping it tight. His body gleamed golden in the florescent lighting and his hard nipples jutted out begging to be sucked. I leaned forward and teased him kissing his stomach and chest. His muscles tightened and when I tongued his hard nipples he groaned and put his hands on the back of my head pulling my mouth tighter. I could feel the pre-cum dripping from my cock and stroking it I sucked on his nipple, as a calf would suck on his mothers teat.

The euphoric aura of being with him again and enjoying the pleasure of tasting his flesh was broken briefly when he huskily pleaded.

“Suck me Mike, please, please suck it before I blow my load.”

When my lips touched the blood engorged crown of his cock I tasted the nectar oozing from its urethral slit and devoured its smooth throbbing length until I gagged. Withdrawing slightly I bathed his cock with saliva squeezing tight with my lips. Troy ran his fingers through my hair moaning in response to the bath I was giving his cock and sucking slowly I stroked my cock in unison with each delicious plunge of my mouth over the thick soft steel hardness of his young shaft. The fire in my loins demanded release and I felt his cock swelling in my mouth getting harder; his need to climax was as urgent as mine. He tensed and pushing my head down on his jerking cock he groaned “Oh Jesus Mike.” I tasted thick creamy streams of his hot boy-seed filling my mouth and my legs quivered as I swallowed. The intensity of his climax washed over me in waves of ecstasy and my cock exploded. My hips jerked with each gushing spasm sending streams of sperm under the bench Troy was sitting on.

For a few moments time stood still as I drank the aphrodisiac flowing from his youthful loins, the sweet nectar of his life flowing into my body. His cock slowly softened and sank deeper into my mouth until my nose rested in the sweet softness of his pubic hair. He was leaning over my head his hands resting on my back and when I washed his soft cock with my tongue tasting the last drops of his cum. He groaned and as he ran his hands over my back and shoulders he sat up. I reluctantly released his cock and standing up I kissed him. Our tongues mixed the remnants of his seed with saliva and we swallowed. He leaned back a little his eyes sparkling. “Meatloaf won’t taste as good.” He said grinning.

“Troy you amaze me. What does meatloaf have to do with sex?” I said as I squeezed and drained the remaining juice from my wilted cock.

“Mom sent me to ask you over for dinner. We saw your car out front and she thought you might like meatloaf.”

“I do like meatloaf. Is that the only reason you’re here?” I asked teasing him as I closed my zipper.

“Only partly but if she hadn’t asked me I’d have found another reason to come over.” He said as he pulled his shirt down over his beautifully developed chest.

He jumped down from the bench and closed his zipper. After buttoning the waistband of his shorts he put his arms around me again and looked into my eyes.

I could have drowned in the warm feelings I saw in them. He didn’t have to say it; I felt the unsaid love that burned in their hazel depths.

“I love you to little one.” I said hugging him close.

                * * * * * * * * *