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Part 4: I guess I'll do it!

Morgan slid in between the sheets of his bed. He could hear his dad in his bedroom. He seemed to be bouncing against things in his room. Morgan heard his dad fall and get up. He slept naked and didn't take time to put anything on, he just rushed into the room.

Morgan Sr. sat on the floor, he was very drunk. Morgan Jr. helped his dad onto his bed. “What a night, what a night.” The adult was blotto. Morgan Jr. helped the man undress. “Help me into the bathroom I have to piss.” He had his dad lean on him and helped him to the toilet.

Without taking out his cock Morgan Sr. began to piss in his underwear/ Morgan Jr. pulled the underwear off and held the man's penis aiming into the porcelain fixture. The man finished and Morgan Jr. got a warm wash cloth and washed the man's front of the wet urine. “Gee dad your drunk.”

Slowly Morgan Jr. washed the older man's penis getting every nook and cranny. He cock got hard as it was manipulated by the boy. Morgan Jr. helped the older man into bed. He couldn't take his eyes of the erection. The older man must have thought it was his girlfriend playing with his thick meaty tube. “Hey baby give me one of your great blow jobs, you know how to suck me, please?”

Morgan Jr. knelt next to his dad, the temptation to suck his father's cock was overwhelming. He had the the throbbing organ in his hand and was jacking it up and down. Morgan Jr. stared at it. A creamy bubble formed at the tip. Morgan Jr. looked up at his dad, the man just lay there eyes closed, the cock so hot in his fingers.

Morgan Jr. couldn't resist it, his red mouth circled the head and slid down until the cock was buried in his throat. He breathed through his nose, his tongue tip waxing the tight ball sac. He heard his dad moan and he froze with the hard flesh in his mouth. His hazel eyes looked up, his dad's eyes were still closed and he began to suck the hard cock in earnest, this was so perverse, yet it turned on the preteen to no end.

Morgan Jr. held the flesh in one hand, his own cock in the other. His tongue snaked down the underside to the tight balls. Morgan Jr. sucked in one and then the other. He moved back and forth, this was fun. He looked up again, but his dad continued to lie there eyes close, but he licked his lips uncontrollably. He moaned every once and a while and lurched up to meet his son's lips.

Oooohhhh baby suck that fucking cock, you've never sucked my balls before, that was so hot, so sexy, suck it bitch suck it good, when I cum swallow it all for me, baby?” Morgan Jr. sucked harder, his tongue lapped the tingling crown. A hand grabbed the boys head and held him in place, hips pushed forward.

Morgan Jr. was held in place, the cock swelled and pelted the roof of his sucking mouth. He swallowed quickly, he didn't want to drown in a sea of gooey sperm. He sucked and swallowed at light speed. The spew kept cuming. Extra sperm coated his chin, some streaked down his hairless chest.

The cock finally quit discharging sperm. Morgan Jr. sucked the cock dry. Finally he was able to pull away. “Great sucking baby, g-r-e-a-t b-l-o-w-j-o-b bbbaaabbbyyy!” He drifted off to a drunken' sleep. Morgan Jr. pulled the covers up to his dad's chin and tip toed out of the room scooping up the excess sperm from his chin.

Morgan crawled in his bed. He tossed and turned, but couldn't sleep. It was warm. He got up, slipped on his basketball shorts, sandals and took a walk on the beach. He came on an older Mexican sitting and looking out at the ocean. “Hello Morgan, why are you not sleeping?” Morgan looked at the older man and said “do I know you?”

I have seen you at the compound, I am Gomez the Keeper of the Kennel, I am also Alonzo's uncle, have a seat, maybe I will take a swim, would you like to swim with me?” Morgan shrugged “OK, I'd like to take a dip, it might help me sleep, its so warm Senior Gomez. He skinned off his shorts as the Mexican removed his clothes. Naked they dove into the surf.

The man and boy played in the warm blue water for awhile, Morgan came out and laid on the older man's sarape. He opened his hazel eyes and saw Senior Gomez standing over him, his long brown cock dripping sea water. Morgan reached up and took hold of the blood filling appendage. The older Mexican came to his knees straddling the boys sweet face.

Morgan's warm mouth engulfed the purple head and his red tongue licked the blood gorged penis. Gomez was on all fours above the hard sucking Morgan. “Chico you suck cock well, my balls sing.” Morgan continued his oral love of the hard blood filled penis. Finally Morgan's mouth released the hard cock and he spread his legs wide.

No words were said. Gomez placed the head of his rampant cock at the entrance of Morgan's love channel and pushed his cock into the darkness and slowly his penis filled the boys warm body. The older man now fucked in slow rhythmic motions. The hard penis found Morgan's spot, his boi-cock throbbed, the uncut head tingled. Gomez's belly massaged the boys penis as he fucked the boys love hole.

Morgan pushed to match the inward thrusts. Both were working toward the same end, a hot creamy cum and Morgan was almost there. His breathing became more rapid, his push back thrust more wild. Gomez fucked harder and deeper, the boy had all of the 8 inches buried deep in the tight hole. Morgan locked his ankles behind Gomez's body, he held the older man for dear life he was shooting cum on both their bodies.

Morgan's cock throbbed as boi-honey shot out of the penis tip. Gomez began hard and very rapid inward thrusts, his breath too became more hard and ragged. “Holy Mother I'm cuming, Chico I cum in you. His purple headed penis swelled and cum erupted inside of Morgan, the creamy flood coated his colon and bolts pelted the tight walls.

Gomez collapsed on Morgan. The boy held the older man tightly. “Wow you really fucked me good, I came and came!” Morgan was licking the man's ear and telling him how good his cock made him feel. “Thank you Chico, you make an old man happy.” The the man kissed Morgan, his tongue probed the inside of the boys mouth as his cock dispensed the last of his semen into Morgan's tight boy-pussy.

The two lay there, bodies joined. Gomez's cock got smaller and finally slid out of Morgan's well fucked anus. “Chico maybe soon you will make a movie with one of my boys, si?” Morgan shrugged “Gee Mr. Gomez I've already been fucked by Alonzo, and more than twice?” Gomez chuckled “no, no I mean one of my dogs, I have a special one for you, a chocolate lab named Wilfredo, big red cock and a hard fucker!” Morgan didn't say a thing, but it did sound interesting.

Morgan awoke to a big commotion. He put on a robe and walked into the common living room in their hotel room. The Mexican police were handcuffing his dad. The Commandant of Police told Morgan that his dad was being extradited back to California. “But, but what did he do?” The Commandant said “the police there say he embezzled funds from his company. I will have some one come for you?” Alonzo was standing in the door way “Senior Commandante Morgan can stay with Mr. Kruger, porfavor?”

Si that will be good, less paperwork for me. You take him there, we take his father. Morgan watched as his father was led away. Alonzo told him to put on his speedo and they would go “Morgan my friend I will have your things brought to the compound, lets us go!”

Morgan quickly left with Alonzo and drove on the A.T.V. To the compound. They arrived and Morgan stripped off his suit while Alonzo explained what happened. Kruger led the boy into the big house his arm over the boys naked shoulder “Most likely a misunderstanding Morgan, I will give you a room and you can pay me back by taking care of some of my friends, OK?”

Morgan thanked Kruger, besides taking care of Kruger's friends meant fucking and he love that. Within an hour his things arrived and he put them away, the looked out the door to the ocean. He went out on the veranda and awaited one of Kruger's friends, thinking of having sex with a stranger made Morgan hard.

He looked down and saw Caspar. The boy ran up to Morgan's room and barged in. “Hey heard what happened, I'm sorry, anyway I'm staying here for a week my sister is shooting down in southern Mexico and I didn't want to go so Meatus suggested that my sister leave me here, so here I am!” The boy was bubbly!

Caspar had been given the room next to Morgan's. Both were identical. A group from B.T.W. had outfitted it like those in their Pleasure Facilities, less the fire place, there hadn't been a use for one in such a warm climate. If it rained it was still warm.

Kruger called Morgan into his office. “I have been told that you and Gomez had gotten together and he asked you to do a movie?” Morgan said he had. “He also said that you said it was an interesting idea?” Morgan said “That is true, I owe you so much Gunther, so I think I could do it.” Kruger smiled “maybe in a couple of days we will film it, I have a copy of Alonzo and his Dog and his Boy DVD for you to watch, yours will be similar.”

He held the DVD and looked the case over. Kruger continued “you had better get ready for today, I have guests for you boys tonight.” Morgan nodded and headed back to his room to get his body ready for a hot fucking that evening, the thought of a stranger fucking him made him hard, his cock tingled.

That evening Kruger and the three Brazilian business men had dinner. They were from B.T.W. and promoting the vacation facilities. Kruger wanted to place one at his compound and was giving them his business plan. He had already been given a contract for DVD making. He had many ideas. The DVD operation had been expanded.

He told them he had access to a multitude of boys willing of offer their bodies to pleasure the male vacations goers looking for that type of pleasure. They liked his presentation. They had ideas for a Boi Atlantis 2, and Kruger meant to have it at his place. In each room waited a boy for their pleasure for the night.

Mr. Piva the head of the delegation walked into his room. Caspar sat there waiting for the man in all his naked glory. Mr. Piva entered and Caspar stood up, spun around and said “I hope you approve of me, sir?” All Caspar heard was a low wolf whistle. As instructed Caspar approached the man and started undressing him.

Sir you will be only the second man to fuck me!” The Brazilian immediately got erect. Caspar fished out the man's uncut cock and ran a red tongue around the cock head. Mr. Piva quickly got as naked as Caspar. “How old are you young man?” Caspar stuck a finger into his mouth and swayed side to side. He looked at Piva coyly “II sir, just turned II, is that OK?” he had the cock again his his grasp and pulled the hard penis back and forth.

Piva sat on the bed. Caspar knelt before him the man's throbbing dick in his wet, warm mouth, the blond mop of hair fluttered as his mouth bobbed back and forth on the hot penis. Caspar ran a tongue tip down the hard throbbing cock to the hairy ball sac and sucked in one testicle, then the other. He sucked very sloppy, saliva coated and matted the coarse hair.

Caspar thought of tonguing the mans asshole, but he just couldn't. Maybe when I get better at this I will try it?” he thought to himself. He worked back to the top and found the head coated with Cherry lube. He figured the man wanted him to sit on the hard penis.

The thin preteen straddled the mushroom shaped head and put it against his anus. He was still very tight and had to push and wriggle on the throbbing crown. His tight ring finally relented and the head popped inside. Slowly the weight of his body made the hard flesh open him up and he finally had the entire length inside. He was covered with sweat.

OK, bounce on it baby, lets fuck that sweet boi-cunt of yours.” Casper got even harder, nasty talk excited him and he rode the hard cock like a pony ride at the park. Up and down his nubile body was reamed and ravished. He could feel Mr. Piva's cock up to and slide across his young prostate, his boi-cock throbbed with utter excitement.

Piva's hand held his three inches of boi-penis. The calloused thumb rubbed the tender flesh of the red head on his cock, he tingled and shuddered with sexual excitement. This was more than he could stand. Caspar came and covered the man's hand with his gooey ejaculate. The thumb was relentless and kept rubbing him, he bounced on Piva's cock all the more. His blue eyes were squinted shut tight.

Please no more sir, please it's so sensitive?” All he heard was a chuckle and felt more rubbing. “Please no more, I can't take it any more.” Finally the man relented and grasped his slim hips. He was being fucked more and more rapidly. Piva was cuming. He was breathing hard, he was driving his cock into the young blond boy until Caspar heard a deep groan and felt the cock swell.

Caspar couldn't believe a cock could get bigger or fatter, but it did, His insides were being pelted by rapid shots of hot gooey sperm. He felt he was being flooded inside, and it felt good. He squeezed his muscles inside and made his body even tighter. Piva was being squeezed dry.

Morgan was fitted with a jewel studded collar, then a leash was attached. Kruger led him into the kennel. On the black mat he got on all fours. On the other side of the room was Gomez holding Wilfredo's leash. Morgan thought it was the biggest Lab he had ever seen. The brown coat was shinny and he sported a large sheath.

Morgan felt the ear piece placed in his ear, it was almost undetectable. He was told to spread his butt cheeks. Kruger amply sprayed the area with B.T.W.'s Bitch in Heat. Wilfredo had already picked up the scent, his nose sniffed the air. His tail wagged quickly and three inches of red penis already hung out of the sheath, he wanted to fuck!

Gomez unleashed Wilfredo. He quickly loped up to Morgan and licked the boys face. Morgan reached out and grasped the now five inches of red canine penis and brought it to his lips. His tongue licked Wilfredo's dripping cock, there wasn't much of a taste. Morgan opened his mouth and sucked in three or four inches of the hot red penis. He sucked it hard and it looked like he was enjoying his actions.

More and more hot cock disappeared into his mouth. His hazel eyes got big, Wilfredo humped and drove his cock into Morgan's tight throat. He was breathing through his nose to subdue the gag reflex. Instinct in Wilfredo meant to fuck the boy, his mouth was full and Wilfredo fucked it and fucked it hard.

The ear piece gave Morgan instructions. “Your doing great Morgan, you've sucked in almost all his cock, now pull back some so the camera can get a good shot of your lips wrapped tightly around the canine cock flesh, good, good boy.” Kruger kept coaxing Morgan's sexual actions. Morgan aimed to please, he was also hard as a rock, his boi-cock throbbed, the head tingled, he was highly turned on by this.

Now Kruger gave more instructions. “Morgan let his cock slid out of your mouth slowly, very slowly. When it's out turn and try to crawl away, Wilfredo will do the rest.” Morgan complied. The canine penis slid slowly out of his mouth, he swallowed the last of the canine lubricant expelled from Wilfredo's penis.

Morgan tried to crawl away, but Wilfredo would have none of it and quickly mounted Morgan. His forepaws held the boy tightly in place. 10 inches of throbbing canine penis stuck out hard and straight. Dark brown hips humped toward the boy's anus. Twice Wilfredo missed bouncing off Morgan's right ass cheek, the third stab hit the hole.

Morgan's hazel eyes opened wide as the cock drove into him to the white knot. He couldn't believe he had that much cock inside of his body. Hie hazel eyes got even bigger when Wilfredo hammered his knot into Morgan. “What the fuck was that?” He moaned. Kruger said “he just tied you, now the fucking began.

Morgan looked back under his body. His own four inches throbbed and dribbled some precum. Wilfredo humped rapidly. He bounced his fat red cock off Morgan's prostate and the boy's penis erupted shooting semen onto his right nipple. Cum hung down in a long creamy string and pooled on the black mat. “I came, I came, he made me cum, he fucks so good!” Morgan mumbled.

Morgan didn't notice the tall black teen walking up to his head and knelt before Morgan's head. Morgan's head was pulled up by his hair. A long hard black penis hit his red lips and a voice said “suck my cock boy, suck it good! He was being fucked from the back and he was sucking the black cock from the front. The camera caught it all in it entirety.

One hand grabbed the black cock and sucked it lovenly. He loved sucking cock! Wilfredo continued to ravage Morgan's boi-pussy, his canine cock was building to a hard and copious cum. The dogs red tongue hung to the side and saliva slid of Morgan's nubile white body. Wilfredo began to growl.

The black cock was driven down his throat. The cock then slid back out and Morgan's red lips clamped down behind the black cock head. Wilfredo growled again and his cock exploded inside Morgan's colon and filling up his body with canine cum. The excess first made a creamy white ring around Wilfredo's piston like driving penis, then it began to run down the inside of Morgan's thin white legs.

The black cock followed with it's own cum eruption. Morgan was swallowing as quick as he could, yet cum coated his chin and ran from the corner of his mouth. Kruger couldn't believe how good the video was going to be. Morgan looked like he relished the fucking from both ends. He held the black cock in place and licked it clean of each cumy spew.

Wilfredo continued to shoot sperm deep into the warm recess's of Morgan's body. All he knew was that he was breeding and making puppies. Morgan knew that he was again hard and he could feel another cum approaching. He removed the black cock from his mouth and moaned out loud “I'm gonna cum again, look I'm shoot cum again, he made me cum again!” The cameraman caught Morgan's boi-cock shooting a second time.

He didn't shoot as much, this time but it was enough to hit the middle of his flat belly and again hand down in a gooey string and make a creamy white pool on the black mat. Wilfredo laid on Morgan's back exhausted. Kruger moved the camera to Morgan's head. Wilfredo had to be restrained, he wanted out and was pointed away from Morgan,

It took almost fifteen minutes for the canine cock to loose enough girth. “PLOP” was heard by all including the camera. Next a creamy white mass of canine sperm moved out of Morgan's shrinking anus. The insides of his thin white legs were a creamy gloss. A big pool of canine sperm gathered around Morgan's knees.

The three Brazilian men were in the audience. Mr. Santos nudged Mr. Piva “You know we can use him in Rio, he can join the boys in our Theater in the Round.” Piva nodded. “He would make a great pleasure boy on Sorococo Island.” Kruger asked “what is Theater in the Round?”

Santos explained that they had some boys who performed with dogs at private shows in South America and were based on Sorococo Island. Kruger said “you know we could do that from here, I have 2 boys and maybe a third that could do that. Morgan and Micheal have now made their own videos and there's Caspar, he could be convinced?”

Morgan got up on his own. He smiled and waved into the still running camera. Canine cum still trickled out of his well used anus. “Kruger asked him “how do you you feel Morgan?” He shrugged “not bad, that was hot, really hot, might do it again. He headed to his room and to the shower. Caspar saw him leave the kennel.

Hey Morgan did you really do it with Wilfredo?” Morgan smile “yes, I did, came twice. Might just do another?” Caspar was still interested and walked with Morgan to his room asking all sorts of questions. Finally he asked “really are you going to do it again?” Morgan smiled broadly “yes Caspar, I will, it was hot!”

Part 5: Caspar agrees!

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