Nothing in this story is true. It's all made up. It never happened. At least that I know about anyway. Apparently there are laws regarding the age of the readers. So if you aren't old enough, in your land of the free, go somewhere else. Or not.

Second Coming.

In case you're wondering, it was almost-eight-year-old Eric's prepubescent voice squeaking hushed and hurriedly to his younger friend as he suggested that they, “do it anyway,” even though the apparent leader of their boy games was nowhere to be found. Well, he was close by, but he was currently busy learning new tricks of the trade at the moment.

“Uhm... OK, I guess,” replied just turned seven-year-old Kyle with the same apprehension that I'd heard from him during his first secret rendezvous in my backyard that morning. Whatever his reluctance, it didn't stop him from pulling up his little t-shirt and begin to work his tiny little shorts and even tinier underwear downward for the second time in as many hours. Well, that I knew about anyway.

I snapped my fingers at my bitch and whispered, “Bring me my phone,” while I set my cereal bowl down on the night table.

He was at my side in an instant trying to peek around me and through the crack in the blinds so he could see what was going on outside. He was also slowly stoking his boy cock too as he tried to sneak a peak. Yeah, I'm sure he was just trying to follow the rules of the game – my rules – but more than likely the thought of being a voyeur to the boy action going on outside the window excited him as much as it did me.

I moved him in front of me so he could have a better view as I warned him with a whisper, “Don't touch the blinds, let them see you or make a goddamned sound,” while I started up the video capture application once again.

He just nodded his little head – and kept playing with his cock – as I moved the camera into position so I could capture whatever dirty deeds the younglings outside were going to perform for us. And the camera.

I stepped forward planting my still hard and leaking cock into the small of Micheal’s back while we both watched with wonder as the two boys finished pushing their tiny coverings down to their bony little knee's while the video camera began capturing it; memorializing their actions for all time to come.

“Lets rub 'em together,” Eric said as he took a hold of Kyle's slender hips and pulled the younger boy towards him. Kyle had to waddle again, but he followed Eric's lead and allowed his already stiff two inch uncut cocklet to be pressed firmly into Eric's own very tempting two and a half inches of also uncut hardness.

Once they were connected at their smooth groins and stiff poles, Kyle put his hands on Eric's hips and allowed the older of the two to lead them in a game of frottage. Yeah, I wanted to play that game with them too. And the sooner the better. It seemed a discussion with Michael was in order. But not right then.

I whispered to the little bitch that was standing before me, “Did you teach them that?” as I continued to press my cock into the small of his back while I kept the camera pointed at the boys outside. He was seemingly unconcerned that I was painting his lower back with my semen as we both watched the show get started.

“Yeah,” he replied softly as the back of his head nodded in confirmation. I think he sped up his little fist right then too.

We stood and watched as they humped their little cocks together with apparent joy for a few minutes while my little bitch started stroking himself even faster as my man juice started running down into the crack of his tight little ass until, much to our mutual surprise, Eric unexpectedly leaned forward and planted his cherry red lips onto Kyle's.

While it wasn't the hottest little boy kiss ever to be recorded, not yet anyway. And young Kyle seemed taken aback at that first peck he'd received. It seemed he decided that he liked playing kissy-face with his older friend – dare I say – lover, so after a few moments hesitation, he allowed Eric to lead the way and they began nuzzling their still tightly sealed lips together as they sped up their passionate pace down below.

My cock squirted out a shot of juice all over Micheal’s back as I watched with ever growing voyeuristic excitement as the young boys outside closed their eyes and got into the groove of things. Way into it!

Michael turned his petite head slightly towards me and looked down at the source that was making him all gooey on his backside as he said, “I didn't teach 'em that though,” before he quickly returned his wide eyes to the show while still moving his fist rapidly up and down. Yeah, if I'd have bothered to look down at his little hairless cock right then, it would have been nothing but a blur.

I did look down towards my leaking cock for a moment though. And I decided that I was going to need to do something about it.

“Here, take the phone and film them while I do something,” I growled softly into his ear.

He nodded his head eagerly in reply while he took the phone from me and pointed it through the crack in the blinds as I watched from behind to make sure he didn't fuck it up and miss anything. And more importantly, scare the little lover boys away.

Once I was satisfied he was recording the two younglings outside in all their glory, I growled in his ear, “I'm going to rub my cock in the crack of your ass, so don't move a muscle, OK.”

He looked back at me and then down once again, before returning his startled eyes to the screen as I heard a dubious, “Yes sir,” come floating out of his mouth.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and grabbed my dripping man cock and pointed towards its target as I told the little slut, “Bend over and step back until you feel my cock in your ass crack,” while I put my free hand on his slim hip to help guide him.

He just did as he was told while he kept the video camera pointed at the action going on between the two very prepubescent boys right outside the window.

He shivered slightly – as did I – when he felt my dripping piece of man meat slide into his crack and ever so gently touch his tight pink virgin boy hole for the first time. Yeah, that was the first time, but definitely wasn't going to be the last.

Gulp. “Are you going to stick your uhm... cock in me... uhm, sir?” he asked queasily without taking his eyes off the video screen or his hand off of his hard joystick.

While the idea appealed to me tremendouly, I wasn't going to do it. At least not right then. “Not this time,” I replied as I began sliding my stiff leaking cock up and down and all around his warm and very wet crevice.

Yeah, he gulped again. Big time. But he did as I said and kept filming the clandestine meeting going on in my backyard. I guess he was going to lose his balance so he took his small hand off of his very hard boy cock and placed it on his knee to support himself. Yeah, I didn't think he was going to need to keep jacking off either. My cock in his ass crack was going to do the job of keeping him hard all by itself.

After a few minutes passed with the tip of my cock rubbing all over his tightly puckered pink virgin asshole, I couldn’t help but almost change my mind – it is my prerogative after all – and just slide it right up inside of him in one fell swoop. But no, that wouldn't do – for the time being. He'd likely have gone flying right out the window yelping as he landed on the two young lovers that were still frotting away and kissing each other with a passion.

So I just kept it together (barely) as we both watched the video screen with a passion of our own as I whispered to my little cock slut, “Do you like my cock in your ass crack.”

I saw the back of his head nod again as I heard a lusty, Yeah... uhm, sir.”

“Let me see the camera for a second,” I told him as I reached out to take it from him.

He just handed it to me and then returned his hand to his still rock hard boy cock without a second thought.

I pointed the camera downward at the place of our near union to capture a few more moments of my (our) pleasure until I heard little Eric whisper, “You have to do me first this time.”

They'd pulled apart and as I pointed the camera back outside and zoomed in, young Kyle reluctantly agreed with his slightly older partner. “OK, but don't pee in my mouth like your jerk brother did.”

I heard Eric reply, “I won't, I promise” as a crack filled the air inside my room when I slapped Micheal in the back of his head before I grabbed a handful of his still small boy balls and growled out into his ear, “You peed into a little boys mouth, you sick little fuck?”

One of his hands went to his head rubbing the spot where I'd just whacked him, the other grabbed a hold of mine that was just a pinch away from nullifying the existence of the little jewels that were so lovingly held within my grasp.

“Uhm...” he thought quickly. “It was an accident. I didn't mean to. I'm sorry!” he pleaded as he stood as still as humanly possible as if he was trying to make sure and not give me any reason to take away the little nuggets he'd not even gotten a chance to use yet. Yeah, I thought he was lying too.

While I would have liked to have spent a little more time right then reinforcing my disapproval, I just squeezed a little tighter as I whispered, “You are going to let him pee in your mouth for payback, aren't you bitch?”

With just a little push of the tip of my thumb on his left nut, he was putty in my hands as he replied, “Yes sir, yes sir! Anything you say, sir! You can too if you want... uhm, sir!” as he stood on the tips of his toes begging for mercy.

I released my death grip on him as I looked back at the screen and noticed that little Kyle was already on his knee's sucking and slurping on Eric's little boy prick as if were his lifeline. Well, well. I was beginning to think young Kyle wasn't really all that into having a cock in his mouth with the way he'd been acting so coy. But the camera's screen was telling (and recording) quite a different story altogether.

While I was a somewhat annoyed with the little bitch for causing the distraction that made me miss Kyle get down on his knee's and begin doing the dirty deed to his friend – and we were going to discuss it later, I was pretty sure I'd kept the camera pointed in the right direction whilst I'd been redressing Micheal for his transgression. Well, the camera better have captured it anyway, or else there was going to be hell to pay. And it was his hard little boy ass that was going to be taxed.

I zoomed in to get a close-up of Kyle's little head as it began bobbing for all he was worth as I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Micheal's hand had begun creeping towards his little cock once again.

“No you don't,” I huffed out before adding, “You just hold your ass cheeks apart for me.. You don't get to pleasure yourself until you learn how to treat little boys properly,” I snarled out. Yeah, I was going to have to teach him a few lessons in the nurturing of children. Lead by example, as they say.

He was clearly disappointed with the restriction I'd placed on him, but he did as he was told nonetheless and he reached back with both hands, grabbed a couple handfuls of hard boy cheeks, and spread 'em wide for me, for us.

As I rubbed my dripping cock all around his tighter-than-tight boy hole, we watched while young Eric began face fucking his even younger friend hard and fast. After another minute or so, Eric reached out with both hands and grabbed Kyle's head as he began grunting out little boy squeaks of pleasure while he repeatedly shoved his little cocklet in between his friends tightly pursed lips as his little boy orgasm came on like a tornado and then just as quickly subsided.

He nearly collapsed after he finished. But luckily Kyle spit out the Eric's still hard boyhood and grabbed a hold of him and hugged him tightly until the older boy came down from his wild ride. I thought that was sweet of him to help his friend like that. And kind of hot too.

Eric helped Kyle up off of his knee's and then leaned in a gave his little buddy a gentle kiss on the lips before he pulled away and said, “Thanks, that was a good one.”

“I'll do you now,” he huffed out lustily as he lowered himself into position and then took Kyle's little pricklet into his hand and began licking it all over. And over, and over, and over. And even under.

I (as did the camera and my bitch) watched as Kyle's eyes rolled into the back of his head when Eric took all two inches into his mouth as if were a little piece of candy that needed devouring. Yeah, I had to agree. Kyle's little boy cocked looked absolutely delicious from where I was standing. Right behind my bitch with my cock sliding around his slippery ass crack in case you've forgotten.

It was a conundrum, that was for sure. Should I keep the camera pointed at the hot boy action going on outside? Or should I change the scenery for a few moments and capture my seed that had begun welling upwards towards the tip of my pulsing cock, and consequently Micheal's tight little asshole?

In the end, I decided that I may not ever get another shot of the boys outside doing the nasty with each other. But young Michael was surely going to be coming back to my place for more man cock pleasuring, until I said otherwise, so we could always just reenact the scene and recorded it then.

As Eric sped up sucking on little Kyle's likely pulsing pricklet, my own began to pulse... pulse... pulse as well before my second load of the day began blasting all over my little bitches back side.

“Splat, splat, splat... splat...... splat...” shouted my cock as it shot yet another load for me that morning. Yeah, my cock has always pulled (pulsed) through for me when I needed it too. Even in a pinch.

Just as Kyle seemed to be beginning his own little orgasm, I gave one more gentle push with my cock up against Micheal's still intact hole as the last of my seed dribbled out into the young bitches fiery hot and dripping wet crack.

OK, I'll admit it. I might have pushed a little too hard on that final thrust. But in my defense, I really think his hungry little asshole had opened up and tried to bite me before sucking me inside. Whatever the reason, when the tip of my cock slipped into Micheal's entrance – just barely – he did what all first timers do. He yelped as he leapt forward to get out of harms way. As a result, his hard little head slammed through the blinds and into the window with a resounding thud.

All I can say is, I'm glad he didn't break his skull through the glass right then, or the boys outside would have gotten the shock of their young lives. And I'd have had some explaining to do too.

“Ouch,” my bitch spewed out as one hand shot to the bump that was likely already growing on his buzz-cut'd noggin. The other shot to his cum coated asshole (I think a few live wigglers may have managed to sneak inside too) and started rubbing the sore spot down there that was likely starting to swell as well.

I almost slapped him on the back of the head again when I saw the young boys outside react to the noise they'd just heard coming from the house that was supposed to be empty. But I let it go – for the moment – and just kept watching the screen as it recorded them as they swiftly pulled they're clothes back into place and made a run for it – as in running for their little lives – through the hole in the fence and out of site.

As for young Micheal, he quickly realized that his hand had become covered in man jizz and he'd pulled it back towards his face and examined it with a mix of curiosity, desire and revulsion. At least there wasn't any blood or he surely would have been reviled.

Shit! He'd just ruined the finale of both mine and little Kyle's orgasms and he gave away our secret too. Yeah, I let him know it. And have it.

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