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Turkish Delight.


By John T. S. Teller.


Part 2.


The TV on too loud downstairs woke me up. Maybe David had turned it up on purpose because he was hungry and needed me to get breakfast. It was what he did. I lay in bed and thought about what had happened last night. Was I worried? Yes. It's not every day you get to fuck a beautiful thirteen-year-old boy and get away with it. If you don't get away with it, you'll spend a few years in jail and an even longer-term stretch on the sex offenders register. But it was done now. A standing prick has no conscience: they say. They are right. Add a few glasses of scotch to a standing prick, and anything can happen to anybody... especially when said abuser is sex-starved, as I was. Was it worth it? Well, if I didn't get caught: yes. It had been brilliant. Probably the most fantastic fuck session I'd had in my life. They say forbidden fruit is the best. They are right again. A boy's tunnel of love is as good (much better) than any vagina when a couple of bloody kids have stretched it past breaking point. There's no slackness there; no chance of flopping out halfway through the job. When you're in, you know you're in, and when you have a boy like Halil who knows what he's doing and is actually enjoying what you're doing to him, there's no equal. I suppose the one deciding factor in it all is: by invitation. And the fuck I had the previous night was printed in fluorescent green on a black background. Halil wanted me more than I wanted him, and I had no doubt he was as gay as they come.


I opened the door to the lounge and saw both boys lying on the hearth rug, watching rubbish on the TV. I'm sure David had seen the same episode dozens of times, because even I knew what was coming next. But, except for the noise, the TV didn't bother me, and I was even less bothered when I saw both boys dressed in silk PJ's. Halil had on his pair of blue ones, and David was wearing a crimson pair that he'd obviously borrowed off Halil. I laughed as David turned his head towards me and grinned. Then he stood up, twirled around, and asked, "What do you think, Uncle Gary?"


I looked at Halil, who was also grinning, and then looked back at David. "Just don't tell your dad. Do you two want a drink? I'm going to make a coffee. And turn that bloody noise down!"


David stuck his tongue out at me. "Make us some breakfast, Uncle Gary. We're both starving, aren't we Halil?"


Halil grinned at me, and I could tell by the look on his face that he was thinking about last night. So was I! If David hadn't been around, I would be on the rug with him now, and breakfast would come later. I asked, "What do you want? Toast or cereal?"


David looked at Halil. "What do you want, Halil?"


Halil shrugged his shoulders. "I don't mind. Either will do me."


I gave the small boy a special look that said what I was thinking, and I saw it reflect in his own eyes, and again he gave me that special smile. I decided to rib him. "I don't make eithers. It's toast or cereal. Make your mind up."


Halil laughed. "Toast please. With jam on?"


I giggled at his addition. "You're easy to please." The innuendo wasn't lost on him, and he gave me a suppressed grin.


I looked at David, and asked, "What about you, Wee Willie Winkie in your red silk pyjamas?"


David laughed. "Halil's lent them to me. They're brilliant to wear. Will you buy me some, Uncle Gary?"


Now it was my turn to laugh. "Yes, just as long as you wear them at home as well as here. I'll bet your dad will be pleased to see you romping about in silk PJ's. He'd have a fit." David was gurgling with laughter now, and Halil was also chuckling when I asked again, "Well, Trouble? What do you want for breakfast?"


"Toast and marmalade, Uncle Gary. Please."


I left them still grinning, and went into the kitchen to make their breakfasts and coffee for myself, and when it was all done, I returned to the lounge with a tray of toast, a pot of coffee and three mugs, and placed it on the glass reception table. Because they were coming to a good bit of the episode they were watching, neither boy made an effort to get the toast, and like most boys, no amount of cajoling will make them miss the best parts. I decided not to bother, picked up the two plates of toast, and placed them under their chins as they lay on the rug. Then I poured myself a coffee and sat on the sofa. Normally, I would have read something while David watched TV, but the sight of two boys wearing thin silk PJ's that showed everything underneath was too good a sight to miss, so I decided it was inspection time.


Because I'd been witness to his development from the day I first changed his smelly ass, the body I could see beneath David's silk PJ's was something I was familiar with. I loved his body as much as I loved his soul, but he wasn't the least bit sexy to me. However, and this was the paradox, alongside him was a boy child who was little different, but he was giving me a hard on just looking at him. Halil lay on his belly, facing the TV, and like David, his legs were apart, and the PJ's hid nothing. They showed every curve of his delightful body, even the cleft of his superb butt that led to the puckered hole that had served me so well last night. The bottom bit of the trouser legs was crumpled up to about halfway up his calves, displaying some of his silky skin. God, was he sexy! He was even sexier when his hand came round and rubbed his butt, and when he took his hand away, I could see that he'd pressed the material deeper into the cleft. Had he done it on purpose? I was in absolutely no doubt that he had, and I was also in no doubt that he was teasing me. I liked that, and when I went down to them after they'd eaten their toast to pick up the plates, while I pretended to watch part of the program they were watching, I put my hand behind me and slipped it under his PJ's to fondle his bum. Halil moved his ass in rhythm to my caresses, and I ended up with two of my finger ends inside him. I wanted to go deeper and finger-fuck him to one of his fantastic climaxes, but I had to be satisfied with watching him struggle to catch his breath. I think he was almost there when I stopped, picked up the plates and took them to the kitchen. When I got back and sat down, he turned to me and gave me a look that said he wasn't pleased with me. I winked at him, and he relented and gave me one of his special smiles. I winked back at him, and continued drinking my coffee.


I'd had too many carpets ruined by kids spilling things on them, so one of my rules was that drinks were taken at the table, and David spoiled my perving when he got up and poured himself a coffee and invited Halil to help himself. I was still in my PJ's and dressing gown, so I decided to go and get dressed. The boys could get dressed whenever they wanted. That wasn't unusual. David would lounge around in his PJ's until lunchtime if he was comfortable. I showered, and resisted the temptation to knock one off just in case an opportunity arose to get to Halil again without David knowing. It was only a slim chance, but, given the rewards I would reap, a slim chance was worth considering. But parting the boys today was going to be very difficult without arousing suspicion. Another thing; I needed to chat to Halil alone and try to arrange seeing him again. I wondered if he had a mobile phone. If he had, I needed to make sure he had enough credit and could ring me privately. That's if he wanted to, of course. I was a angry with myself that we hadn't sorted this when we were alone. It was quite possible that David wouldn't have another stayover for three weeks, and no way did I want to go that long without having sex with Halil again. Damn and blast! I had been a stupid sod.


When I went back downstairs, the boys were sitting on the rug, taking turns to play on the Playstation. I decided to buy another controller and another couple of games for them. Them! I was beginning to think in the plural. God forbid these two fell out and denied me their joint company. I was sure, if they were best friends, I could wangle some excuse to invite Halil again. I needed to find out, and I asked, "How long have you two been mates?"


David answered. "Since we were in junior school. He was in the play last year. Can't you remember? He was the Mad Monk."


I did remember, but I hadn't taken much notice of him. That was strange. It was only a few months ago. "Yes, I remember now. You were pretty good, Halil. (Halil grinned at my compliment.) Shall we go out and get another controller today?"


David's eyes lit up. "That will be brill, Uncle Gary. We can play two-player games then when Halil comes on another stayover."


I gave David one of my admonishing stares. "Don't get ahead of yourself. Maybe Halil's dad won't let him come here very often. I reckon he was good to let him come this once."


David looked at Halil. "Will he?"


Halil shrugged his shoulders. "I can ask him if I can come with you when you come here. He can only say `no'. He's let me come once, so I don't see why he won't let me come again." Halil looked straight at me. "Just as long as your uncle doesn't mind?"


I winked at him. "No, I don't mind. David enjoys having you around, so it's fine with me."


The look Halil gave me was confirmation we were on the same wavelength. We would have to scheme our way through any difficulties.


Not long after our conversation, David said he needed to go to the bathroom. When he said `bathroom', I knew he wanted to take a crap. If he wanted a pee, he would say `pee'. Off he went, which left Halil and me alone for the first time. I walked into the kitchen where I knew prying eyes couldn't see us through the front window, and he followed. David was a ten-minute-man on the crapper, and I knew this was probably the only chance Halil and I would have to do anything. As soon as he came into the kitchen, we were in each other's arms and kissing passionately. I broke the kiss. "We've got about ten minutes. Do you want to?"


Halil nodded eagerly, so I went to get the Vaseline from one of the kitchen drawers. When I turned round, Halil had already dropped his PJ trousers and was leaning over the table, and was on tiptoes with legs spread apart... and the delicious butt was waiting for me. I smeared some Vaseline on him, pulled out my cock, parted the soft, inviting globes, grabbed his hips, and pushed my swollen knob at him until it plopped past his ring, and then I pushed until he moaned, which told me I was on his delicate spot. That was great, watching my throbbing cock sliding in and out of him. I knew he'd cum when he gave out a sound as if I was strangling him, and sure enough, within a few seconds, I heard the now familiar gurgle escaping from his throat. I didn't stop. I wanted to hear that again, and rubbed my knob over it until he gagged again. He was fucking amazing, and I remember thinking that I needed to do some research on the internet about multiple orgasms. Unfortunately, I knew this wasn't going to be a long drawn out affair, and after I'd studied the disparity in width of my own hips and his, and after I realized that the width of my cock was almost 25% as wide as his slim, boyish hips, the sight of what I was doing and the squish of my cock inside him was too much to bear, and I shoved my whole length into him until my pubes disappeared up his gorgeous ass, and he was actually off the floor when I slammed into him on the final few strokes that sent my spunk spurting deep inside him.


But fucking him hadn't been a relaxed affair. While I was fucking him, I was also keeping one ear open for the sound of the toilet flushing upstairs. Thankfully, David must have been engrossed in one of his comic books while he was taking his crap. Although short but sweet for both of us, at least now I'd fucked him, I didn't have that overwhelming urge to fuck him every time I looked at him. I put my cock away; he pulled up his PJ's, and after I'd cleaned up the few drops of his spunk from the kitchen floor, I kissed his sweet lips. The tongue in my mouth told me he was still worked up. But now I needed to do some planning, and after I'd broken the kiss, I stared into his beautiful eyes, and said, "I need to see you again. Do you want to see me again?"


Halil nodded eagerly. "Yes, of course I do. I'll give you my mobile number, and you can text me saying I've left my watch here. I'll leave the watch in the bedroom without Dave knowing. I can save your number, and then we've got each other's numbers."


I got a pen and some paper out of the drawer, and gave it to Halil. The boy was good. He was very good. He'd been working things out the same as I had. Halil gave me the paper with his number on it, and I put it in the drawer where I kept my correspondence, and then I asked, "Have you got any credit on your phone?"


"I've got a bit, but not a lot."


"Do your parents look at your phone? Do they have anything to do with it?"


Halil shook his head. "No. Never."


"Good. Before you go, I'll slip you twenty quid to top it up. That should keep you going for quite a while. If you need any more, let me know and I'll get it to you some way. We need to be very careful, Halil. Nobody is to even suspect what's going on. Do you understand?"


Halil nodded. "Of course I do. I'm not silly. If anyone finds out, I'll be in terrible trouble. But I want to see you as often as I can. See if you can arrange another stayover for next week. I'll sort stuff with my dad. I'll tell you what. I'll ask dad to pick me up later so you and him can make friends. Invite him in so he knows everything is OK here. If he trusts you completely, then I'll be able to come more often."


I took Halil in my arms and smiled into his beautiful eyes. "I reckon you cum often enough."


Halil giggled. "That's because you're so good at it."


We were both giggling, but I decided not to take any further risks, and told Halil to go back in the other room before David returned. He went, and it wasn't too soon, because I heard the toilet flush.



It was just turned five when I looked through the front window and saw Azad Barizani's blue Honda taxi pull up in the street, and by the time he got to the front door, I was waiting for him. We shook hands, and I said, "Come in, Azad. Halil's just getting his stuff from upstairs. Would you like a coffee or something?"


Azad shook his head. "No thank you. Has Halil been good for you?"


I almost laughed at his question, and when I answered him, although he didn't know it, I, absolutely, was speaking the truth. "He's been great. He's welcome again anytime. He and David get on very well, and it takes all the hassle out of me looking after him." I was thinking on my feet now, and because I knew the boys couldn't hear me, I decided to take an almighty risk. "He can stay next weekend if he likes, if it's OK with you." The risk I'd taken was because I knew for a fact that David wasn't staying over next weekend, because he and his parents were travelling to North Wales to attend a wedding, and they would be staying the Saturday night there. If I was clever enough, I could go and pick Halil up and bring him here, and then take him back, and Azad would be none the wiser that he'd been here alone with me.


Azad shrugged his shoulders. "If Halil wants to come, it's no problem to me, just so long as he's not causing you any problems."


Then I thought of another thing; I had to make sure David didn't blow my story out of the water if Azad mentioned it, so I added with a knowing grin, "No, as I said, he's a help rather than a hindrance. Don't mention it to the boys though, because I like to tease David that I don't want him here. I won't let on until late Friday or Saturday morning that he can come here. He'll text Halil as soon as he knows, because he's already asked if Halil can come again."


Azad grinned, and followed me into the lounge. He looked around. "You have a nice house, Gary. What you do for a living?"


"I own a domestic appliance shop on the High Street: Riley Domestics."


Azad's face lit up. "Yes, I know it. Do you repair washing machines?"


"Yes, we sell new and reconditioned ones, and repair them."


I could see Azad was slightly uncomfortable when he asked me, "Can you repair my washing machine? It broke down this morning. I've been ringing round to find another. I've got five kids, and I need one, quick."


Again I was thinking on my feet. If I sorted Azad out with a washer, he would owe me one. That was good position to be in, and would make it difficult for him to refuse me anything in the future, so I said, "I'll sort you out. It will have to be tomorrow morning though. What's the problem? We might be able to sort it at your house if it's a small problem."


Azad looked glum. "It been banging for ages, but today it was jumping up and down when it was spinning, and I thought it was going to explode. I think it's knackered."


I grinned. "It's knackered, Azad. I'll get the boys to bring you a recon unit in the morning. Will somebody be in?"


Azad looked overjoyed. "That's good of you, Gary. Tell them to ring me on my mobile, and I'll be home in five minutes. How much will it cost me?"


I winked at him. "Don't worry about it. It will be one we've taken in part-exchange and done up for a few pennies. If they're totally knackered, we bin them. Just leave it to me."


Just then, the two boys came down the stairs, and Halil went with his father to the taxi. David and I waved them off, and then I took David home.



Sis was in and grinned at me when we walked through the door and she asked, "How did the nursery get on then?"


I looked around. "Is he in?"


Wendy glared at me. "He!"


I glared back at her. "That darling husband of yours, who's always out drinking!"


This was one of our spat times. We'd had plenty over the bastard who'd married her. Wendy didn't go on with the argument. It never got us anywhere. "No, he's at the pub."


Even though she'd just provided me with more ammunition, I decided not to carry the argument on. "The boys have had a good time. It's cost me a fortune though, as usual. I've had to buy another controller for Dave's Playstation, and they had a couple of games to go with it."


Wendy's voice softened when she replied. "You spoil him too much."


I grinned. "That's because I love him too much; same as I do you. Is there anything you need?"


She gave me a lovely smile. "No thanks, Gary. We're OK at the moment."


I went to her, and gave her a hug. "Ok. Let me know if you do. I'll get off now." I shouted to David, who'd gone upstairs, "See you later, Dave. Behave yourself for your mother, or I'll tan your arse."


David's voice came echoing down the stairs, "See you later, Uncle Gary. Thanks for having me. You can leave my pocket money on the table."


Wendy and I grinned at each other when I took my wallet out and left him a five pound note in the fruit bowl.



Back at the house, I made myself a coffee and sat in the lounge and thought about things. So much had happened that I hardly knew where to start. In just one week, I'd changed from a normal guy, into a paedophile. Yes, that's what I was, and I couldn't escape the fact. Amongst other things, I'd buggered a thirteen-year-old boy. That he wanted it didn't alter anything. But the problem was that I didn't feel in any way guilty about what I'd done. In fact, I fully intended doing it again, and as often as I could. Why? That was simple. Fucking a thirteen-year-old boy's tight ass was the best sex I'd ever had. Knowing it was the tight ass of a beautiful, pretty, girlish, sexually aware boy who actually wanted it, was even better. Oh yes, Halil knew exactly what he wanted, and exactly what to do. Which got me to thinking; how did he know exactly what to do? I wondered how many lovers he'd had, because there was no way an eight-inch cock going right up his ass wouldn't have hurt him unless he was experienced, and he'd shown no signs of it hurting him when I was in up to my pubes. When I first went into him, I'd come to a spot of resistance, but Halil had altered his muscles to allow my cock to go right past that spot. That must have taken practice. So, if I was fucking him, who else was? Food for thought there.


Because Halil had said to text him at nine, I was clock-watching, and at exactly nine, I sent the text I'd already done on my phone. You forgot your watch. I'll send it to your house tomorrow when we deliver the washing machine. G.


Halil must have been saving my number, so it was a couple of minutes before I got a reply. Ok. I alone. We can talk. U ok?


Me: Yes. Delete all messages after we done talking. Ok? Where r u?


Halil: Will do. In bed. LOL. Wish u here. XX


Me: Haha. Me 2. Can you ring me safely?


Halil: Not here. I ring u in morning. That ok?


Me: Yes. I need speak to you about next weekend. I think I can get you here alone. Do u want that?


Halil: Yes. But we have 2 b careful.


Me: I know. I tell you in morning about it. You go sleep now. XX


Halil: Ok. I missing you. C u. Luv u. XXX


Me: Missing you a lot. Luv u 2. XXX


That was it. I wondered what time he'd ring me? It didn't matter as long as he'd topped up his phone with the twenty pounds I'd slipped him when we were shopping, so I'd let him ring me, and then I'd ring him back to save his credit. There was nothing else to do except wait until the morning. Except think about his final text words: Luv u. XXX and mine: Luv u 2. XXX. Love? Actually, yes, I was falling for this little boy, and he was falling for me, unless he'd put that in just to be nice. I certainly loved his fantastic body. It was so beautiful and sexy that it had turned a `normal' bloke into a shagger of boys. But his body wasn't the only thing about him. He was nice! Those lovely eyes were impossible not to fall for, and he had a lovely affectionate nature. The one thing I was sure of, was that I was becoming very fond of him.



It was almost midnight when I went to bed. I looked at the large double bed we'd had for years. Sylvia and I had made love many times in that bed, and they'd been good times. God, how I missed her! She was beautiful in almost every way. She was certainly good in bed: that bed. If Halil was coming to stay, then no way could I desecrate the bed Sylvia and I had shared. It had to go. I decided I'd order a new one. My thoughts about Sylvia receded, and thoughts about the new love in my life came into my mind. I wanted him with me in his beautiful PJ's that showed up every curve of his small body, and which allowed my hands to slip over his skin as if it wasn't there; down to his perfect small ass and the two soft globes that kneaded to my desires; down to the cock that I'd enjoyed sucking. God, how I missed him, and I was thinking about him when I wanked and spunk shot up my belly and landed on my face and chest, and even when it was over and I was going to sleep, I was thinking what other joys of sex we would share together.


To be continued...

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