Troy McNeal

By Lee Mariner

© 2003

This is the twenty-seventh chapter of a continuing story about homosexual love between men and boys.  It is intended for ADULT READERS ONLY.  If you are not of legal age in your locality, please leave.

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Chapter #27

Kyle was driving a black Chevrolet S-10 pickup with Ohio license plates which could barely be seen in the darkness under the trees.  Most guys his age would have juiced it  up with fancy wheels and chrome strips; but his looked to be stock, right from the factory. The drive from the marina to my apartment was less than  five minutes, but, when we pulled into the parking lot, the guest parking space allotted to my apartment was full. 

'Damn, Kyle, you'll have to park on the street.  Some cock sucker is parked where he shouldn't be, " I exclaimed.

"Cock sucker," he replied chuckling.

"No one I know," I answered, directing him to a parking space just outside the complex entrance.

"Have you lived here long, Mike?" He asked as we walked across the semi-darkness of the parking lot in the direction of the stairs.

"Not really that long, a couple of years."

"Do you bring guy's home very often?" He asked, following me up the stairs. 

"Not that often," I answered, unlocking the door. "Too many nosy neighbors."

I thought about telling him I was buying a house; and then, thinking about Troy, I thought better of it.  Troy hadn't taken  meeting Rob well, and I still hadn't told him about Gilbert.  For a brief moment, I wondered why in hell I was bringing Kyle to my apartment.  When I turned from locking the door and flipping the lights on, I saw why.

In the darkness he had pulled his muscle shirt off, and he held it in his hand.  His deep blue eyes sparkled, and his thick blond hair was darker in the subdued light of the single lamp that lit the room.  The thick defined muscles of his chest and ripped stomach glowed a rich burnished bronze.  The mesmerizing effect on me was stunning, and he must have detected it.  I stood paralyzed by how gorgeous he was, watching as he squatted and removed his sneakers.  His muscles rippled like coiled springs, and I felt the pre-seminal fluid oozing from the blood-engorged head of my cock. 

With deliberate slowness he unzipped his jeans exposing thick golden pubic hair. My heartbeat increased with each movement; and, when he reached inside his jeans pulling his thick uncut cock into view, I gasped, "sweet Jesus."

 Filling his hand with the pre-seminal fluid flowing from its head, he spread it over his thick eight-inches and started sliding his hand back and forth, thrusting his hips at me as he jerked off.  "Are you going to just watch, Mike?" He growled sexily, bringing me out of my self-induced stupor.

"Jesus, Kyle, you come on pretty fast,"  I said, hoarsely, starting to take my clothes off.

"Sorry, Mike, I didn't mean to," he said, slowly stroking his cock as he moved towards me, still wearing his jeans. "I was horny before I saw you, and older men really turn me on; I got even hornier just thinking about you."

"I don't think thirty-three is an old man, Kyle," I said kicking my jeans away from around my ankles, noticing he had removed his while I undressed.

"You're right, Mike, twelve years difference is not that much; but it's the way I like a man.  A little older, built like a brick shit house and hung like a horse, just like you," he growled, reaching for me.

His arms were two steel bands sliding around my chest; and, when he pulled me tight, I could feel sixteen-inches of drooling cock squeezed between us. He held me tightly with one hand while the other dropped to the small of my back increasing the pressure.  His eyes burned into mine, and I saw his eyelids closing as his parting lips touched mine.

His mouth was a hot furnace in which our tongues fought, twisting and searching. I tasted the lingering flavor of beer; and breathed harder as his arms tightened around me, our cum slick cocks rolling between us as we both rotated our hips.  Wave after wave of hot flashes coursed through me, and I felt his muscles tighten as his passion increased.

"Christ, Kyle," I said as I pulled my lips from his, "Let's get in bed."

He held me tightly for a few more seconds. I felt the beating of his heart in unison with mine, and we both were breathing raggedly.

When we fell on the bed, I noticed the red incoming call light flashing on the phone. Instincts told me it was Troy, but Kyle was all over me, biting and kissing both hard nipples.  I felt the shock of his biting teeth shoot down into the churning sperm in my nut sac.  "Kyle," I gasped, "you keep it up and we're both going to be covered with cum."

He stopped for only a moment, looking at me. His eyes blazed with lust, and his chest was heaving. He didn't say anything; and, swinging around with the grace of a ballet dancer, he swallowed my cock in one downward movement while pushing his cock at my mouth.  I swallowed every inch until my nose touched his balls.  He groaned deep in his chest and started sucking on me as he  pumped his hips driving his cock in and out of my mouth.     

His tongue washed the underside of my cock, and I felt the muscles of his throat working on my cock. His cock was thick and smooth sliding in and out of my throat, and I felt his cum starting to rise as it hardened with each thrust. I forgot all about the flashing red light as I also strained to fill Kyle's gut with hot sperm. The tempo increased and we both sucked greedily, bodies straining, muscles tightening.  Groaning together we slammed our cocks deep, gushing thick streams of cum.  Kyle grabbed my head and held my mouth tight, his throbbing cock exploding, sending streams of cream down my throat.

We held each other's cock with our lips, swallowing, devouring the essence flowing from within us. His sperm was milky sweet, and I kept sucking, draining the nectar of his nuts as his cock started to soften.  His mouth didn't stop working on my softening cock, and his tongue washing over the sensitive glans of my cock's head drove me crazy. Releasing his still oozing cock, I pulled away gasping, "Jesus, Kyle, that's too much, I can't stand any more."

The only sound in the room was our heavy breathing returning to near normal.  Kyle and I lay head to foot for several minutes before, curling his legs under him, he sat up and placed his hand on my chest.  I could see his eyes sparkling in the semi-darkness of the room, and I opened my lips as he lowered his head.  "Pretty awesome for an old man," he whispered before we kissed. 

His tongue moved gently over and under mine, mixing saliva with the lingering remnants of our sperm.  His hand roaming over my chest and stomach sent shivers through me as I swallowed.   When  I turned my head in an effort to break the  suction of his kiss, he sat up again. Gently resting his hand on my half hard cock, he squeezed several times; and, turning my head, I watched as he stroked his hardening cock in rhythm with each squeeze of mine, slowly coaxing me back to full arousal.

"Jesus, Kyle, even a twenty-one year old stud has to rest a little," I said in a half whimper.

Kyle didn't say anything; but, with the sudden agility of the panther tattoo on his forearm, he stretched out beside me.  Sliding one thick muscled arm under my neck, he threw one leg over mine, pressing his hard cock against my thigh. Supporting himself on his elbow, he looked down at me with amusement in his eyes.   "You don't seem to need a rest, Mike," he whispered seductively.

The ecstatic sensations his thumb created each time it touched the exposed glans, sent electrifying jolts down its throbbing length into my churning nut sac; and my heart skipped a beat as I held my breath.  His thumb lubricated the head of my my throbbing cock with the seminal fluid that oozed from the ethereal opening with each squeeze of his hand.

He started slowly humping against my thigh with his slick cock sliding over my flesh sending waves of desire washing over me. His eyes glistened;, and wetting his lips and lowereing his head, he started sucking on my hard nipple while the intensity and tempo of his humping increased. My muscles tightened in anticipation of his teeth biting, but I heard him moaning low as he sucked, "mmmmmmmmmmmm."  His moaning sent intense vibrations through me,  and an involuntary groan of ecstasy escaped my lips as I felt the passion flowing between us.

When I placed my hand on his thick blond hair, he stopped sucking my tit and turned his head looking at me. With chest heaving and eyes filled with lust,  he rolled off of me onto his back groaning huskily, "fuck me, Mike."

Rolling away from him, I opened the drawer where I kept the condoms and lubricant.  He pulled his legs up and I knelt between them. I was breathing as heavily  as he was, and my fingers shook with excitement as I struggled to roll a condom over the throbbing length of my cock.  Moving a little further up between his legs, I started to squeeze lubricant on my hand to lubricate his asshole when he grabbed my wrist, saying, "no lube, just the condom."

"It helps, Kyle," I breathed softly, watching the way his chest was heaving, his eyes glistening.

"I don't care about that; I want to feel you opening me up," he said as he released my wrist.

I dropped the tube on the bed and moved closer. When the head of my cock touched his asshole, he sucked air into his lungs; and and I saw his abdominal muscles tighten as he lifted his legs up on my shoulders.  Leaning forward, I watched his bulging muscles straining to hold my weight while I straightened my legs out.  Placing my hands on each side of his chest, I let the weight of my body push my cock against his tight asshole.

I didn't like fucking or being fucked without lubricant, but when I felt him lifting his ass against my cock I pushed. His eyes widened when he felt my cock opening his ass; and he grabbed my arms screaming, "ohhhhh shit," when the head slipped in,  his sphincter snapping around it.

My biceps felt like they were being squeezed by a vice, and I hesitated for a moment  while we both relaxed.  We both were breathing heavily, almost panting.  I felt sweat starting to run down my spine, and I could see beads of perspiration forming on his forehead.  His eyes started to soften; and, when I felt his sphincter relaxing, I pushed steadily.  Kyle was biting his lower lip and rolling his head from side to side, but I didn't feel his body tense as I penetrated deeper into his tight hot ass.

"God," I thought, momentarily thinking of Troy's tight little ass and wishing it were he under me. Kyle's ass was tight, and my cock seemed to harden more from the yearning to fuck Troy. I groaned with a vision of his ass in my mind. "Jesus, you're tight Tr..Kyle," I whispered huskily with emotion when I felt my pubic hair pressing against the soft sensitive flesh of his perineum .

Kyle's eyes were glazed over, and he was either so consumed with the pleasure of my cock filling his ass or so caught up in his own passion that he didn't notice my near slip. But when I started to withdraw, he lowered his legs around my waist; and, locking his ankles at the base of my spine, he pulled me tighter.  "Fuck me man; don't stop pounding my ass," he growled, squeezing my biceps and pulling me tightly against his ass with his legs.

His asshole loosened with each driving thrust; and, when I brushed his prostrate, his eyes opened wide. He sank his teeth into his lower lip, his cock surging to an instant hard with thick fluid flowing from its ethereal opening, "ohhhh, Christ," he growled, his muscles straining.

An almost animal urgency was building between us as he drove his hips upward meeting each downward thrust. I felt the telltale fire rising from my balls; and, as an involuntary shout, "I'm cumming, Kyle,"  escaped from my mouth, I slammed my cock deeper into his bowels, my muscles straining from the ecstasy of my cock exploding in a cataclysmic eruption of white hot sperm.

Kyle was thrashing and groaning under me as he went over the edge, his cock gushing thick streams of his sperm over his chest.  His legs and tight asshole held me deep within his bowels as my cock pumped thick sperm until I felt is starting to soften.  Kyle held me tight until he felt my cock starting to slip from his ass, and he dropped his legs down on the bed allowing me to collapse onto his sperm covered chest.  My head dove into the pillow, and he put his arms around me shuddering as my cock slipped free from his quivering asshole.  We both were gasping for air, our hearts racing, sweat pouring onto the bed.  It took several minutes before we relaxed, lying quietly in the soft gentle afterglow that always followed sex with me on top of him, my soft cock dangling between his legs.

We both were drifting in and out of  the soft euphoric haze of sexual pleasure when he started moving his hands over my back, whispering in my ear, "don't ever let anyone tell you that you are an old man, Mike, not even a young man fucks like you just fucked my ass."

"You had something to do with it, Kyle," I said as I lifted my head and looked into his soft blue eyes.

"Yeah, maybe," he said grinning, " but that's why I like older men.  They know how to fuck a young man's ass."

"I'll remember that," I said as I put my lips on his.  We kissed long but not passionately, I think we both were sated, and more sex was not what we were feeling.  We were feeling the after pleasure that only two men, young or old, can give each other.

"Do you want to spend the rest of the night after we shower, Kyle?" I asked as we broke off our kiss, and I slipped from his arms.

"I'd like to, Mike, but six o'clock comes early, and I better be getting back to the base."

"Navy?" I asked as we sat up on the edge of the bed.

"Marines," he said glancing at me sideways. "You already knew that, didn't you?"

"I figured you were military from the decals on your windshield. The marine corps emblems on the vent windows gave me a hint you might be a marine."

"I've been meaning to take those off," he said as he stood up. "Where's the shower?"

"This way," I said, "You don't mind if we take one together do you?"

"I didn't think you would ask," he said as he followed me.

We both got hard again in the shower from our hands exploring and touching hidden erotic places.  Kyle's hard cut muscles glistened and rippled under my hands. He was breathing heavily again as he ran his hands over my chest which was hard and solid, but not as heavily muscled as his. His eyes gleamed when he squeezed my pecs and said quietly, "you've got a hell of a body, Mike."

"You mean, for an old man," I said teasingly.

"I never should have told you I like older men," he grinned. "Old men don't get this hard," he said as he put our cocks together, squeezing before starting to jerk us off.

"Kyle. . . . . .," I whimpered.

"Shhhhh," he hissed softly as he slid his hand around to the back of my waist and brushed my lips with his, "no need to let it go to waste, Mike," he said, flicking his tongue into my mouth.

The fire re-kindled in my nuts from his incessant strokes; and, taking his head between my hands, I kissed him fiercely, letting the waves of lust wash over me again.  Our knees buckled from the intensity of the climax as we exploded but not shooting quite as much sperm.  He muttered, "Jesus, Jesus," as he squeezed ourcocks and then collapsed into my arms.  Breathing heavily from the intensity of our third climax, we leaned against each other until the moment passed.  I held him as he leaned back in my arms, an impish smile on his face, "Damn, Mike, I've never had anyone make me as horny as you do. Christ, I hope this is not just a one night stand."

"You can never tell, Kyle." I whispered, kissing him lightly.

We finished showering without getting another hardon, and I put a towel around my waist while he dressed.  Even in the semi-darkness, his body glowed with youth and vigor.  As he dressed, thoughts of Troy crept back into my head and I wondered if Troy would look as good as Kyle did when he reached twenty-one.  The steady blinking red light of the telephone gave me a feeling of guilt until I heard Kyle slap his flat stomach.

"There," he said, "all set."

"I'll walk you out, Kyle, the lights need to be turned off."

"What time is it?" He asked as we went to the front door.

"One o'clock," I said, glancing at the large digital dial of the bedside clock, "you can stay if you want."

"Don't tempt me," he said, grinning.

"It's up to you," I said, as I unlocked the door and pulled it ajar.

He stood with his hand on the edge of the open door, looking at me.  There were feelings in his eyes, but he took a deep breath.

"You're really great, Mike, I hope we can meet again sometime,"  he said with feeling as he pulled the door shut behind him.

"You never can tell, Kyle," I said, to the closed door.

                                                                                 * * * * * * * * * *

Moving to the window, I pulled the curtains back and watched as Kyle walked across the complex parking lot to his truck.  A light drizzle had set in and his shoulders were hunched up against the wetness.  "One hell of a kid," I thought to myself as he drove away, his rear lights reminding me of the flashing red light in the bedroom.

Returning to the empty bedroom, I pushed the "play key" on the telephone and Troy's young voice filled the room.

"Mike, it's Troy, I missed you tonight.  Those men worked on your house all day. I thought you said you were going to be here tonight, but maybe you had to stay at work. I don't like the way that dirty man looked at me, so I didn't go over.  I started to go over and see how Sherman was, but I didn't because I didn't want to miss you.  I sat naked in my bedroom window after Mom said I had to go to bed, hoping you would drive up at your house but you didn't. I jerked off thinking about you and wishing you were with me.  I love you, Mike," he whispered into the telephone.

I heard the click as he hung up, and my mind was filled with guilt.  A voice deep in my sub conscience chastised me, "Christ, Homan, get your fucking head straight.  You're fucking and sucking some twenty-one year old, and Troy's jerking off, looking out the window hoping you'll drive up.  What the fuck is wrong with you?"

Tears of frustration and loneliness filled my eyes as I rolled onto the bed, pulling the sheets over me.

"I know what's wrong with me," I wailed up at the ceiling in the darkness. "I'm in love with two teenagers, Troy and Gilbert."

"Christ," I thought, "why did I let myself get in this mess?"

I slept fitfully until the loud ringing of the clock woke me at six, and when I rolled out of bed I saw the tube of lubricant laying on the floor.   I had rolled over onto the unused tube of lubricant during the night and had pushed it out of the bed.

Picking it up, I mused to myself about Kyle, "Wonder how he is feeling this morning?"

Kyle was great but I had someone just as important on my mind, Troy.