All of the usual rules apply. If you don't want to be reading tis then don't, especially if you are under the legal age to be doing so. This story is 100% true and if you don't believe me then you don't have to. I know in my own head that this did happen, and I am happy it did. Very very very happy.

  So the story starts when I am a freshman in high school. I went to a small school in basically the middle of nowhere, the school could use any teacher it could get it's hands on. There were two teachers in my school that I was extremely attracted to. One went by the name of Mr. Hurley. He was the forestry and agriculture teacher. He was gorgeous. He had deep brown luscious crew cut hair. Under his nice head of hair were is blue eyes that I could gaze in to for a million years, underneath his eyes lay his perfect little nose, and beneath that lay his best facial feature. His perfect Hollywood smile with a goatee beneath. His face was enough, but his body was even better. Without over-exaggerating he did have a lot of muscle on his frame, but it wasn't extremely defined. You could tell it was there, he had a beefy six back, huge pecks, and biceps to absolutely die for. The girls would always ask him to flex because they knew he had muscles, they'd bulge out of his body for god's sake. But he would always blush and change the topic. He had wonderful thick legs and a tight butt. But my most favorite part of him was his huge bulge. One time I saw him get up and walk across the room, and I swear to god he had a semi-erection because it looked like something was jutting out of him. It was extremely sexy. He stands about six feet tall, maybe 6'1" because I am just about as tall as he is. He has a girlfriend and he is like 26 years old, maybe 25.

  The other teacher is Mr. Niemeyer. He is the P.E. And Weightlifting teacher. You cant ell he lifts weights because he is super beefy and has a big butt, legs, arms, pecks, ah. Basically everything about this man is big, and he too has excellent blonde crew cut hair, a great smile, and a goatee. His bulge, is a lot bigger than Mr. Hurley's. It looks like he has a banana in his pants at all time, and I always wanted to see his penis, and one time, I actually did. He didn't notice but we both walked into the bathroom at the same time and I glanced over and say his manhood, my jaw literally dropped and I literally had a boner instantly so I hid it in the stand up urinal and he didn't even notice. I swear my eyes were planted on his junk. Looking back at that moment he was standing about a foot out from the wall making it easy for anyone to see him, it is now that I think he stood that far out on purpose. You should catch the jist of how big he is by my reaction, and later in my story you'll get the full details. Back to Niemeyer's bio; he has a wife and three kids. Two sons and the youngest is their daughter.

Note: I did my best at describing them without over exaggerating. If anything I under exagerated.

  It was a Tuesday I will never forget. I was staying after school to life weights in the GYM. I wanted to do squats, leg press, and bench for a while. To my surprise when I walked in I saw Mr. N. and Mr. H. in there. For the first time in my life I saw them both in Gym shorts, and it was a sight to behold. I was able to drool at their bulges at their full potential without their jeans hiding them!
  "Oh hey!" I said as I walked in, they were just talking and not even working out, they obviously just got in there too. "Hey, are you going to need someone to spot you?" Mr. N. asked. "Yeah." I said "I'll be right back though." I opened the door and ran back tot he locker room, and I positioned my cock so it was facing upward in my jock strap so that if I got a boner they wouldn't noticed. I have a reputation and I don't want word that I am gay getting around. It was just me and them but it was a precaution anyone would take. I wanted back into the GYM and he offered to do bench first. I agreed and we walked over to the bench press, and put a 45 and 35 pound weight one each side. I lied down on the bench and grasped the bar, he loosely wrapped his hands around the bad, standing right behind me. So I was laying on a bench with a man with a huge bulge standing right at my head, I felt my dick get harder and harder. I finished my reps and he finished his and we continued to do our other excercises while  Mr. H. did his own thing. He was mainly doing stretches and exercises with the medicine ball, and I saw his doing squats and he was obviously in boxers because I saw his jewels slip out and he didn't do anything about til he was done. It was almost 6pm now and the school would close in half an hour. Mr. N said we should hit th showers so we headed to the locker room. I was the first to strip and walk into the shower, with my towel around me of coarse. I didn't want to them to see me get a boner when I saw their huge dicks. "Hey, Sean will you turn some showers on for us, we don't want to get chilled with freezing water!" he asked me, slightly laughing towards the end of the sentence. "Sure." I said.

  I turned the three consecutive showers on so we would all be next to each other. I did this as a sad attempt to hope at least one of them would let me do something with their dick. I doubted anything would go on, but I was happily mistaken. Mr. Hurley walked in first, he was fully naked, didn't even have a towel, I was sure I didn't look at his dick until I was sure he was looking it a totally different direction. He went and grabbed the soap, and I did the same. I accidentally dropped the soap, it really was an accident, and I went to grab it and on my way up I briefly glanced at his manhood. He laughed when I was back up and he warned me not to drop the soap in the shower, especially when another guy was in it because you'll never know what will happen. I laughed and we started to shower, and finally Mr. Niemeyer walked in and he got in the shower to the left of Hurley. He grabbed a bar of soap and started to bathe. They were each just looking at the wall, and I would periodically glance over at them. Mr. Hurley's dick was cut and pretty freaking huge. It was about 5 inches and his was almost 100% hair free down there. I watched as his cock and balls waved as he washed. Niemeyer's dick was a sight to behold. His dick was seriously as big as a banana no joke. It was at least 7 inches long and as not quite as thick as a banana but pretty close. I was sure not to let them noticed Iw as spying on them, and was washing myself too, and I had boner but they didn't look at me. I wanted some action, and I really wanted to have sex with them it was a fantasy of mine and I really wanted it to come true. I noticed that each of them were shaven down there and straight guys typically have some hair down there and gay guys usually shave. With this in mind, I thought they each ming be gay or something. I dropped the soap on purpose and it fell to the shower floor behind me. "Damn!" I sighed loud enough to catch their attention and turned around to pick it up. Hurley walked over to me and said "Do you want me to fuck you or what?" My heart raced, it really raced, I could have been having a heart attack for all I know. I stood up and Niemeyer and Hurley were behind me, each grappling their cock getting harder by the second. Mr. Niemeyer told me to suck his dick, and I did, I got to that thing as fast as I could and tried to squeeze it into my mouth. I wasn't that hard it was at the point where it has reached the full length but not the hardness and thickness. I was able to get the whole thing in my mouth by sort of holding my breath and swallowing, but it eventually got too hard to do that so I just started to suck on the head because that was all I could get into my mouth. He penis was probably 10" and that is under exagerating. I even got out a ruler and tried to compare and I think it is 10"-11." Mr. Niemeyer was cut too, which meant he'd last longer, I could suck his pride for hours. He didn't make much noise, he would just sigh on occasion. I felt Hurley fingering my hole, which was annoying me, I just wanted him to ram me. I took Niemeyer's dick out of my mouth, and told him just to fuck me, I have can take it. I was right that I could take it because I do a lot of "stuff" at home, let's just say that I know how to please myself.

  I started to suck Niemeyer's cock again, and Hurley pushed his dick into my hole. It was about 8" and not as thick as Niemeyer's but close. He started to fuck me, but nice and slow at first. He knew what he was doing because he was able to hit my G spot a lot, I didn't even have to jack off. He started to hard core fuck me and I clutched on to Niemeyer's ass to brace myself. I was being fucked on both sides. And I loved it. Unlike Niemeyer, Hurley wouldn't keep his mouth shut. "Oh yeah, you're our little cum slut huh!!?" "You love it when we fuck you, get ready to feel my cum in your ass!" I head Mr. Niemeyer say that he was going to cum soon, so I took his dick out of my mouth and began to jack it. At first I tried to go all the way up and down his dick but that was too time consuming and he told me to focus towards the top so I did. Hurley said he was going to cum soon. I had to hurry up with Niemeyer, and I could even feel myself getting there too. I jacked Niemeyer even harder and squeezed my ass as tight as I could. I felt Hurley's warm cum shoot into my ass. I just kept on coming but that wouldn't prepare me for Mr. Niemeyer's load. He starting breathing heavily and told me to start sucking. As I did this Hurley started to jack off my own dick for me, I was close to cumming. Mr. Niemeyer started breathing heavily, I felt his balls tighten because they were in my hands at the moment and then his dick started to pump. My thirst would finally be quenched. I placed the head of his cock in my mouth and sucked with all of my might. "OH FUCK!" He screamed in pleasure and his shot into my mouth. I never tasted cum before and I have to say that it is one of the best things I have ever tasted. His creamy semen oozed into my mouth and let it just fill up before I would swallow. My mouth was literally full of cum when he took his head out. This man is a god, He could make millions as a porn star, I swear it. I swallowed his load it took three gulps, and I felt it trickle down my throat. It was amazing. Finally I felt my orgasm come and I came on the floor. This isn't where it ends.

  We all lay on the floor exhausted. But I am still as horny as hell. I looked at that huge cock I just suck and basked in it's glory and started to lick it clean and I sucked on his balls, and Hurley got up and started to make out with Niemeyer it was wonderful. We had some more fun with each other but we didn't have sex again, just played with each other. We washed off and before we left the gym we all hugged and exchanged kisses. We agreed that we would do it again sometime, and we did. If your are interested in it you can tell me. It is now about a year later since my first gay sexual experience.

We are all not full blwon gay, but bisexual. I have a girlfriend that I am attracted to, Hurley is getting married to his fiance, and Niemeyer is happier than ever with his wife and kids. I have had sex with them at the same time, on many occasions, and a lot of times with just Mr. Niemeyer alone. Hurley is busy after school a lot so we can't have sex that often, but Niemeyer is free and we to his place when his kids and wife are out. Sex with Niemeyer is great and he told me that we can keep this up for years.

If you want to tell me what you thought, you can email me at

I hope you could at least imagine how wonderful my first time was. And if you coulnd't tell by now I am absolutely in love with Mr. Niemeyer. Hurley is great too but Niemeyer is one hell of a man, and he has a godly package.