Wanting Perfection

By Mark The Good Pen

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Wanting Perfection
Chapter 4

Rick's words took me by total surprise.  I hadn't expected him to say anything about supporting me.  Up until I met him I hadn't even thought I needed support for anything.  But after hearing his words, him telling me that he would be there for me I felt better than I had before.  I sat there silently for a moment, not sure what to say as I looked into Rick's eyes.  The feeling in my stomach seemed to be growing.

"Justin, I just want you to be happy," Rick said, breaking the silence and finally taking his hand off of my knee.  "That's all I want."

I didn't understand why Rick cared so much about me.  As far as I was concerned I should have just been another student to him.  One in what was most likely a long line of kids with very little musical ability but with parents who weren't ready to admit that yet.  But Rick was taking more of an interest in me than anyone had in a long time, and that made my feelings for him all that much more confusing to me.  He said he saw himself in me, maybe that's where his interest came from.  Maybe he was trying to prevent me from going through something he had.  I wasn't sure if what he had told me was true.  When it came down to it, I hardly knew Rick, and what I did know confused me.  But then I couldn't think of any reason for him to lie to me either.

"You really mean you'll support me?" I asked my voice cracking slightly from my nervousness.
"Absolutely," Rick said.  "Justin, I know how hard all of this can be.  I don't want you to go through what I had to go through.  So if I can help you in anyway, I'm going to do it."
"Thanks," I said, meekly.
"There's no need to thank me," Rick said.  "You're a good kid, I just hope you'll let me in."

My only response was to nod a little, as I stared at the ground.  I had never let anybody in.  The person I was closest to was Shawn, but he even didn't know anything that personal about me.  I much preferred to keep feelings and emotions to myself.  I felt much less vulnerable doing that.  Letting Rick in was not going to be easy for me, and at the time I felt like he was asking way too much.  I still had so many new emotions to work through, so much confusion to figure out I did not really want somebody else poking around and possibly adding more to my confusion.  Still, being the people pleaser I was, I gave him that nod of the head, making it seem like I was ready to open up.

"Well I better be going," Rick said, as he started to get off the couch.  "I have a lesson in about twenty minutes."
"Okay," I said, standing up myself.  "Thanks, for bringing my trumpet...and you know."
"You're welcome kid," Rick said with a smile, as he gave me a gentle pat on my shoulder.  "I'll see you tomorrow."
"Yeah," I said, before Rick walked himself to the door.

That afternoon Shawn and I were shooting hoops in my driveway.  I was expecting Shawn to drill me right from the get go about what had happened the day before, and why I had been so upset on my way home from Rick's.  But he didn't say a word about it.  The friendship Shawn and I had was a strange one to say the least.  We had known each other since we could remember.  Shawn and his Dad had moved next door when I was six months old and he was five months.  Shawn's Mom was never in the picture, I never knew what had happened to her.  Shawn's Dad worked, full time and since both of my parents worked full time as well they agreed to split the cost of an in home babysitter.  The same Russian woman, looked after the both of us until we reached 6th grade, when our parents finally trusted us enough to spend the hours at home after school with out adult supervision.  As a result of all of this, Shawn and I had seen more of each other than we had virtually any other person.  We were literally thrust together without a choice.  We had become very good friends, in that we played together as kids and always seemed to find ways to fun with each other.  By the time we had reached middle school our friendship had deepened slightly and I knew Shawn had told me things he had never told anyone else.  Still there was something there, something blocking me from being totally open with him.  For all of his positive attributes, which were many, Shawn did have a tendency to be judgmental, and he jumped to conclusions way too fast which made talking to him about anything too serious difficult for me.  Nobody likes feeling like they are being judged, but I was deathly afraid of what other people were thinking of me.  If Shawn was going to judge me, which I was sure he would do, I needed his judgment to be a positive one.

So as we were shooting hoops that afternoon, I had no intention of telling Shawn anything that had gone on between Rick and me.  In fact I was thinking of things I could make up to tell Shawn in case he asked about what had happened the day before.  For awhile I thought I was going to get away with out any form of the third degree, but just as we finished shooting hoops, Shawn began his quizzing.

"So what happened yesterday?" he asked as we went into my house to get sodas.
"Nothing," I said, quickly.  "Rick was just getting on me for my playing.  He keeps saying I need to practice more and I got pissed at him," I said, lying through my teeth as I handed him, as we walked into the kitchen.
"You got that upset because he told you, you need to practice more?" Shawn asked, obviously not believing what he was hearing.
"Yeah," I said as I reached into the refrigerator and grabbed two cans of soda.  "I got frustrated.  I know it's stupid."
"Yeah it is," Shawn said, taking his can of soda from me.  "So has Rick..." Shawn started to ask, but seemingly stopped himself.
"So has Rick what?" I asked, already with a good idea of what the question was going to be.
"You know," Shawn said, as we started to walk into the living room.  "Has he looked at your stuff?"
"I don't know," I said with a shrug, even though I knew Rick had.  "Dude I think Casey was just making stuff up," I said, feeling like I needed to defend Rick.
"Maybe," Shawn said as we sat down next to each other on the couch.  "He does do that sometimes."
"What do you mean sometimes?" I asked, with a little laugh.
"Oh dude, I almost forgot!" Shawn said, his face suddenly lighting up.  "I found my Dad's new hiding place for his porn!  It took me forever, he didn't put it in any of the obvious places this time.  You want to come over and look at it?  It's fucking awesome."
"I don't know," I said, with a shrug.  "We already looked at it last year," I said remembering when Shawn had first discovered his Dad's stash of Hustler's.
"Yeah but he got new ones!" Shawn said, excitedly.  "These are so much hotter."
"Oh," I said, not really caring.
"Come on dude," Shawn said.  "You won't be sorry."
"But what if your Dad comes home early?" I asked, trying to think of an excuse not to go.
"When has he ever come home early?" Shawn asked.
"Okay," I said reluctantly.

I hesitantly followed Shawn to his house.  I had no interest in the porn at all, what I had seen the year before was more than enough for me.  To be totally honest it had grossed me out a little the year before and I didn't really understand why Shawn had, had drool sliding down his chin as we looked at pictures of naked women with their legs spread wide fingering themselves.  The only reason I had looked the first time was out of curiosity.  After the curiosity was satisfied I had no desire to look again even though Shawn had said I could look anytime I wanted to.  I was let off the hook though when in the early part of that school year Shawn's Dad realized Shawn had been looking at his stash of porn and moved it somewhere else.  It had taken Shawn almost seven months to find the new hiding spot and I had almost totally forgotten that it even existed.

When we got to Shawn's house, I followed him into their finished basement.  In the middle of the room was a sofa facing a television against one wall, along the back wall was a large black trunk with a key lock on it.  Shawn stuck his arm behind the television set and after a little feeling around pulled out a small key.  I watched from the bottom of the stairs as he went over to the trunk sitting along the far wall and used the key to open it.  He dug through what looked to be a bunch of old photo albums before finally pulling out several magazines.

"Come on sit down," Shawn said as he took the magazines over to the couch.  "My Dad's getting smarter, it took me forever to figure out they were in the trunk.  And then I had to find the stupid key."
"These look the same as the ones we saw last year," I said, as I sat down on the couch and grabbed one of the magazines from Shawn's lap.
"Well that's because you grabbed the one we looked at last year," Shawn said, as he grabbed the magazine out of my hands.  "Here," he said dropping a different one into my lap.

I slowly opened the magazine and started thumbing through it.  The first several pages were filled with different naked women in various poses.  Similar to the one I had seen the year before, one of the women was posed with her legs spread, while fingering herself.  And just like I had the year before I felt myself getting slightly grossed out by it.  Then I turned the page, and found a picture of that same woman lying on a bed with her legs still spread, but this time the shot was from the side of the bed and standing at the end in between the woman's spread legs was a man.  The man had long blonde hair that was pulled back into a pony tail, similar to the way Rick wore his black hair.  The man in the picture had his pants around his ankles and his hand wrapped around his very large, hard cock which he was pointing at the woman's pussy.  Suddenly I felt my own cock begin to grow in my pants.  The man in the picture did not look like Rick at all, except for the fact he had long hair.  But somehow I had formed the mental image of Rick standing in front of me, in the same way the man in the picture was standing at the end of the bed.  Once the image flashed in my mind I quickly closed the magazine.

"What's wrong?" Shawn asked, tearing his eyes away from a picture of two women in a 69 position.
"Nothing," I said, quickly.  "I just saw a guy..."
"Oh I know, I hate that," Shawn said, shaking his head slightly.  "That's why I like these.  You don't have to see any dude's cock and shit."
"Yeah it's sick," I said, as I tried to will my cock, which was still pressing against my jeans back down to its normal size before Shawn would notice any bulge.
"Here this one is better," Shawn said, grabbing another magazine off the stack he had placed on the floor in front of his feet.

I dropped the magazine I had been looking at onto the floor and slowly opened the new one.  The second magazine was similar to the one Shawn was looking at and mainly had pictures of women having sex with women.  Out of the corner of my eye I could see Shawn virtually panting over the magazine in his hands, as I felt myself getting bored looking at pictures that meant absolutely nothing to me.

"Cool shit, isn't it?" Shawn asked, breaking the silence that had been surrounding us.
"Yeah," I said, trying to fake enthusiasm.
"Dude, I'll be right back," Shawn said, taking the magazine with him as he went upstairs, obviously wanting some privacy.

After I was sure Shawn was gone I dropped the magazine to the floor and rummaged through the pile of other magazines until I found the one I had been looking at before.  I quickly thumbed through the pages until I found the picture with the guy in it.  I turned the page and found another picture with the same guy and woman.  In the second picture the woman was giving the guy a blow job, but even though the woman seemingly had her mouth stuffed, there was still about a third of the man's cock visible in the picture.  After studying the picture for a couple of minutes I turned the page again to find another picture of the guy standing on his knees on the bed, in between the woman's spread legs and just like in the first picture he was stroking his cock while looking into the woman's face.  Without even consciously thinking about it, the mental image of Rick kneeling over me like the man in the picture was over the woman came back into my mind.  I felt my own cock once again pressing hard against the inside of my pants.  I turned the page a final time and found a picture of the man, fucking the woman, doggy style.  Just as I really started to study the picture though, I heard Shawn opening the door to the basement, and quickly dropped the magazine back into the pile before grabbing the one I had been looking at when Shawn had left.

"You like that one don't you?" Shawn asked as he came back over to the couch and re-took his seat next to me.
"It's different," I said, hesitantly.
"That's for sure," Shawn said, with a little chuckle.
"Um, I better get home," I said.  "I have some chores to do."
"Well that sucks," Shawn said.  "If you want you can come back over tomorrow, and look at this shit again."
"Thanks," I said.  "I'll see tomorrow," I said, handing Shawn back the magazine and, after checking to make sure nothing was going to be pointing out my way I stood up.
"See you tomorrow, bro," Shawn said, before re-opening his magazine.

I quickly made my way home, with the pictures I had just seen still going through my mind.  When I got home, I went straight into the bathroom, dropped my pants, and in just a few strokes came hard into the sink with the pictures of that man going through my mind.  After I came down from my sexual climax, I stood over the sink suddenly feeling like shit about myself.   It was the first time I had been able to jack off with the clear image of a man in my head.  And I had to admit, even though I didn't want to that jacking off had felt so much better.  Rick had said just a few hours before that he would be there to support me, when I needed him to.  As I stood over the bathroom sink, my pants still around my ankles I felt like I desperately needed to talk to someone, though I wasn't absolutely sure what I was going to say.  Could I really tell Rick what had just happened?  Was that the type of support he had even been talking about?  I was so unsure about so much it made my head spin.  After taking a deep breath and deciding to pay Rick a visit, I pulled up my pants and rinsed out the sink.

I slowly made my way down the street, with my mind racing the entire time.  The change from less than twenty four hours before could not have been more drastic.  When I left Rick's house the day before I had not wanted to see him again, but then he showed up at my door that morning and said all the right things.  He seemed to know what I wanted to hear, but he seemingly over night figured out how to say what I needed to hear be told but did not want to hear.  That morning he had approached me like a friend, where as the afternoon before he almost seemed to be a man on the hunt.  But the thing my mind kept going back to, like a duck to water, was the fact that Rick understood me in ways nobody did.  That alone was enough for my stomach to get that funny feeling I just could not describe, but was starting to actually like.  When I got to Rick's house I nervously knocked on the door, still not totally sure what I was going to tell him.

"Who is it?" I heard Rick call from the other side of the door.
"It's me," I nervously squeaked.
"Justin?" Rick asked, as I heard the lock on the door turn.  "Is everything okay?" Rick asked, as he came into view.
"I'm not sure," I said, slowly.  "Something happened, and I need someone to talk to.  Do you have a lesson now or anything?" I asked.
"No, I'm free the rest of the day," Rick said.  "Come on in."

I slowly walked into Rick's house and he led me back into his "hippie" room and offered me a seat on the bean bag chair I had been sitting in the day before.  I hesitantly accepted and Rick sat down next to me in the other bean bag chair.

"I think it's more comfortable to talk in here," Rick said, as he plopped down into his chair.  "So what's going on?"
"I'm not sure," I said, slowly.  "Well I mean I know what happened, but I don't know what it means."
"What happened?" Rick asked.
"My friend, found his Dad's porn stash," I started slowly, as I looked down at my crossed hands which were placed in my lap.  "And he was showing it to me.  Well I only saw a couple of magazines.  One of them just had women in it.  But this other one had a guy in it too..."
"You liked the guy better?" Rick asked, finishing my sentence for me.
"Yeah," I said.  "I mean my friend and I looked at his Dad's porn last year, but then it was just pictures of women.  And I thought those pictures were kind of gross, but I didn't really think a lot about it or anything."
"I've been there," Rick said as he shook his head and a small smile spread across his face.  "So what happened when you saw the picture of the guy?"
"I didn't think it was gross," I answered quickly.
"You liked it?" Rick asked.
"Yeah," I said, nodding my head, as I looked towards the floor in front of my feet.
"Justin, let's get something straight first," Rick said.  "Your reaction to a picture doesn't make you gay or straight."
"It doesn't?" I asked.
"No," Rick said, quickly.  "I used to collect pictures of wild horses, that doesn't mean I want to have sex with one.  And plenty of straight guys look at porn where there is both a girl and a guy.  What makes a person gay or straight, is more than just who they want to have sex with.  Justin, it took me years to figure this out and now that I have I feel so much better about things.  You want to know how to figure out for sure if you're gay?"
"Yeah," I answered quickly.
"Fall in love," Rick said, plainly.
"What?" I asked, confused.
"Fall in love," Rick said.  "We don't chose who we fall in love with, as much as some people would like to think that we do.  Love has a funny way of being chosen for us.  If you fall in love with a man, and I don't just mean you want to have sex with a man, I mean you fall in love with him for so much more than just sex.  Then you will know that you are gay."
"But how do I know when I'm in love?" I asked.
"It's a feeling you get in your gut," Rick said.  "You'll know when it happens, because it'll scare you to death."
"But why was I kind of grossed out by the pictures of woman?" I asked.
"Justin, how old are you?" Rick asked.
"Thirteen," I said.
"When did you turn thirteen?"
"Last month," I said as I began to wonder what Rick was getting at.
"That's what I thought," Rick said.  "Justin, you're still young, and you may just need to mature a little bit."
"But before you said that you thought I was gay," I said, confused by Rick's sudden change in attitude.
"And that's what I apologized for this morning," Rick said.  "I shouldn't be jumping to conclusions about you in that department.  And the last thing I should be doing, is telling you about those conclusions."
"What if I ask?" I asked, suddenly wanting his honest opinion.
"Asked for what?"
"What you think about me," I said, slowly.

I wasn't sure where the burst of confidence came from.  I had never been brave enough to ask any type of question like I had of Rick.  But it felt like something inside of me needed to know what someone else honestly thought.  I figured if there was one person to give me that kind of honesty it was going to be Rick.

"Justin, I told you this morning what I think about that doesn't matter," Rick said, shaking his head slightly.  "I can't tell you who you are, only you will know that.  You just have to be patient, and you'll get your answer."
"But I think I already did," I say.  "I just don't like what that answer is."
"Are you saying that you do think you're gay?" Rick asked.
"Yeah," I said, hesitantly.
"Do you think that because of the porn you saw?" Rick asked.
"Well, no it's not just that," I said.  "I get that feeling in my gut you were talking about," I said, hesitantly.
"Really?" Rick asked.  I wasn't sure if he was surprised by what I said or the fact that I said it.  "And you get that feeling about a guy?"
"Yeah," I said, while still looking down at the ground.
"And that's what scares you so much?" Rick asked.
"Yeah," I said.  "I don't want to be...you know."
"I know it isn't easy," Rick said, slowly.  "Believe me I know.  But you can't deny who you are, especially not out of fear.  Justin, you have to be true to yourself no matter what that means.  Believe me it took me a very long time to figure that out.  Maybe that's part of the reason I feel like I want to help you so much.  I guess I kind of feel like I can help you avoid some of the problems I had."
"Did your parents hate you?" I asked.
"I never told them," Rick said.  "Justin, I grew up in a different time and a different place, people didn't talk about things like this.  But you have it different, and a lot better than I ever did."
"So what do I do now?" I asked, desperately wanting some direction.
"You don't have to do anything," Rick said.  "And if I were you, I would wait and see what happens.  You never know what you will be feeling a couple of years from now.  All of this could turn out to be a lot of worrying over nothing.  Only time will tell."
"So I just have to wait?" I asked.
"No," Rick said.  "You have to live, and experience stuff.  The more experience you have, in life, the clearer things will become."
"Oh," I said, that was not exactly the answer I had been hoping for.

We fell silent after that as I continued to just stare at the white carpet around my black sneakers.  I wanted something concrete.  I wanted to look into a crystal ball and get my answer, if for no other reason than just to be able to stop thinking about all of this.  I had gone to Rick's house hoping he could be that crystal ball, because he had seemed ready to be the day before.  But he was telling me that the only person that could give me a definite answer was me.

"Justin I can't tell you how happy I am that you came to me like this," Rick said as he finally broke the silence after a few minutes had passed.  "I want you to be able to trust me with anything.  No matter how bad you think something is you can talk to me about it."
"Thanks," I said slowly, as I looked into his face for the first time since we had started talking.
"You're welcome," he said, a small smile crossing his face.  "You know what I'm realizing?"
"What?" I asked.
"You're a very smart kid," Rick said.  "I mean to trust me you have to be pretty smart," he said in his best boastful tone before starting to laugh a little.
"Whatever," I said, laughing a little myself.

Soon after that I made my way home with a promise to Rick to practice that evening and the next day before my lesson.  I was actually starting to feel comfortable with Rick, and even though I still didn't like what it meant I was beginning not to mind that feeling in my stomach so much either.  I did spend most of that evening practicing in my room, which got my mind off of everything else it had been virtually obsessed with since Rick had come into the picture.

I fell asleep that night feeling the most at peace with myself that I had in awhile.  Talking with Rick had really helped, even though he did not give me the crystal ball kind of answer I had been hoping for.  It helped me to know that I had someone I could talk to, someone that would answer my questions honestly and not judge what I told them.  Looking back on it now, I guess I would say that I was starting to fall in love with Rick, but I either hadn't thought about that, or hadn't wanted to go there at the time.  All I knew was that Rick made me feel something I had never felt before, which had been the thing to scare me at first.  But I quickly was feeling that fear turn into something else, a feeling that would make me tingle a little whenever I saw him.

The next day, I woke up with a feeling like something big was going to happen that day.  I couldn't really explain it, but it just felt like one of those days that were going to be memorable, even as I laid in bed trying shake the last bits of sleep from myself.  I practiced the trumpet most of the morning, and as lunch approached I actually started to feel anxious for my lesson.  Early in the afternoon Shawn came over and we played a game of one on one.  Shawn was a lot tougher than Rick, probably because he didn't smoke, but I was still able to beat him.  Finally the time came, and I made my way over to Rick's house.

"Hey big guy," Rick said, with a smile after he opened his door.
"Hi," I said, still with a little shyness as that feeling in my stomach hit me.
"Come on in," he said opening the door wider to let me through.  "Did you practice?"
"Yeah, a lot," I said as I walked into the house.
"Very good," Rick said.  "Well why don't you take a seat and I'll be right back."
"Okay," I said, as I took my usual seat and Rick disappeared down the hall.

I set up my trumpet and put my music book on the stand before waiting for Rick to come back so we could start my lesson.  After a few minutes had passed with me looking at the pictures on the walls Rick came back into the room and took his seat next to me.  Soon I started to play the songs he had assigned me to learn at the end of the previous lesson.

"Wow," Rick said when I finished playing the last song, a wide grin spreading across his face.  "You keep playing like that and you're not going to need me anymore."
"I'm doing good?" I asked.  I still thought I sucked.
"Doing good?" Rick asked.  "You're doing awesome, compared to how you were doing last week.  I don't think I have ever had a student show so much improvement as quickly as you have."
"Really?" I asked.
"Really," Rick said.  "Believe it or not, Justin, you have talent for this."
"Thanks," I said, as a smile spread across my face.  "I guess you were right, about the practicing."
"Of course I was right," Rick said, in that mock boastful tone of his.  "I'm always right," he added, before laughing a little.

The lesson continued uneventfully, as Rick had me start playing some new songs and I fumbled my way through them.  When the lesson was over, Rick invited me back to his "hippie" room and since I didn't have to be home for awhile I agreed.  As we sat in the bean bag chairs, Rick told me about how he had gotten some of the posters he had on the walls and what he liked about the bands they were of.  I listened with interest at first, but there are only so many garage sale stories a person can listen to.  Finally Rick changed the subject.

"So how are you feeling about everything today?" he asked.
"Better," I answered honestly.  "Talking really helped me, I think."
"Good," Rick said, a small smile crossing his face.  "I'm glad you're feeling better."
"Thank you, for letting me talk to you about all of that," I said, feeling like I owed Rick more than just a simple thank you.  But that was the best I could do at the moment.
"You don't need to thank me," Rick said quickly.  "Justin, you are very special, even if you don't see it.  I feel honored that you would let me in the way you did yesterday.  And I hope that yesterday was only the beginning.  I hope you feel comfortable enough with me now, to come back in the future when you have a problem you need to talk about."
"I will," I said.
"Good," Rick said, patting my knee gently, but leaving his hand there.

We fell silent then, both of us apparently running out of things to say.  Rick's hand stayed on my knee for awhile, but after a couple of minutes he started to move it higher up my leg, until it was half way up my thigh.  I tensed up, slightly as I felt the warmth of his hand on my leg and I could start to feel my cock lengthen in my pants.

"Justin," Rick said, softly.
"Yeah," I said as I looked down at his hand on my thigh.
"You trust me right?" Rick asked.
"Yeah I do," I said.
"Good," Rick said, as he started to move his hand higher up my leg.  "I know I keep telling you this, but you're a very special kid," he said as he started to message my leg gently.  "I can't explain it too well, but I'm very happy when I'm around you."
"You are?" I asked.
"Yes, I am," he said, in a very serious tone as our eyes locked.  In a bold move Rick moved his hand from my leg and placed it right on my crotch, causing me to gasp.  "I can tell I make you happy too," he said, as he squeezed my semi-hard cock through my jeans.
"I guess," I gasped as my mind started to race.  Nobody had ever touched me there, even through my pants.  The feeling in my stomach had turned into a tingling feeling that seemingly started at the top of my head and went straight through to the bottom of my feet.
"Do you like my hand there?" he asked.
"I guess," I said, as I watched his hand.
"Justin, I can make you very happy," Rick said, as he squeezed harder through my jeans.  "Very, very happy.  And I know you can make me happy too."
"I can?" I asked, with a cracking voice.
"Oh yes you can," Rick said as he nodded his head.  "Justin, I know how you feel about me, I can see it in your eyes.  That feeling in your gut I was talking about, you get that about me don't you?"
"Yeah," I said with a gulp, feeling like that was not the time to start lying.
"I know, I could tell," Rick said.  "I get that feeling in my stomach when I see you too," he added a small smile coming to his face.
"You do?" I asked, surprised.
"Hell yes!" Rick said, quickly.  "I haven't felt this way in a very long time."

Without saying another word Rick got off of his bean bag chair, taking his hand off of my jean clad cock and walked on his knees until he was in front of me.  He spread my legs further apart so he could get in between them.  We stared into each others eyes for what seemed like an eternity before Rick moved his hands from there resting spots on the bean bag chair on either side of my legs and slowly started to raise up my red t-shirt.  He raised the cotton away from my stomach, before slowly lowering his face and kissing around my naval, making me catch my breath.

I didn't know what to think or do.  Nobody had ever done anything like that to me before, all I knew was that I was liking the feelings his lips on my stomach were giving me and I pushed my stomach up into his face in an attempt to get him to kiss me, lick me quicker than he was.  Slowly Rick started moving his mouth up my stomach to the bottom of my chest which was barely exposed from my t-shirt.  In one smooth motion, while still kissing the bottom of my chest, Rick pushed my t-shirt up to the bottom of neck fully exposing my chest.  Rick moved his mouth up the middle of my chest before licking his way to my right nipple which he quickly took into his mouth and gently started to bite.  I felt my cock jump in my pants, I never knew my nipples could make me feel the way they did at that moment.  I pushed my chest out, again trying to get Rick myself more into Rick's mouth.  But Rick lifted his face away from my chest and looked up into my eyes, I looked back at him still trying to push my chest back towards his mouth.

"Lift up your arms," Rick said, his voice sounded like he was trying to catch his breath.

I slowly sat up more in the bean bag chair and raised my arms above my head as Rick grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt and pulled it all the way off, before tossing it onto the ground in back of him.  While I was still sitting up in the chair, Rick wrapped his arms around me and pressed my torso into himself, my right nipple going back into his mouth as he gently started to stroke my naked back.  It was at that point my mind went totally numb.  I guess I was still confused, or conflicted but at that moment I stopped thinking about any of it.  I was willing to let Rick take me wherever he wanted to.  I could feel his tongue flicking over my nipple at a faster pace than he had before making my now rock hard cock push hard against the inside of my pants.  I felt Rick's hands move down to my waist, then follow around my hip until they were at the front of my jeans.  I felt one of his hands grab my cock and balls through the fabric of my jeans and squeeze, I quickly spread my legs wider to give him freer access to that part of my body. I heard Rick groan out of the corners of his mouth as his other hand rubbed the inside of my leg.

Slowly, Rick once again lifted his face from my chest but there was no eye contact.  He was looking at his hand as he fondled me through my pants.  I felt his hands move up the front of my pants until his fingers were pulling on the top button of my jeans.  Quickly Rick's fingers un-did the fly of my jeans, allowing my pulsing cock to push the stretched white material of my briefs through the open fly of my jeans.  I heard Rick moan again as he traced the outline of my cock with the fingers of his right hand.

"Let's go to my bedroom," Rick said, as he looked up into my face.

To Be Continued...

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