Nothing in this story is true. It's all made up. It never happened. At least that I know about anyway. Apparently there are laws regarding the age of the readers. So if you aren't old enough, in your land of the free, go somewhere else. Or not.

Breakfast in bed.

“Bitch!” I called out lovingly to my young cock sucker as I was lighting another one of his (my) smokes. As I waited for him to respond – he took far too long if you ask me – I found my shorts and pulled them back on and then grabbed my phone to take it with me.

I was just about to yell out his name again when he came bouncing out of the bathroom with his still hard boy cock leading the way as he answered, “Yeah?”

Good. He was learning his place in the life.

“Take the bunch of carrots out of the fridge and put them on the counter before you make our breakfast,” I told him before adding, “And hurry up, I'm hungry.”

“OK?” he answered seemingly confused as if he were wondering what the carrots were going to be used for. It was none of goddamned business until I decided it was. Besides, he'd find out later, that was for sure.

He forgot about the carrots when he noticed that I had dressed. I guess he thought he could do the same because he went over to his pile of discarded clothes and picked up his underwear.

“No you don't!” I barked out as I gave him another stern look.

He just paused unsure of what I meant until I elaborated further.

“You'll stay naked until you leave,” I told him in no uncertain terms.

He just nodded his head as he dropped his tighty-whities back on the pile as I added, “You will always be naked when you're here, OK?”

He nodded his petite little head again as he once again replied, “OK.”

Yeah, I was getting tired of his back-talk too.

“What did you say?” I barked out as I glared at him.

He didn't seem to know what he'd said wrong, so I elaborated for him as nicely as I could manage. For the last time, if he knew what was good for him. In particular, his as of yet still unsullied hard little boy ass.

“You'll answer me respectfully when I tell you to do something or ask you a question, do you understand me, bitch?” I told him menacingly.

Gulp! He looked unsure of what I meant for a few moments and he wasn't quite sure of what my reaction was going to be if he didn't figure it out. And quickly.

I think he took a stab in the dark as he uttered out, “Uhm, agh... Yes sir,” obviously being hopeful that he'd responded correctly that time.

He looked relieved when I said, “That's more like it, bitch,” before adding, “Now get going!” as I gave his hard little boy cheeks a swat to congratulate him on guessing correctly.

He yelped as he and his little boy boner turned and ran for the kitchen while I stood watching his hot little ass redden with my hand imprint as he scurried away.

I was going to go after him and teach him an even harder lesson because he seemed to have already forgotten the rules of the game I'd just clearly (and very patiently) explained to him. Luckily, for his hard little boy cheeks anyway, he remembered at the last second and shouted out another, “Yes sir!” as he turned the corner and went out of view.

“And don't make a fuckin' mess,” I shouted after him as I turned and headed for the back of the house.

I heard another “Yes sir,” as I went into the bedroom and got things set up.

With my phone connected to my laptop, I searched out all the photos and videos I'd made that morning of young Micheal’s cock sucking, cum-eating adventures and began copying them to the hard drive. Hey, I needed to make more space available on the phone if I was going to be able to capture the events of “next time,” now didn't I?

He came into the room carrying two bowls just as the last of the files copied over. I left him standing there waiting for me to finish as I disconnected my phone and hooked it up to the charger so there would be enough power for our afternoon adventures.

No, I wasn't sure what he had planned for his after lunch play time. But I'd already conjured up a few ideas of my own. And since I was in charge, I went with the assumption that he'd be back as soon as he possibly could.

Once that was done, I turned to take one of the bowls from him, but something else was clearly amiss. His little boy prick had gone flaccid while he'd been making our breakfast. And that just wouldn't do.

“Your hairless little boy cock is soft,” I barked out as I glowered at him again.

He looked down at himself before he looked up at me as if wondering what I expected him to do about it.

I guess I was going to have to get my bitch a cock ring to keep him in a permanent state of erection while he was strutting around my place like the little cock hungry slut that he was destined to become.

Until then, I just kindly offered some advice. “I want your little cock hard at all times when you're here. So you play with it and think of all the cocks you are want to suck and the gallons of cum you are going to guzzle if it starts going soft on you, OK?” I ordered.

The little bitches cock started getting hard just from hearing that request (order). But when I relieved him of one of the bowls, freeing up one of his hands in the process, he answered, “Yes sir,” while he reached down and began fondling himself until he returned fully back to normal – hard as a rock – as I supervised the procedure.

Good thing that was settled quickly. I was hungry after all the efforts I'd had to put out that morning. It was time to eat! And I always liked to watch TV, a video or something while I ate.

“Do you want to watch the video of you sucking my cock and taking my load in your mouth while we eat?” I asked him as I started up the file with the latest time-stamp on it. I was going to have to get him to rename the files (Michaels-First-Man-Cock-Cum-Eating-Adventure.mpg) so it would be easier to keep track of them. Hey, there was already quite a few and there were going to be a lot more added – and soon – so we were going to need to do something to help keep track of them all, weren't we?

His face lit up with a smile – and he turned a bit red too – as he answered, “Yes please... uhm... sir,” while he sat his tight little ass on the edge of the bed and began spooning mouthfuls of milk and cereal past his ruby red cum crusted lips.

As the video started with him answering my questions, I looked over to make sure he was still in the proper state. Oh yeah, he was about as excited – in more ways than one – than he'd been when he was standing before the camera playing with his little boy cock through his shorts.

I began eating as well while we watched him tell the camera his little boy cock sucking secrets. And yeah, I realized that I had returned to the proper state as well. And I'd begun leaking again too.

“My cocks hard again too,” I commanded before adding, “Take off my shorts so it has room to breath.”

As he put his bowl on the night stand he answered, “Yes sir,” without delay.

With his dreamy eyes staring at my crotch while he scooted over towards me – his small hands leading the way – he did as he was told and pulled my shorts down and off. He just sat there staring at my once again glistening cock head for another few seconds before he went back to his bowl and his lusty eyes returned to the video.

... Have you ever sucked a cock with hair around it?”

I was getting pretty aroused once again and my leaking cock was going to start making a mess of things really quickly if something wasn't done, and soon.

“Hold your spoon over here,” I ordered.

I set my bowl down and picked up the phone so I could capture a short video of his next boy slut feat.

He looked at me then and his eyes followed my own down towards my hard cock before he did as he was told without question as the camera began recording.

When his spoon was a few inches away from my cock head, I grabbed my shaft and gave it a few strokes while he watched (as did the camera) in wonder, in awe. Just as my semen was about to begin drip, drip, dripping off the tip, I pushed forward and deposited my juice on his spoon filling it to near overflowing.

“Now take your medicine,” I barked out as the camera kept its eye on his semen filled spoon.

With one hand on my phone and the other holding my spoon again, I returned to eating while I watched him closely to make sure he did as he was told as well as to make sure he didn't spill any of the precious medication I'd so benevolently spent the time dispensing for him.

“Yes sir,” he mumbled out dreamily as he carefully pulled it towards his ruby lipped mouth before opening wide and taking another load of my man juice inside him.

His luscious lips wrapped around the spoon and as he suckled off everything he could get, I heard a faint, “Mmmmmm,” rumble out of him from somewhere deep inside.

Pauly tried to stick his... uhm... thing in my butt...” came from my laptop speakers as my little bitch slut pulled the spoon from his once again man juice dripping mouth and gave it a few licks to make sure he got it all. Mmmm, mmmm... good.

I took another spoonful of my cereal before giving my cock a few more strokes. Once another load of man juice was just about to dribble of the tip I told him, “Hold your bowl over here this time.”

He did as he was told without question and as soon as it was within easy reach, I gave his cereal an even bigger dose of sweetener than it had come with. I looked to his twinkling eyes as I wiped the tip of cock head on the rim of his bowl to remove the remnants of my juice that hadn't dribbled off and disappeared into his milky breakfast. Yeah, it appeared by the look on his still cum crusted face that he'd been hoping for a bit more sugar to sweeten our deal.

Hell, even I was surprised when he purposefully turned the edge of the bowl that was dripping with my man sugar towards his mouth, stuck out his hot pink tongue, and licked, licked, licked he couldn't find any more. Then he returned to shoving spoonfuls of cereal into his mouth – with gusto – as fast as he could swallow. Oh yeah, it was quite clear that he liked his breakfast better the way I served it to him.

As the video progressed, we ate and watched Micheal's first man cock pedo porn video – and refilled his spoon and/or added more sweetener to his breakfast as required – until I heard the unmistakeable sounds of boy squeak's outside the window for the second time that morning.

I immediately paused the video – freezing on the shot of my finger poking at Micheal's tight little virgin asshole – and put that same finger to my lips while glaring to make sure the little bitch didn't make a sound and scare whomever it was that was outside my bedroom window away.

Whomever it was? Ha! I knew exactly who it was. And what it was they were likely doing.

With Michael another bite of his scrumptious breakfast, he watched while I cracked open the blinds ever so slightly and took a peek outside as we both heard quite clearly, “He's not here anymore... but we can do it anyway.”

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