Voyage to Paradise

Chapter 4 Tropical Heat

The air was perfectly still and the heat rapidly taking its toll on us as we sat at anchor in the isolated cove. After several days of being cabin bound due to the harsh rains and rough seas, the still water was a welcomed relief and a chance to exercise and recreate. Both of us had evolved from the lobster red sunburn of the first day at sea to the deep rich brown of a tropical tan these seven days later. After breakfast, we cleaned and scrubbed the cabin and emerged from air conditioned comfort to the oppressive heat that comes along with the still of the doldrums to tackle the obligatory chores of owning a yacht. With buckets of fresh water, we dampened chamois and attempted to remove the salt spray from the chrome and from the windows. We were making good progress before I realized that we were wasting good water. We did take on fresh water a few days before and we were only a couple of hours from several marinas where we could re-supply but I knew I had to be prudent and conserve water just like I did fuel. Besides, the heat of the direct sun was just unbearable and was drying out the chamois faster than we could wet them.

Glancing over at Bobby, I noticed the pure white skin of his but crack showing as he stooped to wipe off a chromed cleat at the bow of the boat. The contrast with the deep brown color of his back and shoulders made his backside appear to glow under the reflection of the rising sun. I yelled down to him, "Hey Bobby lets go for a swim.

Shading his eyes as he looked up at me he said, "I have to get my suit on."

I shouted back while stripping off my shorts and underwear, "Fuck that! There is no one around to see us," and jumped from the fly deck to the crystal clear water below. The water was so warm that it really didn't give any relief to the heat but it was exhilarating just to be in the water in the nude. The feeling of freedom was wonderful. I yelled up "Come on in. It feels great with your clothes off."

I watched him peal off his cloths and stand there backlit by the sun as he prepared himself to jump in. His flaccid penis hung down well below his scrotum and a little to the left of his balls. The pure white band of skin circling his hips allowed for little contrast between his genitals and his body except for where his long shaft now swung freely between his golden thighs. The head of his cock stood out in clear contrast to his leg just below the area recently hidden by his cut-offs. My eyes locked on his swinging member, I watched it as he dove from the bow, over my head and into the warm water just a couple of feet from where I was treading water. I marveled at how his dick seemed to move independently of his fluid dive as it swung down almost perpendicular to his body only to be slammed back between his legs when it finally impacted the surface of the water. Having lost eye contact with the cock, I watched as if everything was in slow motion as those strong thighs, muscular caves, and large feet penetrated the water in quick succession. The last thing I saw was Bobby's toes as the water enveloped them and acknowledged the violation with an enormous column of clear water that briefly appeared as a steady column as it reached its zenith before collapsing and crashing back down to the surface with a splash. Bobby, using the momentum of his dive, swam a good thirty or more feet away from me under water before breaching the surface and splashing about an sounding out with a loud yell of relief from the summer sun. We swam toward each other and wrestled a bit and tried to force each other under water. With a hand on each of my shoulders, he pressed down on me to push me under and raising him high in the water in the process. At full arm extension, he had inadvertently positioned my face directly opposite and against his sex organs. I could feel his cock along my right cheek and with my nose pressed hard into his scrotum, his balls were against my lips. I'm not sure of his intentions but it seemed like he paused there sufficiently long enough for him to recognize the feel of my face against him. If he did do it on purpose, he didn't do it long enough for my liking. As I broke the surface, he had already turned away and I could see his muscular ass flex as he began to kick and head toward shore, a mere 50 yards or so away. He called back fro me to join him but I told him that I didn't want to leave the boat and cautioned him to be careful. He continued toward shore while I headed back onboard ship.

I watched from the top deck as hesitantly emerged from the calm water and onto the beach. He must have been quite sure that no one else was around for him to leave the cloak of the water and show his nakedness. Walking along the beach, his band of white flesh shone like a beacon and was clearly noticeable way out here from the boat. I grabbed the binoculars and zoomed in on his naked form. Watching him explore his surroundings oblivious to anyone watching him somehow excited me and I began to pudge out. The more I observed his innocent explorations, the harder I got. I began whacking off as I watched him but I wasn't able to look through the binocs and masturbate at the same time. I briefly put the binoculars down so I could finish the job but the excitement dissipated when I wasn't looking at him. So, I gave up on the jerking and returned to looking.

It wasn't too long before he returned to the water and headed back to the boat. I watched while he swam. His bright ass was clearly visible as he swam. He seemed to put a lot of energy into each stroke and was moving at quite a pace as he rapidly approached the bow of the boat. Reaching out, he grabbed the anchor chain and tried to catch his breath. I asked him why he was in such a hurry and he said that he had to get back to the boat because he had to take a crap.

I said, "Why didn't you do that onshore?"

He said, "I couldn't do that. People have to walk on that sand."

I then said, "Well, you could have done it in the water and fed the fish."

"Fish won't eat that! ...Will they?" he said in surprise.

I said, "Sure they will. Just go right there where you are so we don't fill up our sewage tank on the boat.

He had to think about that one for awhile but eventually, the call of nature prevailed and he drew up his knees toward his chest and voided right there at the anchor. I watched as the very long brown log sank with little fish sampling it before it even hit the bottom. He joined me watching it be ravenously attacked by dozens of tiny fish as it lay there. With a look of amazement on his face as he turned up to me and said, "You were right!"

I stayed at the bow watching the fish and crabs feast on his waste while he swam aft to come up to join me. When he got to me he told me that he felt dirty and was ashamed of doing that. I tried to comfort him by telling him that he wasn't a child any longer and his mom would never know what he did. It was part of the man-code and I absolutely would never violate it. I explained that toilets were a modern invention and people have been shitting on the ground and in the ocean for thousands of years and he should not give it a second thought. I asked him if all of those billions of creatures in the sea had toilets. He had a look of doubt on his face but I realized that the apron strings were still attached and were probably still needed but he was starting to break away and I shouldn't expect him to make it a clean break. After all, at the end of this trip, he was going to have to go back and live under all of that parental control stuff. The transition back to that will be very difficult after the experiences he has had during this trip and it's only half way over. I gave him a final reassurance that I would never break the man-code and that anything and everything we did during this trip or will ever do together would stay between us and only us. His expression went from concerned to confident allowing me to feel relieved considering that there were a number of things we did that had to stay secret or my ass could be put in jail. I hoped that he understood that he was also bound to the code.

I handed him a towel for him to dry off and told him to lie down on the beach towel I laid on the cowl and even out his tan. He glanced down and laughed as he finally realized how he looked with a white stripe around his bottom. I went below to get us some beverages and snacks. I nearly froze my ass off when I entered the cabin. The difference in temperature was at last 30 degrees. My dick retreated rapidly. It felt like it was trying to get back inside me.

I put some cokes and oranges into an insulated fabric cooler and grabbed a bag of trail mix for us to munch. Giving it some thought, I went down to the head and grabbed a box of baby wipes that I kept there for sanitary cleansing purposes and while there, I picked up a bottle of whatever tanning oil I could find to help us ward off sunburn on our most sensitive parts. I put the utilitarian items in a bag and I gathered everything else up and headed up on deck to join Bobby. Again the shock of temperature change almost floored me as the heat overtook me. I felt like I couldn't breathe, the air being so heavy. The deck burned my feet as I headed along the sunny side of the boat so I changed course and went up the other side thinking it would be shady but I was wrong. The sun was directly overhead and there was no escaping it.

Bobby was lying on his stomach with his head resting on his folded forearms facing away from me looking like he was asleep. I wasn't gone that long so I knew I could be so I said, "Your ass is going to burn."

He turned his head toward me and laid them back on his arms and said, "I don't care. I could sleep here all day."

I reached into the bag and pulled out the wipes and offering them to him said, "Here! Use these to clean your butt."

He said, "Thanks! Will you turn your head while I do it?"

I said, "Why? I've wiped your ass countless times as you were growing up."

He didn't respond to me but looked at me with a scowl of disgust and got up and proceeded to clean his ass with one of the towelettes. He looked very awkward in doing it pushing his butt out while he reached around to scrub his hole. From where I was standing, the first wipe looked just as clean after wiping himself as it did before but that didn't stop him from using three more. I finally said, "You're not going to have a hole left if you don't stop that."

He chuckled mildly and stood up straight while examining the used towelettes in trying to figure out what to do with them. I reached back into the bag I had and pulled out a plastic trash bag and handed it to him. He looked relieved and a little bit embarrassed as he placed them in the bag. I took it, tied it off and put it in my carrier bag to dispose of it later.

I said, "Lie down on your stomach. Your ass is already red. I'll put some oil on it for you."

He eagerly spread out his towel and stretched out on it clamping his legs tightly together, I assume so as not to display his balls to me. I spread my towel next to him and sat down to open the bottle of oil, pouring a puddle of oil into my palm; I reached over and rubbed it on his far cheek. He immediately clenched his glutes which I thought was because of the coolness of the oil but seeing that he didn't relax them alerted me to his fear of invasion. I rubbed it briskly onto his firm tight buttocks pouring on more and more oil as I reached fresh unoiled skin. I applied the oil liberally to all of the white areas I could reach, overlapping adjacent areas of tan. I continued long after all of the exposed area was covered. Finally, I slapped his right cheek and leaving my hand resting on it said, "Turn over and I'll get the front."

He clenched his cheeks even tighter and said, "I can't."

Thinking he was just being modest I naively said, "Sure you can. I've seen everything you have by now."

I continued to prod him and badger him and eventually attempted to roll him over. As I did that, he reached under himself in an obvious attempt to hide his privates. I immediately gave up on the struggle realizing that he had a boner that he was ashamed to reveal.

I said, "I'll stop. I won't force you. Just relax."

I could see some of the tension go out of his posture as he settled down to the towel but his ass cheeks remained tightly clenched. I reached over and placed my hand on the closest buttock and gently rubbed it to try to relieve the rest of his tension and was pleasantly shocked when he said, that feels great as it relaxed beneath my palm. With that encouragement, I went back to the oil and adjusted my awkward position to expand upon what I had been doing. In doing so, I noticed that my cock was beginning to thicken in anticipation of where this could go. I made a conscience decision to abandon all caution and restraint in anticipation of the erotic pleasure presented before me. I wanted to take this to a new level. I realized that I had sold my soul to the devil when I wished that Bobby could join me on this trip and all alone. I was the predator and Bobby my prey. But I needed a willing prey since I wasn't about to rape him and end up in jail for the next twenty to thirty years. My caution though had turned to fear but the problem with fear is that it gets the adrenaline pumping and when that happens, the endorphins begin to kick in making it impossible to resist what you fear the most. I was allowing myself to spin totally out of control.

I got up on my knees next to him not knowing what I was going to do next but pressed ahead anyway. I poured some oil on the small of his back watching his muscles twitch as if hit with a jolt of electricity. I placed my hands on either side of his narrow waist with my thumbs pressing firmly down on his lumbar plexus and slid my hands up toward his wide shoulder blades. The feel of his muscular back beneath my hands sent some of that electricity to my cock and I could feel it begin to rise. I looked down at myself to see my dick bouncing as the blood coursed into it but not in sufficient supply to bring it to full erection. I was enjoying this middle ground of sexual excitement. There was a feeling midway to arousal that I must have blown by too quickly in the past to enjoy. I was for the first time actually aware of my penis from within my penis. I was aware of my testicles in their sack. I was even aware of the skin of my ball sack. I was struggling to maintain that precarious state, right on the edge of full arousal. I started to get the hang of it; pardon the pun. After awhile, I was able to bring my arousal up and down almost at will but only while I was touching Bobby. I was able to bleed off sufficient sexual energy from him through sensual contact but apply the brakes by recalling my need for caution less I end up in jail. Eventually, I could maintain a half-hard cock that gave me quite a buzz in keeping it there. Mentally, however, I was extremely aroused as confirmed by the steady stream of precum oozing from the tip of my cock.

Thinking that I was totally in control of the level of my arousal, I turned my attention back to Bobby. I slid my hands firmly up his lumbar but returned them to the small of his back with the gentlest of touch. On the return trip, I could feel my arousal battery being charged and then diminished with the hard rub upward. Bobby's reaction to all of this was growing until he eventually started begging me for more with a steady stream of: "God that feels good... Oh yea, that's it... Ohhh, Ooooh."

Just the fact that he didn't get up and move away was all the encouragement I wanted but his moaning was a bonus. He started to react more to the soft rubs than the firm ones so I adjusted the pressure I was applying; more soft than firm and eventually, all soft strokes. His reactions were affecting my sexual control and I started getting harder and had to take a break long enough for me to regain control. It was only a matter of seconds for me to get back in line while I got up to get another bottle of oil from my bag. As I climbed back onto the cowl, I noticed that Bobby's cheeks were as relaxed as a sleeping kitten. His crack had widened and I could for the first time peer into it. It was so deep but in the bright sun, I could see his wrinkled rosebud; maybe not fully but I could see it partially at the bottom of his deep canyon. I was only gone for a few seconds but Bobby turned and asked, "Are you stopping?"

I didn't bother to answer. I just straddled his legs on my knees and settled my ass down onto his calves causing my dick to lay lightly along the crease between his knees while my balls pressed firmly on his calves. I poured oil on the back of his thighs and rubbed it in firmly over the black wiry hair covering them and the lower part of his ass cheeks framing the area above and around his anus. I massaged higher and higher until my thumbs slid along his crack. I lightly pulled it open as I pressed outward toward his hips giving me a perfect view of his slightly brown and puckered hole. I used a circular motion on his cheeks to open and close that erotic window to his male sex. I pulled them further and further apart with each cycle until I found myself holding his ass crack open wide enough to stretch his hole. I watched as the brown rosette strained under the stress but the virgin sphincter held tight in a battle that it will ultimately loose. Bobby was moaning loudly as I pulled his ass open and even thrust his ass up to exaggerate the burn he must have felt.

None of this was new to me since all during our marriage; anal sex was our go-to option when Lena was on the rag. She thought it a cleaner option than the mess of frothy menstrual blood mixed with slimy sperm. That was from her point of view but, but I often had to deal with messy shit all over my dick or, the almost as bad an erection killing impact with a hard turd. I use to feel that the back door was never my favorite portal but sex is sex and good no matter how you get it. My thoughts on that have clearly changed. Doing what I was doing and heading to an obvious conclusion was driving to a sexual distraction. I knew I should stop but I was no longer in control of my actions. As I pressed forward, my brain was analyzing my motives; perhaps as a effort to bring me back under control or maybe just to rationalize what I was about to do. My thoughts drifted to comparisons as I looked down at his narrow hips and heavily muscled buttocks while remembering Lena's wide gracefully flowing hips and soft but shapely ass. I wondered how I got to here. When did I change teams? Why do I find this boy so sexually exciting? Did it arise from love? Or, did it spring from opportunity? Was this an any-port-in-a-storm kind of thing or was it an expression of a greater more personal emotion? Watching his tight sphincter pulse in anticipation or from a sort of anxiety drove all of those thoughts from my head, returned to those of pure lust. I didn't care why or how, only about what and now.

Bobby was writhing with desire under my manipulations. He had become very vocal in expressing his excitement and enjoyment with what I was doing to him. He was alternating between motions of forcing his ass up hard against my hands and then grinding his crotch against the towel beneath him. This had to be all new to him since his authentically virgin asshole testifies to it. If he had any sexual experience with another person, it certainly hadn't been fucked. But, judging by his reactions, he was clearly inviting it or even begging for it. Taking that clue, I moved things up a notch. I left my haunches and leaned over his prostrate form to whisper into his ear and conveniently slid my very hard member along his fully exercised ass cleavage in the process. With my lips against his ear, I said, "I love you Bobby. I want to make you happy. I want to make you feel good."

Though breathless from the shock of my cock against his crack, he managed got get out, "I love you too. Please keep doing that. It feels so good."

With that, no further verbal communication was necessary other than the grunts, moans, and gasps of excitement and pleasure we use to advise of progress during the sexual ritual. Bobby needed no instruction with that. I could easily read his excitement with what I was doing. He held back nothing. Every touch and caress I gave was repaid with guiding response from him. His excitement really shifted into high gear when I pressed down with my hips sliding my cock deep along his ass crack. He pressed back and rotated his hips to welcome the incursion. I slowly slid my cock his slit and then back down until the head of my cock could feel the ripple of flesh around his anus. I pressed harder and harder with every pass until the tip of my cock began to snag his asshole and cause him to jump in apparent discomfort. I didn't want to hurt him but passion was ruling my actions and I was not about to stop what I was doing. I continued sliding my cock along his slippery crack and catching the rim of his hole on every up stroke. I was trying to stretch his hole by increasing the pressure with every stroke. I began to change the angle of attack so that I could hook solidly on his rim and open him up as much as I could. My strokes became shorter and shorter until I was essentially just pumping against his rosebud. Eventually, my pumping slowed but the pressure I was applying increased until I could feel his sphincter relent as it began to allow my entry. Slowly, very slowly, it gave up to my siege but it didn't completely give up the fight as I could feel it grab and pulse and squeeze the head of my cock as I forced it to yield to the onslaught. Eventually, my penis won out as his sphincter snapped over the sulcus like an arrowhead unable to be pulled back out of the wound. The muscle that had fought my entry so valiantly now grabbed tightly to my shaft, I felt that I was never going to be able to pull it back out. The moist heat of his core made me swell even more which; I'm sure added to Bobby's discomfort. I had forgotten all about that (or maybe I was just selfishly ignoring it) but with my initial victory, I began to notice his cries of pain. In response, I held still my assault in hopes that his pain would subside, knowing full well that it would be more painful for him if I were to pull my swollen cockhead back out through his now catatonic sphincter. I believed his only relief, as well as mine, lay in my pressing forward with the violation of his innocence.

It seemed like an eternity as I lay on top of him with my engorged throbbing penis stabbed into his rectum while he tried valiantly to accommodate my thickening pulsing shaft. I tried to be as still as possible to minimize his pain but the discord between his fluttering asshole and my pounding erection was taking me to new heights of arousal. It was almost all over for me when his sphincter clenching tight around my cock just below its head began to spasm as if begging my balls to unload their cargo into his virginal rectum. It took all of my will power to resist the taunt and stay the course leading to the total conquest of his bowels.

I began to relax from my position suspended above him and laid my body fully against his and, in the process advanced my cock further inside of him. We lie there like that for a long time before he finally whispered, "It stopped. I'm OK now," giving me the go ahead for the final assault. Very slowly, I applied pressure with my hips. Little by little the walls of his bowels gave way as I began to enter him. I pulled back slightly and again pressed downward and into him. Eventually it evolved into a traditional humping motion, gaining further entry with each thrust. At some point, the progress of my penetration stalled and I still had a couple of inches shaft that had not entered him. The sensation on my penis was exquisitely pleasurable, much more so than anything I had ever felt before. Unlike the sex I had with Lena, even anal sex, this one lit me up as if I was plugged into an electrical outlet. A jolt of sexual energy shot from his socket into and through my penis and radiated throughout my being giving me the juice to intensify my thrusts and force my way even deeper into his anal opening. The natural resistance of his body to my probing waned and I soon found myself buried to the hilt in his asshole and my balls bouncing off of his. It was as if my penis had sprouted billions of sensory nerves. Until this encounter, all I could feel with my penis during sex was heat and wetness. Now, I imagined that I could feel the subtle texture and movement of his intestinal walls as if my dick were a finger tip. The effect was overpowering, especially when he pressed back on me as I thrust to maximum depth stretching the skin on my cock and I'm sure the walls of his colon creating maximum sensitivity for us both. I was so enraptured by the tactile feeling in my genitals that I had inadvertently blocked out the equally arousing sounds Bobby was making. I was listening but somehow processing the information much more slowly than the physical feelings of our union. As my aural senses kicked in, I noticed Bobby's sounds evolve from grunts of discomfort too moans sexual abandon. I could also hear the sucking sounds our bodies were making at the place of our connection where the hollows adhered and detached with our movements and the plunging of my cock churned the unmistakable sounds of fucking.

The sounds of Bobby's rapture were echoing across the lagoon as we merged our bodies. He was now an equal participant in this obscene ritual. He had given himself up as sacrifice to my lust to our mutual lust. I had thought his seduction would be difficult or even impossible but his will, as it turned out, lacked any resolve to resist. He was clearly an eager collaborator and now my sexual disciple. I will never be able to give him up give this up and judging by his boisterous enjoyment, neither will he.

Bobby was really getting into it. He was pushing back hard with his ass and rotating his hips in an effort to maximize the sensations from my probing member. He only relented when I began a period of quick thrusts. Every time I slowed my drive, he began his version of reverse humping. His movements exacted copious amounts of viscous lubricating fluid from my penis that while lessening the friction enhanced the sensual experience of cock moving inside another male's rectum. I pulled my body up sufficiently to peer between us and see my cock as it plunged in and out of his ass. I could see our juices coating my shaft and forming a white froth around the perimeter of our joining. I could see his glutes tightening and relaxing in harmony with my thrusts. His lumbar muscles were taught as he thrust his ass and swept gracefully up the slope of his mounded buns accented by two symmetrically placed deep set dimples at their base in the small of his back. If I didn't know better, I would have assumed that I was looking at the backside of a beautiful woman - very feminine and reminiscent of my initial sexual escapades with a young Lena. It was youth, not effeminacy that formed that vision. Then it hit me: I was fucking a 14 year old boy. With that thought, almost instantaneously, an overwhelming thrill of sexual excitement shot from my brain through the entirety of my body ending up at my genitals to trigger the most intense and almost painful orgasm of my life. My scrotum clenched my balls tightly to the bottom of my shaft as my penis began a series of exquisite contractions from base to tip trying to empty the ample reservoir of sperm that had built up during the excitement of this copulation. Although intense, I could feel only the contractions with the first two pulses, but after that, I could feel a large volume of semen being ejected into his bowels with each succeeding pulse. I could feel the ejaculate enrobe the head of my cock and further lubricate my shaft as I thrust it inward forcefully with each ejaculation. Every spurt from my cock was acknowledged by a verbal ejaculation from Bobby. "I can feel it. Ooohh! You're shooting in me! I love it..." He repeated screaming things like that with each of my dozen or so eruptions.

I clearly filled him with a huge amount of sperm as all friction with his colon ceased. My cock was submerged in a pool of cum that just moments before was inside my body and not his. Unable to sustain my suspended position, I collapsed gently upon his back while my penis still hard and imbedded firmly in his ass. After a few minutes lying like that, I could feel the intensity of my erection begin to subside. My penis must have shrunk more quickly than his sphincter could recover because I could feel the hot liquid that I had just deposited in him begin to flow around my shaft and down along my scrotum and drip down onto his. Adjusting my position frequently, I could continue to enjoy the sensations of being joined with him and against him. I was amazed at how quickly the sperm cooled as it dripped onto his balls when mine bounced against his. Our sacks slid against each other further titillating me and helping me retain some tumescence while our reality turned to reverie.

I didn't want to let go. I didn't want it to end but end it did. Bobby was becoming uncomfortable with my weight bearing down on him and his sphincter had caught up to my relaxing erection. I could feel the ring tightening around the base of my shaft and forcing the shrinking invader from his ass and along with it, a huge amount of the fluid it had injected. The air that I had apparently injected while pumping in him was used to force even more cum back out and onto my cock and pubic hair with a loud clapping fart. So much effluent splashed against me with such force that I had to examine it. I pushed up and off of him and assumed a sitting position where I could see the scum across my lap and also see the mess of his ass. I was kind of shocked at what I saw. His legs were still splayed and his sphincter lingered somewhat slack and leaking cum. The rim of his hole was cherry red and very different from the very light tan color of its virgin state. It was clearly rubbed raw and possibly bleeding. His ball sack was covered with more of my slimy cum. I felt remorseful for what I had inflicted upon him and was struggling with what I could do to help him. I stared as his rectum tried to regain its shape and resume control over his anal opening. I watched it contract spontaneously and voluntarily with Bobby's additional desperate attempts to return it to normal, pearly white cum poured out and onto his balls while turning translucent and eventually clear during its trek. The sight of our combined musky essence inflamed my repressed desire to taste that murky liqueur. My decent into depravity was uncontrollable and I continued the spiral by bending down and placing my mouth over his gaping hole and gently laved it removing all trace of the ooze and attempting to relieve his discomfort with the gentile touch of my tongue. I lightly swirled around the rim but couldn't resist the plunge into his abyss. This seemed to relieve him, or at least comfort him judging by his muffled purring. My tongue probed deeper into him to retrieve additional nectar and in the process, renewed my erection. I reveled in the taste and texture of the sperm on my tongue and the thought of the level of intimacy we achieved with my debasement. All the while I was building up another reserve of sperm and was going to need another release. I continued laving him and dipped down to his balls to clean them of their slippery coating building up additional reserves of new cum of my own that was going to need prompt attention. I loved the taste and texture of the sludge in my mouth and convinced myself to introduce this boy that I loved so deeply and intimately to this exotic delight. I was convinced that he and I shared the same sexual desires.

I sat back up and admired my sloppy hard cock and wished that I was sufficiently flexible to bend down and clean myself of the sperm that coated the entirety of my cock and balls. My cock, now hard as a rock, looked enormous, at least for me. The depravity of what I just did had elevated me again to the pinnacle of sexual arousal and I desperately needed relief. I rolled Bobby on his back and bent my head down and lightly placed a kiss on his lips. Rising up slightly, I looked deeply into his eyes and could see the love and passion I felt for him being returned to me through that window to his soul. I pressed my lips again to his and pressed my tongue through his lips and explored his hard and beautifully formed teeth until he opened that magnificent portal and met my tongue with his. His mouth was very wet and delightfully sweet. The residue of sperm that coated my mouth now contaminated his and we began to share whatever remnants of my perversion that remained. His reaction was clear as he eagerly searched my mouth with his tongue trying to capture whatever sperm he could find. The ardency of his seeking tongue sent the same erotic charge coursing through me as that of his magical asshole. His breathing became labored as he moaned into my mouth. I knew then that he shared my passion and perversion for tasting sperm. I was about to satisfy whatever curiosity he may have of the subject.

I broke our kiss and took his head between my hands and pulled his face down to my erection. This was my big gamble. We were either going to grow as a sexual couple or I was going to scare him off and possibly destroy our entire relationship. I was overly horny and wanton and unable to restrain myself. I pressed on and he had to adjust his position significantly in order to do what we both knew I wanted but he did it. He swung his body around and worked his way to his knees with his face directly over my erection. I really didn't have to give him any more encouragement; he placed his hand around the base of my shaft and planted a gentle kiss directly atop my weeping slit. Pulling his head up slightly, I could see a string of my lubricant connecting his lower lip to the tip of my cock. He extended his tongue to sweep it in and then proceed to the source of the fluid to gather all he could. He pressed his tongue firmly to the head of my cock, entering the slit deeply with its tip. The sight alone of him doing this was enough to push me over the top but I had to hold back long enough for him to experience the glory of taking a hard cock into his mouth and coaxing out its elixir. With the downward movement of his head, his tongue soon disappeared as it was pushed back into his mouth by the head of my cock and it too disappeared as it was engulfed along with another inch or so of my shaft that he grasped tightly with his lips. Then it seemed that he didn't know what to do. I could feel his tongue swirling about the head of my cock. It felt great but I was expecting something more. Lena was good at this but unfortunately didn't do it enough. She could take it down her throat which always sent me over the top. I couldn't expect Bobby to do that with his first blow job but I thought I would get a little more action than I was getting. Again, I took matters into my own hands, literally, by placing a hand on the back of his head and forcing my cock deeper into his mouth. He took the coaching well and adjusted his performance. A couple of times, he went too deep and ended up gagging but overall, he was doing a good job. He seemed to be really getting into it and was making lots of grunts and mews and he was staying with it. Once I stopped the coaching and settled into what he was doing, it happened fast. I could feel my cock swell in his mouth and see his reaction to it. That was all it took to send my over. I felt the spurt of ejaculate shoot into his mouth with my first contraction. It must have forced its way into his throat since he immediately started to cough and gag. He regained control and by my third spurt his cheeks bulged from the volume of sperm and more was on its way. After my fifth spurt, I watched his cheeks hollow as he swallowed the load I had dumped in him. I only had two more shots left to give him and he swallowed them both as they were emitted. With that, I nearly collapsed onto my back with exhaustion. As I lie there, Bobby climbed over me and returned my kiss with the same passion and much more sperm in his mouth than I had. It drooled into my mouth from his and I eagerly consumed it. I laved every surface inside his mouth with my tongue to collect as much semen as I could find. We clung together tightly wrapped in each other's embrace and enjoyed a lingering kiss.

We broke the kiss and I lie there with Bobby lying pressed tightly against me enjoying the afterglow of the best sex I ever had. I could feel that his cock was still hard and that he was pressing it firmly into my hip. I asked him, "Did you cum?"

He said, "Not rally. I had all of the feeling but didn't shoot anything."

Now I was feeling really guilty after cumming twice and both times in him. I had to d the same for him. My first inclination was to give him head but that would probably give me as much or more pleasure than him. I was suddenly arguing with myself trying to rationalize my behavior as not being gay. I never took it up the ass and never would. I was not gay and if I was gay, I was a top. I'm a man. But then I got thinking; Bobby is more virile than I would more probably be a top in a gay relationship if it were not for the nature of our history. Also, Bobby is not just anyone. He is someone I love. He is the person I love more than any other person in the world. I would do anything for him and I will.

I sat up and nudged him to his back and reached directly for his long stiff cock. I stroked it and marveled at its. It was amazing. I bent down to reprise his role as a fellator. I did everything he had done to me but was careful not to draw him to climax because I was going to give him my virginity in return for his. Despite my fear and anxiety, I was getting overpowered by the sensation and realization of this young cock actually being in my mouth. He was leaking vast amounts of pre-ejaculate semen to the delight of my taste buds. I was torn between my loving desire to please him and my selfish desire to please me by sucking his cock to climax so I could swallow his sperm.

Love won out in the end and I pulled up just as his balls began to pull up and his cock head swelled. I looked up into his eyes which looked very frustrated and disappointed and said to him, "Will you make love to me?"

The gleam came back to his eyes as he nodded his head in agreement with my request. I rolled on my stomach and reached for the bottle of oil, handing it to him I opened my legs and assumed the most submissive posture I could. Bobby crawled between my thighs, spread my cheeks and poured oil up and down my exposed crack concentrating on my nether hole. It tickled as he squeezed the bottle forcing the warm viscous liquid through the narrow nozzle directing the stream first at the rim of my hole and then at the apparent gap opened as a result of the relaxing patter of the oil around my ass. He took his hand and spread the lubricant up and down my crack concentration on the area of my chrysanthemum, being unworthy and ineligible for it to be called rosebud at my age. He did something I didn't do. He slipped a finger into my asshole. It was done with no forewarning or preparation which shocked me. He pressed the finger in and out several times and slowly worked it around inside me. After the shock of the invasion wore off I began to enjoy his ministration and the anticipation of when he would replace that finger with his extremely long penis. I didn't have to wait very long. He leaned over me and began sliding his beautiful cock along my ass crack. He approached the seduction in the very same way I did with him. I enjoyed every move he made with increasing ardor. Every time the head of his cock caught the upper rim of my hole and stretched me open I would have a mini-climax. I loved the feel of my hole being forcefully opened and held that way before snapping closed after his cock lost its hold. I knew this was going to be good and couldn't wait for him to actually enter me and only moments ago I was denying that I would ever allow this to happen to me. I was getting very anxious because I felt he was unnecessarily prolonging the preliminaries. Eventually, like I did, he brought his focus to my hole. I could feel the point of cock head begin to open me up. Gently, very gently he pushed inward and my sphincter allowed a little entry. The sensation was unusual but pleasant. As he pressed harder, my sphincter began t resist the advance. The harder he pushed, the tighter my sphincter pulled in resistance resulting in pain proportional to its effort. It struck me that my asshole was a one way gatekeeper allowing cylinders of waste product, some of them thicker than a cock, to flow out with no discomfort and sometimes with pleasure, or at least pleasant relief, but it resisted entry of a tube whose purpose was to give pleasure and cause great pain from its struggle. While he was trying to get into me, I couldn't help but wonder if what this was going to feel like and whether I was clean enough in there or was this going to be messy. The thoughts running through my brain were killing the mood and I was losing the level of sexual excitement and the desire. As the pain level increased and it was increasing, my interest in doing this diminished. He began to press really hard into my ass and the pain was extraordinary. I wondered how he was able to tolerate my thicker cock forcing its way up his ass let alone how anyone could take one of those big black cocks up their poop chute. Just when I thought that my rational brain was giving me reasons not to be doing this, it came up with a rationale for going forward. I realized that countless millions of men have been fucked in the ass and that aficionados of anal sex seem to be partial to the thick black snake or, at least they do in gay porn.


A searing pain instantly brought me back to the here and now as Bobby's cock head suddenly plopped through my reluctant sphincter and entered my rectal cavern. Along with that came the pain and overpowering feeling of submission. The burning was intense but so too was my desire.