Nothing in this story is true. It's all made up. It never happened. At least that I know about anyway. Apparently there are laws regarding the age of the readers. So if you aren't old enough, in your land of the free, go somewhere else. Or not.

A Purpose in Life.

Smack! His ass cheeks began reddening instantly as I snarled out, “You just ruined it for both of us! And you let them know that someone is in here,” I finished with another slap on his hard little boy butt to emphasize my displeasure with him.

“But it went inside...” he started to cry out before I cut him off.

Smack. “Don't talk back to me, Bitch! You do as your told and that's all! Got it?” I barked out gently, even lovingly.

His hand shot back to his ass again as he nearly shouted, “Yes sir!” I guessed to he was gathering up some more of my load for his dining pleasure.

So what was I to do? I encouraged him to go for it. “Lick your hand clean,” I ordered as I helped him move his hand towards his mouth. I also pointed my phone towards his cum crusted face to make him the star of the next video segment.



Lick, lick, lick, lick... he began just like a cat cleaning its paws as I reminded him of his position – his purpose – in life . Pretty much anywhere I wanted to put him.

“You're going to learn to take my cock without question, Bitch. Anywhere I want to put it, OK?” I said as I began rubbing my still hard man cock in his cummy ass crack the make my point clear. And to gather up more of my goodness for him to enjoy.

He answered, “Yes sir,” in between licks just as I gave another gentle shove and ever so slightly penetrated him again to drive the point home.

Another yelp flew out of him, but he didn't move that time as he nearly choked on the sperm he was trying to swallow just as I'd sent him my message. Yeah, I think he received it, loud and clear.

“Do you know why you're here, Bitch?” I growled in his ear as my cock rested just barely inside his wet hot hole without much effort on my part. I swear it was trying to suck me in. Slurp.

“Yeah, 'cause I'm your bitch,” he huffed out as his tight little body went ridged. He may have been praying for something right then too, I'm not sure what though. Maybe he wanted more...

“Because I caught you forcing a little boy to suck your cock. Your little bro at that! You're getting a taste of your own medicine, until I think you've learned your lesson,” I barked out while adding a little pressure to reinforce my position on the matter between us.

“Yessss sirr,” he howled out as he decided to stand on the tips of his toes. He must have taken ballet at some point in his short life. It figures.

“Do you know why else you're here, Bitch,” I said as I slid the head of my still slightly pulsing cock the rest of the way into his fiery hot boy hole.

He just closed his eyes, gritted his teeth and let out a grunt so I kept going. (No, not my cock.) “You like cock a lot more than most boys, don't you slut boy?”

He only hissed out, “Yeeeessssss siirrrirr,” as he winced in pleasure.

“And you like me teaching you how to take care of a man cock, don't you?” I hissed out mockingly. Yeah, two can play that game.

He just nodded his head and made another funny noise. “Yeeessssiiiirrrerer...”

“You were afraid of my cum at first, but then you liked – no, loved – it, right?” as I flexed my cock muscles for him.

Another hiss flew out of him, “Yeyeyeyeyyeessss sirrrrrrrreeer!!!” as he began kneading the carpeted floor with his feet as if to imitate the cat again.

“Finish licking your fingers clean, Bitch,” I ordered as I gave him another half inch of my love to ponder.

“Slurp, slurp, slurp...” Anything to keep his mind somewhere else it seemed.

I brought him back to the here and now when I gave him the other half inch. “You want to come back after lunch and learn to take a man cock all-the-way up your ass, don't you?”

His gulp traveled all the way down to his still mostly virgin asshole and right into my cock as he kept nodding his head while he replied to the camera with more desire than I'd seen pouring out of him so far, “Yesssss pleeassssee!!!”

“And you are going to learn to love getting fucked in your boy pussy just like you learned to love sucking cock, aren't you?” I inquired next. It was a sincere question, really. His reply would determine the next stage of the game.

“Yessss sirrrrr,” he managed to actually speak. I guess he was getting used to my cock partially stuffed into his asshole. Well, as used to a two by three inch piece of man meat a first timer – a virgin – can be, I guess.

Yeah, he wanted to keep playing too. Let the games continue.

Once I made sure his little fingers were clean, I moved him on to his next assignment.

“Pull my cock out of your boy pussy, then turn around and clean it too,” I requested nicely as I gave him one more gentle push. A love tap really.

“Yiiiiyeee,” he hisssssed out as he leaned forward ever so slowly until we both felt – and heard – the pop as my cock was seemingly shot out of his still mostly tighter-than-tight boy hole before he quickly turned and dropped to his knee's and began hungrily licking me clean for the second time that day.

Apparently he wasn't too concerned about where the first two plus inches of my fuck stick had just been. Lick, lick, lick, lick... suck, suck, suck, and gulp. Yeah, I helped him out with a final push and sank my cock deep into his throat – as in all the way. My pubes rubbed all over his wide eyed face too as I ensured he didn't miss any of my – and his – goodness. Don't worry, he didn't.

Though he'd just been gently scolded once again for his misconduct. And I'd made the extent of my dedication – my resolve – to teaching him how a boy (toy) should be treated, the dreamy look in his eyes told me (and the camera) that he was willing to take whatever punishments were required, do whatever it took, to learn those valuable life lessons. Just so long as he was going to be allowed to be my own personal cock pleasurer – and cleaner – during the process that is.

Yeah, I'll have to admit it. He was pretty damn good in the cock swallowing department. It was just a few other things we were going to have to work on (and in). Right after he returned from his lunch break.

Once I was cleaner than clean – and I'd slid my cock out of his cum guzzling little mouth – he asked me for a towel so he could clean himself up back there.

“No,” I told him before adding, “You just finish your breakfast and then go out into the living room and air dry while I fix your shorts for you.”

He'd forgotten about his cereal with extra sweetener. “Uhm... Yes sir,” he answered with his cum hungry twinkle shining in his eyes again.

Gulp, gulp, gulp. He finished off his vitamin enriched breakfast just as fast as he could swallow.

I put the phone back in the charger and told him to go do the dishes while I went and found a pair of scissors so I could send the boy home with a slightly different look than when he'd arrived. Yeah, the fuck-me-now-slut-boy-diva look would suit him just fine.

When he came back into the room I noticed that he'd suddenly remembered my rule about his little cock remaining hard at all times while he was in my house. Yeah, he was workin' it all right. With his eyes partially glazed over. But it seemed he'd quite conveniently forgotten that I'd just placed him on self-pleasuring restriction.

“Smack,” my hand shouted as I walked by him on my way to get his shorts from the pile he'd left in the middle of the floor.

He yelped again as I said sternly, “You aren't allowed to pleasure yourself – not even at home – until you make up with Kyle for peeing in his mouth, is that clear?

Clearly disappointed, he replied, “Yes sir,” as his hand slowed to a near crawl. No, he didn't stop entirely. But he slowed down just enough to keep himself in the proper state of readiness without going too far.

“And if he wants too, he's going to do as you agreed and piss in your mouth as you suck him off. And I'm going to watch (and record) you swallowing everything he gives you just to be sure you actually do it,” I continued almost fatherly, but surely lovingly.

“We'll have to figure out a way to get Kyle and your brother over here sometime soon without scaring them. I think you probably owe them both quite a few orgasms too, don't you?” I finished as I laid his shorts out on the table.

Gulp. “Yes sir.”


He watched me with wonder (and with a boner) as I removed a good three inches off the legs of his already short cut-off's before I threw them to him and told him what to do next.

“Put those on... without underwear,” I barked out as I sat back on the coach and lit up the last of my smokes. Using my new lighter of course.

I wasn't so sure his ass crack was entirely dry yet, but oh well. It should be by the time he got home. Or not. Squish, squish, squish...

Another condition was added to our game as he looked between his now shorter-than-short cut-off's, his underwear that was still on the floor a few feet away, and me while I informed him, “You're going commando from now on, OK.”

Uhm.... “Yes sir,” he answered seemingly unsure what I meant about being a commando.

I helped him figure it out. “You aren't going to wear anything under your shorts anymore,” I told him before adding an after thought. “Find some little girls panties to bring over here. Then you can start wearing underwear again,” OK?”

With a sigh and a twinkle in his eye, he replied lustily, “Yes sir.” as he put his feet into the leg holes of his little shorts and pulled them up – way up – and into place.

Yeah, the restyled shorts barely covered the little sluts ass cheeks and if he'd wanted to – and I'm sure he did – he could now easily free his cock and balls through the nearly boy balls high leg holes anytime he wanted (or needed) to. With permission from me, of course.

As he was carefully zipping himself up he muttered out lustily, “Uhm... I have a sister...” He didn't finish the sentence while he turned another embarrassed shade of crimson. Yeah, I knew he'd be into it.

I completed the thought for him. “Good, now finished getting dressed, then get back home and check-in. And look for pink panties. Or one with little hearts or animals and stuff on them,” I commanded while my hand found its way to my cock for a moment as I imagined the places we could go with that aspect of our game. In other words, his new life.

When he finished dressing, he presented himself to me as if he was seeking my approval. “Do I look good?” he asked coyly. A bit sluttishly too if you ask me.

Well, the shorts were looking pretty fucking hot. But his dirty over sized shirt wasn't doing his hot little boy body justice.

“Find another shirt to wear too. One that is clean and that is a little – no, a lot – tighter... one of Eric's should look good, OK?” I commanded before throwing him another bone. “But your ass and crotch look very hot. And very fuckable too.”

I saw another slight gulp – as well as his twinkle – as he stood there smiling from ear to ear while he inspected and admired how the bulge in his crotch had become much more pronounced thanks to his new I'm-a-boy-slut cut-off’s. It did a one-eighty when I took a hold of him by his new handle and made another gentle request.

“You aren't going to tell anyone about anything you did here today, are you?” I said lovingly as I also gave him a love squeeze to make sure he knew the thoughts that were racing through my heart right then.

“No sir,” he squeaked out as he tensed every muscle in his hard little body, for the hundredth time that morning.

“Not anyone, not ever,” I added with just a little reinforcement to make sure he felt my love fully.

Yikes. “No sir, I swear I won't.”

“Good, then I won't have to put video's of you sucking boy and man cocks all over your school,” I threatened him with a friendly smile before I released my love hold on him and changed the subject.

“We need more smokes,” I told him as I threw the empty pack at him.

“Yes sir, I'll try, sir,” he answered after he managed to deflect my projectile.

“What are you?” I asked inquisitively to test him to see if he'd really figured out his new purpose in life.

He didn't need to search for the answer that time. “I'm your bitch,” he replied with a giggle before adding defiantly, “But I'm not so little,” as he gave his denim covered boy boner another gentle caress.

I gave him that one, again.

“Then get home. And find out what your brother and Kyle think happened when you banged your head into the window while they were sucking each others cocks. But don't tell them anything about what you were doing in here, or that you were even in here for that matter, OK,” I commanded him gently with only a little squeeze that time. Just a snuggle.

He tensed again as he replied eagerly, almost lustily, “Yes sir. I won't, sir.”

When I released him from my grasp again, he turned and started towards the back door as I gave him another little love smack on his tight little ass while I reminded him, “And don't forget your sisters panties.”

I noticed there were a few crusted streaks of man cum that stretched from the legs of his shorts all the way down to his ankles and into his ratty shoes as I watched his tight slutty boy ass swish and sway its way to the back door while he replied lustfully, “I won't, sir.”

“Your ass looks like its just dying to fucked,” I growled out without thinking as I gave my cock another squeeze.

“It is, sir,” he gushed and blushed out as he gave me one last – and longing – look with his still slightly cum crusted face before he slipped out the back door. Yeah, there was a twinkle of anticipation in his eyes that time too.

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