Nothing in this story is true. It's all made up. It never happened. At least that I know about anyway. Apparently there are laws regarding the age of the readers. So if you aren't old enough, in your land of the free, go somewhere else. Or not.

We can make a deal.

I burst through the back door like some hungry wild animal in search of prey. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up 'cause that's exactly what I'd become right then. Roar! Snarl! Growl! Boing!

Once I spotted my startled victim sitting on the porch still smoking his after orgasm cigarette, without pause and projecting all the fierceness I could muster, I stormed right up too him as I barked out “What the fuck is going on here?” while I leaned down and plucked the mostly finished cig right out of the young boys hand and threw it on the ground before stomping it out.

“You're gonna burn my fucking place down!” I shouted next as I leaned over and grabbed the pack of smokes and lighter that were sitting on the porch step right next to the now white as a ghost youngster that looked as though he might try and make a get away.

I discouraged that reaction by moving in front of him and blocking the only path he could have taken as I asked him very firmly “What's your name boy?”

He seemed too stunned to answer right away so I helped him find his voice box. “You answer me boy, what the fuck is your name?” I repeated with a bit of feigned rage thrown in for good measure.

After a brief pause he stuttered out, “M... Ma... Ma... Michael,” as he once again looked around as if seeking an avenue of escape.

I didn't give him a chance to think about anything other than me and my fury. “What is your last name Michael?”

That time he was more quick in responding. “Ja... Ja... Jones, uhm... Michael Jones, uhm... sir,” he added as if he he was trying to charm his way out of the heap of shit he'd just fell into. No, I don't think he had any clue as to how deep he was into it already. And it was like quicksand.

“Where do you live Michael Jones?” I asked next.

He pointed over towards my back fence as he replied timidly, “Over there in the Crest View Mobile Home Park.”

Just what I thought. Him and his two little cock sucking cohorts had cut across the gulley between the two properties and made their way into my back yard where they'd obviously thought no one would see them doing they're dirty deeds.

“What's your moms name?” I asked next as I kept the fear factor alive.

He wasn't expecting that question. “Uhm... Judy,” he answered while the look in his eyes gave away the dread he was feeling about where this line of questioning might be headed. Not the way he wanted it too, that was for sure.

“And where is she right now,” I barked out next before I added, “I'm going to have to call her and tell her what I caught you doing,” as I lifted my cell phone up a bit so he could see it. I held the screen away from him so he couldn't see the looping close-up video of him sucking a little boys hard cock. A roughly six-year-old boys hard cock at that.

“She's at work... uhm, ah, so you can't call her right now,” he answered being obviously hopeful that I'd drop it and let him go since we couldn't contact her. I wasn't going there.

All right then, who is watching you today?” I responded right back with a snarl to let him know I meant business.

The look of dread returned immediately as he answered, “Ahh, uhm... Dianna... uhm... she's my babysitter when my mom is working.

And then I stunned him with the next question. “Is that where those little boys went... the ones who's dicks you were sucking?

He went all Casper on me again as he tried to deny it. “We didn't do that. We were just playing around.”

Yeah, and I want to play that game too I was thinking. Its so funny how young boys will fight to the last if they don't think you can prove anything. But I guess adults will do that too, so whatever.

“Is that so,” I barked out as I held up my phone so he could see the video of himself sucking a little boy cock like he was a pedo porn star.

Gulp. Once he saw my undeniable proof he did what all boys do in those situations. Tears started streaming down his reddening cheeks right before he buried his head between his legs and started bawling.

I wasn't going to give him a chance to play on my sympathies. “Knock it off!” I shouted before I moved on with my interrogation.

“What is Dianna's phone number?” I asked even more threateningly.

It took him a moment so I barked even louder, “Answer me now!”

That got him to respond. “Uhm, agh, I don't know it,” he said as he leaned back up and tried wiping the tears off of his face. His eyes seemed to have regained a little hopefulness. Hey, he couldn't help it if we couldn't get in contact with anyone who was probably going to spank his tight little ass – at the very least – when they found out what he'd done, right?

I think he was lying, but it didn't matter anyway.

“Then I'll just have to call the police and tell them I caught a young boy in my back yard that was smoking stolen cigarettes and almost burned down my place right after he forced two little boys to suck his dick,” I growled out without blinking.

And then with mock disgust – though in reality I suppose it was lust – I added, “And one of them was his little brother... that's just gross.”

I just pointed towards the back door as I said, “Get in the house and sit on the couch so I can keep an eye on you until the cops get here,” while I pretended as if I was beginning to dial the phone.

Gulp again. I think that time it was Casper's ghost I was seeing right then. He seemed to have lost all hope of getting out of it and as the waterworks began once again, he gave in and did as he was told. He stood up and began walking into the house with his head hanging low and his tail between his lithe little legs. Yeah, the bawling started once again too.

I helped him along as I grabbed him by the back of his still small bicep and guided him into my living room and onto the couch. Once he was sitting I barked out once again, “Knock that shit off and be quiet,” as I pretended as if I was having trouble dialing 911.

Then, with as much disgust (lust) as I could muster, I showed him the video of him sucking the six-year-old boy's pricklet while he was slamming his boy cock in and out of his little brothers mouth like some wild animal in heat as I said, “I can't believe you threatened to tell on them if they didn't do that sick shit to you. That's so fucked up! Call me a hypocrite – and a few other nasty things I suppose. Whatever! I was just moments away from making the very same offer to him after all. Yeah, two can play that game.

The tears were still flowing but at least he wasn't bawling anymore. In fact, he kind of had a look in his eye that I had seen earlier. Yeah, as he watched the video playing right in front of him, that lusty look he wore as he sucked and got sucked seem to be spreading out across his somewhat cute little mug. And that's when I made my offer.

As I looked him dead in his bleary, bloodshot eyes I said, “Ya know, I just thought of a way where I wouldn't have to call the police and have you arrested for what you did to those little boys. We can make a deal,” I told him as I soothed the tone of my voice and demeanor a bit to help him calm down. “That is if you want to,” I added to make it clear it was going to be up to him which way things were going to go from there. Ha! Like he had any choice.

I added the final few nails to his coffin to help seal the deal. “But you're going to be in jail for a long time for doing that sick shit to such young boys. And all of your friends are going to find out that you like sucking dick – very little boy dicks – too. Oh, and I've heard that every night right before bedtime, the big boys in jail make the little boys suck they're big hairy cocks to get them hard and then they bend the young boys over and fuck them in the ass until they cum.”

Yeah, I slathered it on pretty thick. But in reality everything I said was true, to one degree or another. The fact that the cops would ask me a lot of uncomfortable questions – to say the least – didn't escape me. But he didn't have to know now did he?

He automatically started nodding his head as his look of hope once again returned to his tear streaked face. I was wondering how he was going to react when he found out what it was he was actually agreeing to.

I switched the video again to the one where he was licking and sucking his little brothers two and half inch uncut boy cock and showed it to him as I said, “You either do that to me or I start dialing.”

He watched the video replay of him swallowing a little boy cock whole while my request (threat) was processed in his young little mind before he looked at my face for a moment to check and see if I was being serious. Once he saw my fierce, unflinching demeanor return, he quickly averted his eyes – back to his little cock sucking porno video I should add – before he ever so slightly nodded his head once again.

He seemed to have agreed, but I needed him to say it. “Answer me out loud when I ask you a question,” or when I threaten you I didn't add – as I pulled the phone back and pretended like I was dialing again. Actually, I was just switching video's, but he didn't need to know that right then, did he?

Though he didn't look too excited about it, his face said it all. He'd rather suck my big fat man cock than face the alternatives. “OK, it's a deal,” he answered as he looked towards my crotch as if he was trying to see exactly what he was getting himself into. Or more precisely, what was going to go into him. Yeah, my cock had started to rise again as soon as I heard those fateful words. Though his words said one thing, his eyes told another story all together. Gulp.

“You're going to do anything I say... without any argument, aren't you.” I said menacingly just so he'd be clear on how this was going to go down. Or more precisely, how he was going to go down.

He started to nod his little head again before he caught my glare and replied, “Yes sir, I'll do anything you say. Just don't call the police or tell my mom anything.”

Then he added a desperate, “Please,” to seal his end of the bargain.

I thought that was kind of a hoot. He was going to be promising me that he wasn't going to tell anybody either before he left the shitty mobile home where he was about to make his adult cock sucking debut. Or was my man juice the first that was going to cross his young palate and gush down his tight little throat I wondered. I couldn't be sure considering just how into it he was on the video that was playing in the palm of my hand. But I was going to find that – and a lot of other things – out before our time together was over.

“Then go into the bathroom and wash your grubby face and hands,” I told him as I pointed the way before adding, “Then get your tight little ass back out here so you can make good on our deal.”

I watched as he scurried out of the room then went and sat on the couch and lit up one of his smokes. As I leaned back and got comfy, another nasty thought occurred to me. I switched off the video player and checked to see how much storage space I had left on my phone.

Hmmm. About a half hours worth. That should be just about enough time.

More to cum if I get some interesting responses.