Wee Scottish Laddie

****Here is a short gay diaper love story for you to enjoy. If you do not enjoy diaper usage, then this may not be the story for you. It is a loving tale between a man and boys, so if you enjoy that as well, then read on. If you enjoy the story and wish to let me know, you can reach me at erich5748 at ymail.com, but, please remember, I write for myself and share with others who may enjoy, so do not flame me, it is pointless. Now, being that this story is about a wee Scottish laddie, I have attempted to write in the Scottish language in many areas. Even though I have some Scotsman in my blood, it is generations old, and my only real experience with the language is hearing it occasionally in person and in movies, so, as such, I did my best with the speaking parts. This is the main reason the story is so short, I had to essentially write it the way I speak, then try and translate it as best I could. I understand that there will be some goofs, since there are differences in the language in different areas. Sorry if this offends you, just remember, I am not Scottish and had to rely on websites to guide me. In fact, here are the main two that I used, so that those who do not understand the language can figure out what I am saying. Most of the words are easily figured out, some, however, are not. wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Scots-English-Scots_dictionar, wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:RRSSC_Common_wordleet_(English_ti_Scots). Please enjoy.****

Steven was just laying in bed, having just waken up to the feeling of his nine year old son tickling his chest, laying his mop of soft brown hair on his shoulder. He loved to wake up like this, it was so very loving and relaxing. His son, Payton, is a very loving little boy, always cuddling his daddy, doing things for him to make him happy, and always trying his best to be a good boy. Of course, he is a young boy, and sometimes trouble just pops up out of nowhere. They both have an amazing life together, and they love each other a great deal.

“Mmm, good morning Baby, that feels nice.”

“Guid morning Faither, A'm glad, A love ye.”

“And I love you too, my beautiful baby boy, my wee Scottish laddie.”

He giggled, he loved being called his daddies baby and or wee Scottish laddie, and definitely both at the same time.


“How's your diaper this morning”

“Ma nappy's droukit Faither, how's yers?”

“Soaked as well.”

“Lik faither, lik son.” He grinned.

“Yes baby.”

“Faither, how come ye daen't hiv sex wi me?” Payton asked curiously, leaning up on one elbow and looking down on his dad.

“Well now Baby, there's a number of reasons for that. First; you're my son, it wouldn't be right, second; you're only nine, I'm thirty, so it wouldn't be right, third; I didn't know you wanted it, even though I've known you were gay for almost two years, and suspected it since you were three. Why would you even wanna have sex with me, I know you enjoy having fun with your friends, especially Myles?”

“A wondered if'n ye knew about ma friends and A.”

“Yeah, well, you don't know how to keep quiet in the throes of your little baby boygasms, and you and Myles are both little squealers.” He laughed.

“Aye, A dae try and keep it quiet, but it's sae hard whiles A's cummin.”

“Yes, I'll just bet it is.” Steven said, patting the front of Payton's diaper.

“I wisna talkin' aboot thon.” He giggled.

“Yeah, but I bet it was anyway.”

“Aye, it usually is, but sometimes Myles, or someone, maks it gae soft.”

“That's good.”

“Anyway, A know ye ain't ma faither truly, and A know ye dinna care aboot age none, I've seen ye fooking me babysitter afore, and he's only fourteen.”

“Now how could you've seen that, we always keep the door closed?”

“I's a sleekit wee scamp o course.”

“I'll say. And how do you know I'm not truly your father?”

“That's easy. We dinna hiv the same sair name, we dinna leuk the same, and ye are in the photo albums wi thine parents. I leuk lik thaim, sae A know ye nae ma faither. It's okay though, A've known fer years. What happened ti thaim?”

“I wondered if you were smart enough to know. I was gonna tell you when you turned ten. Now's as good a time as any though I suppose. Lay back and I'll tell you all about it.”

Payton laid back down with his head on Steven's shoulder and continued tickling his daddies chest, and Steven started the tale.

“You were just a baby when your mother took off, we've never seen her again, we don't know what happened to her, I think you were six months old at the time. Your father was crushed, she was the only woman he had ever loved. It took a long time for him to get over that, but then, just before you turned two, he got sick, very sick, and the doctors told him that he didn't have much time left in the world. He called me, and I moved here to help him out, and being your godfather, it was to be my responsibility to look after you and raise you as my own. He died of cancer in the brain, by the way, in case you wanted to know that.”

“Anyway, he and I grew up together, his parents had moved from Scotland when he was just a wee Scottish laddie like yourself, we met when he was seven and I was eight. They moved next door to us. I loved to just listen to him speak, I loved his accent, and I fell in love with him too. We did mess around some, especially when we were a bit older, he was ten and I was eleven, but he'd never let me make love to him, though he did enjoy making love to me. He did let me once though, to try it out, but he didn't enjoy it very much, even though he did admit it felt good. No, sadly he was straight, but I admitted to him when I was eleven that I knew I must be gay, girls did nothing for me, and he said it was alright with him.”

“His parents died just as we were finishing high school, which for both of us was early, since we were both exceptionally bright, and that was a big blow to him. We had talked about moving back to Scotland together for a couple years, and after the funeral was over, and we were good to go, we did leave, we moved here, got a place together, started working a bit to help with the money, though neither of us really needed much, and we were happy. Well, I sorta was, he didn't really wanna have sex too much any more by then, he was into finding the wee Scottish lassies, and he, like me, liked them young. Your mother was only sixteen when she became pregnant, for instance, but he was only eighteen mind you.”

“I was starting to feel like the third wheel, especially once she moved in, but that wasn't to last long. I got word only a month after you were conceived that my father was ill, my mom had died when I was young, and I was the only one to look after him. I went back home to Canada and took care of my father, but just over a year later, he too died. I flew back here to visit and meet you finally, but it wasn't where I felt I belonged, so I went back home. I knew I couldn't have the one I wanted, and I'd still never had sex with anyone else, so I felt that I should try and find the boy of my dreams, since your dad had the girl of his. Yeah, that dream collapsed only a couple months after that. I came back here and consoled your dad for a bit, but I had a boyfriend back home, finally, so I flew back home and stayed there 'til I got the call.”

“By the time I made it here, your dad was already very ill, he looked like shit, to tell you the truth, and I gave him crap for not going to see the doctors sooner, but he was always so stubborn about that, he hated going, and in the end, it was that that'd killed him, because, even the doctors told him, that had he come in when the pain first started almost a year before, they could've operated and removed the tumor before it got too large and had become inoperable. That's the reason why I make you go to the doctor, even though you don't like them either. I looked after your dad, I was holding his hand when he passed, he smiled one final time at us and told me that he had always loved me, and that he always would. I tried to tell him the same, but before I could even say it, it was too late. I closed his eyes, kissed his forehead, and called the authorities. He died at home, he didn't wanna die in the hospital, it was the way it should be. I cried for days, but I had you to look after. You'd just turned two, I was holding you when it happened, and you kissed his forehead as well and told him you loved him. We'd tried to tell you as best we could, in a way you'd understand, what was happening, but you were so young. Eventually you forgot about your dad, I was your dad, you even called me that almost right away.”

“I knew that eventually I'd have to go over it all with you, tell you who your daddy truly was, make you appreciate who he truly was, I told myself I'd do so when you were ten, unless you asked first. I knew you were smart enough to question it years ago, and I actually wondered if you knew when you were six.” Steven said, tears in his eyes from the tale.

“A'm glad that A wis there when he passed, but I did guess that ye weren't ma faither when A wis seven.”

“So, why do you wanna have sex with me then, you have your friends?”

“A'cause A love ye, mair than A dae ma friends, and A wanna feel ye inside me.”

“But you know how much it'll hurt, right?”

“Naw, it won't, Myles and A've been practicing, lots.”

“Yeah, I've heard that much from you two. You two are definitely best friends. You practice at least three times a week. The problem, though, is that you boys are young, you can't possibly have opened your little baby bums enough to take an adult.”

“Aye, if'n we'd only used oor cocks, that'd be true eneuch, but we haven't.”

“Oh, and what all have you used then?”

“Juist oor fingers.”

“Oh, and how many can you boys take now?”

“All o thaim.” Payton grinned.

“Oh really, so you boys like to fist each other then?”

“Aye, it feels sae guid, especially when we souk each ither at the same time.”

“That's pretty advanced for nine year olds. Where'd you even learn all this?”

“Som frae watching ye, som frae ma hiving sex wi ma babysitter as weel, som frae having sex wi a couple older brothers o friends, but maist frae the internet.”

“Ah, so you have been having fun with Cory then?”

“Aye, lots o fun. Myles loves ta come ower on the nichts ye hiv ta gae oot, Cory juist loves him.”

“I'll bet he does. What about the parental blocks I have on the computer to protect you from seeing things you shouldn't?”

“Useless. A gat past thaim mair than twa years ago.” He grinned cheekily.

“Good grief, you're a better programmer than I am then.”

“Aye, but it's not lik ye tried ti keep me oot, the password wis wey tae easy.”

“No, I knew you'd wanna look anyway, I had to at least make it look like I was trying.” He grinned, because he had known just what Payton was wanting by the time he was seven, at the latest. He had already started playing with Myles when they were six.

“That's what A thocht. Faither, are ye a nappy lover?”

“Yes Baby, I am. How about you?”

“Aye, A thocht sae. Ye wear yer nappies during the day tae, lots, daen't ye?”

“Aye, that I do Baby, but you do as often as you think you can get away with it.”

“Aye, A dae. Can A wear all day every day?”

“I do, so there's no reason you can't, but what about school?”

“A dinna care a bit aboot what thae idiots at schuil think aboot me anyway, only ma friends matter, and thay all love nappies tae. A nappy thaim aamaist as soon as we git here maist days, and thay nappy me. Usually we play during that tae.” He grinned.

“Yeah, I already knew about that, you boys don't really try and hide it anyway.”

“Naw, why wad we, we all knew ye loved thaim tae.”

“I thought you knew I was a diaper lover years ago. So, when did you know?”

“A guessed it when A wis six, that's when A started wearing thaim mair.”

“That's when I thought you'd figured it out. You always needed diapers for bed anyway, and you thought I did too, but in reality, I only told you I was a bed wetter as well. I knew you liked them though, and that's the reason I always kept good proper tape on baby diapers here for you, and diapered you up every night nice and thickly right after dinner. You still don't like to wear jammies over your diapers when I get you ready for bed, and that's the way I like it.”

“Aye, that's the wey A lik it tae. Why dae ye wear a robe ower yer nappies, ye know A knew ye wore thaim anyway?”

“Because I didn't wanna influence your decisions too much, and besides, I know how you've been looking at me, I wanted to curb that at least a little. You only think you were surreptitious in your looks at me, but I've known you were gonna ask me to make love to you for more than a year. I'm surprised it took you so long actually.”

“Only acause A knew A'd hiv ti tak Myles' whole haund first ti tak yer big cock in ma bum.”

“Ah, I see, but no, I don't wanna make love to you. I love you a great deal, you are my son, whether you were born of my seed or not makes no difference at all, it doesn't change anything about our relationship.”

“Aye, A knew you war gaein ti say that tae. Cuid we souk each ither at lest?”

“No, we shouldn't do that either, it wouldn't be right.”

“Fook that it wadna be richt, who the fook cares, ye already fook me babysitter, and Cory's only fourteen. That's nae muckle aulder than me.”

“Please watch your mouth Baby. I know you boys all swear amongst each other, and that's fine, but you shouldn't do so around adults.”

“Why, A want ye ti fook me, and A lik ti moan and swear when A git fooked.”

“Yes, I know you do, like I said before, you're a right little moaner. I understand that I already have sex with Cory, but understand this, the simple fact is he's too young, but he's a far cry closer to the proper age than you are, and it wasn't really my choice.”


“You heard me, I didn't choose that, he lied to me, said he was sixteen, even had good ID, and the fact is, he does sorta look older than he is, but he still looks pretty young too. I'd honestly thought he was late fourteen, early fifteen, but he swore to me he was sixteen and showed me ID. As it turns out though, he was actually almost fourteen when we first started having sex, that was almost exactly a year ago now, and the only reason I know, is because he accidentally slipped and said to fuck his hot fourteen year old gay baby boy pussy one night. I actually pulled out then and stopped right then and there. Well, to say there were a lot of tears that night would be an understatement. It was almost two weeks after that that I finally made love to him again, but that really hurt us for a while. I made him tell me everything, every truth he'd hidden before that, and told him that 'til I knew the real him I wasn't gonna ever have sex with him again. I still shouldn't now, but we'd already had sex before that, so what difference did it make, if anyone found out, no matter what, I'd be going to jail now, even though he started it and lied to me.”

“Aye, A knew he wis only thirteen when he started sitting for me, how'd ye not know that?”

“Because he told me he was older than that, plain and simple. You knew him a little longer than I did remember, so you clearly knew more about him than I did.”

“Aye, that A did, and the reason A wanted him ti sit fer me, wis 'cause A knew he wis a gay nappy wearer, A wanted ti be fooked by him e'en mair, which wis why A told ye aboot him.”

“I admit I wondered about the reason you approached me with him to babysit you.” He laughed.

“Sae, are ye gonna fook me or what?”


“Souk me?”


“At lest nappy me nice and thick all day lik you dae, and maybe rub me a bit during nappy changes?”

“I'll diaper you, but I won't give you a baby boygasm. For that, you have friends your own age that you can play with, I am now, and will forever be your father, and I don't feel that a father should do that to his son. Whether you were born of me or not, makes no difference, it changes nothing, you're still my baby boy.” He said while hugging Payton gently.

“Ye know A'll git ye richt?”

“You know I'll continue to push you away, right?”

“Aye, but eventually ye'll cave, than ye'll fook me lik niver afore. By the wey, A e'en want a hot gay baby boy orgy, ye and me, Cory, Myles, and all ma friends. Thay'd all love ti git fooked by ye tae, Myles especially.”

“Absolutely not.”

“We'll see, nou chynge my sodden nappy please?”

“No, we won't see.”

Steven got out of bed and retrieved the diapers and supplies that they would be needing, he wanted Payton to diaper him too, even though he knew exactly what Payton would do once he was exposed. Payton grinned brightly when he saw the two fresh diapers, hoping that his loving daddy would allow him to change his diaper as well. He did turn to diaper change position though, and presented himself for his fresh diaper.

It was nothing new for Steven to change Payton, and he fully expected Payton to be hard as a rock, yet again, he usually was, and he was used to that. He pulled the tapes on Payton's diaper and pulled it down, and exposed an exceptionally hard young boys penis. Payton is about seven centimeters long, maybe just slightly better, nice and straight with a taut foreskin that was never removed, and his bright purple head was just peeking out, showing just how horny the young boy was. He is fairly thick for his age at probably one and a half centimeters across, and his width is steady from base to tip, no real taper, until the very end. When he is soft, which Steven only rarely sees, his foreskin is long and dangles well past the end. His little balls are nice and tight and small, very cute looking actually, and when he starts to grow, he appears to promise a healthy sized sack..

“Should I flick it to make it go down?” Steven asked, he had done so hundreds of times before.

“Nae, A'd muckle rather ye souk it.” He grinned.

“Aye, A knew that, ye cheeky wee Scottish Laddie ye, but it ain't goonna happen.” Steven said, giving Payton his worst Scottish accent.

“Yer mean, and ye really shouldna try ti talk Scottish, ye can't dae it.”

“I know, but it makes you laugh every time.”

“Yeah, A'm surprised ye still hiv sae muckle Canadian accent, e'en though ye've bade here sae lang.”

“Yes, but I lived there longer, and learned how to speak there. You have more Canadian accent than most kids, because you listen to me every day, and I taught you how to speak, for the most part.”

“Aye, which wis anither reason A wis sure ye weren't me faither.”

As they were talking, Steven had already cleaned Payton up, and was working on putting some diaper rash cream on Payton.

“Come on, rub juist a wee bit moore.”

“No, there you go, now let's pull this nice thick thirsty baby diaper up and get you taped up.”

Payton groaned, but Steven just pretended to ignore him, pulled up and taped closed the diaper, and declared Payton ready.

“There you go Baby, all done. Now, I'm gonna let you change my diaper, but only on one condition. You are to behave, you are not to try and make me cum, you are not to try and suck me or anything else sexual. If you cannot do so, you will not be allowed. If you do so during the change, I will finish it off myself and make you leave the room and I will never allow you to change my diaper again. Can you make that promise?”

“Aye, A can, but A'm not happy wi it.” He pouted. It was rather cute.

“Awe, poor baby.” Steven teased.

“Ye know A only wanna dae it ti mak ye happy, richt?”

“Yes, I know that, but what you don't seem to understand, is that I don't need sex with my son to be happy. Just cuddling you, giving you your diapers, hugging you, kissing you, spending time with you, it's all I ever need, all I've ever needed. Just you, and you alone, makes me happy. No sex, no nothing, just you as you are, plain and simple.”

“But A cuid mak ye sae muckle happier.”

“No, you couldn't. Nothing could make me happier than just spending time with my baby, and getting to do so diapered and free, that's even better, but that's the only way.”

“Fine, A'll dae it, but if'n yer hard, I daen't know if'n A'll be able ti stap maself.”

“Good thing I'm not hard then.” Steven grinned.

“Daen't know how ye can be soft, feels lik A've gat a fookin rock in ma nappy.”

Steven could say nothing to this but laugh.

He laid himself on the bed in diaper change position though, and for the first time ever, allowed Payton to change his diaper. He had never been shy about showing his nudity to Payton, they had even been to nudist beaches on holidays and whatnot, and they also saw each other naked in the bathroom, but, he never allowed Payton to see him hard, because he already suspected what Payton wanted years ago. Payton did an amazing job though, he was gentle as a breeze, soft as a kitten, and he knew how to get a diaper absolutely perfect.

“Thanks Baby, if you can do it like that every time, I'll allow you to change me all the time as well. You're very gentle and get the diapers on perfectly. So few people diaper me, and I really do prefer it, but if you go back on your word, I'll change myself.”

“Aye, everyone loves it when A nappy thaim, thay say A dae it sae nicely. It didna mak me any softer though, A tell ye.”

“No, I'm sure it didn't.” Steven laughed.

“What're we doin' today faither?”

“Nothing much. We have to go shopping this morning to get our groceries and supplies, and you get to come with me to pick out your school diapers, if you still wish to wear them there, that is, and then we're back home for the rest of the day.”

“Aye, A definitely wanna wear me nappies iverie day, especially at schuil, hit'll certainly help ma ti concentrate better an no hiv ti worry aboot gaein ti the toolet aa the time.”

“That's what I thought you'd say, but that also means that we'll have to stop and get you some new school uniform pants and shorts. I was gonna buy you diaper shirts anyway, but your pants and shorts were already getting too small on you. How's your kilt anyway, you haven't needed to wear it in a while, you've had it a few years already, so it's probably getting due for replacement?”

“Aye, that's a guid idea, and A'd love som baby nappy shirts. Ma kilt be gittin a wee beet smaa, but hit'll be fine for anither year at lest.”

“I thought you'd love some diaper shirts. If we're already at the uniform store, we may as well get you a new kilt at the same time. They already have your fabric made, and it'll take her a week or so to get it ready for us anyway, so we'll just get it at the same time. I admit you're gonna look real cute in your kilt with a diaper underneath. Granted, you're really cute in your kilt already. Man, I remember the first time I saw your father in his kilt, I nearly had a heart attack, he was already amazingly hot, and I just loved listening to him, but it was him in his kilt that really got me.”

“You leuk guid in yer kilt tae, A bet ye'd leuk better wi a nappy underneath tae.”

“It's about the only way you've ever seen me wear a kilt, only I never let you see that I was wearing a diaper.”

“Aye, A thocht A'd seen a nappy unner yer kilt afore, but ye niver flipped yer kilt ti me afore.” He laughed.

“Well, typically one only flips their kilt to someone they're interested in.”

“Aye, or ta shock somwan.” Payton giggled again.

“Aye, and ye've doon that enoof tams.” Steven said, trying not to laugh.

“Aye, I love ta shock the laddies.”

“Or reel them in.”

“Aye, definitely reel thaim in.”

“I bet. Well, come on Baby, let's go get some breakfast, then we'll go out?”

“Can we gae oot fer breakfast this morning, A'd love ti gae ti the loch side inn and hiv breakfast there again?”

“I suppose that we could do that, they do serve a mean breakfast there.”


Payton hopped up and headed to his room to grab his clothes, while Steven hopped up and grabbed his clothes and started to get dressed. A few seconds later, Payton was back with all his clothes I his arms, he had not gotten dressed. He asked his loving father to dress him, so Steven stopped dressing himself and did so. Payton had chosen a nice pair of jeans that had been bought only a few weeks ago, and had been bought a little big, so that he could grow into them, so they would hide his nice thick diaper well, and he had a long sleeved button down shirt that had been bought at the same time as the jeans, because they looked so sharp together, and, more importantly, on Payton. He had socks as well, which was the firs thing that Steven put onto Payton. He was dressed and looking very good only a few minutes later. Payton was told to go and get his hair and teeth brushed, but he wanted to dress Steven as well, so he did so. They then went and did their hair and teeth together.

Once they were both ready, they headed out. Because they were only a few blocks from the inn that they were going to go to, they walked there. They lived just on the hill overlooking the loch in a small village not far from Loch Ness, granted, not far was still a good hundred kilometers away. They walked the one and a half kilometers to the inn, said good morning to everyone there, and took a seat. Because their village was so small, everyone knew everyone, and they were all friendly with and to each other, which was certainly very nice. Even most everyone knew that Steven was gay, and there it was not a big deal. Sadly there were not many other gay people around, but there were a few, and Steven had probably met them all.

The owner herself came out and greeted them and asked them what they wanted to drink, even though she already knew the answer anyway, Earl Grey Tea, and they told her the usual, so she went and got that for them, and then came back a few minutes later with their tea and all the fixins for it. They placed their orders, because, once again, they had the same thing almost every time they came, so it was easy, they did not even look at the menu, granted, they had one menu there, and it was usually pretty covered with dust, since no one ever used it.

They sat back and chatted with everyone around them, (this inn only had one large table, so everyone sat together,) and sipped their tea, pretty much the same as everyone else was doing. Some had already eaten, some were eating as they talked, and others, like Steven and Payton, were waiting for their food, but they knew it would take a while. Everything was cooked fresh, so fast it most certainly was not. The funny thing was, of the thirteen people there, only one was drinking a coffee, the rest were all drinking tea, though there were a few different kinds. A little while later, they had their meal and ate it happily, as they always did, talking and laughing with everyone there as they usually did. It was loud and boisterous, very happy, and even though both Steven and Payton had finished their breakfast well before they left, it was customary to stay and gossip and laugh for a while, and sometimes, someone only left if someone else came in to replace them, because the table could only hold sixteen.

Finally they said their goodbyes, saying that they had to head into the city to get some shopping and supplies. Everyone understood that, because they only had a small market, so to do any real shopping, one had to head to the nearest city, which was a little more than an our away, and also happened to be Inverness, the largest city in all of Highland Scotland. The two of them loved to go there, because it was beautiful, to say the least, but they could get everything that they needed from there. Normally they got their basic groceries from the local market, but every so often, you really had to go to the city to get your major things. Steven always got their diapers in the city, because they did not carry them in town, and he did not care to ask for them to be brought in just for him, and he did not buy them online, he preferred to buy them from the store.

They were talking and laughing more as they drove, and once more, Payton brought up the subject of sex.

“Sae, why won't you fook me anyway?”

“I told you already this morning Baby, I won't fuck you, because you're my son, whether by blood or not makes no difference, and you're far too young for me. I prefer my boys to be able to cum, for the first thing, and second, they have to be legal, and don't talk about Cory either, I know full well he's not, but you know how that all happened.”

“A can cum juist fine.”

“No, you can't. You can have an orgasm, yes, anyone can, but you can't properly cum, I can't get a nice thick creamy boy load from that little cocklett of yours yet, and I love my boy cream. I know you do too.”

“Aye, that A dae, but you cuid juist git yer boy cream frae ithers, you daen't havta souk ma cock ta mak ye fell guid.”

“But I love sucking cock and getting my nice creamy treat.”

“Aye, A dae tae, I dae understand that.”

“Then there's still the matter that you're my son, and that'll never change. Once you're older, possibly you might become sexually attractive to me, but even then, I still won't make love to you, you're my son, and that'd be wrong.”

“A'm no sexually attractive ti ye?” Payton asked in shock, sure that he would be.

“No, haven't you been listening. You're too young, you can't cum, to me that's a turn off, I like my boys old enough to at least cum. Legal would be preferable.”

“Oh. Sae, yer niver goona fook me than?”

“No Baby, I've told you that time and time again.”

“But A really want ye ti.”

“I know, but I don't wanna.”

“What if A juist cam and gat ye hard in yer sleep and rode ye?”

“Then you'd destroy my trust in you, and I don't know if we could fix that. Don't ever do that Baby, no matter what, to do something like that would be to destroy our relationship.” Steven said softly, matter of factly.

“It didna destroy yer relationship wi Cory.”

“No, but it almost did, and it was a long time before I could trust him. He lied to me though, told me he was older than he was, we never talked about it before hand, how much it would damage us for something like that to happen. You, however, do know, I've told you in great detail how I feel about that sort of thing, what it'll do to us, so, for you to do something like that, knowing now what you do, would destroy us. I love you a great deal Baby, have no fears there, but one thing, and one thing only, could possibly destroy that sort of love, and that's complete and total betrayal. Sometimes there's just no going back from that sort of thing. No matter how much you love each other, to betray someone so deeply will cause hurts that just can't be healed.”

“Oh, I understand.” Payton said softly.

“I'm sorry Baby. It's just the way it is, just how I feel. I'm not saying, now or ever, that what you want is wrong, never feel that I think less of you for wanting me, and I'm incredibly flattered that you'd wish to even do such a thing with me, but for me, it'd be ever so wrong.”

“Ye daen't think less o me fer wanting ti hiv sex wi an adult?”

“No, but is it with any adult, or just me?”

“Weel, maistly juist ye, but there's a feow guys A'd love ti fook me lang and hard.”

“You're so young though Baby, you're only nine, why would you even want to have sex with an adult?”

“Bigger cocks.”

“Cory's plenty large enough I'd think for your little bum.”

“Daen't git me wrong, A love having sex wi him, he maks me feel sae guid, but he disn't fill me up as muckle as A wanna be filled up.”

“What about Myles?”

“He's wey smaller than Cory, tiny bit smaller than me even, sae he can't fill me up any better.”

“No, how does he feel about having sex with an adult?”

“Oh, A git it. He wants ti as weel. We talk about it all the time, especially efter we souk and fist fook each ither.”

“How do you imagine that you'd go about doing that though.”

“Weel, we honestly thocht ye'd fook us baith silly. There's a couple ither gays in town though, sae maybe we can try thaim.”

“I'd rather that you boys didn't go and do that though. It's dangerous.”

“Why, we know everyone in town weel eneuch? Nae wan's goona hurt us.”

“It's not just that. Sex like that would be incredibly one sided, he wouldn't love you, and I seriously doubt that any of the guys in town would even do that to you boys, any more than I would.”

“Oh, A daen't know. Henry watches us laddies pretty closely.”

“I'd really rather you stayed well away from Henry. There's something about him that doesn't sit well with me. Of all the people in town, he's the only one I can honestly say I don't care for.”

“What, he always seems sae nice?”

“I don't know what, that's the thing, it's a feeling, just a feeling that there's something not quite right with him. I'm not the only one that thinks it either, he's always watched, to ensure that he doesn't do anything he's not supposed to, but please don't let him know that, and please, stay well away from him.” Steven said, actually sounding worried.

“Oh, okay, we will than. A admit, he maks me feel weird tae sometimes.”

“Trust that feeling, don't let yourself be alone with him, never go in his house, and please, never seek him out.”


“Now, that's enough for now please, I don't wish to talk about this subject any more, I need to think about it.”

“Okay.” Payton said, wondering what Steven could possibly need to think about, he figured that his father had already said all that needed to be said, and he was downcast from it.

Steven though was starting to think that maybe, just maybe he had better cave in to his baser desires, give to his son what he thought he needed, because he sure the hell did not want for Payton to go elsewhere and surely get hurt because of it. He did know well the feelings of needing more. He was not that much older himself when he started getting those same urges and desires, to be with an adult, to get well and truly fucked. He knew what he went through and did to get that, and he did not want for Payton to have to do the same thing, and possibly get hurt from it. He felt though that if he did so with Payton, that Myles would certainly be involved as well, which was not entirely a bad thing, because Steven thought that Myles was incredibly beautiful as well.

The rest of the drive was in near silence, which was rare for the two of them, because they always talked. But they both had a lot to think about as well. Steven was thinking about that, but Payton was also thinking about having sex with an adult. He knew he wanted it, but he had hoped beyond hope that Steven would give it to him, even Myles was certain of that fact, and he definitely wanted it as well. They had talked about it the previous day after having sex, which was why Payton had done what he did that morning.

Now he was not so sure, and was crushed a little too. He thought his father loved him enough to do that, but he had said that he still loved him, a lot in fact, but that they could not share that. It shook him right to the core though to hear that if he pushed Steven too far, that it could destroy their relationship, possibly beyond repair. He did not want that, he loved his daddy very much, and though he had known for some time that they were not truly related, Steven was his father, his daddy, and that was something he simply never wanted to change. He would give lots to have sex with an adult, but never that. If Steven asked him to never do so, for fear of damaging their relationship, he would never do it.

When they arrived to Inverness, their first stop was to the medical supply store that they always went to to get their diapers. Payton had never had an issue with going in with Steven before, and today was no different. This time though, Payton knew that they were going to be getting a lot more for him than was normal. They went and picked out the diapers for both of them, they each got one large box of nice thick night time diapers, and one more of a thinner daytime diaper. Normally Steven only bought his daytime ones when he went into the city by himself, so that Payton did not see, but today it did not matter. They then picked out more cream and lotion, as well as wipes. Payton spotted the plastic pants and asked for a couple pairs of them as well, so Steven told him to grab whatever he wanted, so Payton grabbed four pairs. They then grabbed Payton seven diaper shirts that would fit, and Steven grabbed himself two new ones, since he had a couple that were wearing out. They borrowed the use of a change room, to try on the diaper shirts, and they fit, as well they each changed their own diaper, while standing up, Steven teaching Payton how to do so.

When they finally decided that they had found everything that they needed, and got it all paid for and loaded up, they headed to the next store and went grocery shopping. As usual when doing this, so as to reduce the amount that they had to do so, they bought a huge amount of groceries. They each loaded up a buggy full, then went to pay for it all. With that all taken care of, they were both getting hungry again, so they headed to a small roadside bistro that they had been to a few times and enjoyed. They had a nice meal there, then headed home.

This time they talked almost the entire way home, only this time not about sex. When they got home, they unloaded the car, put everything away, and then stripped down to just their very wet diapers. They were not completely full yet, but they had only about an hour left before they would have to change, so probably right before dinner.

They changed each others diapers before going to make dinner, and even though he was hard, Payton was not as hard as he had been during his morning change, and of course, Steven made certain that he was nowhere near hard. They made and ate dinner, then had a nice evening in. When it was bedtime for Payton, Steven gave him a kiss goodnight after changing his only slightly wet diaper, changing him to his much thicker diaper, and then wished his baby a good sleep. He would change his own diaper before going to bed himself, because he was not ready for either yet, and like he told Payton, there was no point in ruining a perfectly good diaper when not needed.

After Payton went to bed, Steven did some more thinking, wondering if he really should do what he knew that he had to do. He wondered if it was the best course of action, wondered if in the long run it was the best thing for Payton. He was sure that, before too long, Payton would do something that they would both regret. Still he wondered if it was the right choice. He knew that he would be more than capable of it, because, while he told Payton that he had been too young, he was lying through his teeth. He had found Payton more than just a little sexually attractive, and for quite some time at that. Myles as well. Was it what was best for the boys though, would they look back on it with regret when they were older. This is what kept running through his mind. He changed his diaper, went to bed, and kept thinking. It was a good hour later that he finally fell fast asleep.

Chapter 2

Some time throughout the night, Payton joined Steven once again, and when Steven woke the next morning, it was to Payton snuggled into his side, still sleeping himself, though he started to wake now that Steven had stirred.

“Mmm, guid morning Faither.”

“Good morning Baby. I wanna talk to you about something.”

“What would ye lik ti talk ti me about?” Payton asked curiously, sitting up so that he could look at Steven better, who had also sat up.

“I wanna know how serious you were yesterday about finding a man to have sex with?”

“A daen't know Faither, very, but ye asked me not ti, that it'd hurt us, sae I'll try not ti, really A will, but, A juist daen't know.”

“Could you hold off for a few years if you had to, at least grow up some more?”

“Maybe. If'n ye tell me no' ti, A'll try and listen.” He said honestly, but they both knew that eventually the urges would get too strong, and that vow would fail.

“I'm about to do something that I swore I'd never do, but I have to hear you swear on everything that you are that you'll never breath a word of it to anyone, with the exception of Myles, of whom I know you share everything.”

“O course Faither, I'd swear anything for you, you know that. I love nae wan mair than A love ye, A'd dae anything for ye.”

“And I love no one more than you, which is why I've thought about it, and I'll do it, I'll make love to you, if it's what you really and truly want.”

“Ye mean it?”

“Yes, but there's some conditions.”

“A'll dae anything.” Payton said excitedly.

“I know that, but these are some serious conditions. First and foremost, can you honestly say that in five or ten years that you won't regret this and hate me for it?”

“Absolutely no', A'd niver hate ye, A couldn't, and A'll niver regret it.”

“I hope so. Second, can you promise that when you get older that you find someone special to spend the rest of your life with, and not me?”

“Oh Faither, A daen't know about that. A mean, A love Myles tae, and maybe we'll stay thegither, but A hoped ye and A'd sorta be wi each ither forever.”

“That's what I thought you'd say. That can't happen. I'm your father, I'll give you what you need for now, until you meet the boy who gives you everything that you need, but I can't be him. I can't be there for you as your father and your lover, it just can't work.”

“I'll try, but that won't be fer a feow years anyway, richt faither?”

“That's right.”

“Okay, anything else?”

“Yes, we only move as fast and as far as you want to. I won't initiate anything at all, it has to be all about you.”

“Okay, that's easy, A want it aa, A want ye ti mak love ti me, souk me, cum in me, piss in me, and A wanna dae the same for ye tae. Same as ye'd dae fer Cory, A want it. Dis that mean though that ye won't wak me up wi yer cock in me bum? A'd really love that.”

“No, I won't, I'll never start it at all.”

“But, what if A want ye ti.”

“Maybe in a few years, but right now, you're so young, I don't ever wanna hurt you, and if I do something too fast, I will. For the first few times even, we won't make love to each other, we're gonna move slow, but once we do, you'll have to ride me, to ensure you only take as much as you want and as slow as you want.”

“A doubt ye'd hurt me any, yer nowhere naur as big as Myles' haund, and A can tak that easily.”

“I realize that, but the fact is, you're still very small, and I don't wanna hurt you.”

“A understand Faither. Can I invite Myles ower tonicht?”

“No, not tonight Baby, I want it to just be the two of us for today, at the very least.”

“Okay, that sounds nice tae. Can we souk and fanger each ither richt nou?”

“Yes Baby, we can.”

“Oh goody.”

Steven grabbed the lube from his bedside table drawer and set it down, then laid down. Payton was already trying to climb onto Steven before he was even all the way in position. Payton was going to try and get right into the sixty nine position right away, but Steven stopped him and pulled Payton's face to his own, and pressed their lips together. Both had kissed before, plenty, but this time, there was something very special about the kiss that they shared. It was deeper, more tender, more passionate, more everything than they had ever felt before. Payton had loved kissing Cory and Myles, but that paled in comparison by so much it was unbelievable.

They kissed for very nearly ten minutes before Payton had had enough, he was getting close to cumming already, just from the kissing, even though he had not been grinding himself against Steven, which had been hard to do. Every emphasis on hard of course, because Payton felt that he was harder now than he had ever been before, though he was not the only one with that problem, because so was Steven.

Finally their soggy diapers were pressed to each others faces, a place both had dreamed of being many times in the past. Steven had denied that to Payton's face, but how he had kept himself soft during their diaper changes, even he had no idea.

They pushed down the fronts of each others diapers at the same time, staring at what was presented to them, smelling the intoxicating aromas that wafted to their noses, both of them feeling that there could be no finer scent. Then they reached in at the same time and started licking each other, and the taste was out of this world as well. They both lapped at each other, licking everything that they could reach, until they had licked each other completely clean, balls and shaft.

Payton was the first to suck the head of Steven's dick in, but Steven followed suit less than a second later and sucked Payton in as well. The major difference of course was their size, so, while Payton could barely fit most of Steven's ample erection into his mouth, Steven was able to engulf all that Payton had to offer, balls and all.

They both moaned, neither was new to this act, but they both felt that this felt better than it ever had before, and they both knew why. They knew that they loved each other a great deal, far more than they loved anyone else, and that makes certain things just that much better.

Payton was still unable to suck in more than three quarters of Steven's erection, but what he was able to take, he was doing things to that Steven had never dreamed of. He had been sucked so many times, but his nine year old son was currently sucking him far better than anyone ever had before.

Steven continued to suck and tongue all that Payton had, and Payton was loving every second of it. Myles was unable to take his balls as well, whereas Cory almost always did as well, but neither ever made Payton feel the way that he did right now.

Less than two minutes after sucking each other in, they both reached their peaks. Payton exploded first, followed maybe a quarter of a second later by Steven. Payton had the most amazing orgasm that Steven had ever felt, and though there was no cum to slurp up, he still enjoyed this a great deal.

Payton was holding as much of Steven's cum in his mouth as he could, though he had to swallow the first few shots, because he started to become in danger of spilling some, and that he could not allow. Payton had always enjoyed sucking Cory and slurping up his salty sweet cum, it had tasted so good, but the taste of his father outshone that by a wide margin. It was stronger, saltier, but with still a good strong hint of sweetness as well. It tasted manly, whereas Cory's tasted boyish, Payton now knew the difference.

They had not even started to finger each other yet, they had been in such a rush to suck each other, that they had forgotten that. As they were coming down from their first orgasms though, Payton grabbed the lube and opened it up. Neither had let the others erection fall from his mouth, and they were both still every bit as hard as they had been to start with, so they both knew they were nowhere near ready to stop.

Once Payton had enough lube on his fingers, he passed it to Steven, who took the lube and coated his fingers as well Once he was ready, they both went to enter the backs of the others diapers, to toy with each others hot moist holes. They both sighed at the same time as they started tickling each other to open them up.

With that, they also started to suck once again, only this time they went even slower still. Just as they were about to slip into their second orgasms of the morning, Payton slipped two of his slender fingers inside his daddy, and Steven slipped one of his into Payton. Then they exploded.

It took a few minutes for them to come down, and still neither one pulled out or off. Steven knew he was good for one more, whereas Payton knew he was good for at least another hour.

A few minutes later, they started fingering and sucking each other again, doing things to each other that made them both moan and sigh. Almost half way to their next orgasm, Payton inserted another two fingers, so Steven did the same, actually going for two, because Payton was surprisingly open.

Payton only grunted lightly, then sighed, as he was upgraded to three fingers, it had not hurt, in fact it felt very good, but Steven pulled off for just a second to ask, and Payton pulled off too and said he was feeling amazing and to not stop, so he did not. The continued sucking and fingering each other until their final orgasms of the morning came only another couple minutes later.

Payton knew that his fun was over, because Steven started going soft in his mouth. He was still sucking gently on Steven, all while savoring the tasty cum that he had sucked from his daddy's balls, but finally Steven pulled off and tapped Payton on the top of the head.

“Pull off Baby, I can't take any more.”

“Oh Faither, that wis sae guid, sae nice, A've niver felt better in all ma life.”

“I'm glad Baby, I didn't go too fast for your little baby bum though did I? You were so open, and you got up to four fingers in me.”

“Oh nae Faither, it niver e'en hurt a wee bit.” He said happily and honestly, slipping off his daddy and turning around to press their lips together once more.

After another few minutes of kissing, Payton pulled away.

“Faither, would ye double nappy me, poke mair holes in this wan and pit anither richt ower top o it?”

“Only if you do the same for me.”

“Okay.” Payton said brightly.

He happily hopped out of bed and ran to his bedroom quickly to grab another of his diapers, another extra thick one, then grabbed one of Steven's extra thick ones as well, then grabbed a nail file that he had seen on the end table.

“Turn a bit would ye faither, sae that A can double nappy ye first.”

Steven turned himself to diapering position and allowed Payton to double diaper him. He was very gentle, but very thorough with the file, ensuring that his inner diaper would easily soak through to the outer one. He then added the second diaper and taped it on nice and snug.

“There ye be Faither, but we shuid add som tape ti it sae that it doesna slip doun none.”

“We can grab the packing tape from the garage later, but first, let's get my little baby boy nice and double diapered as well.”

“A thocht ye'd niver offer.” He grinned brightly and threw himself onto the bed, landing in diaper change position as well.

Steven just laughed and got up, and proceeded to double diaper Payton the exact same way that he had just been double diapered.

“There you go Baby, now we're just a pair of super thickly diapered baby boys. Let's go tape these on better, then I dare say we could probably use a good bite to eat.”

“Aye, ye won't hear me complainin' any time soon Faither.”

“Should we make a pot of tea to go with our breakfast?”

“Absolutely Faither, that wey we can wet oor baby nappies guid and proper.”

“Aye, that we will.”

They headed to the garage first, Steven grabbed the packing tape, then proceeded to ensure that Payton's diapers were very well secured and would not fall off him once they got too heavy. He handed the tape gun to Payton, who then did the same for Steven.

Once they were done that, they headed to the kitchen to get started on breakfast. Steven got started on the food, while Payton got started on the tea. They both made a lot more than was strictly necessary, but they were both very hungry, and they both wanted a good couple cups of tea to ensure they peed their diapers lots.

Tea was done first, but breakfast followed shortly thereafter, and they both sat at the table in only their double diapers, eating their good food and drinking their even better tea. Steven only bought the most premium tea he could get, being a true tea connoisseur, and he had searched long and hard to find the one that they liked the best. They both enjoyed breakfast a great deal, then cleaned it all up, and headed to the living room to sit back and watch TV together. The finished off their tea as they watched, and they enjoyed that until lunch time.

By the time lunch time rolled around, they could both tell that they were getting very wet, but neither felt that they were in any danger of leaking any time soon, so they went and made lunch, as well as more tea, and then sat back and ate that. After lunch, they played board games until dinner time.

“Well Baby, our diapers are now in danger of leaking, we should go change, and then would you like to go out for dinner?”

“Okay, it's been nice sitting around in juist oor nappies though, hasn't it?”

“Very nice. After dinner we'll go for a walk as well.”


They went and changed each other, both of them getting changed into just one of their daytime diapers, then they dressed each other. Payton was put into one of his new diaper shirts, as well as one of the new sets of clothes that they had bought the day before, and they all fit perfectly, and unless you patted Payton's very cute little baby bum, you would never be able to tell that he was wearing a diaper underneath. Both thought that this was both good and bad, because it was a shame to have to cover that up, but they knew that they could not show off either.

They headed out to the inn once more, since it was only one of three places to eat, as well their favorite, and enjoyed the walk there. When they arrived, they found that it was a full house tonight, there was only one seat left at the table. Someone offered to leave, but Steven waved him back, saying that Payton was not so big that he could not sit upon his fathers lap as they ate. This happened from time to time with the youngsters of town anyway, so it was no big deal. Granted, most of those children were younger, but not always by that much.

They sat down, ordered themselves some tea, as per usual, and then ordered their dinner once they were ready to do so. Tonight's special had been a beef roast with all the trimmings, including gravy and puddings, so that was what they both ordered. It was a true home cooked meal, nothing about it was done fast, like most restaurants would, and it was very tasty. The owner sure knew how to cook a good roast.

The two of them enjoyed their supper and all the loud talking and joking, and though Steven's leg was getting sore well before the night was done, he never made Payton move. He had one arm wrapped around Payton's back, holding and hugging him, so that he did not fall off, while he ate with the other. It was probably for the best that the roast was so perfectly done, because it did not require the use of a knife to cut. They were offered a slice of cake, and they both took her up on it, and then, before too long, they said their goodbyes to everyone, saying that they wanted to go for a nice stroll after such a wonderful meal.

They took one of the many trails down to the loch and walked along the beach, and just as the sun was setting over the water, they sat down and cuddled up. They stayed there for a while longer, then got up and headed back home. When they got there, they stripped each other down to their nice soggy diapers, for they had wet several times since putting them on a few hours before already, and then went and sat back and relaxed until it was time for Payton to head to bed.

He asked Steven to join him, because he wanted to suck and finger each other once again, and Steven said he was good with that, so headed to the bedroom with Payton. They got in the same position as before, kissing each other first, and then sucking and fingering each other, this time only to two fantastic orgasms, and Steven started with two fingers and ended with three once again. Payton had started with two and ended with four again inside Steven. They changed each other into nice thick night time diapers, over top of their already soggy daytime diapers, then Steven kissed Payton goodnight and left him to sleep, while he went and watched TV for a while longer.

When he went to bed, Steven crawled in and cuddled right up to Payton, who must have felt him, and curled right into Steven, sighing deeply in his sleep. They both slept peacefully all curled into each other once again, and woke up feeling well and truly refreshed. Steven woke up first, and then Payton a few seconds later.

“Well Baby, time to get up and get ready for school. Are you still sure about your decision to wear diapers to school?”

“Absolutely, A've niver been mair sure in ma life.”

“Okay. Our diapers will be good for a bit longer, so breakfast and tea, then into the shower for the both of us.”

“Thegither A hope?”

“Of course, and then we need to get dressed.”

Payton smiled and nodded and hopped out of bed, pulling the covers off Steven as he did so, which, of course, forced Steven to get out of bed as well. They went to the kitchen and got tea and oatmeal ready for breakfast, then sat down and enjoyed it together. Once they were finished eating and cleaning up, they headed back to the bedroom to strip each other of their diapers, then headed in to have a nice hot shower.

Seconds after they climbed in, Payton hit his knees and sucked Steven in, and though Steven had only been half hard, he was incredibly hard only a second later. Payton was very much enjoying himself, trying his very best to make his loving daddy spew forth his load, and Steven gave him what he was seeking barely three minutes later.

Steven had been moaning and sighing the entire time, and a few seconds before he knew he could hold on for not much longer, he groaned out, saying that he was cumming, and Payton pulled so that only the head of Steven's dick was in his mouth, and attacked the head with his tongue, which was too much for Steven, and he exploded. Payton sucked out everything that Steven had to offer, truly enjoying his dessert.

Payton stood up once he got all that Steven had to offer, pulled Steven down so that he could kiss his daddy, and laid on him a very hot kiss, swapping a fair bit of the cum that he still had in his mouth to Steven, who also enjoyed this, a great deal in fact. A few seconds later, Payton pushed Steven down, and Steven knew without any doubt, whatsoever, as to what Payton was wanting, so he sat down, which put him at the perfect level.

Steven grabbed a handful each of hot baby bum cheek and sucked Payton in fully once more. Payton, who was now very hot from sucking Steven, squealed in delight, and came in less than ten seconds. Steven did not stop sucking though, mostly because Payton was still very nearly fucking his face, ramming everything that he could into Steven's mouth, and Steven had to try and hold him back a bit, so as not bruise his face. Just shy of a minute later, Payton came again, and this time Steven spit him out and stood back up.

“Wow, that wis amazing.” Payton sighed a few moments later.

“Yeah, it was Baby, thanks.”

“Nae, thankee very muckle.”

“Well Baby boy, we better get us dirty baby boys all washed up and ready for the day.”

“Aye, we better. What're ye gonna git up ta today?”

“I have a few drawings that I still have to finish, I have to clean the house, and I wanna get some baking done as well.”

“Ah, sounds nice, wish A cuid stay hame wi ye and help.” Payton said sarcastically.

“Liar. You hate cleaning and baking.”

“A know, A wis juist teasin' ye. A dae love it when ye bake though, but bake lots, 'cause A plan ti wear aff a lot a energy when A git hame frae schuil today.”

“I don't doubt you'd love to try, but just remember, we can't be having sex all the time, I certainly can't as much as you can, and you're gonna have homework to do, and that always comes first, no matter what, nothing else changes, remember.”

They had talked about that, amongst many other things, and though Payton understood, he had not necessarily agreed with or liked it, but it had been non negotiable.

“Aye, A remember, you can only gae fer maybe twice a day. Maybe I'll hiv ti invite Myles ower efter he finishes his homework than.”

“You could, but you could also wait 'til tonight to make it even better.”

“I doubt it.” He grinned.

“Yeah.” Steven laughed.

They washed each other gently, using the body wash in just their hands to do so, not bothering to use a cloth, and they both loved it. This was the first time that Steven had ever allowed them to do such a thing, and Payton loved it every bit as much as Steven did, though Steven did not get hard, whereas Payton had still not gone completely down.

They finally finished getting all cleaned, so hopped out and dried each other off, brushed their hair and teeth, applied their cologne, then went to the bedroom to get diapered and dressed and ready for the day ahead. Steven had to go out first thing in the morning as well, so he had to get fully dressed too, so diaper shirt, pants and shirts. Payton was in one of his new school uniforms, as well as one of his new diaper shirts, and, once more, unless you patted his cute little baby bum, you could not tell that he was diapered.

Once it was time for Payton to leave for school, he headed out with a not so fatherly kiss to Steven, and then skipped happily from the house. Payton lived further from the school than Myles did, so he always stopped by his house on the way to school to pick up his best friend. He knocked, and then entered, as he usually did, and greeted Myles happily as he ran to the door.

“Hey there wanker, why didna ye ring ower the weekend?” Myles greeted happily.

“Watch your moth ye wee tosser.” His mum called out from the kitchen. Myles just grinned.

“Wis tae busy, but A can't tell ye here, lat's gae and A'll tell ye on the wey ti schuil.” He whispered.

“Okay.” He said to Payton, then called out to his mom, “Bye mum, bake me something delicious please?”

“Bye sweety, daen't git in any trouble, and we'll see.”

Myles grinned, it was the same thing every day, why, Myles could not say, he had never been called to the principals office in his life, nor had he ever gotten in any trouble whatsoever from his teachers. He and Payton left right away though. Myles could tell that Payton was excessively happy, whatever the reason was. As soon as they were clear from the house, he made Payton spill it, so Payton told him everything.

Myles had to adjust himself by the end of the tale, though Payton had said nothing as of yet about diapers.

“And guess what else!”


“Ma faither's a nappy lover tae, and A git ti wear ma nappies all day every day, e'en ta schuil. We gaed and bought me som rael guid daytime nappies that daen't shaw as muckle, but thay sure dae hold weel, and A'm wearing wan nou.”

“Fook me, really, that's incredible mate.”

“And, A hiv extras in my knapsack, as weel as a couple extra nappy shirts, we can git ye nappied as soon as we get ti schuil, if ye wanna.”

“Fook yeah A wanna, A'm sae jealous it's mad.”

“Thocht ye'd lik that, come on you dirty baby boy, lat's hurry ti schuil than shall we.”


They ran the rest of the way to the school, and when they got there, they went to the only washroom in the school that was private. It was supposed to be for handicap use only, but no one ever used it, because they did not have anyone in a wheelchair at that time. The boys knew that they would be reasonably safe to use it, and at that moment, neither of them really cared any either.

The door was just barely locked when Myles was already stripping off all his clothes, because he would have to be bare anyway, and would you not know it, but he was as hard as an iron spike at the moment.

“A daen't suppose A cuid git ye ta tak care o this while yer at it?” He said, cupping his pride and joy.

“O course.” Payton grinned and dropped to his knees almost instantly.

Just a hair over thirty seconds was all that Myles could last, and with a hand muffled squeal, he came. Payton laid him on the floor and got his best friend all diapered and redressed, ready for the day.

“Fook me, these nappies are awesome. Thankee very muckle.”

“Nae prob mate, lik A'd lat me best baby not share in the wealth.”

As soon as they were deemed ready to go, they headed back out and went and joined the rest of their school mates until it was time for class to start. They had a good day at school, and Myles was every bit as happy as Payton was to be wearing a nice thirsty diaper all day, because he was certainly able to concentrate far more efficiently, with not having to worry about having to go to the washroom every hour or less. Both boys had the same problem there, they were both constant bed wetters, both knew that the likelihood of them ever ceasing was slim, and they both had daytime issues as well. Neither had had an accident while at school, though there were certainly many close calls, but they had to always be sure to be close to a washroom as well.

The two of them had lunch together as they usually did, though they were joined by a few other friends, which meant that they could not talk quite as freely as they would have liked. These friends were close enough to have had some fun with the boys, but none of them knew just how deeply the boys' diaper love went, nor just how kinky they were when together. They did get a few minutes alone though, right near the end of lunch.

“How's yer nappy?” Payton asked in a whisper.

“Nice and soggy, how's 'bout ye?”

“Aboot the same, thankee. Nae danger o leaking?”

“Nae, doubt it, A shuid be fine.”


A few minutes later and they were back in class, and then they worked hard until the end of the school day. As usual, they walked home together.

“Sae, can A come ower this afternoon?”

“Yeah, ye may, but ma faither's sayed that we can't hiv sex.”

“Aw, noots. A wanted ti see him, souk him, hiv him fook me e'en.”

“A know, but we already haed fun this morning, and he says we hiv ti wait 'til tonicht nou. Ye and A cuid hiv som fun, but he says I shouldna, ti save it fer tonight.”


“Aye, but what dae ye dae, richt. Are ye gonna wear yer nappy hame, and just tak it aff ance ye git ti ma place?”

“Aye, I hope me mum doesna notice though.”

“Aye, that cuid be a problem, maybe ye'd be best ti tak it aff afore ye git hame, she always hugs ye, and half the time she pats yer bum.”

“Shite, A forgot aboot that, yer richt, A'd better tak it aff. Where the ell am A gonna tak it aff nou though, we're half wey hame already?”

“Come ti ma place first, tak it aff there, than heid hame.”

“A'd better, but we better heid the ither wey, sae that me mum daen't see me walk past wi ye, A'd git in big shite for that.”

“Aye, that ye would, yer mum's e'en mair strict about homework than ma faither is.”

“Aye, exactly.”

They made a quick detour, heading to the same street that Payton lived on, doubled their pace, to make certain that Myles would not be too late, and made it there only a few minutes later.

“Hi Baby, how was school?” Steven asked, coming around the corner, then he saw Myles. “And why exactly is Myles here with you Baby, you know you have to do homework first?”

“A know Faither, bit o an issue, a bonehead mistake, and Myles haes tae tak aff his nappy here afore he goes hame.”

“Ah, I see, you diapered Myles, but forgot to remove it before he got home, where his mom would surely notice. Be quick about it, then you better get going Myles.”

“Thankee Sair.”

Payton stripped Myles right there in the entry, Steven staying to watch, removed his diaper shirt, then his diaper, exposing that he was incredibly hard once again, and then Payton dressed him again in his regular clothes.

“Thankee Payton, see ye latter, thanks fer the nappy, it wis awesome.”

“Yer welcome, see ye latter tae.”

A few seconds later, Myles was gone, running for home, so that he was not too late. It was not uncommon for him to be a few minutes late, but too late, and his mother would have something to say.

“So, how was school today then Baby?” He asked as soon as the door was shut.

“Really guid, A wis able ti concentrate lots better without havin ta worry about gaein ti the bathroom all the time.”

“That's good, and no one saw anything?”

“No' that A know o.”

“That's good. So, clearly you took diapers and diaper shirts to school to share in the wealth with your best friend?”


“I thought you might, I never saw you do so though, so I was surprised.”

“Yer not upset, are ye?”

“No, of course not, I would've been more surprised had you not, to tell you the truth.”

“Guid. Sae, what'd ye dae today?”

“Had some running around to do this morning; had to go get the mail, ask the paper if they needed anything, and put in the order for your kilt. When I came home, I baked a cake and some cookies, and then I cleaned up. Then after lunch, I got down to some drawing.”

“May A hiv som cake please?”

“Yes, you may, while you're doing your homework you can have some.”

“Thankee. Dis the paper need ye ti draw anything fer thaim?”

“Couple little things, nothing much, but I got an order for some more from a couple of my sources, so enough to keep us in the lap of luxury for a little while longer.”

“Oh, guid, A'd hate ti not be in a luxurious lap.” He grinned.

“Aye. Weel, gae git yer homework duin, ye wee Scottish laddie ye.”

“Aye Faither, I daen't hiv muckle today, but A'll gae git er duin.”

Payton was done his homework less than thirty minutes later, and asked Steven to change his diaper, which (with his last wetting) officially put him past capacity, because he had leaked a tiny bit on the kitchen chair. He was not worried about that, nor was Steven, and they went and changed each others diapers, because Steven also needed a diaper change. They were just about done when the doorbell rang.

“Crap, that'll be Myles.” Payton said, he was just changing Steven, his had been changed first, since he had been in more desperate need.

“More than likely Baby, go ahead and get the door, I'll finish up in here.”

“Or ye can wait 'til A git back.”

“I could, yes, but if Myles sees me naked, we all know how that'll play out, and we don't need to be playing that yet. Now, go let your friend in.”


Payton ran to the door, hid behind it, and then opened the door. Thankfully it was Myles.

“Hey there Baby.” Myles grinned when he stepped in and the door was closed.

“Hey there Baby yerself, at least ye would be if ye haed the chance.”

“Aye, that A would.”

Just then, a diapered Steven exited the bedroom, Myles saw him instantly, and he sighed.

“It's not polite to stare Myles.” Steven teased.

“Than let me tak pictures.”

“Um, no, not gonna happen.”

“Shame that, yer' hot in just yer baby nappy.”

“Thanks, you're pretty hot yourself, and I bet you look even more so in just a soggy baby diaper.”

“He dis.” Payton smiled.

“You can come stay the weekend, just have your mom call me and you can come here straight after school.”

“Okay.” Myles said brightly.

“It's a shame we can't tak ye and nappy ye nou, but ye cuid always strip nekkid.”

“No.” Steven said, but Myles said, “Okay.” And he started to strip right away.

It took only a few seconds for Myles to shuck all the clothes he was wearing, exposing the fact that he was a very happy little boy. He had been wearing the cutest super hero briefs that Steven had ever seen, but they had looked to be too small on Myles. Myles stands only just slightly taller than Payton, maybe two centimeters, he has the cutest mop of messy brownish red hair, dimples on his cheeks, freckles on his nose, and wire rimmed glasses that show off his pretty doe brown eyes and his thick eye lashes. His boyish equipment is right about where a boy his age should be, and almost exactly the same as Payton, he too is uncircumcised, but at his present state of hardness, his head was peeking out ever so slightly.

“Mmm, ye leuk guid eneuch ti aet.” Payton sighed.

“The offer's always open.” Myles giggled.

“Would ye lik ti souk Myles Faither, he tastes really guid?”

“No, not today Baby. You boys go and suck each other, I know you both really need to, I'll just wait in the living room.”

“How'd ye know A needed ti?”

“First, I'd be surprised if you didn't, second, even though not overly large, you're still causing a lump in your diaper, third, you can't stop licking your lips in anticipation, and fourth, you've had to adjust yourself twice already in just a couple seconds.” Steven laughed.

“Aye, I suppose that'd gie it awa weel eneuch.”

Payton grabbed Myles' hand and led him to his bedroom, where they both jumped on the bed and got into a sixty nine. Myles pushed down the front of Payton's diaper, which was still dry, and they both engulfed each other fully right away. They sucked each other for only a few seconds, not even forty, and then exploded in an amazing orgasm. Both boys had to go pee, and they loved the taste of each others piss, so, at the same time, they let go their bladders and gave each other what they had been waiting for. Both had been saving up for the last little bit, though neither for too long, maybe half an hour at most, so they only had small loads to give each other. They both sighed as one as soon as they were done, then proceeded to suck each other once more. Finally they were satisfied, and Payton pushed Myles off of himself.

“Mmm, that wis amazin', thankee.” Payton sighed.

“Mmmhmm, it wis.”

“Weel, shuid we gae find ma faither and see what he's up ti?”


Even though Myles was still a bit chubby from their sucking each other, he was now mostly soft, and when Steven saw him satisfied, he smiled.

“You look better, more relaxed.”

“Ye saying A didna leuk guid hard?” Myles grinned, teasing Steven.

“No, you looked amazing like that, only now you look satisfied.”

“Aye, that A am, but you coulda souked me tae ye know.”

“I know, don't worry. There'll be plenty of time for that. I wanna spend time with Payton first before we bring you in as well. Sorry, it's just the way it is. I knew you boys needed your release though, that's why I let you go and have your fun.”

“Thankee, and A can't wait 'til this weekend. Will ye fook me as weel?”

“We'll see. I don't know yet if that's a good idea.”

“It's not, it's a great idea.” Both boys said as one.

“I'm glad you boys think so, but I'm still not so sure. Now, come sit down, let's watch some TV for a bit.”

Myles only had a little over an hour before he had to be home, so they watched two programs, both of them learning, before he got up and got dressed again.

“Wad ye lik ti tak a nappy and baby nappy shirt hame wi ye, sae that ye can nappy yerself in the morning, or wad ye lik me ti nappy ye when we git ti schuil again.”

“A'd better not tak it hame, me mum'd likely notice that, and A daen't think she'd be ready ti find A'm a nappy lover quite yet. As ye know, A haed her switch frae the pullup style ti the guid baby nappies a feow months ago, and she wis shocked, but A told her that the pullups war leaking. A daen't think she realizes A stopped wetting me bed full time months ago, but A ain't givin up me nappies, nae wey, nae how. Not lik A'll iver truly stap wetting anyway, the doctor told us that A micht not.”

“Okay, than A'll nappy ye when we git ti schuil again, A'll try and leave a feow minutes earlier the morra than.”

“Okay, see ye in the morning than.”

Few moments later and Myles was gone for the night. Steven and Payton went and made supper for themselves, ate and cleaned that up, then went and sat back and watched TV for the rest of the evening. When they went to bed, they sucked and fingered each other again, Payton slipped his whole hand into Steven, and Steven got four of his fingers easily inside Payton.

They kissed and cuddled for a while after they were both very much satisfied, then they changed each others ruined diapers, laid back down and kissed and cuddled for a little longer, and when Payton fell asleep, Steven slipped out of bed, because he was not ready to go to sleep yet. He came and slipped back in a little over an hour later and curled into his baby, and passed out.

Chapter 3

The rest of the week went almost exactly the same for them all. They were all having a really nice time, though Myles was missing the amount of action that he used to get, but he was getting diapers more now, so that was almost as good, and he was still being sucked and fingered twice a day, so that was good. Though no one said anything to Payton or Myles about the fact that they were wearing diapers, it was noticed, though not that they were in fact wearing diapers. Their teachers found that the boys were not leaving class to go to the washroom any more, and that they were concentrating better as well and were getting their work done faster and better (which the boys enjoyed even more, because it meant less homework), and their friends had noticed the same things.

On Friday, both boys were asked to stay behind after class, so they waited patiently until everyone had left, once the door was closed, their teacher approached them and sat down.

“Laddies, A can't help but notice that yer not leaving class ti gae ti the washroom any mair, and yer concentration is better. I thankee fer not interrupting the class lately, but A know ye baith hiv poor bladders, yer parents made that perfectly clear, and that we war ti allow ye the uiss o the washroom at any time ti prevent accidents. How hiv ye been doing it lately?”

“Ma bladder finally stopped late lest week Sair, sae, as such, A hiv ti wear ma nappies all day every day nou. We've baith haed ti wear nappies ti bed every nicht aa oor lives, we've known that about each ither since we war three. Weel, Myles wadna lat me dae it alone, sayed he'd wear thaim as weel ti support me, only he's liking it nou as weel, acause o that. Neither o us hates that we hiv ti wear nappies anyway, sae that helps. It's really helped at schuil though, acause we daen't miss as muckle, as ye've noticed.”

“That's really nice o you, Myles, ti support your friend lik that, and A'd say A wis sorry yer bladder failed Payton, if'n A felt that ye war upset aboot it.”

“A'm not Sair, but thankee.” Payton said.

“O course A'd support him, he's ma best mate, but lik Payton sayed, it's actually helped me a lot tae.”

“Ti tell ye the truth, A wish A cuid hiv all ye students nappied, maks for faur fewer interruptions ta class, and yer certainly able ta concentrate better. A suppose that comes frae not hiving ta pay attention ta yer bladders.”

“Aye, that it dis.” Both boys said.

“That's good laddies, you may leave now, and if'n ye need any help at all, ye come see me, okay.”

“That's okay Sair, we daen't need help changing oor nappies, we can dae sae by oorselves, or we chynge each ither.” Payton said innocently, though he knew exactly what he was saying too.

“A, ah, A didna mean changing yer nappies, nae, A meant help wi ither students teasin' ye and stuff.” He said, blushing.

“Ah, I see Sair, sorry fer embarrassin ye.”

“It's okay, hiv a guid weekend Laddies.”

The boys left, and because it had already been arranged for Myles to spend the entire weekend at Payton's, they did not bother to remove Myles' very soggy diaper or diaper shirt before leaving the school today, like they had for the rest of the week, at least after Monday. Almost as soon as they left the school though, they started giggling.

“Did ye see his face when A sayed we didna need help changing oor nappies?” Payton said.

“Aye, he fookin naur came, and A bet he wishes he cuid nappy us all, at least us laddies, acause he certainly niver leuks at the lassies.”

“Aye, yer not shittin me at all. Lat's git hame, us babies need oor baby nappies chynged, and maybe mair tae. I can tak fower o ma faithers fingers in me nou, A sae want him ti fook me guid and proper tonicht, and A want ye ti fook ma mouth tae. A want ye baith ti cum and piss in me, A can't wait 'til ye can cum tae.”

“Okay, and A can't wait 'til ye can cum proper tae. Ye think yer faither will fook me tae?”

“Probably, but no' tonight, he's gonna be tae worn oot, if'n A haes ma wey wi him, and A'll fist yer baby boy pussy, sae that he can see that ye can tak him the morra.”

“Thankee very muckle, yer the best baby mate a lad cuid hiv.” Myles smiled brightly at Payton.

“Yer welcome.”

A few minutes later, the boys crashed into the house, giggling like a couple little school boys. Steven loved to hear that sound and came from the kitchen, wearing only his soggy diaper to greet the boys.

“Good afternoon boys, you sound happy. Glad it's Friday I trust?”

“Aye, that we are.” They both said as one.

“That's good. You boys better go change those soggy diapers, you're starting to show a bit.”

“Aye, that wis on oor agenda, but there's something mair important ti dae first Faither, it's time, A want ye ti mak love ti me, A want Myles here wi us, A wanna be up on ma knees, baith o ye filling me at the same time. A want it throu ma soggy nappy, and A want ye ti cum and piss inside me, same wi Myles.”

“Oh Payton, I still don't know about this.”

“A know faither, but A'm as ready as A'll iver need ti be, e'en ye sayed sae lest nicht, nou, come on, lat's gae ti oor bedroom and dae what we baith want sae muckle.”

“Okay.” Steven said weakly as both boys had grabbed a hand and started leading the way.

As soon as they made it to the bedroom, the boys let go of Steven's hands, then did something that made him even harder than he had already gone. The boys started undressing each other, kissing deeply as they did so, it was incredibly erotic. They slowly removed each others clothes, kissing for several seconds erotically, then each removing one of the others articles of clothing, then repeating the kissing, then the removal of clothes. It took almost ten minutes for them to both be down to nothing but their soggy diapers.

Steven had been standing there, watching the most amazing thing he had ever seen before, trying his damnedest to not touch his diapered dick, because he knew that if he did, that he would explode, and he knew that Payton would be upset it if it did not all end up inside him.

Steven had known all day long exactly what Payton would be coming home and asking for, and if truth be told, he was looking forward to it as much as the boys were. As such, he was incredibly horny, his balls and bladder were aching in anticipation. They had not sucked each other this morning, and Steven had made certain that his diaper was incredibly wet, so much so that one more wetting would have caused him to leak, and his bladder was now so full that he was shocked that he had been able to contain it for the last hour. Only the prospect of what was to come helped him to hold it all, though it was costing him as well.

Once the boys were both undressed and ready to go, Payton led Steven to the bed, but had him stand right at the edge, then he and Myles climbed onto the bed and got themselves positioned. Payton put himself right into place so that he was kneeling directly in front of his loving daddy, his little baby bum in the perfect place to be taken by his daddy. Myles was on his knees in front of Payton, so that he could very easily suck and finger Myles as he was being filled up as fully as he possibly could be.

“Okay Faither, dae it, poke a hole in ma soggy nappy and pull oot the butt plug that A pit in ma bum this morning.”

Steven groaned. “When did you do that Baby?”

“Efter ye nappied me, A grabbed wan and teuk it wi me. A haed Myles pit it in me this morning efter A nappied him.”

Steven poked a hole more than large enough for himself in Payton's diaper, felt Payton's well stuffed little bum for a few seconds, then started working the plug to pull it out, knowing that it would hurt Payton a great deal to just yank it out. It took almost a full minute, but before too long, Payton gave a grunt and a sigh, and Steven had the impressive plug in his hand. As of yet, Payton had not started playing with Myles.

“Nou A feel empty Faither, fill me up.”

Steven just did as he was told. He poked a hole in the front of his diaper, pulled out his incredibly hard erection, and then slipped inside Payton's diaper, found and centered on his hot moist hole, and then slipped in slowly.

As Steven was slipping in, Payton pulled down the front of Myles' diaper and engulfed all that he had in one gulp, sucking and tonguing Myles' dick and balls tenderly. He also poked a hole in the seat of Myles' diaper, pulled out the plug that he had inserted in his best friend that morning as well, their second largest, taking almost a minute to do so as well of course, and then started fingering him.

Just as Payton slipped his fingers into Myles, Steven had taken all he could take. The heat and pressure, as well the fact that Payton was very accustomed to using his little ass muscles for this, was making Steven very hot. Everything before that had also made him hot. Then seeing Payton pull out yet another impressively large plug from Myles' hot little baby diapered bum caused him to overheat, and less than ten seconds more was all he could last before exploding the single largest orgasm that he had ever experienced.

“Oh fook me Faither, cum in my bum, oh, god yeah, fook me, yer filling me up lik a fooking fireman's hose, and ye haven't e'en started pissin' yet.” Payton moaned deeply, hardly even moving off of Myles' dick any to do so.

And then Steven came down, and his other very urgent need required releasing, so he did so, knowing that this is what Payton had been waiting for most of all. Payton had not been at all embarrassed to admit that he loved being filled with hot boy pee, he had known that Steven and Cory had enjoyed it a great deal, and Cory loved filling both boys up as well, and they he, and the two younger boys enjoyed filling each other up as well.

Payton had even admitted that as much as he loved being filled with cum, he loved being filled with pee even more. The load that Steven was able to give to Payton though was massive. Steven had never in his life been able to hold as much, for as long, so it was a lot, at least for him. Payton loved every second of it, and especially loved that Steven was still gently rocking, almost fucking him, so truly piss fucking him. The other boys were unable to move as they peed, they had to stop and stay perfectly still, or they stopped, which Payton did not mind either. In fact, he loved it when they peed for a second, fucked him for a second, peed some more, then repeated until they were done.

“Wow Faither, what a load, ye filled me richt full, you dirty fooker, nou really fook me guid Faither.”

Myles had been enjoying everything a great deal. Payton was an amazingly good cock sucker, something that he had, of course, known for a long time already anyway. Not only was he enjoying his dick being sucked though, but he was also enjoying Payton fingering him, and watching Steven truly fuck his baby boy was even better yet. He had always loved it when he and Payton and Cory had done just this sort of thing, but with a man was better yet. He had been moaning and sighing, not really saying anything yet. That is, until Payton was very close to slipping his fist in.

“Oh, fook yeah, souk ma cock, finger ma bum, gae ahead and dae it though, A'm ready for ye, slip yer whole fooking haund inside me and fist fook me guid.”

And then he gasped and moaned, then panted for a few seconds, then moaned even deeper still.

“Aye, that's what A'm talkin' aboot, aye, fist fook me guid and deep.”

“Oh man, you really took his whole hand?” Steven panted.

“Fook yeah man, we love ti fist fook each ither while we souk each ithers baby cocks. Though sometimes wan o us haes Cory's cock in oor bum, sae we fist him instead, and he loves that, feeling us fist fook him guid and deep while he's fooking wan a oor baby bums.”

“God, that's hot.”

“Maybe A shuid swing aboot and souk Payton and fist fook ye while ye fook him guid and deep. Wad ye lik that?”

“Oh yeah, I could go for that.”

The boys disengaged only for a few seconds as Myles got himself into the new position, and then they reattached themselves. Myles poked a hole in the back of Steven's diaper, found a nice big butt plug buried inside him and worked to get it out, and a few seconds later, he slipped his fingers in instead. He started with three, then added the fourth only a few seconds later, then within two minutes, he was slipping his whole hand into Steven, who had, once again, had all he could take, and exploded.

This time the shock wave of orgasm rippled through the boys as well, and they were every bit as close to cumming, so they exploded as well. Both boys had been saving up their baby pee for a while as well, so they let go and filled each others mouths with all that they had to offer.

Steven paused for only a few moments, as his orgasm took over, and then started going once more. Myles had not stopped fisting him the entire time, and he was so hot that he felt that he had at least one more good orgasm in him anyway, so decided to not bother stopping.

Never before had Steven felt so amazing, he was loving every blissful second of this. The boys were also loving it, though not as much as Steven was, and that, in and of itself, was saying a lot. It could not last though, and though it lasted considerably longer for this orgasm, seven or so minutes, they all ended up cumming once again, this time Payton going off first, and then as soon as the orgasm ended, Steven started going soft.

Regretfully Steven pulled out of Payton's well filled baby bum, slumped down to the floor, pulling Myles' hand out of him before doing so (who quickly inserted it into Payton), and then promptly leaned his head against the bed. He was almost totally wiped, the boys grinned, even though they were still sucking each other, as well as now fisting each other, they had not bothered to stop. The boys felt that they had at least one more good baby boygasm left in them, so they were not about to stop.

Several minutes later, once Steven came down fully, he looked up, and was pretty much face to ass with Payton, getting a nice clear view of the action. He started petting Payton's bum through his ruined diaper. In this manner, he enjoyed watching the boys until they came one final time themselves, then they too slumped down as they came down. They had not pulled off of or out of each other yet, they were too worn to do so. It took them a good ten minutes to do so, and by that time, Steven was there with diapers, wipes, cream, and lotion.

“Wow boys, that was some fantastic.”

“Thankee very muckle.” They both said, then started giggling.

“You're welcome. Man am I ever worn out though, I normally can't go for three cums in a row like that, two is usually my maximum.”

“We usually dae three, sometimes fower.” Payton said.

“I know, I've counted the amount a few times, you both usually squeal when you cum.”

“What can we say, it fells sae guid.” Payton giggled again, Myles nodded his head.

“Nothing I'd say. Now, pull out of each other and I'll get you babies all nice and diapered, then you can diaper me, because, for some strange reason, I'm really tired and want a light nap.”

The boys said nothing, just pulled their hands out of each other and moved so that they were both in diaper change position, side by side, and Steven got them both thickly diapered with a good coating of lotion and cream. Once they were all cleaned and diapered, he kicked the boys out of the way and laid down, and Myles was urged to go ahead and change Steven, who was only very happy to do so.

Once all three of them were good to go, they laid down and all fell asleep shortly thereafter, and slept for just a little more than an hour. When they woke up though, they were all far more refreshed.

“Thankee Faither, this haes been the best day o ma life, ye made me feel sae guid.” Payton sighed once they were all awake.

“You're very welcome Baby, you boys made me feel very good as well.”

“Will ye fook me the morra?” Myles asked.

“Yes, I will, as long as you boys will get back into a sixty nine and Payton fist fucks me tomorrow as well.”

“Hell yeah.” Both boys said happily.

“Good, I hoped you'd be happy with that. Now come on, let's go make an early supper, then sit back and relax for the rest of the day.”

They all hopped out of bed and went to the kitchen and helped to make dinner. They made more than was necessary, because they were all very hungry, and they ate every crumb that they had made. It was very good, and filling too. They cleaned up, and then went and watched TV for the night. Just before heading to bed, they stripped each other of their diapers and all three of them went to the washroom to empty themselves completely. When they went to bed, the boys changed Steven's diaper, then Steven changed both boys' diapers, and though both boys were very hard, once again, no one said or did anything about it, just smiled. They knew the morning would be soon enough for that.

They curled up in bed, Steven in the centre and one boy curled up into each of his sides. The boys hugged and held him all night long, not letting him move at all, and he loved it. The three of them slept so well, that they managed to sleep in quite a bit the next morning.

When they finally did wake up, it was a good ten minutes of laying there petting each other silently before they even said anything.

“Mmm, this feels nice Babies, but we need to get up and get breakfast, because I, for one, could really use it.”

“Same.” Both boys said.

When they hopped out of bed, it was to expose three very soggy diapered babies, they saw each other and smiled, it was very nice. Steven told both boys to hold their pee from here on out, the boys were happy with this, and then they headed to the kitchen to get breakfast. A large pot of tea was started first, and then they made a good filling breakfast. They each had two mugs of tea as they ate, and they enjoyed it all a great deal. By the time they were done breakfast, all three of them were very much ready to go and burn off at least two hundred percent of the energy that they just took in. They were already hard, knowing exactly what they would soon be up to, their bladders were now getting full, and their balls were all starting to ache, though none more than Steven's.

“Well, come on boys, I think there's a little gay baby boy here who wants to be well and truly filled this morning.”

“Aye, that A dae.” Myles said happily, jumping up from his seat, and ran to the bedroom. They had not bothered to clean up the mess yet, they would do that later.

Steven and Payton followed Myles into the bedroom only a second later, to find that Myles was already on the bed on his hands and knees, ready, willing, and very much able to be fucked fully. Payton went and jumped onto the bed as well and worked himself under his best friend. Steven walked up and poked a hole in the back of Myles' diaper as he was grabbing the lube, and when he was ready, he lubed up his fingers and started preparing the hot baby boy. He passed the lube to the boys next, since they would need it as well, because Payton was already poking a hole in the front and back of Steven's diaper, and he could see that Myles was poking a hole in the back of Payton's as well.

They all started fingering each other at the same time just a few seconds later, but the boys held off on sucking each other at this time, because they all wanted to insert their erections at the same time, though no one had said anything. It took only about five minutes of preparation for Steven to be certain that Myles was ready.

“Okay Baby, you're about as ready as you'll ever be. Are you sure you want me to continue?”

“Aye, sae muckle sae, fook me silly.”


Just as Steven slipped his erection into Myles, Payton slipped his entire hand into Steven, who gasped and panted for a few seconds, and Myles must have done the same to Payton, because Payton did the same thing. The boys also latched onto each others baby boners and started sucking, they were all enjoying themselves a great deal.

Their first orgasm came only three and a half minutes later, and they all came hard and deep, and then they all peed, filling each other up, though Myles got to enjoy two nice hot loads today, and then, as soon as they were ready, they continued on, fucking away merrily. Steven was only able to last for two orgasms today, and they all came again more than five minutes later.

Steven pulled Payton's hand from his ass, his erection from Myles' and then went and sat on the bed. Payton had taken his hand and promptly inserted it into Myles' very well used baby bum and started fisting him as they sucked each other to one more baby boygasm, which Steven was only too happy to watch.

Once the boys were done, Steven was there with all the diaper supplies and they diapered each other up nice and thick once again.

“Wow boys, that was amazing once again.”

“Aye, it wis, thankee.”

“Would you two like to lie back for a quick nap again?”


“Good, so do I.”

They climbed back into bed and curled up again, and slept for just over an hour. When they got up, they went and had a snack and a drink, and then they spent the day playing games and having fun. That night the boys fucked Steven, alternating a couple times and filling him up very nicely, all the while Steven was fingering them, and they all enjoyed it, a lot. The next morning Cory was called and invited over for the day, and the four of them had a great deal of fun, Cory smiling that the boys had finally got their man, he knew they wanted Steven, but, like he said, how could they not, really.

That weekend was the first of many, but Cory ended up moving in with them not even two months later, because his parents could not accept his desires any longer, and Myles was a constant house guest as well. Myles told his mom that he was a diaper lover, and that he wanted to wear diapers all day every day, and she just laughed and said she knew, and allowed him to do so. She also held her suspicions about what was happening at Steven and Payton's house, but she held them, never saying anything at all, because she had known how Myles had felt about Steven for a long time.

From then on, the four of them, as well as select friends from time to time, had a great deal of fun. Payton and Myles were never teased or harassed at school, even though all knew that they were gay, as well they eventually found out that the boys wore diapers too, and they were even quite popular, having a great deal of friends.

Payton did eventually choose Myles as his life partner, Steven had told him many times that they could not be true lovers, and as the boys got older, they did find that they were everything that they both needed. That did not mean that sex with Steven stopped, because it did not, it just was a special occasion thing. Steven and Cory ended up partners, though they all had fun with others as well from time to time, and they all loved their diapers. They never stopped wearing them in fact.

****Thank you for taking the time to read this short story, I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Like Steven, I have always loved the sound of a wee Scottish laddie speaking, though sadly it is a rarity for me to hear where I live, too bad really, but I enjoy it when I can. This story was inspired from a movie that I watched. Several years ago the movie Water Horse, Legend of the Deep was released, and I watched it, but I recently rented it and watched it again, because I loved it, so, Payton is modeled after Angus. I would have named him that in this story as well, but I just do not like that name. Sorry if that happens to be your name, you are welcome to not like the name Eric either, because actually I don't really, but it wasn't exactly my choice. LOL. Anyway, if you enjoyed the story and wish to let me know, feel free to drop me a line at erich5748 at ymail.com.****