Nothing in this story is true. It's all made up. It never happened. At least that I know about anyway. Apparently there are laws regarding the age of the readers. So if you aren't old enough, in your land of the free, go somewhere else. Or not.


Poor Michael thought the tempest had safely passed as he was pulling his very stinky finger out of my asshole while at the same time sliding my cock out of his tight little mouth. So when the surprising extra cum shot suddenly came flying out of my still stiff as a pipe shaft, he wasn't prepared for it, to say the least. To be fair, I wasn't expecting it to happen either, so I couldn't really blame him for choking on the last of my load causing him to grimace as he tried to pull away in time. But no, he wasn't quite fast enough to avoid the obvious results of such calamities.

In a way, I was kind of glad it went down the way it did because the camera got an awesome shot of his surprised little mug as my cum shot a blast into his still wide open mouth and then onto his lips, nose and chin before some of it succumbed to gravities forces and went dribbling back onto my cock and then down into my pubes. Yeah, he made quite a mess. But it was going to make for a great end to the story (chapter) as I captured him cleaning up after himself with his hot pink little tongue.

“Don't move,” I nearly shouted as I zoomed the camera in for a medium shot of the very shocked young boy still holding onto my cock for dear life as my seed ran down his face before it began dribbling off his chin. Drip... drip... drip...

He only blinked his eyes in disbelief as he stared into the camera while he was panting and trying to catch his breath as if he'd just run a marathon. I guess it was a marathon of sorts he just completed. A cock sucking, cum-eating marathon.

I zoomed in even tighter to catch the glistening of his cum coated lips as I asked him, “Is there still sperm in your mouth?”

He nodded his head slightly as he replied with a gurgle, “Yes.”

“Open your mouth and show the camera,” I ordered next.

So he did as he was told and opened his mouth even wider as he leaned in a little bit. The result was kind of hot, if not downright funny. Because he had tilted his head forward a little bit too far, some of my sperm came pouring out of his mouth in one long dripping-drooling string. Yeah, my cum and his saliva clung to his lip as it stretched and stretched downwards seemingly refusing to break apart until it landed right on the tip of my still pulsing cock head. Uhm no, he couldn't have been a better cum slut if he'd tried.

“Yeah, hold it right there... that's hot,” I said as I went wide again to capture the string of man and boy juice that was stuck to his puffy lower lip and the tip of my cock until I was pretty sure that it was beginning to weaken.

“OK, now slurp it all back into your mouth and swallow it,” I directed him.

Like I said, all he needs is a little instruction on the finer points of cock sucking, cum-eating prowess in order to achieve the stardom he was so obviously seeking.

Slurp! Just as if he was sucking in some errant spaghetti strand, he managed to suck most of the string back into his hot little mouth before he closed his lips and swallowed.


“Did you like sucking my cock and getting a mouthful of cum?” I asked gently, even lovingly.

As he pulled his eyes away from the camera and looked at my face he nodded his little head with assurance as his lips parted with a resounding, “Yes,” pouring out that time instead of my seed.

I kept the camera pointed at those ruby red lips and it captured little strings of sperm stretching between them along with a few cum bubbles that began gathering at the corners as his panting subsided back to normal.

“Lick your lips,” I commanded while I felt a familiar stirring in between my legs again. Yeah, I was surprised too that I was getting aroused again so soon. But there's nothing like cum-coated little boy lips to help get things moving in the right direction.

He didn't respond with words as his little pink tongue slipped out and made a few circles around his mouth before returning inside with some more of his prized potion. Too bad his little tongue wasn't long enough to reach down to his chin or up to his nose so he could gather the man jizz that still clung to them in sticky globs of goo. Oh well, there is more than one way to clean the house.

I reached out with my finger and wiped a big glob off of his chin before holding it up for his purview.

“Do you like the taste of cum?” I asked as I watched his eyes focus on the sperm coated finger right in front of him.

He nodded again as he replied, “Yeah, it taste kinda weird, but kinda good too,” as he smacked his lips together. His tongue made another brief appearance too as if seeking more man juice for him to savor.

Well, well. That response was more than I would have expected, to say the least. A simple, “Yes master,” would have sufficed.

That famous old quote from the cereal commercial came to mind as I commanded him, “Lick my cum off my finger then.”

Hey Mikey, he likes it.

He didn't even flinch while he once again did as he was told without question. Lick, lick, lick, followed by another resounding slurp and my finger was as clean as could be. I thought about wiping the rest of my jizz off of his face and feeding it to him in the same manner, but I decided that I liked the look of the remnants of my seed still splattered across his little mouth and nose. Yeah, he could just leave it there for a while as he got busy cleaning up the rest of the mess he'd made.

While he continued starring into the camera I noticed his little hand was making its way towards his face as if he was going to wipe of the remainder with the back of it. Not!

“No,” I barked out. “Just leave the rest of my cum on your face for now.”

As I zoomed the camera back out for a wider shot that caught him nodding in agreement I told him, “You missed some down there,” while my eyes indicated where exactly it was that I meant.

His still wide and somewhat moist eyes glanced down to where I indicated for a moment before they returned to mine as if questioning what should be done to remedy the situation.

Yeah, I had the answers he was seeking. “Stroke my cock a few times and see if any more sperm comes out.”

He looked at me with surprise as if he was thinking, “There’s more? How can there be more?” before he did as he was instructed and slowly began moving his small white knuckled fist that was still gripping my shaft up and down. Yeah, I think he was afraid that another shot of my cum would blast out of my cock and perhaps shoot his eye out, or worse.

But his little mug was filled with genuine relief as only a few dribbles came bubbling out of my piss slit to join the string of jizz he'd left behind earlier.

“Now lick it up.... VERY GENTLY,” I told him before adding, “My cock is really sensitive right now, so be nice to it.”

He only nodded his petite little head as he leaned down to gather up the rest of the goodness he'd tried, but failed, to capture during his cock sucking quest. Lick, lick, lick. And for good measure, a very gentle suckle right on the tip of my cock head was all it took for him to get it all. Well, from my cock head anyway.

“You missed some down here too,” I said as my fingers pointed the way to his next destination; the side of my cock as well as my bush of pubic hair.

Once gain he responded without question as his hot pink tongue began licking around my pole while he tilted it from side-to-side to make sure he didn't miss any man juice that might be hiding there. My pubes however were another story entirely. He wasn't quite sure how to go about cleaning the matted cum-coated hair down there. So once again I had to help him on his mission.

“Just stick out your tongue and take great big licks,” I instructed. “And make sure you get my balls too, just in case,” I added as an after thought. Hey, since he was going to be down there anyway, he might as well. Don't you think?

As I watched him get to work finishing the clean-up all over my pubes and balls, it occurred to me that those sneaky little wigglers might be hiding elsewhere so after he was finished, I was going to have to send him down for a closer inspection just to be sure.

Though he did a pretty good job of licking the cum out of my pubes, it seemed that there were still a few places that could use a second pass.

“Use your lips and suck it out of my pubic hair,” I told him as I used my finger to point out the few spots he'd missed.

“Right there... good. And there... gooood. And last one, right there. Good job,” I told him as I patted his little head in praise.

I did final review of my front and found one more spot on my belly that looked a little bit sticky. So just to be sure I pulled his little head downward as I told him, “Lick my stomach clean too.”

He let go of my cock finally (Thud) and just went with it. After a dozen or so great big licks, he leaned back up with his eyes scanning all around to be sure he'd gotten it all. After his inspection he looked up at me wearing a giant grin that seemed to be saying, “I did a good job, didn't I.”

Yeah, the grin turned into a frown when he heard my next question. “Do you think there is any cum underneath my balls and in my ass crack?” I asked him quite seriously.


He slowly began to shake his head doubtfully as his eyes kind of glanced downwards towards his next destination as a look of wonder (dread) began to fill his sweet little mug. I could hear the thought in his head as he looked back into my eyes awaiting my next order. “How can there be any down there?”

I ignored his unspoken question and gave his head a gentle push as I said, “You better go down there and take a look,” before adding, “And give it all a few really good licks just to be sure you got it all, OK?”

With another sigh and a barely audible, OK,” he began his final journey (of the morning) to my netherworld to do one final inspection as well as a one final lick-down in order to make sure everything was back in the same condition he'd found it. Well, perhaps even a bit cleaner than when he'd arrived, but whatever.

I lifted my legs once again – much higher than before – and spread them wide as I moved the camera down below my ass cheeks so I could get a profile shot of him doing the dirty deed as I watched his by then cum crusted face disappear from view. And yes, he closed his eyes once again just before he got down to business.

Lick, lick, lick and lick. And he thought he was done. Nope, I wasn't so sure that he'd gotten it all. And we had to be sure, didn't we?

So with my free hand I pulled him in tight as I ordered him to make another round. “Keep licking and suckling until I say stop,” I told him as I moved the camera around to make sure it caught at least some of his nasty tongue action. Don't worry, it did. In all his ass-rimming glory.

Like before, I could have stayed there all day and if he would have kept his sweet little tongue going around and around and around for much longer, I likely would have been ready for another round myself. But I was getting kind of hungry so I decided he could call it quits, for the time being.

“OK, I think you probably got it all. Why don't you stand up and let me get one last shot of you,” I ordered as I pushed his head away and lowered my feet back to the floor.

With a great sigh of relief he leaned back up revealing his still queasy face to the camera before he did as he was told and stood before me. With a raging hard boy boner that was still pulsing and bouncing about just like it had been when we'd started the game some twenty or so minutes earlier I should add. Yeah, I knew he loved it.

“Play with your little cock some more,” I told him as he stood before me awaiting my next command.

I think he might have taken offense to my comment about his “little cock,” but he didn't say anything as he grabbed a hold of it and began doing as instructed. Stroke, stroke, stroke... His other hand, the one with the stinky finger, he held off to the side as if he wasn't quite sure what to do with it. But it appeared that keeping it as far away from the rest of himself was good enough for the time being.

“Did you like rimming my asshole?” I asked as I went wide with the camera to capture him from his head to his bony little knee's.

Though I'm positive he'd never heard the term rimming before, and his little face scrunched up as I said the words. It appeared as though he knew what I meant while he once again just shrugged his shoulders and tried to make the best of the situation as he responded, “Yeah, uhm... I guess so.”

I felt a little bit of sympathy for him right then, so I threw him a bone. “Next time, we'll take a shower first so it will taste a little better. And don't worry about it too much, you'll get used to it. All the good little cocksuckers and ass lickers learn to love it.”

Yeah, his eyes went wide as soon as he heard, “next time,” come out of my mouth. But he just nodded his head in agreement as he stood there wondering what was in store for him next.

“You did a good job sucking my cock and swallowing my cum, but we're going to have to practice some more doing that too so you don't have as much clean up work to do afterward, OK?” I said next hoping to encourage him to keep at it and become the master cocksucker he was born to be.

Again his eyes went wide when the words, “next time,” crossed my lips once again. But as before he answered, “OK,” while his eyes shot down towards my softening cock in anticipation of his next journey to Nirvana.

“What are you?” I asked next leaving the question open ended in hopes of him finding the right response all on his own.

He thought about it for a few seconds before his eyes lit up and a smile grew on his sweet little face. “I'm your cock sucking little bitch,” he answered with obvious pride.

“Yes you are!” I agreed before changing the subject.

“Are you hungry?” I asked as I watched his little hand speed up on his boy cock as his eyes returned to my own.

I was a little surprised he answered, “Yes,” considering the giant load of man cum he'd just swallowed. And even more so that he'd looked down for another brief moment at my man cock as he said it while his lusty twinkle made another surprise appearance. But then again, boys are always wanting more of whatever you're feeding them, aren't they?

“OK, go wash your hands again and then make us some bowls of cereal,” I told him before adding, “I'll be in the bedroom waiting.”

“OK,” he responded as I panned the camera to follow him and his still hard boy cock as they went bouncing towards the bathroom with glee.

About half way there, he paused and turned to face the camera as he said, “But my cock isn't all that little,” as he gripped it again for another few strokes. Then he giggled madly as he turned and went out of the cameras view.

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