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The author “Chance” is me, “Larkin” This is an effort to re-compose my old roster into a new roster comprised old and new works, re-written and done with more careful editing. (omitting junk) I hope you will understand.

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This is a work of fiction. All disclaimers associated with homosexuality will apply without exception. There is reference to some drug use that is in character with the period but it is only incidental and not to proselytize. Persons portrayed in this story are fictitious or at best, coincidental.

If you've read an earlier version, these chapters are new continuation.

Waiting for the Titanic

Chapter 15

by Chance/Larkin

No Jews Please

The Jacob Allen School for Boys was 4 blocks East of the Park and they had around 200 students. I went to visit the headmaster bringing Tony along with me. Mr. McPherson was a dower and colorless man, a typical martinet. He put on an ingenuous smile for the new prospect who, on my account would be bringing a full tuition. He asked me about Tony's background.

If you'd like to test him he should be up to his grade level. For almost 2 years I spent time with him and he had a private tutor from St Paul's, Brother Mark but he is no longer there. I suppose you might talk to Father Carmichael. I'm sure he would give you a glowing reference.”

He looked at Tony squirming in the chair. I guessed that he would not risk the tuition by checking up on the references I had just given him.

He spoke in a solemn and serious tone. “Well, you know we do not accept Jews here.”

That sort of declaration always bothered me. “Well, he is uncircumcised. I could show you if you'd like. I'm sure Tony wouldn't mind. The boy prepared to open his pants.

The headmaster's back became ridged in his chair. “No, no, that's not necessary.”

Tony was craning his neck trying to see the flow of students leaving their classes.

Seeing that I was slightly disturbed he went on.”Well, of course it isn't the school's choice, it is the parents who required it.”

I am glad that Tony is finally enrolled in school but I shall always remember being Tony's teacher for a year. It was a tall order but I think I rose to the occasion.

There was this one time in particular that I shall always remember,....

The boy had run from one end of the house to the other and from the basement to the roof just to vent his excess energy. When he would finally settle down for lessons he was calm and relaxed. Tony was quick thinking and always paid attention until it went longer than he could tolerate. 45 minutes to an hour was his limit.

When I looked up he had put the book aside and was masturbating.

I said, “Tony, please put that away, we have a lesson to do.”

He ignored me. I had difficulty keeping myself from smiling and he knew it,...What's more, he knew me.

He not only did not stop, but instead practiced more display and artistry in his endeavor. Stretching his foreskin as far as it could go, flipping his cock like a spring, stroking up and down and probing his behind with his finger were just a few tricks. Since we had had our congress in the morning and probably would again at bedtime, It was a novelty just to sit and watch without interference.

Tony, please put that away”

He smiled knowing full well what he was doing to me.

Tony, please.”

He responded by shedding his shirt and kicking his pants away. Free of his clothing, he increased the rate of his masturbation. He was going to compel me to witness his orgasm. With his pants discarded, he could lift his legs up high and finger his hole properly while jerking off. I knew that he was performing for my benefit but that it was secondary to the objective. Then stretching himself out, I watched while his entire body jerked and vibrated with tremors. He suddenly became vocal. I had broken out in a sweat and the sound of his voice rang in my ears for days after.

Real Life Tedium (feel free to skip)

My attorney's offices were located in a posh building, downtown on Broadway. Lloyd Williamson sat behind his desk wearing an out of date 3 piece suit that displayed a gold watch chain across the front. He had gotten paunchy around the middle.

“Edmund, how good to see you. I've carefully looked after your mother's fortune before she died and now I am looking after yours and I do it as if it was my own. Our families have been close since the Civil War.

I nodded and thanked him for his dedication. I was pretending to be knowledgeable about the sordid affairs of business but I wasn't.

“You must promise complete secrecy about the nature of our discussion and trust me as you have in the past. What I would like is your permission to change the nature of your portfolio. It is not without risk but for us to continue as we have in the past, is to risk unrecoverable loss. Edmund, you could lose everything!”

Still not understanding, I sat up and listened more intently.

My attorney went on. “As optimistic as the public has been concerning the incredible rise in the stock market, we at the firm, see only danger perpetrated by pirates and they may bring the entire market down with their unscrupulous trading methods. It's important for us to move out of securities and into real estate. I would like to bring you along. Your earnings are based on annuities but they are at the moment, seriously in jeopardy. I need to secure your permission in order to bring you along with the firm.”

Mr Williamson had me sign some documents that were giving him an uncomfortable amount of control of my fortune. The idea that I thought of myself as a socialist would impress Mr. Lloyd Williamson as being preposterous.

“We still risk uncertainty and there is the possibility of interruption of our earnings but what could be better than real estate?”

As I was about to leave, Mr. Williamson rose to his feet.

“Edmund, one more thing. Over the next few months, remove all your cash, in 10 and 20 thousand dollar increments from your bank account and move them into safe deposit boxes or a safe place at home. If the Bank makes inquiries about why you are doing this, make up something, anything.”

As an after thought he said, “Tell them they are gambling debts. This is to provide for your personal survival.”

I left my attorney's office in a state of dizziness. I knew it was important but I didn't understand any of it or even why it mattered.

The Colorful Life

With Tony safely in school, I was able to engage in my favorite pastime, walking tours. In a lifetime, I could never cover all of New York City neighborhoods. I sat in Madison square and remembered the day I met Billy. I went back to 10th street where my old apartment was and thought of when Peter first came to my door wearing his Western Union uniform. That was 10 or more years before.

Someone may criticize my relationship with Peter as amoral, ignominious and exploitive. They are likely to condemn it as the practice of sodomites. Say what they will but I loved him more than anything and I will always miss him.

The Little Cup Cafe was gone and replaced with an Italian restaurant serving sausage and macaroni dishes. Fitz's Tavern was boarded up due to prohibition and asking around, I found out that Johnny, the barkeep had died of parasitic tumors. I looked up at the window where I had smoked my opium pipe and watched the city life below. Today, assorted clothing had been hung out to dry.

It made me sad enough to walk away. I wandered across Broadway towards the Eastside, St. Marks Place and the avenues beyond. It was as if all of Eastern Europe had been transplanted here from across the ocean. Polish, Russian, White Russian, Ukrainian and Yiddish. Every street was a market place for goods of all description. I looked for a small gift for Tony and settled on a lead soldier on a parachute that he could toss into the air and watch it slowly float safely to the ground.

The Fallen Alcolyte

Looking over some books laid out in a street vendor's cart, I felt a nudge.

Hello Edmund.”

At first I didn't recognize the slight young man dressed in ready-made clothes until he opened his mouth to further the conversation.

He said, “I should have written you, I'm sorry. I was so ashamed ,..I,.. I just couldn't.”

It was Brother Mark from St Paul's school.

I am no longer in the seminary, I'm no longer a Brother. I'm so unworthy.”

Mark, you've always been unworthy, that's you nature.”

Edmund, they were going to transfer me to somewhere in Pennsylvania.”

He was choking back tears. I ran away!”

Mark, you are to old to run away. Perhaps you just made a difficult choice.”

He wiped his eyes with my handkerchief. ”I couldn't stay because Father John was asserting his advantage over me and I hate him so much. I should know better, It's a terrible sin to hate.”

I don't know about that Mark, I think hate has its place.”

Father John had all my belongings moved into his room. See how far I have fallen. I've never hated anyone before”

He moved closer to me as if he was seeking shelter. “Edmund, I am going to Hell!”

I put my arm around him and gave him a reassuring smile.”Well then, I shall have good company, won't I?”

Mark knew that I was an atheist and now we meet at a crossroad.

Are you hungry? Can I take you for a dinner?”

Still sniveling and looking downward at the pavement, he nodded yes.

We sat in an out of a way booth that afforded us privacy. Mark ordered a serving of beef potpie.

I spoke to a surly waiter. “I'd like Oysters and it is not my habit to be impolite but if I get one bad oyster, I am never coming back. Could you take a special interest on my behalf?

I returned my conversation to Mark. “First off, I want to thank you for being so good to Tony, considering what a little animal he is. That in itself is quite an accomplishment. He told me he misses you.”

Mark sat up and listened and was looking just a bit better.

Where are you staying?”

Wiping his nose. “I was staying in a hotel but I could not pay the bill and they locked me out.”

Well first off, consider that problem solved so please calm yourself. You deserve better treatment from a church full of old wankers.”

Mark began his story. “It's not the church's fault, They would have taken care of me but they wanted to transfer me to Pennsylvania and I just ran away.”

I countered. “You already know that I am partial to runaways. In my mind they are the true risk takers. Between you and I, I think you did the right thing. I am not a violent man but it would be a pleasure to beat that Father John with his own bloody switch.”

The waiter brought Mark's pot pie and dropped the plate of oysters on the table in front of me.

The disheveled waiter said. “I sniffed each one of 'em and there ain't no rotted ones.”

That was a vision I could have done without. After the meal he was in better spirits and even became cheerful.

I leaned close so that we wouldn't be overheard. “Mark let me take you somewhere, get you drunk so that I may push something rude and dirty up that soft behind of yours.”

Giving me a sly side-glance, he said, “Oh would you?”

Yes I will. How could I resist a lost boy like yourself.”

Once out on St. Mark's we were directed further down the block for a quick drink.

See, they've even named a street after you. St Mark's Place, far from being cast out, you have been given the gift of freedom and independence so it is up to you to savor it.”

We approached a door behind the stairs that led only a few feet below the street. They must have paid the police because there was little or no fuss in gaining entry. The place was dark and full of alcoves. The exception was the brightly lit bar where drinks were served up at 15 cents apiece and a “bottom of the barrel” whore waiting for some unwary mark. It was early and there were only a half dozen people lurking about. We each ordered a gin. When I tasted mine, I stopped and resisted drinking more. Then I stopped Mark. I'm afraid it might be paint thinner. I supposed that you'd have to be a regular to rate a decent drink in this place.

Our journey continued, taking us up to 14th street to free up Mark's hotel room. We climbed 5 flights up to his room. It was tiny with one window and a small sagging cot pushed up against the wall.

I'm surprised the place doesn't have bugs?”

Mark looked sheepish, “It does, both cockroaches, bed bugs and mice. I wake up in the night and they are crawling all over me.”

After sizing up the situation, I said, “Mark pack your things. We must find you something better and you shall stay with me until we do.

I thought of saying to him, abject humility in solitude gets you nowhere, but I didn't.

Once home Mark asked, “Where's Tony?”

I responded. “Tony is finally in school. A good school on the other side of the Park, he'll be home in a while and I'm sure he'll be pleased to see you.

He followed me down into my cellar where we picked out a bottle of wine and then up to my study. We sat together on a spacious couch and shared the fine wine. It didn't take much for Mark to become passive and pliable and soon he let his body lay open and abandon as if I was the only owner. I took this opportunity to undress him until he was naked. He cupped his hands over his penis and scrotum out of modesty. In spite of his advanced age of 17, he still looked like a boy with no more than wisps of pubic hair.

I pulled his hands away. “Mark, I appreciate your beautiful body, why can't you?”

Given that assurance, he lay open to me and erected stiffly. His cock was on the small side but that is not where my interest lay. First he needed to be absolved of all responsibility by being told what to do. I know this because I experienced it when I was with men who were older and more self-confident or, even better, crude. I was guessing that the solution to Mark's problem was between my legs. I required him to suck my cock and do it with selfless devotion. When I was ready, I mounted him from behind. All of his fears and apprehensions fell away knowing that a hard cock was going up his ass. It was both reward and punishment all rolled into one. We did it until access to his bottom was open and was effortless. I turned him over and he pulled his legs back as far as they could go so that I could push my cock even farther up his ass. Soon I flooded his insides and experienced much enjoyment. Mark lay still, like a body already deep in sleep.


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