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"Untouchable 5"

I turned off the car, and got out with the two small bags of groceries. Dustin was practically skipping his way up to the house, and he seemed a little bit nervous, but happy. I loved seeing him happy. I looked all around the quiet suburban street, hoping that none of his neighbors were looking outside at that particular moment. That they wouldn't notice this adult male stranger accompanying this young boy to his doorstep. Again, it felt creepy for me to be here. Unnatural. Just as I was starting to feel good about things again...my emotional pendulum swung back in the opposite direction. Dustin got his keys out and opened up the front door. I started to hand him the bags at the door. "Alright, the door's open. Here ya go. Be careful cooking this stuff, alright? Keep an eye on it at all times."

"Well...wait. Aren't you gonna come in?"

"Dustin...I said I was gonna help you to the door. That's all."

"Don't be goofy! For crying outloud, just come inside already." He said, and walked into his house, leaving me with the groceries in my hand. Arrrgh! When is this going to stop? "Just put the bags on the counter." He said, kicking off his shoes. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw him pull his shirt up and over his head...causing me to gasp. His marble smooth, pale white skin became exposed to me...with two dime sized nipples and a tiny oval belly button that was just big enough for the tip of your tongue to fit in. He barely had any hair under his arms at all, just a few small wisps, barely enough to be a shade darker than the rest of his upper body. His sleek and trim body was so young...so untouched. It glowed with this boyish radiance that was just now discovering the full potential of its sexuality. The soft developing muscle, the silky sheen of peach fuzz on his forearms, the creamy unmarked skin...stretched tightly over his lean physique. Yes...I stared. And I was nearly floored by the beauty in front of me. And he was only a few steps away from me. A FEW steps...and I could touch him. I could....

His boxers were up a couple of inches above his pants, bluish grey. They hugged his slim hips so seductively that I had to keep my lips closed to prevent my tongue from hanging out of my mouth. When he pulled it over the top of his head, every blond hair fell right back into place with the exception of a few. It was a mouthwatering sight to behold. I swallowed hard as I saw the longer side of his blond locks sweep down to brush across the edge of his sweet lips. But before I could turn away, his blue eyes looked up at me again. I was like a deer in headlights, caught admiring his body when I shouldn't be. He just smiled in my direction.

"I have to get out of this coporate slave uniform of mine. Hehehe! It's the first thing I do when I get home every day." He said. He stepped closer to me, and I involuntarily took a step back.

"It's...it's ok. I'll just...put these on the counter while you....uhh...change." I was already in way over my head here. I needed to leave. I really should not be here. If his parents walked in right now, I doubt I could explain who I was and why I was here with their teenage son...who happened to have his shirt off.

"Hehehe, you can watch if you want. I'll make it interesting." He said. "And if you're good...I'll let ya touch."

"And if I'm 'bad'?"

"Then I'll let you suck." His sexy flirtations could be so bold sometimes, but his pretty blue eyes and bashful smile always gave it a touch of innocence that he couldn't hide if he tried. It was a wicked combination. "But you'll have to show me yours first."

"Or...I could go back into the kitchen and NOT do that at all." I teased.

"Ah well, you can't blame me for trying." He smiled at me as he took the belt out of his pants. I took one last look at that feast of smooth flesh, with the slightest, almost nonexistant, shade of pink...and then tried to let it go. It was a struggle, pulling myself away.

"I'm gonna...go into the kitchen." I said, my eyes trying to un-glue themselves from his half naked form.

"Cool. I'll be right there, ok?" He said, and went into his bedroom to get dressed. He was still taking off clothes...just in the other room. Oh man...is this a deliberate seduction tactic, or is he just completely unaware of how hot it's making me? If I'm hyperventilating over the top half of him...imagine what it'll be like if I ever saw the bottom half. Jesus...he's really REALLY gorgeous! Every inch of him! I leaned against the counter, hoping to keep myself from getting hard enough for it to show. It felt like my whole body was already preparing itself for orgasm...and I hadn't laid a finger on him. Just being with him, in his house, alone...that was an erotic form of sex in itself. And just as powerful.

I leaned against the kitchen counter, and tapped my fingers on the surface. I could faintly hear Dustin moving stuff around in his room, kinda like he was cleaning up by throwing litter from one end of the room to the other. I got nervous about seeing him again. About looking into those pretty eyes and not being able to say 'no' to anything he asked of me. It seriously crossed my mind to simply hurry out of that house and run back to my car before he came out of his room. But...I didn't. That would just be rude. What if I hurt his feelings again? What do I say to him tomorrow at work if he thinks I deliberately ran out on him? How did I even GET here? "Sorry. I hate that uniform." He came back with a cheeky grin, wearing a thin white t-shirt and a pair of red nylon soccer shorts. His voice soothed me a bit, but when I looked at him, my heartbeat started speeding up again. Omigod...his legs looked absolutely delicious. Perfectly smooth, long, sleek, with full beautiful calves, leading down to a pair of gleaming white socks. Nothing went unnoticed on this boy, not where I was concerned.

"Dustin...look, I really should be going."

"What? Nooooo..." He whined playfully. "Don't leave yet! Um....MUSIC! I can put on some music! What do you wanna hear?" He turned around and ran back into his room again, shuffling through his cds to put something on. He found something decent and slipped it into his cd player, turning it up loud enough for it to echo throughout the whole house. I'm sure his parents must get a kick out of that from time to time. He came rushing back into the room with me, his sock feet sliding across the kitchen floor. "How's that?"

"It's...it's great, Dustin, but..."

"Wait! Um...you want something to drink?" He swished around me to open the fridge. "I've got Sprite, milk, orange juice...oh, and some Mountain Dew...but I kinda drank out of that one. Just so ya know." He wrinkled up his brow, "My dad's got some beer in here....but....I kinda can't let you have that. Because if he sees it missing, he's gonna think 'I' drank it. And that's gonna be trouble."

"Hehehe, I'm not realy all that thirsty. But thank you." I was silent for a second while Dustin's devilish little wheels were spinning. "I don't wanna seem like I'm being rude, but I should be shoving off about now..."

"No, don't leave yet. Um....uhhhh..." He was almost panicking now, searching for an excuse. "...Help me out with the sauce! What do the instructions say? I'll get us a pot." He turned to rattle around in one of the lower cabinets, while I slowly closed my eyes. Ok, enough was enough.


"Hold on! I almost got it. Did you find the instructions? You could read them to me."

"Dustin. Come on..." I said, and he stood up again to look me in the eye. "I know what you're doing. And I love you for it. Really, I do. But I seriously shouldn't be here. Ok? If your parents came home..."

"They're NOT gonna come home! Not for a while! Just...stay with me for a little bit. Ok? It'll be lonely." He pouted playfully for a moment, giving me those sad little puppy dog eyes. "Come on! They're not coming home for another hour or so. It'll be fun. You could help me cook! It'll be awesome!"

"You're just not gonna be happy until I either get thrown in jail or beaten within an inch of my life by your dad, are you?"

"Psh! MY dad? You could totally take him! Hehehe!" I couldn't help but to giggle along with him. "I'm serious! Look, it'll just be for a little while, ok? We never get to spend time together."

"We spend time together all the time."

"Yeah, I know...but..." He sighed a bit, a hint of a whimper in his voice as he moved closer to me. "...not alone, we don't. I kinda...like being alone with you. It's...cool." He looked me in the eye, and he was so close that it would have only taken a small lean forward to touch my lips to his. "It's a place where...'other people' can't see us. And we can be...you know....together. Just us." He searched my eyes for a second, and I hesitated to do anything. I had to hold my breath to keep from giving in. I took my eyes off of him to look at the pot on the counter instead. Anything to break the tension.

"Well...you'd better start cooking if you're gonna finish by the time your..." But before I could complete my sentence, Dustin jumped forward and snuck a playfull kiss of my lips. He grinned to himself as he saw the shock on my face. "Now knock that off!" I smiled.

"Well YOU weren't gonna do it! I 'gave' you the hint and you didn't take it, so I had to improvise." He giggled, and then moved around me to grab some of the stuff out of the bag to start cooking.

As he turned around to take his groceries out of the bag. I said, "You can be really sneaky when you wanna be, you know that?"

"You wanna stick your big 'what' in my hot open mouth, baby?" He giggled. I didn't even bother to answer. God forbid I said anything that he could use as a weapon against me. Hehehe, I was better off just leaving it alone.

I believe that it was a good thirty minutes of pots and pans and laughs between us before dinner was actually on the stove and cooking. Dustin bounced around me with even more energy than before, a constant smile on his face. But he took every opportunity that he could possibly find to get frisky. It was worse than ever. He twisted every word I said, stole kisses from my cheek everytime he was close enough for more than a split second, and grabbed handfulls of my ass to the point where I had to keep my back to the wall. Hahaha! It was like this extremely fun game to him, and maybe that's what he wanted it to be. Just a game. Something to play around with for a while, enjoy, and then kinda forget about it once the novelty had worn off. And that was fine. That I could handle. I really wasn't prepared for anything more.

But as the minutes went past, and the sauce started simmering on its own, Dustin and I seemed to get a bit more intimate with our conversation. He hopped his cute little butt up on the kitchen counter and just 'talked' to me. Really talked. I loved his humor and his wit, but he also had moments of true beauty when he just opened up his heart and his mind, and just spoke candidly about what he really feels. He had some fantastic ideas and incredible questions about life in general. It was a vibe that you just absorbed and imitated without even knowing it. He was really an amazing person underneath all of that raw teen sexuality. How could you not fall in love with him?

At one point, I asked him, "So what is it with you and older guys? I mean, why do you dislike the boys in your school so much?" It was just something that I had to know.

He shrugged his shoulders a bit, as though it was no big deal at all. "Umm...I dunno. I just do, I guess. Boys at my school just...they don't do it for me, you know?"

"Well...there's gotta be 'SOMEBODY' that you think is cute at your school. Somebody your age, or maybe just a year or two older."

"There's a few seniors that I think are kinda cute, but nowhere near as cute as you are, though." He blushed slightly, but stopped me before I could brush off the compliment. "DON'T say that you're not cute, either, because you ARE! You're MORE than cute, Eric...you're like...handsome, you know? Like...everything is in place, and you've got this...awesome...'full grown'...look...." He was at a loss for words trying to describe it, and he started laughing at his own attempt. "Hehehe, shit, I don't know! You're just better looking to me. I've always liked older guys. Older guys listen to you. They pay attention. They're not selfish, and they honestly want more than just some empty two week relationship or a quick lay, you know?" He said it with such a level of admiration. It was so amazing to see him struggle with a way to gather the appropiate words to describe what he felt. His eyes focused up on the ceiling, as though the answers were there waiting for him. "Older guys wanna DO stuff, and go places, and they wanna actually talk about 'real' things. Things that matter. I never got to talk to anybody before the way I talk to you. It's so much cooler than pretending I'm interested in some weird playground gossip or something. You're like...awesome. Everything you do and say is original. In high school, all anybody knows how to do is imitate other people so they won't be left out. I can do without all that."

"Well..." I said with a grin, "...In all honesty, Dustin...I don't think I've ever been paid a higher compliment in my life. Thank you."

"Yeah, well...you're also HOT! Hehehe!"

"Hahaha! Thanks again. I'll have to take your word on that."

He slid down from the counter to stir the sauce a bit with a spoon. "You know how old I was when I started liking older guys?"

"How old?"

"Ten." Jesus! I think my silence and dropped jaw gave away my surprise. "Hehehe, it's true! I found some of my dad's porn, and I would watch it every day. It was so cool to me! Actually, I had a big crush on the guy in the video. I thought about him all the time. I used to think about him, all big and strong...on top of me like that. Just kinda pumping me and kissing me, and I'd just kinda hold onto his back, or his ass, like the girl in the movie...and it was just so awesome."

"So you wanted an older guy when you were TEN? Geez, Dustin!" I grinned.

"Hey, what can I say? I liked the movie." He giggled, putting the spoon down and hopping back up on the counter. "Of course, I could always watch movies with boys my OWN age, hehehe! But since us teenagers aren't allowed to have, watch, or 'make' those kinds of movies, I guess my sexual idols are just gonna have to be 18 and older."

"Riiiiight." I told him, and ruffled his hair a bit.

There was a momentary pause between us, and then...out of nowhere, Dustin asked me. "So are we gonna make out tonight, or what?"

"Hahaha! What???"

"It's been almost an hour now, and you haven't put the moves on me once! So what's up? When are you gonna kiss me?"

"What makes you think I'd wanna kiss YOU?" I said, playing along, but blushing just the same.

"I know you do! So come on! kiss me! I've been waiting, like, forever to kiss you!" He begged.

"I don't know..."

"Why NOT???" He whimpered in the most adorable way, his voice almost reaching a squeaking point, but not quite. I swear, you could feel the vibrations in your stomach when he used that sweet voice on you. "Ok, how about youjust close your eyes, and let me do all the work?"

"I don't think so. Hehehe!"

"So, what....if I kiss you, you're telling me that you're not gonna kiss me back?" He was teasing me something awful, but I could tell that he was dead serious about his proposition. "Hehehe...I bet you kiss me baaaaack!" He taunted. I shook my head while trying to keep a straight face. "Am I too young for you to even smooch with now???"

"Yes, actually, you are." I couldn't stop grinning. I've GOT to be serious here! Don't let him turn this into a game. Stand firm, and stop smiling already! You're an adult for Christ sake!

"I'm old enough to know what I'm doing, you know?" He said. "Go ahead, ask me if I wanna have sex with you right now."


"No, seriously! Ask me!" He said. "Come on...ask me if I wanna have sex with you right now."

"Sighhh...Dustin, will you have sex with me?" I blushed.

"Right now. You've gotta say, 'right now'."

"Will you have sex with me right NOW?" I asked again.

"No! Get away from me, you're OLD! See how easy that was?" The damn burst, and I laughed outloud. "Hehehe, I can make a good decision when I have to. Right now, I just...happened to decide that I wanna kis...from my boyfriend." He said softly, and brushed the long side of his hair out of his eyes, his gaze calling out to me with the sweetest expression. "Look, I'm not an idiot, and you're not a rapist, and nobody's watching. So...please? Just one kiss? One?"

He anxiously swung his feet back and forth, lightly banging them against the cabinet beneath him. He was waiting. And my will power was fading fast. He looked so cute, sitting there on the counter...asking for just a taste of what I've been dying to have from the first moment I laid my eyes on him. I started to get hard just thinking about it, and I could feel my face turning even redder than before. "This is SO wrong..." I giggled.

"No it's not. Come here." He reached out both arms for me...his pouty lips practically pulling me into him with their alluring display. I looked around and saw the kitchen blinds were shut. And despite my better judgement, I had been too thirsty for some kind of affectionate contact wth this boy to fight it anymore. My mind began to rationalize a bit of indulgence in this particular case. Just a small bite of the forbidden fruit. Something to satisfy me while I go back to aching over him again. Dustin's golden hair slipped back down in front of his eyes as he urged me to step forward. One little kiss wouldn't hurt. Right? Not just this once.

I walked closer, one step at a time, trying not snicker to myself at the embarassment of it all. "You're only getting 'one' kiss. That's it."

"A LONG kiss, though, right?"

"A...medium length kiss." I told him.

"How long is a medium length kiss?"

"Hehehe! You'll know when I stop."

I moved close enough to position myself between his smooth young legs, which he spread wide to allow me access, and he draped his wiry arms over my shoulders. I was almost afraid to go through with it. As soon as he touched me, I felt a shiver run through me, and he smiled as he saw the helplessness in my eyes. He knew he had me, and he loved every second of it. His hands gently moved up the side of my neck to stroke the back of my ears with his thumbs. And with a sigh, he whispered, "I totally can't believe you're here with me right now. This is a total dream for me, Eric."

And as I felt the emotion well up in my throat, I felt the most tender pressure from his hands...pulling me closer. And within a few seconds...we were kissing. Feeling the touch of his plush lips was a release of every pent up sexual frustration that I had ever had. This one kiss, this slow, sensual, embrace of our lips...was the cure for all things. The key to a blissful sensation that would never leave me for the rest of my days. If he's feeling what I'm feeling right now...then we just might never stop.

My lips parted slightly, and my eyes shut all on their own. It was so undeniably natural. So unbelievably liberating. His soft lips made love to mine with a grace that was beyond words, reading my kiss, and following my lead. We began smooching tenderly at first, but it was clear that Dustin was getting more and more eager as I felt his hardness reach maximum length. It poked me in the stomach as I leaned into him, and his arms held me tight against his chest, as he scooted his slim hips to the edge of the counter. I moaned as I felt his long thin legs wrap around the small of my back, his ankles locking to hold me close. He passionately pushed himself into me, a few gentle whimpers escaping his sensual lips during our intimate embrace. I held him tight, and felt the muscles in his back tense and release as he tried to move even closer. His anxious body was almost reaching a point of frustration from not being able to actually climb into me and share one soul. Hehehe, I had to slow down before he got himself too excited and burst. He was panting, the timid trembles in his body trying desperately to give way to the passion he was trying to satisfy. Was I completely mad? Was I seriously going bonkers here? He's fucking fourteen! I tried to tell myself that this was too much and that I should be shot for being so weak. But...it felt sooooo good. So surreal. My knees got so weak that I had to lean against him to support myself. I could feel the gentle flutter of nerves in his stomach getting stronger, causing him to quake lightly as his body struggled with the curiousity and the confusion of the new intense pleasures running through it. As our tongues slid past one another, the trembles got stronger, and he gasped slightly as he kept up with my measured pace. It was then that I constricted my arms even further around his slender frame, hugging his back and pulling his ass to the very edge of the counter. It made him moan, and his legs pulled me in for a stronger connection, his heels digging into my cheeks. If we had pulled each other any closer, I would have lifted his feather light weight off of the counter and held him suspended in mid air. He made me so breathless. So breathless....

His hardness was throbbing so hard that it ached him to not touch it. He pressed it against me again and again, attemtping to grind harder from his position without any luck. He squealed with such a pouty tone, driving me wild with his desperation for a relief from the tension in his hardness. I moved back slightly, and rubbed my hand acrossed the tip of his tented shorts. There was already a nickel sized wet spot at the peak of his little mountain, and the second I touched it...it jumped. It literally jumped away from me. His muscles contracted, and his length reacted in such a violently sexual way that I knew that he'd be ready to shoot with a single stroke if I touched it again. God, I wanted to hold it in my hand. I wanted to fondle and touch that soft heated skin, and caress the tender bag underneath. I wanted to catch that eruption between my lips and feel its sticky warmth splash across my tongue while Dustin used his sensual voice to set the soundtrack for his climax. But...when I touched him, he shuddered with a jolt. So hard in fact, that he momentarily broke our kiss and looked downward. I don't think anyone had ever really touched him there before. I don't think anyone had ever touched him period. And I wondered if....maybe I was taking this too fast. He wasn't initiating this anymore, and I had taken a liberty that wasn't mine to take just yet. So I backed off. Even after he tried to go back to kissing me again...I backed away. "Just a medium length kiss, remember?" I smiled, but he leaned back against the wall, frustrated. "Dustin?" He rolled his eyes, and then...suddenly, he reached down and pulled down the front of his shorts! I had only gotten a glimpse of the stiff rod waving in the air before I turned my head away from his nakedness! "Jesus, Dustin! Pull your pants up!"

Even more aggravated at my reaction, he let the waistband of his shorts snap up over his hardness again. "What the hell, Eric? What's the matter with you? Are you my boyfriend or not?" He whined in anger.

"We don't have to go this far if you don't want to...."

"HELLOOOO??? Are you BLIND or does this tent in my pants NOT say that I want to?" He said. "Dude...why are you so afraid to touch me? I TOLD you...I'm not gonna tell anybody!"

"It's not just about you telling somebody, Dustin. It's more than that."

"Like what?"


"You said it was more than that. So what are you talking about? Because I'd really like to know." He demanded.

I struggled with the words, trying my best not to make it sound insulting. He hated it when I treated him like a kid...but that's exactly what he was. A mature kid, yes. A wonderfully intelligent and amazingly gorgeous kid, yes. But a 'kid' nonetheless. "Look...I'm just...I'm trying not to take advantage of you, ok?"

"Take advantage of me??? Jesus, Eric, are you KIDDING me??? I've been THROWING myself at you every chance that I got, and you still don't get it! I LOVE you! From the first time I SAW you working at the mall, I wanted to get to know you! Why do you think I even took that stupid job? I wanted to be close to you." He blurted out. And then he slid down from the counter top and walked towards me, still hard as a rock. "Eric...dude...LOOK at me! Ok? I'm right here. I'm not a helpless baby, I'm thinking clearly, and I'm trying to love you the same way anybody else on the planet would." I backed up a bit and tried not to look at the hardness poking out in front of him. But I think it aggravated him that I couldn't allow myself to see the same beauty in him as he sw in me. "Eric....please? It's just you and me, nobody else. I want you to look at me. I want you to kiss me. I want..YOU. Do you hear me? I want you. You can have me anytime you want. I'm standing right in front of you, telling you that it's ok."

"Don't do this. I thought we agreed to go slow."

"YOU agreed to go slow, and I listened to you because I was willing to do anything to have you love me back. But this is just getting silly now. You're like...constantly pushing me away, and it hurts. It hurts because I know you're forcing yourself to stay away from me, and you don't HAVE to. Don't you understand that?"

"Listen to me, ok? I know that you think you know what you're doing here...but you don't. It's up to me to not use your inexperience to abuse you..."

"You're NOT abusing me!!!" He shouted, more pain in his voice than I had ever heard before. "How many times do I have to tell you that? What the fuck do I have to do to make you see that I'm not just some stupid kid that doesn't know his heart from his hormones?" I lowered my eyes to the floor to keep from seeing the longing in his gaze. It makes me die inside to know that I was hurting his feelings. He changed his tone immediately, as though he was afraid that he had offended me. "Please don't be afraid of me, Eric. PLEASE??? I just....UGH....I can't be any older for you! I'm SORRY, ok? But don't hate yourself for being with me. I love you. I want you to love me too, what's so wrong with that?" He was almost sniffling at this point, and I took yet another step back. I should have left the groceries on the counter and left when I had the chance.

"I...I don't want to feel this way about you..." I said, feeling my eyes water up as I fought like crazy to hold the emotion back.

I took a peek up, and Dustin had a single tear rolling down his cheek. "Why not?" He wiped the teardrop away, as though he could have prevented me from seeing it fall.

"You..." I started, trying to choke the fear back long enough for me to speak. And even then, it would have broken my heart to see those big blue eyes brimming with tears. "You are absolutely beautiful in every possible way, Dustin...and I love everything about you..."

"So what's the problem, then???" He interrupted.

"You are just....TOO young to make a decision like this. This could turn out to be a really bad thing for you. Something you're going to regret later."

"So what? At least I would have taken a chance on something real."

"Relationships aren't just about taking chances. You could end up getting hurt..."

"What's that got to do with anything?" He sobbed. "People get hurt all the time! I don't expect things to be perfect, but so what?"

"At your age..."

But he interrupted again. "At MY age??? Don't give me that. People your age and older get into screwed up relationships every single day. Or have you no clue what the divorce rate is in this country these days? They make mistakes, they sleep around when they shouldn't, they have heartaches and regrets...what's so different about me?"

"The difference is...you haven't had enough life experience to make a wise decision on what you want. THAT'S what the difference is." I was making a stand, trying to let him know who the adult was here, and why this isn't supposed to happen. But when I uttered those words, his face changed, and he wiped his eyes again. He was looking at me as though I were the biggest hipocrite in the world.

And then, as he stepped back from me to lean against the counter, he looked me in the eye and said, "Oh, I get it....I can't get an ID unless I already have an ID." He practically mirrored my words back to me from a few weeks ago, and I was stuck for anything else to say. "Is that right? Is that what I am to you? I'm just a toddler with an underdeveloped brain, so I'm supposed to stay in the dark forever about life and love and sex until some responsible adult comes by and tells me it's time to come out of my 'cage'? Some big birthday fairy is gonna come to me four years from now and solve all the world's mysteries for me, but for now, I should just...skateboard and chew bubblegum and not want anything more. Right?"

"Dustin...you're not listening to me..."

"Yes I am! I ALWAYS listen to you. I just know when you're feeding me a line of prerehearsed bullshit." He said, turning his back on me and angrily pushing a few dishes on the counter. "I wish I was older, ok? But I'm not. I just wish you'd give me a goddamn chance. Instead of always assuming that I'm not smart enough to have a say in whether or not we can be together."

The room fell silent for a moment, and we both stood there stubbornly trying to keep ourselves at a stalemate. Unfortunately...I didn't have the stamina that he did to make it last. Nothing made me so shamefully vulnerable as seeing that boy in any form of distress. I slowly walked up to him by the sink...and I hugged him from behind. He put up a halfhearted struggle to pull away from me at first, but once my arms clasped around his soft tummy, he melted into me, and laid his head back on my shoulder. I was trying. Lord knows that I was trying. But holding him like that, his body heat glowing warmly in my arms....I had never known such peace. "I'm sorry. Ok? I'm not trying to hurt you. That's what all of this is about, hon....me not trying to hurt you." I kissed the back of his head. "I mean it. I wasn't trying to push you away, I just...don't know how to handle this 'responsibly' like I should. That's all."

He turned around to face me, hugging me back and pushing his head into my chest. He squeezed me so hard that I had to grunt from the pressure. "You don't have to be responsible for me, Eric. I don't know what I'm doing, and I know you've got more experience with stuff like this...but...I just..." He grunted while trying to find the next words. "I wanna learn how to be with you, Eric. You're not gonna hurt me, ok? I'm not gonna break. I just want you to give me a fair chance to be something special to you, and love you like any other regular person would, that's all." He said, and as he raised his head, I lightly used my finger to trace his cheek. I lifted his chin gently, and his eyes stared into mine...begging. He was so open. So vulnerable at that moment. But then again, so was I.

I was afraid to speak. Afraid not to. I was almost in tears from the emotional conflict. It wasn't a temptation...a foul thing to be turned away if only I maintained my will power. No. It was a necessity. It was as vital to my existence as the air I breathe, and I could only hold my breath for so long. I hugged Dustin close to me, my walls crumbling as I tried to keep them standing. His smaller hands slid up and down my back, his tender young frame finding such unconditional comfort in my arms. My resistance melted away. The gates began to open. And I found myself lost as I was no longer able to hold back the overflowing sensation of love. I could barely slow it down. I held that boy tight to my chest, and as a tear dripped from my eye, I kissed the top of his head, and let my lips linger there. Then I did it again. And again. And as Dustin squeezed me even harder, a gentle moan in the back of his throat, I felt myself giving in. More and more, the tears ran down my face. I wanted to love him so badly. I wanted to let myself go completely and be swept up in the emotion. I wanted...I wanted this pain in my heart to stop hurting and just let me hold him without hating myself SO much for doing it! And for the first time...I ran out of excuses. I ran out of insults to batter myself with. I ran out of reasons to stay away. And the release was so incredible...so overpowering...that holding Dustin in my arms was the only thing that could keep me standing.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so....damn..." I whispered as I kissed him again and again.

He raised his head and his hands caressed my face lightly. "No, it's ok. It's ok." He said, his eyes watering as he tried to help me reach that golden moment that would finally stop me from feeling so sick. "Don't cry, Eric. Don't cry." He whispered, and his tears began to slide down those flawless cheeks as he craned his neck further up to kiss me on the lips. "It's ok. I promise you, it's ok. I love you." He kissed me again, and our tears mingled as our lips slid against one another in the most passionate way. I felt as though I was breaking down. As though my every fantasy was suddenly coming true...and I wasn't ready. In no way was I ready.

Our kissing deepened as our lips remained connected for a bit longer. His tongue reached for mine first, and I found myself sighing outloud as my heart began to inflate to the point of tearing itself apart. I felt myself getting fully hard without any restriction. Nothing more to hide. Nothing more to restrain. And my hands slid down to allow my fingertips to rake the soft round globes of Dustin's perfectly shaped bottom. He whimpered in my arms, and his kiss seemed to increase in pressure. His hunger was released. My hunger was released. And soon, we were making out as though this was our last night on earth together. No other feeling in the world can come close to the sensation of being with the one you want. The one you 'chose'....and who was willing to accept your affections. No other sensation could ever be its equal. I've never known a love like this. I never will again.

Dustin was almost on his tip toes, his lips reaching to stay in full contact. His fingers reached up to tangle themselves in my hair, and I pawed and knead those firm round mounds behind him. I squeezed them lovingly, feeling the tips of my fingers gently dip into the tightened cleft in between. The material of those thin soccer shorts gave him the most amazing feel. I could feel the fabric gliding back and forth over the butter soft flesh of his cheeks, gripping them as he pushed his hips into me. His hardness rubbed against mine, throbbing and jumping with excitement, his body turning to warm putty in my hands. My God...I couldn't believe that any of this was happening. That I had let myself go this far. But his kiss was so erotic, so needy, so fulfilling...I couldn't pull myself away. Not at all.

And then the phone rang. It startled me, and I broke our kiss immediately. I looked at Dustin, and noticed that this was the first time that I had ever seen his hair in any sort of disarray. He kept his hand on my shoulders, a dreamy haze in his eyes, and he leaned in to kiss me again. "Mmm...wait...shouldn't you get that?" I asked.

"No. Fuck 'em."

"But what if it's...important or something...?"

"Nothing's more important than this, right now. Believe me." He grinned warmly, as the phone kept ringing. "Let the machine get it. It's ok." And before my nervousness had fully worn off, he moved in to reintroduce his soft tongue to my mouth, and we began to heat up all over again.

The machine beeped, asking for the caller to leave a message. "Hi, honey, it's Mom. I'm just calling you to let you know that your dad and I landed safely. Our plane was a bit late but everything is alright..." Dustin suddenly broke our kiss, and moved away from me. He hurried into the living room in order to stop the message. "Remember what we said, no trouble while we're away. Ok? We're only gonna be gone for two days and we're coming right back. So don't get yourself involved in any kind of...."

"Shit!" Dustin said to himself as he tried to figure out what button to press to shut it off.

"I'm sorry this was such short notice, Dusty..." The message said. "But we'll be back before you know it. We left Mrs. Fischer's number on the fridge, and there's some emergency money in the top drawer if you need it..."

"Dammit!" Dustin said, as he pounded a few buttons on the phone, accidently turning on the speaker phone.

"Dusty? Is that you, hon?" His mom asked.

"Oh...uhh...hi, mom." He said, picking up the phone now and trying to turn the speaker phone off. He gave me a bashful look as he talked to her, as he realized that he had been caught. "Yeah...uh huh...I hate this new phone...because it's got too many buttons. I don't even know how to 'work' this stupid thing. Uh huh...don't worry, I'll be fine." He said. He paced back and forth a bit in his sock feet, peeking over at me every now and then to see my reaction. "No, seriously, Mom, I'm fine. Ok? I know....I KNOW....alright already." He was getting agitated, trying to get her off the phone. "I will...I WILL...I promise....ok....alright." I guess he was finally wrapping up the short conversation, and ended it with, "Ok...love you too. See you soon." He hung up the phone in the living room, and there was a pause before he cautiously inched his way back into the kitchen, peeking his blond locks around the corner. "Umm...yeah. See....I can explain that."

"I can explain it too." I said, folding my arms. "You lied to me."

"I didn't LIE exactly. I just...I..." He stumbled for a second, and then said, "...OK! I lied! But JUST a little one! I'm sorry, ok? Don't be mad."

"Dustin, you told me your parents were gonna be home in a few hours."

"They WILL be! It's just...like...in 72 hours. That's all." I raised an eyebrow, and he knew that he was bullshitting me. "I'm sorry. I HAD to! You wouldn't have come over if I said, 'Hey, I just found out my parents were going out of town. Why don't you come over and we can get NAKED!' I know you, Eric, you would have freaked on me."

"And what's to stop me from freaking on you now?" I asked him, and he looked worried as I stood there in silence for a few seconds. Then, I allowed a smile to break out, and he was instantly relieved.

"Geez! Don't do that, you SCARED me!" He said.

"You deserve it, you sneaky little brat!" I walked over and tickled him lightly in the ribs, making him giggle outloud and jerk away from me. Then, I gave him a slightly firm voice and said, "Hey...come here." He stepped closer, and I put my hands on his narrow waist as he returned his wiry arms to my shoulders and we smiled sweetly at one another. "Listen...no more lies. Alright? No more games, no more tricks. Inviting someone into your house like this when you're parents are away is a 'no-no'. That's dangerous, and you could have been hurt. You hear me?" I maintained my grin, but I meant what I said, and he knew that. He nodded his head a bit, and gave me a kiss. "I MEAN it, Dustin. No more. Alright?"

"Ok. No more. I promise." He said, and he leaned into me, to just hug me. He rested his chin on my shoulder, and we caressed one another. Gently rocking from one foot to the other, while I inhaled that candied scent from the nape of his soft neck. I just closed my eyes, and felt an emotional release that told me...it's ok. Love....it's always ok.

Dustin let go of me, and with a sweet, but slightly timid, smile, he took a hold of both of my hands. His palms were so unimaginably soft, his long fingers almost feminine in their touch. He held my hands for a moment, and then gave me a gentle tug as he backed up. I didn't move at first. My last lingering fears holding me lockec into that standing position. But he leaned his head to the side, flicking the long side of his blond locks back and exposing those breathtaking blue eyes...and I felt myself nervously step forward. He walked backward a few steps, and then turned around to walk straight. Still holding me with one hand as he led me into his bedroom. My breathing sped up, my jitters turning into full blown seizures at this point. What am I doing here? What is he gonna think after we...do this? Is this his first time? Oh God, what if I totally ruin his first time? What if I accidently hurt him or something? What if....ugh! So many emotions, and only a few more seconds left to straigthen them out.

Dustin pulled me into his room, which was pretty clean save for a few pieces of typical teen boy clutter. The bed was unmade, the closet doors were open. Hehehe, it looked a lot like my apartment. His walls were decorated with posters. Avril Lavigne, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Gwen Stefani. I looked around and said, "Nice cover."

He giggled sweetly at me. "Yeah. I might as well look at least a little bit hetero, right? You know, for my parents sake." And as soon as he got me into the middle of his room, he moved closer, and began to kiss me again. My thirst for his lips had doubled since we were standing in the kitchen, and his had quadrupled for mine. I'm really going through with this aren't I? Wow...my whole world was spinning, and I had to fight just to hold on.

Our lips danced together, our tongues intertwined, and I felt Dustin smile. I leaned back a bit, and looked him in the eye. "What?" I asked.

"Hehehe, nothing. You just...you kiss so much better when you're not holding back." He giggled, and I gave him a playful swat on the butt as our lips connected again. I don't know how long we were kissing for. It could have been five minutes, it could have been five hours. Time didn't really exist in this frame of mind. But I soon felt Dustin reaching down to rub the extremely hard lump in my pants. It was a bit awkward for him at first, trying to keep kissing me while finding out which way to turn his hand. I could have guided him, but instead I simply waited for a moment or two. I let him figure out the motions all by himself, and moaned my appreciation when he found the right angle. I think he tried to unbuckle my belt with one hand, which wasn't working too well, and he had to break our kiss to look down and see what he was doing. He giggled nervously as his fingers fumbled with opening my pants, and I just pressed my lips to his forehead as he tried to work things out down there. The belt came open, then he unbuttoned my pants, and he lowered the zipper slowly...being so careful. He really wanted to see what was inside. He was eagerly trying to unwrap his 'gift', but when he finally had access to it, he stopped.

He looked up into my eyes, and gave me a small peck on the lips. And with a rosey blush, he asked, "Um...can I?" I gave him a tender kiss as an answer. He lowered my jeans only, and held them down as I stepped out of them. He was so careful to avoid touching the hard inches pointing directly at his face from behind my boxers. And then he stood back up and just kinda stared at it for a second. It was almost as if he was afraid to touch it, but he kept up a convincing smile to mask his hesitation. His baby blue eyes looked back up at me and smiled. "It's big..." He grinned.

"Hehehe, it's not that big."

"It looks big to me." He shyly bit his bottom lip, and said, "Can I touch it?" I gave him a warm nod, and he looked down to gently pull the waistband of my boxers over the head of my shaft, and slide them down to the floor. He stared at the hard shaft every inch of the way, and with a slightly shaky hand, he reached out, and lightly took a hold of it. My erection instantly fell in love with his insecure touch. "God, it's so warm." He smiled, his voice trembling as he tightened his grip for a moment, giving it a little squeeze before letting it go. "I like it, Eric. It's beautiful." His eyes met mine, and our lips connected in another passionate embrace. My body was on fire, my emotions on an all time high...but I remained patient. I let him feel things out. This was his big show, afterall. He lifted my balls a bit, and leaned forward to rest his head on my chest as he looked down at what he was doing. He gave me a few slow strokes, and my knees almost buckled. Then he let me go, and stepped away from me. He turned the top light off in his room, and just left the dim desk lamp on. Just watching him was about to make me explode. He stopped for a second in front of me, taking in a shallow breath. And then he lifted his shirt over his head, bearing that amazingly gorgeous chest and soft stomach of his. His body was just slightly less than athletic, but so alluring. Well defined without a day's worth of work or excercise put into it. His creamy skin seemed to glow with the vibrant aura of youth. Clean and smooth, pure beyond belief. I stood amazed in his presence. Dustin ran his fingers back through the long side of his hair, and tucked it back behind his ear as he his smile disappeared for a brief moment. A slight look of worry flashed across his face, but I then watched him hook his thumbs into the sides of his soccer shorts. And he pulled them down and off.

He stood before me, naked with a virginal shiver running through him. He tried to hide his discomfort of being nude in front of someone else for the first time, but I remembered the feeling. I recognized it right away, especially as I saw his hands swinging gently at his sides as he fought the urge to 'cover up'. He was absolutely stunning in every possible way. His body was more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. And at his age, I expected him to be a lot smaller than he was in the package department. They are building boys pretty well endowed these days.

I think my amazement kept me silent for a bit too long, because Dustin silently began to rock back and forth from one foot to the other. I looked up to see his eyes searching mine for an 'approval' of some sort. It meant so much to him. I smiled at him, and his grin grew at almost the same rate. "You're gorgeous, Dustin. Everything about you is beautiful. Everything." He blushed a deep red in the face, and a few bashful giggles escaped him as he tried to figure out what to do with his body next. I could tell that he was still a bit sheepish about being so naked, so I reached out and took him by the hand, bring him close to me for a hug. I just held him there for a moment, allowing him to lose a bit of the discomfort of being on 'display' for my wandering eyes. He felt a bit more tense, but as I held him there in that hug, not trying anything else, not touching anything else...he began to relax. He opened his trust to me, and I waited for him to raise his head and make the decision to taste my lips once again.

Dustin was trembling softly, his hands wandering all over me as he felt the skin to skin contact between us. He experimentally touched me all over, and occassionally I'd break the kiss so he could look down and see where his hands were. He was fascinated with everything, and to be totally honest...the whole experience made it feel like it was my first time too.

"Um...do you...do you wanna...?" He sorta motioned towards the bed with his eyes, and I tried to hold back my smile. Hehehe, all of that talking and teasing, and suddenly he could hardly speak. I loved it.

"Sure." I aid softly.

I laid down in his bed and scooted over for him to get on with me. "I'm sorry it's not made up or anything..." He said nervously. His voice was breaking with a boyish whimper.

"It's ok. I like it." I told him. He looked at me for a second, and I didn't push him. I simply waited for him to be comfortable. And soon, he flashed me a smile and climbed into bed with me.

"God...Eric...you're awesome. Thank you, ok?" He whispered.

We kissed for a moment, and I placed my fingertip on the tip of his nose. And I told him, "Promise me...that if at any time, you wanna stop...you'll tell me."

"I don't wanna stop..." He started, but I didn't want this to just be something he did to please me. I wanted this experience to be a balanced source of pleasure for the both of us. Something he'll remember his whole life. The way your first time should be.

"Just promise you'll tell me. Ok?" He nodded, his eyes were ready to promise me anything I asked for at this point, but his heart had gotten the message.

He rolled into me, and we began to kiss and tangle our limbs together as our love expressed itself in the most intimate way. Wow...I had never felt a body so soft. So smooth. In my mind, he was so warm and supple that I was sure his delicate body would break in my loving embrace. His youth and inexperience is what made me believe that he would be so fragile. But as always, Dustin surprised me by proving that he was well beyond my expectations of him. He was quick to let himself go and enjoy what was happening. His kisses became so very heartfelt. So very hungry. His entire body was an emotional conduit, his every feeling translated through his touch. Through his kiss. Through his curious fingers. The fact that he was only fourteen years old melted away both mentally and emotionally. And yet, physically...the slender and unblemished body of a youngling still remained. As Dustin rolled over on top of me, and my hands glided down to reach the firm bubbled globes behind him...I felt a mindblowing rush of sexual euphoria that simply defied all reason. I never wanted this to end. Never. Dustin rolled back over to the side, our tongues never leaving their twisted embrace, and he pushed himself into me. He was sooooo excited. I could feel it in every shiver, every gasp, every puppyish whimper that he gave me. I felt the most enchanting texture on his warm skin as the joy of his discovery raised goosebumps on his arms and sides. The feel of it was more sensual than anything I had ever experienced before. I felt him slide his naked leg up my side to rest it on my hip as our lips smacked softly in the dimly lit room. We grinded together as one while my hand gripped the meat of his outer thigh. And I held it there for a moment, before sliding my hand further back to cup his taut ass cheek and give it a squeeze. I rubbed my hand up and down, so spellbound by how smooth and hairless it was. The flesh was sooooo tender, his body so pliable, his limbs so flexible and sweet. My fingertips once again fell into the crevice between his mounds, and as I let them slide further down, I could feel the heated moisture of his tiny hole...making both of us shiver with a moment of lustful surprise.

We continued to roll back and forth for a while longer, with my hardness ready to burst...and my patience standing firm on the idea of letting Dustin guide this experience. It was then that we had to stop kissing for a moment and come up for air. Dustin laid his head on my chest again, occassionally kissing or licking at one of my erect nipples. I just held him against me as his hand trailed its way down to the hairs above my shaft, and he twirled his fingers in them for a few minutes. He had 'some' hair in all the right places, but despite his mental and social maturity, his body was a late bloomer in other areas. Things were just now beginning to bloom and become solid, his teenage development well under way but far from completion. His body was glorious as far as I was concerned, even if he still has short moments where he felt inadequate in comparison. I didn't give him any lectures or pep talks when I saw him feeling less than average. I merely pulled him closer and kissed his lips to let him know that he was just perfect the way he was. He wasn't really a self-conscious boy, but I know he was still worried about impressing me. That alone....impressed me. And he wasn't even aware of it.

"I love you." I told him out of the blue. And he looked up at me as an emotionnal rush flooded its way up into his soft blue eyes. We had both heard it a hundred times each, but much like it caught me off guard in the grocery store, I saw his gentle nature try to absorb the overwhelming shock of hearing it so freely. So suddenly. And he almost cried when he suddenly jumped forward on me and kissed me hard on the lips again. Hehehe, it made me laugh to see him so eager, and it only made him share my smile. So...this is love. Shared love. True love. How can anyone survive a single day on this Earth without this sensation? How is it possible? This is amazing.

I felt Dustin reach down to stroke me again, and I watched his dainty fingers lightly grip me, slowly moving up and down while I tried to sit still for it all. He felt something wet on his hand, and rubbed his thumb tip over my flared head, making me shudder. He smiled at me, "You make 'early juice', just like I do." He said proudly. "I wanna stay here with you all night, dude. I don't ever want you to leave." He whispered.

"Me too, sweetie." I said.

"Sweetie? Hehehe, that's so gay." He grinned, and I gave him another tickle before he warned me to stop.

And then, as my mouth watered for a taste of his beauty, I took a bit of initiative in all this. I gave him a tender push on his shoulder, and he looked up at me as I laid him back on the bed. There was a hint of confusion in his stare, but he was ready to comply with whatever I had in store for him. So he propped himself up on his elbows, and I put some pillows behind his back. He slouched down a bit, sprawling his legs out wide as I scooted down in the bed. I think he knew what was coming, but he didn't say a word. His eyes watched me the entire way, his lips slightly parted as he leaned his head back to sigh with desire. I began by nibbling gently at his tiny nipples. They were so incredibly small. But tasty. Tasting his skin was such an orgasmic rush for me. He purred lightly as I moved further down...licking and sucking on the tenderness of his stomach. Hehehe, wow, he was so turned on that his chest was heaving with huge gasps of air. Dustin had no idea what to do with his hands, and kept moving them from his chest, to my head, to the sheets, and back again...his legs quivering in anticipation. As I dipped my tongue into his cute little navel and licked around inside, Dustin yelped out loud and tried to keep his composure in front of me. He had lost all of his 'cool', and his only option was to give himself over to the blissful sensation of being loved. He was so ready.

I let my lips part from his soft belly, and I moved off of the bed so that I could position myself between his splayed legs. Dustin looked down at me and let out a boyish whimper. Something to prepare him for the new sensation to come. I could feel the heat coming from his middle. His soft thighs warmed my face on both sides, as the virile temple stood just inches away from my nose. I looked at his pink colored shaft, and watched it throb and pulse with every rapid beat of his heart. It was straining so hard, its six inches standing straight up, so tight and aroused that it was ready to go off at any moment. I put my hands on the inside of Dustin's velvet thighs, the warmth of his body heat nearly burning me, and I pushed his legs even further apart. He followed my lead without question, and bent his knees to give me total access to his most private places. He closed his eyes, and I used the opportunity to make him wait by teasing him just a little bit. The stillness made him wiggle his cute little bottom, his hand reaching down to find out where my head was so he could pull me closer. And I gave him a shock when I slowly dragged the flat of my tongue up the underside of his shaft. His whole body tensed up, and I saw him jerk his hips up like he was ready to explode already. His tight waist rolled around in urgent circles as he blindly felt around for another lick. I obliged him...making this one even slower. From the base of his long shaft, all the way up to the top. It spasmed and twitched from the sensation, his gasps and whines showing his appreciation for my technique. But he hadn't seen anything yet.

I gave him one more long delicious lick, tasting the clean sugar sweet flavor of his hottest area, and then took the head in between my lips. I rolled my tongue over its sensitive surface, and let it sink into my warm mouth an inch or two. Well, this just about drove the poor boy wild! His legs tried to stay still, but gently quivered and kicked out anyway. And when I sucked him all the way to the base of his shaft, he let out a loud gasp and his entire body spasmed. I let my suction pull my soft lips back to the top again, and let the creamy rod slip out of my lips...watching it pulse anxiously from the contact. I smiled up at Dustin and whispered, "You alright?"

He giggled nervously. "Yeah...I'm awesome. It feels...uhh...slippery."

"Slippery, huh?" I grinned.

"Yeah..." He sighed dreamily. And then he waited for me to do it again. So, without another word spoken, I wrapped my lips around him again and sucked him back down to the bottom. This time, he raised his narrow hips off of the bed to meet me, and his stomach tightened as he held his breath to keep from screaming. His taste was indescribable. My tongue thanked me for every satin soft inch of him. His boyish aroma, his excited twitches and throbbs, his strained whimpers and heavy breathing...I was in heaven. I never knew sex could be like this.

I let my head bob up and down at a slow pace, careful not to overwhelm him all at once. But he was so close that he was practically wiggling himself right out of my mouth. I pulled off for a moment to let him calm down, and just rubbed the inside of his thighs. The once pink shaft was now glowing red at the tip, and it was soooo hard, so tight, that it looked like it was trying to grow another three inches in length. Dustin writhed on the mattress, and I moved forward to give his soft balls a lick. The wrinkled sack seemed to have a life all its own, and it was even warmer than the rest of him. I sucked the sizeable orbs into my mouth, one at a time, moving ack and forth to give them equal attention. And then nuzzled my nose and lips into that little place on the side of his balls where his legs connect. I gave it a kiss, and Dustin's entire body was lifted from the mattress. Ahhh...there's the spot. I toyed with that area a bit more, and he tried to stay still but his body was out of control. The whole time, Dustin fought to remain silent, only the most involuntary moans and whimpers escaping his lips. But he couldn't hold anything back once I found his pleasure spot. His high pitched, choir boy cries were music to my ears, and I was sure that another few seconds would cause him to erupt whether I was touching his rigid erection or not. I licked further down, letting my tongue taste the small fringe of growing fuzz underneath his sack. I felt Dustin raise both his knees from the bed and gyrate his hips in wide circles as I attempted to keep my lips connected to his mouthwatering flesh. He moaned desperately, and sank back down to the mattress again. Aching for release. I saw his smooth ass cheeks tighten up, actually gripping a hold of the sheets beneath him...and my thoughts urged me to dip down even lower. I wondered if he would be ready for that. If he would be at all squeamish about me licking down to that hairless opening and giving it a long steady kiss. I let my tongue trail down further, and further, beneath his sack, and slowly inching backwards towards his hole. His legs tensed up, and he took in a heavy breath. He might have done it automatically without even knowing it, but there was no need to push him if he wasn't ready. Perhaps another time. I started licking my way back up again, and he finally found the courage to exhale again. Yeah, maybe that's a bit much for right now. I didn't want him to feel 'weird' about any of this. But damn...I certainly hope he lets me do it soon!

I licked back up the shaft and went down for round two. This time his length was even more excited than it was before, and Dustin raised his legs to rest them on my shoulders. I scooted up to get a better angle, and sucked a bit faster, feeling the baby smooth texture of his thighs on the sides of my face with every downward suck. I was whimpering myself, so enraptured with the act of actually getting and giving so much unrestricted pleasure. I actually felt faint from the overwhelming stimulation. The sights, the scents, the sounds...it was almost too much for me to handle all at once. I looked up at Dustin's pretty young face, and caught his eyes 'peeking' down at me. When he saw me looking, he quickly looked away from me. His eyes darted up to the ceiling as though he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. It was so cute that it made me chuckle a bit to myself. I pulled off of his hardness, and softly told him, "It's ok, Dustin. You can watch if you want to."

"No. That's ok. I'm sorry." He said, still a little bashful about looking me in the eye. "I won't look." He rolled his eyes a bit, as if mentally kicking himself for doing something so 'stupid'. I refused to let him feel strange about it.

"Hehehe, I want you to look. Seriously. Go ahead....watch." I let my tongue lick a slow circle around the sensitive head a few times before he took a few shy peeks at what I was doing. I saw a blush come to his cheeks with a timid smile as I let it slide back into my lips again. Finally, he got the courage to stare the way he wanted to, and it gave me a warm feeling inside to see him give in to 'me' for a change. He studied the whole process, amazed at the sight of himself disappearing into my sucking mouth. I reached over and took hold of his hands, bringing them to rest on my head, and he held them there. He was so scared to push down, but it became pretty automatic after a minute or so of the sensation. His body slowly hunched up into my mouth with every downstroke, and his breathing got heavy as he threw his head back for a moment and closed his eyes. Only for a moment though....he definitely wanted to see what was going on down there. His face was priceless, his curiosity examining the wonder of his first blowjob. It was beyond adorable. Then...without warning, his smile seemed to vanish completely. His body didn't even have an opportunity to really tense up all the way, nor did he have much of a chance to squeal in delight. His orgasm hit him like a runaway truck, and it surprised the both of us. Suddenly a hot explosion went off in my mouth. I felt the beginning pulses of orgasm on my tongue, the shaft throbbing once, twice, then an ocean's worth of liquid flooded into me. It was such a hard climax, his head hosing the roof of my mouth before I had a chance to swallow any of it. Hehehe, wow! He must have been really hot and bothered to deliver such a sudden assault.

He screeched and twisted, shivered and stretched, his hips and cute little buns raised off of the mattress, his hands clutching at my hair. It took for ever for his erection to stop pumping, but I held it firm between my lips. Letting him ride out his passion, letting him use me. It took a full minute before he was able to stop trembling and regain some control over his body. His cries turned into soft kitten purrs, and his body melted into the sheets as he panted helplessly above me. I nursed at him for a while, taking every drop and milking it out of him with my hand. I expected him to go soft in my mouth, signaling me to release him from my suction. But he never did. He remained standing, and hadn't lost any of his virility at all. Having me suck at his sensitive organ was only going to continue until he was ready to burst again. I have never been more impressed.

"Wow...oh...oh WOW...Eric....omigod...wow..." He puffed. He was being so cute about it all. I couldn't stand it. I crawled up on top of him, supporting myself on my hands and knees, and kissed him deeply on the lips. He whimpered ever so softly as our tongues recconnected, and he held onto me for dear life. His smooth body grinded up into me, and I tried not to put my weight down on him for fear that I'd be too heavy for it to be comfortable. But he was trying to pull me down on top of him, his thin arms clinging to me tightly as he wiggled himself under me. I came down a little bit more, but he wasn't satisfied. He wanted all of me. Finally, I rested myself on top of him, listening for any grunts of discomfort. He didn't give me any. Once again, he wasn't nearly as fragile and delicate as I expected him to be. I kissed his soft full lips, his teenage passions on high. His long sapling legs wrapped around my lower half, and I slowly rolled my hips into him, grinding my hardness against his own. He wanted more and more, and soon our lips disengaged as we began to suck on each other's necks and shoulders. I lost myself for a moment, grinding into him over and over again, feeling the need to chase the crashing orgasm I was building up to. I had become the fantasy that Dustin had described to me earlier, holding him strong, making love to him as his soft sweet body was sandwiched between me and the matress. And then...I heard another high pitched squeak from my young lover as he released yet another explosion between us. Oh God...it was too much. Without another second of resistance left, I came long and hard all over us. It was the strongest and most overpowering orgasm of my life. Not even my first climax as a child could compare to the fever this one brought to me. Dustin held on tight, moving his hips and humping up into me as I jerked and spasmed on top of him. Feeling his smooth body sliding back and forth over my sensitivities caused me to shudder and shake out of control. I collapsed on top of him, taking a moment to catch my breath before moving to gently kiss his lips and roll off of him.

We huffed and puffed for a few moments, enjoying the bliss that always follows an experience so intense. And when I looked over at Dustin, he was staring at the ceiling with the bigest, goofiest, grin on his face. I just had to watch him for a few seconds, admiring how beautiful he was when he was glowing like that. He looked as though he was going to float away from me any second. He was just that happy.

Then he caught me staring, and all of the sudden he quickly grabbed me and rolled towards me to smother me with playful kisses all over my face and neck. It caught me by surprise, and I laughed outloud as he basically attacked me without warning. My only way out was to tickle him on his sides, making him wiggle and scream with laughter until he turned completely around and I was spooned up behind him. "Ok, ok, ok!!! Stop! I can't breathe! Hehehe!" He said, and I let him catch his breath as I snuggled up to him and gave him a loving kiss on the side of his neck. I held him close, our bodies fitting into one another perfectly. I could feel the small crack of his bottom push against me, and I let my arms wrap arund his stomach and chest. It was a comfort that you wouldn't believe. I'm in love. Can you believe that? I'm honestly...TOTALLY...in love. It makes the heart sing to suddenly be aware of it. To suddenly have the realization wrap around me and whisper that everything was going to be alright. Everything was beautiful. Everything was right. It was the first time in a long time that I could 'want' somebody without despising myself for what I felt. And that felt soooo good.

"HEY!!!" Dustin said, unexpectedly flipping himself over to jump on top of me.

"Ooomph!" He knocked the wind out of me for a moment, but as he laid his beautifully naked frame on my stomach, smiling down at me with a mischevius twinkle in his eye...I could only smile back up at him.

"Spend the night with me!" He said.


"Come on! Spend the night with me tonight! You can sleep here wth me. We can wake up together...I can make you breakfast...."

"You still haven't made me dinner, yet."

"See? I owe you one. You can stay all night, and we can do it again and again whenever we WANT!"

"Wait, wait...hehehe, slow down." I said, trying to stop him from bouncing up and down on me. "Dustin...hehehe, I'm not spending the night. Ok?"

"Why not???" He whined playfully.

"I'm already going to jail, and probably to Hell shortly after. That's why."

"Well then you'd better make the best of tonight then, right?" He grinned. He pushed his semi-hard bulge into me with a sensuous whimper, and then gave me an angel's kiss on the lips. "Come on...please? Stay with me. You know you want to."

I'm sure that he thought he was going to win this particular argument, but I couldn't do it. I would have loved to have shacked up with him for an entire evening in a different world. But I was already being sloppy just being here. All I need is for his parents to come back a day early and see me lying naked in the bed with their little boy. There isn't a 'rational' way to explain something like that. "Sorry, babe. I can't. Maybe some night you can come stay at my house. Ok?"

"Awwwww...." He pretended to look hurt, but as I grabbed his soft behind and felt him getting hard again, I knew he'd forgive me. "...Well, just stay for ONE more hour! Ok?"

"Deal." He bent down to press his lush lips against mine, and we continued to be in love for the rest of our time together. Touching, kissing, cuddling, nibbling...it was magic. Every moment was magic.

Sighhhh.....yeah. Every moment was magic.

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