Notice : Even though this story is written in "I" narrative, it is total fiction. See Epilogue.

"Two New Sons" with Epilogue
A Love Story
by Avitar <avitar_two@hotmail.com>

It was a beautiful day in late June, I was headed back home in Houston. I was on top of the world, having no inkling of how my life was about to change. Here I was in my late forties, gay, and still had the body of a young thirty year old with a lean and trim build, nothing to brag about, but I was still desirable to some. However, my sex life had dwindled to almost nothing but self gratification watching porno movies. At least I was still HIV negative and wanted to remain that way. Two of my ex-lovers had already died of complications from AIDS and another of the remaining two was positive. I had been married for about three years in my early 20's but did not have any children. It had not been a good union as I had only married her because I had been raised very Baptist and could not admit I liked men more than women. After the divorce, I finally came to terms with my sexuality; most of my family accepted it, to some degree. I had owned my own small successful company for ten years now in the field of computer systems for small businesses. I only had a total of seven employees, all who had been with me from the time their job had been added. By that I mean, I have never had an employee quit for any reason. It might be that my practice has always been to share 40% of the net profit among my employees. This past year most of them made more in bonuses than salary. Enough of my background

.As my pickup zipped along the highway, I was already planning my quiet evening at home without a care in the world, when I saw what appeared to be two young teenagers walking along the side of the road with their thumbs stuck out but not looking back. I hadn't picked up a hitcher in years and almost flew right past them, but something told me to stop. The two boys ran up to the truck with a huge smile on their faces. I lowered the window, asking where they were going, the older boy said "Houston". I told them to get in as that was where I was headed. I immediately regretted that decision because the boys were very dirty and reeked of boy sweat. I thought, what the hell, it's only 50 more miles.

I asked the boys "Where are you going in Houston?". The older answered "We're going to visit our Uncle Bob but we don't know where he lives". I asked them if they had an address or a phone number. "Nope" came the shy answer. "How do you expect to find him"?, I asked. "I don't know, but I'm sure we will", the older answered.

I sat puzzled for a few minutes trying to figure out what type of hustle was happening. I carefully surveyed both boys, their hair was in bad need of a cut, their cloths were old and worn-out ( I was sure the dirt was holding the fabric together) and their shoes were some no name athletic type that were literally falling apart with no socks. In addition, the boys themselves were not any where in the vicinity of been cute - they were not ugly but pretty much non-descript. They looked skin and bones with sunken dark eyes. I thought to myself - Why did you stop...look at what you have gotten yourself into.

To make conversation, I asked the boys, "Are you from around here"? The older boy answered they had come from South Carolina. I thought to myself - Bullshit here comes the hustle.

I decided to play along, asking why they had no suitcase or clothes. The older boy answered it had been stolen. "How was it stolen", I asked. With a troubled expression, the younger boy looked at the older, "Do think it's okay to tell him". "Yeah, I think he's okay," the older answered. They both looked at me with their best sad face. The older told me that two days earlier, a fat old man in a truck had picked them up. When he found out they didn't have any family, had wanted them to suck his dick in return for the ride. They said he pulled out this ugly thing and they had refused to do it. He stopped, made them get out and had driven away before they could get their suitcase from the back of the truck. Now I began to really wonder at what I had gotten myself into.

During the remainder of the trip into Houston, I made small conversation with the boys, learning the older boy's name was Shawn and the younger was Steve but went by Junior most of the time. Shawn had just turned 15 and Steve was almost 14 as he put it; actually he had just turned 13 a few months earlier. They told me their mother had died after falling out their dad's pickup one night when they were out drinking. Their dad was on some kind of disability and stayed drunk most of the time. Their dad had told them to leave about a week ago because he wasn't gonna feed them anymore. I felt like there was more to this story and quiet possibly there wasn't an ounce of truth in what they had told me. I was so busy trying to figure out what game they were trying to play with me, I missed the obvious question - When was the last time you ate. When I did think to ask, we were already in the city and 20 minutes from my house. They replied they had begged some money at a rest stop that morning and bought some chips out of a vending machine. When they tried to get more, the machine took the money but didn't give them anything.

The boys has relaxed enough to ask me some questions and had gleaned from me that I wasn't married nor did I have any children, which made them seem puzzled.

Okay, so I'm a sucker for a sad story - I told the boys I would take them to my house, feed them , let them take a bath and wash their cloths before we would find their uncle.

When we drove in the back drive to my house, their eyes were wide with amazement. My house was a modest brick in an older part of town with huge trees and a huge lot. I had fixed the place up and installed a swimming pool in the back yard. The pool really impressed them. They could both swim but had only been in the small lake near their house. When we entered the house, they were speechless. To me my home was comfortable with every gadget convenience I could buy. To them this was wonderland. They had never seen a TV that "Big".

I told the boys the first order of business was a bath and washing their cloths, instructing them to follow me. I led them to the hall bathroom, got them towels, shampoo and soap. I told them when they stripped, they could throw their dirty clothes in the hall and I would wash them. To my amazement they started striping right in front of me and just stood there butt naked before me. I swear, I could have counted their ribs from 20 feet away. I suppose their dicks were about average for their age and both already had filled ball sacks that hung past the end of their dicks. They were average looking thin boys I guess, as I didn't have anything to compare to.

I left the bathroom and put their clothes in the washing machine. When I went thru their pockets, the only thing I found was a hunk of wadded up toilet paper in each of their back pockets.

While they were taking their bath, I started pondering my plan of action. I realized I needed to drop off some things at the office before long so the guys could get to work on the new system I had just sold. I put the clothes in the dryer and checked on the boys. The door was partially open, so I just stuck my head in. Both boys were still in the tub, just soaking and enjoying the warm water. I told them I had to run to my office which was just a few minutes away and would be back soon. Also, there was ham and cheese in the refrig, to help themselves. I added, their clothes were in the dryer and to just wrap up in towels til they were finished.

On the way out, I had the presence of mind to lock all my jewelry and cash in the floor safe. I decided to leave forty bucks on the table in the kitchen, thinking maybe they would just take the money and leave. I also stopped at my next door neighbor, also gay, told him the situation and asked him to watch the house. If he saw them trying to steal anything, stop them.

I was a total nervous wreck by the time I got back to my house an hour later. The first thing I noticed was the forty missing from the table. I hurried into the den. Both boys were on the floor in front of the TV. The first thing I noticed was they were wearing some old oversize football jerseys from MY closet. The next thing I noticed was what was on the TV - Oh Shit - I had left a porno in the VCR - they were watching a guy get fucked in the ass.

I quickly leaped for the remote and turned off the TV. I told them I was sorry. They looked at me with fear in their eyes, immediately starting saying they were sorry they had messed with my stuff. I told them I was sorry they had seen what was on the TV, but not to worry, I was not going to try to do anything to them. Then I noticed that it appeared they both had hard-ons under the jerseys. Shawn simply looked at me, "You shouldn't leave money laying around, someone might steal it - I put it under the bread". I was shocked to say the least. The only thing I could think of was to ask if their cloths were dry yet. They didn't know but said they kinda liked what they were wearing, I didn't mind. I said I didn't. I then suggested we should call their uncle and asked his name. I couldn't believe the answer - Bob Smith. How many Bob Smith's or variations of Bob could there be in the Houston phonebook. Just as I figured - hundreds - FUCK. After trying a few, I knew this was going nowhere fast. I said, "Look boys, we are going to have to call your father and get his name or address or phone number". Both boys turned pale instantly. I thought to myself - now comes the truth. Shawn begged me for another way but I held firm and he finally gave me the phone number.

When the phone was answered, it was obvious that the man on the other end was drunk. I told him I had picked his boys up while they were hitching into Houston and I needed to know how to contact their Uncle Bob. I really was not prepared for the answer I got. He told me in no uncertain terms, he didn't give a fuck who I was, there was No uncle Bob and never had been. It had all been a lie their mother had told them and he didn't give a damn what happened to the ass-fucking faggots. I had the phone on speaker mode, the boys heard it all and I could see the tears starting to form in their eyes. I hung up the phone. I was in shock from what I had just heard. I realized they weren't hustling me after all and at the same time knew I now had a real situation on my hands. All I could think to tell them was not worry, we would figure something out. I put a regular movie in the VCR, telling the boys to watch it while I tried to plan things out. I went to the kitchen and began making some phone calls to my secretary and closest friend. Both of their suggestions were similar, I should keep them a few days and really think the situation through before doing anything else. My best friend Paul also suggested I should think about keeping them. He reminded me he had always told me I would make a great father. Not a chance I thought.

Shawn crept into the kitchen and sat down at the table across from me. His eyes were red and puffy, it was obvious he had been crying. He just looked at me, asking simply, "What are you going to do to us - make us leave'? I thought for a few seconds, "No, you can stay here for a few days until I can get you into some kind of foster care with the state." Tears were beginning to roll down his cheeks and he mumbled they would really like to stay with me and they wouldn't eat much. My heart strings were being pulled taunt. I explained to him that my life was different from most people and it would not be a good influence on him or his little brother. He just looked at me blankly and asked if the reason I didn't have a wife or children was that I liked doing things they had seen on the TV. I took in a deep breath and answered him "Yes, I'm gay". "What's gay", Shawn asked. I explained to him that I really didn't like girls and preferred the company of other men. "Oh, you mean Queer," he exclaimed. He started to smile and told me they didn't like girls either. I laughed, explaining to him very soon he would be changing and he was going to like girls a whole lot more. He told me he didn't think so because he and Junior had been playing sex for over a year together. I told him what they were doing was natural for some boys their ages but things would change when they got older. He sat for a few minutes in deep thought. Then looked me straight in the eyes as he spoke, "I will have sex with you forever if you will let us stay with you, but I don't think I could do it in my butt". I was shocked at what appeared to be a very sincere expression of desperation. I told him that would not be option but I would try to help them as much as I could. That seemed to make him feel a little better. He also asked me not to make Junior have sex with me. I sensed there was something he wasn't telling me so I prodded him to explain. He calmly told me he had not quite told me the real reason their father threw them out. It seems that one night their father and his best friend got real drunk on beer at their house. His father passed out. During the night the friend had come into bedroom thinking it was the bathroom and started pissing on them in bed. When he saw it was the boys, he decided he was gonna fuck Junior's tight little butt. Shawn had tried to fight him off but had gotten punched in the eye real good. After it was all over, Junior was bleeding from his hole. The next day the boys tried to tell their father but he just started screaming how they were just little mama's boy faggots and how they were telling lies about his friend, trying to cover up butt fucking each other. He then told them to get fuck out and never come back. Later that night, they packed a few clothes in an old suitcase of their Mom's, took twenty dollars out of their dad's pocket and hit the road. They didn't realize it would take so long to get to Texas.

Now, I felt like I could have killed their father on the spot. I was enraged. Then I remembered, bleeding from the butt. I jumped to my feet, ran to the den and blurted out, "Are you still bleeding". Junior looked at Shawn as the tears started to roll, "You said you wouldn't tell nobody, Shawny". I looked at him and assured him I would not touch him, but I wanted to look at his backside so I could tell if he needed a doctor or not. Junior looked at his bother who nodded okay to him. He rolled over on his stomach and pulled up the shirt. I told him he would have to pull his cheeks apart as I wasn't going to touch him. He reached behind and did as I told him. I examined him for a few seconds, determined he was healing nicely and there didn't appear to be any infection. I told him he could get up. As he rolled over, his hard-on popped up in front of me before he got the shirt pulled back down. He actually blushed deep red. I just smiled at him and tosseled his hair which apparently made him very happy since he smiled real big, showing his broken front tooth.

I asked the boys if they had eaten something while I was gone, they both nodded yes. I told them to tell me when they felt hungry again and I would get them something. They both let me know that if I wanted to, they could eat again right now. I thought for a minute and suggested we order a pizza. Their faces lit up like a light bulb. I asked what kind they wanted and they gave me a puzzled look. I asked again what they wanted on the pizza and they told me they had never had a real pizza and didn't know. They told me sometimes their dad's drinking buddies would bring one over but all they ever got was some on the edge they didn't eat. I looked at them in astonishment, "What did you dad feed you", I asked. The answer was even a bigger shock, mostly corn flakes, baloney or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches since their mom had died. She had been a real good cook but they didn't have much even then.

I ordered a large pizza with everything, enjoyed watching them devour all but the two pieces I ate. I put in a new movie, they were glued to the tube while I returned to the kitchen to make more phone calls. I phoned Paul telling him all the latest developments, He started telling me he could tell by the tone of my voice I was going to try and keep them. I assured him that was not the case but he just laughed and repeated what he had said. We still talking when the movie ended and Shawn came into the kitchen. I said goodbye to Paul and asked Shawn what he needed.

I noticed that he was starting to tremble just a little. I reached out before I thought, putting my arm around him. He immediately moved next to me, threw his arms around me and hugged with all his strength. He mumbled again what he had offered earlier, to have as much sex with me as I wanted if they could stay. I sat him down, trying to explain to him that grown men did not have sex with young boys and the ones who did were sick. I also explained to him they wouldn't have to do anything with me and I would try to help them somehow but staying with me was not in their best interest. He looked at me with tears flooding his face, "You think we are white trash too". I just stared at him and questioned why he made such a remark. He told me they didn't have any friends where they came from because the other kids were not allowed to be around them because all the town folks said they were white trash. I assured him I didn't think they were white trash and no one here would ever call them that.

I led Shawn back to the den and told the boys it was time for bed. I told them I hoped they didn't mind sharing a bed since I had only one guest bedroom and it only had one bed. They assured me they had always slept together in the same bed. I showed them the room and asked if they needed a light left on. They shook their heads no. I told them I would leave the hall light on in case they needed to go to the bathroom.

I went to my bedroom and closed the door. Then suddenly something flashed in my head that made me feel a little guilty. The previous owners of the house had used that room as a nursery and there was a baby monitor built in to the master bedroom intercom. There were still many questions that needed to be answered and I felt this might be one way to find out things. I turned on the baby monitor.

"Shawy, is he gonna let us stay with him", Junior quizzed.

"I don't think so Junior, I er.. kinda offered to do sex with him all he wanted but he told me that it ain't right for men and boys to do it like you and I do" Shawn told him.

"Why not", Junior asked.

"Cause he said it was okay for boys to do it but not for men and boys to do it....I just know if I could do sex with him and make him feel like I do when you suck me, he would like us and let us stay"offered Shawn.

"What are we gonna do, Shawny", Junior whimpered and I could tell he was crying."Come on Junior, lets get some sleep and I'll ask him again tomorrow but I don't think he's gonna change his mind".

I smiled and turned off the intercom not wanting to further invade their privacy if they had sex.

I was totally exhausted from all the traumatic events that taken place in the last few hours and decided to hit the sack. I wondered if I should wear underwear instead of sleeping nude. In a short time the underwear became just too confining, so I shucked them and drifted off to sleep.

I awoke with a startling sensation, realizing my hard cock was shooting its load and at the same time there was a hot, wet mouth on it. I jerked my cock out of the mouth, feeling the teeth as it came out, while still shooting my heavy load. I reached for the lamp switch. The light blazed on. There laying at my crotch was Junior with my cum all over his face and dribbling out his lips. He had the strangest look on his face, something between pleasure and fear. I reached for him, he recoiled slightly. I grabbed his arm and pulled him closer noticing that his 4 inch cock was hard against his belly. I cradled him in my arms asking him why he had done that. He looked at me with those sad, sincere eyes telling me he hoped he could make me feel good and I would let them stay. I hugged him close, feeling his boy cock pressing against me. I lifted him up, took him fully in my mouth and sucked. He shot his boy load in about 3 sucks. I was immediately reminded of that boy taste from so many years ago. Then, I realized what I had done and started to feel guilty. I pulled away from Junior telling him I was sorry for what I had done to him and that it was wrong. He stared at me, telling me he didn't understand why it was wrong if we both liked it and that he sure did. I just sighed at his logic and told him he needed to go back to his room. I also told him, in the morning we would have to tell Shawn what had happened. Junior smiled as he slipped out the door.

I thought to myself, what in the fuck have I done. Then I thought again and turned on the intercom.

"Shawny, Shawny, wake up, wake up"...."What, Junior" ..... "Guess what I just did" .... "What" .... "I sucked him and he squirted in my mouth" ... "What, that bastard, I'll kill him" .... "No, Shawny, he didn't know, I did it while he was sleeping.... he got real angry when he woke up and was squirting in my mouth....but he ended up hugging me.... then he sucked me and I squirted in his mouth real fast....then he got upset again....he told me he was sorry and he was going to tell you. So I thought I better tell you first so you won't be mad....your not mad are you?" ... "Why did you do that Junior, I could have done him and you wouldn't have to" ... "But Shawny, I wanted to and it felt good, his squirt tasted different than yours but it was okay....it was so much I think I would have drown if he hadn't pulled it out....it really felt good when he hugged me, just like when mama used to, I really like him Shawny....I wish we had a daddy like him"

" I don't know Junior, we'll talk about it tomorrow, now go to sleep"

" Shawny, can I suck you" ... silence... " No, if I can get him to let me suck him tomorrow he might want to suck me and I want to squirt a lot so he'll think I'm a man" ... "Okay".... silence.

I turned off the intercom and lay there with a million emotions running thru my head as I drifted back to sleep.

Again, I awoke feeling my cum shooting out of my rigid cock into a hot wet mouth. When my eyes opened it was morning and I was staring at this rigid cock right in front of my lips. I knew instantly it belonged to Shawn since it was larger than the one I had sucked earlier. It was twitching like it was going to explode. He was moaning, thrusting his straining cock against my lips. I opened my mouth, sucking it in so as not to lose a drop of his fluid, didn't even get a second stroke before he blasted the back of my throat with his boy juices. I almost gagged from the volume of his load. He moaned loudly, slightly biting down on my cock as he continued to shoot his load into my waiting mouth. I lay there fully spent, trying to separate my feelings. I felt really bad I had been weak and done it again to a boy but at the same time I could never remember an orgasm like that ever before in my life. Shawn lifted his head and with a big grin looked at me, "Couldn't let Junior have all the fun!! Did I do good like a man?"

I motioned for him to turn around. He leaped up and dropped next to me with his face inches from mine with his eyes searching mine for some sign of approval. He moved his face closer, giving me a lite kiss on the lips. Again his eyes searched mine for a reaction. After a long gaze he finally asked if he had made me feel good. I admitted he had. He flashed a huge grin, asking if that meant they could stay. I was at a loss as what to say to him. He sensed I not ready to say yes and continued, " I sucked all of you, I didn't spit out anything and I squirted like a man in your mouth didn't I". Had I not heard their conversation over the intercom, what he was saying wouldn't have made much sense to me, but now it did. I admitted to him, yes he had shot a man size load in my mouth but he was still a boy. It didn't matter to him I said he was still a boy, all he really heard was a man size load. He was grinning from ear to ear. He rubbed my chest all over, trying to hug me closer. I think if could have pushed his way thru my skin, he would have. He leaned over my face again and gave me another lite kiss on the lips. Then gazed into my eyes as he told me he wished I could be his Dad. My mind was still whirling when suddenly Junior leaped on the bed, grabbing me from the other side. "Please let us stay, I will suck you better next time, I can make you feel good just like Shawny did", he pleaded.

I chuckled loudly and suggested we get some breakfast. "Wait," Shawn said, "Junior still hard." With that remark, he crawled between his brothers legs and started to suck the hard dick. Junior wrapped his arms around my neck, hugging me very firmly as he started to moan. I knew he was dropping his boy load in his brothers wanting mouth. Shawn sat up, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and proclaimed, with a devilish grin on his face, he was now ready for breakfast. We all leaped off the bed and started towards the kitchen butt naked. I suddenly realized I usually didn't eat breakfast at home and had very little to fix. We had toast and jam and I promised eggs and bacon as soon as we went shopping. They wanted to know for what. I told them they couldn't run around naked forever, we needed to get them some new clothes. Their eyes really lit up at this. Both wanted to know if I really meant New. I asked them what other kind was there. They explained their clothes always came from the second hand store and were always too big. In fact Junior usually ended up with Shawn's worn out stuff. I told them to hit the shower, but they told me they were still clean from yesterday. I told them to watch TV while I showered and then we would go.

I was enjoying the warm spray of the shower but a zillion things and emotions were racing thru my head. I suddenly felt I was not alone and looked thru the glass door of the shower. Both boys were sitting on the floor watching me. I stuck my head out the door yelling, "Get dressed." They were both laughing as they fled the room. When, I got out of the shower both were fully dressed in their old clothes and sitting in the middle of my bed smiling. I dressed quickly and off we went.

I had called the office, told them I wasn't coming in today. My secretary assured me I was not needed. We shopped and shopped and shopped until the trunk of my car was full. I had taken the car instead of the truck because I knew we would be going lots of places and didn't want any of their new things to get stolen out of the back of the truck. They were really impressed over their new Nike's. Where they came from only the rich kids had Nike's and now they had two pair each. Jeans, shorts, bathing suits ( which they didn't see the need for), socks underwear and shirts and of course ball caps.

Next was the barber shop. When they asked Junior how he wanted his hair cut, he pointed to me and said "Like his". I laughed, telling the barber to cut them like other boys their age. They both thought they looked kinda funny when he was finished but after seeing some other kids they thought they looked pretty good after all and they liked their Nike's.

When we finally returned to the house in the late afternoon and they were exhausted but wanted to take a bath. When they came out they were wearing their new white briefs and I must admit they filled them out quite nicely. I was lounging on the sofa, they came over and curled up next to me. Shawn ran his arm under my shirt, letting his hand rest on my chest. Junior, not to be out done, did the same. I had been reeled in, hook, line and sinker.

The next day was Friday, I told the boys I had to go into the office for a little while. They were free to do as they pleased around the house and could even go swimming as long as they were both at the pool at the same time...no swimming alone I warned. I gave them the phone number to my office and told them the guy next door was a friend, if they needed any help, to get him.

I actually felt like I could trust them and headed out to work. All of my employees knew I was gay. Everyone was waiting with ten thousand questions when I got there. I tended to few business matters. My secretary told me she had taken the liberty of calling my attorney, another gay friend of mine, explaining the situation to him and I should call him. I called Jay immediately, explained the boys situation again, leaving out the sex of coarse, and told him I would like to find an option other than foster care. He suggested the best thing for me to do at this point was to secure guardianship over the boys, if I thought I could get the father to sign the papers. I asked him if he could do the necessary paperwork. He said he had already done so but needed the names of everyone concerned. I didn't even know their last name.

Back to the house I drove. When I arrived I heard all the laughing and splashing at the pool. I opened the gate, there they were butt naked having the time of their lives. They got very quiet when they saw me. I told them it was okay but I needed their last name and their fathers full name. Fear swept their faces instantly. I explained to them what I was going to try to do. They both leaped out of the water with their dicks bouncing and hugged me. Needless to say, now I was wet. I told the boys to have a good time and went back to the office. I picked up the papers from Jay and had my secretary make reservations for a flight to Charleston on Monday. My secretary also told me one of the very polite boys had just called, enquiring when I was coming home. I thanked Susan for all her help and headed for the house.

When I entered, both boys were sitting at the table in their underwear with a big pizza in the middle of the table. I was surprised and asked them how they had managed that. Shawn told me he saw the word pizza beside this button on the phone, when he pushed it they answered, he simply told them he wanted the same as we had ordered last time and then gave them the phone number from the phone. Good thing the pizza place used a database for regular customers. When I asked Shawn how he paid for it, he looked a little sheepish, explaining I had left the forty dollars under the bread. I laughed loudly, hugging them both which seemed to make them very happy I was so pleased.

After dinner, we settled in the den to watch a little TV. They took off their underwear, curled up close to me on the sofa and in seconds both had roaring hard-ons. After about a minute they started undoing my clothes. I objected but they said they just wanted to touch my skin. Yeah, right. I sat them down, gave them my best boy - man don't go it speech. They just sat there smiling at me. Junior looked at me and simply said "It's either now or after you go to sleep". I tried to tell them we couldn't be doing this every night, to which they replied "Why Not". By this time they had my shirt open and Shawn had started to lick my nipples. Junior was trying to plant a big kiss on me but really didn't know what to do except open his mouth. I showed him how to use his tongue, he became very good very fast. By this time, Shawn had my pants open, licking the head of my cock and trying to pull my pants completely off. With a little help from me, he finally succeeded. He then crawled between my legs and started to suck on one of my balls, then the other. He had worked his way up my rigid shaft, taking the head in his mouth and tried to see how far he go down on it. He started to chock about half way down my 7 inches. Junior suddenly quit kissing me and stood up, pressing the tip of his hard member to my lips. He started pushing it in my mouth slowly. Suddenly he grabbed my head, thrust his dick in my mouth fully, instructed me to suck his cock and drink his big load of cum. I was so turned on, I started shooting my load in Shawn's hungry mouth. When Junior heard me moaning he held my head, thrust his rod in my mouth all the way to his little balls and began to erupt in my throat, all the time telling me to suck his cock real good or else. God , I was turned on and drank every drop of his sweet load which I swear was three times bigger than the first time he gave me his juice. I let his cock slip from mouth. As I was looking at him, it suddenly came to mind what he had said. My expression changed and so did his...now there was fear in his face. He blurted out, "You didn't like it...I did it the same way they did". "Who did", I snapped. Then it hit me, they had been watching my pornos again and were trying to do things they had seen in the flicks thinking it would make me happy. I burst out laughing and weeping at the same and grabbed both of them, hugging them with love. They knew I was happy and were smiling. I could feel Shawn's hard dick. I knew he needed to cum and I knew just what to do. I looked at Junior, told him I wanted his hot little mouth to suck my big man cock and I wanted Shawn to fuck my face like the man he was. No more urging was needed. Junior crawled between my legs, opened his mouth wide and inserted my softening cock fully into his mouth gagging slightly when it the back of his throat. When he gagged he also swallowed and the head of my soft dick slid right into his throat. He froze, then he relaxed and slowly backed off. Realizing what he had just done, he then repeated it. He took my hand, putting it on the back of his head and motioned for me to pull him down on my cock. By now Shawn had positioned himself in front of me and was rubbing his dick head on my lips. I looked up at him, asking what he wanted me to do. "I want you to suck my man cock and drink every fucking drop of cum I can shove down your throat" he grabbed my hair, ramming his hard dick into my throat which gagged me for a second. Suddenly, he withdrew and started telling me he was sorry he hurt me. I had recovered and grabbed his ass cheeks pulling him back to me and made him ram me again. He grabbed my head and began to fuck my face. In no time, he dropped his load in my waiting mouth. I knew I was about to pop again. I looked down at Junior and ordered him the show me how good he could suck my meat which sent him into a wave of lust as his mouth sucked another load out of my dick.

Both boys were beaming with pride at how well they had made me feel good. They begged to sleep with me that night and I agreed. We all cuddled together in my big bed.

We spent the whole week-end together doing the most important things one can do, eating, sleeping and having sex. The boys were truly in wonderland and having the time of their lives. So was I.

On Sunday, I sat the boys down and tried to explain I was having a problem because I was feeling guilty about having sex with them. I could see the panic in their eyes. I tried to assure them again that having sex with me was not necessary. They just couldn't understand - I guess their minds were so simple, they thought the only thing they had to offer me was sex. Junior was doing it because it felt good but Shawn was more understanding and knew I really didn't like boys, so he was trying to be a real man at 15 and knew it wasn't working. He was desperate. He had decided that if I wanted to fuck his ass, I could do it all I wanted. I also had a long talk with the boys about not telling anyone about our sex and how they wouldn't understand as we did. They both assured me they didn't want people calling them or me "Queer" and wasn't going to say a word.

On Monday I told the boys they were going to spend the day at my office and the guys there would show them how to play with computers. I explained to them I was flying to Charleston to get their father's permission for them to stay. Nice way to put what I was really going to do.

I arrived in Charleston, picked up my rent car and then found the closest attorney's office. After looking at my documents, they assured me that they would be legal in that state. I paid them a consulting fee and was on my way to this little town about a hundred miles away.

The little town was the county seat but little more than a court house and about two dozen small stores and no pizza parlor. The first store I saw had a hand painted sign in the window that read "Second Hand Clothing". I stopped at a gas station to see if the map Shawn had drawn was accurate. The attendant eyed me strangely, I guess trying to figure out why I would want to know. On the way out the country road, I passed by the area school and was not impressed. By the time I had found the boys run-down looking trailer house in the woods, I fully understood them. Their father was half drunk. I briefly laid out my plan which was, he would go to town with me, sign the papers, giving me full guardianship of the boys or I was ready to call in the State Police and have him arrested for failing to protect them from harm. Then I asked him how much cash money he needed to sign the papers.. The thought for a minute before telling me about three or four hundred would be great. What a stupid fool he was - I had $10,000 cash in my pocket which I was willing to spend if I had to. I told him I would give him $500 cash and he agreed.

The clerk at the court house asked him if he knew what he was signing. He told her that the little bastards were going to be staying with me in Texas. After all the papers were filed and I got about a dozen copies, I took him back to his trailer. I told him I needed copies of the boys birth certificates and any other important papers he might have concerning them. He led me into the filthy bedroom and opened a chest drawer that was full of papers. He told me take whatever I needed. I actually found both birth certificates, immunization records and several years of school grades report cards. As I was leaving he grinned as told me to fuck their little butts real good. Without thinking, my fist popped him right between the eyes and nose. He was laid out on the floor bleeding. I peeled off a few more hundred from the stack in my pocket and threw them in his face.

My trip back to Houston seemed much longer than the one coming from. Many emotions were competing for my mental status. I understood why the boys appeared to be so simple and also realized this made them very susceptible to outside influence. I was really beginning to care about them because they were so truthful and straight forward. All they wanted was love, a place to belong and were willing to give themselves in return. I knew I had to come up with a better plan of action when it came to sex. To them sex was a way of paying for my caring. I was sure in time they would both turn to the more accepted sexual life, girls, and I didn't want them, later in life, feeling like I had taken advantage them when they too young to know better. I looked thru the papers I had collected and learned some interesting things about the boys. The most important being that the Name of the father on both birth certificates was "Unknown". Also neither boy had a middle name which is what they had told me. The really bad thing I learned was that the boys were not good in school, Shawn had failed this last year and was to be held over and Junior had all "D's" and one "C". Both boys had poor attendance records.

When my flight arrived in Houston, I was no closer to solving all my problems than when I started. In less than a week, I had gone from the somewhat content single guy to a gay man in guardianship over two teenage boys who thought gay sex was the answer to their problems. What a complicated fucking mess I had gotten myself into.

It was after midnight when I arrived at the house. No lights were on. This was strange, I was sure the boys would be watching TV or something. The kitchen was dark and so was the den. I turned on the hall light and looked in their bedroom. No boys. I felt the beginnings of panic as I searched in my bedroom. There they lay, arm and arm, in the middle of my bed. There was a note on my bedside table that read, "Dad, wake us when you get home....your son, Steve". I was all choked up and my eyes were moist with happy tears. As I slipped into bed the boys just readjusted and wrapped me up in their arms with Shawn sliding over me to the other side without opening his eyes. Both were back fast asleep with soft smiles on their faces.

When I awoke the next morning the boys were gone from my bed. I sleepily staggered into the kitchen and the two boys were on the sofa in a 69 position greedily slurping each others hard cocks. I inquired as to what they were doing. Shawn raised his head and said, "practicing, wanna join ?" I told them I needed some coffee first and proceeded to fix my cup. When I returned to the den, the boys were lounging on the sofa naked and waiting. I surveyed the boys, they looked even more thin than before, their hip bones and ribs sticking out everywhere. I also could see the structure was right for some pretty nice bodies as soon as a few pounds of flesh was added.

Junior came over and sat beside me, looked me right in the eye, "Who do you want to suck your cock first?" I reached out and hugged him " Junior, nobody has to suck my cock". "Dad, I really don't want to be called Junior anymore because we don't have the same name" he retorted.

"Whoa, wait a minute, I just have guardianship over you, not adoption, you can't call me dad" I explained. "Yes we can if we want do" Shawn inserted, "or would you rather we called you boy dick sucker". I told Shawn that wasn't very funny and that maybe they should call me Uncle. "Okay DAD" he chided breaking into a big grin as he opened his mouth and started pointing towards my dick. He looked at his brother, "Steve, you shove your cock in his mouth while I suck the juice out of his piece of meat." Shit, the language these kids were picking up from my porno movies was becoming a real turn on. Steve stood, quickly inserting his hard cock in my mouth to the hilt, grabbed my head and fell over sideways taking me with him. He spread his legs and told me to lick his balls which I happily did. He started lifting his legs, trying to push my head further down behind his balls. I resisted, thinking back how he had been raped. Finally in desperation , he gasped that he wanted my tongue on his hole. I quickly moved my tongue to the requested area. He began to shoot his load as I stuck the tip of my wet tongue inside his ass. I realized Shawn had shifted into a semi 69 position and was trying in vein to get my cock down his throat. I winked at Steve who rolled out of the way so I could get to Shawn's throbbing cock. As I prepared to take him in my mouth, I instructed him to just relax when my cock reached his throat, to just swallow and then I demonstrated on his meat. His cock slipped into my throat, I felt mine trying to go in his, but he didn't relax enough - he tried again, no luck. Suddenly, I felt his cock expanding and felt the hot cum rush out. I felt his hands grab the cheeks of my ass, pulling me in deeper and suddenly the head popped into his throat as I erupted. We all lay there spent. The boys were doing almost everything they could think of to make me happy.

When I got to the office that morning, everyone was so inquisitive about my trip, telling me what nice mannered boys they were and how smart they were. I assured them that from their previous school grades they didn't appear to be very smart, book wise. One of my employees, Jack, had an idea. He said all my employees were very smart, including himself, and if I would let the boys come by office for an hour or so after school, everyone could help tutor them. I was really impressed by everyone's genuine desire to help.

The next two days were normal as it could be with two hot blooded teens waiting for me at home to try out the things they were learning from the pornos.

When I arrived home from work on Thursday night the boys were in their room fully dressed instead of their usual underwear. They just looked at me with red swollen eyes. When I asked what was wrong, Shawn told me there was a message on the answering machine from some clerk in South Carolina. When I replayed the massage it sounded like the clerk who had filed the papers for me. She had asked I return her call as soon as possible. What could have gone wrong, I wondered. I felt sick inside my gut - afraid I was going to lose them. In only one week, I was totally attached to the boys, loving them as much as one could in only a week. I hugged both boys, telling them not to worry and suggested we order a pizza. They agreed but were not as cheerful as their usual selves. The boys didn't want sex that night, they just wanted to cling to me, like it was for the last time. The boys finally drifted off to sleep but I lay awake trying to figure out what could have gone wrong.

Finally, morning came and it was time to call. My stomach was in knots as I dialed the number. The woman answered the phone "County Clerk". I told her who I was and I was returning her call. "Oh, yeah" she said and proceeded to tell me there had been a bad fire and how she figured I was kin and nobody else knew anything much about him so she had called to tell me the boys's father had 'burnt clean-up' in his trailer. I inquired about the body and she told me she didn't think there was much left to bury. I told her I would talk to the boys and let her know what we were going to do.

I hugged both boys and told them something bad had happened to their father. I told them there had been a fire in their old house and their dad had not made it out. The boys were just silent, no tears or emotion of any kind. They were just blank. Finally Shawn said in a small voice, "It's okay, I don't think he was our real father anyway". He went on to explain their mom had told them he wasn't their real father and one day when they were older she would explain. I told the boys I would pay for a funeral and would take them if they wanted to go. Their answer was quick - No , no funeral and no going back, he hated them, they didn't want to go. Steve looked at me with his sad eyes and whispered, "Will you be our daddy now?"

I confirmed to the boys their birth certificates did not have a fathers name on them and it was very possible he wasn't their father, hoping this would lessen the impact of the death. However, it had an opposite effect on Shawn, he was sure that since he didn't have a father, he really was white trash.

I suggested to the boys that I take the day off from work and take them to an amusement park. That lifted their spirits immediately. I called my office, told Susan what had happened and asked her to call the clerk and let her know that no one would be coming to claim the body but to request a copy of the death certificate.

The boys had the time of their lives that day. They had been to a county fair once, but nothing like Astro World

When we finally got home that evening I figured the boys would be too tired for sex, I was wrong. They put in a movie and told me they wanted to try it. There were two guys in a 69 with a third fucking one of the 69'ers in the ass. The 69'er who could see the close up of the ass fucking was pulling on the fuckers balls helping him slam the ass. The boys had roaring hard-ons and really looked excited. I looked at them and asked who thought they were man enough to fuck me. "Nope they laughed, you're gonna fuck Shawn while we 69 and I pull on your balls and help you slam him. I objected but Shawn was already rubbing my dick with petroleum jelly and was sticking a big glob in his ass hole with his finger. He leaned close to my ear, "I want this, please do it with love". He flipped around and slid his waiting hole to the tip of my cock. He glanced over his shoulder, "Fuck Me Jason" and then turned to take his 69'ing brother into this mouth. I felt Steve's hand gently grasp as much of my sack and balls as he could and pulled it towards his brothers hole as his eyes feasted on the site up close. My cock slid in the velvet sheath, my senses screamed with pleasure. At first I lay still to give him time to get accustomed to my cock. Steve's hand on my balls was urging me to pump in and out. I slowly began to pump. Shawn was totally relaxed and I was sliding quite easily so I didn't think I was hurting him. Steve started to squeeze my balls and I knew I could not last much longer. I felt my dick start to enlarge and started to try any pull out but Shawn tightened his ass muscles, shoving himself back, harder on my cock. Suddenly, Steve was licking my balls causing me slam my load into Shawn.

.Shit, those boys knew how to turn me on and it was the first time they had used my name in sex..

We all took a shower together and of course the boys insisted on sleeping with me. I woke up later in the night and my cock was up his ass again, my balls were being sucked and I was in fuck heaven feeling my dick ramming. I knew I was about to blast his guts. As I ejected my hot load into his ass I heard him say, "Fuck me Dad, Fuck me". I knew in an instant t I was ramming little Steve and not Shawn. I stopped in mid stroke. Steve screamed, "Don't stop" and shoved his hole completely down on my cock and held it. After I quite heaving, I heard Steve exclaim, "See I told you it looked cool to see a cock in a ass that close." "Sure Did", Shawn replied.

The next morning while I was making breakfast, the boys informed me they really had a great time last night but had decided they really liked sucking a lot more than fucking. I was relieved to hear that, I think I can justify to myself a man and a boy sucking but it just seems wrong for a man to fuck a kid in his small ass.

I didn't know how to approach the boys about their schooling, but decided a frank and truthful discussion had to take place. Both boys looked sheepish when I laid their report cards on the table. I did my best to explain to them, someday they would be grown-up with families they would have to provide for and that a good education was essential. They both nodded in agreement and assured me they would try harder. It was only a short time until school started so I decided to wait until they got settled in before I would probably get them a tutor, even though my employees had volunteered, to help get them up to speed with their classmates.

We spent the remainder of summer taking in all the sites of the big city and especially the amusement parks which they liked tremendously. Also my account at the video rental store was being worked overtime.

About the middle of August, Shawn approached me one day about letting him and Steve clean the pool and cut the yard for half the price I was paying. Being impressed with their desire to make some money, I naturally had to know the reason. It seems the boys had been studying their bodies in the mirror and had decided that even though they both had put on a few pounds, they were not built like the guys in the porno movies. They were both sure I would enjoy sex with them much more if the had a few more muscles. That weekend the double garage was transformed into a well equipped gym and I contracted for a new carport to be added. The boys were delighted to say the least and immediately set out to become "muscle-men".

Before school started, we had to go shopping for more clothes as they were already growing too large for what we had just bought two months earlier. We also changed the third bedroom from a computer room back to a bedroom over the boys objections. They didn't see a need for the bedroom they already shared as they always insisted on sleeping with me. They finally understood my logic that when they brought school friends over to the house, it would look normal for them to each have their own rooms. I also told them they could put anything on the walls they wanted to make them look like other kids rooms. They assured me the rooms were fine just the way they were - to this day they never put a poster one on the walls. I purchased them each a small stereo for their rooms, which they rarely use. I even had one my employees take them shopping for popular rock CDs which I think they listened to a few times and then abandoned. It seems they actually preferred my "new age" in the den.

We also set some ground rules for conduct at school. They were to tell everyone their parents were dead and they were living with an uncle. They would also have to use their real names and not my last name as they usually did. I also explained to them there might be temptations of having sex with other boys, but they would have to be very discreet because if they got caught, there might be an investigation. If it was found out I was gay, I could be sent to prison for corrupting them and they would end up, separated, in foster homes. They assured me they didn't want to have sex with boys - only me. I tried to explain to them they were going to meet a lot of other boys and girls their own age, making friends with some of them and some type of sex was bound to happen. They assured me they understood and they would never do anything that might get us in trouble.

School started and within two weeks I got the expected call from the school counselor. It was the schools opinion, the boys were really behind and needed to be put in special classes. I resisted and asked the school to give them a few more weeks. They agreed.

The boys started coming by the office everyday after school and my employees were tutoring them in all their subjects. It was working, by the second 6 weeks, their grades had improved to almost a "B" average. I also had encouraged the boys to become involved in sports but they resisted because they needed the time to study. It seems all they wanted to do was study until I got off work and then we would go home where they spent at least an hour working out in the garage gym. At first they were disappointed in the muscle department but then they started to notice a slight change. Their work-outs became an obsession. After a work-out, there came a quick dip in the pool, dinner and then they were ready for sex. It wasn't long before sex was been referred to as "making love".

The intensity of their loving making had not diminished as I had anticipated with the advent of school. I was a little concerned when Steve asked to have a friend sleep-over one Friday night. I agreed and we had our little "be discreet talk" again. Steve told me he didn't have any desire for sex with the boy because he "was just a kid", as he put it. He told me that the kid was not popular and a lot of the other kids at school made fun of him. He figured that since he was well liked by everyone, being his friend might help him with the others. I was really proud of Steve for being big hearted and knew he had learned a valuable lesson from his own past life.

The sleep over went really well. It was plain to see that the boy was awe struck with Steve and I was sure if Steve had suggested it, there would have been sex all night. Steve told the boy he could sleep in his bed and he would bunk with his brother. I could see the kid was very disappointed. I pulled Steve aside, explaining to him the reason for a sleep over was so two kids could lay in bed and talk about all the things kids talk about. I suggested, if he was uncomfortable about sleeping in the same bed with Tony, we could make him a bed on the floor with the air mattress. He agreed.

After the kid left the next afternoon, Steve volunteered that Tony had asked him to sleep in the bed with him and after he pretended to be asleep, Tony had started touching his cock. He pretended to wake up and Tony had gotten very scared and begged him not to tell anyone. Steve had told him he wouldn't. Then Tony asked him if he could suck him off. Steve agreed but told Tony he couldn't do it in return. As Steve put it, the kid agreed and started to suck him but really didn't know how, he was biting too hard with his teeth. For preservation of his dick, Steve suggested maybe it would be better if they just jacked off, which they did. Steve looked at me with a sly grin and stated he told Tony he really didn't like jacking off with boys, which was not a lie since he would prefer to be in my bed sucking cock. Both Steve and Shawn made it very clear to me they did not like sleeping without me to cuddle with them. Sleep overs were definitely not going to be the rule of things in the future. In fact, that was the first and last sleep-over for either boy.

Christmas was nearing and I was really having a tough time trying to decide what to get them. As their school grades had improved, I had rewarded them with almost everything they had mentioned they liked but had tried not to spoil them. I asked my employees if they had any suggestions. Everything from snow skiing to the Bahamas was suggested. When I suggested maybe a computer, since they were becoming quite good on them at the office and even tinkered on mine at home, I was immediately informed that was not a choice because all my employees were going to chip in together to build them one. It made me really feel good they felt that way about the boys. Susan, my secretary suggested maybe I should finally adopt the boys because it was obvious they wanted it so much. I reminded her it would be very difficult for me, a single male, to adopt two boys in the State of Texas. "But not impossible", she retorted.

Later that evening I asked the boys if they would like a skiing trip in Colorado for Christmas. Both boys thought for a minute and decided it would be too cold for them to run around naked.

In desperation I asked them what they wanted. Their faces lit up and Shawn quickly blurted out they would like to be my real sons and have my last name. They both thought that Rockett was a much neater name than Smith. They had decided that Steve Rockett and Shawn Rockett would be really cool.

The next day I called my attorney. He assured me he had some connections in high places and could get it accomplished if that was what I really wanted. I assured him I did, I had gone too far to turn back now.

The day finally arrived when my office had it's holiday luncheon and the boys were excited as they had bought small presents for everyone as way of thanking them for all their help with their school work. When we arrived the boys were ushered to a table that held three computers with big red ribbons and bows tied around them. The boys eyes nearly popped right out their heads. The monitors were huge and as Jack put it, "This is latest and greatest, everything you will need for a long time to come and we've loaded them with everything you will need for school and the best games available". "And of course we don't want you to have better than your dad, so we built him one also", added Susan. I tried to object to all the lavish spending. Everyone in their own way expressed to me that we had a very good year and they really appreciated working for me and my extreme generosity in their bonuses. I was all chocked up and the boys were elated to say the least.

After many interviews, the adoptions were approved and made legal, but not in time for Christmas. The boys didn't mind at all that it was late. They took a copy of the papers to school the next day and requested they names be officially changed.

Unfortunately, later that day I received a call from the school principle's office telling me I needed to come pick-up Shawn as he was being suspended for three days for fighting. I rushed to the school to pick him up and find out what had happened. Shawn was just sitting there looking very dejected. They let us use a private office so we could talk. It seems that at lunch, Steve had told him about an incident in gym class where one of the bullies had grabbed him by the balls when he had bested him in a wrestling match in order to get out of the hold. Shawn was infuriated Steve had been violated and waited for the boy at recess. The boy was physically about the same size as Shawn and started to mouth off, finally taking a swing. Shawn had then proceeded to the beat the boy unmercifully without so much as a scratch to himself, except for his knuckles. The other boy had two black eyes, a broken nose, several other lumps on his head and had been taken to a doctor's office.

The principle was apologetic, but rules were rules and both boys were suspended.

I got the other boy's parents name and left the school. Inside, I secretly admired Shawn for defending his little brother's honor, but on the outside I tried to display some displeasure of the incident.

I called the other boy's parents that evening to inquire as to his health and had in mind to offer to pay any medical bills incurred. The father was very pleasant and told me he had gotten to the bottom of the situation and his son had admitted the incident in gym class. He assured me he would suitably punish the boy and this never happen again. He also stated his son would apologize for his actions in front of the whole gym class. Case closed.

The remainder of the school year was uneventful until at the end, I was again requested for a meeting with a school counselor. This time the school was so impressed with both of my son's turn around from near failing to straight "A's" that they wanted me to consider transferring the boys to a school for the gifted. I discussed it with the boys but they both insisted they didn't want to go to school with "weird nerds" and liked it just fine where they were. They did not transfer to the other school.

Time has passed quickly and Shawn graduated from high school last year with honors. He has never gotten serious with girls except for one that lasted for about two years. I found out from Steve that she liked girls better than boys and they only dated each other to cover up their real desires.

Steve has been dating a girl for over a year now but insists even though he is attracted to her sexually, he will not have sex with a girl until his wedding night. Both boys, actually young men, still sleep with me every night and the "love making" has never diminished.

It is strange indeed, both boys now look like they sprang from my loin. They look remarkably like me and all three of our manhoods look nearly alike.

Steve is now the more vocal of the two and has some really strange logic. He now admits that he will probably get married someday and his children will be the very best because they will know his love for them from the start. He is quick to add that he does not mean sexually. He doesn't want me to get the wrong impression because he has never regretted our relationship and he fully understands that our (the three of us) relationship is so special, it could never be duplicated. He also says if not for our special love, he would not be the person he is today with a wonderful future ahead of him. He plans to wait until after college to get married and until his wedding night he wants to make love to me and his brother.

Shawn has turned out to be a little different. He has long since quit calling me dad and prefers to call me Jason. He has made it clear, I am his lover for life. When I try to inject some reason about our age difference, he merely shrugs it off and tells me he has been in love with me since the first night he sucked me off as I slept. When I try to tell him that soon I will be older and he will still be a young man with other desires, his answer is, "you will never be old as long as I am alive and if something ever happens to you, I am sure I will find someone who needs my help. I can pass on what you have given us, love." Steve understands Shawn's love for me and accepts it without feeling left out. Each of us have our own special relationship with each other and there has never been conflict or cause of any jealous feelings. The three of us function as a team and as I look back I am totally amazed there has NEVER been on ounce of anger between us even though we have not always agreed on everything. My decision was always accepted in the end.

Shawn has been going to a local college while still living at home and plans to enter the business when he finishes.

In retrospect, I do have some fears about our future. The boys really never had a normal teenagers life. I think they both were so desperate for love, they decided since I didn't like sex with boys, they Had to become men very fast in order to stay with me. I think that up until the time of the adoption, they thought I would ask them to leave if anything didn't suit me or if I was disappointed in them. Basically, they chose to give up been boys to please me and insure them a place to belong. I hope someday they don't start to feel I robbed them of a part of their lives and hate me. I am still somewhat bothered by man-boy but know that no one will ever know the love I have experienced with my Two New Sons.

P.S. Just in case you are wondering...Steve Rockett and Shawn Rockett, both have bodies to die for and so do I for person in his 50's..................


Even though this story is a work of fiction, it was loosely based on true life situation where a man adopts two 'hitching' teenage boys after their father perishes in a house fire. My real life character was the next door neighbor. The actual time line for this story was changed to a more modern time. All three main characters have read the story with smiling approval. Shawn and Jason are still together even though they admit it hasn't always been easy. Steve got married and has three daughters. The oldest will soon be getting married. Guess who will be the wedding photographer.