Nothing in this story is true. It's all made up. It never happened. At least that I know about anyway.

Apparently there are laws regarding the age of the readers. So if you aren't old enough, in your land of the free, go somewhere else. Or not.

Down to business.

As he lowered his petite little head and opened his mouth extra wide, I caught the faint glimpse of a twinkle in his eyes that gave me no doubts as to what he really thought about becoming my cock sucking bitch. He was going to love it just like he'd loved sucking his little half-bro and his even littler friend Kyle. He kept his eyes locked to mine as he took my hot cock right into his even hotter boy mouth. 98.6 degrees of wet, slippery boy mouth, just to be clear.

He let my prick slip into his mouth a full two inches on that first pass before he reversed course just as quickly and let the head slip out of his ruby red lips with a loud smack. I could see – as could the camera – his little mouth work his saliva and my precum around inside for a second or two before he once again swallowed his little mouthful of man juice. Hopefully he'd do the exact same thing when he received his big mouthful of man juice.

He seemed satisfied that everything was going to be OK so he did what all good little cocksuckers do; he went down for more. The second time he took even more of my cock – at least three inches – and that time he held it inside as he swirled his tongue around and around and around.

Oh shit it felt good. And it looked particularly nasty too with his luscious ruby lips wrapped tightly around my shaft as his eyes looked into mine as if seeking approval. Oh yeah, I approved all right and I exhaled and sank into the couch to encourage him to keep it up, so to speak.

When he saw that I seemed satisfied with his efforts so far, he took it as a signal to continue with his mission to suck the cum right out of my balls and right down his snug little throat. And then he closed his eyes and let himself get into the groove of things. My thing, to use the little boy term for it.

I moved the camera in closer to capture an extreme close-up as he pulled my cock all the way out of his mouth and licked, licked, licked all around the head for a few seconds as if he was seeking more of my special juice that the camera would bear witness as to how much he wanted (needed) it right then.

He was rewarded for his efforts as the screen showed a squirt of semen burst out of my piss slit and right onto his hot pink tongue. That's apparently what he was hoping for because a blissful smile spread across his entire face as he stuffed my cock back into his warm wet mouth with as much relief as a heroin addict likely feels when they get a much needed shot of their special juice.

So began his journey, his quest, towards his own personal Nirvana and eventually cock sucking stardom. He kept his eyes closed as he began bobbing up and down on my shaft while he rocked his head ever so slightly from side-to-side as if he was listening to some tune inside that cock hungry little head of his. Though he never went past the three inch mark (on his own), he was doing quite a number on the three inches he did have stuffed into his hot little mouth.

Up and down, up and down, up and down he moved my cock in and out of his mouth while his white knuckled fist held my shaft as if it might try and escape if he let go of it for even a second. And then he added the requisite lick, lick, licks until yet another squirt of my juice seemed to satisfy his lusty urges where he started the cycle over again. And again, and again...

While I was thoroughly enjoying his efforts - as much as he was – so far, and it didn't appear he needed any coaching from me on how to suck a cock – even a man sized cock, I wanted to enjoy it even more. And that meant, obviously, that he needed to take even more of me inside of him. Besides, I was beginning to like telling him what to do and how to do it. In other words, treating him like the cock sucking bitch that he was.

“Take more of it,” I told him as my free hand reached out and returned to the top of his head.

His eyes opened and he flinched ever so slightly when he felt my touch, but when he realized I wasn't going to stuff all of it right down his gullet in one fell swoop (right away), he closed his eyes again and made an effort to get even more man cock into his little mouth. He made it to the four inch mark that time and it seemed to me that I was at the back of his mouth and the beginning of his throat. While we were going to need to work on going even deeper during our expedition, that was most certainly good enough, for the time being.

“Play with my balls,” I commanded next as I zoomed the camera back out for a wider shot.

The little bitch didn't even open his eyes or acknowledge me, but he did as he was told. His free hand slipped off of my thigh and began toying with my sperm makers as if he knew they were the hidden reservoirs that was the source of his fountain of youth.

Once I was satisfied he wasn't going to do anything stupid, like inadvertently squash them, I leaned back into the couch even further and closed my own eyes as he sucked and licked (devoured) my man meat with a passion that I could feel welling up out of him and, after a brief passage through my cock, straight into my soul.

“Stroke my shaft as you suck it,” I told him next without bothering to open my eyes.

I doubt he did either as I felt his small hand begin rhythmically sliding up and down my shaft in time with his by then drooling wet – and surely precum coated – mouth.

And then there was no doubts left as to whether he was enjoying what he was doing. Emanating from somewhere deep down inside of him, little groans and moans of pleasure were pouring out of him as fast as the man juice that was still flowing out of the tip of my cock.

“Mmmmm, mmmmphh, mmphhhhh... Uhhhh, uhhhhhhh, uhhhhhfffff...” he grunted repeatedly as he continually stuffed four inches of man cock into his mouth as deep as he dare go. Not quite far enough, for my tastes.

Like I said, he still wasn't going all the way down on me (yet); he had three more inches to go to achieve that feat. But for the moment, it was spectacular beyond belief. I mean, who'da thought that getting a blow job from a slutty eleven-year-old little bitch first thing in the morning was in the cards. No, I wouldn't have believed it for a second, except for the fact that I – and the camera – were witnessing it, and feeling it, first hand. But the cards said there was more pleasure to come.

I opened my eyes for a second to make sure I caught his reaction when I told him, “Let go of my balls and run your fingers through the crack of my ass.”

Yeah, that got his attention. His eyes opened up wide and starred at me in disbelief for a second until I let my glare flash once again to remind him of his place in the big scheme of things. On his knees and doing what he was told.

He seemed to catch my drift in a hurry because he just closed his eyes tightly once again as I felt his little hand release my baby makers, slide over my perineum and into my hairy ass crack. Though he was already a master cocksucker and he didn't really need all that much instruction from me in that regard (I still liked to give it though), he wasn't quite sure of what to do down there. So I helped guide him along.

“Use the tips of your fingers and rub around my hole.” I told him as I spread my legs even wider.

I could feel the “Gulp,” that time, but he did as instructed nonetheless. Four little fingers were searching out my dark place somewhat hesitantly. And then when what must have been his middle finger found its target – my hole, he flinched for a moment as if it might snap out and bite him, or perhaps something even worse, before he resigned himself to his place in life (man pleasurer extraordinaire) and began slowly circling the tip of his longest digit around and around and around.

While it felt really fucking good, all the way around, it was still kind of dry down there so I decided it was time for his first lesson in lubrication.

“Suck on your finger and get it really wet and slippery,” I commanded.

Yeah, he opened his eyes again. And he looked like he wanted to say something about that demand. But he had a mouth full of man cock and my glare to contend with so he just obeyed without question.

He brought his hand out from down under and after another – albeit brief – hesitation, he let his likely stinky finger replace my cock inside the warm wet confines of his hot little boy mouth. He suckled for a few seconds until he seemed satisfied and let it slip back out. Unfortunately for him, he squeegeed off all the saliva with his red puffy lips, totally defeating the purpose of the procedure.

“That's not going to be enough,” I told him before I made an alternate suggestion (order). “Just lick down my cock and balls and go down underneath like you did before and get my crack really wet that way.”

He sighed with displeasure, but he let go of my cock again (plop) as he leaned in and began licking, licking, licking his way downwards. Way downwards this time around. He paused at my balls for a few seconds and gave them another bath before he slipped over the edge and took the plunge. Yeah, my hand that was still on his head following along just in case he needed some guidance again.

He did. It seemed as though he was loving the taste and feel of my perineum and he wasn't about to remove his tongue any time soon, if he had his way. I had other plans however. Things were going to go my way.

As I gave a gentle push downward on the top of his head, I lifted my feet up off the floor and told him, “Let the spit drool out of your mouth use your lips more than your tongue.”

I could still see his eyelids for a brief moment until they too dropped from view as I felt his warm breath and even warmer saliva begin pouring out his hot little mouth and into my crack. But I think he was trying to cheat fate. He kept his tongue in his mouth and his lips hovering just off of my ass skin as if that might be enough to satisfy my nasty request, my nasty urges.

It wasn't, and I made it clear to him in no uncertain terms. “Lick my asshole and get it wet bitch,” I said as I gripped that back of his head and pulled his face right into my crack and held it there.

I think I felt his gag reflex for a few moments but I didn't let up even a little bit. “Kiss, lick and drool all over my asshole,” I commanded as I pulled his little head even harder.

I guess he got over his nauseous hesitation because pretty quickly I felt his hot little lips and tongue get to work on my hole as if he was trying to get the last bit of chocolate off of a candy wrapper. Lick, lick, drool. Blow, lick, drool. Lips, lips, drool. Oh yeah, drool! He was working at it so hard I could soon feel his spit flowing out of the top of my crack and onto the small of my back.

My intentions at first were just to have him get me a little wet down there so his fingers could slide around my crack easier. But the boss has a right to change his mind at anytime. And I wanted him to go inside of me even more so I decided that he should make it wet in there as well.

“Stick your tongue in my asshole and get me wet inside,” I commanded as I lifted my legs even higher into the air.

If he balked, I'll never know. The camera couldn't see him way down there either and he didn't really stop for debate. Instead, he just did as he was told and began trying to force his slippery tongue past my sphincter with considerable effort as I felt his lips land on either side of my hole while he tried with all his might to get the muscles to open up for him.

Hey, its not like I'm loose down there or anything. Not like he was going to be within the next few years (days) anyway. I helped him along using the age old techniques of ass play. We've all heard what to do in situations like those; “Just push out like you're gonna shit.” Pretty much the same line I was going to be giving him in the very near future. I was hoping I didn't misfire though and let my morning turd get away from me. Yeah, I'm pretty sure he would have objected to that. Then again...

Don't worry, he was safe. And it worked like a charm. Quite suddenly, but not unexpectedly, his pointed little tongue slipped past my barrier and right up my chute.

“Yeah, that’s it. Get my hole good and wet,” I told him as his little tongue began wiggling around inside of me as I felt his lips press even tighter into my crack.

“Use lots of spit I encouraged him.” as I pulled his head even harder.

I left him down there for at least five minutes as he kept at his new found passion with another round of groans and moans mixed in for good measure. While I could have had him stay down there for the duration, I was pretty sure I'd blow my load all over my chest if I allowed him to continue for much longer. Not at all where I wanted it to go.

I released my death grip on his head once again as I told him, “Get back to my sucking cock now!” while I allowed my feet to find there previous spot on the floor.

I'm not sure, but I might have seen a little relief in his eyes and he appeared really eager to get back to sucking my cock considering where he'd just spent the last few minutes of his young life. I guess I can't blame him, but that doesn't mean it will be his last trip down to my netherworld if I have anything to say about it. Oh wait, I have everything to say about it. In fact, mine is the last word.

He licked and licked and licked his way back into the sunshine until he reached the head of my cock once again. Then he grabbed a hold of it once more and gave it a few more licks seemingly glad to be back in familiar surroundings again before he let my meat slip back into the warm confines of his sweet little mouth.

That time he took all four inches in one fell swoop as he closed his eyes once more and continued on with his cock sucking, cum-eating mission. He even returned his free hand to my balls and began coaxing them to do their job without me even suggesting it. But it seemed as though he'd forgotten about the reason for his little side trip. So gently I reminded him.

“Stick your middle finger up my ass now bitch. And take more of my cock into your mouth too,” I said lovingly as I reached out and grabbed a hold of his head once more so I could guide him.

I felt him release my balls and then his longest digit slide over my perineum and into my crack once again in search of entrance. When he found it all slippery wet and waiting for him, he circled around and around and around until I suggested he get on with it (into it).

“Stick it inside me. Slowly!” I barked out at him as the hand that was on top of his head gave a little push just as he thought he'd taken my cock into his mouth as far as it could possibly go. Whatever he thought, it was pretty far from reality. Without much effort – on my part – another inch of my cock slipped past his by then near purple lips and on past the back of his tight little mouth and into his even tighter little throat just as I felt his finger penetrating me down below.

I let out an, “Oh yeah, finger-fuck my hole and suck my cock you little bitch,” as I began pushing and pulling his head up and down, and consequently, my near bursting cock in and out of his mouth, as fast as I thought he could take it. It turned out he could take it pretty damn fast, if he wanted too. Or I guess I should say, if he was required too.

Once he sank his little finger inside of me all the way to the hilt, he wasn't quite sure what to do after that so I once again had to come to his rescue.

“Push your finger in and out and wiggle it around some too. And keep doing it until I say stop,” I coached him along gently.

And then my balls decided they needed some more attention too, so what was I to do? “Let go of my cock... just use your mouth,” I instructed before adding, “Now play nice with my balls again.”

I couldn't help wondering if he did everything he was told at home and school like he was doing for me as he let go of my cock and moved down to my sperm makers with his usual style and flair. Whatever though, it didn't really matter how he acted elsewhere, just so long as he acted like the cock sucking little bitch that he was whilst he was here.

“Yeah, that's it. Suck the cum right out of my balls,” I encouraged him as my hand continued guiding his little head to go even deeper than before.

He was at six inches by then – only an inch to go – and his puffy purple lips were just beginning to touch my pubes on each down stroke as I felt his finger ramming in and out of my ass in time with the man cock that was ramming into his throat. So much for slowly. I could have scolded him for not following directions, but I decided to let it go, that time.

Just as we worked the last little (OK, not so little) bit of my cock into his mouth and down his throat, I felt my balls begin doing their magic so I reminded him once again of his mission – both for the moment, as well as the rest of his life.

“I'm going to shoot my sperm in your mouth soon. Don't stop or try to pull away when it happens, OK?” I said as I shoved the last of my cock into his throat while his lips crash landed onto my groin and my pubic hair tickled his nose. I held him there for a moment just so he'd get used to the feeling of a big fat dripping man cock stuffed all the way into his tight little mouth and throat.

“Hmm hmm,” he hummed out once again. Yeah, that meant “OK,” in cock sucking boy speak.

Once I was satisfied with the results of his cock swallowing lesson, I released his head as I said, “Take my cock just like that; almost all the way out and ALL THE WAY IN and keep going until I say to stop,” while I lay back and relaxed so I could enjoy his efforts without exerting any of my own.

He opened his teary eyes and looked up at me in acknowledgment for a moment before he went back to work and planted his lips on my pubis again and again and again without any help or guidance from me. Just the way I liked it, just so you know.

I zoomed the camera in for a medium shot of my cock sliding in and out of his mouth as I felt my balls getting ready to shoot their sperm into him and down his throat whilst the middle finger of his left hand was trying its best to climb all the way into my asshole as all the fingers of his right hand were caressing an coaxing my balls into action.

And then it happened so fast, it even surprised me. Never mind him.

“Ohhhhhph, umphhhhhhhhjh!” I grunted out as the first blast of cum shot out of my balls and up my shaft. Luckily for him my first shot coincided with his upstroke. As the first blast erupted out of my cock it landed right in his mouth – and surely on his tongue – so he got a good taste of it before the next down stroke pushed it right down his throat as if to make room for the other loads that were following right behind.

It was an automatic reaction on my part as my hand once again found the top of his head. How many times has the promise of staying put and riding out the cum storm not been fulfilled I'm sure I'll never know. But more often than one would hope (and want) I'd wager. And I guess my sub-conscience wasn't going to take the chance that he'd pull off at the last possible moment.

Though I didn't really press down on his little head (too) hard, I did exert a bit of pressure just to be sure he didn't chicken out at the last minute and allow all of his efforts – and my seed – to be wasted on such silly notions as being afraid of a little, OK a lot, of man cum in his mouth, throat and then stomach.

His watery eyes shot wide open, and his finger stopped fucking my asshole as he felt the first blast of my jizz fill his mouth to the brim. But as we'd discussed, as he'd been ordered, he kept to his word and kept bobbing up and down on my cock as if his little life depended on it. At least he'd stopped his finger-fucking with it shoved all the way inside of me. And for whatever reason, he was wiggling it back and forth as he received my load. Whatever, I was still going to scold him about it once he'd finished doing his duty.

The next load shot right down his throat while his lips where once again planted in my pubes. The third and fourth shots seemed to come back to back just as his purplish lips left my pubis and made their way back upwards along my shaft again. I'm not sure if it was the timing or the quantity, but whatever the cause, he throat seemed to back up and a little bit of my man cum came dribbling out of his nose just then. As luck would have it, I guess, the fifth shot was delayed by a second or so and he was able to swallow the (more than a) mouthful he'd received so far just in time to receive even more. So much for a few tablespoons.

I guess he was having a hard time breathing because he let his lips become detached from my shaft for a moment while he caught his breath. Consequently, a few strands of cum escaped the confines of his mouth and made a run for it down my shaft. Oh yeah, we were definitely going to have to talk about that!

For the moment though, I just helped him to give chase to those sneaky little wigglers as my hand once again resumed guiding him with full force. Slam, slam, slam seemed to fill the air while he resumed sucking the last of my cum with a renewed effort. Yeah, he just needed a little guidance to keep on track it seemed. And I was always there to be of help in that regard.

As I felt what was probably my last shot blasting into his hot and wetter than wet little mouth. I gave his little head one more gentle shove and held him down – all the way down – while my balls continued to make a few more valiant, but ultimately in vain, last efforts to give the boy any more of the man seed he so thoroughly craved. Too bad for him, but I was all used up, for the time being. Or so I thought anyway.

And then we both got a wonderful surprise as I released his head for the last time as I told him, “slide your finger out of my ass now,” while I nearly collapsed with post orgasmic bliss.

As I felt his finger begin its journey back into the light, the tip brushed past my prostate gland causing a shudder that began deep within me. The incredible feelings the little finger-fucker gave me could only lead to one possible result. One more mouthful of man cum for my little cocksucker to savor (and the camera to capture) as we both came down of our wild ride.

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