Jack Edwards

Waisen 11

A surprise awaited me at the house; Harrison Caldwell. He was sitting on the front steps with Peter and Heinrich, but when he saw me approaching on foot, he got up from between them and came to meet me on the street.

I stopped. We stood face to face.

“I was pissed, Michael. I was pissed as hell when you left.” He looked me in the eye. “I’m not used to being told ‘no’.”

I returned his gaze.

He smiled sadly. “And then, I had one thought; just one. And that was that I’d give anything for either of my sons to have the balls you have.”

He nodded back toward the house. “I wanted to get here before you did. I wanted to tell you to not ask that question I told you to ask the boys.” He frowned. “You know… I told you to ask the boys if they preferred you or a soft bed, decent clothes, and good food.”

I nodded. “I’ve been thinking about that question.”

“Don’t, Michael. I wasn’t thinking when I said that. I just wanted to ‘win’.” His eyes dropped. “When I realized what I’d sent you to do, I realized your boys could give you an answer that would break your heart, and then neither of us would win.” He stepped closer, placing his hands on my shoulders, and he looked into my eyes. “I’ve been talking to those two boys on the steps over there; Heinrich and Peter. You know what? I think those boys would choose you over anything I could offer them. Do you believe that? I do. I wouldn’t be surprised if all your boys would turn me down.”

I glanced toward the house. Peter and Heinrich waved happily. I smiled, feeling an even deeper appreciation for them. I looked back at Harrison. “I’m glad,” I said. “I’m glad that I could make the same choice for them. I can do without a few things to be with those guys.”

Harrison smiled at me, and leaving one hand on my shoulder, he stroked the hair from my forehead; a remarkably intimate thing to do in the middle of the street. “Will you forgive me, boy?” He asked, quietly. “I don’t want to lose you.”

I shook my head. “I’m not going away with you, Harrison. I forgive you, but I’m staying with the boys.”

He nodded and extended his hand. “I know. I meant I don’t want to lose what started between us.”

I took his hand and shook it. “Yeah, I’d like to hang on to that, too.”

Harrison grinned, shaking my hand. “Come back to the train with me tonight,” he said. “The train leaves tomorrow evening for Munich, and we have a lot of making up to do; and a lot of planning.”

I gathered the boys together in the attic the next morning. “Mr. Caldwell is going to support us,” I told them in German. “He’s going to give us money, enough money, regularly, so that Nigel and I don’t have to work, but can stay here and take care of all of you.”

The boys cheered.

“He asked for things that we needed, and I gave him a whole shopping list.”

The boys cheered.

“I told him that we hoped to have you boys in school in the fall, and he’s going to make sure the schools you’ll be going to, get what they need.”

Some the boys cheered. Many hooted and whistled in protest.

“Get out of here, you wise asses!” I told them, shooing them away.

As the boys left in a babble of voices, Peter grabbed the back of my shoulder and leaned in, grinning. “You charge a hell of a lot more money for a blow job than I do, Michael.”

I slipped my arm behind his waist, pulled his side to mine, and looked him in the eye. “I have a question for you.”

Peter raised an eyebrow.

“Harrison likes you, and Heinrich, too,” I told him. “He was impressed with your English… among other things.” I grinned. “I described some of your other assets.”

Peter smiled, uncertainly.

I continued. “Harrison told me to ask if you two would like to travel around the continent with him on his train for the next few weeks… officially as his errand boys. He promised to have you back here in time for school.”

Peter’s mouth dropped. “Are you serious?”

I nodded.

He frowned and glanced around at the few boys who were still in the attic. “What about the boys. You need our help with them.”

I shook my head. “It will be okay. I’ll get the other, older boys to help me, and… I’ll have the time. Harrison promised enough support so that Nigel and I can quit our jobs! Engelheim is about to have two full-time directors; Nigel and me!” I bit my lip. “I’ve got to write Nigel about this.”

Peter threw his arms around my neck and hugged me. He started to pull away, but then came back and hugged me even more tightly, pressing himself to me. “I will miss you, Michael. I don’t know if I want to go.”

I stroked his back. Both of us were growing hard. We could feel it. All of us in the house had gotten used to that by then; getting hard when hugging. It just sort of happened to all of us, and it didn’t mean that anything had to come from it. Certainly this time nothing would; there wasn’t time.

“I will miss you, too,” I told him. “You know that.” I rubbed the back of his neck and my cheek on his. “I will miss you a lot. But this will be good for you and Heinrich. Harrison is rich and important. You’ll get to know him and you’ll see a bit of Europe with him. It’s a wonderful opportunity.” I patted his bottom. “Go pack.”

Boys were dismayed when they heard that Peter and Heinrich would be leaving. The happy feeling that came with the news of Harrison’s backing, gave way to a feeling of sadness. We were used to boys joining us; not leaving us. With Nigel, Bruno, and Oscar already in England, the house was going to seem very empty.

“Is it truly a fancy railcar?” Heinrich asked as I helped them pack one small bag between them.

“Very.” Peter was bent over, folding one of his three shirts. I swatted his bottom. “Don’t go propositioning other men on that train, Peter,” I warned. “They aren’t all rich, and I guarantee, Harrison would be pissed.”

Peter straightened up and smiled at Heinrich. “Heinrich will take care of me after we wear the old man out.” Peter turned to face me, and hung his arms over my shoulders. “But we will save many fucks for you, Michael, when we come back.”

I had my hands full in the days that followed. It was impossible to be everywhere. When I walked in on Alby in the bathroom with Siggy and Willie, teaching the four and five-year-olds how to suck his cock, and I saw that all three had little stiffies, I simply turned around and walked out. What was I to do? It was only a matter of time.

Alby apologized later.

“Don’t do any more unless they ask, Alby,” I told him. “And don’t start them doing things with the older boys. Let the little brothers be innocent for a while.” But then, I thought how little any of our boys had been allowed to be innocent.

We lost our first in July.

Franz and Reinhart had found me in the kitchen that morning, inventorying our meager supplies before making a run to try to buy more. The two, ten-year-olds were excited.

“Come with us, Michael,” Reinhart said. “We’re going down to the river with some city boys. They play down there.” He grinned. “Sometimes they swim naked.”

I was tempted. It was a warm day. But then I thought of the things I had to do. “No,” I said. “I better not.” I gave them a serious look. “Do either of you know how to swim?” I asked.

They both nodded. I wasn’t sure I believed them. “You better stay out of the water. Perhaps later we can all go for a swim.”

The two looked disappointed.

I thought about sending an older boy or two with them, but I didn’t know if any of the older boys knew how to swim either. I thought about leaving an older boy or two in charge, and going with Franz and Reinhart myself, but I’d have to track an older boy down and give him instructions and postpone other things I had planned for the morning – there was so much to do. “Like I said, maybe later we can all go swimming together,” I assured the two boys.

They left. I thought once more about sending an older boy with them, but I heard something crash to the floor in the front room and had to go stop a soccer game that had started inside the house.

It was one of the older boys who told me, later, when I came home, happy with my load of canned foods. “Reinhart has disappeared, down at the river. They can’t find him.”

They had gone in swimming. No one saw Reinhart go under, so there was hope that he might simply be lost close by. Soldiers and police helped in the search. Little Franz stood by the water, shivering, though it was hot. He was still naked; a willowy boy, with narrow shoulders and a narrower waist. I dressed him. Evening came.

Franz didn’t want to leave the river. I sent the older boys back with the younger ones and told them to do the best they could to feed everyone. I stayed with Franz; sitting with him beside the river. He wouldn’t leave; all night. I couldn’t leave him there, so I stayed with him. We sat with our backs to the remains of a low, brick wall, and when Franz finally grew sleepy, very late, I pulled his head over into my lap. His dark blond hair was even darker in the moonlight. I stroked it. His eyes didn’t close, not for a long time.

I fetched us some food after sunrise. They found Reinhart’s body later that morning.

I never missed Nigel more… or Bruno, or Peter. I did my best to console the boys. My own grief mixed with stupefying guilt for letting it happen.

We slept pretty much in one big pile that night. I held Franz and tried to comfort him, which was hell because it was all my fault.

Ben Jamison came, bringing food for us and offering what consolation he could, while passing on the General’s condolences. Other people, people we didn’t know, people who had much less to live on than we did, brought food.

I’d not known such grief since my dad died. Perhaps, I grieved for little Reinhart even more than my dad… because Reinhart was so young, and because it just shouldn’t have happened. I was angry, too – it was so unfair that because I had been too busy, an innocent little boy died. But for the sake of the boys, I held back my own grief and the anger.

It hit little Franz the hardest; he was Reinhart’s angel. That night, I held Franz, rocking him until he cried himself to sleep. The next night – the night before the funeral – was very difficult. Little Franz fell asleep in my lap again. I hugged him to me, and I felt so sorry for him. I would have done anything to give him his little friend back. I would have given anything to have that morning back – the morning they came into the kitchen. Like Franz, I wanted Reinhart back.

It had been so hard, seeing Reinhart’s lifeless body, seeing Franz try to cling to him. Hard to make the arrangements to bury Reinhart. I sobbed, but did my best to keep my sobs from waking Franz.

Günter noticed, though. He had been watching me, worried for me. Everyone else had fallen asleep, but not Günter. He came behind me, cradling my head in his arms, stroking my hair, and kissing the top of my head. I laid my head back against him and wept as silently as I could. I was so grateful for him.

In a city that had known so much death and pain, I expected only our boys at the funeral. That was part of my sadness – nobody else even knew our little Reinhart. But that morning, they came… so many came.

They came from the Red Cross. The General and his entire staff came. All the people Nigel and I had worked with came. Hundreds of people from the city came.

From the start of the brief, graveside service, Franz stood with his arms around my waist, his head against my side. There was a protestant pastor there; a Lutheran. When he threw a handful of dirt on the casket, Franz jumped. When they lowered it, Franz buried his face in my side.

We stood there until after the grave had been filled, and all those many people passed by, one at a time to tell us how sorry they were. I wept and couldn’t stop.

Even after the others had all left, Franz didn’t want to leave. I sent the other boys home, and sat with him on the ground beside the grave. Franz laid his head in my lap. When he fell asleep, I carried him home.

I laid Franz in my bed that night. It was a double bed, liberated from one of the rooms downstairs. I laid him back against the wall.

After we undressed, Günter snuggled up on my one side, and Alby on my other. I put an arm behind each. Alby wanted to be held. Günter stroked the hair back off my forehead, watching me, concerned. I smiled, and kissed his forehead. He stretched up and kissed my cheek.

In the night, Franz crawled up to lay on me, belly-to-belly, much like Alby had that first night they crawled into my bed in the attic; only Franz was still in his clothes. He nuzzled in under my chin and settled onto me.

Over the previous few months, in a twin bed, along with one or two boys most nights, I had learned to sleep in one position, most of the night. Usually it was on my back; sometimes on my stomach, sometimes on a side. I could have moved away from the boys to sleep, of course, but I didn’t want to. I managed to sleep with Franz on top of me.

The next night, Franz waited until Günter had snuggled onto my left side again, and Alby onto my right. Then he climbed up to sleep on me, the way he had the night before, belly-to-belly. This time, he was naked like us.

He settled on me, his legs dropping between mine. His balls and cock lay onto mine as he lowered his belly to mine and snuggled under my chin once more. He wasn’t there long before we grew hard, but we ignored our erections, just like I ignored Günter’s on my left hip.

The boys were thin. Not even Günter was very tall yet. I liked them sleeping on me. I particularly liked Franz lying on me the way he did. My feelings were still raw, and it was comforting. I believe it was comforting for both of us. Franz seemed to like it.

The next night, even before the other boys were in bed, Franz stripped and climbed onto me, belly-to-belly. He pulled up the covers over his back, slid his arms up beside my head, and nuzzled in under my chin. I kissed the top of his head, and stroked his back while Günter and Alby undressed.

Günter and Alby had erections. I don’t think they had planned anything. It had simply been several nights since any of us had sex together, and even an eight-year-old gets hard-ons when he is used to sex.

Günter’s first pubic hairs barely made a shadow above his upward-curving cock. Compared to Alby’s twig-like stiffy, Günter had a thick boner. While Alby still had the slight curved out belly of a little boy; Günter’s belly was flat. Günter was over a head taller than Alby. But both were boys, and their skin looked warm and soft in the dim light of the attic.

Alby closed his hand around Günter’s erection and looked up at him with a small smile. Günter laid a hand on Alby’s shoulder and kissed him. They both glanced at Franz and me. I smiled at them. I didn’t think it would bother Franz if they had sex. Others in the attic certainly were.

Alby climbed onto the bed and rolled to his back, beside us, and I scooted us over with Franz still on top of me. Alby opened his arms up to Günter.

Günter pretty much plopped onto him, and the two naked boys kissed.

Sometimes, boys that age enjoy kissing each other so much, they get lost in it – not the passionate kind of kissing. Instead, it’s like watching two kittens trying to lick something sweet from each other’s mouth… happily working and working on it. Günter and Alby got into that.

I grew hard first, but then Franz did as well. We shifted. Franz lifted his hips, letting our cocks come up between us. I wrapped my arms over his back. After a moment, Franz moved his hips, circling, rubbing his thin erection beside mine.

I slid my hands to his bottom. He kept a hold on my shoulders, and his head under my chin, while he watched Günter and Alby.

Despite what we’d been through, I needed to come; my body only knew it had been several days. But I restrained myself. I held still for Franz. I held his bottom as it pumped, and I kissed the top of his head. I kept quiet when I came, but I tensed, and pumped slightly. Franz ground harder, squeezing my shoulders. At the same time, he watched Alby wrap his legs around Günter’s waist. Günter’s white little bottom dimpled as he slid his cock into the younger boy.

Franz shuddered, tensed, quietly as me; then he collapsed onto me. I stroked his back, and his breath grew regular. We were young. Life was going to move on, no matter how we felt.

When they were done, Alby snuggled onto my side and Günter spooned in behind. Alby laid his hand on his sleeping brother’s back, and left it there until it fell off in sleep.

Of course, I wrote to Nigel, and to Peter and Heinrich, to let them know what happened. Harrison wrote to say that there would be a scholarship set up for our boys, named after Reinhart. It was sweet, but all I thought was that it wouldn’t bring Reinhart back.

I thought the crying was over, but we all wept again when Nigel returned with Bruno and Oscar. We wept for Reinhart, and we wept because we were so glad to have Nigel and the boys back.

By then, all the men had moved from the house, and we had it entirely to ourselves. I showed Nigel, Bruno, and Oscar the room we had set aside for them on the first floor. I was still sleeping in the attic, partly because some of the boys were still upset over Reinhart. But that night, after all the hugs and celebration, Nigel took me to his room, while Bruno and Oscar joined Günter, Alby, Franz, and the other boys in the attic.

I’m not sure what it was like for the boys, but my night with Nigel began with me bawling my eyes out – again. I could finally confess to someone.

Nigel wouldn’t accept my confession. “It wasn’t your fault, Michael. It wasn’t anybody’s fault,” he told me, taking a seat beside me on the edge of his bed.

I shook my head. “There were things… if I had just gone with them, Nigel. If I had… ”

“And possibly drowned, yourself? Come on, Michael. Just how good a swimmer are you? Do you have any idea how many people drown, trying to save someone else from drowning?”

“I could have kept him in shallow water. I could… ” My throat constricted, and it took me a moment to be able to continue. “I can’t get it out of my mind… the disappointed look on Reinhart’s face when I told them I couldn’t go.” I wiped my eyes. “Damn it, Nigel. I was responsible. The boys were my responsibility.”

Nigel pushed me down, onto my back, and then leaned over me, holding my shoulders down and looking me in the eye. “No one else is going to blame you for this, Michael. You aren’t God. Blaming yourself is stupid, and you’ll make it hard on all of us.” His look softened. “God, I love you. I’ve missed you every day.” He gave my lips a soft kiss. “Be a man, Michael. We need you to be a man.”

I swallowed. I nodded. I wasn’t sure I could just shake off grief, but I really was tired of it, and of guilt.

Nigel smiled, and watching my eyes, ran his hand down my shirt, over my belly, and between my legs. He cupped me there, and his brow furrowed. “You have no idea how badly I wanted to feel you again… here.” He smiled.

I pulled his mouth down to mine, and he moved his hand to inside my pants.

Peter and Heinrich returned at the end of August, on a different train than they left, but in the same private car with Harrison. We heard the honking of their car as they approached from down the street in the late afternoon. We all went running outside.

Peter and Heinrich sprang from the car in sun glasses and fancy new clothes and shoes. They wore new Swiss wristwatches and when Peter threw his arms around my neck, I smelled the fragrance of a man’s after shave or cologne – an expensive one.

There were hugs all around and Harrison met Nigel, Bruno, and Oscar. Then from inside the car and the trunk of the car, they produced gifts for the boys, mainly of clothes and dozens of new underwear. There were games and books; and for Nigel and me, new silk shirts and fine woolen trousers.

Harrison pulled me aside. “I leave tomorrow. Come back with Peter, Heinrich, and me to the train this evening for one last night together.” He stepped close and winked. “It will be fun.”

Despite all the sex we’d had in the attic, that night was the first time I had sex with three others, all at one time, and I do mean, at one time. It was sex. Harrison’s weeks with two randy teens had upped his endurance. But it was Peter I began with, belly-on-belly, with my cock up his rectum, one tight hugging, kissing, knotted pair, while Heinrich and Harrison prepared to take turns at my bottom. Peter hugged my neck and whispered in my ear.

“I missed you terribly, Michael.” And then he whispered even more quietly. “I love you.”

It was Peter I ended with, spooned behind him, chewing his ear while I had a leg over his hip and a hand between his legs, grinding into him as the sun made ready to rise. And when I came, and my hips slowed to a stop, I whispered quietly in his ear. “I love you, too.”

I rolled to my back, and Peter rolled onto me, draping my side like Günter and Alby did. I fell asleep, stroking his back, and I woke feeling well rested for the first time in a long time.

Nigel’s twenty-second birthday had been in May. Bruno’s fourteenth was in June, along with Peter’s fifteenth, and at the end of June, my twenty-third. In September, both Alby and his brother, Franz, had birthdays. Alby turned nine and Franz turned eleven. I had a surprise for them.

“Take them to that inn you took Günter to a few months ago,” Nigel encouraged. “You all need to get away.”

So I borrowed a car for a weekend, and with Günter, Alby, and Franz, I drove across the Rheine and into the mountains, to the small inn near Overath.

I rushed the boys through showers, anxious to give them my surprise at supper, but wanting them to be clean for celebrating together later. It was still warm out, and we sat down to eat on the outdoor terrace. The sun was setting, and the boys were excited by the view of the mountains.

The innkeeper lit candles at all the tables, and, after we ordered, I could wait no longer. I pulled from my pocket, three sets of papers and handed each boy his set.

“Those are adoption papers,” I told them. “I’m your guardian now. I’ve adopted the three of you. We’re officially a family.”

“Me, too?” Franz asked, surprised.

“Of course, you, too,” I told him. “You and Alby are brothers. You stay brothers.” I was glad, that back when I started the process, I had included Franz for that very reason. Since the death of Reinhart, Franz had been very quiet, and obviously lonely. He needed to belong to us.

“So are you my father now?” he asked.

“Our brother,” Alby corrected. “Bruno says Nigel is adopting him and they will be brothers.”

I nodded. “Bruno’s and Oscar’s adoption papers have come through as well. Nigel is going to surprise them tonight, too.”

“Angel,” Günter said, quietly taking my hand. “Not our brother. Our angel. Our shutzengel.”

I smiled happily. “And you shall be my angels as well.”

The bed was a double. That night, when we stripped for bed, every one of us had an erection, including Franz. The direction our celebration might take was clear as soon as we left the dinner table and our four-way hug gave me a hard-on which Alby told the other two about in a whisper.

I lay back on the bed, and three naked boys piled onto me. We wrestled and tickled and kissed. And then, when I had a brother on each of my sides; Alby on my right, Franz on my left, with a hand behind each butt as they kissed on my face, Günter slid down my body. He kissed down my chest, stopping to suck on my nipples. He kissed down my belly, and then lifted my balls in his palm as he knelt between my legs and closed his mouth over my cock.

I murmured, and pulled the brothers’ erections against the sides of my waist, gently pressing my fingers against their sphincters. They ground against me until Günter, having slicked my cock thoroughly, climbed astride my lap and pointed my cock up under his butt.

He smiled at me and gave my cock a squeeze. “Ready, handsome angel?”

I tightened the muscles of my pelvic floor, jerking my cock in his hand, and I grinned. “Very, ready!”

The two brothers and I watched as Günter closed his eyes in concentration and settled down onto my cock. His own stiff cock pointed up from between his legs, and since his balls had tightened with it; we had a good view. As always, there was a slight disjoin between the sight of Günter sinking on my shaft, and the feel of his familiar tightness and warmth sheathing it. It always excited me to watch.

Günter settled onto my lap, his balls flattening onto my belly between his slender legs. He rocked forward and back. I closed my eyes with an “umm”.

Alby bent at his waist, over my belly, and captured Günter’s rocking erection in his mouth. My hand was still on Alby’s butt, and I rubbed my finger in his crack.

Though my mind already swam with sensations, I didn’t want to leave Franz out. I pulled my hand from behind him and reached between us to find his newly-eleven-year-old erection. “You’re getting bigger down there,” I told him with a grin. “You’re about to grow big, I think.”

Günter had opened his eyes and was watching Franz move his tight hips against my hand. Franz’s smooth little butt flexed.

“Franzy, ride me double,” Günter told him.

‘Riding double,’ I’d once called it, explaining how Americans called it that when two people rode one horse.

“Ya,” Franz said, sitting up. “I ride double.”

Alby leaned back against my arm as his older brother threw a knee over my middle and his slender cock brushed over my chest.

I grabbed it and gave it a squeeze; giving him a wink.

As he smiled back at me, Günter’s hands closed around Franz’s waist, and he guided as Franz backed his bottom toward Günter’s lap.

“Wait,” Günter murmured softly. He spit into his hand and rubbed it into Franz’s crack. Then he spit some more and rubbed it over his crown. He tugged Franz back by the hip, while aiming his cock with his free hand.

I stroked Alby’s bottom and we watched the thin eleven and twelve-year-olds prepare to make their connection. Franz lifted his butt, biting his lip in concentration, and then slowly lowered it into Günter’s lap. His erection curved up from between his legs like Günter’s had.

The two boys tightened up, and then Günter rocked his hips forward and back into Franz, slowly, tugging on my cock with his own bottom.

Günter grabbed the backs of Franz’s shoulders and leaned forward over him, collapsing both of them onto my belly; squeezing Franz between us and bending his face over mine. Franz smiled, but then Günter drove his hips forward and Franz’s eyes went a little wide.

I chuckled.

Franz sat up again, reaching back with both hands to grab the sides of Günter’s thighs behind him. That raised up Franz’s boner again, right over my chest, and I reached for it. It was long and thin, like a twig, but that would change. Like I had told Franz, his equipment was about to grow.

I wrapped my fingers behind the thin shaft and rubbed the underside with my thumb. The skin on Franz’s cock always felt thick, and soft. Alby reached up, too, his hand joining mine. I kissed Alby’s blond head. “Are you going to have a long one like your brother?” I asked in German.

Alby’s head tilted back as he frowned at me. “Mine will be bigger,” he said, confidently.

Alby got up then and straddled my chest, facing his brother so he could compare cocks. That put his little butt in my face. It was a damned cute butt; always had been. I loved the little kid. I gave his bottom a playful nip with my teeth.

“Ow!” he yelped, bouncing up into his brother. He glanced back over his shoulder at me with a frown, and then sat his butt deliberately down on my mouth.

Thinking I knew just how to ‘show him’, I grabbed Alby’s little hips, pressed my mouth into his crack, and blew. It made a great farting sound.

Alby laughed, squealing, and tried to rise up, but I held his hips and blew again.

This whole time, Günter was riding up and down on my cock. Sensations had been building. And then, as Alby squirmed and I held on, the jostling settled Günter deeper into my lap. Reflexively, I pulled Alby’s bottom tighter onto my mouth, and his nine-year-old smell filled my nostrils. I licked.

Until then, the thought of licking a boy’s butt crack had never crossed my mind. I’d never even heard of such a thing, except for maybe a mother dog licking the bottoms of her puppies. Peter told me later that a customer had asked him to rim him once, and I’m sure that guys have always done that sort of thing, but no one ever talked about it back then. Certainly, I’d never seen it tried in the attic.

I liked it.

Günter was riding my cock. He and Franz were moving on my belly. My mouth was buried in Alby’s crack and his smell filled my nostrils, and I was growing so damn hot that I kept licking.

Alby grew quiet, leaning forward, bringing his perineum in range of my tongue as well. I crossed my forearms across his lap to hold him down, and I licked with long swipes of my tongue from just behind his balls up through his crack. I hugged his bottom to my mouth and licked harder and harder. Alby moaned and squirmed, holding his perineum down against each swipe.

My focus shifted to his little pucker… licking, pressing the tip of my tongue against it and wiggling it. I even felt it give a little. He rubbed his perineum on my chin, and I could smell his slight tang.

That excited me even more. I pulled my knees up; the tops of my thighs against Günter’s back, and I bucked while sucking in Alby’s crack. Even with three boys on me, my hips were moving.

And then my balls clenched and my orgasm hit. I let Ably go so I could shove Franz back by the hips, pushing him and Günter back down onto my cock.

It was like Alby was spring-loaded. When I quit responding to his bottom rubbing, because I was carried away by my own orgasm, he bounced off me, turned around, and impaled his bottom onto his brother’s long, thin erection like a kid who desperately needed to satisfy an itch.

Franz was caught in the middle. By then, Günter was driving hard into Franz’s bottom, while at the same time, Franz’s little brother was grinding his bottom down on Franz’s erection.

No one ever worried much in the attic about making a little noise. Franz didn’t worry now. Wrapping his arms around Alby’s waist, he bent forward, letting each drive of Günter’s hips drive his own forward. A high, boyish whimper escaped him on each impact.

From what I could tell in my dazed condition, Günter and Franz came almost at the same time. Alby wasn’t done though. He looked down at my mouth, hanging open as I was recovering myself, and he rose up on his knees before falling forward, aiming his dick into my mouth.

Fair is fair. I took it in, and held him by the hips, sucking on his little dick, like a puppy on a teat, until he shook all over with a little squeal of his own.

He collapsed off of me, rolling dreamily back and forth on the bed. “Wonderful! Wonderful!” he murmured in German, along with some mumbled words I barely made out… something like, “He sucked my butt… He sucked my butt… ”

I glanced down at Franz and Günter, who had collapse onto me. They were looking at me with funny expressions.

“Actually,” I said, “I mainly licked him.” I shrugged. “I never did that before.”

Alby mumbled a few other superlatives, and the two boys glanced at him. Then Franz looked up at me. “Will you suck my bottom?”

I frowned. “You’ve had cocks up your bottoms. I’m not sucking anybody’s until it’s washed.”

Only a few moments later, Franz, freshly washed, lay on the bed, on his stomach with his legs spread. “Do me, Michael,” he pleaded back over his shoulder. I looked down at the back of his pale, smooth scrotum, resting on the bed between his legs with the outline of two little eggs inside; I looked at the smooth insides of his legs and his thick perineum, and at his fleshy, little white butt, and I grew hard as a rock. I knew exactly what was going to happen after I worked him up by sucking on his bottom. I was going to mount that little bottom.

“I’ll do Günter,” Alby said, shoving Günter, chuckling, onto the bed beside Franz.

I grinned at Alby because I could guess what was going to happen to Günter, too. Alby grinned back at me, and I almost said, ‘Ride ‘em, cowboy!’

And that’s the thing with boys and sex. No matter how much the pleasure and excitement might be, there’s often an element of play. And play was good for us that night.

I used my hands, stroking the insides of Franz legs first, and tickling up the back of his tender thighs. His butt quivered and I kissed it. I slid my palms up his side as I pressed my mouth between his butt cheeks. His skin was soft against my cheeks. He smelled of soap and boy. He parted his legs slightly, and I began to work.

Franz responded, and I worked hard to make it exciting for him. His perineum grew thick and taut as I licked it, and worked my chin over it while licking higher. Franz lifted his butt to me. His legs squirmed. He made it exciting for me.

When he began humping the bed, I shoved a pillow under his middle, and moved up over him, pointing my cock – which felt like it was about to bust out of its skin – down into his crevice. I found his opening, and wiggled my crown into it.

Keeping myself up on my hands, I used my hips to slide my length very slowly inside Franz, wanting to feel his bottom between my legs, but taking my time… forward, back, forward deeper… until my back was swayed and I’d flattened his small globes between my legs. I was all the way in, and could feel my scrotum settle onto the back of his

I lowered myself down onto him and wrapped my forearms under his chest; supporting myself on my elbows. His face was turned to the side on the pillow. I kissed his soft cheek. My legs dropped to the outside of his, and I squeezed his between mine. I placed my cheek on his and gently hugged him, pressing my cock into him.

And then I felt his right hand; his long-fingered, boy hand… big like a boy’s hands right before he starts to grow. Franz reached back, grabbing my hip, and then he patted it. He didn’t reach back just to pull me deeper and feel good. He patted me with affection.

I squeezed my arms around him, kissing the side of his neck. My feelings of affection for him somehow became a full, deep thrust.

It was late. Alby lay sleeping on my side already. My arm was behind him with my hand on his bottom. I opened my eyes. The ceiling rocked with the movement of the bed. I rolled my head to the side. Günter was on top of Franz. Franz was on his back with his legs around Günter’s narrow waist and his arms looped over Günter’s shoulders. The two slender boys were kissing. Günter’s hips moved very slowly, forward and back.

Over the previous few nights, the two of them had been making love frequently in our bed back at the house. I wondered if Günter might be filling the hole left in Franz’s life by Reinhart. They were kissing sweetly. Franz’s hands were stroking Günter’s back. I hoped Franz was healing.

I woke sometime later, when they evidently finished. Günter snuggled onto my free side. Franz crawled up on me, belly to belly, the way he liked. He pulled up the covers and nuzzled in under my chin. I felt his balls and flaccid cock drape mine. His were damp.

In the morning, they draped me much the way we had fallen asleep the night before – I had my arms full of boys.

I hugged them and squeezed butts, waking them because I needed to piss. Franz joined me beside the toilet. Günter and Alby waited their turns. I finished, shook off, and stepped back. I looked at my three skinny, naked boys with their white little bottoms; at their disheveled hair in three shades of blond, and at their sleepy eyes. I chuckled. I had a family, and I loved them. It was almost perfect.

I returned to the bed and fell back on it, stretching happily. Günter climbed back onto the bed and draped himself onto my left side. I looped my arm behind him and patted his bare bottom.

Alby had the beginning of an erection. He lay down to my right and took my hand. He spread it palm up on the bed beside my hip, then he lay down onto it so that his balls were in my palm and his growing stiffy on my wrist. Alby hugged my arm and I fondled him, lazily.

Franz knelt between my legs and dropped onto me; his flaccid cock and balls resting on my own. He wrapped his arms up around my neck, and like Günter, Franz closed his eyes, evidently intending to sleep more.

“I’m thinking about something,” I said, “and since we’re a family now, I want to ask how you all feel about it.”

They nodded and murmured ‘uh-huh’s.

“I would like us to consider adopting Peter and Heinrich, too.”

They were quiet a moment.

“Why?” Franz asked.

“Because he loves Peter,” Alby said, simply.

I took a breath before answering, because I didn’t think it was that simple. But before I could say anything, Günter spoke.

“I love Peter, too,” he said, “and Heinrich. We all do.”

“Would they be our big brother’s?” Franz asked.

“Yeah,” I said. “I would like for you all to be brothers.”

“We will need a bigger bed,” Gunter said.

I chuckled. “Does that mean yes?”

They looked at each other and then Günter looked up at me. “We are the ones who sleep with you at night. You can have sex with Peter and Heinrich. And we can have sex with them, too. But at night, you sleep with us unless we say you can sleep with them.”

“Or Nigel?” I asked.

Günter nodded. “Or Nigel, or that American lieutenant, or anyone else. You belong to us now, Michael.”

I smiled, and kissed the top of his head. “Didn’t you know? I’ve belonged to you from the first day I met you.” I said it, and I meant it. Günter was mine now, and I was his. My feelings for the other boys, especially Peter, were strong, and confused me. But from the beginning, I meant my adoption of Günter to bind us together for life, and now we were.


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