Jack Edwards

Waisen 3

Günter was waiting for me. He stood at attention in the middle of the room in his new, long trousers and button up shirt. His hair was freshly washed and combed. His old shoes had been cleaned.

I set the shopping bag down on the bed and walked around him, appraising, nodding, as if examining a soldier on parade. I stopped in front of him. “Gut,” I told him. “Good.”

Grinning, he threw his arms around my waist and hugged me, pressing the side of his face to my chest. “I… missed… you,” he said in the first English I’d heard him speak.

I hugged his shoulders and kissed the top of his head. “I missed you, too, Günter,” I told him, hugging him hard. “Where’d you learn to say that?”

I got no answer. Someone had obviously given him those three words to speak. I wondered who Günter had asked. Despite the affection and simple warmth of our embrace, my cock, with a mind of its own, grew hard.

Günter felt it, and looked up at me with a grin, laying his hand over my bulge. I shrugged helplessly, then on a hunch, I reached down between us to feel the front of his trousers. He was hard, too. My face was close to his now, and I grinned. At the same moment, we tilted our heads and our lips met.

He pulled my shirttails out of my trousers and started unbuttoning it. I did the same to him, and when we were shirtless, we hugged again, and kissed. When his hands fumbled for my trousers, I reached for his.

We kicked off shoes and pulled off socks. Our trousers dropped to the floor and we stepped out of them, pulling off our underwear at the same time. And then we were back in each other’s arms; his erection pointing up my leg, mine pointing up his belly.

I picked him up by the butt and he wrapped his legs around my waist, leaving them loose enough to allow his bottom to sink and his cock to rest against mine, while he grabbed the sides of my neck to hold on. Our mouths opened to each other. Our tongues probed frantically as I carried him to our bed.

I knelt on it first, and then fell forward onto one hand while Günter clung to my front. I lowered us both down; him onto his back, me settling on top of him with my hips between his legs. We adjusted so that our erections lay between our bellies. Despite our height difference, we fit to kiss, and we wrapped our arms around each other to do just that.

We discovered frottage that afternoon, or frotting. Of course, at the time, I had no idea there was a word for it. I only knew that grinding erections together while hanging onto each other and passionately French kissing was as good as our sixty-nine had been; better actually, for many reasons, not the least of which was our intimate embrace.

Though we would discover that Günter’s dry orgasms could take much more time to reach than my wet ones, that day, we came at almost the same time. Günter’s frantic grinding up against my cock and belly with his own, prolonged my own orgasm, and our bellies grew slick with my cum.

We cuddled a few moments with nibbling kisses, and then Günter gathered up a towel. He used it to clean our bellies while chattering the entire time in that soft, light German of his. I understood little, of course, other than he seemed happy.

From the shopping bag, I pulled a very small canned ham, two apples, bread, and a child’s reader in German which I’d been able to find in the ruins of a school. That night, on the bed in only our underwear, Günter sat between my legs, leaning back against my belly and chest, and taught me to read the German equivalent of “Look Jane. Look Dick. See Spot Run.”

When he laughed at my awkward pronunciations, I tickled him, and when he writhed too much, I hugged him. We both talked and understood little of each other’s words, but we were learning.

After our bedtime piss and tooth brushing, we stripped off our briefs, and then stood in the middle of the room, feeling between each other’s legs and kissing while our erections grew. Günter pushed me to the bed. When I lay back on it, he crossed the room to turn out the light, and then in the darkness, I heard him fumbling around on the small shelf that served as our pantry. After a moment, he climbed onto the bed and lay down on his side with his back to me.

I rolled up against him, looping an arm over his waist to pull him back against me while I kissed his neck. I honestly wasn’t sure what he had in mind until he reached back, grabbed my cock, and then tried to back his butt onto it.

At work, I’d been learning to say, “wichtig” (important), and “nicht wichtig” (not important). “Nicht wichtig,” I whispered.

Günter ignored me, and as he backed his bottom I felt my crown slide easily between his little butt cheeks. When he was fumbling in the dark, he must have been spreading a little cooking lard into his crack, because it was slick. He held my shaft tightly and wiggled back. My crown met resistance, but then I felt it slide through his tight little ring. The tightness closed around the head of my shaft. I gasped. His breath caught.

We lay there, frozen with just the crown of my cock inside him, and him holding my shaft tightly. His breath was shallow. I gently rubbed his sides. “Nicht wichtig,” I whispered once more.

Again, Günter ignored me. Wiggling his butt very, very slightly, he backed his bottom farther and I felt my cock slip farther in. He was warm inside, and tight around my shaft. He pulled his hand from my cock and reached back for my hip, tugging on it for me to come forward.

I did, slowly; very slowly. I felt his tightness and damp warmth ease down my shaft. And then, his bottom was in my lap and his tightness was around the base of my shaft. We lay still a moment. I gently rubbed his side and hip. I was worried for him, though it took intense concentration to keep my mind off the incredible sensations around my dick.

He seemed slowly to relax. I kissed behind his ear. I wrapped my arms around him, hugging him back to me. My cock strained inside his rectum, stretched and aching to move. I cradled his body in mine, and in that intimate joining, I felt my heart swell with affection for Günter, just like it had done the night before. I had never been with anyone the way Günter and I were together at that moment. I held him as snuggly to me as I dared, and kept myself deep inside him. Günter and I were one.

I slipped a hand down between his legs and discovered that he was still hard. I rubbed the underside of his upturned cock with my palm, and soon, his hips began to respond. When they did, I did what my body longed to do; I pumped my own hips, slowly.

Beyond coherent thought by that point, my mind flooded with new sensations… Günter's tightness working up and down my shaft, the feel of his little bottom in my lap and his slender body in my arms, the warm skin of the back of his legs resting on the fronts of mine, his slender back against my belly and chest, his head resting back against my shoulder, the smell of his hair, the way he moved with me, the suppleness of his body as he moved… the darkness filled with my moans and the quiet creaking of our bed.

I nuzzled the side of his head, inhaling deeply of his scent. I kissed his ear and then on a whim, licked around in it. He was my lover; I wanted to do with him, everything lovers did… I was free to. Holding him back to me with an arm around his belly, I used my other hand to rub the hardness between his legs. Günter moaned with me, covering my arm around his belly with one of his own; covering the hand I had between his legs, with his own.

We moved as partners in a dance; a beautiful dance to the soft murmurings of our pleasure. That he seemed to like what we were doing, that he moved to meet my thrusts, made it even more exciting for me than I had ever imagined.

I came first, grinding my loins against his firm little bottom, planting my sperm as deeply as I could. Then I stayed inside him, cradling his body and rubbing between his legs. He kept dancing, and I stayed hard. Soon, I was dancing once more myself. My cock was slippery inside him with my own cum.

He turned back at the waist while rocking his hips, and we kissed. He twisted his waist as well, throwing his legs over my hip to turn my way a little more. I took the pillow from under our heads and put it under his bottom to keep his butt up level with my lap. I bent at the waist, folding myself over him to kiss him better. That bent his near leg up, and we got the same impulse at the same time – he pulled his leg higher, allowing me to roll up over him while staying deeply embedded in his bottom. So then I was between his legs, just like earlier that evening when we frotted, only this time, his butt was up on a pillow and my cock was inside him.

I lay flat on him, belly to belly, and he wrapped his arms tightly around my neck. I cradled the backs of his shoulders in the palms of my hands and we circled our hips together; his cock flattened upward between our bellies and I tightened my belly to rub on it.

With each hard thrust, Günter made a quiet little grunt. When I tightened my belly and deliberately rubbed the underside of his cock, he made boyishly high little moans. His breath was ragged in my ears, punctuated by little whimpers. He responses to the movements of my body, excited me. His pleasure multiplied mine.

Günter’s thin legs began to thrash, the insides of his thighs rubbing the outside of my hips and my own thighs. His arms tightened around my neck. His hips circled under me, and I rubbed my belly faster on the underside of his erection. He came with a flood of high-pitched, muttered, mindless German.

Günter slowed. His belly heaved under mine with his breathing. I kissed him softly and long. I had stayed hard, and I was very hard now. I slowed my hips, but they didn’t stop. I kept them moving and Günter kept his erection. We kissed and moved together and incredibly, continued on. I spread my legs slightly under the backs of his, and I could feel my balls slide up and down on his bottom as I moved. I was conscious of my pubic bone against his perineum, and worked to press it harder there.

Our tongues danced between our mouths. Günter planted his feet and lifted his pelvis to grind up against me. A few moments later, his legs were around my hips and his butt was up to meet me as we pressed to see how deeply I could go inside him.

His hands traveled my back and rubbed the small of my back and up onto my buttocks. We circled hips together, then in counter rhythm. We licked inside each other’s ears and sucked on one another’s necks. I came again and we hugged tightly as I whimpered with the intensity of a hard-won, third climax. Then Günter grabbed the sides of my waist and ground up frantically against me to come again, himself, while I was still inside him.

We collapsed onto each other. We nuzzled. I tickled his ribs and he giggled, dazedly.

We rolled to our sides, smiling at one another, kissing softly. He drew his finger down my nose, smiling, chatting softly. I slipped from inside him.

Günter kissed the tip of my nose, and rose to get a wet washrag. He cleaned our bellies, my cock, and his bottom. We snacked on bread and I shared a beer with him. The room had come with a chamber pot, we pissed into it and covered it. Then we crawled back in bed together.

Günter rolled me onto my back, and then climbed up to lay on me, belly to belly. He propped his forearms on the fronts of my shoulders and smiling, tried asking me questions in German that I fumbled at answering, all having to do with him and me and what we had done. He paused from time to time to kiss over my face. He wiggled his hips from time to time, and amazingly, our cocks became rigid again. Günter had the resilience I later learned was common to preteens. I had the resilience of a twenty-two-year old, in love and making love for the first time in his life. My body responded to his. It would have been impossible to stay unaroused while he rubbed his boner between my legs.

I rolled Günter to his back and got up from the bed. In the dim light, I found the cooking lard Günter had used, and I spread it into my bottom the way he had done to his.

Returning to the bed, I climbed up and straddled Günter’s waist, grinning down at him. Then reaching back and under me, I grabbed his twig of an erection and pointed it up into my crack. I hadn’t had anything up my butt since a couple of enemas as a kid. The initial stimulation when I felt the blunt, end of Günter’s erection between my slippery buttcheeks came as a surprise. It excited me to place his crown against my sphincter, and to feel it there. Holding his shaft upright, I eased down onto it, and he slipped in easily enough. As I settled down onto him, I made another pleasurable discovery when his erection pressed my prostate – not that I knew all the internals of what was going on; I only knew that something felt really, really good inside.

I settled onto him, splaying my knees widely out to the sides. Günter’s head was back and his eyes closed in concentration. I rocked my hips, and his mouth fell open. I rocked them more, and mine fell open as well.

It rained heavily before dawn, and it grew cooler. I pulled the bedcovers up over us and Günter cuddled onto me under them, nuzzling in under my chin. By the time we awoke at midmorning, the sun was out.

We made love under the covers, simply frotting again, and kissing and trying to tell each other intimate things in two different languages.

There was no answer at first to my knock, so I knocked again. “Nigel,” I called out. “Günter and I are going to the park and wanted to know if you’d like to go.”

The door opened, and Bruno stood naked in front of us with a huge grin and wildly disheveled hair. “Ya, ve go!” he said, waving us in, and closing the door behind us.

Bruno was a nicely built twelve-year-old. He, at least, had not been starving. And he was nicely endowed as well. His cock hung limply between his legs. He had a little sway back and sway belly that gave his body a truly boyish look, even though he had a dense little patch of black pubic hair. His grin made the entire effect totally winsome.

Nigel lay on his side in bed, completely uncovered. I’d seen him naked in the shower before, but I had never looked at him sexually the way I looked now. He had a lovely body, in a true sense of the word, with narrow little hips and a comfortable endowment of his own. Big cocks always looked bigger on smaller guys. He grinned at me. “Damn you, Mikey, but you’ve bloody buggered me up good. Looks like I’ll be taking in my own stray now.”

Bruno almost bounced back over to him and into the bed, backing naked into Nigel’s arms. Watching, Günter slipped an arm possessively behind my waist, and for a moment, I thought of the total incongruity of it all; a complete overturning of all life would be back in the States. We were two couples; happy couples, and it struck me that it couldn’t happen in quite the same way anywhere else in the world just then.

It was a blustery day. We refrained from hugging or showing affection as we walked to the park; it wouldn’t do in public, not even in post-war Germany. The boys walked ahead, talking rapidly between themselves in German and occasionally glancing back over their shoulders at us with big grins. Bruno winked a lot.

“We’re in for it now, you know,” Nigel said with a sideways glance at me, and a frown. “Sooner or later, someone will start asking questions.”

“It’s not like the boys have any place to go,” I pointed out. “It’s not like there are any orphanages.”

Nigel shrugged. “There will be, I’m sure. The Red Cross is trying to reunite families, and they’re putting many children up in temporary camps.”

“Günter’s family is dead,” I told him.

He nodded. “So is Bruno’s.”

I chewed my lip. “Even if there was an orphanage for him, I wouldn’t want Günter to go there; not now. I’d adopt him first.”

Nigel nodded without looking at me. “I know, old chap. I’m sure I’ll feel the same way about Bruno in a few days.” He did throw me a glance then, and a bittersweet smile. “Perhaps I already do.”

“It was alright to leave him with you, then?” I asked.

He nodded. “But of course,” he said, taking a deep breath and keeping his eyes on the boys ahead, “I was holding out for you.”

I glanced at him. “You mean…”

He still didn’t look at me. “You’ve a damn fine bum, mate,” he said with a dry chuckle, “and I love the way your trousers always bulge in front.”

I swallowed dryly. How unreal it all seemed, but oh, so natural. “If I hadn’t worn myself out last night and this morning,” I said quietly, “what you just told me would have given me an erection.” I shook my head. “Listen to me. I can’t believe I just talked like that. If you had told me at the beginning of the week, I’d say something like that…”

“I know, Michael. Between us, you can talk that way, but you must be careful. You understand that?”

“Of course. Of course.”

We walked silently a few steps. “So that didn’t bother you?” Nigel asked. “It didn’t bother you that I like you… that way?”

This time, I didn’t look at him. I shook my head slightly. “No.”

“Would you ever consider,” he asked softly, “I mean, sometime when your little blond angel hasn’t worn you out, would you… “

Though my night with Günter was fresh on my mind and heart, I couldn’t help but remember Nigel’s body without clothes; compact, tight, lean, a young man’s body, the kind I so admired growing up. But then I glanced a few feet ahead of us, at Günter’s back as he walked; the bounce to his walk, his small frame which I knew so intimately and loved. “Perhaps someday, Nigel,” I said quietly. “But I love my little blond angel. I love him like I’ve never loved anyone. I would never do anything to hurt him or make him feel that he’s not the most important person in my life.” I did glance at Nigel then. “Because he is, Nigel.”

Nigel studied me a moment as we walked. “You’ve thought seriously about adopting him, haven’t you?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said, nodding. “I plan to do it.


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