Wanting Perfection

By Mark The Good Pen

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Wanting Perfection

From Chapter 7:

"Justin are you okay?" Rick asked as we walked through the pedestrian mall.
"Yeah," I said, not wanting Rick to know I had eavesdropped on him and Zack.
"Are you sure?" Rick asked.  "Something seemed to be bothering you back at the cafe after you went to the bathroom.  Are you sick or something?"
"No," I said, shaking my head.
"Then what is it?" Rick asked, as he stopped in front of a bench underneath a big tree.
"Why are you friends with Zack?" I asked, as I sat down on the bench and looked down at my feet.
"Did you ever hear anyone say that you don't always get to choose your friends?" Rick asked.
"No," I said shaking my head as I looked up at Rick.
"Well, that's kind of what happened to me," Rick said, as he took a seat next to me on the bench.  "I wanted to be in a band, Zack had one.  I wanted be a drummer, Zack's band needed one.  And well the rest is kind of history."
"But he's..." I started to call Zack a pervert but I stopped myself.  "Never mind."
"What is it?" Rick asked.  "Justin, you can tell me anything."
"He said I'm a piece of candy," I said, that being the part of what I overheard that stuck out the most in my brain.  "He wants a crack at me."
"You heard that?" Rick asked, his face going pale.
"Yeah," I said softly.  "I was coming back from the bathroom."
"I'm sorry you had to hear that," Rick said.  "I'm sure that didn't make you feel very good."
"No it didn't," I say.
"Justin, he'll never do anything to you," Rick said.  "I'll make sure of that."
"Thanks," I said.  "But did you two used to share people or something, I mean for sex," I said the last part quietly so no one passing by could hear.
"Oh Justin," Rick said, shaking his head a little.  "I'll put this way.  There's a time in my life that I'm not very proud of now.  And that time of my life was when Zack and I were at our closest.  So to answer your question, yes we did.  But I have no desire to do that anymore, and I would never ever make you do anything you don't want to do."
"I know," I said.  "I heard what you told him, that I'm different from the others."
"Well it's true," Rick said, quickly.  "Justin, I've never felt about anyone the way I feel about you.  I know we haven't known each other very long, but I feel more for you than anyone I have ever known."
"But why?" I asked.  "I'm not that special."
"Yes you are," Rick said.  "You just don't know it yet."
"I guess," I said, with a little shrug.
"I'll get you to see it," Rick said.  "I promise."
"Whatever," I said, shaking my head a little.

It was that day that I started looking at Rick in a different light.  All of a sudden he was somebody not only that I could trust to tell things to, but he instantly became somebody I knew would protect me.  I never really needed much protection, I kind of lived a sheltered life.  But there was a secure feeling knowing that I had another person looking out for me.  Maybe the biggest thing I realized that day, was that Rick meant what he told me when he said that he really did care about me.  I was something more than a sex object to him, and he was fast becoming much more than the guy that gave me a tingly feeling in my stomach.  I was not able to put a finger on it at the time, but Rick was doing something to me.  He was making me feel things I had never felt before, and they were quickly becoming less about sex and more about something else.  Something I knew very little about.

Chapter 8

Zack wasn't someone I wanted much to do with.  In fact, I didn't really like him at all after over hearing the way he was talking about me to Rick.  But I have to say that he was one of the best trumpet players I have ever heard.  It took Rick awhile to convince me to actually stay for the jazz festival but in the end I was glad he did.  That day in Boulder not only changed my relationship with Rick, it also changed my relationship with music.  Sitting on the grass in the middle of a park watching Zack's band and then three other jazz bands perform I started seeing music differently.  It was as though there was a whole new world out there that I had never seen before.  All the music I had ever played was on the classical side, and to be honest a little boring for my tastes.  It's not that I had never heard jazz before, I had plenty of times but never had I actually listened to it.  That is until the jazz festival.  The musicians (Zack included) played with such feeling it was as if each note actually came to life.

"So did you have a good time today?" Rick asked me, as we were driving home late that afternoon.
"Yeah it was cool," I said.  "Your friend is a good trumpet player."
"One of the best," Rick said, with a little nod.  "If he could get his head screwed on straight he'd be rich by now."
"Did you used to play jazz?" I asked.
"Oh yeah," Rick nodded.  "Actually I was in my first jazz band when I was your age.  I played the saxophone until I was in college, then I fell in love with the drums.  And that's what I played when I was in Zack's band."
"Why did you stop?" I asked.
"Eh, I don't know," Rick shrugged.  "I think I started outgrowing Zack, he just started getting on my nerves.  And then after that I wanted to do something different."
"He's weird," I said.
"Yeah well I can't ague with you there," Rick said with a chuckle.

As we approached our neighborhood I was expecting Rick to drop me off at home, and that be the end of the day.  But instead he pulled into a shopping center and parked in front of a pizza place.

"Hungry?" he asked, as he shut off the car.
"Yeah," I said with a little nod.

There was something different between Rick and I that afternoon.  Our relationship had been, up until that day, somewhat serious.  Joking around was not a common occurrence between us.  But that late afternoon at the pizza place, it was as though some type of barrier had been knocked down.  Looking back on it now I find it kind of hard to believe, but Rick actually made it easy for me to get through those first couple of days after learning my parents were going to get a divorce.  At times I actually almost forgot that my circumstances at home were seriously changing.

That said, knowing I was going have to go home after the day spent in Boulder did sour my mood slightly as Rick and I were leaving the restaurant.  I knew Mom was still going to be depressed and I didn't know how to handle that.  I kept thinking there was something more I should have been doing for her, but I couldn't think what that something was.  That is how I kept ending up with Rick instead of being at home.  The apprehension about how I was going to handle being home again must have been apparent on my face as Rick drove towards my house that early Saturday evening.

"Justin, you know if things are rough at home," Rick said, slowly.  "You can always come to my place.  No matter what time it is."
"Really?" I asked, surprised by the offer.
"Yeah, really," Rick said.  "I'm almost always home, and I definitely will be tonight if you need to get away from things at home."
"Thanks," I said, as I allowed a small smile to cross my face.
"Don't mention it," Rick said, as he gently patted my leg.

When we did get back to my house, a small sense of relief came over me.  Parked in the driveway was my Aunt Sarah's car.  Aunt Sarah is my Mom's sister, and lived in Colorado Springs which was about a hour away from us.  I didn't see her a lot growing up, and when I did it only seemed to be when there was some type of emergency.  But she was always nice to me and I was happy to see that I was not going to have to be solely responsible for making sure Mom was doing okay.

"Looks like you have company," Rick said as parked on the street in front of my house.
"That's my Aunt Sarah's car," I said, as I un-buckled my seat belt.
"Good," Rick said.  "Your Mom has somebody to talk to."
"Yeah," I said, with a little nod.  "Rick.  Thank you."
"For what?" he asked.
"For today, and yesterday," I said.
"You're welcome kid," Rick said with a smile.  "I'm just happy I can help.  And remember my offer," he said as I opened the car door.
"I will," I said as I got out of the car.

When I got into the house Aunt Sarah and Mom were sitting on the couch talking and laughing.  Aunt Sarah is considerably younger than my Mom.  At the time she was in her mid twenties.  She had cut her blond hair short, making it so if you saw her from the back you would think she was a guy.

"Justin, is that you?" Aunt Sarah said, when she saw me come into the room.
"Hi," I said, shyly.
"Oh my goodness, you must have grown a foot since the last time I saw you," she said, with a smile as she stood up from the couch and gave me hug.
"Did you have a good day today, honey?" Mom asked after Aunt Sarah had released me from her bear hug.
"Yeah, it was cool," I said.
"I hear you're starting to get into the trumpet," Aunt Sarah said.
"Yeah I guess," I said.  "My teacher is pretty cool."
"Sounds like it," Aunt Sarah said.
"Justin I hope you don't mind but Aunt Sarah and I are going to go out tonight for awhile," Mom said.
"Yeah I thought your Mom could use a ladies night out," Aunt Sarah said, with a grin.
"That's okay," I said.  "Rick and I had pizza on the way home anyway."
"Good," Mom said.

Half an hour later Mom and Aunt Sarah were out the door, and I was left sitting on the couch watching television.  I considered what Rick had told me on the way home, how I could go to his place anytime I wanted but I didn't know if he was just saying that to be nice or if he really meant it.  So with not wanting to be a pest I decided to just stay home, since I was doing fine, emotionally, anyway.  The thing was I did kind of miss Rick.  Just like the day before I had enjoyed being around him, and that evening when I was sitting on the couch without him being around it felt like something was missing.  It was about seven o'clock and less than an hour since Mom and Aunt Sarah left when there was a knock on the front door.

"Who is it?" I asked through the closed door.
"It's me Justin," I heard Rick's voice from the other side.
"Hey Rick," I said as I opened the door.
"Hi, is your Mom home?" Rick asked.
"No, her and my aunt went out," I said.  "Why?"
"Is your Aunt going to be staying with you?" he asked.
"I don't know," I said, with a shrug.  "Probably for tonight she will be."
"Well you know I was thinking that you probably wouldn't want to be around all that girl talk," Rick said.  "Especially when it involves your Mom so maybe you'd want to sleep over at my place."
"Sleep over?" I asked, excited by the idea but surprised at the suggestion.
"Yeah, my couch is a sleeper sofa," Rick said.  "And it's actually pretty comfortable.  I mean if you don't mind that."
"That's fine," I said.  "But I should ask my Mom.  I can call her cell."
"Great," Rick said with a little smile.

I opened the door a little wider to let Rick in, then went straight into the kitchen where the phone was to call my Mom.  I wasn't thinking about the possibilities of what could happen at Rick's house when I called Mom.  I was just excited to be able to spend the night with a person I was beginning to admire.  I was starting to see a type of friendliness in Rick that had been there before but I was blind to.  Since the moment I had met him I had noticed this quiet confidence about him.  He was sure of himself without being arrogant and that was a quality I would have killed to have.  And I was beginning to see that the more time I spent around him, the more confidence I began to feel in myself.  Rick made me feel like I was something more than just another face in the crowd, which was something I had never felt before.

I think Mom, who normally didn't drink, was planning on getting absolutely hammered that night because she readily agreed to me spending the night at Rick's.  I quickly threw some spare clothes into my backpack and locked up the house before beginning to walk with Rick back to his house.

"So your friend lives in this house?" Rick asked, pointing to Shawn's house as we passed the front yard.
"Yeah," I said.
"Does he play music?" Rick asked.
"No," I said, shaking my head.  "He's more into sports."
"Well he does know you can do both," Rick said, with a little laugh.
"Yeah," I said.  "But I don't think he likes music too much.  I mean playing it."
"Well it's not for everybody," Rick said.
"I think you do know one of my other friends," I said, slowly as I remembered what Shawn had told me when I first started going to Rick for trumpet lessons.  "Well he's kind of a friend."
"Who's that?" Rick asked, curiously.
"Casey Smith," I said.
"Drummer, right?" Rick asked.
"Yeah," I said, nodding my head.
"Yeah I know him," Rick said.  "Kind of a weird kid."
"Yeah," I said, with a little chuckle.  "He likes to make up stories."
"I noticed that," Rick said.
"Rick can I ask you something?" I asked, a little nervously.
"Absolutely," Rick said, quickly.
"When we first met..." I paused as the question got stuck in my throat.  It had been something I wanted to ask since that morning when I overheard Rick and Zack talking.  But it was a question I wasn't sure I wanted to know the answer to.  "Did you think I would be someone you would share with Zack?" I choked out, each word feeling almost like a knife as it came out of my mouth.
"Justin," Rick, said, as he looked down at his feet as we continued to walk down the block.  "When I first met you I thought a lot of things.  I thought you were shy, I thought you seriously lacked confidence.  And was one of my first thoughts that I'd like to do more than teach you the trumpet?  Yes it was.  But honestly the thought of handing you over to Zack, like I used to do with other guys, never once crossed my mind with you."

Rick's answer was exactly what I was hoping for when I asked the question, but was never expecting to hear.  After what Shawn had warned me about, and with how I caught Rick checking me out during those early lessons I knew Rick wasn't driven by the purest of motivations.  I began to believe I knew what kind of person Rick was.  But after what he had begun to do for me, the way he was there for me when I needed somebody the most I started to re-evaluate my initial impression of him.  His answer to my question on that walk that afternoon confirmed my second impression, which was that Rick was feeling the same way about me that I was about him.  And yes, part of that was physical, I still got a lump in the front of my pants when I thought about him.  But there was something else there, I just enjoyed spending time with him in a different way than I enjoyed being with my friends.  And that was the exact way I would have described my feelings at the time too.  I knew no other way to describe how I felt.

"Cool," I said simply, as I looked at Rick, with a little smile.  Rick smiled back at me, knowing he answered my question and he didn't have to say anything else.

When we got to Rick's house I dumped my backpack on the floor at the end of the couch, and sat near it as Rick was in the kitchen.  Rick's living room was even smaller than mine was and was directly on the other side of the wall from the front room where I had my trumpet lessons.  Soon Rick came into the living room, two sodas in hand, and took a seat next to me on the couch.  He smiled as he handed me one of the cans of soda and I smiled back.  The room was silent except for the humming from the ceiling fan over head.  We sat next to each other on the couch, drinking soda both staring at the wall on the other side of the room.  I don't know exactly what Rick was thinking, but I knew my mind was replaying the day.  I was thinking about how much different I felt about music after seeing the jazz musicians play that afternoon, I was thinking about how much more comfortable I felt around Rick, than I had only a week or two before.

After a few minutes of blankly staring at the wall and downing soda, Rick put his apparently empty can down on the floor by his feet and turned his body slightly so he was facing me as much as he could.  I looked in his face and there was a glint in his eye that I hadn't really seen before.  He looked happy, like his mind was no longer playing tricks on him or something and whatever had been preventing that glint from being there before had gone away.  I smiled back at him, before gulping down the last of my soda and putting the can down by my feet as Rick had.  I looked back at Rick, and while he still had that glint in his eye his face had changed to look more serious.  Slowly he raised his right hand, and ran his thumb across my cheek directly under my left eye.  His touch was warm on my face but still the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end as though I was cold.  I knew what was more than likely going to happen that night in that house, in Rick's bedroom.  I had a sense of what was to come, and it was going to be different.  I had no clue about exactly what physical things were going to happen.  But somehow I knew at that moment, almost as though Rick was sending a message to me through his thumb, that the night was going to be something I would never want to forget.

Apparently I had been sending some kind of message to Rick, because without a word being said between us Rick leaned his face down to mine and our lips met, which was exactly what I wanted.  I opened my mouth, letting Rick's tongue in to play with mine.  The taste of Pepsi suddenly over took the lime taste of the Sprite that had been in my mouth, as Rick's tongue danced over then under mine.  I felt Rick's warm breath rush into my mouth before pushing it back into his along with my own breath.  Rick continued rubbing my face, ever so gently, with his thumb as we kissed.  I lifted my right arm and put it around Rick's neck, pulling him closer into me.  I wanted to feel him more, I wanted him to never disengage from the kiss.  Suddenly Rick moved his hand away from my cheek and I moaned into his mouth because I wanted to feel him touching me.  I wanted to feel the heat of his hand on my skin.

I moaned again as Rick pulled his tongue out of my mouth and slowly pulled his face away from mine we stared into each others eyes, for what seemed like an eternity.  It was as though he was looking into my eyes for some type of permission, and I was desperately trying to silently give him that permission.   Still with out a word being spoken, Rick's hands moved to the bottom of my grey t-shirt and slowly eased the front of it up, exposing my stomach.  I moaned yet again, as I felt the warmth of his right hand as it touched the exposed skin of my stomach, just laying there and moving up and down with each breath I took.  Rick gave me another little smile before leaning his face to mine and re-engaging me in a kiss. This time his lips parted and my tongue went into his mouth.  As my tongue danced with his, Rick's hand began to move up from my stomach and under my t-shirt until he had his thumb and index finger around my left nipple, squeezing it ever so slightly.  This caused my body to jerk, as I pressed my chest into his fingers wanting, needing more.  While Rick's right hand played with my nipple, his left hand began to lift my t-shirt further up my torso.  Thinking he was moving too slow I quickly grabbed the bottom of my shirt, broke our kiss and pulled my shirt over my head and off, throwing it back onto the floor.

With my shirt out of the way, Rick once again leaned his face down but instead of kissing me on the lips, his mouth found the side of my neck.  My mouth fell open as I felt Rick's lips dace over the skin of my neck and his hand start to grab at my cock through the stretched material of my blue jeans.  Wanting to feel more of his touch I began thrusting my hips, as my cock was seemingly trying to break through the fabric of my pants.  With my mind somewhat lost in the feelings Rick was giving me, my right hand slowly reached down, and I grabbed the crotch of Rick's pants.  I could feel his cock pressing against the fabric of his pants in the same way mine was.  Suddenly I felt Rick grabbing at my wrist with his free hand and pulling me away from his crotch.  He lifted his face away from my neck and kissed his way up my face until his mouth was over my ear.

"It's all about you right now," he whispered into my ear.  "We'll worry about me later."

With that said Rick stood up, and held his hand out to me.  I took it and he helped me to my feet before leading me down the hall and into his bedroom.  The only light in the room was coming from the hall, as Rick didn't bother to close the door.  As we stood at the foot of the bed Rick grabbed me into a hug and quickly leaned his face towards mine for another kiss.  As our tongues played with one another in my mouth I felt Rick's hands exploring my back.  They started on my shoulders then slowly he traced his way down my spine to my waist.  Slowly Rick broke the kiss, and looked down the length of my torso, right down to the crotch of my pants, where my cock was creating a tent in my jeans.  Slowly he brought his right hand back to my face, and like he had done at the beginning began rubbing my cheek with his thumb.  I looked up into his eyes, and that glint from earlier was still there.

After what seemed like an eternity of staring into each other's eyes Rick moved his right hand away from my face, and ran it over my chest and stomach until he reached the button on my jeans.  There his left hand met his right and together they unbuttoned my pants and opened my fly.  An excited shiver ran up my spine as Rick slowly brought the band of my underpants down over my throbbing cock and hooked it underneath my balls.  I looked down the length of my body and saw my cock pointing straight back up at me, pulsing to the rhythm of my heart beat, and I saw the fingers of Rick's right hand closing around it.  Though it was not the first time Rick had touched me there, it was the first time I allowed myself to take it in visually.  And it was so strange to see another hand, other than my own wrapping itself around my cock.  This only intensified the feeling of Rick's warm hand around my shaft and I instantly wanted more.

The entire time Rick was looking at my face, probably trying to gauge me for something.  As he slowly started to jack me off, I looked up at him and gave him a small smile.  I smiled because what he was doing felt so good.  I smiled because I wanted him to know I liked it.  I smiled, because I was feeling things I never had felt before and I liked it.  These new feelings went far beyond anything physical. I couldn't put my finger on them, but it was as if that funny feeling I had been getting in my stomach when Rick and I first met had exploded and now those feeling were running laps through my veins.  Rick smiled back at me, before he took his hand away from my cock which made my smile disappear.  Still with a small smile on his face, Rick leaned his face towards mine once again and our lips me in yet another kiss.

I was beginning to love the feel of Rick's lips against mine.  I was starting to crave the feel of Rick's tongue dancing with my own.  I wanted to be connected with him, I felt like I wanted to be one with him.  Though at that moment standing at the foot of Rick's bed, my pants open, my cock exposed while Rick ran his tongue around my mouth, I simply did not know how I could be as connected to him as I wanted to be.  Slowly Rick broke the kiss, put his hands on my shoulders and steered me so I would sit on the end of the bed.  He quickly kneeled in front of me and took off my shoes and socks, before grabbing the waistband of my pants and I quickly lifted my butt off the bed to allow Rick to lower my pants and underwear to my ankles and then completely off.

Rick moved between my open legs, and while still on his knees began to slowly jack me off with his right hand.  His mouth slowly went to my right nipple and I felt his lips close around it, and his tongue flicking against the flesh I never had known could be so sensitive until I had met Rick.  My body felt as though it was on fire, and I was desperate for some type of release so I began to thrust my hips up in an attempt to make Rick jack me off faster than he already had been.  This caused Rick to pull his lips away from my nipple and look up into my eyes, with a smile.

"Slow down," Rick said in a husky voice and I reluctantly stopped the thrusting of my hips.  "Half the fun is in getting there."
"Shh!' Rick said as he brought his lips up to mine and gave me a quick peck of a kiss.  "Tell me when you're going to shoot.  Okay?" he said after he pulled his lips away from mine.
"Okay," I said, breathlessly.

Slowly Rick began to kiss his way down my neck, to my chest the entire time his right hand continued to slowly jack me off.  As his mouth moved down the center of my chest towards my stomach I felt the fingers of his free hand begin to play with my balls, gently pressing them back towards my body.  I let out a loud, frustrated moan as Rick's mouth reached my stomach and he stopped jacking my cock.  Frustration was quickly replaced by a small sense of satisfaction when as I soon felt Rick's lips wrap around the head of my cock and his tongue slowly dancing over the underside.  I again began to buck my hips trying to force more than just the head of my cock into Rick's warm, wet mouth.  But I quickly felt Rick's hands on both of my hips, holding them down to the bed.  Rick slowly began to allow more of my cock into his mouth, his tongue swirling around the entire time and driving me absolutely crazy.  I closed my eyes as I began to feel Rick move his head up and down, eventually taking my cock down to the base.  It felt as though every single nerve in my body was located in my cock as Rick's mouth moved up and down the length of it and all too soon I felt my balls pull up.

"I'm gonna shoot," I warned Rick like he had told me to.

I thought he wanted the warning so he could prepare himself and not gag or cough when I shot my load into his mouth.  But I was wrong.  Instead he pulled his mouth off of my cock and his hands left their resting places on my hips as he stood up.  I stared up at him, in total frustration as I felt what had been an impending orgasm slowly fade away.

"I told you, baby, half the fun is in getting there," Rick said, with a little smirk as he pulled his shirt up and over his head before letting it fall to the ground behind him.  "Don't worry you have all night to cum."

I sat on the end of the bed, stewing in my frustration, as Rick took his pants off and left them on the floor before he sat down next to me.  I looked at him, wondering what he had planned next but he only smiled.  Slowly he brought his hand up to my face and cupped my cheek as he moved his mouth towards mine and before I knew it we were engaged in another tongue duel.  Rick and I hadn't kissed as many times in our previous sexual encounters total as we had that night.  There was something different in the way we kissed too.  Maybe it was because I was surer that I wanted to be kissing Rick.  It could have been that I had given myself permission to enjoy what Rick and I did and this allowed me to actually notice how it felt when we were making out.

As Rick and I continued to kiss, our tongues dancing with one another in my mouth, I suddenly felt like I wanted to be even closer to Rick.  I wanted to feel his naked body against mine.  So without saying a word or for that matter ever breaking our kiss I moved so I was standing on my knees straddling Rick's legs.  Seemingly sensing what I wanted Rick laid back down on the bed and I followed our lips never parting.  I lay on top of him my pulsing cock pushing against his, as our kiss became even more passionate.  I felt Rick's hands once again exploring my back as I lay on top of him.  Soon his hands were cupping the cheeks of my ass, his fingers kneading the flesh there as I groaned into his mouth.  Rick's right index finger soon found its way into the crack of my ass and started to tap on my hole.  When his finger found my hole, Rick groaned back into my mouth and thrust his hips causing his cock to rub against mine, the friction that caused made my head spin.

Sensing it was what Rick wanted I pulled my face away from his.  He quickly brought his left hand up to my face and put his index finger on my bottom lip.  I opened my mouth slowly, and Rick gently pushed the finger into my mouth.  I closed my lips around his finger as though it were his cock, and began running my tongue all around it.

"Damn, Justin," Rick groaned, as he left his finger in my mouth.  As the words came out of his mouth I felt his right hand squeeze my ass a little tighter but not to the point where it was painful.  "I could stay like this all day," he said as he slowly withdrew his finger from my mouth.

Rick's left hand disappeared as I once again lowered my mouth to his.  I wanted to feel his lips on mine again, I wanted to play with his tongue and at that moment those were the only two things I cared about.  As we kissed I noticed a wet feeling in the crack of my ass, and I groaned as I felt the pressure of Rick's finger pressing against my hole, but I never broke the kiss.  At that moment, the only way I knew to be close to Rick, to have him inside of me was to have his tongue in my mouth.  I wanted something more, but I was too naive at that particular moment to know how we could possibly get closer.  Though, I was about to find out.  Soon the pressure of Rick's finger on my hole started to grow and grow, until the pressure changed into a stretching kind of feeling which caused me to break our kiss.

"Does that hurt?" Rick asked, his voice huskier than I had ever heard it.
"A little," I said.  "It feels more weird than hurts."
"Do you want me to stop?" Rick asked.
"No," I said quickly.

I didn't know what he was trying to do.  I was naive when it came to the way two guys could have sex.  That isn't part of the video they show you in sex ed. in school.  But I trusted Rick, and everything he had shown me up until that point had felt so good, I was willing to follow him down any road he wanted to take me on.  Rick had put his finger around my asshole before, but he had never actually tried to put it in and the feeling took some getting used to.  With his left index finger still probing my hole, Rick brought his right hand up to my face and cupped my cheek in it.  My face hovered above his as I was trying to get used to the feeling of his finger inside of me.

Without saying a word Rick rolled over, his finger slipping out of me as my back met the mattress and Rick laid on top of me our faces still mere inches from each other.  I grunted a little as Rick's finger fell out of me, while it wasn't exactly comfortable having part of him inside of me like that was exactly what I wanted.  Rick lowered his lips to mine but only for a second before he started kissing his way down my body.  I felt his lips work their way down the front of my neck.  He stopped to gently nibble on the skin where my neck and right shoulder met, causing me moan a little.  Slowly he continued down the top of my chest, to my right nipple.  His tongue flickered out for a second and took a quick swipe of my stiff nipple before he closed his lips around it and gently sucked on it.  I pressed my chest into Rick's face more, wanting him to devour me, it felt so good.  But then he started to kiss his way back to the center of my chest, before starting down over my stomach.  He stopped when he reached my belly button, where his tongue came out again and began to poke into it.  I couldn't help but laugh a little at the tickling sensation that caused and I could actually feel Rick's lips spread into a smile of his own as he kissed his way down from my belly button and towards my cock.

When Rick reached my pelvis, he stopped the trail of kisses and looked up towards my face.  I propped myself up on my elbows and looked down at him, wondering why he had stopped kissing me like he had been.  Rick looked into my eyes as he grabbed my cock in his right hand.  I wanted him to start jacking me off, but instead he just held it in his hand as he lowered his face.  When I felt his lips pressing against my balls I let out another loud moan.  I felt his tongue snake out yet again and begin to lick all over my sack, which lay loosely in between my spread legs.  All too quickly, Rick backed away and stood up at the foot of the bed.

"Roll over," he told me softly as he walked over to the night stand on the left side of the bed.

I rolled over onto my stomach, and turned my head to watch Rick as he dug through his night stand drawer before finally pulling out a small tube.  Rick lay down on the bed next to me, his face only inches away from mine as his hand began to rub up and down my back.  He gently kissed my forehead, before moving down my face, kissing my cheek and the side of my chin that wasn't buried into the mattress before planting a harder kiss on my shoulder.  I felt him shifting positions on the bed as he got up on his knees and straddled my legs before leaning his face down and kissing his way down my back, following my spine all the way down to the top of my butt.  Rick's hands went to my cheeks as he continued to kiss and lick around the very top of my crack.  I felt his hands spreading my cheeks apart and soon I could feel his hot breath on my hole.  I lay there my face pointed towards the wall, as Rick began to lick around my asshole.  I still didn't understand why anyone would want to do something like that, but I had to admit it felt pretty good so I let Rick do what he wanted without any questions.

After a long time of Rick licking and kissing my asshole I felt something different down there and quickly propped myself up on my elbows and turned my head to see what was happening.  I saw the tube Rick had pulled out of the nightstand drawer laying open by my waist on the bed.  Rick was spreading my butt cheeks with his left hand while his right index finger was poking around my hole.

"Relax, Justin," he said, as he looked up into my face.  "I promise, you're going to like this," he added in a soothing tone.
"Okay," I said softly as I gave my complete trust over to Rick.

I lay on the bed totally open and vulnerable to whatever Rick had in mind, and I had to trust him when he said that I was going to like what he was about to do.  My eyes closed tightly as I once again felt Rick's finger probing its way into my hole.  It felt cold and wet and I felt it stretching me a little but it didn't hurt as much because of the lube Rick had put on his finger.  I don't know how far Rick had gotten his finger into me by the time he stopped pushing into my hole, but he left it motionless inside of me, allowing me to get used to the new feeling.

"So tight," I heard Rick say with a groan as he leaned his face down to the small of my back and planted gentle kisses all over where my back met my butt.  "Dam," he added, the sound muffled by his lips being pressed against my back as he began to fuck me with his finger.
"Uhh," was all I could let out, at the feeling of his finger probing inside of me.
"How does that feel?" Rick asked, as he raised his face from my back.
"Kind of good," I admitted.
"Good," Rick said.  "I'm going to put another in baby."

I didn't really like being called baby, but at that moment I wasn't going to argue.  I quickly felt another wet finger being pressed against my asshole as the initial finger continued its journey in and out of me.  Rick and I moaned in unison as the top his second finger slipped inside of me.  The stretching feeling was stronger than it had ever been and it did hurt some, but for whatever reason I was ignoring the pain.  I was starting to get an idea of what Rick might have been planning to do, and I wanted him to do it.  I wanted to feel him inside of me.

The fingering must have gone on for almost an hour, or at least that's what it felt like.  After a while with two fingers inside of me, Rick added a third and gently fucked me with the three fingers for quite a while.  It was after I had three fingers inside of me for awhile that my cock which, had deflated from the stretching feeling, started to come to life again.  I can't say that I initially liked what Rick was doing with his fingers when I had only one or two in me.  But I didn't say anything and just gave myself time to get used to it.  And by the time Rick added the third finger it was starting to feel just a tiny bit good.  Suddenly I felt Rick lean his face down towards mine, his fingers still stroking me inside.  I felt his tongue licking around my ear, I felt his hot breath flowing over the left side of my face as the pace of his stroking increased.  I groaned yet again as he seemed to find a trigger inside of me with his fingers.  Any pain that I had been feeling up until that point had all but gone away and suddenly my whole body seemed to come back to life and I was on fire as I began to thrust back onto Rick's fingers.

Just as I was starting to feel my balls draw up, Rick pulled his fingers out of me and took his face away from mine.  He stood on his knees, straddling my body as he grabbed my shoulder and had me roll over onto my back.  As I looked up at him straddling my chest the first thing I saw was his cock, hard and pulsing pre-cum dripping from his piss slit as he stroked his shaft slowly.  I looked further up his body and saw his face smiling back at me.  I felt the mattress move underneath me as Rick shifted forward, putting his left hand on the wall behind the bed as he lowered his cock to my lips.  I opened my mouth and let his cock inside.  Slowly Rick eased just the head of his cock into my mouth and my tongue welcomed him as I swirled it all over the spongy head.  Rick groaned a little as I licked at the pre-cum leaking out of his cock.  The taste was salty, and I liked it, I wanted more.  Rick slowly eased more of his cock into my mouth, until the head was pushing at the top of my throat and I gagged.  He pulled back then, and let me take as much as I thought I could handle.  

I was expecting Rick to cum in my mouth, but instead he pulled out and scooted down my body and off the bed.  He grabbed the tube that was still laying beside me on the bed and put a big glob of the stuff on his fingers before he rubbed it on his cock.  Rick got another glob of lube out from the tube before lifting my right leg up into the air with his clean hand.  Two of his lubed fingers found my hole and quickly dove inside making me moan.  It was at that moment that I realized just what Rick was going to do.  I have to admit I was a little nervous at first.  And as Rick lifted my feet onto his shoulders I felt my body tense.  I wanted Rick inside of me, but I wasn't sure if I could handle that much of Rick inside of me.

Looking back now I realize that Rick in all reality was average sized, but at the time with him kneeling between my splayed legs his cock loomed large.  As Rick scooted closer to me we made eye contact.  That glint in his eye that had been there at the beginning was even stronger.

"Just relax," he whispered as I felt the head of his cock rub against my hole.  "Relax," he said again as he started to slowly press.

I grit my teeth and my eyes clamped shut as the head of Rick's cock stretched me open again.  I felt Rick gently rubbing my right leg with one hand as he pressed a little further into me.  Sweat was starting to run down my forehead as Rick eased more and more of his cock into me.  And just when I thought I couldn't take anymore I felt the tickle of Rick's pubes rubbing against my balls.  I slowly opened my eyes and realized the my knees were nearly to my ears as Rick had leaned forward, his face hovering just above mine.

"Are you okay?" he asked gently.
"I think so," I said, hesitantly.  "It feels really full."
"I know," Rick said.  "It'll take some getting used to, but I promise you this is going to make you feel really good."

With that said Rick dropped his face to mine and began to kiss me, as his cock stayed motionless inside of my ass.  The fire I had been feeling before slowly returned as Rick's tongue wrestled with mine in my mouth.  After a few minutes I felt Rick's cock begin to pull out just slightly as we continued to kiss.  Something inside of me didn't want him to pull out, even though it felt weird and still borderline hurt I never felt closer to anyone than I did Rick at that moment, and I didn't want the feeling to end.  Just when I thought Rick was going to pull all the way out, he slowly started pushing his cock back in.  The pain I had been expecting when I first felt him pushing further back in, never came instead it started to feel good and I couldn't help but moan into Rick's mouth.  Rick broke our kiss as he started a steady humping motion.

"I think it's starting to feel good he said for you too," he said, as reached down with one hand and grabbed my semi-hard cock.  "Is it?'
"Yeah," I panted.

Rick smiled at me as he slowly started to increase his rhythm.  My mind went blank as Rick's cock began to piston in and out of me.  It felt as though every nerve in my body was concentrated from the tip of my cock to deep inside my ass.  I gripped onto Rick's arms which were on either side of me as I felt my cock fully harden and new feelings, I had never felt before swept over my body.  I felt a warmth inside of me, one that told me I was feeling more for Rick than I ever thought possible.  Maybe sensing something Rick began to pick up his pace even more and soon the room was filled with the sounds of his pelvis hitting the flesh of my ass.  

"I'm going to cum, baby," Rick said, suddenly as he threw his head back before letting out a loud groan.

It felt as though Rick's cock expanded in my ass then not two seconds later I felt the rush of his wet cum filling my bowels.  I groaned at the new sensation which for some reason I couldn't explain made me feel the need for my own release, and I quickly felt for my cock in between Rick's body and my own and began to jack myself off.  However, Rick quickly stopped me by grabbing my arm.  After taking a minute to recover form his orgasm Rick quickly pulled out , letting my legs fall back to the bed before leaning over my crotch and taking my cock into his mouth.  I felt his tongue swirling over the head, his lips rubbing up and down the shaft, his fingers playing with my balls and all too soon I was feeling the most intense orgasm I ever had overtaking my body.

I fell asleep a few minutes later in a spooning position as Rick wrapped his arms around me from behind.  I fell asleep too quickly for any words to be exchanged between Rick and me.  But it didn't seem like we needed to say anything.  No words could have topped what we had just shared in that room.  That night Rick changed, in my mind, from the guy who took my virginity, to the guy I loved.  And I could sense, even though he hadn't said it that he loved me also.

To Be Continued...

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