Nothing in this story is true. It's all made up. It never happened. At least that I know about anyway. Apparently there are laws regarding the age of the readers. So if you aren't old enough, in your land of the free, go somewhere else. Or not.

Getting ready for business.

He got down on his knee's in front of me without once taking his wide eyes off the man cock that was just dying to get out of my shorts and then into his sweet little mouth. But I decided I could wait a few more minutes for the pleasures he was very soon going to be providing me. Though on second thought, I'm sure he was going to enjoy it too.

Once he was settled in and comfy, I told him the next step. “Rub my cock through my shorts and make it hard.”

He looked up into my face for a moment as he replied almost laughingly, “It's already super hard,” before his eyes went back downward as if to check and make sure he was right.

I let my own eyes follow his and though his comment was entirely true, I made it clear once again who was in charge of the game we were playing. “Make it even harder,” I commanded with a snarl.

He let out a sigh as he planted an arm on each of my legs, then slid both his hands up my thighs, over my basketball shorts and right onto my hardon without another word.

Well, he was right, I was already hard... about as hard as I was going to get. But still, I wanted the video camera to capture every part of the story that was unfolding and that included him fondling my hard cock through my shorts like he'd just done to his own little boy cock.

As he poked, stroked and prodded at my now raging man prick, I decided to continue asking questions about his cock sucking past. “Who else's dick have you sucked?” I inquired as I let myself sink back into the couch a little bit further.

Apparently he'd thought that part of the game was over 'cause his eyes flared with embarrassment again as did his ruddy skin. But as before, he answered nonetheless. “Randy's” he replied as if I was supposed to know all about Randy.

“Who is Randy,” I asked after waiting a moment for him to elaborate on his own but didn't.

“Uhm... agh... my friend from my classroom.” he replied without offering any more details.

I pressed him for more. “Did he suck you too?”

He gave my cock a nice squeeze causing a squirt of precum to shoot out into my shorts as he answered me. “No, I had to suck him 'cause I lost a bet while we were playing in his tree house.”

Hmmm. I couldn't help wondering for how long so I asked. “How long did you suck his cock?” before adding, “Did you make him get the feeling?”

“About ten minutes I guess, until he made me stop,” he answered with embarrassment. Then he added, “I'm pretty sure he got the feeling 'cause he kind of wiggled around and moaned a lot until he went all still and pushed me away.”

“You're a really good cocksucker, aren't you?” I asked next even though I already knew the answer.

He just shrugged his shoulders at first, but he must have remembered my stern look when he didn't answer my questions out loud.

“I guess so,” he replied timidly.

As I watched him playing with my cock without much reluctance I decided to ask him a doozy. “You like sucking cock, don't you?”

His eyes quickly shot up to mine as if to beg me not to make him answer that question, especially on camera. But when he saw my glaring eyes starring back at him he admitted the truth, though somewhat reluctantly.

“Yes,” he replied as he averted his eyes back down to his new favorite play toy. My hard leaking cock.

“You want to suck mine now, don't you?” I asked next already knowing the answer to that question too.

Once again his head nodded as he breathed out softly, “Yes.”

“You're going to be my little cock sucking bitch, aren't you?” I said not so much as a question, but another command.

“Yes,” he answered reluctantly again though I'm sure I saw a slight twinkle in his eyes as he said it.

“Then pull off my shorts and get ready for business,” I ordered.

He leaned back up and off of me as his little hands grabbed the sides of my shorts and began sliding them down. I lifted my butt off the couch and reached down to make sure my dripping piece of man meat didn't get caught in the waistband as I watched his face go all silly when it was revealed to him for the first time.

“Holy shit, it's huge,” he said with a bit of shock as he pulled my shorts down the rest of the way and off. However shocked he was at the pulsing and dripping seven-inch man cock that was laying in wait before him, it didn't seem to stop him as he leaned forward and took it in his small paws. Yeah, I think he was drawn to it like a horse to water.

He did however seem to have a bit of apprehension about the juice that was practically pouring from the tip. “Why is it all wet?” he asked shyly as he gripped it even tighter.

I guess I had some explaining to do. “That's the juice adult cocks make to help make fucking easier,” I answered.

He just nodded his head as if he understood so I continued. “Do you know what cum – or sperm – is?” I asked next.

He nodded his head again – without letting go of my cock – while he said, “Sperm is what makes babies, right.” He started stroking it right then too.

“Uh huh,” I replied before elaborating further. “If a man cock is stroked, sucked or fucked for long enough, a really good feeling will come and then the sperm will be shot up out of the balls and onto – or into – whomever is making it feel good.”

His eyes went wide at that statement, but I didn't stop to give him too much time to consider the ramifications. “You got that feeling when your little brother was sucking you off, but you're too young to shoot sperm yet so nothing came out of your dick. It will happen for you in a year or two,” I told him.

He looked up at me with quasi understanding and even a touch of excitement at that prospect until I dropped the bomb on him about the load I was going to be shooting into him. “You're going to suck me until I get the feeling – have an orgasm – and I shoot my sperm into your mouth.”



I think he wanted to balk at that plan, but he didn't dare say anything. So I did.

“Don't worry, it won't hurt you or make you sick (I hoped), and there's only a couple of table spoons that you'll swallow, so no big deal, RIGHT?”

I'd emphasized the word right in order to make it clear he didn't have much choice in the matter.

He only nodded his head again so I made him verbally agree with me. “Right?” I said again even louder and more sternly.

“Right,” he answered rather meekly as he looked up into my eyes for the briefest of moments.

“So once I start cumming – shooting my sperm in your mouth – you can't stop sucking until I say so, RIGHT?”

“Right,” he answered again without looking up at me that time.

“And then you're going to swallow my cum like all the good little cocksuckers do, RIGHT?” I told him with another lusty snarl.

“Right,” he replied once again without even bothering to hide his reluctance that time. His freckled little face made it quite clear he wasn't to thrilled at the idea of swallowing my seed, but he was going to do it anyway because the alternatives seemed a lot worse to his young mind.

“OK, lets get you used to tasting man juice,” I said as I rubbed the tip of my finger over the head of my dick and gathered up a finger full of precum.

His eyes followed my hands every move as I held it up to his wide eyed face and said, “Lick the juice off of my finger.”

Gulp again. But he did it. He tentatively leaned forward as his small pink tongue slipped out of his mouth and just barely touched my finger tip. He pulled back after getting his first sample and apparently decided it wasn't that bad after all 'cause all he did was kind of smack his lips together and let the sweet taste spread around his juicy little mouth. But I still had to push him to taste even more.

“Suck it all off my finger,” I told him as I pushed my slime coated digit up to his puffy red lips.

He looked into my eyes and then at the camera for a moment before he once again did as he was told.

Slurp. He sucked all of my finger into his hot and wet little mouth and kind of suckled on it for a few seconds before he pulled back and let my then precum free finger slip back out with a resounding pop.

Like before, he let it wash all over his taste buds for a few seconds before he took the next step all on his own. He swallowed. If the second time he had ever tasted man juice was anything special for him, the third time was going to be a charm.

“Lick it off the tip of my cock,” I told him before adding, “And never-ever touch your teeth to a cock,” a bit threateningly.

He looked up at my eyes for a moment as if to confirm my command before he leaned over and took a sample right from the source. Swipe.

I saw stars after that first lick. And I think he did too. After that, he started licking like he'd been doing it all of his young life. Lick, lick, lick... he kept at it like he was trying to keep up with a melting ice cream cone.

Once there was no more precum on the tip of my cock I had him pause so he could learn to make more. “Stroke it some and more will come out,” I told him as I zoomed the camera in so just the tip of my cock was in view.

He gave my hard cock the requested strokes and sure as the sun rises every morning, more man juice appeared for his dining pleasure. After a couple more strokes, there was so much that it couldn't defy the laws of gravity and began running down the sides of my cock.

He took that as his cue and leaned down for another taste. The camera caught just the tip of his tongue as it poked out of sweet little mouth and began lapping it all up as fast as he could get it.

Once he'd gotten it all off the head my dick, I told him, “Lick down the sides of my cock and get the rest.”

He didn't even stop to acknowledge me as he leaned in even further and began lapping and licking up and down my shaft like the pro cocksucker I knew he was born to be. He kept at it with the same passion I'd seen when he was sucking seven-year-old Kyle out in my backyard earlier until he couldn't find any more of the juice he seemed to be craving.

So I told him another way to get more to come out. “Lick my balls now and more juice will come out of my cock,” I said as I sank back into the couch even further as I spread my legs even wider.

He didn't even pause for a breath as he licked his way down my near trembling shaft and right onto my ball sack. Lick, lick, lick... his hot pink little tongue seemed to have a mind of his own as he very quickly saturated the skin with his saliva. Yeah, he seemed to be so into it he was drooling with pleasure. So was I!

“Let go of my cock so you can do it easier,” I told him as I lifted up the camera and moved it downward so I could get a better angle.

His eyes looked up at me briefly as if to acknowledge my command before he let go of his favorite plaything and redoubled his efforts on my balls. Plop.

I placed my free hand on top of his head and began guiding him around and around and around. “Yeah, right there. And, ooh, right there too. Use your lips and your tongue. Oh yeah.”

“Now go below my balls,” I said as my hand continued guiding him down. Actually, I had to push his petite little head with a bit of force, but he finally stopped resisting and went with it. Oh shit, he went so crazy licking all over my perineum I think he got lost because I felt his hot little probe slip into my ass crack for the briefest of moments.

Though it occurred to me to push him even further downward and teach him about rimming, I decided to save that for another time and move on to the main event.

“You're really doing good down there, but are you ready to suck my cock now?” I asked him as I released my death grip on his skull.

“Hmmm hmmm,” he replied as he began licking his way back into the sunlight. Yeah, I took his response as an Uh Huh.

Once I could see his entire face and not just the top of his head I said, “You like being my little cock sucking bitch, don't you?”

He nodded his head again while he gave my cock one last lick. Then he grabbed a hold of my shaft with his small hand and lifted towards his tight little mouth as he looked right at the camera while he replied, “Yeah, I like being your cock sucking bitch.”

More to cum if I get some nasty responses.