by Ashley Hardric ©2006

    This is a work of fiction.  That means it is not true.  Didn’t happen.  It’s a figment. No boys were involved or harmed in the writing of this story and no trees were sacrificed.  Author assumes no responsibility for seminal damage to keyboards.  Author does not condone sex with boys; he just writes fantasies about it.  Further, sex in reality requires caution and protection, but my characters won’t catch any bad bugs unless I write them in.  Be safe and legal in the real world, and enjoy the story only if you are of age and location to do so legally.

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This is a jerk off fantasy.  If you’re looking for character development and plot intricacies, this is not the story for you.  At least not yet.  Of course, the story could grow.  Who can tell how it will grow?  Like Aaron’s penis, it may develop a mind of its own!


“I don’t know, Aaron.  You’d be with me 24/7 until we got back.  You’d have zero privacy.  Everything you do, you’d do with me.  And vice versa.  Everything.  Sleeping, shitting, showering, jerking off, everything.  It would be a huge change for you.”

“I don’t care; I want to come with you.  It’s not like I have any privacy at home, with all the little kids everywhere, and I don’t need any with you anyway.  I can’t even jerk off in the bathroom because the little kids always come in.”

I knew he was right, actually.  At home down the street he shared a bedroom with several younger siblings, and at my house he had no modesty whatsoever, and routinely wandered around the house naked or nearly so.  And more and more frequently hard.  He had not yet jerked off in front of me, though.  Little did I know that that last point was about to change.

Aaron was a totally typical adolescent male:  a bundle of hormones wrapped in a slender body, topped with light blonde curls.  I doubt that he weighed ninety pounds soaking wet, but he was fairly tall for a 13 year old.  Long and slender definitely described him.   Lean.  Well, OK.  Skinny.  Shoulders just starting to broaden, narrow waist, muscles not developed much yet, no body hair.  You get the idea;  he was simply beautiful. 

He was at that developmental cusp, that pause, just before the headlong plunge toward maturity, when most of him was still soft, perfect boy.  No coarse leg hair yet, no mustache starting, no zits, just the hint of pubic hair appearing.  His growth spurt had started in his penis and testicles, though, and the testosterone level was clearly through the roof.  I loved the way he was right now, and I intended to relish every moment.  I would continue to love him as he developed, of course, but where he was now, this was absolute perfection.  I suppose that influenced me somewhat as I pondered the possibility of a cross country truck trip together. 
My parents were both long haul truckers, with their own tractor.  While I was growing up, only my dad drove, and did mostly local runs, so he wasn’t gone all that much.  But once I left for college, Mom got her CDL too, and they bought their own tractor.  They had spent the last few years criss-crossing the country.  I’d hardly seen them since I left for college, but we talked a lot via email.  They loved the trucking life--they said it was like always being on vacation.  They carried a motorbike on the truck, and used it for local excursions.  They were making good money and having fun, and enjoying life.  They were just about to take delivery on a brand new Freightliner fitted with a “King of Leisure” sleeper cab, when some idiot yakking on his cell phone ran a red light right into them on their bike.  They died instantly and the driver is in jail awaiting trial for vehicular homicide.

So the funerals were over, the visiting family had left, and I was alone again.  Really alone.  I missed the company of my parents, even though we’d not been together for most of the past few years.  That was partly why I appreciated the presence of Aaron.  He had liked to hang out with me since they moved in several years before, while I was still in high school.  I like kids (well, boys, to be precise), and Aaron was one of those cute, cuddly kids.  He tended to keep to himself, as did I.   He and I formed a bond, like brothers.  I had no siblings of my own, and I loved having a “little brother.”  I used to take him all around with me, before I went away for college, and we always had a great time.  He loved to touch and be touched.  If I didn’t keep my arm around his shoulders, he’d put it there himself.  If we were standing somewhere, waiting in line or something, he’d snuggle against me and wrap me around him.  Now I had graduated, my parents were gone, and I was home alone.  His single mother was working a lot these days, and Aaron was on his own most of the time.  So it was natural that he spent a lot of time at my house.  And on my lap.

The new truck my parents had bought was paid off by the insurance, and it was just waiting for me to do something with it.  It had a 10’ by 8’ “living room,” so to speak.  In other words it was like a camper behind the cab.  It had a bed/sofa and a microwave/fridge,  entertainment system. and most of the comforts of home.  No bathroom, though, and no shower.   My dad had said that they enjoyed the “truck stop ambiance,” as he called it.  He claimed it was sort of like going to the club on the road.  There’s no accounting for taste, I guess.  They had taught me to drive and I had my CDL, “just in case” as my mom said, and I could easily bring it home, and then decide what to do with it.  Only one little problem:  it was in upstate New York, and I was in north central Arizona.  I was planning to fly East and then drive it back.  And now Aaron wanted to come with me. 

I knew enough about public showers at truck stops and such places to know that a cute 13-year-old boy would be an easy target if he were alone.  We’d be sleeping in the truck, and using public bathrooms.  I knew I’d keep Aaron literally at my side in the public bathrooms, and the truck sleeper cab is a very limited space, so that was the basis for my “24/7, no privacy” comment.

It didn’t seem to bother him, and as I said, he thought nothing of being naked with me.  It’s often hot in Arizona, and I did not like to run the swamp cooler all the time.  When he came into my house, his first act was usually to shed clothes.  At the moment, he was wearing only a pair of red Jockey Y-front bikini briefs, the same style I preferred.  (In fact, I was clad the same way myself, at the moment.)  He also had a hard on and his pubescent cock was pushing against the elastic waistband.  He came over and put his arm around my shoulders.  “Pleeeeease, Ash?  Can I come with you?  Pretty please?”  He pressed up against me and started pushing his hard cock against me.  I don’t think he was actually trying to jerk off, I think he was just doing something that felt good.  I put an arm around his waist and he took that as an invitation to climb onto my lap.  After his instinctive cock-rubbing and then making himself comfy on my lap, I was hard too, my own erection poking against my briefs. 

“All right, how’s this sound,” I said.  “We do a trial run, I mean,  being 100% together for a full 24 hours, here at home.  It’ll be like being handcuffed to each other, except we won’t use actual cuffs.  But we’ll do everything together for a full day, just like we would do on the trip.  If it seems to work, then we’ll do the trip.”

“Cool!” he yelled.  “I’ll call Mom and leave a message that I’m staying over here for  the night.  We can start right now!”

He made the call with my phone and then returned to his spot on my lap.  He was still hard, and after he got settled again,  he started idly stroking his hardon through his briefs, and I noticed a wet spot starting to darken the fabric of his briefs.  “Are you jerking off yet?” I asked him.

“Uh uh,” he answered.  “Like I said, there’s always little kids around.  I’ve had some wet dreams though, but they’re always when I’m asleep.  My friend said he wakes up during them sometimes, but I don’t.  I just wake up in the morning with wet underwear.”

“So, you’ve never had an ejaculation while you’re awake?”

“What’s that?”

“It’s when the semen comes out that makes your underwear wet.”

“Oh.  No, I  haven’t.  I wish I could, though.  My dick’s hard almost all the time.  Drives me crazy.”

“Well, maybe this is a good time to see what it’s like,” I said.  “Like I said before, we’ll be doing everything together if we do the trip.”  I replaced his hand with mine and started seriously jacking him off.

“Cool!” he said again.  “Keep doing that, it feels good.”

So I did, both of us watching the wet spot grow.

“Why’s it getting wet?  I know I’m not peeing.”

“That’s what we usually call pre-cum.  It’s a fluid your penis produces to help lubricate itself to make sex easier.”

“You mean when you have to stick it in a girl?”

“Yup, that’s the idea.”

“I think sex with girls sounds gross.  I don’t want to stick my penis in a girl.”  As we began to talk about sex with girls, his erection began to deflate a bit.

“Well, where else would you want to stick it?”

“I dunno.  But I think boys are way hotter than girls are.  Could I stick it in a boy?”

“Well, yeah, you could...”

“Ash, do you know what a blow job is?”

“Yeah, I do...”

“Some of the kids at school talk about getting blowjobs and I don’t know what they mean.  But I’m embarrassed to ask anyone.  I know it has to do with sex, though.  It does, doesn’t it?”

By now his erection had returned to full attention.

“Yes, blowjobs definitely have to do with sex.”

“Is it when someone blows on your dick?”

“Not exactly, Aaron.  It’s sort of the opposite of blowing.  Blow is just an expression.  Actually, a blow job is when someone sucks on your dick.”

“You mean, like someone sucks on your dick with his mouth?”

“Yup, that’s the idea.”

“Cool!  I want to do that.  Can I suck on yours?”

“Uh, maybe later, OK?  Let’s stick with jerking you off for the first time, right now.”  I had been stroking his erection while we had been talking, and now I redoubled my efforts, pressing harder against his shaft and applying pressure with more fingers.

“Let’s take a look at what’s happening, shall we?” I said, and pulled the waistband of his briefs down and under his balls.  The hard penis of the young teen stood proudly at about a fifteen degree angle from his still smooth belly, the tip glistening with precum, the foreskin already retracted.  For such a young boy, he was already pumping a lot of precum.  I rubbed it all around the shiny head, and then started a full fist jacking.  Aaron responded with instinctual pelvic thrusts, pushing up against my hand as I jacked him.  I was using my whole hand to massage his shaft and head.  He was breathing really hard and almost sliding off my lap, when with a great grunt, he came, his dick turning into a cum fountain sending streams of watery cum straight up into the air a foot or more before they fell back down onto his crotch and my hand.  After the first few streams he continued to pump cum out that flowed down over my fingers, rather than spurting into the air.  Finally after a couple after shocks, he was done.  Spatters of cum adorned his soft pubic fuzz, his smooth abdomen, and my hand.  I raised that hand to his mouth and let him smell it.  “Taste it,” I told him.  “I think you’ll like it.”  So he took a tentative lick, and decided he did indeed like it, and then sucked my fingers clean.  Then he rested against my chest for awhile.

“Ash,” he said.


“Is that what happened when I had the wet dreams?”

“Yup, that’s what you were missing.”

“Will I have a lot more dreams now?”

“Actually,  you’re likely to have less.  Wet dreams are your body’s way of getting rid of excess semen.  But if you’re masturbating a lot, you won’t have any excess, so you won’t have so many wet dreams.  I imagine that you expect to be masturbating a lot from now on?”

He looked up at me.  “You bet!  That was the coolest thing ever!”

He lay his head back against my chest and I gently stroked his blonde head.  Cum was liquifying on his abdomen and his pale, silky pubes.  He was so blonde you could hardly see them at his crotch, and nothing more than fuzz was growing anywhere else on his body. 

“Ash, tell me more about blowjobs.”

“Well, you use your mouth to make a guy’s penis feel good and eventually ejaculate.”

“What’s jack you late mean?”

“E-jac-u-late.  Say that.”

”Jack you late.”

“No, four syllables.  E-jac-u-late.”


“Right.  It means to issue forth suddenly, and you can use it to refer to a spoken expression as well as a penis.  With a penis, it means to squirt your semen out, like you just did .”

“Oh.  So you ejaculate into his mouth?”

“Yes.  Or hers. Girls can give blowjobs too.”

“Eeewww, that’s gross.  Who’d want a girl sucking on their penis?  Ash, what does 69 mean in sex?”

“69 is when both partners are giving oral sex to each other at the same time.  They lie against each other like the numbers 6 and 9.”

“You mean they’re both giving each other a blow job?”

“Yes, if they’re both guys.  It’s not called a blow job when you do oral sex with a girl.”

“Oral sex with a girl?!?  You mean you put your mouth on her... on her,  you know?”

“Yup, that’s the idea.  The proper term is labia, but when it’s just guys you can call it pussy or cunt.  Don’t use those words in mixed company, though.”

“Ash!  That’s disgusting. Don’t tell me any more about sex with girls, OK?  That’s too gross.  Tell me about blowjobs some more.  Like, how do you do it?”

“Well, you need to keep your teeth from scraping the penis, because that can really hurt.  You use your tongue to lick the head and the shaft, and you might go down and work on the balls by licking and sucking them for awhile, but basically you end up licking with your tongue and sucking with your lips on the head of the penis, like it was a popsicle.  The boy you’re sucking might push in and out of your mouth, and you can move your head up and down, that feels real good.”

“I’ve heard boys talk about deep throating when they’re telling about getting blow jobs.  What’s that?”

“That’s when the one sucking takes the entire length of the penis into his mouth and let’s it go down his throat.”

“Doesn’t that make you gag?”

“Yup.  You have to be pretty experienced sucking cock before you can do that.”

As we had been talking about blowjobs, I had been rubbing his cum around his belly, and his penis had started to erect again.  I shifted my hand to that organ and in seconds it was fully hard.  The kid was amazing:  he had cum barely five minutes ago and he was ready to go again.  I’m barely out of my teens myself, and I can’t get it back up that fast!  It takes me a half hour or so, usually.

“Ash?  Can we try a blow job next?”

“Well, given what we’ve been doing the last ten minutes, I don’t see any reason why not.  Do you want to give one or get one?”

“What’s the difference?”

“Well, when you give a blowjob, you are the sucker, so to speak, and when you get one, you are the suckee.  Understand?”

“Yeah, I think so.  I want to give one.  I want to suck on your penis.  Where should I be?”

“In this chair, the best will be for you to kneel on the floor in front of me, between my legs.  And while you move, let’s both get rid of our underwear.  It’ll just be in the way.”

He got up and I stood, and we both slipped our underwear off.  My hardon was tight against my belly as usual, and his was once again at that fifteen degree angle.  Then I sat down again and he knelt as I had instructed.  He wasted no time in getting my cock into his mouth, pulling it away from my abdomen so that he could get his mouth on it.  And let me tell you, the boy was a natural.  If I had not known better, I would have thought he already had experience.  It was like he had two tongues, he was all over me and hitting so many places.  I’d been ready to cum for the last fifteen minutes, and as I said, I am only recently out of my teens, so I didn’t last long.  His tongue flicked her and there and he was sucking hard on my head, and then I grabbed his head and started fucking his face, hard.  I had not intended to do that, thinking I’d go easy on him his first time, but he was so good that I let the little head take over and gave in to the primal urge to fuck.  So I was pushing hard into his mouth and he was riding me like a pro, looking up at me as he sucked, and then I came.  It was a huge orgasm and I sent a lot of cum into the boy’s mouth.  A lot.  A squirt or two on his face, too.  More than he could process, so as I spewed into his mouth, it mostly leaked out, which was obvious when I pulled him off me and back onto my lap.  Fresh cum was all over his face.  He was gorgeous.  And he was hard.


He came six more times before we went to bed.  Apparently, I had awakened a massive teen age sex drive that was overdue for relief.  I gave him a very fast blowjob right after he sucked me (he was not yet learning to hold back, that’s for sure!)  He came when I jacked him off waiting for a pizza to heat, and then again when he spilled some olive oil from the salad on his lap and had to clean it off his cock.  He came while he sucked me off again in the shower.  He came while we watched a Harry Potter movie (we both think Harry is hot), and he came when we tried a 69 in bed.  I only came twice more.  I guess I’m getting old.

We had gone from “first jerk off” to “first blow job” to “first 69” in about six hours.  Incredible.  It took me three years of college and a series of very sporadic dates to get that far.  I taught him almost everything I knew in one evening.

After the foray into 69 territory, we were both so tired, we knew we had to get some sleep, him cuddled against me.  I woke up in the morning with him spooned against me, my cock hard and between his legs.  That felt quite nice, so I left it there.  After a little while I felt him stir, and then he started stroking my cock.  That felt even nicer and I started pushing against him as well as jacking his hard cock.  Well rested now, we were both quick and in a very short time we sent two loads of cum onto the sheets.  We got up, and I told him that we needed to get the sheets into the washer because semen stained.  We did that, and went to the bathroom.  By the time we were finished with morning ablutions, Aaron had gotten hard again.  I was hungry for breakfast, though, so I let him stay that way while I got some food together.

You may be thinking that Aaron and I embarked a saga of non-stop sex.  That would be interesting, no doubt, but not true.  After his initial surge of sexuality, when he achieved seven orgasms in about as many hours, Aaron settled down into a more normal pace of two or three (well, OK, maybe four or five) orgasms over the course of a whole day.  He spent nearly all of his time at my house now, with his mother’s blessing.  And we began planning our trip from New York to Arizona in the truck.

The truck, as I said earlier, was outfitted for on the road comfort, with the small exception of bathroom facilities.  The sofa during the day could be used for relaxing, eating, and such, and opened into a queen size bed.  Aaron would be able to watch TV or DVDs while we were on the road, if he got bored sitting up in the cab with me.  We could do basic cooking, although the stove was a two burner model with an oven maybe large enough to hold a whole chicken.  It was also equipped with a portable gas barbecue grill, hooked into the truck’s on board LP gas tank.  We would not be turning out gourmet meals, but we’d not starve in our mobile nest.  Aaron pointed out that we could pre-cook some things like chicken in the microwave, and finish them on the grill outside.

Aaron was fascinated with the idea of the truck.  He went online and downloaded every brochure and data sheet he could find,  and peppered me with questions about how everything worked.  By the time we were ready to go, he probably knew more about the machine than I did!  And, he wanted to learn how to drive it.

Of course, he was much too young.  He was two and a half years away from his regular drivers license, and more from his CDL.  But, it made sense for him to know the basics, “just in case,” as my mom used to say.  We would have a lot of days on the road, and if anything happened to me, it would be good for him to know how to at least move the truck, if not actually drive it.

My college major had been in business, with an emphasis on entrepreneurship.  I’d graduated in three years, thanks to Summer school and overloads.  I had vague ideas of opening my own business some day, although I did not know what I wanted to do yet.  I had considered the trucking possibility.  The idea of driving across country seemed like a way to get a taste of the over the road life.  And doing it with Aaron would definitely be fun.  A lot of fun, now that we had turned our friendship from “brotherly” to “loverly.”



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