Nothing in this story is true. It's all made up. It never happened. At least that I know about anyway.

Apparently there are laws regarding the age of the readers. So if you aren't old enough, in your land of the free, go somewhere else. Or not.

Tell Me and Show Me More.

He came back into the living room looking a little less filthy and a lot less scared than he had before. Though he wasn't quite sure what to do as he came to a stop a few feet away from the couch I was sitting on, he appeared willing enough to go through with his end of the deal we'd made. He Just seemed to need some direction in how to go about doing it. And that was exactly what I had in mind.

I adjusted the settings on my cell phone camera and then snapped off a few stills of him standing there with his hands at his side while his eyes seemed riveted to the camera that was going to capture him in all his (and my) glory.

“What's your name?” I asked him after I got the video capture program rolling.

If he had any qualms about the event being recorded, he didn't say anything about it as he responded, “Michael Jones.”

“How old are you?” I asked next as I panned the camera from his feet up to his freckled face.

“Eleven,” he replied much to my surprise. I thought he was about ten, at best.

“Where does your babysitter think you are right now?” I asked quite seriously. Hey, I had to know if anyone was going to be out looking for a missing eleven-year-old cocksucker now didn't I?

“Out playing,” he answered swiftly and without any concern.

“When do you have to be back to check in?” I asked him next hoping he wasn't going to lie to me.

He looked down to check his watch before he replied, “Not until noon. I have'ta be back for lunch.”

Phew! I didn't have to worry about timing. We had about an hour and a half to go until he had to leave. Cool, time to move on to more interesting matters.

“What grade are you in?” I asked next as I zoomed the out to capture all of him from head to toe.

“Sixth,” he answered as he stood there fidgeting with uncertainty about what to do with his hands.

Don't worry, I had a few idea's to keep him occupied until we got down to the real business of the morning.

“Take off your shirt,” I told him a little bit menacingly to make it clear who was in charge of the game we'd just started playing.

He didn't even roll his eyes at me as he lifted his white t-shirt up and over his head before dropping it on the floor next to him. His tight little body was for the most part as white as any white boy I'd ever seen, yet he had a reddish glow about him as if whatever sun it was exposed to refused to tan. That seemed to go along with the reddish brown cropped hair his mother, or whomever, made him wear. Not very attractive, but it made him look all the more young boy to me.

As I zoomed the camera for a close-up shot of his somewhat defined – yet still boyish – chest and stomach I asked, “Who were those little boys whose dicks you were sucking in my back yard?”

I quickly panned the camera back up to his face as he hesitantly answered the awkward question. “My half-brother Eric and his friend Kyle.” He seemed to get a little redder as if the question had embarrassed him somewhat. Oh well, it was only going to get worse so he'd better just get use to it.

Hmmm... Eric being only his half-brother was likely the explanation as to why the little ones boy cock was was still intact, while Michael had been cut.

I panned downward over his smooth chest and tiny pink nipples and then continued to his stomach and swirled inny belly button pausing only briefly before I made my way to his still covered boy cock and balls.

“Rub your little boy cock through your shorts,” I commanded as I kept the camera pointed at his hidden jewels.

When his hand came into view and began fingering his little prick, I continued with the interrogation. “How old are they?”

“Uhm... Eric is almost eight and Kyle just turned seven last week.”

“And how long have you been sucking little boy dicks?” I asked next.

Since my focus was centered on his hand that was rubbing his quickly hardening boy cock, I couldn't tell if his face got redder with shame as he stuttered out the answer. “Me and Eric have been doing it since last Christmas, but it was only Kyles second time.”

Last Christmas was about seven months in the past so it seemed he'd had plenty of time to get good at that game. He must have been practicing a lot by the looks of things.

“Put your hand in your shorts and play with it.” I told him before I continued.

“Who taught you to be a cocksucker?” I asked as the camera captured his hand slipping down past the waistband of his jean cut-offs.

He didn't answer right away so I zoomed back out so I could his reaction. As he continued to fondle himself, his face seemed a bit worried about answering that last question. I also caught a tinge of the fear he must have been feeling about what would happen if he didn't.

“Who was it?” I asked a little more seriously.

“He'll kill me if I tell,” he said somewhat fearfully.

“Nobody's going to find out anything from me,” I responded before adding, “Unless you don't do as your told that is,” with a bit of mock annoyance thrown in for good measure.

After another brief pause he must have decided telling all was better then getting found out. “My cousin Pauly,” he answered as his face flashed red again. Brilliant red just so you know.

“How old is Pauly?” I asked next.

“Twelve,” he replied as he kept his hand working inside his shorts as if he was getting into the groove of our new game.

“When did he teach you how to suck cock?” I continued as I went deeper into the groove myself.

“Uhm...” he started as he got even redder. “He showed me and Eric how last Christmas when he stayed over,” he finished while the red glow of his embarrassment traveled down his body as if he were a chameleon.

“Did you boys all suck each other?” I inquired causally as if I'd asked if they played baseball together.

He only nodded his head for a second before I leaned up a little bit to make it clear I needed to hear his responses. He got the message and replied, “Yes.”

“Does your cousin have hair around his cock yet?” I asked as my free hand found its way to my very hard cock.

He shook his head as he responded, “No.”

“Have you ever sucked a cock with hair around it?” I asked next.

All I got was another “No.”

“So mines going to be the first man cock you suck?” I inquired.

I guess he hadn't really thought of it like that 'cause he got even redder as he looked down towards my hand that was slowly fingering my leaking cock while he replied somewhat meekly, “Uhm... yes.”

“Take off your shorts... slowly,” I commanded as I zoomed out to capture all of him as he removed his second to last piece of clothing.

He didn't reply as his small little fingers unsnapped the button of his cut-offs before grabbing the zipper and pulling it all the way down revealing the bright white of his underwear hiding underneath. It seemed he was more embarrassed about answering personal questions about sucking dick than taking off his clothes. He put his hands on his slender hips and pushed to shorts over his tight little ass and down, down, down...

Once they cleared his knee's he let them drop to his ankles. Apparently his sockless shoes were going to be a problem so I told him how to resolve it. “Kick off your shoes too.”

Though he struggled with his balance, he did as he was told and kicked them off and away before stepping out of his shorts and flicking them with his feet into the growing pile of his discarded clothing.

Wow, he had a hot little body on him. He wasn't skinny, nor fat, but rather all his muscles were rather defined as if hinting at what they would become as he grew up. I guess al I can say is tight, tight, tight.

“Put your hands behind your head,” I commanded him as I began to feel my cock leaking even harder.

He obeyed somewhat sheepishly before I zoomed in to his cotton covered crotch to capture the outline of his steely hard boyhood that seemed to be pulsing with his heartbeat. I panned upwards again and captured the fine details of his washboard stomach, rib cage and flawlessly smooth chest. Then I focused in on his creamy white hairless armpits for a few seconds as I continued with my questioning.

“Have you, Eric and Pauly done anything else besides suck each others dicks? I asked.

He seemed unsure of what I meant at first, but then he caught on and answered, “Pauly tried to stick his... uhm... thing in my butt, but it wouldn't go in.” Yeah, he went all red again.

I wanted him to define “thing” for me.

“What did he try to stick in your butt?” I asked lustily.

While turning near purple with embarrassment he answered, “His... uhm... cock.”

It was pretty hot to hear him say that, just so you know.

“Did he use any lube so it would be slippery?” I continued.

By his reaction it clear he wasn't sure what I was talking about so when he responded, “No,” I just dropped it and moved on. If I had my way I was going to teach him all about lube another time.

“Play with your dick again through your underwear.” I commanded as I panned back down in between his legs.

He used both hands that time as he rubbed and squeezed his hard little cock repeatedly.

After a few moments I zoomed back out and told him, “Turn around and face the other way.”

Once again he did what he was told without question or response.

God he had a tight little ass hiding inside his tight-whiteys, and it was time for those hard little cheeks to come out into the open.

“Slide your underwear down so I can see your butt,” I told him as I began squeezing and rubbing my cock even harder.

He did as he was told and hooked his fingers in the elastic waistband and slid them down to mid thigh. All I can say is hot, hot and hot! His hard little ass stuck out from the small of his back as if begging for someone to come along and fuck him into submission. While I would like to have obliged, I didn't want to take things too far, too fast. All in good time though.

“Bend over and grab your ass checks and pull them apart,” I instructed as I watched the dimples on either side of his cheeks flex in invitation.

He was getting good at doing as he was told it seemed. With one hand on each cheek he leaned forward and gave me a view of his hot pink and puckered virgin asshole that was to die for.

“Move back towards me a little closer,” I told him as I zoomed the camera into his tight little fuck hole.

After a few moments of capturing his my most private place I reached out with my finger and gently touched his sweet spot while asking, “So you've never put anything up your here?”

He quivered at my prodding but didn't move away as he replied, “Uhm... no,” a little bit sheepishly.

I worked my finger gently around his surprisingly clean boy hole for a few more moments before I told him, “Slide your underwear down the rest of the way.”

He let go of his cheeks trapping my finger in his crack while his pushed the last of his coverings down past his knees until gravity took over and they puddled around his ankles. I zoomed back out really quickly to capture the moment when he became totally naked in my living room. It was kind of hard for him to step out of his underwear while he was bent over, and he almost lost his balance again. But in the end he managed to slip them off his feet before kicking them aside to join the rest of his clothes in the pile on the floor.

“Spread your legs,” I said as I leaned forward and ran my finger down his ass crack again.

He complied and spread his legs a bit further apart as his hands came to rest on his thighs while his hairless little balls came into view.

My index finger made its way through his crevice, over his perineum until they came in contact with his still tight and wrinkly scrotum. He shivered at my touch as I poked and nudged his little jewels for another minute as he stood bent over before me exposing almost everything he had to offer until I hesitantly returned to my seat on the couch.

“All right, stand up, put your hands back on your head and turn around facing me.”

Once again he didn't seem to too embarrassed about showing himself to me and did as instructed. I guess he only felt shame when having to admit on camera that he was a little cocksucker at heart.

His hairless four-inch boy cock was about as hard as it seemed to get – a good sign I thought – and was pointing upwards hovering just an inch or so away from his hard little stomach.

After spending a few moments capturing him in all his naked and raging hard glory I told him, “Show me how you jack off.”

He seemed a bit puzzled so I helped him along. “Play with your cock the way you do when you're alone in bed at night.”

He went red again, but complied and lowered his hands downward towards his favorite play toy. It seems he liked the finger and thumb approach rather then using his whole fist. And it seemed he'd had a lot of practice in pleasuring himself too. The hand that wasn't stroking his little boy bock went to his balls and began fingering, rubbing and pulling as he closed his eyes and got down to business. I could have stayed there all day and watched him jack himself off, but we had other business to attend to.

“OK, stop playing with yourself and grab that pillow off the chair over there.” I commanded.

As usual he complied without question and walked over – with his hard boy cock bouncing around I should add – and picked up the pillow before bringing it back to me.

“Put it on the floor in front of me and then kneel down onto it.” I told him as I leaned back into the couch.

Though his face showed a little apprehension at knowing the time had come, he did as he was told as his eyes locked onto the big lump in my shorts.


Yeah, exactly what I had in mind.

More to cum if I get some lusty responses.