This work is purely fiction. The actions related in this story are not encouraged, condoned nor condemned by the author and is provided here for those who enjoy them simply for what they are: entertainment. are appreciated. Thoughts about what you would like to read in upcoming stories are encouraged.


– Welcummed- into-the-fold --

He had his hands interlaced at the back of my head. He kept, slowly, pushing my head forward. All I could see in front of me was the remainder of his thick cock as it met his belly. There was a thick bush of pubic hair surrounding the base of his cock and going down the inside of his thighs. His cock looked and, even more so, felt incredibly thick. I was flicking my tongue at the head of his cock. The head was now partially exposed because his foreskin had moved back enough to show the tip of his cockhead and its peehole. His eyes were glazed and fixed upon me as I licked at his cockhead. His mouth was slightly opened and I could hear his raspy breaths. Every so often he would grin a bit as I continued to flick my tongue and lick at his cockhead. He would moan now and then and I could see his chest and belly rise and fall with his deep breathing.

I was enjoying what I was doing and seeing him act the way he did, but was a bit afraid and not certain what was to come. I was in the midst of mixed feelings: feeling that this was something very different, something I shouldn't be doing, something that if my mom and dad found out about they wouldn't like and for which they would punish me....and the sort of 'dangerous' and exciting feeling of doing something many would consider 'naughty,' This dangerous and naughty feeling came from doing something I had never done before but would like to do again. Sort of like a new game you knew nothing about but yet stimulated you and made you want to play more and learn more.

His spread his legs wider as I continued to flick my tongue at his cockhead and he continued to hold my head in place. I could see that the thick bush of his dark pubic hair went down the inside of this thighs where they joined his crotch. The hair continued lower and seemed to densely cover all the skin below where his crotch rested on the seat of the sofa.

I could feel heat coming from his crotch and could smell and sense a kind of sweat although there didn't seem to be sweat on any of his skin. He just watched me as I flicked my tongue over the partially exposed head of his cock. His cock was so thick and hard it felt like the handle of my Little League baseball bat. My fingers could not reach all around it. The skin was nicely white with some long, blue veins in it. From my viewpoint, his cock shaft was so thick I couldn't see much below it. I did see some darkness below the cock and to the sides but couldn't be certain what it was. I had been kneeling and licking his cockhead for about ten minutes. Somehow, I didn't get tired and he didn't seem to get tired of it, either. As I kept lapping my tongue on his cockhead, it glistened with what I figured was my spit. Sometimes, I would feel a bit of an oily and slightly salty taste.....sort of like warm, salted water you gargle when you have a sore throat. I didn't think much about it at the time as I liked doing what I was doing. He then unclasped his hands from the back of my head. He said that he wanted me to lick his 'nuts.' I didn't know what that meant but he pushed me away from his cockhead.

He then slid forward to the edge of the sofa and spread his legs wider. He took that thick cock in his hand and brought it up and held it flat against his belly. With his other hand, he grabbed the dark area I couldn't make out earlier because his cock obscured the view. He took this dark, hanging thing in his other hand and held it tight just at the base of his cock. It looked like a dark, wrinkly bag with hair on it. He said to flick my tongue on his 'balls” ( he called them, this time) just like I had done on his cockhead. Since he had moved forward to the edge of the sofa, and scooched down a bit, he spread his legs wider. I could see the bag that held his balls was big and seemed to be weighted with two heavy things inside it. The smell of heat and sweat and something else caught my nose as he told me to move in closer. I wasn't sure about this dark, wrinkly, oddly-smelling bag and wasn't sure I wanted to lick it. He urged me again to start licking his balls. I moved in closer and slowly and tentatively stuck my tongue out and let it slide against the wrinkly skin. The skin had a different feel to it, sort of soft yet a rough feeling to it , plus it had hair on it. I could feel the hair and the wrinkly skin on my tongue as I licked. He told me to lick the bag all over and not on the one side as I was doing. I started longer licks and licked both sides and then long licks all over the bag. He started moaning as I licked his bag all over as he gripped them tightly just at the base of his cock. He seemed to like the way I was licking him. He kept moaning as I ran my tongue all over his dark, wrinkly, hairy bag. Then he loosened his tight grip and the bag sort of fell and the two stones inside weighted down each side. Each stone looked about the size of an egg. He grabbed his bag again and sort of isolated one side. He made the wrinkly skin seem smooth as he tightened his grip on the one side. He then told me to lick that nut. I started running my tongue over it and it soon glistened with my split coating.

He then told me to suck the nut into my mouth. I tried to do as he said but it was too big and I could only get almost half of it in my mouth. He told me to keep sucking on his nut and to run my tongue over it at the same time. It felt like I was trying to suck on a toy ball but could get less than half of it in my mouth. I kept sucking on the part inside my lips while running my wet tongue all over the hard hairy, taut skin and the hard egg inside it. I continued to do this for some minutes as he moaned and rocked his legs side to side. After a while, he told me to let go and sit back a bit. When I did, he let go of the one nut and immediately gripped the other , his right one, now. He told me to do the same thing to his right nut. His left nut was glistening from the coating of spit with which I had covered it. I moved in close and sucked as much of his right nut into my mouth and he bit his lip and hissed his breath as I did so. Since he didn't stop me or say anything, I started to lick all over the nut I now had partially enclosed by my lips. He again started moaning and moving his legs back and forth. Again, I did this for some minutes as he watched, rocked his legs, and breathed hoarsely.

Then, after having now coated both his eggs with my spit , he told me to again lick all over his bag. This time he didn't hold it at the base of his cock. His balls made me think of a small, brown paper bag that was filled with something heavy and about to burst. I moved in closer and started licking his balls again, He told to lick them all over , front and back. After working on the front, I needed to bend down a bit and twist my head up to lick the bottoms and to get to the back. The funny warm odor was stronger as I moved my head lower to get to the back of his balls. Also, the hair was very thick and gave a strong hair odor. He spread his legs wider so I could maneuver between them and allow me to lick his whole ball sack: front, back, bottom and sides. He was moaning and breathing rapidly as I continued to lick his wrinkly, dark, hairy sack. I had come to like the odor and the feel of the skin and its hair on my tongue. I did this for about ten minutes, in various positions, until he told me to stop.

I knelt in front of him and wondered why he wanted me to stop. I enjoyed licking his hairy sack and liked the smell and feel of it. I thought he did, too. While I knelt there, I saw that his cock was still ramrod hard and straight and was angled pointing above the tops of his thighs. I also noticed that the exposed tip of his cock was still glistening. I figured it must be my spit from all my tongue flicking before I started to work on his balls. He told me he wanted me to lick his cock some more. I moved into position and nestled in closer between his legs.

He again interlaced his hands at the back of my head as he brought me closer to his partially exposed cockhead. I put out my tongue and flicked it against the glistening head. This time, the oily, warm, salty water taste was stronger than it had been before. He moaned as my tongue touched his cockhead. He then said he wanted me to take some of his cockhead into my mouth and suck on it like I had done with his balls. He then started pushing my head forward on his cock. I opened my mouth and his cock slid it a bit. It was glistening from my spit and my mouth was very watery as he slowly brought more of his cock in my mouth . He told me to run my tongue all over the part that was in my mouth but not to suck it , yet. I did as he said and just ran my wet tongue all over the end and all around his cock. It was strange in a way, it felt hard but at the same time had a soft, gentle feel to the skin. He was moaning and started breathing even faster now. He slowly guided my head to take more of his cock in my mouth as I continued to swirl my wet tongue all over it. Then he kept one hand behind my head and with the other held his cockshaft while I swirled on his head. His breathing, somehow , seemed to be faster now. While I still swirled my tongue on the part in my mouth, he slowly started pulling toward his body on the shaft of his cock. I felt something moving in my mouth and when I reacted he gripped the back of my head with with big, spread left hand. He kept holding my head like that as he continued to slowly pull back on his cockshaft. His big hand clasped around the back of my head felt like a vise, I couldn't move sideways or backwards or forwards.

He continued his viselike grip as he slowly guided my head forward and continued to slowly pull the skin backward on his shaft. I didn't realize at the time that I didn't yet have his whole head in my mouth. It felt so thick and big and round and my lips lightly surrounded it. As he guided me slowly forward and continued to pull his skin back, I brought my eyes down to look at his cock in my mouth . I could still feel something slowly moving inside my mouth but didn't know what was going on. The way he held me in his grip I couldn't get off his cock to see what made it feel like it was moving in my mouth. I must have had about half of his big, hard head in my mouth. When I looked down, I saw that the skin on his cock and the veins seem to be stretched out and I noticed a sort or ridge or ring a bit further down his cockshaft about and inch in front of my lips. He told me to keep swirling my tongue around in my mouth. My mouth and lips were very wet so his cock entered easily as he slowly guided more into my mouth.

He continued to slowly push my head forward as I swirled my tongue on more and more of his cock as it came into my mouth. He was still slowly pulling his skin backward on his cock. I felt something soft move in my mouth and it felt like his cock had gotten thicker and wider ,but yet softer. He held me in his grip as I felt that movement touch the inside of my lips. Then I felt the soft part pass my lips. Now, I was looking down at his cock nearest my lips. It made my eyes feel like when we made funny faces as my friends and I played games. As I watched, I then realized what it was I felt moving in my mouth. His skin was moving back toward his body. I didn't realize that he could do that. That he could pull the skin back on his cock. I was learning a lot this day. I felt the edge of his skin pass my lip and watched it as it slowly moved farther back on his cock. That ridgelike ring was just about an inch in front of my lips and my eyes were straining to look down and watch what was happening. The edge of the skin slowly came nearer to the ridge. He was moaning as he did this so I figured it must not be hurting him. I continued to swirl my tongue over the part that was in my mouth at the same time watching in fascination as the edge of the skin came closer to the ridge in his shaft. I had never seen anything like this. Finally, the skin edge met the ridge but he continued to pull back slowly. I watched as best I could to see the skin rise up on the ridge and then fall behind it. The ridge was now exposed and showed bright pinkish-red. I noticed now that the skin of the part sticking out of my lips was as red as the ridge.

He continued to pull the skin back past the ridge. He slowly guided my head to take more of his cock into my mouth. I continued to watch his pull back the skin until it seemed to disappear as he kept his hand on his cock near his belly. He then pushed more of his cock into my mouth until I felt the ridge go past my lips. He was moaning and hissing as my lips hit the ridge and slid past it. He then started moving my head back and forth...enough to make the ridge on his head move in and out of my lips. He did this for a minute or two and then he said that he wanted me to suck on his head and swirl my tongue around it. He then pushed his head in so that my lips were now just past the ridge. I started swirling my tongue all over the head and sucking on it as best I could. I had to go back and forth between swirling and sucking because his cockhead was so big it filled my mouth. He kept his left hand gripped on the back of my head and kept sliding my head back and forth on his cock. As he worked my mouth on his cockhead, he was slowly stroking his cockshaft and moving the skin slightly back and forth. All the while he was hissing and moaning.

His cockhead felt different in my mouth now. The skin felt firm but yet spongy and it didn't move like the other skin did with my tongue swirls. I was also getting more of that oily, warm, salty water taste in my mouth more often. He told me to suck harder on his head and to swirl my tongue around it now and then but to concentrate on sucking. I did as he told me. All the while he is rubbing his cockshaft back and forth, gently, and with short strokes. He is moaning and groaning and biting his lips and hissing his breath.

He then holds my head stationery in his viselike grip. His cock is in my mouth with my lips clamped around his shaft just below the ridge. His cock seems to get harder and longer and even a bit thicker as he holds my head and continues to stroke his cock. He is breathing much faster and is hopping in his seat now. He is pushing his hips up and down. He starts moaning and groaning and grunting. He starts to hold my head really tight and starts to stroke his shaft faster than before. All the while I am sucking on his cock in my mouth. He is getting wild, now, and starts putting more pressure on my head and almost pulling me forward. I feel his cock hit the back of my mouth and I start to choke a bit. My throat makes choking noises and I start to gag so he pulls my head back a bit. He tells me to suck on his head really hard. I suck harder than before as he breathes very rapidly and hoarsely as he continues to stroke his shaft with longer, faster strokes.

This goes on for about a minute and I am tasting that oily, warm salty water a lot now. Then, it feels like his cock got really hard, hard as steel. He hoarsely tells me to keep sucking on his head as he gasps his breaths. I do as he says and continue to suck hard on the head. He starts jumping his hips up and down faster now and that causes the head of his cock to move back and forth in my sucking mouth. He is like a machine now. Rapidly stroking his cock and moving his hips and pumping his cockhead in and out of my mouth. Suddenly, it feels like his cockhead has inflated in my mouth. It feels bigger and is tightly wrapped in my lips. It feels as hard as a rock now and I taste the salty oil-water. Suddenly, something hot gushes into my mouth. I am startled by the warmth and thickness of it. I try to react but he holds me tightly in his grasp. Before I know it, another gush and another and several more gushes of this hot, thick stuff starts filling my mouth. I can't move. I can't take my mouth off his cock because of his viselike grip on my head. My mouth is now full of this salty and slightly sour tasting hot, thick, gooey stuff. His cock continues to ooze more of this warm, thick goo into my mouth as he continues to stroke his cock. So much has filled my mouth that, in spite of his cock filling my lips, I feel some drip out the corners of my mouth. He holds me on his cock after the oozing has stopped. My mouth is now full of this gooey stuff. I couldn't spit it out with his cock still filling my mouth. I couldn't squeeze it out the corners of my mouth fast enough,, so I did the only thing I could. I swallowed that thick, gooey stuff he shot into my mouth. I had to swallow about 3 times to get it all down. He seemed to know that I had swallowed all his goo and then relaxed his grip on my head. When I moved my head back , he took his fingers and pried my mouth open.

When he saw my mouth was empty, he said that I was a very good boy. He then scooped what dripped from my lips onto my chin and put it in my mouth and told me to swallow it. I did as he said. It didn't taste so bad, this time. He said that I had made him very happy. He said that I had made him feel real good. He said that I was a good 'cocksucker' but needed more training. He said I was a natural at making men happy and that he was going to give me the training I needed so that I could make any man happy. I liked the idea of more training. Like I said, this was like a new game that intrigued me and I wanted to learn all I could about it.

So, that is how I was WELLCUMMED in the world of mansex. That is how I first sucked a man's cock. That is how I first tasted cum. I learned how to suck a big, thick, hard cock and to swallow its cream. I learned so well from him through the times we had together that I remember him fondly to this day. I have never had a cock I didn't like. I have never swallowed cum I didn't relish. And I have never had a man tell me anything other that what a great cocksucker I am!