Nothing in this story is true. It's all made up. It never happened. At least that I know about anyway.

Apparently there are laws regarding the age of the readers. So if you aren't old enough, in your land of the free, go somewhere else. Or not.

Two can play that game.

What will boys do when they think they're alone? Apparently a lot more than I'd would have imagined.

Take for example the three boys that thought the mobile home they were hiding behind was still unoccupied.

I woke up pretty late that morning – I'd stayed up a little too late drinking again – to the sounds that only boys trying to hide something could make.

“Shush, be quiet,” Came a soft squeak from a seemingly very prepubescent mouth.

“Nobody can hear us here,” replied a slightly older voice.

“Besides, no one lives here anymore and there aren't any neighbors either,” he added after a brief pause.

Well, the one that was talking – not too quietly I might add - was wrong on two counts. I lived there now and they were right outside the window where I was sleeping. How could I not hear him. At least he was right about there not being any nosy neighbors in the vicinity. And that suited me and the situation just fine.

Then a third voice squeaked out something I couldn't understand before a gaggle of giggles began along with all kinds of boy squeaks and groans that at first I thought it was more than just three of them.

I was thinking I should burst out the back door to scare the shit of 'em and chase them off back to wherever they came from until I heard the older voice say, “Just pull 'em down and I'll do you first,” that caused me to quickly change my mind. I had to peek and see what was going on, didn't I? You would have too. I mean, “I'll do you first,” can only mean one thing, right?

I pulled the blinds aside just a crack and peeked out into the brightly sunlit back yard. Oh shit, I could see them all right. All three of 'em. And I couldn't have had a clearer view. The older of the three, about nine or ten-ish, was on his knee's stroking one of the other boys cocks as he was directing the other one to pull his shorts down too. The boy that was having his cock stroked was probably about seven or so – and he looked like he was loving it – while the other boy that was somewhat reluctantly pushing his shorts and underwear down to his bony little knees seemed about six or so.

As I stood there – actually I was on my knees – watching, the older boy reached over and began too stroke the youngest boys cock as well. If I wasn’t hard as a rock by then, when the oldest boy said, “I'll suck both of you, but you both have to promise to do me too,” that would have made me seem in a split second. I started leaking like a busted faucet right then too.

The seven-year-old didn't seem to excited about the prospect – at least at first – and shyly nodded his little blond topped head with hesitation. The other one, well, he seemed even more reluctant. But once his little boy cock became erect, I barely caught a slight nod that would change his world forever.

I guess the older one accepted their word and he went to work. He licked at the seven-year-old's little uncircumcised cocklet for a few seconds before he swallowed all two and half inches like a pro. Hmmm, I watched in awe and envy as the young suckee's eyes rolled back in his head while he automatically started thrusting his hard little pole in and out of the suckers hot little mouth.

I guess the older one was ambidextrous because he was quite able to continue stroking the youngest of the bunch while sucking and licking the middle boy like it might be his last chance ever to give a blow job to a little boy.

Lick, suck, suck, suck, lick, the kid knew how to get the job done. Surely it wasn't his first little boy cock rodeo. He wasn't even using his free hand to guide the middle boy's little cock into his hot and hungry mouth. Apparently he didn't need any help guiding the young boy cock between his by then glistening lips. Instead, he was using his free hand to stroke his own 4-inch boner that he'd apparently unleashed before I'd come to view the scene.

I was just about to unleash my own rock hard cock and start taking care of business, until a better thought hit me. If I could get some photos of the action going on outside my window, I'd have jack off material for the rest of the year.

I quickly grabbed my cell phone of the night stand and after being careful not to disturb the window blinds too much. I began capturing images just as fast as the cheap little phone could take them. Suck, suck. Click, click, Lick, Lick, Click click. Oh yeah, I was getting some hot by action photos and I'd even managed to get a few 30-second video clips of the older boys drooling lips wrapped around the middle boys little cock. Geez, if he sucked any harder the little ones marble sized balls were gonna get vacuumed right out of his still tight ball sack.

I'm not sure what I was expecting – can a seven-year-old even cum? But I could help wondering how far this was going to go for the middle boy. But sadly for him – and me – he didn't get to far along into wherever he was going before the pleasure he was receiving suddenly stopped. Yeah, the middle boy was clearly disappointed when my new ten-year-old cock hungry hero pulled off and told the youngest boy to move closer and get ready. Oh yeah, he seemed more than ready as I watched him waddle a little closer to the oldest boys hot and hungry mouth. Though it looked kind of funny, I couldn't blame him for waddling as he moved into position. I know from experience that its hard to walk when you've got your shorts and underwear wrapped around your knee's.

If he had any doubts about getting sucked before that, they seemed to disappear as soon as his hot little shaft sank into the oldest boys mouth until there was no more little boy cock visible to the eye. He seemed to involuntarily shudder for a brief moment before he closed his eyes and let himself get into it. Way into it!

The middle boy leaned over to the youngest and whispered something into his ear. I couldn't make out what he said, but then the younger boy nodded his head and began moving his hips back and forth, and consequently his little cock in and out, of the oldest boys sucking and slurping mouth. Yeah, I guessed the middle boy had suggested fucking the oldest boys face. That's what I imagined anyway when I watched the replay.

After a few moments of suck and slurp, the oldest boy stopped briefly to tell the middle one to get on his knee's and suck him. The middle boy seemed hesitant for a moment until the older one suggested otherwise.

“Do it, or I'll tell mom it was you that stole her cigarettes last week,” he grunted out before he went back to sucking the youngest of the three.

I guess the older of the two were brothers would do whatever was necessary to get his little boy dick sucked. In that case, threats and coercion. What a little prick, in more than one way. I couldn't help wondering why the little brother was still intact while the older had been cut. But the thought quickly subsided as I watched with my own nasty desires as the middle boy did what he was told without another word. Whatever doubts he had about sucking his older brothers four inch steely hard cock, it seemed that the threat of mom finding out about the theft was worse than doing the deed.

He got down on his knee's and had to lean over onto his hands so he could reach his older brothers rock hard boy cock that seemed to be waving around in search of prey all by itself. Slurp. Since he was on his hands and knee's – with his hard little boy ass pointing up into the air I should add – he could only purse his lips and suck it into his hot little mouth. Like I said, slurp!

The older boy kept sucking the youngest with a passion as he used one of his now free hands to help guide his little brother in the right direction. That means he grabbed a fistful of little bro's short blond hair and used it to pull, then push, his straining little cock in and out of the little boys then drooling mouth repeatedly. Yeah, that seemed to work for the oldest boy as he closed his eyes and redoubled his efforts on the youngest of the trio.

Even though it ended up being a little grainy, the digital zoom on the cell phone camera got some awesome still close ups of all the action as the boys sucked and slurped their way as close to orgasm as their young little bodies were able. But the best shot of the day – well for that part of the day anyway – was when I switched into video mode and got a extreme close up of big brothers face as he sucked and sucked and sucked the younger boys dick with the ferocity of a wild animal eating its prey until his lips seemed to get a little tighter around the tiny two inches he was devouring as he started moving his hips so he could fuck his little brothers mouth all the more harder.

In another ten seconds, and a dozen more sucks, he let the little ones cock slip from his mouth as he shoved his four-incher into little bro's mouth all the way to the hilt and held it there while he grunted and groaned like the a fore mentioned wild animal while his face was all scrunched up in the apparent throws of climax.

Huh, I wouldn't have thought that he would have been old enough to achieve orgasm. But he clearly did, though it was surely dry.

I zoomed back out with the video camera just in time to capture the oldest boy shove little brother off of his still hard boy cock while he fell back on his haunches and came down from his wild ride.

The youngest boy pulled up his tightey-whiteys and then his shorts as he surveyed the other two with uncertainty. Whatever doubts he was having about what had just transpired, his little cocklet seemed to be having other thoughts even though it was now safely back in the confines of his tight little shorts and underwear.

He was unconsciously rubbing his still hard boy cock through the fabric of his coverings with the tip of his index finger while he watched his young friend get up off the ground and pull his own clothes back up into position. Perhaps he was a little relieved that he hadn't had to be the one to get down and do the dirty deed to the older boy. Oh well, maybe next time he'll have to be the one I thought to myself. Yeah, I was so hoping for a next time.

Older brother on the other hand was still on his knee's dreamily watching the younger boys dress as he slowly stroked his still steely hard cock while he directed the youngsters in what to do next.

“Go back home. And don't tell Dianna where we've been or I'll kick your asses,” he told them both with a threatening glare.

Both little ones just nodded their little heads and skedaddled their way through a hole in the back fence and disappeared out of site.

The older boy still just sat there stroking his cock for another minute – yet another clip I captured on video – before he reluctantly (it seemed) stood and pulled his own clothes back up.

I thought he too was going to make his way through the hole in the fence and disappear into the neighboring mobile home park, but he didn't. Instead he made his way over to the back porch steps and pulled a cigarette pack and a lighter from his shorts pocket before pulling one out and lighting it. I guessed little bro wasn't the only one stealing smokes from mom. What a little fucker he was for threatening to tell on his little bro for doing the same thing he did. And the stolen smokes were probably for him anyway. I mean seven-year-olds don't smoke, do they?

Then a wicked thought came to mind as I sat there stroking my own rock hard cock while I watched older brother take another drag on his after orgasm smoke.

Two can play that game.

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